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a. C. WEIGHTMAN. Editor & Prop.
P. W. HICKEY, . - Piblisher. o
six no ' nl , . . . . . . .1-'
y-T ub.*r State (entral Extecutlre C'om.
J.onr IB. .S', S. "
Iuistri~t Exee'Itive Comnmittee. I
J. 1 < r. xrv , 1f.:ali.-on, Ch'n.
J. II. (;I.Fot, , f o "
J. M. KENNEIY, of East Carroll.
tion will c lj,;rr f in t' re '.
A bluet jetril 414'ik (it this piraa
Lrojuh me,;s that this is the las.t time
the pIaper wrill be xoat to y7/, tdnlers
the suheriptiodit price is rerc;iredl be- ,
fores net ise4C.. t
It 'c: ' :;::-thc i"tonn' t,
ýLh :.:.': "::se:'." ::. sC': ::.
t:::2t", ' +'
a , "e n ioa.'te f.r '..ngr .: froth, e I
A NNOUNCi istric Nt- S'C tl
T1 F rl.I;Bi is ntthoriu4l to annfnlfe tI
J .i: JiuiN Yu't vi of ('laibtorn p
as acanflilate for (',imreres from the
Fifth Ciinjireiuionnl Diiitrict--subjd'ct to
the action of the )Democtatic nominat
ing conventiol. n.
FI1IE Trwr s is authorized to announce
1 Hon. John M urdoch of Tensas. as
a candiudate for Congress from the Fift h tl
Congressional liistrict---suliject to the
action of the Democratie nominating
Convention. tl
The Southern Exposition opened f
.at Louisville. Ky., last Saturday. H
J. Nunma Judice, Parish treas- f:
-urer of Lafayette, is a defaulter, a
. nd has skipped. P
C'ol. P. Reeves shot and killed Ii
bis son-in-law, Joeeph Nicholls, at s1
Mt. Joeeph, Tensas parish, last
lion. Thos. C. Manningof louisi- a'
ana, has been appointedr by the cl
]'resident to succeed Henry R. '
.Jackson ap Minister to Mexico. g
-- o
Is not the President doing pret- 1,
ty well in the way of appointments a
for a man who was to drop bush ess
,during his vacation ? (d
'-- --
An enterprising New Yorker "
purchased a pair of trousers for n
ldollar, and gave in payment a fire a
dollar bill of the Irish Republic, n
payable when Ireland is free. lie
got four dollars in change and left, l(
jlut was subsequently arrested. d
It is quite comnon for tihe large g
daily journals to have a depart- h
pnent headed "'Trade and Travel" a
Ilusiness failures comne under this n
head as it is usual when a man fails g
jn trade, to promptly travel.
A powdler rma:gazine in Chicago b
Felonging to the Laflin & Rand
Powder Co., was struck by light- i
ping last Sunday, and an explosion c
followed that shook thile county.
*)ne person was instantly killed, II
'our fatally woundled, and aboutl
.9onty-five injured. el
lin Ait. Squire, whose removal
the ofice of Commissioner it
lie works was promptly con
ed by Gon. Hill, has been suc
iee4edby Gen.John Newton, who
yhis succussful removal oflthlellell
liate obstructions,has made himself if
famous. .
A New York lady was literally
roasted alive in the streets of New
York last week. 1cer clothing,
Paught on fire while rid,.ng in a
horse car and burned with great
fury. The intense hetgenrat generated
is supposed to have been caused h
by aeelluloibhustlewhich material b
jis highly inflammable.
The Arcadia Advance still claims "
to believe that the State Adminis- t
tration is fighting Gen. King, and
has only pity for the men who are
anti-adminidstrationists, and cannot
see the issqe as it stands. A state- 1
pient made by the Advance would g
be mqra worhy of credence, and ''
omnmnld more respect, if tha"t
jornal would only be a trifle clear- 9
pr as to its meaning. For instance
that journal remarks: Franklin
pad Richtlanmd parishes have fell
jaito line on t1he yuilroad nquestion.
A man dgulty of such a Itatemnent
gannot I ( i(q a~laoe public
The ihin micetin; came off ne
º :lii;-1 _ to prro0irainme, anSd it w~is !
hl,ot thie only thing that did come
offi that w;:y. lThre was a )lrge
ila l a:i"1'd c('oitC'tio of lpro
lrlllllanlc', lout tlhey died vouig. 1
 al ry :uitl ilullieProu, wires alsl) II
werc vig )'uot)ly piulled, but they
V i "s m-tly 1roken. or .,ot tangled. I
or cross,,sd, amnil' d t' "iv r l
satisfa'tion, so coneih.lntly expect- a
eol. There was soile dlificulty cx
jperi(tnced in settling on candidates
foir clairman, ut linally MIr. G(;. L.
hioney was nominated tfor that po
-ition, and also lion. Gco. W.
.Mo1ntgo.mery. The contest was
comiilhetwVly cloedi by dr. Bollneyv
withdrlawing leaving his friends
coillctely at sea. Mr. Montgoim
ery was then made the chairman I
(withotut oppositionl.
After taking the chair, MIr.
M wntgmiery stated. in answer to a
- uestion, that in the absence ,of
specific instructions, lie would, if
the appointments were left to him,
appoint the delegates to the IRus
toen Convention in accordance with
the strength of the four chndidiates
who were before the meeting. This I
1 statement met with hearty approv
'al, and several voices applauded
C Mr. Montgomery as that rare jewel,
an honest man.
In the midst of this love feast
the lightning struck, in th - shaipe
of a set of resolutions rea!cnty Mr.
J. T. McClellan, to the effect, that
e the chairman appoint the delegates
to the convention in proportion to
the strength of the candidates,
naming the candidates as Wells,
King and Lott, omitting Mr. Mnr
doch, and as a clincher, instructing
I the delegation to "vote as a unit."
This was one of the programmes
that (lied young, very young. There
are men in this parish who pro
fess to see, in these resolutions a
flat contradiction to the apparently
_ fair statement of Mr. Montgomery
as to what he would do if the ap
pointment of the delegation was
left to hinm. It is regarded as a
1 little off color that such resolutions
t should even be thought off, as Mr.
Mt urdoch had considerable strength
(which was subsequently shown,)
Sand the unit rule would practically
a close out all the candidates but
one, and the appointment of dele
gates in proportion to the strength
of the candidates is looked upon 1
- by many as a transparent snare,
s and the exact opposite of the fair
" ess so hastily assumed to be in
diciated in Mr. Montgomery's state
r ment of his position. Whether
a justly or not, both Mr. McClellan
e and Mr, Montgomery were credited
with being supporters of Mr.
e Wells, and the resolutions are
looked upon as part of a cut and
dried plan, in in the interest of Mr.
Wells. Cut and dried plans are
Sgenerally admnitted to be perfectly 1
legitimate, as is caucusing.
and wire pulling, but political fair
s nessI - who ever saw any of the
S genuine article ?
Mr. McClellan introduced, later, I
another resolutiou, which proposed
' balloting for candidates, and drop
1 ping the candidate receiving tihe
Slowest number of votes, until one
Scandidate received a majority of
tile votes cast. There was not
much aiparent lightning about
Sthis, but it had the ef- I
effect of knocking Mr. Wells higher 1
than Gilderoy's kite. It was'a
uort of boomerang resolution, and
r it is not probable that it was in-1
Stended to act as it did, as it landed
Gen. King on top. Life is short
Sgentlemen, and we can't always be
struggling. Take a breathing spell
and try it again latter. Here's to
you, drink hearty. t
I Tile Bend Club and the Tallulah
SCilnb played a game in Tallulah
ot o Vednetyday. As u.ual the
STallulah club went into the gmune
1 handicappelwd. Twoofits members
Sbeing disabled, Mr. Van DI)ancy
had his thumb Iput out of joint a
few days before and of course could
* not play, and Mr. Alf Fisehel was
tussling with a chill. However,
I Tallulah did fairly. The score a
Sstanding. at the end of four innings
I11 to 5 ini favor of the Bend Club. t
During the gamle Mr. Bynuni Luum
Sgot his thumb hurt and had to
Iquit. If the Tulluliah club could
t~get together they might make it
quite interesting for the Bend. t
I Mlrs. Su~ann A. Bibs, on August J
.9( 1886. at the residence of Col.
I I'. ( Elnwer, on Big Black, W'ar.
Sren Co. Miss. '
Parish rrveyerar.d CivilEngineer
Tjlltt. tte.n to running an: re
qf tr': ing . h , 1, 1 li , ,lidilin,,. up
l l Is 1 t-au l . e s t : b li h ini g I e r m a n e n t ,.qr -
ner., tog all truefssurveyed. Will make
neat and anlTnrahKte l] is. Kith pr,'l .
ye rhul ,,f surveys. , n durahlb, paper.
i'lanta. oll in lnal,.ts, wiIih ,ehtails of roads,
dit,.h;"-. ,it'.
.ilI orirs left at the M tr. ' Ti !i
ºt . T: !l:aihl, I.a.. will he ,romptlv
" atte dh'ld te. -ptt. 5. ,\ ' .-lyr.
Blids for the builling of the
bridge at Mrs. A.mis' on Brushy
bayou. will be received up to Au.
gust 21. 18S. The 1bridge is esti.
mated to requir'12,:a12 fi.t of lum
her, 150 lbs. t)',d .likes, :10 tih
plates 2x xls inches long antid 6
bolts. s inches long.
JNso. T. ('otll.Nx,
3i. P. Eizl' x,
(i. A. RII'n.ýII.\Istx,
An Enterprising, Reliable Houme.
Mc('lell:an Bro's & ('Cltharp can al
Sways te relid uponI, not only to ctarry
in stck the best of everything, lbut to
secure thie Agency for such articles as
S have well-known maicrit, and arte popu
lar with the people, thereby sustaining
the reputation of being always enter
1 prising, and ever relisable. Having se
cured the Agency for the celebrated
lr. King's New Discovery for Con
sulmptitlon, will sell it on a positive
guarantee. It kill surely cure anyiv andt
every aifection of the Throat, lunnts.
r and '.best, and to sho.w our confidencet,
we invite vyou to call and get a Trial
Bl ttle Free.
u Millions of.A rhor Vitae, the ltst ever
green hedge plant known. One thous
aand plants hy mail, post p:lid, 3 to 4
, inches, $1.0011); 4 to 8 inches, $2.50; 8 to 15
inches, $5.00. Twenty-live other va
rieties of Evergreens, all sizes, and
Sall of the most desirable varieties of
'T'imber Trees, Needings and larger
trees, at very Low Prices.
Of forty varieties of Evergreens anti
STimber Trees, all fresh gathered ex
Ipressly for my trade, and sold at lowest
a living rsilaes.
Flowers Shrubs And Plants
I In goad assortment and at low rates.
SEspe-iallv'favorable rates given on fall
orders. Full catahlogue free. Add.lress
Evergreen Nurseries, Door Co., Wis.
a ug. 3J-4m.
Recommended by Gov. Ireland.
Austin, Texas, Aug. 8, 18S5.
To Mr. A. K. llawkes:
1 Dear Sir-It gives tle pleasure to
y say that I have been using your
glasses for some time past with
much satisfiaction. For clearness,
Ssoftness, and for all purposes in
Stended, they are not surpassed by
n any that I -have ever 'Worn. I
would recommend them to all who
' want a superior glass.
i I aud very respectfuilly yours,
JtOllN I1lEL., NI),
Governor of Texas.
S Omega was the centre of attrac
tion 'lThursday. The tournament
e given there by the Omega boys
proved to be a drawing card. Al
though half past 3 o'clock p.m. was
the hour set for the tilting, the
e crowd began to gather several hours
y befo>re. The Omega young ladies
despoiled themselves of ribbons to
deck the bridles of the Knights,
the visiting Knights of Tallulah_,
C being remarkably well treated in
that respect. The riding took place
about a mile above Omega in a
cottonwood grove outside of the
levee, and ten Knights entered the
lists. Mr. W. II. Harvey with his
e usual grace acted as ( ran d Marshal.
e The following is the score :
Knitght of the (reseent, Barnett
Stone, 1. 3, 3. Total 7,
t Knight of the Bhlck ('harger, Willie I
De.Moss, 1, 0, 1. Total 2.
Knight of the Wild Buck, Jesse Stan
Sbrough,. , 2. Total II. |
Knight of Young America, Noland
r Harvey, 2, 2, ". Total 7.
Knight of the Free Lance, Tomr
Noland 2, 2, 3. Total 7.
Knigft of Ivanhoe, Addie Brooks, 3,j
- 3, 3. Total 9.
Kni,,ht of the Way Side Will Hlolmes!
.1 3, 2. 2. Total 7.
Knight of Talhluah, Fred Litehliter,
2. 3, 0. Total .5.
t Knight of the Plains, Robt. Galloway,
1,2,3. Total 6.
Knight of the Black Plume, Willie
S(;ilfoil, 2, 1, 2. Total 5.
There beinac four ties of seven rings
they were ridden off with the f&llowing
Knight of the Crescent, Barnett
Stone, 2, 3, 2. Total 7,
Knight of Young America, Noland
llIarvey 3, 3, 3. Total 9,
j Knight of the Free lance, Tomi
Noland, 3, 3, 2. Total 8,
Knight oftlhe Way Side, Will Hlolmes,
. 2, 1, nithdraws.
The final result being that Ahldie
Brooks obtained first prize, Naland
Harvey second, Tom Nhland third, and
iarnott Stone fourth. Barnett Stone's
horse got a nail in his foot the night
I hefore the tuurnament, and his first
ride was made without the conhdience
5 nocesary to success, as is shown Ihv
his getting only one ring, his second
amnd third tilts resultin1g in three rings
* each. .Most of the Kmghts were handl
somelv dressed, in etstun.e. The
4neen'nfLoveandI Beauty as well as
the Maids of Honor were not chosen
until evening, at the hall.
j The ball was announced for half past
seven o'clock, but, as the riding took
longer than was anticipated, those
living at a ilistance were somewhat
later than that hour in arriving. ,mnee
little dancing was indulged in hefore
the Royal Set took the loor. Master
Addle Brooks having secured first prize
selected as Queen Miss Nannie Rhodes
of East Carroll, Master Noland Harvey
chose for first Maid of Honor, Mis.
Jessie Yerger of Millikens Bend.
Master Tom Noland seletted Miss Abbie
Yerger fair second Maid, and Master
Barnet Stome displayrd his good judg-,
maent in choosing Miss Bessie Rhodes, 0
a sister of the Queen. After the Royal '
set general dancing was indulel'in.,
The Tallulah Band furnished the music. 1
The toilets of the laidies were worthy i
of the occasion, you will excuse doi
tails. . .
...e :Ias rtmu'ut of Sadl.lI anal Ilarne,s lHorses, Dray and Plantation Mules
inalt'. "o hanld.
._______--_ . ___~-.-i-- -- -- -------------.
S. E. 3LU M,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoces
Genlleral Plalitatiol Snpplies.
i~ __
Books, Stationery, Isic, Insical Instirments
Fancy 0oods
We are now fitetd np in-'Ol'P. NEW QI'ARTERS, in the Podlesta building, and
Sare prepared to sup.pi the lli' VEwiiTh
TUIE 1II3ý:T Ol' F rVE' I:V TI ING'.
e In the line of Stationerv. M~Iwsic,.MusieaIl lnstrntments, Fac(.V and llolidlay ( ops,
Tha:n .an he puIrnl aseln anywhere else in Vic.ksburg or the South. To be con
'vinc'e, call and examinCe nr stock and ;et trices before :,urchasi.g elsewhere.
1129 WAS HI[NGTON STREET. PDee. 19-Ir.
Attoratgst-at- sl.
E. D. F.1niun, - :o:- SA.LM JAMES,
Vieksbnrg, .Mi:=s. Tallulah, La
C. J. & J. S. BOANHER,
Afiornevs -af- aw'.
Pratice in the Parishes of O(uachita,
Morehouse, Richland and Lincoln, andi
in the Federal Courts at M1onroe and
lireveport, Ia.
Combined with Great Refracting
They are as trnnl,;arent atdl colorless
as light itself, and for softness of enl
durance to the eye c.annot be excelled,
enabling the wearer to read for hours
without fatigue. In fact they are
Testimonials fronl the leading Ilphsv
ciaus in the 'uited States, govermnors
Henators, stockmienl, mnel of nete in all
pirofessions and in different branches of
trade,-lankers, utnchanics, etc., can Ibe
given, who have had their sight im
provtel byv their nes.
Aill Eys fitted and the guaranteed by
These glasses are not supplied to
peddlers at any price.
Ask Yur aieeer ny thim.
Wonderful Curs.
W. P. D.oyt & Co., Wholesale and Re
tail DIruggists of iRome, (ia., says : We
have been selling )r. King's New Dis
covery, Electric Bitters and Bucklen's
Arnica halve for two years. Have ner
er handled remedies ihat sell as well,or
give such universal satisfaction. There
have been some wnnderfel cures effect
ed by these medicines in this city. SPer
eral cases of pronoun.ed Consumption
have been entirely eared by use of a few
bottles of Dr. King's Newr Discovery,
in connection with Electric Bitters.
We guarantee them alwars.
Mold by McClellan Broes & ('oltharp. !
Becaunse the TIMxs remarkedl tthat a
man who voted for King last tiume
could do so this, with aclear conscience,
surprise Ihas been expressed that thin
rpaper was supporting King. IDon't be
deceived by auch trash, when the Trur, l
supports a candidate there is no half!
way business about it, and it will not
be lone by infereneg.
There isa might vLad bridge between
here aud thiead.nl i
1h1 a....d OsF Inthe me
M.uI- Imall IT ""Nlme lX
And as w atm.sapls. t is a abso.mai
. 5 v, sRa9l aU &IYZ, UoA Im.
£1 wCO _ __r___ am _e 5o.e .U.a.
Did He Swear at the President
A story is in circulation here that
soon after the rejection of Matthews
Sen tor Harris, of Tennessee, went
up to see the President about an
appointment in his State which
some of his constituents were in
terested in. He stated his case,
and the President replied: "Well,
it seems to me that you have a
good deal of assurance to come hole
asking for an appointment when
you voted against my man
Matthews." The Senator got hot
in a second.' 'i'll have you know,
Mr. President," he said, "that it is
none of your business what I do or
do not do in the Senate. I am the
mnaster, sir, of ainy own actions
there, as you are here. By G-,
sir, I didn't come here asking any
favors of you on any personal
grounds. The people of the State
of Tennessee, whom I represent,
asked me to do this, and that is
why I camne here. You may do as
you d- please, sir. I want it dis
tinctly understood that what I do
as a Senator is beyond your juris
diction." And the irate Senator
bounced out. He had voted for
Matthews, but the President had
made him mad, and he did not
choose to make any explanations.
-Washington letter to Baltimore
Three escaped convicts from the
Greenville, Texas, jail were re
captured by jailor Adair. One
made a break for liberty, and Adair
gave a stranger who happened
;along, .his pistol to pursue the
fleeing convict. When the
stranger disappeared, the other
two convicts turned on Adair; one
held, while the other carved him.
His throat was cut, his wrist cut
half off, and his body cut half in
two. His wounds were mortal.
Escaped convicts are dangerous
and won't do to take chances with.
The New York car drivers and
conductors went on a strike again
last week. There is little doubt
that they were being imposed on,
but they forfeited all claims to
sympathy by their after actions.
They assaulted non-union men who
had been employed by the corm
pany, upset cars, threw bricks,
stones, iron bolts and other mis
siues, at the ears, and were gener
ally riotous and disreputable. The
strike is now over.
Maybe 31r. Belknaps successor on the
V. 8. & P. will take more interent in
thie patrons of the road, than has Mlr.
Utleksp.. .
mp0rter ali DIaler ! Foreii andi Domestic Drons
LInseed Oil, Lard Oil, Luarieting Oil,(; nat Oil, Turpentine, White Lead
Mixed Pailts and Giassware,
Sole Proprietor of the Great and only infallile ('lure for ('hills and Fever.
The Australian Eucalyptus Globulus Tonic.
I particularly call the attention of Planters, to
For immediate use, such as Pills, Paregoric, I.audanum, Essence of
Peppermint, Spirits Nitre, Castor Oil, in all size bottles. Quinine in
any size bottles,
Linimeant, CoatlPreparaton anl every Imaginable Dru[ Knorn.
As far as prices are concerned, I si.' ly defy competition.
No. 1=."S WaKlinsagton Sir V'lkaslburg, lishr.
-I am prepared to deliver on board the ears, every description of
at the shortest notice, and upon most reasonable terms for cash.
Address .1. T1. IV IA()N,
meh 1-1y. Tallulah. Parish of Madison, La.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
!u Every Variety of fland-Sewed
and C(.ustom-Made
In Difticult Fits Mlen.ures Taken and
Itlarnt Iel.
It is the l.eatlin .Iho,e in the city.
Oar Ili's $3.50 1 Hala-Sevil $6. Cat be Beat
We are Agents for the Celebrated Button Raven Gloms.
June 6-lyr.
-D)ealer lIn
-Ageuats for
OTTON Reed Meal, Hulls and Ashes for fertilizing and
Sow feed.u
Wo.I Washmstest, Vbseta, Milsapp
July i-lyr.
Book-seller & Stattoner.
Agent for the Improvod
.f'Ordera by Mall will reoeelve Prompt Attentionl*
A. A. PUON & C0o.
-Have in Stock and for Bale--
Cotton Selo and Corn Mills, Steam and Jet PNmps,
GSardener Gvermn , Cotton rem.s, lmpiralors~ ,
Belting, Hose and Parking Whistkle, team and Water (usma... ' ves. ('ocki,
and every kind of Bras and Iron. Engine and Pilpe it tin~s and
Drove Well Material.
aWCoautry Orders Solicited a d Prompt Attention Guaranteed.
Estimates made and workmen sent out on alplication.' x
Times Job Office.
All Kinds of Ordinary Job Work Done,
In jf5e Ver! NIeatlt Ma1ncr,

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