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0 -.-.T--AL AH- --DISO- --S LA., T R AUGUS ,
lIord of Minor Ivents Which Oc
cur Around UT
C'Ar. J. W. TOz.i, is the 1e m
eat Cbondale, 111. .' ?patmW
I H. F a prominent citizen of
Lbason, dead. T
a t GOnsr, a carpenter of St. Louis,
i tkom a building and was killed.
OQ settler of Macoupin county, Illi
ois. had a reunionio Friday.
To case o oldlin M. Squire and Maurice
B. Flyn ha beer set for trial at New York d
L oumgtes, Tex., lightning killed .
asylor, esked and inflicted fatal injuries A
SJames Lylma
en, Mas was hanged at Uniontown, p
pa., for the rmder of acompanion named ie
Jogs HALLWatra was killed by a fall
oanm li wagon near Maryville, Mo. I
AIs. Mssoca was shot and killed by l
Mary Orton near Crystal City. Both col
A LLEn girl named Maud Wolf was
d to death In a tobacco factory at el
Tas Basers' convention at Boston
ed revolutions urling a suspension of
Scoinage of silver dollars.H
~wT Teneames Democratic convention
imuated Robert L. Taylor for governor b
Sthe fifteenth ballot. If
Tau charges made against the Home it
Ael ase being investigated by a committee
de t Kalghte of Labor.
r1 CAams, of Ishpeming, Mich., ee
ped the Jewish faith and was married
at t. aul (Minn) to Albert Rullenberg. o
smse Maxl stabbed his mistress in
"tb emsa at Louieville, and then com
her to walk a block to her home. P
Wl tlver. n
4%J6. Rase of Waco was nomi
UlIOoprnor of Texas b the Galves- h
S_-r ion onam fi thers balot. Boss is
a m a and advocates lease laws.
Ma. 8. W. CLAz , recorder of the general
bud lces declines to resign at the request F
d~ommliloner Sparks. He isa Republi
mas d has held the ofee twenty years.
IsLas Cantz., a striking Lake Shore a
inbenmas, was arrested at Chicago for at- d
Sto shoot a switchman and an en
ed for having a bomb in his poe.
sagnMMcCCArr killedhis son at West c
amls. O. He was drunk.
As d still was found in operation in
he Casty Jail at Atlanta, Ga.
nasunauLmna,a Nashville (Tenn.) busri.
s ma, was drowned while bathing. c
assca HIama of Tennessee, who has
beaRingl at Washington, is now out of I
AaNs beiagridden by Mrs. Henry Rue
elrWhedng, W. Vs., fell upon her and
kd her.
l. (OUsses of Rome, Adams County,
0,sMd DeWitt Cooke, after a runrning t
i of meatha. d
5 Te Lord Mayor of London gave an ela
h"ateand extended dinner to the Salis- g
b rpMitry last evening. d
Ba. Joa Watlmo of St. Paul, a Metho.
d mhdister, has been suspended under
sps of rape, etc.
Baln Doa who was to hang Friday at r
et feith, Ark., has been granted a re
eol mem weeks.
Ma. lgone of Conneaut, 0.. tried to °
m bee child that had fallen in the river c
ad was drowned with it.
M on. Ehwsaer of Baltimore has been
Admistant Superintendent of the
henas Gator shot himself in Druid
t MParkDaltlmore. He belonged to a lo
eayria ft namily.
samumeWsarmrwas arrested at Augaila, r
M shrmnligand robbing a store. The
Ta forest fres in Wisconsin are causing
_-esh dishtr. About Easton, Bellvue and F
Dpega the distress Ls greatest.
ess A. dBras, a sailor on the schooner a
was kined by the first mate, s
b Wll ard, between Portland, Me.,
anL ad presentative I
med a the President the claim t
' ate e-Lou for the Dree. g
Pan arm was admitted to the City
U5I~al tLouisvile, Ky., with a burst u
rea. He had ridden from Kansa,
lt o * thetncks of pmenger ear.
T ruery Bspartmen t Is at ite wit's I
d asto how to prevena the Chinamen i
a s8 temuleads on the Mexican I
th Us etting hato the United a
hasbna r d chlqsd with the murder
Ta.) Times. Twobrthessof Truitt were t
Suuos Bacme.s of the Wasebitoa
- ai" d t Ceveland with 1v- I
-e de~a l .ed tht the editor had I
S- Predimf Pesmal about the
-.s.--t o Cofleetor Hedden of New
We_ d s amnuacemmt of his
_c Wy. tun d ms. A. M. Decker,. I
ms Georem sad Mrs. . T. Deck
~U,·g bee N a they could
lr ial was strong euongh to
f JrauDrm,, ad his eon Philip, the for.
L - mmaear l r Fos thstr.
oeftaelly The sme bekt
hs mch ought to be given
. m,w as made Subaday mornin
* wpt house ofJ.P. Tfts, in Atch
M. r. Taft, was appointed As
_e undr the prohibition law, ad
hehm the objec of sloon men's enmity.
Tmevissl of Mien Mamie Little's u
__ ma lppr, upple to other
. a.I d the Maeo(OsL) mob who
. s Moors, the mau who outraged he,
nored m dto a pi of salety.
A As'a of Ams s racere while
kh b ales wees ambushaed at
1o r r Olt r~ld
the extent of a Mexican private claim must s
be determined by the records as presented (.
to the Board of Commissioners for confir
tion. ""
SAEtFh A. S. .'
Ala., broth'- -,m)tx of uskere.e,
Rio J .. of the Unlted StatesConsen at
..,,ro, was killed by Ben C'. Thomp- i
-a nitaer a political discuesion that had d'
grown heatedL
Osn thousoud canal boats are tied up at
New York by striking canal boatmen.
HAxuI Hi-arnaREv of Chattanooga, ti
Tenn., was thrown from his horse and killed.
WM. REEAL, committed to jail at Read
ing, Pa., for a misdemeanor, was found d
hanging in his cell dead.
ef a dance resort in Cincinnati, dropped
dead while dancing.
CIVIL Service Commissioner Oberly is re- b
ported training for Public Printer and also
Assistant Secretary of State A
EDwARD Kanest killed Jack Lane at
Pueblo: Cot. whilethelatter was endeavor- B
ing to act as peace-maker in a saloon quar
Or the estate of Samuel .1. Tilden, it is
held New York will get $200,000, under a
law imposing a 5 per cent tax on all public l
HEREAFMAr all local examiners of the Ci
vil Service Commission must send all pap
ers to Washington for final marking of the I
Jo'R SrwART, a negro desperado, at- s'
tempted to escape from the Henderson I
(Ky.) jail. and the jailer broke his skull.
He cannot recover.
EDWARD KsaN of Eau Claire, Wis., tired
both barrels of a shot gun at his wife, but
failed to hit her. He, however, succeeded t
in killing himself. t:
W. D. AassE, wholesale grocer in New
York has failed for $50,000. n
RE Garfield monument to be erected at
CL- land, O., will be 150 feet high instead c
0o I
,.+ T. DorsL of New York was ap
pointed Secretary of the Civil Service Com- t
mission. t
ArorERa of thefurniture firms of Boston
has succumbed-McKee & Taylor, manu- f
"MAJ." S. A. D)IRAI, a well-known Hot o
Springs (Ark.) sport, is in jail awaiting the a
result of wounds inflicted by him on Alfred
Packer, a negro.
JoHN KIo and Charles Waterling were J
arrested Sunday at Caselton. near Fargo,
D. T.. for the murder of Rev. Geo. C. Had- 4
dock in Sioux City August 3.
ONE hundred and two indictments were
returned by the United States Grand-jury
at Fort Smith, Ark. A bill against Belle
Starr and her busband was ignored.
FRED HALari.mN of Avoca, lo., near C
Council Bluffs, accidentally killed himself
while working with a mob of prohibition
ists, who were seizing and destroyingstocks
of liquors.
TiIE tinancial embarrassment of I.
Parker Veasey. whose resignation as Post
master of Baltimore, Md.. was demanded d
by his bondsmen, ea~-i4l Jamsurel of
Gaddess Bros., who are creditorsfor$10,
00(, of Veasey.
Wu. GRAY, Jr., of Gloucester, Mass.,
treasurer of the Indian Orchard Mills, In- a
dian Orchard, Mas., and the Atlantic Cot- a
ton Mills, Lawrence, Mass., has added
$300,000 to the wealth of Canada. He i
fled Tuesday after promising to meet the 1
directors of the two companies in Boston. I
Across the Pond.
ALL mails to Mexico will hereafter go by
Ml.rarsa Cox has protested to the Turk- I
ish porte against the closing of the Ameri
can Mission Schools in Syria.
PacesA and the Vatican have settled
their religious differences on secondary
matters by signing a convention.
RAFAEL BACA was found guilty at Las
Vegas, N. M., and sentenced to the Peniten- I
tiary for hlie for the murder of Juan Valdes.
FALLELa and Schmidt of the BRadoux
rioters were sentenced in Belgium to twenty
years' imprisonment, and sixteen other I
prisoners to shorter terms.
MLacstrsa to Germany Pendleton will
visit Switzerland on a leave of absence.
His daughter has recovered from the illness
caused by the shock ensuing from her
r mother's tragic death in the recent run
Laur. 8rcvAes, who killed Henri Praille
in a duel for iatimacy with Mme. Saurage,
1 was tried at Liege, Belgium, and mntenced 1
I to three months imprisonment and $100
fiAne. The seonds were also asentenced, but
not so severely.
Fr Pwm BOCRAD, who robbed the mon
t satery at Lille, France, last March, and
was supposed to have been drowned, was
tried and acquitted at Lille the other day,
Sbecause the order of which hbe was a mem
bher said that they did not consider it rob- t
bery for a priest to "go through" the mon- ,
Loue MacasuL has been seantenced to
four months' imprisonment and to pay a
fine of O100.
a PIaxEL., Timothy HarriLgan and other
a friends are grouse-shooting on the Wicklow
2 Two hundred and ten new cases and
ninety-three death from cholera were re
I ported in Italy.
SExaceon of the award has been stayed
in the Field-Beanstt libel ·sit, pending
I jnudgment on theappeal.
ITa Irish Times is rellblyiniormed that
Lord Randolph (uchfll is drating a bill
Sintended to sol ve the Irish probles.
Ax Orange procession at Londonderry
Swas stned by a mob. An Epicopl cle
Iumna and several citizans were wounded.
Onm·os bavea ismad by tkbC adisn
: joranmet Irohibiting Americaa asels
e ofinstant risro
STsoxas BaI . inmpewtorof Irish Sier
L., es beam so satalatsd by the West
port Poor Law aae on hiLs sceesiom
rto the or of dl thood.
r- ThUited Ireland,reming to Sali
bury's se at the lord beagast.
says: 'Our ere is ac tosed to resist
.,y. Was, let it be in the name of
Two Dutch smugling shipa have been
captured by British plhote.
Id A uza of galloway from Sctland have
Sbrought plsro-pmoumoeis into Cauda.
Ta isnd of MltawassLa kenbyoearth
- qumk Saturday, but nodarmage wasdone.
r Ta hog eholera, whish hs been devae
Staiag Essex conty, Ont,Luse been stamped
Tas 1ultea of Muet has forwruded
his congatltios to Phf kia t eld
on his marriage.
Mmna's city goverament refused to as
aept the invitation of PathL ngry to
SGerma ane ilat im i-ngas.
eis, Belgi,.
..n, Mied off quietly. Over 20.
-..". men were In line. The rallying cry was
"universal suffrage forever.
CAaDINAL (Glo.ss refuses to follow t'ar
dinal Tascherean n rin uemnation of the Ja
Knights of Ltbor. ie says there is noth
ing In the order, so far as he knows, to con
TnE National Teel--raunce League of En
gland bt'akfasted the British Medical As
sociation Saturday and expressed gratitude
to Dr. Davis for his fifty years' devotion to en
the cause. 1
OLGantrosE says he cannot visit Ireland fo
at present. ra
.11LES StaIo. the French statesnanll is Li
dangerous'y ill. to
Tas report of the marriage of Christine he
Nilsson is denied. de
CotrNTADOLF D. Rfll.+ELEIMt, aged ºNO. A w
bitter Ouelphite, is dead. la
E.O;LAD has about decided to recall the or
Afghan Frontier Commissious th
THE Salvation Army will send Gen. H.
Booth, its leader to America in October. cil
MAIsqca TsE, a's successor as Chinese at
Embassador to Europe is M. Loininifen. st
('Uloa workmrn to the number of G,o00 he
have struck for higher wages at Havana, ,
' uba. n.
THE heart of the late King Ludwig of Ba- M
varia was deposited at Neuothing with
great pomp. ce
SANTA A.NNA's widow is dead. She had pc
survived her husband the great Mexican at
general, many years. In
As imbecile widow of St. Denis, France. ti
with a reputation as a sorceress. was bun- rin
ed to death at a stake by her two sons. of
whosprinkled her with holy water and tried i
to evade arrest by pleading religious muo- h
THE Radical workmen's parade at Vien- s
na, Austria, Sunday was not as successful ly
as their brethren at Brussels. The Nienna se
police interfered and the workmen had to ti,
confine theirattention to circulating social- o
istic literature. ci
THE hop growers of England in conven
tio º agreed that the depression in the hop b
trade was due to discrimination of the
railways hi favor of foreign importers, and i'
they asked for legislative regulation of oi
freightage. hi
VicE-ADnnatiRL Lyons succeeds the Earl T
of Clanwilliam in command of the British in
squadron in North America. in
IT is believed in the City of Mexico that is
Minister Jackson resigned as far back as
June 30.
Q .EEN VtICTOaI has gone to Edinburg,
Scotland, on a visit.
Seven Persons Within a Single Day
Require the Service of a Coroner. F
"A Dallas special under date of Aug. 1i;, t
says:-This was a dandy day for sudden t(
deaths and inquestsin )Dallas, no less than ti
seven full grown lwople demanding the at- je
" tention of the coroner. For the past three '
days, by a fair test and an honest count. r
the thermometer has registered I,35 in the s1
shade, making the weather as uncomfort- t
able as if the lid of sheol had been remiovetl
and left off in this state. The atmosphere, to
aided materially by too much election time b
beverage. play-. º very extensive part in
the cutting . :t work for the undertaker t
and coroner. At daylight Bob Wellborn i
was found dead in Cora street. The inquest ,s
showed he had drank very hard on Sunday. 4
John Tobin's body was brought in by a t
Missouri Pacific train. He had Iwen shot ir
and killed at a dance between Dallas and Ii
Denison. An unknown man was found h
dead under a shed near the Howard oil t1
mills in the eastern part of the city. The a
inquest said it was too much strong drink
and excessive heat. A crazy man who
claimed to be fleeing from officers from
Kentucky died at a farmhouse a mile south
of the city, where he had taken refuge from
his imaginary pursuers. His name could
not he developed. The coroner's jury ren
dered substantially that sort of a verdict.
STheodore Bier., who was employed at May
f er's beer-garden. wars found (lead in bed at
r his home. His friends said congestive chill.
The coroner gave no positive cause, but
hinted at too much intimacy with cold
beer and hot sun. George Thomas died 0
suddenly and without apparent cause two
miles fromnt town. The inquest developed a
case of general exhaustion. Peter Wood,
a section boss on the Texas and Pacific
railroad, was attacked by convulsions
e while seated in the Union depot, and died
within an hour. about 5 pt. im. He had
Sbeen feeling badly for two days. and was
I on his way to the railroad hospital at
t Fort Worth.
I- BHydrphobia.
- One week ago Ethbert Smitheson of Bay I
SCity, Mich., aged 19, had a finger bitten by I
a- a pet dog and the dog died. It had exhib- a
ited unmistakables signs of hydrophobia.
SNo attentioa was paid to the wound until
a Monday night. The young man had re
tired apparently in his usual health but"
soon awakened the family with his barking
r al growling. Physicians were summoned
w and at once pronounced the case hydro
phobia. His paroxysns were so violent
antl desperate that he had to Iw chloro
formed. The boy has been removed to the
county jail and is manacled tohis wbe I. The
doctors express hopes of his recovery.
Wants Damages.
A special from Sedalia, Mo., under date
of Aug. 16, says:-Miss Lucy Frey of Green
y Ridgs through her attorney, G. W. Bar
r- nett, filed a petition in the ofieeof ths clerk
L of the circuit court to-day, charginlg Dr. C.
F. Lebo with defamation ofcharaeter and
breach of promise, and claiming $5,000
Sdamags. The parties to the suit reside at
SOrsmRidge. Leabo and Miss Frey were
engagedto be married about a year ago.
e. Lesabo, it is aslegd, circulated damaging re
t- ports regarding the eharaeter of Miss Frey
a and then broke the engagsment. He mat
ried snother girl residing in the same vicia
iy. Miss rPay denied the chearg and to
* vi-dlcate her good name and obtain Oman.
Sdl asola tem the man who trifed with
her salections she has carried the matter
of intothe courts. Leabos said to be in
ood cdrcumtaness and it is understood
m that he will make a strong fight in the
Shot by a Deputy.
5. News has been received at Springfield, ll.
. of a homicide near Forsyth, in Taney
ad county, Saturday evening, at which time
Rube Prewitt was shot and fatally wound
d ed by deputy sheriff Geo. Taylor, who had
ad warrant for the former's arrest on a
charge of disturbing public worship. Taylor
ev boad. It is eaid that Prewitt had
u t ap from his sick bed and was sit
ribe the door when Taylor rode up and
t akd him f his name was Prewtt, to
wrid,. .-pl:ed "Yes," when Taylor drew
IS. is , ·. -, a soove statd.
James Moore is attiehed to the Limb of 'pe
a Tee for a Beastly Crime., o
James Mootre, an ex-policeman, w'ts tak- m(
en from the jailat Macon, Ga., Saturday at Ine
1 o'clock by a mob of citizens anid hanged fr
to the limb of a tree untildend. The offense Me
for which Moore met hiede&th is the alleged col
rape of a young white girl named Mamie er.
Little, who arrived in Macon Saturday af- 31
ternoon on the Savannah train. A:cording me
to her story, which she told with tears in on
her eyes, while in the waiting room of the the
depot she was introduced to Moore as one sha
who was well acquainted with the city, and
who might find her a boarding,'house by a
lady whose acquaintance she had made
only a few minutes b;" ,rc Moore came into
the waiting toom. iodIb placed her in a
hack and carried her to the house of Jane
Hendrick. in a questionable quarter of the
city. The girlsuspected Moore'sintentions.
and while he was absent drinking, told her
story to the woman. When Moore entered
the woman offered to protect the girl, when
he drew his pistoland with the vilest oaths
swore he would kill them both if they did
not submit to him. Moore afterward took us
Miss Little. crying lustily, to the house of di
Sarah Robinson, another disreputable e
character on Cherry street, and there in a li
most brutal manner accomplished his pur- ie
pose. He was subsequently arrested in a ,
state of beastly intoxication, and ledged th
In jail. ni
When the case wasinvestigated before the ly
the recorder Monday morning and the hor- cu
rible facts fully developed, the indignation m,
of the community knew no bounds. A meet- pr
ing of the bestcitizens was held in the court- la
house Wednesday afternoon and the out- so
rage condemned. An effort was made the St
same night to take Moore front the jail and I
lynch him, but was prevented by wise coun- ca
eel. Last night, however, public indligna- M,
tion could be restrained no longer. At 12 ed
o'clock a mob composed of 300 hundred wI
citizens, a portion of them masked, assem- i
bled at the jail, where hewas being defended st
by the sheriff of the county, the jailer, the b
moyor and a squad of police, and battering of
down the doors took Mooreout, and march- m
ing hint at the pistol's point to the portion hi
of the street in front of Sarah Robinson's
house, hanged him to the limb of a tree. ed
They then turned his bodly over to the sher
iff. When the fact became known this morn- J1
ing it created a great sensation. The town
is still excited over the affair. at
A White Robber Shot and Killed J
While Trying to Escape.
Early Tnesdiy ,morninga white man and ni
negro applied for food to a hermit-like iL
Frenchman named 'urrie, who lives north is
of Poplar Bluff, Mo. Their request was
complied with. and they apparently took h,
their departure. Mr. currie soon left for cl
town with a load of melons, when they re- tl
turned and robbed the house of cash and rI
jewelry valued at $60. On his return home tl
C'urrie discovered his loss and immediately a
returned to townr and notiitled the otficers. ia
Sheriff Turner and a posse started in pur- i
suit. They overtook then at Hendrickson, ti
I Mo., and Deputy Sheriff .1. W. Walters was ce
told to hold the white tmian, who made a ft
break for liberty. Walters calledto the ft- tl
gitive twice but to no effect. He then fired ti
twice in the air and failed to stop his it
tman. He fired once at him. killing hint in- ti
stantly. All the money was recovered save rI
44) cents. The negrosays hedoes not know Ii
the dead man, and claims that he watched n
in the road while the other robbed the 94
' house. and that they had robbed several d
houses before. An inquest was held over it
l the dead and a verdict rendered in accord- H
ance with the facts.
A Young Lady Cannot Bear the Abuse
of Her Father,
Miss Lizzie O'Beirne, agirl about 20 yea rs
old, disappeared from her home, a mile
from Tolono, Ill.. last Sunday. No trace of
her whereabouts hasyet been discovered. A S
few days before, herfather, Geo. O'Beirne, a N
c confirmed crank, had beaten her unmerci- ii
fully because she was not in the house when I
he got home in the evening. Wednesday I
I O'Beirne assaulted Mrs. Matthias Miller, a t
neighbor, with a knife, accusing her of ha . a
t ing a hand in the girl'disappearance. Mrs.
Miller fled around the house five or six
times, closely pursued by O'Beirne who t
swor e e would kill her. Finally she dodged r
into the house, bolted the doors, and c
()'Beirne left the premises. lie has agreed c
to leave the country at once and go to Ire
landi, and if he does will not be arrested. I
y He is a dangerous character to run at large
y hut is not considered responaible for his '
- acts. The mystery of the girls disappear- a
. ances is by no means cleared up.
S Disastrous Storbam at Chicago.
g I;
A severe wind storm, saceompanied by
Storrents of rain and a brilliant display of I
Selectricity, broke over thl city of Chicago
e Tuesday morning. The wind created all
kinds of havoc among the signs, awnings
and chimneys, and several accidents of :t
more serious nature are reported. At the
corner of Blue Island avenue and Hoyne
street a large three-story brick building in
course of erection wa blown to the ground
At the corner of Forty-ninth and West
Lake streets, a large new two-tory frame
* house was blown down, sad in its fall com
n pletely demolished the adjoining two-story
r- structure, the second bousoe being also
k somewhat injured. The signal service of
SAce recorded rain-fall of one inch. Though
Id the velocity of the wind oa shore wa thir
Sty-fve miles an hour, the signal serviceo
eer say that on the lake, where it was un
Sobstrueted by buildings, its sa must
* have been fully forty-nve mle. The
e schooner Comanche, lyingouteide, snapped
y her anchor chain and pouaded on the
t- brakewater and was towed insidkle by a tug
in a leking condition.
Wash Wi Work No Iore.
d Jasper MeMullen, a negro policeman
he whose only duty relates to Freetown, as
sisted by 8pence Simpson, shot and in
stantly killed Wash White, another negro,
late Sunday night at Hilsboro, Ill. Wash
White was convicted ofamisdemeanor and
sent to the poor farm to work out his fine:
11. from which place he escaped. He came to
ey town and stated that he did not intend to
ne be arrested. McMullen summoned Simp
son and went to arrest him, and claime
ad that he killed White in the discharge of his
a duty. McMullen and Simpson were ar
or rested and are now in jail.
Ad Brave Weoma n nd an hpty On.
pts...: - .~.Utol4 rsidil on
Vilitia street, covereil herself hith glory
Sunday afternoon and captured a live
burglar. She was taking her afternoon
siesta during the heated portion of the day,
leaving the back dior ,jIwn. Antonio Lo
pez. a Mexican, ,ent'er, the house and wade D
a bundle of a pair (ii ,lhukets and two pil- hla
lows. These he was carrying off when he ve
tried to take the lady's pocket-hook from rtie
her person, containing about $4i1, all the thi
money int the house. Mrs- Battle awak- t
eined, and seeing the burglar, drew a pistol Ii
from un ier ner pillow and orderedl the. I.
Mexican to stand and deliver, which he Th
compied with at the muzzle of the derring
er. A policeman was then sent for, and the eieC
Mexican was taken to jail. This was a re- ton
markably brave act of Mrs. Battle undtler n
ordinary circumstances. hbut imore so from tie
the fact that the pistol was not loaded and ia n
she khew it. An
The Opportunity to Pay Vex.co What "
She Deserves is Lost.
A Washington dispatch to the Poet Dis- Ha
patch under date of Aug. 14 says: The sit- hut
uation in the Mexican troubles was yester- ma
day materially changed, which means a sen,
settlement in some form with a basis for of
diplomatic action in the future. The Cabi- ed
net hail a longer session than usual. There
was little if anythingconnidered. other than
the pending controversy over the inprieorn
ment ofl'utting. Thequestion was thoroug;h
ly and conservativeiy considered and dis
cussed fromn every conceivable point. The I
most important question. however, was the Mo
proposition received Wednesday evening oce
late through the mails, from MinisterJack- the
son, at the City of Mexico, conveying to the Thi
State Department a plan for the adjust- ant
ment of the affair as proposed by the Mexi- twi
can Government. In brief it is this: The ant
Mexican Government has all the time claim- ber
ed that it had done nothing in the premises ins
which was not warranted and in harmony tur
with the spirit of the law and expressed Nel
statutes of the Republic. That there may ligt
be nothing left undone to ascertain the law ver
of the case and that the respective govern- a th
ments may not proceed further without ex)
having the laws of the two nations bearing gal
upon the case fully and satisfactorily weigh- put
ed and considered, the Mexican Government w
Las made to this country, through Minister wh
Jacksou. the proposition that if the State nol
Department will send to the City of Mexico sio
an able lawyer as a special envoy of this lea
Government to confer with Attorney-Gen
eral of the Mexican Republic as to the pro
per interpretation of the law under which
Cutting is held, they believe an amicable so
lution to the problem can be arrived at.
In the official communication of Minister
Jackson particular stress is laid upon the Br
belief that the State Department has not Ks
properly constructed and read the law, at At
the same time exlressedl the belief that sal
when this Government has by one of its vie
most able and distinguished lawyers made we
a thorough investigation of the law and ex- ce
isting statutes, it will t, willing to concede vie
to, the Mexican Gover.:ment the right to en,
hold Cutting for the offetse with which he is at
chlargeld. After two hours' discussion of po
thls snbject by the tCabinet, it was unani- ba
nmously agreed that the prolosition froam ca
the Mexican Government be accepted and ne
a representative sent to the Pity of Mexico we
Ia soonaspossible. This Government is to th
be bound by thereport that the representa- Mi
tive may make. It is asked that this pre- cu
caution first be taken before progressing p1
further in the matter and upon this report pel
there can be established additionalfounda- ph
tion forfurt herdiplomat ic procedure. Pend- t i
ing this agreement, neither government will wi
tak. any action, though each will Ibe held $j
responsible for the conduct of its citizens
upon the border, wnere excitement is run
ning high. It is not improbable that both
governments will masstroops upon the bor
der for the purpose of preserving order dur
ing the period employed inth -consultation.
Hon. Arthur Sedgwick of New York City its
will be made Special Envoy to Mexico. Mr. to
Sedgwick was agreed upon this morning by co
the President and Secretary Bayard. Sedg- lot
wick is one of the best known international su
law attorneys in the United States, and st
considerable of a diplomate. He will be re- H,
membered as the attorney for the Interns- tit
Copyright League. He will start for the en
City of Mexico Sunday. MI
Four Straight, .
G(h. t7nRITOPBEn C. AUI:R retired, 1-. H
S. A., was shot four times, about I o'clock st
Sunday morning, at his residence in Wash
ington, by a negro named William Pope.
c His wounds will not prove serious, although
r he may be conined to his house for some
tinme. Pope and another colored man
were standing in front of the general's resi
i. dlence using profane and obscene language.
Swhen he opened the door and ordered them fif
to move away. The only response he re- i
Steived was a volley of profane abuse and of
Scoarse epithets. This was more than be
Scould stand, and, armed with a light cane in
She rushed upon the two men. and struck ct
I. Pope a sharp blow over the head. As he h
Sdid co the negro drew a pistol and fired. h
a The bahll struck Gen. Augur in the right leg i
r- above the knee, and with a cry e5t5sd
back. Before he eould recoverhimmself Pope
fired again and the ball took effect in the
right leg. Two more shots followed, one of I
which struck the general in the left leg and
the other in the side. The negro who fired
the shots is a notoriouscharacter, who has
Salready served a tern in the penitentiary
Sfor murder. lHe has been arrested.
Too tarels With His Dust.
s NSw Yosa, Aug.17. At3:30o'clock this ,
nI morning a bare-headed man. with a scared J
I klook on his sleepy face, rushed into the I
t I Prince Street police station and excitedly b
e told the sergeant on duty that he had been I
- robbed of $3,400 and a gold watch and ,
chain. By questioning the man closely the h
to ergeant learned that hi name was James y
f- Rlordan and that he lived at No. 35 .King
h street. Rlordan said he put the money i,
- and watch under his pillow last night and 4
- then went out and esat on the stoop, where
- he fell asleep. When he awoke and went c
t inside to see if his valuables were all right,
e they were gone. Wm. Murtha of No. 27
ad First avenue and Michael and John Mack
be of No. 45 Bowery were arrested on sucpieion
g of having stolekn the money:
A heavy growth of hairis produced by
the use of Hd'l Hair lnewer-.
Every deseription of malarial disorderW
yields to the curitive power of Ayer's Ague
Fell From a Scafoldiing.
ad Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock, as
e: Mr. Young Campbell was wheeling a stone
to weighing about two hundred pounds along
to the scaffolding on the south wall of the
p statehouse, at Topeka. Kan., the wheelbar
an rowsuddenly turned and the stone being so
i heavy the handles were thrown with such
r- force against his legs that it caused him to
lose his balance mad he was thrown from
the scaffolding to the bottom of the cellar,
a distance of twenty-five feet. Campbell
i ed from his injuries. This is the first ac
Scdent in eonnection with the eonstruction
cx of the new statehourse which hasr resulted
osm Mdo9l7.
Northern Cyclone. A
R.PtRo from %arious Minnesota and
I)akca points show that the storut of Sun
day afternoon and night was unusually se
vere. At Fergo there is a ruimor that a cot
cyclone visited Breckenridge. Minn.. with t4
disastrous results to life and property, but
the wires are down and the report cannot It
the verified. A cyclone was seen at Albert ta
I.a, but it wail to. high to Ibe dangerous.
The house of Peter i Strand. near Morris, del
Minn.. was blown down,. lut the inmates pa
ercaped serious injur' ,except Mrn. Ole Mar- can
tinson, whose thigh waseractured. At Elk- t
ton. Dak.. the depot was unroofed and the IIu
Catholic church hlown down from itsfounda- w
tions. At Larimore. Itak.. the Presbyter- we
ian church was blow, down. Loss $3,o00. Ichi
A number of smaller franme buildings and pe
cars were blown into the river at Dalton, ese
Minn Some twenty buildings were unroof- y.rd
ed. and standing grain in the track of the lin
storm was badly beaten down and that in sat
shocks was rcattered. The lightning did .
much damagc-.near Moorehead. Minn. Feri- bi;
rr Lallier waes struck, and upon returning the
to consciousness found himself blind. On sut
the Adams farm. near Fargo. Mrs. Sidney at
Wilson was stricken seseeless for two hours. fou
Near Pipestone, Minn., a little daughter of in
Harvey Hitchcock was struck and burned.
"hut not killed. At Langdon. George Gor- C
man, a telegraph operator, was knocked He
senseless. Meear Windom. Minn.. the barn
of farmer Halverson was struck and burn- bui
ed with a lot of stock. Loss, $2,000. jor
Fat it Boiler Explosion. ha
Tuesday morninug the city of Ashland. w,
Mo.. was startled by a terrific explosion. Wh
t occasioned by the bursting of a boiler in sel
the carpenter shop of Perinier & Webster. Stp
The boiler-house was utterly demolished for
and five men and boys instantiy killed and c.
two wounded as follows: WillieP. Perinier the
and Alex. Perinier, sons of the senior mem
ber of the firm. Joseph McLaughlin. fore. pa
5 man of the shop. O. V. Johnson, wood fea
V turner. August Olsen. workman, killed. oft
i Nelson Per.., foreman of working crew, iot
Slightly wounded in leg. B. F. Bailey, se- fo
verely wounded, but now in a hospital with ,
a fair show to recover. The cause of the
explosion was a lack of water in the boiler- i jo
g Saturday the boiler was blown off and `lo
pumlped up after cleaning. As usual fire ha
t was built the morning of the explosion to
r when it was found that the injector would co
e not work. While trying to fix it the explo- io
sion occurred. McLaughlin, the foreman, fei
leaves a wife and three small children.
h A Mean Trick.
About a week ago Attorney-General
e Bradford appointed J. F. Tufts of Atchison,
t Kan., to be assistant attorney-general for r
t Atchison county, with a view of clesing the I
t saloons, which have been running in open ag
s violation of the law. Mr. Tufts tegan his in
Ie work with considerable energy and sue- co
- cseded in closing all the saloons and con
le victing one of the keepers in a trial which
0 ended on Saturday. On Sunday morning
;t at 1:311 o'clock a twenty-five pound keg of
Spowder mixed with nails was placed on a D
- back porch of Tuft's residence and exploded, cm
Scausing a report that awoke the whole w
d neighborhood. Fortunately no damage tb
u was done further than the breaking of all
e the window panes on thatsideof the house.
1- Mr. Tufts and his wife and two children oe- a
- cupied a room directly above where the is
lg powder had been placed, which leads peo- ft
rt ple to believe that more harm was confem- io
plated than was accomplished. Gov. Mar- p
1- tin, whi wan in the city spending Sunday
11 with his family, has offered a reward of p
Id $5451 for the perpetrators of the outrage.
is btu
t Reynolds Will Steal No More. et
I. WrrrsEoRo, Tex., Aug. 15. Duputy Un- c
7 ited States Marshall M. W. Witt returned b
r. to day from the Indian territory, where, in
y7 company with other parties, he had been o
d- looking for one Andy Jackson, who was k
al supposed to be in possession of two horses al
d stolen a few days since near Collinsville. de
e- He found his man, but not the horses, and W
a- finding no evidence against Jackson suci
I e-nt to hold him, returned without him.
Mr. Witt states that he learned from partiesm
on the river that E. Reynolds, who it is w
thought stole a horse belonging to a Mr. G.
Gunter from the Dixie camf grounds, was Ii
killed a few days since in the Indian terri- el
tory by Indian police while resisting arrest.
" He was still in possession of the animal ft
k stolen.
. Fatal Cave in. p
In 1
in fIly the caving in of anembankinent Mon
" [dlay. on the Mi.. uri Pacific, near Papillion
Sfifteen miles from Omaha, fourteen men
m were buried under forty feet of earth: Eight
i of them escaped without mseriousinjury, but o
he II. Walter. .. Rierdon and C. Shehman were o
ne instantly killed. C. Oleson had his spine w
ck crushed and will die. Antonio Rasmasser b
he had both arms broken and John Coulen
ihad his rite crushed. The men were very
| indignant at the contractors after the ac
rident and the excitement ran so high that
it was feared they would be lynched. Wis- I
e r counsels prevailed. however, and the c
of contractors left the locality. I
ad i
A Bad, Bad Woma.
The police raided the house of Poebe
Richardson, of Vandalia, Ill., last 8nday
and found in her possession a lot of wear
ing apparel, beside a quantity of canned 1
fruit, flour, provisions, etc., which were
his tolen from the reidences of F.M. Cox and
d .Iolbn Carroll. Various other articles were
he found belonging to other people, which have I
fly been stolen at diferent times. Both Mrs. i
tn Richardson and her husband James were
ad arresated and taken to jail. This woman
the has had a checkered career. Some tea
me years o she, to her with a former hnae
lni band, JoePh lran, served a yer sech
icy in the penitry for shoving the queer.
nd She has ice been in jail here for several 1
ere ollence, the last time for attempting to 1
t choke her mother-in-law.
Fatal S8tabbing Afray.
A terrible cutting aSray occurred ear
by Neebvile, Brown county, lad., Saturday
night, in which John d latsally stab.
der bed his nephew. M kllua o. They were
gue in a wagon on theirway home when a quar
rel was begun about an o_; grudg. After
stabbing Fox be turned to his brother-in
Ilaw, who was driving. but he threw him out
of the wagon and put whip to the horses.
Hedger followed the team but could not
asovertake it. .e passed through this city
o Sunday evening barefooted and ,areheuad
ed on his way to Madison.
r Lladies should Ie careful to extinguish a
g rso andle by the light of which they have been
inch reading before goinl to sleep. The fate of
Sto Mine. Schuls-Delitseeh, of Berlin, who was
rom burned to death by not so doing, isawarn
iar, ing to all.
ac. Lady Archibald Campbellpatronizes art.
ion Her Rainbow Musie, whlh treats of h-r
ited mony in color grouping, has created a sean
mtson among tlhe drwias-oom dawdles.,
Tlght shoes ;ayen an a ('ause fr
Corns. tuniaton, and HIow
They Are Treated.
Chiropodistet have of late years be
come necrUsarv to residents of cities.
s ays a writer in The Brooklyn Eagle.
It is but recently that the art has been
taught in the medical colleges. Unlike
dentistry the student is not obliged to,
pass an examination in anatomy. h-t
can simply bring his mind exelusiviel
to bear on learning to treat and care
ror the feet. Formerly Brooklynites
were compelfed to patronize New York
chiropodists or else attend to their own
pedalextremities. Within a few past
ears. however, a dozen or more indi
v.duals who'rade a speciality of wrest
ling with hard-shelled corns, or allevi
ating the sufferings of those who have
big or little bunions. have sign tied
their readiness to attend to the feet of
suferin residents. I called recently
at the ofce of a local chiropodist and
found him busily engaged in compound
ing a mixture which he guarantees to
cure all manner of diseases of the feewt.
He said:
•One of the chief causes of corms,
bunions. etc., is tight shoes. The ma
jority of my customers are ladies
Corns come in two varieties-soft and
hard. The soft 'corn is formeJ by the
acid perspiration of the feet, and first
appears in the shape of a white blister.
whose edges easily peel off. Lad:e*
who wear shoes large enough for them
seldom, if ever suffer with corn.
Stumpy or short shoes cause corns to
form easily. I have frequently known
cases where a soft corn would affict
the whole foot and ankle. I have many
patients who have corns whicn have
festered into the bone. Bunions are
often mistaken for hard corns. A bun
ion forms, usually. on the side of the
foot or betwee the toes. A bunion is
nothing more or less than a strained
joint caused by a short or narrow
shoe. French heeled boots and shoes
have been the cause of untold misery
to ladies, and I have naticed. since the
common-sense shoe has become fash
ionable, the wearers of them have had
fewer corns. Narrow dancing-pumps
are also very injurious to the feet. Op
erations on fibrous and nerve corns are
extremely difficult."
"-At what age does a corn begin to
"I have known children whose moth
ers would insist upon having them
wear tight shoes to have corns at the
age of 3 years. Many children have
ingrowing nails and are suffering from
Talking about manicures, my Infor
mant said:
"Manicure is a new innovation and is
now practiced by all chiropodists. The
most expert manicures are young girls.
L who have been thoroughly drilled in
Sthe business. It is now the custom to
engage young women to do this work.
and the paring and beautifying of nails
is usually performed amid elegant sur
roundings. In New York many fash
ionable young men have their nails
polished twice a week."
T The doctor with whom I talked ex
plained the methods used in treating
bunaions, which may be of service to
Brooklynites who perform their own
ch:ropothy. First, the bunion is soft
eaed with a camel's hair brush to
destroy soreness, and then the hard
callous is removed by means of a dou
s ble-edged knife. At this point in the
operation the fibers of the bunion ire
, killed and a large ring of lamb's wool
" applied. From appearances it would
denote that the covering of lamb's
d wool would make it impossible to get
on the shoe. The latter, however.
a easily lips on and the patient walks
, with pmparative freedom.
Double-edged knives and scissors.
s large and small, are used by
i. chirepodists in their work.
S"1 have extracted twenty-ere corns
I from both feet of one lady," continued
my informant. "Large shoes have the
same effect as small ones. One to be
perfectly free from coras must wear a
neat-ftting shoe. which must be neither
too large nor too small. Ingrowing
nails are difficult to treat. and are al
waye accompanied by fungas growth
t or proul flesh. Large or big toes
at often have ingrowing nails. Disase
re of the sweat-glands or perspiring feet.
-e which emit an acsd smell can be cured.
but tibe treatment most be both nlaternal
n and local. The disease aknown a
Ssweat-glands or;ginates in a disordered
Ssystep, or in weak and diseased funao
- tions, In the disease mentioed great
e care should be uoed in the style of the
hose worn. Only the cheap lines of
hosiery have seams on the sides. These
should be avoided and only socks worn
which have seams in the bottom."
e sometbIr for tI Angel-teom.
'y He was a real ale young man,. wore
j good clotbes, went to bunday school
withl regularity, and had an excellent
o pinlon of his own moral character.
e He walked into a great clothinlg store
s. in searueh of a situation, and said: "I
re would lke a place." "Any experi
a emee"' asked the head of the great s*
tablishwsent. "Not much, but I em
man of good habits," "*Sor' "Yes
I aever swear, drunk. or ew, ever
al play cards or go to races; don't bet oe
to bse-ball ganmes or go round at ilght."
"Anything else?" "I don't gamble,
frequent buckete-shops or bets o leo
times." The employer s eemed satis
ed, forhe ealled outto thm bhead ele
man with: "James, just see if our
r angel department Is ull sad if not
sy eend this young man np."-PisUhtgh
ab pest.
ar- A Ie.b WIbfe.
An Eastern drummer who was in
Kut noxville listened to the complants of
a mountaineer about hard times for ten
it or tifteen minutes, and then observed:
a , "Why man, you ought to get rich
Sshiin green corn to time Northern
S"Yes. I otter." wars the reply.
o "Ynou have the land, I suppose, and
en can g'*. thes need?"
rn- 'Yes"
'*Then wh don't you go int the
art. r5 see, stranger." sadly replied
SThe native; "the old woman is too
- larmed as. to do the plowing and
.' pleastaj"-- Wail 5 ,,'w ,w.

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