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Madison times. (Tallulah, Madison Parish, La.) 1884-1???, July 03, 1886, Image 3

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. S N. ]ditor &Prop
.S ', . Publisher.
sysas, 1
-r - -s -
5th District, e
0Y N YTON. a
or ADISoN. i
Delt s without a ferry.
tgday laws, make back doors. a
ti h ~ Lbeenseu tax on editors. a
lDa't all bid at once for that $27
The week openened with their
Wal rains. o
.a hsts are not popular in b
Tck raising east of Tallulah is ff
is psIr.
Tbspy was a red letter day- ?
_- mia.
i .jmpt newspaper employees r
mjury duty. n
T..orrow will be the Fourth of c
l .-iti don't rain.
edsth will probably succeed a
ts iny speel. I
8 atnrday, was the dullest
gb-iy in Tallulah, for years.
sie woods an so full of mos
tLat hunting is martyrdom.
sl nights have been wonder- a
nl, sot to say cold, for June. t
Sing appears, to be on a
slt bs* which is nut his "best '
e Senday law is a fixed fact;
a igh ih m we, is gone, for this
liss to State Commissioner
dedgiinltmre for the crop report
rtes muith of May.
as essessive rains have kept
ishpeusso muddy that the fish
.kl k walk from Mrs. Lytle's
e to the railroad is needed.
MWtilematribate towards build
Iyr want your conversation 'o
ihtlsting to others, don't talk
JTeeiarsef, or your business.
hdurl, for this information.
iy Tracy, (colored,) wife of
i lby,died while sitting in a
t Kog Weaday. Death result
·ite bmert disease.
mshinr utarted this week,
sIL Jail is to be finished by
14, same lively work may
heIam hard times for scissors
edlb Bsm is nothing in the
Ile4ka py. The papers are
'Ih of A. M. Parton & Co.
-lie b changed on account of
dSmIt of the senior member,
tgshIi emontinue under the same'
it, st the same place.
ims to Senator Montgomery
- mplm of reports of the various
'IM=ers as wrwell as a copy of
haieis bill introduced by Mr.
k4dP y of East CarrolL
SThe Vicltarg-Commercial Her
 apParently in a fit of weak
uided spite, suddenly cut the
im'offfd its exchange list, but
.it not too proumd to copy intcrest
m-uJstter from the TIxxs.
: 'IRasilread Co., has never re
d  hwe gate posts they earried
"bsTallalah. When the law au
ihm unmit to be brought againast
: n carriers, is in full force.
i be a god opportunity
sbijetion has been raised to,
idate nominated by the'
flow would it do for the
perishes to unite on Capt.
? There are several othelr
Sthat might rand Stote
to the couveation., ~ad
.thefour river parish. thin,,
be mnad ve- .
$* Tixxs is the chaupion
It is well to have a good
kicker, provided the
oll dirtet.d. Promis
improper kicking is to
jdiciou anddis
it to be e-n.
Srs':--L.YTo.s-')n June .0th, I
a--,;, at the residence of the 1:ri te's '
fath ,r, R,;bert Lavton, near Munroe, L;
by the Rev. F. S. De Mattos, Miss
Margaret La:.ton to John B. Stone. Tr
Cleveland is on record as being At
oPposed to a second term.
The Sins of Fathers. As
A Dakota judge in the course of
his charge to the jury recently. Ch
touched on an important point.
He said: "i
'Although the prosecutin has I
established the fact that defend
ant's father was once a member of
the legislature, this should have
no influences with you in bringing Ja
in your verdict. The unfortunate R.
affair in the life of his father might,
of course, make us look with sus
picion on the family, but at the E.
same time it really proves nothing J
against the defendant, as he may .1.
as deeply deplore the conduct of C,
his paternal relative as any of us." i .j
The Monroe oil Mill has -been aU
receiving machinery. Nine carloads D,
or a littleover half the freight has C,,
been received. The bill will be ,.
over 63.000. Eight car loads cost J.,
for freight, 81.t75, or ._l7 a car, Fr
which is nearly as much as a sec
ond hand car is worth, unless it is
in very good order. The railroad 3
Co., evidently thought they would a
not get another clhance at an )ii t
mill. That rate ought to take a
car across the continent. e
The New York World to still
add to the number of its readers
has decided to give as a premium i;
to every subscriber to the Weekly ('j
World, at $1, a complete history T
of the United States. from 1149to ,
1$85. This history is compiled,
and edited by the World, and is orn
an entirely new plan. Sent free
to each subscriber of the World by
express, or by mail for ten cents
extra, at subscriber's risk.
eerCe u tr7. lYard and awrm.
coSP F..m. s "9 ile , Pos. t ."
Feace Wir Itting. testGates.
Orders received at the TIMES Of aI
fice, where full information regard
in, prices will be given. Ask fo S
prices on Barbed Wire. S
Notice To T e.ers.
By order of the Boaid of School
Directors the public schools of
Madison Parish will be closed on
Friday, the 23th day of June.
All applicants for positiors as c
teachers in the above schools for
the next session will please tile I'
their applications wtth the Secre
tary of the Board on or about the t
Ist da y of July. A.C. MONETTE, C
Tallulah, La. June 2nd, 1S6.-4t.
A Rival to Punch.
Col. John B. Stone, of Madison, t
is newspaper candidate No. 73 in
the Fifth district.-Shreveport
The London, (Eng.) Punch has
long been considered as the cham
p ion perpetrator of deep seated,
ponderous wit, but for long dis-i
tance humor, the above paragraph i
takes the prize. The proprietorj
of WickLed Ben, the learned pig.
having seen a copy of the Shreve
port Times containing this joke
-has issued peremptory orders to
destroy any cotpy of that journal
that may come into tihe hands of
any of his eniployees, during his
contemplated southern tour, for
fear that Ben should see a copy,
and explde with merriment.
iMadison TIMES.
Our good wishes go with the ed
itor of the Madison Times, who
,ives his people a brisk, readable
Spaper. But we ihumibly suggest to
hiun in all sincerity th:at he should
increa-e the list of things he hkes.
Vinermar is a very good thling, but
an all-vinegar diett is had for the
Ssystemn.-Shreveport Times.
SIs that the best you can do ?
The ,ill ereatiing the fifth Louis
im:a levy district lasjed to t!hird
readin', last Wednesday. The
a oriin:al lpr,,l,,sition to tax cotton
,n, wI.r a r:;tT. TiiTedh modil
i Senator (;co. W. Montgomnery.
i Timere must be sc,'e mi:t.ike about
a this. Mr. Montg.miery was
- opposed to taxing cotton at all.
SBut however that mvay 1 "'
li1 is wron! ""'.
Official Direct,,,rr. rLO;.
(;iornor.... ........... . D. MCFnerv M.
Leu:. l;v,"n, r ........ ( !av n.,hl ch I o a
Ssecretar3y .. f "t ate ....... ( ,Usar .\ rr( ,yo
Anditor Public Acvouunts.. 0). B. Ste, ie ir trai
Trensurer . ...... .. E..\. lt,-k i,, ;:
htnp't P'uilicElucatin..VWa"rren IEa.t, t
Attorney-Gjiteral...I . J. Ctnu-ingham hFas
Sutprcme Court. In.ja
Ch i 'f Justice........ Edward Bermudez
A k ociate Justice........ Ne Vix '. rt', e I rr
.. .. ............ . 1!.nB. ... r l;
" " .... .. t. B' . r" ,,.n.1 .N,.:,v
" " ......Chas. E. Fenner Exºpr,
Clrk................. ... ct . W . Luple ,
State Ent ceri . ..i
II. B. Richardson.,.......Si,nev Lewl
H. C. Brown.......... H. B. Thompson.I at,
John Smythe.
U. S. Senators. i',n .
Jan. B. Enstis ..............NQw Orlears
R. L. Gibson ...............New Urleans ..
Members of Congress.
.nnis St. Martin ........l. st District in'll t:a
Michael laau........ ...n " wii ht
E. J. tjav . ........ ... 3rd "
N. C. Blanchard.........4th " 'ar it
J. Fh,v'I Kin,........ .. ... th " 'unfur
.. L. f.rton..... .. .......t.h ." J. 31. 1
Court ,f Appeals--  cond Circuit
.Tnlee...T. P. Hintrn and A. A. Annl.v
Cleri .... .......Fr:anci.s I. l t':tý .,i
..- M:lison-Flurthi Monda :.s in March
and Ucteiber.
Diatrict Court-.Sth Jdicitl Dist rict
Cimp ~ed of the parishes of Madison
aad Ea.-t Carroll.
E.. T. D .lonv.......... ........
JiJoseph E. Rlansdell.. .,istrict Attornev
Francis 3. Daw-on ............... Clerk
Terms of Court. P.
3aM i-nt:- tr: T. rm-lit Mnelavq N
in Janiuarv and Ju;ne. (Civil t.erm--iet
tMonila:.4 in' l .nrl Nouv:!u "r. TAL.LL
i'.t... r'.:r i -- .ury ".- - .. I In~lays
it .I l. ! ,i : 1 1,, : rut-,'t.
. ,, , , ftrict..
'nuat,r....... . . . V,. W. . lontzomery
Iu ],a 'I.,lioon. Arch
(;ov. Tlawki:s ... ...... . W..Thnsonn
SIlh ritf ........... ....II. B. Holmcs
I leri ............ ...... Fran.: 1. I)awson Chur
Treasurer ............ . T. Tret ,vant .\ cen
(`i-)la.r. . .......... ......ir 1.). . . Iºa'ttv steel
As cssur ........ ... .... U.. 1jioilf jilil
I'ui c Jury. Iestiu
Warl T............. .J. T'. C'.eriran
" 3............... 4 0 . ... Ii ha::. . v I
' 5 . ............ I.... '. :,
,, º..... .... It. . .I':..\r,- .~ý Leah,
........I '.itnt-- E. . Pri::,i
Clerk........ .......t C. We.eihtu :an.
'.,rish S,; . " ,! L o,_,trd.
S.P.M.1 ('lt"llan. Pr `., ! :t : W .I'.Kin,. MI
J. l . 'lark . W . II. Hatu , . J,,i' J
Erwin, -ol. Fr.1i, .\. L. .SIak, W. L. Doul
hatrkcy, A. C. :..: t:. ("e ,
W a t I ........... .. . . iL. .(arpenter T r,,e:
* 2 ............ .... ti . J. ni 't
I" ........ . . ....... I. H.. H. ! rdT
" 4 ................ has. L. ,itpirn 3
S 5........ .. ........ i. '. .lkin
.. .. .......................R. A. Inge sh, .<
" 7..................ýJan.Dav'iis
! I: - L I't.
THIS PAPER may 1)e found on file ..io.n.
at UEO. PI. Rr'wi:i.Lt & Co's NcW1 - a Mt.,l
paper Advertisin:i Bureau , It at,
Spruce Srcct,) where advertisin .listsa
contracts may be made for it in in tilt
NEW YORK. ,''l:,i
; A Captain's Fortunate Discovery. 'l P
Capt. Coleman, scltr. Wecmnouth, tlh. @i
p a'in, between Atlantic (Citv and with
N. Y., had beu troubled with a Ptlli
s cough so that he was unable to
sleep, and was induced to try Dr. "
Kink's New Discovery for Con- Fhori
sumiLtion. It not only gave him iii- the F
tiant relcif, but allavert the ::- *, t
Ctrenme soreness in Ihis breast. His F',r
children were similarly atrected a P. 1t.
single doae had the same happy t'- iecu'
fect. Dr. King's New I)iscoverv is
Snow the standard remedy in the -
Colemn'n household anld on Iboard
the schooner. Free Trial Bottles of
, this St:ndard Remedy at,[cClellan ySp
Bro's & Coltharp. xa,
The Richland Beacon thinks it
Sought to have two candidates. No, S. .\
one supposed that it was serious in 'y
proposing Wells, and it certainly
Sought to do better than that. Who Cm
is its next choice ?
II. d ot a.d withl
s real
ra ilr
VAU 11
..au a...*e- , m.... bmrl D .
rd ena l l' teahl to ar e hms
i rIm SISERS Ali l 9
in uB SYe aseUSteWeLS ware
bw. janeI ernt. I am .E ibm a ET AL* -
v. -.- ... aSe . . n t t
ut . .STADICED, Pmpwlawr as t
546 FUSEagT ST.. Pting es. Pm antT
LOTSI 7L(, "i!E 0 1"E7S
MIississippi Valley Route.
On an .::' . r .i. ; : . '-- . P .. n
otr tr:ain.i ,in :h:. r.td ,.\:. i rui a --I
Fast ;Mail, - 4tIIth -,I rti' i
?Icm l' ila . .............. 1 ,L:.", . ;'.2 1"
i.,.; i ........'..... l. 7.1." a .::.it . :h i it -
l.-rr: t ll ...... ..; ". t . .
el;.tt, i .... i.: "
\-. ;r il .s . ....... 5. ;.a:)
I.t: . .......... ' .
\'it.E.rrat . ... . "..:l .l~ r ". : b.. H
1 I I 0 . i
l" ; , : t otn .. . ... . . "" . a it i .
Ba ,n I lutce. .n , Ei.,3 t.n
_NiT.w z ,Irl'"! , . ..... .30 i" R. A.uh
t l an t -Lhu t l ir L L _ w
I i r tit t i, V tit . ' i tt m ic" r 0 1 r I
ar i . li :i i nS' t nIi o nv itr.li. an
:u' n t' , It rt" Ilr:llr .1ilurlna" l . lt' -et1" . r.
J. 31. E )V. k ii l'-:. A_1 .. N.A " IL'.
,.han :t --ttt lin andl .11 :,re1 h 9
ilA'_ r,. New 'ti.tt- t , ,i't'I RoZ .
Hitouse, Sign ani Ornamental.
,ar li e. th -i ci n ml . ionv ' i eie;l :all
uGraininfr a Specialtyt,
J. . W A.. KNGIN .
F. B. & W. S. . P. .ULL,
Architects, - Jackson, Miss.
1PFC U. attention Givenf t
:1 .Tzeni fir ýNF.AD (.,IS. lclrate l
tHouse, clad Signaw anti Ornamental
Graining a Specialyels. Send to us for as .
TALI.ubi.e Dily P.....n.... Se.........rvice.
F . B . & W. S,. HUL L,
Ar.hitects, - Jackson, Miss.
steel clad Saw an. "ile prtiot
jail cells. Uend to us fIr lahnI l an
Sem pis, vir tbur Nw ansiiit ans
A roirhma Ni, ot to be nFortten.n
'I .l ,ie ,ll . in wi h - . litcoll eanp . TI ealeii I
-tra-i n t dn t.lk and' ,ne i the I
ti.%t " litt] "+ rt-nh, l l,} C tom
onlmle Drawii Paol Bant SreDiIL
ref y, a re alie fr tilcit rth tl
- tF . ri"a. Texas or-('latl 1iI'i4 ttr oh r fllou
I'the n ith i t' tl lt.widt Eil rt lith lWut..
S ie t ' thrat , rn t;c ke ('t ra. iti L : N. i.
at Baton ittiu itn--trill whoith De ,lilt t, .
ewor i infl t hic n in r an; iat varvint
Pli.t urf. a lR iS Atri r J. h tit, p .i
ill th,.ir o mur.t" ipll .tn d iitit t. .it i ,
, eohtin,_, to, the [ ti nri t s
lieu' TBrat. Pate. '.t} (e and Pass gient 1c
State of Lounina, na Par inh ,of
athhdis4n, hrlt8 ..nthlelniln Ditilerict
atPulomn Drinof Rom Bofflt S1 t i
lhi)a. Tes ,nIrA AK . (rieC lr t, rsinL .
in thY VIrTUE OF .Ano WIT OF1I
ipSale to me dircuteul by saitd
oCntieut, to the ltert il)ecebr,
IS:,, requirin moe to ell all ortt
,tart of the prp'kerty ore;aiuI suc. NL
Sto pay the dets tl.creot. I
Sitsell at the frmont door oa f the
Tllnula.h on P~nturd.n tenle n
within theleal hPoirs, T ll nd
P ingur te riht, title nd interest
of Stid suci'esion in adn, to all tIhft
real property king oil of the 1rt
ri ik.Ture.ashreve ort P & Terras
Itih loulhs to tile tor, of Talnlrt, a i
tat oan r dtcript irn of which it,. ~.
Saill be exibitd , tPe lr of sal.
aid ilnds cotJdininl asbout rit
Cortb mornC or I r,.
TIM, reqF .ri In -a'lh all thr t
will senlit apt the front door of the.
,rt touse of Loisidn, Parish, inof
iTaluICEah on Saturday thet I r
1 r- t ai :rf Jun , IMS,
within the'legal ho, tur, all andfi
arintular the rih title and i nterest
of ,,idc su..esrion in and to all that
real property lying notth of the
Vickt bur s. .hrIeveport & Texa
railroil-riht-of-wiv, ain and con
atius t th e prrtw of Wlin i allvc ai.
pt anuier dsil writin of which fa ,u Ai.
State of Louiin, Parsh of.
W1Mson I' -_ - itr.
- tv e r tieri f.t,'a .'i:,r u .- e- & .
. L. Gilt in..Ju.th. f thE i,. a o f, fit
iVV"L," .:?^ n
- in Iian. tC ttn an l C,.,:ntry Pr, rty I [:r .i ',
', L i ' , , 1 ' s . it I r-l' I , ', I ' ,i lllA tll' ! , -
_I t .. . rINI'" ' '. t 'Iý "" ' ' ' :I. t ' -t l, , ,: r 3,,
" 1- Ii1k Ii l ', ' lln | . ..i!li .. " -\I '. f'ý" '". I . ,I I a. 3"' .''I ,
r k Ti lln ' t' l l i . t ' t 'I I I.It.". l lt .I. I i," ,, i 't'l .. rt r'
,%hI r l I r lI : t 't h r" " n I ' I; i A Ii;
rd ,a 1 , \r r .i .a- i i :a 'I tu"i.',tl .r t 'r t, a . , ' t, , i'h w...
..\ z,. o , 't ' , . E L L.. B . t. " t r I .ll . T a:t !1:,. I. ,,,, . R . U N
r V i:u r at a l. :\ , r , ' hu '1 "1 .1, l.! - , ' ,'.
ltar ~are'Cltl ery, Sttl oes Trar"_, t ninwar s, Pipes, lachinery St 1l1ies,
-_gt'ent.s tor the
13 Superio r t ook Stirs, I: e
S23 ,hington -treet, - Vicksburg, Miss.
Sept. 1-1yr. r
IT, ellan Bros. & Coltharp.
'ry ' I Goa1oc GriEcS. Clothilli at1 enSri1 kcInaiusi·
Everything usualLy found in a General Store, anid a grcat_ mny that
are not.
.A Special Clothing Department
Shas been fitted up an fully stocked with Clothing, from the low grnad
Working suit, to the ine one, suitable for wear when calling on the F
First Cl* G;ooll, which will le sold for cash as cheap as they can
he Iprchased elsewhere. Come and see. Oct. 1- Iv.
0 ., W. HUTCHESON & CO., ,
'r. -Cotton Factors
Fuholeriale andi Retail Dealers in
recrides &iquors cau T oJcco.
110 & 112 Wate ington Street,
i, cIV -srG . - - " MIs.
lit (
This Old and Well aewu House,
f eGtt ed aid oepuired, I es --th 1d alc . a... .
u ,
'I. Ijealer in Plows.
. Agnricuiural Implements of Latest antl uest pattemsn
CAS ITAL PRIZE. $150.000.
!-'q.. tH i""e t " . . : u ,"ie 1. ": I th
LI T [f I'l
1 t . 1i'lT.L I ii i
4 l O .i i ,v , In t ,)u r  1 \: tr
1 ," I. ,) "..ii
u1 . r. I1M .t;;, aI' l, il Il
A3W i :T S\TI te t B
A 1 A FLD imai P ]sN0Nt ak
1r " . 1,"' ,. r ,e1:, Am n ,I) T taunti
. ,lopli,"ntion tfor r:tit
?'m rin l -w ['rb tre ,'-aa
fo",r further ilnformul
)'-.. 1i a. IiI:iire I p l ii i : i .
* I tosi 4' Mryie a4nsd I' N ad
X i h,. ' : a t.. f. 1'.*.i p iar /. i U )
.M. A, L.
I."n -A.r Witi'.:. PL IZE",.u i it Uf I 5Cw
Sake P. KR. S tBon
and addresD Reist. a
5~1Fu :ºFN 1.t I 2d -li - -r1141)N
lNew Orleians Nal t -h l4
COhi 1NI -1-7.~i~l
MI' il fram .1hw,1 o
i, ln,  + ailtd ('a*'| i . arri 4
':-dult In and, i l:.rinl ,y ,
!,',"I is : adt 2: aa,4r l i, 1 -
!.1* liiV ,- 3iltii~tifll .141.1.1."! d.ti4t4
['i Ir'lj llg. j ,i .aur I'te ,,, III ulll
it 1iv. s " ,1ndh .a . \\ 'ew
, iay at ! a ti.,a td I" l
same day's.
J. A.L
I . iI-E BRICK Fii"i !: i. , reu
r LEE RI I i
TUEIN_ D..\I JUL 13 1u .
L1. 1:T,1` E 71 :
.1o frii \I.1 i N w CthagI
a I l 0 41. - (IN
,ll" ,MIT, Ii AMMi v,.,
l Attorneys.
i'e I"i _za ,N 11ii~: i -c -Il . 1)IlNti)
11 ! !v' MenIav ~~ -'.If~li 11111
1 un,, -1
o. - -uI -:K.)
A. L. SL .O
Talluta .
.\1'1 UI' 82.1T!. ':% s
kiHLEE RIC 4) -
Line ,f e tir-2,hK
l.'uI' B STONE, W.ttltn to - -uuruzt(A
A o.\yl'. m. Ttlr t.
- :0 it \ dLEE 4 A0 t L
,, 31 B01 0.1
an adessReisee d Lettersto
T Nh ieL Orle
J uane ,-l¥.
L1LUTI l Ma4il~.
W Eai ohin ton 11 C
11T1a11. ('.Ttie, RM:Utr+4)IIN vs MH eLLE
L Con-l-)nn&(nt to I lA
3 t o ts an l'rine ays. t 1 :I) a w ,a
i t: I,.IE p".fI st lA IA
tM *enl rt' , ,v-'ated,. : l:l i e
s ui 'ppis.,: w ,th the"
L, atl ,it' a ,and car esl .
L;' 1; E I(ItADs..
LEh(i1UU-IAI lb4JN .( CO.J
VtICi BTORNER, ProM IUprietor
BvIIIi- trl tfwO. 2 1 tt r 11!ii Ite '.>

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