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How an Ohio Malden Sled a Report
or to the Extent of a Spring Hat.
The Prws, of this eity, permits a little
facetious diversion In itsState news column,
which is conducted by a young Norwalk
newspaper mm amed Foster. It Is appro
prels· to say that be is usmarried and unen
gaged. Last Tuesday be published a para
graph to this efect:
"A Marioe girl started her graduating es
say as follows: 'I am fairly wearied out
with the ltbessaatprating of the lords of
the lords of creation on the duties and
sphere of woman.'"
The paragraub elosed with the somewhat
dangerous assertion that the editor would
beta new spring bat that the author of that
discourse on woman's sphere ouldot bake
a leaf o bread. Satrday. M. oster re
eaved from Marion a large box. It cou
taled sdry lht loavesof bread aad ake.
nrwedsle y tetahomea An asoompaayiug
aivirtt b twe sole oath of the pretty
tme o'f ae Williams that she bad, no
abdd baked the weat bread marked
"lb A," the two soselmeas of eorn
bread marked "Exhibit B." and the choo
late eake "rhibltC." Thenotary'sseai of
oMee was altxed to the aldavit, and it was
settled beyond a doubt In Mr. Foster's mind
that his rash wager had bedn accepted. iie
therefore, weat et sad lavished his week's
salary on anew spring bat Of course. he
had never seen ts Will'.ams, and could
not tell what kind of a hat would be becom.
. At a venture be selected a blonde hat,
en bauds with a expaasive grth, to It a
high fteebead. The aar has ast gloom
ever his humor that bodes ill for the eter
vescent htate eolun of his paper. Cleve
land (0.) peclal.
"Hall's Hair enewer keeps my bar in
eoOadition."-Mrs. a. H. H t. ott, dard.
Aver's Aiue Cove i a partly vegetable
ompound, and is free from dangerous drug.
How an Excellent Youns Man was
Taken to Prison.
Young Silas Goodman received oan lnvit
tion to attend a character bsl. He was at a
perplexing loss as to what obarater to as
sm. lie wanted tostartle the people with
the bold originality of his eonoeption; so,
after several days of p-ofonnd thoathiafter
he had sunk a shaft a.ep down into the
mlne of meditatio, , decided to go as a
eonsvt. The idea tickled him. and, Jostled
by his own laughter, he tottered across the
rosm and leaned on a corner of the mantel
ple. fle spoke to a friend concerning the
idea. The friend, a graceless fellow known
as flyfoot, exclaimed:
"My dear Goodman, you are a genlus. It
s a mystery to me how you can he so ori.
dal A. a convict, why, it's the very
thing. Say, I have a frled whos al clerk
In the pelteutary. [l ask him to get you
a new salt of onviet elothes."
"Good." exclaimed Silas, "Don't forget
Oh,I won't. I'll goout and see him this
I BHayfoot's evil lnd there lurked a.t
dark design. Hayfoot ad Goodman,
th gh fMiend, east eyes of affection upon
the same young lady.
"I think IKee paraljse the young fraud,"
Haytoot mused.
The aight was beautifuL The "Charae- m
aems" daneed joyurey in the grand rel -
dese of Ges. Sodglker. Young Silas, as
the coviet had ereated a ensation. His n
fair partner said that the stripes became l
Hayfoot ad a deputy sheriff stood on a e
streetarer. "I am sure," said Hayfoot, a
"that I aw an escaped eaonvict go into the I
wal's bhouse. Walt until yer friend
emes with the wages iad then dsy the
aUtleman out I nuderstae that he is
d gereslyaur and he faniees bimself I
to be ayoung fallow amed Was Good-.
man. The pasple lathe h have heard a
of Geidmna, and aedeebtlestmposeed up- a
on b this depeateo eak. Hee comes the
Tear o eodqm, tosi with a rsee, was am
talking to Miss Gaddle, when smeone,
ateting his attetleon, said:
"A gatieman oat at the frone tedesie
tmee u immediately on very mlporat v
Gsodman wenteettei t gaw. Somenae
fro b d Uta ea es saek overtbe i
re ai's head, ad the deputy shera, fo
d a ughe d Thebamey tie
St agedr Ia i ea, on wentw
a eld arue 6he5ton a tdhe i
Nd as ts ot a ay. h *
hsa e tooha lut they
Uted . he r n ed eaG.
~ epi edl, or we'll
i~eam I .?s esm
~ we mmmKULteati w yO e be- f
red GSil edas . e on -
Mle.e er ber. t
t a ser mers.
*il tt b an eam w dn t
s de ls Jtehe har
WmaueaMs we asned
as a
S O~ HafayJb. l
-I sa-I
had happened.
He wIssd two rooms above and as be ap
proaheed the top of the stairs, thundered
Sout: the ebuhamber door! Next you know
eat ou'li e me tumbling down here and
litle rak my neck. It's so dark now-" but
the sentence was never Subbed.
Trip went his heels and rolling, thumping
rwalk sod swearinr he sprawled his six feet of
pro. length upon the kitchen floor, where he was
grteted with bursts of merriment from the
collected family. He lay quite stall for a
par- moment, and then bhouted i,ut:
"O.en the cellar door; I may as well put
St. her through, clear to the bottom."
I out
is of The Ply-Soreen Man.
and He had a simple fly-scree under his arm,
and he turned aside and entered a little shoe
what shop an L taye:te s'. Es a. c2
rould '1 has weary busy today," said the cob
that bler, as he looked up.
bake "Y-es, I suppose so, and so are the flies,"
r re- was the reply. "My friend have you given
eao- any thouglht to the mmi3ntous query:
ns "Shall I Keep the Flies O it or In This
wet SummerY'
laty "I hat to get dis boot done in half an
Ue- hour."
corn "Exietly, and Idon't propose to binder
so- you. I am taking orders fur fly screens.
wlo You can peg, peg away, w li e we talk fly
mind screens."
lie "I doan vhart some."
kt 'T.ast is to say. you propose to sit in this
seld shop all summer and encourare the visits of
com- wingad dinsects. Doa ou know how much
hat, time a man loses in four months in striking
oato a fies"
der "I Idnr' fgure upon him."
let. "Of courseyou don'tbutlb have. You will
lose just two days in every mouth. That's
Sto e'ght days thrown away, and nota fly k lied.
lar,. Now, then-''
able "I don't vhant some fly-screen ."
"ls "Tlhat is, you think you don't. flow
many cubic feet of air do you think comes
through that door in four months?"
"Maybe six."
was "Maybe millions ! How much dust do you
suppose accompanies that al?'
"I vhls werry busy."
rita. "Exactly, but more than two bushels of
at a dust enter this shop by way of the door, and
o as- you inhale at least half of it Uow many
with microbes. e*,ompany the deus?'
so, "Dia shop vias under martgase, you see."
iter "That's all right, but for ten hours a day
you inhale 100 cholera mierobes an hour."
' Und imaybe I moot avhay to Chicago in
as a June."
tied "Surpose you do. A fly-screen door is
Sportaole propertly. Therre are fles and dust
and noicer,',s in Cni'ago as well as Detrolt,
tl- Do ycau want to die of cholera?'
the "Itf elt viaas all r.g'tr. If I live I hat
to wort all der tim . I vhas a gre hanI t
to b-. alone in my sbop."
"''-rsanly Vlu are, but the question re
It ainsa: 'Shall fl ei light on you or not I1
orl- will make a doo--"
'-I thas wevry) tasy."
"ei 'l),o'i d.,ubs it. but you owe something
erk to yourself. Tao dollars sad a half will
you buy theiu.r comp.etea, and I wanttotell you
that our-'
"Gleast heavens! go avhsb ! I vhs busy!
get I doan' visant some douwr! I dean' vliant I
some fl,.-sezrte!'
t"You d,n't! tIfDJon don't want a door
why didl yo' e e tiitage me! Why aid )ou
take a quarter o, ..., cs. ,r of my valuable
tia time? )o you Supi.,se 1 can stopazdflgure
an, up cubic feet of air and ouhels uof dust and
um oasrs of microbes to entity idle car
"I lke you to go avhay I '
o "Well, ll Lo. Why unu't you say so at
first? Wlast ave I doe )you thatb you
should want to injuse e by robutelg se of
as. my liUlm Your ruuduct Is ouIraleous, sir,
i --rly outrageoun l"
s Ihe shalo maker jumoed and I aeked the a
as doorass.onuas the man a s out. For a
is m-meet Ithey gls.eu at each other tLuough
me th" outy glasi, ansi then the tly-seteen man
"t's a shameful ease, sa I'll keep an
5 eye on you! It Is just scu trt nino conduct
ot, as yurs. sitr which ba brousbght Uthis counotry
. o whse 1i . Way oodn'tyou tell me when
I cane in that yoo oidMu' wans a fy-screen
ad loot?' IDetoit Free Press.
is The ron pipe works to be erected at Chat
Blf taoug. Tena., wil be oe o t helarget
idmauuxactr s estabt  ishmente ot the kind
in stheortd. as tobebau sb) thieproar.
s ess emoes of hLe vil St. Louis, UcieeumaU
p. and Newport Iron Pipe Works, and is to
Smalfaeture not only ler this coa .try, but
for J.pa an4 China wa other forelgn
etnane. Char freight rat, ,cheap usan
as d other a tgs moved to the venture.
Emperor William, of ermany, has ssued
a decree whieh bhas caused a tater la the
r at ofl te pth viletd Ryal or Court Par
t vey s, who have be imtatnl g their Aiss
tilno edithw to thi names the
Sord or "_auner totisa
. jwas ef the Mmdr a u reb rta. He
, fas to aepa thwo yem o
s penal QualColeampon
in Thems t~ers the bCcyeI.i ewes o
e eehling r unmd th werlo. sa takes
wst of the dsstspp as a nemhen oli -
.. tetm yo ye... stsfowni msge
!Op In Pkse Cues tne m pia..
'I C
str.e a ,r a rn d againt the dl ma lio o f '
cand les d tll anpe t any e'sr wollr
f und uI lt o _hoe p e.a ti s. _
* , Theahso e an r over g bos aaors w
I emn''  en, kud r twns in the
Ist er sm r atsuw drew
m 8fre m kld In s hesm
- u tbo.ete- - mu a dy', I
,a-am~ A~~~picF~
as J
The pain-'anlsher is a name applied to
ap- St. Jacobs Oil, by the millions who harve
red been cared of rheumatism and neuralgia by
its use.
ow - -
md M. Ishmael. the well known siner, enjoy
but ed the distinction at Toulouse of seenlo two
of his wives on the stage in "Faust" his
ng first wife, from whom he was divorced, play
of tag Marguerite and his seeand, to whom he
ras was married a few weeks ago, appearing as
the Siebel.
The proprietor or theGreat Western P'oul
unt try Yard. Mr. James E. Goodkev, St. Lonuis
No., Is anthusiastic in his praise of Red
Star Couah Cure, which cured him after all
other remedies failed. He says it neither
constipates the bowels, nor causes sick head
a, ache.
The underground wire problem is being
peedily solved nla Chicago. The wires are
b- being fast buried and wi1I all be down by
winter; and, more irnlficant still, the vari
ous electric companies confess that the ser
vice is greatly improved by the change.
is THE VOLTAIC BFLT CO.. Marshall Mich.
offer to send their Celebrated VOLTAIC
an BELTS and Electric Appliances on thirty
days trial to any man afflicted with Nervous
er Debility, Loss of Vitality, Manhood, &z.
IS. Illustrated pamphlet in sealed envelope
7- with full particulars, mailed free, Write
them at once.
is The great aredeceived if they Imagine
of they haveappropriated ambitiun and vanity
ch to themselves.
IC tSea t for the last hundred year.--A
remedy for Catsrrh. Htay Fever and Cold in
the Head, found at last in Ely's Cream Balm.
Sate and pleasant to use, and easily applied
III with the nuger. It gives reliefat one and a
a's thorough treatment poeltivelyoures 5) Dents
by druyarists. t0 cents by mail. Bey Broe..
d. Oeso, N. Y.
EI)'s cream W Ilmbas entirely cured me
of a on standang case of Cstarrh. I have
aeveryet seen its equal as a cure for colds in
,w tae head and headsache reultlug from suiah
oolds. It it a remede of sterling merit.-El
L. Culir. Nashville. Tenn.
Tweaty years of suffering from Catarrh
and tsetarrhal headache I never found any
ithig to asffrd lasting relief until I tried
n ays cream Ball . 1 have used two bottles
sad now consider my eutarra cared. I have
recommended it to several of my friends with
Urse good results -D. T. Hlgglnaon, 1i5 Lake
of Street. Caloago, lit.
The horse car compaiy of Berlin pays the
Smunicipality 6 percent. of its gross earnings.
The ineome whble , m'i accrued to the ct)
in 1865 was $13 7 :t.
If aRioted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isaac
n Tompeon's ye Water. Druggists se:l It.
rt The 401 Members of Congress comprise
S15 college graduates. Harvard leads with
ten men and the University of Vermont
I follows with eight.
People wao desire to preserve their health
t. should be exceedingly careful about their
I diet at this season, and at no thee should
they .e without a supply of PERRY DAVis'
PASi KILLER, the safest, surest and speedi
r est remedy for all troubles of the stomach
1 Or bowels. All drggists sell it.
The embezzlement of sixty dollars was
I sueclent to bankrupt and Alsslve a travel
s Ing theatre troupe in a New England town
tae other day.
saw passsa the hair In weS
Be mereilflltodumb animals. Heal
all open sores and cuts with Stewart's
Hemng Powder, 16 and 50 ents a box.
CATAR R H * " 'T'
Cream Balm
Pl~oe a particle of
the B''m Into each
aostriand draw II
chrouga the incge.
It will heo sabsorbed
sad betam its work to
at etesal, or and O
asamia gthedieased
amhras. It allays -
aemuation n ad
. res .fresh oolds
Net a a t Ior
Mees heaily siubselde lid la Moraste
NO tffesadea odor.
ty. a. l s atap for a·t or trade
Address for psrtieular
Western Newspaper Union,
Dm Ntmo mlOa A.
tO tIM [email protected] TuAT. t WAI aW"ay T T
itia H deee laL pellon sd IedlClioe. 1N[: doeof " "=". rs
KML e rnelaq tw Ws~r ud set fredy .1w~ww d$. in I Uhll.
W hetw lhrt~ ie. r 6 P.ýI ARM ss a dsYe.an S w m
_ulr U
- --s
The Oet s eat Uiimet
T ,Alsexea3 t'an1regN,
hTh Mexc n know M aar Iar at
a as the best of aB It jl e m.
Isen than ever. It ca es e
d amSe to the verym
to Lite In the Paris Sewers,
the is possible, for a short time to the robust,
by ut the majority of rened persons would
prefer immediate death to existence in their
. reekuing atmosphere. How much more re
o volting to be in one's self a living sewr.
his But this is actually the case with those in
whom the inaetivity of the li.er drives the
h refuse matter of the body to escape through
athe lunes, breath, the pores, kidneys sad
U bladder. It is astonishing that life remains
In such a dwelling. Dr. Pierce's "Golden
! Medical lhscover3" restores normal purint
t to the system and renews the whole belsg.
all Contelitedness in all accidents brings great
cer peace of spirit, and is the treat and only in
id- staument of temporal felicity.
Throw Away Trusses.
and i mploy our radieal, new method. guar
by anteed to permanently sure the worst cases
. of rupture. Send 10 cents ia stamls for
sr. references, pamphlet and terms. Worla's
Dispeasary Medical Assciation, 663 Main
St., Buffalo, N. Y.
We feel the neaglect of others toward our
h. selve; but we do not even suspect our neg
c lect of them.
-l -
i 'Her face so fair, as flesh it seemed not,
But heavenly portrait of bright angel's Lue,
Clear as the sky, without a blame or blot,
Through goodly mixture of cotplexions due
e And in her cheeks the vermell red did
This is the poet's description of a woman
whose physical system was in a perfectly
e sonnd ad healthy state, with every function
t acting properly, and is the enviable copdi
tion of its fair Iatrons produced by Dr.
Pierce's "Favorite Prescription." Any
in druggsl
,. He who does his bes however little, is
a always to be distinguishee from him who
to does nothinr.
., I
The prprietr ef this eelebrated mediiae
jusly elaims fit a superiity ever all rem.
edite ever ofered to the public fr the SAiE,
ce CEATAI, Sr DY ad PEErXANrT ea
t. ofAguesad Faverer Chillsand oever,wheth.
or of short r 6ag satandtng. Ne Mr to the
enatire W tera sad Southura astry to bear
a him testimeay to the truth of the sserties
h that ia so eam whatever will it il to ure iU
t thediretioasarstriatly follwedaadearried
eut. Is a great massy mess a single oees has
bee safelent fir a care, and whole amilies
h have bee cared bya slgle bottle, with a pem
Sbet resteratiem ef the merawl health. It is.
d however, pradeat,aad s everyeue mm ee
rta to eure, Iit ts m iss atinued is smaller
doees for a week ar two after the disease has
h b o meensh more especially is dilealt aad
loetud i a Usma ly this medicae
Sst reaire y aid to keep the bewels in
oog order. Should the patint. however, re
asireaesthartiomedleine, after havin takes
three er fear doses of the Tonie. a sngle dee
will be salelent. Us as ether.
Tim Popular Remelee of the DO..
Prpinapsl One, mRan St., LOn.UAn.LU,
.te.at ,ar ,emerui In g-Otlg pttC"·i i i .6
For Sale or Exchaage
House and lot in Olaesvl.ie.o M., 6J acres ci
land in Wright Cotity, Mo.. a lot in Wah.
leSton, D. C. Wil: sell cheap or exchange
for St. Louis property. Addrces ""aJ lags"
Ogoe. St. Louis. Mo.
A 3peeeais he Utewem Tease Fast,
p, e sea ess tee dem res eade
Jre Arr n rS
Sea.mamN aeeL um esma l ais
I qem e e s es i r au nv 5 see si ve m
to are, teesedeat trrlaied Im iam
iLames Aveena Ale. at.
Sr. L N. U. No. 26li
A area lMedlesl Work ema bo eed - -
ousea Ph" eleel t Prematue De
In W .. N  ..i
usnem lderes resuoltldw from wtt
or ezerses: me e surs atly basfi
b realncd ls, mbrae le v U
stable remedy a the p a for
Sate msad ehroale deases. It lammb l
a book for every eae. Pies aol 1 by
mal po speM sseaed m plata wrapper.
am·a sa mu Ieee d fiar the mpa
mmet r~days. ead ýnow. or eutt~fis at, -
nvmerseeN,t-. A  . D .
U. L--',r. Parker cam be bsoel
coaltedos all dlsase of mam, hipes
assassawlklmam-mmeammmemm soY
r4 - S _t - .."
• . °~' · "
4~~~ I- I~'
No. 663 Main Street, BUFFALO, N. ".
Not a Wospital, but a pleasaut Remedial Home, orgamised with
Ad exclusively devoted to the treatinent of all Chronic Diseases.
This Imposing )>abll~ment was designed and erected to accommodate the large number of invalids who visit RuEflk f m
awa8 State ndTherritory s wel - from ýadmany foreign land., that they may avail themselves of the professlonal aervlcM 0,geileeI
... . . ille r . .. . surgery that compose the F-culty of this widely-celebrated Institution.
We earnestiy invte, you to eome, see and eramine for yoersed!, our instItutions, applianccess, advantages and succees in curiae
chronic digsroes. Have a mind of our own. Do not !later to or heed the counsel of skeptical friend. or jealous physic ans, sub,
know nothing of us, our system of tratment, or means of cure, yet who never lose an opportunity to misrepe t and endavor.
to preju c people against us. We are responsible to pm o w we represent, and if you ome and viuand cn
we have mirepresented, se any particular, our Instituos gdanages or suecess, we will prempi~ly valu d so ys
al 1aas of yoms trip We court honest, sincere investigation, have no secrets, and are only too glad to show a/
S candid people w t we are doing for suffering humanity.
.y our original system of dlignais, we an treat many chrnilo
diarneasr ust as suecmsful without as with a peronal con
suitation. While we are a glad to we our atlent, and
becooeaquanted with thm c them our inst utlons. a
familiari nhem with our system of treatment, yet we have not
seaen ae person in Ave hundred whom we have cured. The per
fect rcmsg with which scentsts are enabld to dduie the
moat minute particulars in their mseveral dc4patnntn. appears
almoat miraculous, If we view it in the light of the early ages.
lTake, for examnple, the elewtro-magnetic telegrah the greatest
invention of the age. is t not a marivelousa degree of accuracy
which enables an operator to Gtlyl boats a fracture in a sub
marine cable nearly three thoumsnmljeU long? Our venerable
Mlert of the weather" bas become ao thoroughly familar with
the mosat waward elements of atre that he can accuratel
predict their movements. He can lsit In Washilton and foretell
what the weather will be in Florida or New Yok as well as If
several hundred miles did not nlatervene between him and the
places named. And so In all departments of modern science
m these scIisths deduce accurate on-.
I cal scie diseases have certainunnminahable
SI Igo,. or symptoms, and b atwrs of this fact, we
have been enabled to oria and perfect a sys
tem of determiningr with t rhe a acceuracy.
the nature of chbronio diseasc, without sreein a apersonaly
It Is a well-known fact, and one that appiab to the judgment of every thinking person, that the physician who dveta
his whole tits to the study and Inrestlgation of a certain cla of diseases. must 1tme better qualiied to trst see
diseases than he who attempts to treat every Ill to which flesIh i heir withu gjrivin special attention to ny cm of dem
Men. In all ages of the world. who have become famous, have devoted their i es to some special branch of science. art, or
fly thorlugh organization, and sudldlidlng the practice of medicine and surgery in this Intitutlon, every invalid Is trrut
a spleal ,-one who devotes his undivided attention to the partleulnr clam of elisies to trhkb the case beklol.s, Th
vantae of this arrangement must be obvious. Medical dsience offers a vast field for fnvestligteft, and no physician -a,
within brief limits of a life-time, achieve the bhighest degree of sucres in the treatmelnt of crrry e::uludy Incident to humaity.
Iua, T Tthe noaret Instltu
liB] lit ]tion dtclkmtl! exclusively to thetre'atn .ut
mnwma ] of chronic dtstae w meemt thL needs of
the dicted of our land. without the mot i
S . perfect, empkcteandextenive proi kn for
Lnthe most improved treatment of daseases
Iof the air- o and lung. such as
Chreomc Ka aSlýa.rrk, l.h rOi.
Ilsia, Beehklis, Asthma, and Cease epiosw, w hIaev
made tpi branch of our nstitution omo of the leading Deart
meats. We have every kind of useful Inmminent for examining
the orisIn volv~ed ia am rbincnjopqe larynges1Copw sttho
scape,_ rou._ te , e t. as wt as.l. oft ot c ponted
nall pai of sprays fugaton
gxoastomlaatl eRolmons , ioth and aloter forms of
e publish tthree separate books on Nasal. Throat and Lung
iases, vi.: A Treatise on Consumption, Laryngltis and lIron
chia; piles. postpaid, ten ents: A ttise on Asthma, or
Phtislo gving new and aa tasfu tment. prierpot llrhad
ten cents; ti Chronic Nsa Chtarhr. priose, poatpade d.
Mia "LverCsmplalms," Sb.
&WOOF s1=1 onstipatloa" hreaie afar.
n re--ithose hunc ds eases In thesc
Lune "~the e."
so treatment of o which our speealiss hare
- s.akmiun thei lverand therons I te d-n
trbuting In their functions to the tbaofd doth are ver
=obscure, anld are not m isqtll eny ayc a menoalnd
physicians for otherdies, and treatment is employed dlieted
to temval of a disease which does not exit. Our Comllete
wteo adiser of the Ditive Orgaur will obe sent to any
add s on receipt of ta cents is ptge st mps.a
kindred hero been very largely treatd.'
been Profnunced beyond hope. Tho study anil
an. c tu resmmm In thesanio (mues ohfc had
practice of Shakl analysiso and mlcrosopical
examlsation of the urie In our conslderatmo
of ms, with r eses to correct dlgnosis. In
which our InstItution ago becl e a ous, has na turally ledr
to a very cxteve pr ien diseass of the urinary orwgans
Our petll haseacuired, through a vst and varied experi- eea
ama gsi eut m I d an. the tent natur eac F
case, ma ave beena n ia l adapting their t
eds fr th . rs of inch Individul a. .
ci ep~eto dismaes ci the urinary or aahaaviing consti
b anh orseily iour practice at the I
m1, sand, being In csta onstant rn
ce t o far a i camphee but cooas work on
th ams. md emanisyci the 'se~ maads we hav~bllhd a 3
bags illltrad treatiss on thus beeeee. which will bebset to i
May adis on reeslptof isa eam i postage stamps.
M LA Bravel. EnlageQ dFees.
urs la lstenln ofmne andci
y Imeluded Dk n vamong
sl. amterr marc which careaslli aeahee
inyeo saeS am faullytsd I
It cr hrIltrated aalan Uorinry e.
Itud reserolm no well-known psegie. lent t i
bymai lb or a asabs. ibef6atasf e. ss
(QI 1r lareM d ore of the weoct form b
of atf yottearrrab mosyoftemgraty tsrte
bý te ss ias useof istrueat In te hands
fblss d >repwl eMald aa aimnul
as eoas iop or now WEN
toodS far W LU ci i apedlaIsi is peeved by crs re- I
poetd berr Uhs~sd isuade on these maladies, to which we
rec c mT thi ln fs to physicians of
ois a dssumo a proceeding. Yan a man has d
beea rulusi for lba-Pir lras
n d alte comb laembes stamps, hor a large, ilbarataed[ tree- ai
a11 saand threateneod Imesity, nervect. ti
W r s. ors atsebour for thsdk
bC~i ib -' fanet;lrvous t tee
Is. m ammam repaeesi be our Riereet Ihairated pam- U
phmon mum dlwa, my ear of which w bsent for tea
cam be po4, 1 when rrauqe c tem is momapanld b
4w s saimssit aasforseestl foa m thýa we my know il
walalarr etgoyp in yuaen mtheseche knc s
hm s pseselr to mad ts famous have
orthi cretatw ZM a dvoe c
these Abs s s their study °t r
~II taegrbt-dt
aer t utimftam r d Uant St l
as bah, ae thy gohome ell nd E allrts
emrsfu a aý'aar s ebyattention k 6 e or rerdl 1pI Is `'tom '
Is d o get!sea hichhave ot aleadyDarne die d o aull like
L ~ r rI~wl s~ o r
examining our patients. In recognizing dieasei wtbhout s
rsonqi examination of the patient, we claln to poae o
miraul n po wers. We obtain our knowledgek of the pumus's
disease by the practil application, to the practice of ma.
cae. of well-stalishr Ipinl('ples of modern science. Anid
is to the accuracy with which this system has endowed us tIh
we owe our almost worhli-widk reputation of skillfully treatly,
lingering or chronic aff.cticns. This slystem of clMte, ead
the marvelhm stette which hi, ".n attalned
through it. hemonstrate the f,' ;! ,t dieue
dJSUt display ertain hpwnomenall, w. t ing rub.
. jected toot scientific analysis, furou4,c Manuo.jiij
and un..lutakale dt, to guide the jri .--at
of the skillful prCet tloeraribt In de#ilnlm
the nature of diseased condition. The most ample remane
for treating lngering or chronic diseases, and the grreatest skill
are thus placed witn the easy reach of every unt-lid, howre.
distant he or she may reside from thephysicians making the e ts.
ment of such affections a specialty. Full particulars of our nail.
nal, scientifle system of examining and treating patients ata .
tanee are contained In "The Peoplets Co*mmon sel
Medical Adviter." By R. V. Pierce, M. i,. Iwo a nsd
over 300 olkred and other Illustrations. Pent, post-paid, for $1U
Or write and ieshrlbt your symptoms, nckloing ten ceat is
stampl, and a compklte treatise, on your particular disease, wll
be sent you, with our terms for treatment and all particulars
homne physlelinn) has the benefit of a full (Cuncll, composed of
t skilled sp .ipisata. Our Delpartment and rooms for adle n the
Innvalida llte lI nod urgictal Institute are so arranged a to be
eery prvivatlep ate l fe fottet annoyances so aunon m other
t ICstituloI, . T .ndl te.n cents n Paltac stamps for cur les
r Complete T'I'.rtiwr ln DIs)sas os Woen e hio with auw
Sroux wood-cuts and colored plaite.
SPILI5,E FISTELA IN AMO and other d.
eent asnes sing the region of the lower bowel, a
i m:ay tatd. and with marvelus sucr , by
pecialistst who give their whole time to the t
I U and treatment of this clam of affections. We mever
J fail to cure pile tumors, however hrpge. When wt1
Illnt a aoe her ~for tretment, we WiI
guarantee a cure.
Si'oltualtely for surcrlng humanity a method of tratment 1
Sben pkirtected and thorou y tested In our mtitutikon, by w
in fro;j six to fifteen days radl and perfect curesof the wast
fornn of pil are effeted withoaut calMing any aeverelaerig.
tiend ten cents In stamps for our large illustratd TaUtineon PFil
h ernal (Breach), or Ruptare, no matter at
how long standing, of what aim, or what the
. aofo the lient may beh not under dfour yeaaS
____ spee d.l y and raeieally eured In owe
without the kn * de e br
tranaes, Without palin arndat wieit e.
There in longer anl need of g. wh Iadt
u only partial relief, wic nev cute, but often bUl
aaoa gtt Injury and Induce InlammatLn and aagule.
tion, from which thousands annually die.
There is no safety In depending upon any hind of tnes
O rr of a strangulated hernia, and died, thought h ef sf.
. both the rup.ure and the trum keep up a mental strain ad
induce unrva dc dilty and various omgu wasami of d
_kidneys blaMkkr, and amodiate args.
C'URE GUAANTRES In every ease undertaken.
Can any asuferer ask for greater Inducements thean theme
Notwithatanding the grat number of ruptuare truted in the
Shree y mears psum any of them of menm ie and o m a
character that n oher pla of tratment aould b lhs
si cnrd,. every rc to w blbthi perfected q latemo tams a
hvas Weln thoroughly 'apple4b ha been perfectly cured. Ony a
few days residence at the Invalid' HoDel and e gloal ritie in
Abundant references, by peemimon of those whom we hew
cured, will be furnished to any on ishing to ll uponma or wrte
An illustrated teatise on Rupte mt to anyo adds upon
receipt at ten ents. e.
(eknoh nwa rvmder.n ,sTAW
I lans ahnrr d kindred ab u i ape Ipeedsly thsr
ittIed toa eaaorse by mum W ot lcurto
of unnttrupuousstes p art me e is
auoaent e wi th tot be t ut sith inmt
loate, d at 'l. S e- txford 1- he. w,
for mnsy yea, enjoyed th d ction of theg ttemn fes
widely tr t ce aneisd ah Insotud h lo larie ti
Indi'cretion and cre ot el oa a
eatmet , h l thereo dconinee e,o un er tbte w eoeat wfhSm e
O eean ar Trapies oe thee e e
the aost skrllful nngroep ad t c a our Ran, in mrd
tnht nall who o a ppry Yeo di l thes nd slr os afu ull
W thio to thin d ofl ls, bele
o condition sllof hutmaty i too wretched to us tm
oe dudl c tb~etme pathy and best ereof ta the noble wht
F rs u.fering. shur. shuo w.o -
mn to whichny who mirer from these terrible
dlse contract them innocently. Why any madica man intent
on doing good, and alleviating re suc.
we cannot Imagine. Why any one should coder it oterwie
thn mast ooralto cue the wont mas of t d m
cannot understand; and yet of all the other maladirs which s
mankind there are prn y none bout whicrh phyiMclana in er
eni practice know so Uttle.
We fully ars with tshe celeolated Dr. Nrthow who ye I.
think It a reproachr to our profeionth thi abujet ba beem
ittmdIn ameaaure by our own indiferenea to pas Into the
uprtenderu. Because the subject in dia
Icable, ompetent physiciannam loath to be aoncerne with It.
mine unneoeanr fstldioumew causes the treatment of thin
malady to he avoided In private practice."
We shall, therefore. continue, a heretfoe to tret with our
bert ýatto n Raat a and skill, all appitai who are sot
Our Complete and Illustrated Treate enas theme sbJeo isat
to any addrss on receipt of ten ants In stamps.
ALL OhfRUW DIC ShhU f A lP3CNALT,.RAlthoal_
we have in the preceding a rarn made mentlon of acme of
the apecnl alments to which pirtloular attention isplton by the
seeallsts at tM Invalide' Hosd and fiurgeal Instiute. the
institution abounds in skill, facilitie, and apparatus tor tie
succemfta treatment of every form of chronic ailment, whether
requiring for Its cure medial or suryelea means.
All letters of Inquiry or of consultatIon should beaddrlsd te
edit 3dm Streg NUFALO, N. Y.
The uifica bEt phIhhed at 8t. Loai, mym " Umi ToIYL ra ·aYd mh1 >1
Sr _ he ae l : Manyhae beomet: ". _a_ hav b e-" 
scm O tLam at ole or mou e(, h m Tri ris tr7o~1 d aucsd tlr. Pui W
the tee[ S aadnWCathe MM J d the relie of eural-' bd ý
tla. ItA. aLIL booberve that such dau- $ k M
gezem e.m....e- may be averted by the !o
me of Torn &~aw which is almo a r 'et' : , .. ' u L bk t at
o tea t.e s at ieumIgia" I I omuM. a t" h . LI
A. A.a ULL.UU. 6 hs.ua' 109 au. 111 w WD1Sa £YU Wt U3 I

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