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c. C-T.,'IrTAN, Kilter aProp.
.\TTC IDAY, APRIL 18, 1805
*g stAr.. $2 00
*T91I ( ,.TeII. - 1 " I
Court adjourned Thursday.
Co,'t ,, planting is all the rage.
('hilap rates make much travel. a
i t Ftting mighty like Summer. tl
;:ardens are gaining on it every i
day. c
It . ime some fishing was being 3
D:,:'t forget Louisiana day, April
,Oth .
H1,ire you done your hog plant- a
Who is going to whoop up the e
Ft,ck law? a
This has been a good week for I
Trains from the East are gener- C
al'y late.
Wsated-A thoroughbred pair of
The Police Jury adjourned to
Monday week. r
Labor is not specially scarce in
Iadison this year.
It tried to rain Wednesday and
Thursday, but failed.
What do you think about the
war in Europe anyhow ?
See what the L. N. O. & T. R. R.
hIas to say about cheap rates.
The ease known as the Marshall
ca.e, was gained by the plaintiff.
Police Jury and Court, drew a
number of dtizens to Tallulah this
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. McClellan
returned from New Orleans this
The "*Mess" is accused of buying
up all the butter and eggs that
come to town.
Tom Fatheree has gone to Lake I
Providence, to take charge of the
telegraph ocee there.
Mr. Jno. L. Wilson of the Lake
One Saw Mill has established a
lamber yard in Tallulab.
The citisens of Madison Parish,
who went to the Waterways con
vention, have all returned.
When the railroads get to offer
ing premiums for passengers to
New Orleans, the TIMES staff is
- going.
The Minden Democrat and Web
ster Tribune have consolidated,
apd will be known in future, as the
It is important, and essential to
good crops, that there should be a
suflcieney of drains, and that they
should be kept open.
It is hinted, that Dan'l Manning
will soon resign, as Secretary of
the Treasury, and became a candi
date for Governor of New York.
SIt is rumored that the employees
of the entire Queen & Crescent
System, contemplate a strike, to
,sear their pay, which is overdue.
The V., 8. & P. R. R., have se
cured the necessary ground on this
side of the river for their transfer,
having bought shbout 90 acres from
Mrs. Towne, Mrs. Bigges and Mrs.
The Mounter, sys Mr. Payne
of Red River parish, is "a finegen
tleman to boot." If the Mounter
-man adertook to boot Mr. Payne,
he would probably discover his
All parties who have not paid
their subscriptions to the TrIuEs for
the year 1885, will receive abill for
the same, about the 1st of May,
which it is expected will be paid
promptly. If you have not paid
you ought to have done so, before
a Owr sal NEile.
Last week the Bridge camp of
Gang No. 1, was moved to Tallulah.
The bes of the gang whose name
wasr repmeated as James, started on
a hand ear, after the train, and at
on the front part of the hand ear
with his feet hlnging down. As
the em was coming along, a few
milem this side of Delhi, one or both
of James' feet emaught in a tie and
he was thrown fime downward be
tween the rails, the head ear run
ning over him, and injuring him so i
eerely, laternally, that he dieda
short time after midnight. The
accident happened tn the morning
between 1) and 11 o'clock.
TALLC:LAH, LA., April 13, 18~53. ai
The Board met in regular session, i b
all the members present except (
Mr. Long. R
On motion of Mr. Cochran the I
minutes of last meeting were read, J
and on motion of Mr. Erwin, ac
A communication from Mr. liar- I
vey enclosing his account of levee x
work, was read by the clerk, i
and the account referred to
the Finance Committee.
A communication from Mr. J. E. T
Ransdell to Mr. Jno. B. Stone,
concerning the boundary between
Madison and East Carroll, was
temporarily laid aside. N
A communication from Col. H. J
H. Baker, Assistant Inspector,
Gen. L. S. N. G., asking for a smalll
appropriation towards making up
a prize of $500,00 for best uniform
ed infantry company in the State,
outsid. of New Orleans, at the Ex- X
position drill in May.
On motion of Mr. Richardson,
seconded by Mr. Sevier, the sum l
of ten dollars, ($10) which would L
be the proprtion due from Madison,
was appropriated fur that purpose.
Mr. Erwin was absent, and Mr. l
Cochran desired his vote of no, be `
The bill of the Tallulah Building1
Association was laid over until to-I
On motion of Mr. Richardson,
Mr. Cochran, was, in the absence
of Mr. Long, added to the Finance
On motion of Mr. Richardson, -
seconded by Mr. Cochran the 1
amount of seventy-five dollars,
($75) or as much thereof, as may,
be necessary, was appropriated to
fill in for a distance of 40 feet, the
ditches, each side of the
levee, where the levee
crosses the lane from Milliken's
Bend to the river. Mr. Richard
son was authorized to have the
work done.
On motion of Mr. Cochran, sec
ended by Mr. Sevier, it was resolv
ed that Mr. Jno. B. Stone be em
ployed to defend the suit brought a
against the parish, in the U. S.
Circuit Court, by Mrs. Goodman, 1
and that he be paid one hundred
dollars ($100.) for defending the
Mr. Sevier moved that one hun
dred dollars ($100.) or as much
thereof as may be necessary be ap
propriated, to build a bridge across
the bayou that empties into Swan
Crook Lake, on the road from
Roundaway bayou to Walnut
bayou, seconded by Mr. Cochran,
and carried.
A petition from citizens of the
3d Ward, asking that the road from
the line of Dalkeith plantation to1
Milliken's Bend, be opened and
Splaced upon the bayou bank, par
ticularly that portion of it in front
of Mrs. Lewis' place, and Oak
Grove. Action deferred until to
On motion, adjourned until 10
o'clock a.m. Tuesday.
Second Day,
TU'ESDAY, April 14.
The Board met pursuant to ad
Sjournment, all the members pres
ent except Mr. Long.
The election of officers for the
ensuing year being in order, Mr.
Erwin nominated Gen. Dennis for
President, Mr. Sevier seconded the
nomination, and on the clerk put
Sting the nomination to a vote, Gen.
Dennis was unanimously elected
e President.
R. C. Weightman was nominated
r for clerk by Mr. Sevier, seconded
', by Mr. Erwin, and on call of yeas
a and nays, was elected clerk for the
ensuing year.
SMr. Erwin nominated Dr. Geo.
r T. Trezevant for Treasurer, which
r nomination was seconded by Mr.
Cochran and Dr. Trezevant elected
4 Treasurer.
j On motion of Mr. Erwin second
e ed by Mr. Sevier, the salary of the
clerk of the Board was restored to
the old price $400, per year. On
this question the vote was a tie,
i Messrs. Erwin and Sevier voting
Iyea, and Messrs. Cochran and
e Richardson, nay. The President
Sthen votedyea, and the motion
was carried.
r On motion of Mr. Sevier second
ed by Mr. Erwin, it was resolved,
that the tax collector be authorized
h to furnish the Board with an
d abstract of the tax payers who
have paid penalties of three per
cent, instead of one per cent, ri
o order that the excess may be re
a stored to them, adopted.
SThe report of the Finance Com
g mittee was then taken up. The
clerk read the report as foll6ws.
T.ALLUL.A, L.1., April l th 1S85. i Pla
To the Honorable, the Board of ,
Police Jurors, we your Finance
Committee, report that we have ex
amined and approved the following
bill: Wi
G. T. Trezevant treating Charlotte
Rivers - - - $ 50 00
C. L. Gilpin, J. P. fees, 9 0(
James Davis, Inquest, 10 (K)
W\. H. Rover, Constable, 56i 401
W\m. Buckner, witness, 5 10
II. I. IIurd, J. I'. 4 541 El,
Morris Williams, Constable, 7 (Wi
C. L. Gilpin, J. P. 35 24 Trl
Milton McCoy, Constable, 6 (I
G. A. Richardson, C Jury, 2 (00
T. R. Maris, Warrant book, 11 90 ..
W. P. Yerger, bury'g pauper 6 00
Madison Times, road over- to
seer commissions, - - 4 0 K
Nathan White, C Jury, 2 0(
J. II. Riley, Juror, - 9 30'
Vickshurg herald, books, 6(0 25
C. II. Lucas, .Juror, - 4. 40
Dr. W. P. Yerger, Inquests, 30 00
c ,, , " 1st qr salary, 75 (K) 1
Jno. B. Stone, 1st qr salary, 75 00 Mi
Madison Times, l'ari.h
printing, - - - 8112 (0 .
R. C. Weightnman clerk P.J. 1() (N)
H. B. Holmes, lstqr salary 250) 00
Mrs. Alice French,6 m rent 180 00
Lawson Montgomery Juror 6 30I Mi
'W. I). Zeigler, Juror, 7 0
Henry Deis, '" 3 80
e Jio. B. Mc(;inty, C Juror, 2 00 -
W. E. McKain, ' '2 00
E. M. Yerger, ' " 2 (
J. K. Yerger, ' " 2 3
Ephi Jone, , 't " 2
I). HumInphreys, ' " 2 () n
e VickTlurg eralI, Print'g, 5') (K),
* T. C. Flowers (' Jury, 2 41i'
A. WV. ('arson ' " 2 (K)
IMose.s Willliauns, C Jury, 2 (NJ ,
'T. C. Flowers, ' " 2 (),
Oscar Murdock, ' " 2 (00
Kirk I'ittman, ' " 2 00
Bob LeSage, ' " 2 () an
J. E. Ransdell, criminal fees 35 00 of
H. H. Moore, Juror, 7 35
Commercial Herald, adver- ta
tising, - - 5 00)
S. E. Lacy, for pauper 100 0()
IHenry Denis, witness - 5 25
° Milton McCoy, witness, 4 75
Signed, G. W. SEVIER, Chairm'n M
pro tem. J. T. COCHRAN.
Mr. Cochran moved that the re
port of the Finance Committee be
. accepted, adopted. uii
Mr. Erwin moved that Jno. Mil- ''
ler be appointed road overseer, of tit
Road District No. 15, in place of j
Charles McFarland-removed from is
I the Parish adopted. I
The account of W. I. IHarvev, ia
Special Levee Commissioner was A
then taken up, but was, on motion
of Mr. Cochran, laid over until the t
nl next meeting of the Board, when I
Mt I Mr. Harvey, will be required to ,u
bring his vouchers. n[
()n motion of Mr. Erwin, second- s
ed by Mr. Sevier, the Board ad- 21
journed until Monday, April 27th, tl
lo 1885. a'
10 I
Orer Fifteen Years Experfese
Wadshington, D. C.
Box 380 mchl-tf
roC ewVr TaeI awi irgm.
r. Orders received at the Truxs of
d fice, where full information regard
ing prices will be given. Ask for
prices on Barbed Wire.
S All bills approved by the Police
d, Jury, for the year 188t4, can now
ed be paid on demand.
eclerk P.J. I
,er OTICE.
S The Pariah Licenses for the year J
re- 1885, are now ready for issue. All
parties required by law to take out
rnlicenses, are notified to come and
ie' get same, and thereby avoid pen
Salties. H. B. CHOLMES,t
Sheriff & Tax collector. !
1 Planter's Clu ana Readla PRoms.
No. 184 Washington St., I'p-Stairs.
CIIAS. 11. RO1'TII, Manager.
trlders at every dec-ri ltin. M.ak,.s
t arrangeaents for 'Pullman slh.eep
) er and Mann lio,udir ('a:rs to
all loints in the I' nitel
States .r ('anahd. Fur
Dish l'lanters withi
all classes 1
)I - - later.
EL' mosrtx, I),' n gi , l ,,ii),! ! ;,,,,
4 Telephone in the bIuilding.
L Y y iI( .. AND T. IT IN TALLY -
) J.. lah, aud jlantatin almiIt ,n,
o mile froht Tallullah-either. ,rl, ,t Ii, on
,,odil te:rlms. For full partic ular.a.upI,,ly
A _ pril Il-,.na. \'kjtkuri, Miss.
0; em(naining in P1,' t ()lOflte at Talluhlah,
La. . pritll th 1-3.
Taae ncBrimbery, Mis Alice Burns, SI
F.lx II. Eva.n , Mi- ,-: lh,( rown
Mrs. Mary Evans \,.ltcr lHawkins.
Mrs. Lau)a Le, Paul Millatrd,
SLouis Mll.., Anderson Miller, A1
i M3is-s Nell Rankin W'in. HI. (ge.r.
Sydney Taylor, Somitih Tunver, t
.1. II. Wyatt, .Mrs. Evline P'ottr,
Q Mrs. M:urtha Ann Bowma'n, 111
) P'ers(ons callin, fir letter. in tliia l',t
will please say "advertised."
J. 1I. HEBERT. P. M.
1 inchl -13".
w A. L. SLACK,
7T.llhlah, Lta.
Practijces in the pa:rihes of Mielisonn
and I ti'hhlani .1,l t1 th ý 'llr,"1 (' r, t
0) of the State. t'articu!ar atte tiin paid
to the lease nt laareieetnt atl sa e iti,
anti preparation of titles to real es
tate. unh l-lv- of
State of Aloutsiana, Parish of
Madison, 8th District Court.
n Mirs. AMANDA L. PACK )
vs. - No. 632.
wI . B. PAB. ', et als. )
)of sale fir purposes of partition to as
ule directed from the lHnorable Eighth as
Judicial )istrict Coulrt for tih Parish of
1 ,f Madison aforesaid, in the above enu- sI
of titled cause, I will plroceed to sell at -
public auction, at the dioor of the (ourt -
of Ousm ill thie t,Iown oef Tallulah, in Mlad
Sison Parish, l.ouisiana. on the third
Saturday the 18th day of April,
A. D. 188$5,
Y between the hours p "ribed by law,
all the right title an( interest of Mrs.
as AmandaL. ack and of lWn. B. Pack,
B et als, ill and t to te following described
I roperty, to-wit: The south-east frac
lie tional quarter (east of Tensas river) inl
section No. twenty (-'0) the sonth-west
Squartelar of section .No. twenty-one (21,) at
to and tile north half of sec'tion, land the
north half of fsut t half of sect iolln Nio.
twenty-eight (2.), all in townshi , No.
4- sevellteeni (17, ) north, rangel No. cleven(
ill) cast, in the Parish of Madlison, i
l St;ate of Iuiiana, andll cStont:ifing i
Ii, the aggregate, Six Hundred antd Eighty
Seven acres, more or less, seized in the
abive suit.
TERI.MS OF SALE-Cash with tilhe
benetit of appraisement
H. B. HOLMES. Sheriff.
lSherifts Otfice, Tallulah, La., 14th
March 188. bt.
Thiiday 4ril 30tSI
'~ F
-eo XhePi 3l l c F
erlh atie era r re e pt.
S- ee . 1 the ever.. ad .1 she sabes.
t....a . ... lb. . .. e.......
aor a -StU*ESsiO NOIsean .
- rEc saa 0LiAnA, th rAiT. s t f aes
to uake the lewest r. are vr beta.e.
so-ed said sump s ion toetheoteh
)w , eefe lasser e, r omerso r
re uatie ared ahwe e y
of-h why t uayr
t rd- e Ogrnste .
Stata of Louisiana, Parish of adison,
S 8th District Court.
Succession of JoIrS A. KJ.EIN, dC
ceased. No. 3.3 Probate.
WHEREAs, Abner W. Crandell
has p~e:ented to said Court Ais
provisional account as Administra
tor of said succession, together with
his petition praying that said ac-i
count be approved, cotinured anti
see homologated.
ow Now, therefore, all persons are
required to show cause, if any they
have, within ten days from the date
hereof, why the prayer of the pc 1
titioner should not be granted.
carJudge of said Court, and the official
All seal thereof, this 31sT DAY oF?
out MaRcH, A. D. 1835.
tnd F. M. DAWSON, Clerk.
en- A true copy-attest:
n. A F. M. DAWSON, Clerk.
ner Aprn t.
111IT. T1.IEI) 1 " Ii H1 ,.,1'AI' I LI.A Y
Any one orde(ring lhis pal)(r will receive it
twice, only, wlen, ifthel subscri)ption pri ; is
not paid, the paper will be discoIltillued.
Any movement, that will advance the Intersts of ladison Parish will receive the
earnest sppDort of the TIES.
Short communications from all pads of the parish, are
desired. Send them in.
The rich is, 200 ler year
.1 JOB PRES ha.t been added to the TIMFIS olice, and JOB WORK
of a supfrior quality can now be turned out, at
Prices Low Eio 11 to Snit to lost Ecoomical.
It is not necessary to send away from home to get your
as you can get them right here la Tallulah, just as cheap, and just
as good, as you can by sending away. Try it and sKe. All kinds
of justices of the Peace, and Constables blanks, lfurnished at
short notice.
·ItI-_---- ---
-I am prepared to deliver on board the cars, every description of -
at the shortest notice, and upon most reasonable terms for cash.
l Address J. IT. TV IT1)N,
inch 1-]v. Tallulah, Parish of Madison, La.
To New Orleans.
That there mnay remain no reasonahle excuse for failure to ston the
RAILWAY has inaugurated for tlhose on its line, WEEKLY EXCU
BIOS 1AT EXCEEDINGLY LOW RATES. Tickct.s to be old to parti,:i.
of three or more going, and returning togethvr.
From Etters to Cleveland, inclusive, Mondays, April 20and 27.
May, 4, 11, 18 and 2o.
From Shawsto Vicksburg, inclusive, Tuesdays, April 21 :nd 2.
"May 5, 12, 19 and 26.
From Warrenton to Bake, inclusive, Thursdays, April2:l.
M[ay 7, 14, 21 and 28.
From Baton Rouge South-Saturdays, April 25; May 2, 9, Ii, 23 & 30.
arFor further details, call on or adldress the nearest ticket Agent.
Jas. M. Edwards, M. Burke,
V. P. &, (7. r. (*en'l supt.
J. 8. DAVANT, Agent.
11 Monroe St. . . 3iemphis, Tenn.
April 18-7l.
T. T7 arreln 1Uriscoc will Nell you the
Specit inducements will be given to parties Wanting to Build,
By John L. Wilson of the Lake One Saw lilli
And thile land canbe boughtfromn T. Warren Briscoc, at aprice below
any reasonable expectation. The land off:red was not overllowel i,
1884. Only a limited amount is offered. Sccure your houle while yu
have a cihance.
Regarding Lots, Address
Tallulah, La.
Concerning Lumber, Addrrss
J(ll-lS I,. T1'VILLt
Tlalllshd, L,'.
''IM E 'I'A IIIE NO. 4.
Tatking Effect Sunday, Januu ay
25, 1885,
I1 %I AltRIl 1
"' n . ..
- . . , ,, . 4. " . 1, .
1. I ', ,1 I I 1" i111.
St . ... I.. I .:. ... ! :4 I' . ,.
+ I" . . .. " \ I a. ·4 .
S 1 u . . i. 1 ... "'. " . .
. , t. . .:. . . 1 ' ? \ :'. . . 111' .' L, .
 I ,' I I - ,. I, .
S' I: i .I ..1" 0 . 1 . ii j 1 . 4 . lIi.
A IC\iRL·t E1; " " 1...
I l:. i . I i ,"' l t 1 a ,V 111.
I,: 4i II. ISj44'. l:, , . 1. `.Tm :t. iln.
: 4lil t . iil . I` ,,I ·i,,li..' t in . ,:"., a. 111.
7:::, '.Ii : ..:.. l| , ..I... ' i t n| . l
Ixc.i: ll'.i. •. ll n ' :. t fur 'i.. .
" 1 . Trai. . l, I .'' r t b', t2- +1. thi
"-.rbli,an .,.ir . i ".t : t= t: . .e.
lOlN SCOTT, - - - UInlra1l Manalsr.
'R. CA'I., ll - - - Geral Snlli.
F.Y. ABNEI - - ClhielflU. & Sllt.
Ding ant1 1 'a i e. arrives Ml, nI . .. ays, Wlei l
nIt-, (--:t 4 1': .uo.m ( sa med t.
Ma l i 611 ( l t^a .11 r 1 illiken 1.. .n4 Ii.
: rri ,es .11 n dI l, lii. . e4lne4 l .11y 141 Frii
,l.-y at 11 a.m., anl. leaves at 2 ,-.i . it.
A t44 4I a': N.
JI rl. I31. 1ll -i t I. M.
Sub.eribe for the TIMES.
State Officer.ll
Covernor ............... I). M Enerv
. IeItaty. ri  fsta l.........Os )car A rri oh
A u'Ijito.r 1'4ublic A(r4e4a11t4...4 . 1D. iSteel.
rltri lir i K.r ,. ! 1.. ,l iti< lnil' .
T.:i, I4A3fC· . - nit WI.. elnxr. ci l eLul.
r-- r ..................... E..1. In Irk
111't 'ubtlil Ed tion..W rlrn 1 astu11
Att .ry-U eral...11J. J I. . Un iiin r
('hief J t.e............ ..E ;war4. 1erm4Ii
.I. AI. Iat .lLarln ti ........, lix '., Tnwl
II. C. BIrV mIi IL..r.hy I, . I1k I:'4ll4lIt.ll.n 4lli.
. 'M. l l .lt' . .I.iT.
.. I 4 ,i .. .... .... Nw Cl. rlnnin
Y~l1whar:'I Iahat.........h. E. Ve e r
', .rk1 ...................e. ..li e"
11 iIu. I.ii,, (r"no n.........4 i nyA T.niiri sc
II. ...ll ii l V ... ...... r.. II .II. AhrpL o.t
.I C r. ".llhic.. ..-...i.d...... a I.)1.rla
L mi .\l tlll .i M tin.r ......... t D'u in triichi tl
.EJ.)c.h I.t IIl4ll 4i4..... r....h t. " ltPhTr
I r .. M. .. .. ....i...... ..... .
S' l:lirt nU .... ..r . T r. -..illt i.ndlr
4II.I T. I .ha, l ion .. ..ue. nivil L.,r u--l4
I:.54( 1. if,,;,r -Jn...r.y t. a-It. Ml h,, ono
a1ond Octo ill M:.y aIktober.
25rict .Scr' rt-i4th J Ii lDi c.t.
'• intuIl ..........4;,,,. \w. M4Ollt(?I1Cry
( Ia'm , cif h of ,Iri tEf '.M.i,
(a,4. lawkin ........... . .Jrhn'i.
lI, . .lly. ................. .. . "udl G
: Ior . ........r I ......I trli . . I4 wwgr
,. lch.l... . .............hr. t. P. Yevr
r.anc 'i ............ ..... .Ilehlr
W.re :..............A. An . la sndlun
li Jau--y:h.... .(un 'h . W.il hMverIt
.h .r.es-dcn. lia , til..li-tr. S.\ tl'
Clerk..... ......it. C. WMiontgler.
w ,,nh 1 A Cori ol Oldtiia.
n ,II(lut rn h. r. TI 'Rii. 1 m- ,. L
.lhurke·ili A. Cu. My'.nitte, Oec't.
J. ilie1 ,,l lof te I'c1ie .
r. 1....wki.s........... Ii. W I. hnsor
.rit..... ................ .II. i. hrt,n
I ( lh k...............l lran ls .1 . ]awolm
Tr r r. ...... ..Gen. T. Trer.evalltl
r ,r .............. ir. W I.'. . YevIler
.\ , . r................. ..J ll. iloil
" '2....... .............. . l. I,\i u
- .... ............... I. . . . rw ie
" 7J........1'r4jilent--E. 1. I wnnia

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