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airt and Comprehasive Co
pistics of Things Trans.
pirrig II the World
Ab-ot Us.
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has b as e Nais aa li ss srar
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was Uemeutaes a Ieasb.
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SIMssen, drl, ye ied
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s fewas I as .i r
" sm as Wavely ba I
agedar Mths wed sped
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of sah pesosa slew/
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Atlt ~io eragemastmas
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~~: I
The most promlaemt aadllats to secoeei
Edmands as United States Senator from
Vermoat, Is eavemor J. L Smith,
Slate president of the North Paelse
end. The Central Vermont Rail Road i
uer. ne owned in Boston, Is now cor- t
I etd ader his control. le is the richbest a
am I V ermas*4 tna no mar epeel the d
most powerrul. His friends are thorouhly a
imbued with a desare to farth the laterea b
at their chfi, and lto he evet of his maklag a
a deteutned bht for Senator EdmNDd's a
the mk rwr will be one fthe mostv
t M nonot has ever witbr
. I
.. . . ..y
Jewrb u k MIr rrc IS,
ens d lbsmat d s iRaishad d r eere
fib asarpla hiseed. He was birah Llevee A
~r---cr(~ c~rd ~ - --a
wasm ýae t e .ap
J KrrryY OW n ., ·
ths n ab d a rf a.
met'hamet dsUrIri dew· seine
mm wo e bssI tsrt" asmh lra- usýJ
ldyaarlnghsemt. New hsasine/to o a
with the rid ub as rea I hb act s
as Jinsso and e wiraadisth et+ pmasI
Waai. Wi
* ad
MuoesAm* Paine,
the appslit &r the abu s
'u- to~
Usheet s take bA*ew.edre eg
bndiut~es poe ah geerhabehl uS
dlmsevanes ewwh an -npula as
duetuneaste as A
Gossip and Nws About Po.
ple and Tllas attlh Ia.
teenal N. c06s
On the 17th In the Sete John H. Miteh
ell of Orenon wae swPe la. lied 0f
frvorm jo ix thed for the nn gof_ It
d-Imlm Oests fore e.
aoa e sf s Inathe "eute" eo Dakete.
whech eased ee s 6s.wahl
erep otaga Ma.nr ee di
w~a L! Leho vsh bgo'rneo o n
et w hdiseerl r esl eire
elIde laaIle r Intto 1r N l -aM ol
fore atu (aG - ,- . tales of t.he
the delete; rem ertis f r rin wasa.
hi.. b r otae o abo e p as n
atU , eeaatin mSate eefor d euo
tReadats ; foer ei om for r telsw ado tlado r
a t.h hemde was et r-ml, es I
asto IMeiy se me uea o ymlo the n
-lemY fr lwtm P-o
oassh o meelaots Mio w t am
-aIn the wek l u M dta l e law1110
a trle searidtl ds rulds was e
ed the soaC6lV55 the
Resouidem frLa Saoleas O asee ro
.the n ks eaoekn was adpte an
Mr. S IM assed wee sot Isn sel Is
1sm ahe o e s eU msea st ed lo
uIuslqdu ees was debated sd i
dd'ested. Ollal el. not ofa" eeu
lat oa l he I la am Isnrefer- a
amte pega In Uasi was avwahiy is-a m
pined; als. y .1mball a nfiear uyete hat
of bankrey; a I, a  ema catle
lmbIr nM L dM iaugar5s to
h-ad a sarsle, r onese den oesf
f erbsa we ia
thee New Mb ceesmh vas adspted.
r D aIto the . torr am fl. w .es
frelow t at a ee einsl a. Neof
m sa far It s o etta s e N wo
Jrem emodearat
he atd~brlmr;a n0r a ostms sbs ad
rts sumr b at e uM b e
heease m4s aut dtiherehavsee he
ageh m~at eeater ee Srierltrer T
Thlls e smdred wn In --'1 hte bu ne s
Tmhear. sell t sto e rof the pr at
honeds -ma_ Gewlen ewo we sceld
-aa In Nov Tub.
ntltelqesays he will welesue
abagrels g l Iapeilmes d the NOW
tie e ofe i pm s heº
psed D es MXianI, Jeebees aid Ces.mosel
pmaat )tiems. City, M.a v w
gThe mla Ia t a r 1I dulaga- thes
mast aseems bae as Us*L The B
w i deger temas rasppeelge- if He
sbt pear was UseU am
The sate saedsa aesis. red the
by Mr. User cll Iag the iriss eas- e
hease mtmulshy use mMm
MlessuesGes 6.1usdh a ud s
hetihms to . eaese th tma e NwTra s
-housbbam moa esed ims A
bThe sreiearta rk ass seemq.
sah..aa L n ug lbe
mBm rs~ edssibst aIbul 9
ble dIr apilf qhsLeamr ase s
mal N smdc. Mlngme
bMms amereathebulw uepies -
sed6rmaIss w
padu eerIfim **Mibt aeMl sbee
mi ieda -s r Isbs
in6g Ue l ta if 4Meen mil l
smi pea whith e bad places i a the last
e eameaes, buta sapplepriatons and privll
e das an electIes ha was placed at the
fae t acing eve beloe w the Demoersts It
,s sosewbat anesal to place a member of
the majority and a0eillag Party below the
maortty an eemmlues, partlcalarly as
oeamitte e ha nhip la in the senate go
by rule of promoti; tht is the senator
holdlfg second place ieeeeds In the event
of a vacancy la the ebprmanshblp the third
-m next InU da and e o., clear
The feeling lat the mue Istrong l favor
i of pslag the PnR eald il sau eseaoo bill es
I stads, although  a I oes oto ay cover a
poslie emqegte as a to sre , tie
eamloi t uo a e ' amiUm harmearo
rwith he ry wm e ed the
prsiat. It e t happen that vacaeis
would occur belbre the new preslient has a 1
ance to seleta abinet, l whl evet
I the secesesa ight fall to a cab aet ocer i
of the diferet pelltcal falth, as woud have I
been the e last spring before Mr. Bayard
was appinted sad ooanrmad. t is likely,
however, this eamsderldon will not be re- I
Rdd ae s elt wdlght to hasaor ev I
delay the pessge a the ubll
The White Heee eveaing receptions wir ll
behld frem to l o'ek. The recepdea 1
Ia NewTer 's day will begin at 10 o'lock a
In the morning. The wives of ihe members
ef th eaael held a meeting receatly mad
decided ON a uitorm method of disposing
of als. They will all retaur their Wedaes.
day calls byard and their dinner and oth '
er larvitaeom calls will be made In persoa
Eaih lady will have two of her hsband's
ards ada ofher own for eah hase
hold. Thy will reeve on Wednesdays '
m 3 to b o'elok and en n ew Yenrs day a
ftem $ te.
Senastr Veorhebas isquoted asef the opgla
in that the Repubail essMarm later d to .
make things lively over the nominatnoms of
Mr. Cleeland, abd that t e recutive see
ems will bes etaeteru e by an eltemeint p
and ahimatlea sm ewhat umal of late
yers. Senator Slb e s , the presideat of
ts semate, samIen eas i n haews t
Repulam se~nses will take en the
asna ste (the aedeat enly am two
aspons Phet: wheIn BpelMaa eelais t
have bee. muepemdedo e aarass deeing n
their pereeal ehbmnter or pubic umitnmes 1
wihareast i by the ts, and se
end, whe apeltrmet have hbe. made ti
whleh an darl ui Oast, ad he says that i
he knews bimsei at several eases whisk
me usr~nder loLr head. Net ama the
Maryland appeatents, a far mere, is. a
valves easpeasm, pad oily em of these
whi goes to the ~aete is asted by
e- -M-N-w-orkDcebr A iW.
hlM o
A diheaalsh weslemat MGo
...a .... **s.p~sauthulaes
SPrepslim i Neat the Apachses W.it
of adheaunds.
s Additmoal particlarsof the Afight between
the regular troops and the Apaches in the
vicinity of Silver City. N. N.. have been re
ceived. It is now belleed luad.llon to the
rd physiclan and three privates which were
illed, more than a halfosen citizens met
death at the hands of the savages. Every
body Is leving the country, even the cow
ror boys and racnhma, and desolation and de
a. populailo are met everywhere. The large
Sranehers are left at the me of the Ind
u. a, wboarewell provied with ammuoaon
e pnd en determned to carry the war
Sthrough the winter. Several families have
he reached El Pas from the infected district
ce and demens of wo ies and children have
a. ben smet to other town for safety. The
.o weoep amard were a peat ot Lieut.
.ountal'c aommand and were scouring toe
er terito win whilh a late bloody aht bhad
etar c They were rbot at by the
ad from bebInd rocks and were killed
ina ew moments. Other of the
ly, command, whib co e a told, of
r- thrtllve men, m dead bodies nmerous
Sl the result of the work of the Indians
ra days revious. Ge. Crok is no
known to be In favor of employing blood
Il hoes as auxmliaries to the army in hunt
ng down the savage, and will communi
O ce with the bhlr atbhoritle with a view
tek ofeurnlga number of dogs.
ad A Nyldrelpbeb Care.
g Milwake dispateb: The theory ad
va eed o ab short ime slae thata vigor.
a ouetreatmet ofTurkh bateadministered
P la the early stages would prove effeetul in
eases of hydrophobia seems likely to be
verfled. Joseph ErebM, an employe of the
car-shop in Wee Milwaukee, was btten by
a dog supposed tobe mad abnttme days
ago, but did nt experiena e say troeble till
In lant riday, when he ws seized with what
to appeared to be the premonitory symptoms
Cf of hydrophobia. He complained of a severe
· h seasaton at the wouad and at
at th rh de o erown of
A is had. rna ý selllag nl the throt,
of was umableto swallow and was sem to
that es t dthathe could not r e
hM wastab tsabatshemebIhhmrn .
in s mat i sweat ream wt.
ar week ad yesterday a last sonly
aa The dangeros.
and the mas to relean eat
at, I I disprovedthe tier hme t
from aIdepesee, Me., says: Captain
Bdtes. sherI of nice county, Misnaseb,
arived bea today and is the guest of Dr.
et thYeaepn ew the Neeth
lui beak orf mLOS and isrlhesegneatman
who was the st to e charge of th
er their sthe
jdeyvamYears t bae D sget fwiend of ole.
statesid that te I li Mis tase was
m11 far an T ha, te bs pulseed e
hs aisisd kepang ith itr sme ero
meutasba expemsdteralboag In lsaer
u rv te bays a nd is , the
tetals unet the boyw.a e
alsaeo lb. hap.
A CAmpany at Selwers Ambushed by Apashes
Ile Ow oqb l es.
is ae Antoni. Tes., speisl tL St. Louis
SRepublidm: Private teeierm were ie
Seldved hosetui mn en it the aed that
r/et laee Ths. Medox, assistant
rgss DU. A A., was kIisd th seeest
- Indsag 111 e Nbes.ss His proper
h Lhese s d tens esia teles he was e
Sslvaised torstd edm he es.o.es:
d , K., Due 3-T* A bate m in Dspmt
* adeTims, am £ateak in a aght
5. wilhetbhbe mesules ArtisMes be.
is wemu drom ss. Ebss br s
* e dsdJ Ide. aa1 e I Oauhy.
bsmha ibeI d m dg t a
ed r r rtbe ssed t bsls to
A beat wll
11. pininso eafled kern Dala down
U mte hame. AJeou rw wiahed Is to
tios. Bt as the vetserl reled onwarJ
and pared Torringion and 8:. Aert, the
pesengers one ufter the other grew
silent, and gaped down the river, until
one spoke out:
"Come, Jew. do you hnow any pas- d
time that will amuse m? Your fathers tl
maut have contrived many a one during '
their long sojourn in the wilderness." "
The Jew pwrpcne4 that they abonld t
sit around in a circle, and propound e'
curious questions to each other, and be, If
with their permiai.mn, would sat down I'
with the t. Those who could not an- "i
swer the questions should ary the one C
who propxunde4f thsm a 12-kreut~er N
piece, and those iviaj pertinent an. ti
swere should reeive a 1t kreutser piece. of
The proposdl pleased the comp,,y, hi
sad, booing to divert tbhemselve with w]
the Jee's wit or stupidity. each one TI
asked at random any qurstion that wi
entered his head. "1
Te first asked: "How many soft m"
boiled enr could a giant est upon an tiU
empty atasch ?" All sid it was ile. de
possible to answer that question, and th
each paid over his 12-kreutaer piece. wi
But the Jew said, "One, for he who han lii
esen one eg cannot eat a acond on an (Ci
empty stomach," and seceived a 12- u
kreutser piece. is
The second thought to eatch him by a ne
question on the New Testament, and 1e
asked: "Why did the apostle Paul g
write the epistle to tue Corinthinat " lai
The Jew aid: "Because he was nott isa
Corinth and could not speak to them." i
Another niece.
Then the third fbund the Jew so i
strong on the Bible, he tried another
point: "Who proloes his work to a pr
great a length as poehsble, and yet com.
plet.e it in t "'Tbe ope maker, if
me is indaustrioe," sad the Jew.
They appresed the valas of Bam st
lackh. The ksrth one ask, " what l
month do the inhabitats a . Lalach fol
eat theleast?" Tnereply.d"Itireaew , 8id
for that mouth has oely !8 days."
"The flh said, 'There ae two natural s
brothers, and only one of them is my
uncle." The Jew sad. "The auel d s Rc
your fathers brother, sad your father le Ch
not your auncle."
A fsh then jumped, sad the sixth Iu
asked, "What eh nave their eys it
neýast together?" The reply, "the ler
smallest." Io
The ninth was the btk This one So
asked. "How can ve persons divide live wi'
e-- as that each man shall reeise one, ene
and tdtll one remain i. th. dish?"' The glc
Jew said,' The last must take the dish tw
with the.e, sad let as lay thee as long an
ýr wM "®i r . tic
Alter may prwlsmlry aomhmen he th
asked with an air of misehi voa friend.
lines, "luow can a us fry tqo trout ina
three ?n'. so that a teoet may lay a cn
each isa ' cu
No one could answer this. sad one et
after snother gave hms a 12-kmeaer an
piece. Bt whoen be ainah desired that t
te should smiser t himmis, he bruskly th
acknowletdld thas the rout ould note,
e fried that way. of
Taen it wa*s asnead that this was ha,
unfair Ia the Jew; tut bte stotly masi wo
tamed that there was soprovisio tor it pa
in the agreenest, save that he who eould I
not answer the quiestion bould pay the Ire
his stars; asd feSllted the aftement an
ty paving tbat sum the ninth of his an
cousdee, who had asked him to soln thi
it timra lf. le
Tºe travdessall belirSihmerIeb , Ag
and crateli for the amuseeat, lauvhe I
heartil over their loss and the Jew's bal
snnin_. a
To be modr sad pay revernes to the
gods, this, i think, to be the mass honor' m
able and wisest tling sr'ortuals la.
lstsMasa......... N e B
r i ss. .
- uts - 5 ! an
rs a the
j Pi
__ _ as as r
..a a DeL-.he
t W 31
e - -
Irreveorat and I'npslli be.t, but Nverv
The London St t;tll,,rd not icin the
death of Jodih Iillin ,. s:ieaks thus of
the growth of :a ctertail so..t of .\meri
cani fun: 'Th'lt w:ar proi:lt into campy
and triclhe, l0itht fro:,, every part of
I the country. The; ex'ch.An..el experi
I ences, and, as the lp ,a:..se went, "swap.
ped stories." 'zoreo"er, out of that
ghastly strn~gle eunmerte an immense
rnmassof"nar hlmIor." The "Orpheus
5 C. Kerr Papers" and Petroleum V.
r Naseby" were the prime favor.tes in
that species of fun,and the experiences
of marching andi counter marihing
have given a tone to the humorists
who have sincet lt hn come to : he front.
'They haive, however. drawn on a far
wider field than their prledecessors.
"Mark Twaims," who is., perhaips, the
most widely read of all his class,
tinged those sketches which so
delighted Mir. Darwin with nmuch of
the old humor of the Mississipli. on
which he was horn and bred. But,
like Bret Ilarte, he also taps the in
exhaustible reservoir of Ca;llifornia
drollery, and from the observations
sugfgested by that wider roumingwhich
is the marked characteristic of the
new American. Charles lD)dley War.
her is a quieter, more relineed saver of
gool thiw, tlinn than his friend and near
neighbor in Hartford, while Mr. Le
land. who serimmi to ,ie his wit Inoreas
a mneliunim or is ,''iiloloaical iore.is,in
his "Breitnann iBallads" and other
works, scarcely American at all. Jcel
('handler Harris, one of the many ad
mirable writers whom the South has
produced since the war, takes the
negro folk lore as his theme, though'
now and then healso prodircssketeh
es of southern life mnore in the old '.
style than aniythin, which the latter
day humorists care to attempt. But. -,
followin; these men, though at a con
siderable distance, are what may be
called the newspaper caricaturists,
such as Mr. Hleber (lark, who writes
tunder the name of "Max Adeler,"'
Robert Burdette, James Bailey and
Charles Smith. who is better known
as 'Bill Arp." Sometimes their
humor is a little strained, and often
it is very local. In e'ery case it ihdi.,
lerent from that of England. It has
nothing in common with Fielding, o
Smollett, or Thackeray, or, happilY,
with Rabelais or Villon. The
ence between opera bouffe and an Aa-i
glo-Saxon farce is the difference b
tween the humor of the Frenchman
and of the English in America. 'T
phb and the husband are not Matri
ed' TheAmerican devotes his doIes'
tic jocosity' to the whimsicalitie a
the small boy, the widow, the mother
in-law, the bully, the visionary spec.. -
lator, the gamester and the commer
cial traveller. Fighting and mossy
getting afford the plrincipal suhjests,
and in the South it as mainly conmred)
to the former. It is seldom dee.
though always ,lear, aid demd-,e
mainly on exaggeration and a blend ,
of jest and earnest. which soma ow.
has described as the singing of coma
words to a sad tune, or telling a pn"- "
posterous story with a grave "s.
When Mr. Lowell declares that a nM'
gro was so black that "charcoal made.
a chalk mark on him," orthat a woo& ;
nm shingle was painted so like marhi
that it mink, he illustrates th,
leading feature of American bhum or:
Again, when "Artemisa Ward"-whe bo
most people now know to have bus"
baptized Charles Browne-tellb s
a young man who claimed to bees
empted from asrvinq as a soldie "r e
cause he was the only son of awt
mother-who supported him," WS
laugh, not at the humor of the sitam
lion-for there is none--blt at thtmn
expected turn the excuse takes. i'lhi
was the key to the fun of "Josh Bill
ings" and the legion who have inmitat
ed it. They show no reverenes for
an thing or anybody. They are net
olished gentlemen, or even mes at
high education, like Lowell md
Hees. But if sometimes vulgor,4g .=
often far-fetched, tlheu is this to k.Ig
said for theis humor-it is never i.:
moral, and is thereforeo very aluig
that which derives its inhpirati .;
from the other side of the channel, e '
even from the full-bodied wit @t
ths Oeorgian and Caroeinan times.
The VIT ly f ste Germ. ta.
Prom the Curt Journal.
The Emperor William isnot em
the oldest oeier i- the Germem
in point of age, but also the eQlii
General In point of service, be bMe
patent as Major General dates bst
Mareh 80, 1818. In 1688 be
jobilee a Pruosian (nera; e d,
sips Marc 2, 1807, the
verary of hishaving enterd the a C
e swervice would oceur in March,l F .
-a. event thus far unique in tihe ei
nabl of the Prussian armay. WitL tI
zest and freshns besttesds the e'
cent manensers at Wlatanta m
be iemrred from thbeumrewoumsml k
he made to a young Warteb ag
Princ of the Red U'hisn oesom
rainy morning. "Ifo and youresm. gj
raulds Latter yourlves that ome I.
day, at least, willh drto amuW' e 4
aceoutmt, you are verym ll ' f
fieel chipper enough togp tro e
or three more for tIhe mere ple i
it." A touehing spectacle oweeowe
the day of the presetatao 1 the:
Wortemsbag veteram. Ao the ,
latter was a nonagmnari  " m
the Iron Croes of 1818, wie
friends had brought with them Ia ~ :
wagon to see tle Emperor. WheEm n
latter saw the old warrior nmsa-"-
dem ustratios to n dt, he calle a
hMeto rsmain , as bein- 11
ad their eemah-theL

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