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Why Peele do0 et Recover Co:elousasse tSh
I'roem th NeSw York Herald.
'"There is no excuse for any one be
ing buried alive," saild l)r. W. A
Hammond. A Herald reporter had
called on him in reference to the buri
al alive of Miss Stikney, of Indian
apolis, who was takeun out of a vault
and found to be in a trance-state, and
did not die until several weeks after
her funeral.
"No," he continued, "there is no ex
case for it. The tests of death have
been brought down to such a point
that any 'omn!etent physician would
have no difficulty iti accurately deter
mining whether or not death had tak
ei place."
"Does decomposition always set in
after death?"
-"Invariably. proviled the body is
not frozen. Of course you can freeze
it and keep it for years before it will
deecompose-jupt as fish are kel,t
frozen for market. The salmon that
you eat now w.-re caught last spring,
and have len k-ept frozen ever since.
They are just as ood.'
"D)o vou iniaiinie that there is any
foundation to the belief of many that
people are sometimes huried alive?"
"Oh, I have no doubt of it. I have
known of its beine done, but it is not
hby any means of frequent occurrence-
not nearly so frequent as many peo
pie imagine. The physician is entirely
to blame when at does occur. Tile
fact that bodies Ihave ben found turn
ed ver in the cotlins lead pwople to
believe that they were buried alive.
But that's not so. It is probably the
work of the eases comine from the
body. Pent up in a collin they be
come very powerful, and it is almost
singular that they do Iot move
bodies around more than they do."
"Then you don't take any stock in
the stories of men who conie to
life under the eround, of their terrible
struggles to set free, and their horrible
death at last?"
"That's all bosh. Poe wrote ofgrave
wards trembling with the struggles of
the buried alive. That's all bosh, too.
When people are buried alive, as they
certainly have been, they never wake
up to knowit. When in a trancestate
their vitality must be so weak that
when they begin to regain conscious
nees and to attempt to breathe they
die of Rnffocatian immediately and
never know that they came to life
again. Buried for dead, they practi.
cally are dead.
"That's consolinz, at any rate,"
said the reporter, who was beginning
to feel a little "creepy" in the gloomy
room, that in his distorted imagina
tion began to seem like the interior of
a tomb. The doctor did not look un
like Father Time as he waved his
"This Miss Stickney was undoubt
edly in a trance-state when she wasi
buried," continued Dr. Hammond.
"Were it not for the water around her
heart she might have regained con
"Is it possible to freeze a human be
ing up for any length of time and then
restore cousciousuness?"
"No; not with a human being. It
can be done witahsome of the lower or
der oe animals. Frogs are the highest
rad to which it can be carried suc
SWhy can't it be done to men?"
"Because, no watter how warm or
bow cold the atmosphere is, the tem
Psrature of a human being in good
health is always 08 degrees in life. Re
duoe that temperature to the freezing
.oint and it would kill the person.
Cow, the temperature of a frog is al
ways the same as the surrounding
air. If the mercurygoes upto 110 de
gree the frog's temperature goes up
-there, too, without doing him any
.barm. In the same way it will go
down to zero and the frog will not
usind it. I have frozen a frog solid in
M block of ice, and after some tinme
thawed him out, and he would jump
il aroundl the room. A frog is very
hard to kill. You can take his heart:
out and he willstill live. Cut his head
-1, tickle him on oneside withastraw,
ad he wiil draw up the leg on that
SAdle and push the straw away."
.'"Is that parely mechanical action?"
*"No; it's because a fro's bramis are
eot all in his head; some of thema are
-a his spinal column, and it is t he lat
e that directs his lees. For that
matter, I believe the brains of a hu
--n beingare not all in t he head either.
Agiri plays the piano and carries on
aeonversation at the samne time. The
brains in her spine govern the action
of her hands, and the brains in her
head allows her to talk."
"Is it possible for men to go into
trances that could be mistaken for
; "Yes; it is quite certain that appar
sat cessation of all the vital functions
may take place without theentirelos
of vitality, which would leave the or
ganismin tile condition of a dead
Sbody to be speedily disintegrated by
the operation of chemical or
physical agencies. The state of asyn.
sope is at times so complete? that ihe
hert's action cat not be pertcived
sor any respiratory movements *e
e tabrved, all power of nmove.net be.
e-g for the tinme abolished, and yet re
Scovery has spontaneously taked place,
- which could scarcely he the case if all
" vital action had be-n suspetnd.d. The
r-s authenticated cue of this kind
1thrt of Col. Townsend that occur.
red in the early part of this century,
awd of which t he world has about lost
"It is described by I)r. Georce
Oeyne, who was an eve-witness. He
says the Colonel possessedl tie re
P.markable faculty of throwing himselt
-a trance at pleasure. The heart
sesed apparently to throb at
bidding: reslairation seemed at
e•d. His whole frame assumed
?tbe icy chill andl rigidity of
tb, while his features liccnme col
had cehastly, his eyes lixed and
Even his mind rease - to
t itself, for during the trance it
tillingly as devoid of concious
S* has body of animation. A
mirror held before his mouth
ot in the least dimmed. The
as were about leaving him
dead when there were signs of re
animation. He came back.
to perfect life again after being
trance-state for half an hour.
ag the Indian fakirs this simn
of death is by no means of
ce. There was one case
- by the English officers in
was buried in an under-.
or six weeks, and a strict
meanawhile. Twice during
the body was dug up
t oked l the same post.
bust b e. After ial
Na. ---h beek to
Costly Andent Hiafes.
Alongside the nlmje,l ., -a-_rl ,'s
-.word, forty inches lone, and the
:i:hter infantry sword, thirty-threo
inuhes in length, Messrs. Wilkinson dlis
play many ant iquo weapons, say.i tlhe
P'all Mall Gazette. Th-re art genuinie
-pecimens of the famou.tis Atll-a l'-r
rara, which were so prized in 'sot linl
in the old filhtin2 days, and i whic"l arer
now ll-ed to some extent be oti.. ers
in the British arimiy. Tt.e qua it y oi
ihese .swords ~lhow how litt i. e,1 . t
ll t hlas upon or ,1t n tal and -otiti
worikiinnhip. lhla mniorc- h.in, on t
walls ble.i'l the itrmlihti:lI. L.oIuha
ber ax. A huIne E i-s two-I laiteled
-word,. which it inn- L,.tI e tk, in
:t giant to Wl ;d. diid ra'" in
the fourteenth t.,,ntury ni _:luti t ti.e
:\l--tritn-. E\,l n o e of tic tf'inotui
l)r nas n us 'li de i- in te ci ltt I gýi .
1\%'hn lTiir nllln L iorn conqurti :. Vtli in
theI be'innlin of th, liftni, nt:I .n4turyi
he carried off :01 thie luln til ;t t 'utees
ofsteea iintdo Per-iti, ald tait: i , t-
sors. Nhavin been. d r-l,: I'- all l oi ' r
thei eist, are taid to hn;i lo- th l6 -
cret of akin ben lade. e! i n r. " At
ordlinuary qu lity, since whl.r tall,:. ..
ni InufactuIre of ,o i line l l'lnn! u I
blades has declined, althho i tart,
aire ranio imait: tlon'. \\'i+ It "r.-p t
mernbtred that a r:l:t deal of t\:+-
sueratior in ha been lr ti cji ill. At ilth
 ti he extran tillt t es of tin ('i +.t l %etrc t
well acquainted with tih. ir: t,f c ork
ine in iron and steeil iwe. anwr i 1. all
Europe, were in at .ate ii f i ,.Iul i -
norance. i \\'h-deli thel( tic l i a t . ll.C
blades were t1 he, rf,re .ino -'.r
th thove 01e iotithit* 1oilnt rtites
thean l ee l found to ellt. itliitt, e!V
supterior in temper arol qitalit . and
the eor nialy inary prier thatii kie of
tered at it hed paid for tleoo (iri a-"
much MR t3º01 uticiently att -t th*-,
estis pation it 1airich t he1.\ w'ere, htim.
in tl.e On re tient doty r iii of tl, iial er
superior qualityn arne infarcltlo at
oue-har dredth in aIf t wit tlh ,o t. bIt
letsle res pects the bet e. In of lr
pres ent iieht rthoulltion oiil,. are at
a disarvantaion whll tl opposeo d to the of
heavy curved ear-tern 'illet'or, but
they- have the adlvantage that the"
can li e usor ed for thrustk, ine, illf h, al
hough un known ll taiternl swordLts
blanhipll is by far thiti ro-l t the aly
tire of ttackhe iron. A ore u nn iut i
Th or mlainly frol the wri, kniol inw
thoroat ithe lifts the aril too in. frd o
tas position o liard iLe expoes hiwm-o
sell to a thrust that wotil,l probably
be fatal. On tike other hand, aii east
ckrn . wordsman, Wlho seldomil
guards hiiiitlf with This swo:"d, but
is llrod frd with shield anti d uiicit
lets to resi-tt in tcut. h1as h:s
sword around t atl slarp ras a rzr ollrt
:ilis fromn the ..ioul'ier only, blrin ih,_
into action ofall the ltrol muscl les o
the forearm and back, the small hilt
of hoi other rioiing porlathy whnot
evier is t the wrist. Asl to the jow er
edr water of the gituinle i.il.a i
rlade this i attrib iutable to the naitor
oture of the iron ore Ihud and i the
ethod of cons eirtink it into stieel.
The late Mr. Henry 11ilkin ýon wellun
Spthorouhly bauccnto ter' test of tlo.d oi
tained s of his lae. lInldian wootz or
cake steel. and proved b}" minimkind
lalityes from it the l at the di.2re so
nht after existied Ilill" e t I itsc lf.
ian to be dthelolpd lqird i o unly t he
ction of light and e ord rt'etrc l called
and thon other curiosities worth not
ing is a fierce Maratta w'eitlon call
ed a wakdath or titrl chlaw, I wh.ch the
usit her holdof in his. hand. i the by two
rings to iils tiaer. itfourh reaitore
l e r, tilace he cla, , t vi3t i1t . ani
tear, hint open. :\ knife plenctrutting
E dollar is a reminder of the o ln
Spanish buccaneer's test of thesould
neoa of lhis blade. a wndit roof of the
iua blty of the steel of the day.
Interestin.g liite Factlie.
In the bible the word Lord is found
1,83:3 times, the word Jehovah ',.33
ties and the word irl rern but once i t
dible, an tt in the d9th verse of the acxiithd
ile lat verse of the l. xith Pal i
the mible ver, oft lt bibler. Ti7.e!th:
woerse of the exsith cIa.lst)r of cpter
a.d the lonoekt vse. The xithi ch\ters
of ith chapter of St. Johntl is the fineshort
Tis three mo.t isiri proe
n the vxxxiithl Psalmnn fotlr erse. are
Tlike, th tse 8 th, 15th, 21st and 31st.r
IEacih vers te of the r texxxvith Pew colmcrt.
AlNo nho flatte or thwords with more l ith an
ai n slable(f thre fonl in tlese hioule.
aThe xxxviith chapter of ISaiah ani
Aixth tchapter of .the voice, are ahke. of no
littible, and thntc in oth ond veris a little
id rlapter of Joel. eard at
one timhre are found in both hooksreat dei of
i the Actslin of theval inAostr isthio inesti
ladyn the iblho Ias the xxiii al.re of
re John xiv chas inter uited by there
ohnrril of her little rnc7hhter in her I
he. 'e xxxv lild c·ullet Ilph lorse. by
her side andt seOgn to lxth chpte endlos
lyai is the one fori thie new 'eoplert.e
don't tal to their pe rifectli b~aould I
nt Two oh ild ren.
ittl, eminene in Boston, ie a littled,
iyou rl, eays tell people twho 'ophas heard, a
one time and anolether, a great de rlft
lady, who waincident rnithe raptures of a
noherning nap, warlt- interrupted by the
trrival of her little dauilhter in herl
ed. The rhild crl p cloe-ly byto
her faide and betan to ch fltte ir ndles
"iriy dear." h aid t bllue ye rad .rlleasy
;ion't talk to e so luchin becatruse I
.arln'!t to tleeD hOmile orll, t"di
"'What ihy it. mnarma," srid t? he chilsed.
"'you -it -iot s a tt. You know
ou always e'i pople to open their
Iother earl-niorninz r toot. that
o, day-to early tht-Boat ont Tren, t
e-_-ue afe tha.--Boston Treasaclrips.
The t ndy anti the Terror.
From the 1tarribur4. 'Telgr-'ih'
On one oi the detlihtiu li da'ys recent
ly a youn. iady te!'l known in th, ex
Sclusive first cirlch of -:ill Fr anl'ico
societyt or unrivalh'd lt'.t'on l , ihl;t IIlL
ai'd e llance of :n -Oimp ~i5i- i: ii . I' t
drivenl around to !laket! it Conilrat ula
tory rail lit it a iit i' 'it 1 littiy friend
vwho was ha:ppil coI invaie ,uCl2 front
:hat tClna , sacred \event iln tihe
;t c i t: \ 'trw d d ed lJ ltu .t , , h icl ;, fa r (1 '1111
beirt., ickness, i' the pei''ctr culniina
tiont ,f their laclth. she wais " holn
into the l,arlor, and for a few ililnutes
retl!liied to trrI':tliZe or the reciption
.n that riloom wher't" Iotheir and c ildi
wir doin.i as well as coudi ie e:t ect
.d, wat !tet witll no other toelit, rtsf in
lhr than the onlyv on anl hetr of !lla,
houl-e, Mahter I hart, ,, then ill his
fourth year. Bhiut I harlie way fully
eqUnal to tihe situation,( and lp.omliet
to grow uli int3 an orinanllltll o( sOl'e
tv that 1t i. ieveh be ait ll Iby beanii
ty, howeve\ r brilliant, into the 11:Iin ul
inetttive of "nio colivers:ttion." After
some InleN -t iatl lprteliminary r"elant ks,
as ter ( 'h:arl!s tllroiached nlIatt'er lit'
\ Iitorl und. lowerling, his toine into
conidentiltl, atkd:-
"\l:s----, on dot it. i ta t"''
Th .Vounl alyi:ttcoue ,Nwift liance
erriind to a-t'e hterself there wia1 no
ot I:er helrt.r of Ihis pt it iitient (jqutestion,
andt rep'.ied:
"No, ( liarlie. dear, I tlae not.''
"And dil (.0o litnever havei a baby:'"
In spite of the youtlh of her ean"er iii
te 'loc titor iher" hitanid olnie eyes droo ,
eid before his ii 'eoliui ii-'t, ani her
p r, t ty fa r e t l- Ihl' d :1-4 - h , r l't Illle
No, lariie.I 1 ile\tl did". I not ' hii
a leantu iful d'iv:l'
"Anid in't (lo never doitn't to have
no baby?" per-ited h (arlie, decliIinn
to enter on the telllptinq converrsa
tional side track of the weatheir.
"My ;oy, I can't tell. Tell tme nll
the ;ites of whomi those are thu
p h , t o ,,r at h s."
"Anti don't oo want it uIty!"
"Why. Charlie, vhitit It tIos'
tior'r ou iIarle. If you iate lnot re 'Iiuli
you will ,row into one of tho.-t, newis
iiaper interviewers, and then wha:it
will your poor lania think of youi"'
"Becaui.e," continllued iinarlie. uit
terly re:iainii to be switchetld til, "1
know whe're on tlin det one. Tl'hedoc
tor broiiniht liy ianiltna one, auid lie
keepth *.emii in his offiti. You juth
do down Ellith threet to Martet
threet, 1and den oo do down Martet
threet to Tarney threet. an I den oo
do down Tarney threet ever theo tr.
and den oo do tip a lot of thairth anI
thtath where lie tceps 't'nl. A.iil
thley're awfurl cihelap too. My papla
hiatln't paid for lly) nialnita'syet,
but heth doin' to."
''Well, Charlic. I'm mulch obli,,tl to
you for your full directions, and ll11
kiiowv just where to co."
"'ilt, Mith----, oo Ileetd't. do. I'll
teli my papa juth inth tiho.n ath ever
lie tlnts bhome that oo ltanot a baby,
and he'll det one for oo, and-"
'Tihat youni lady s-izied that little
boy by his two shoulders, and, lean
ing over so as to look full into his
eyes she said, with an unipressivenes3
lent bIy eudden terror:
",ee here, Charlie, listen to me. I
don't want any bablly yet, ani]
if you ever say anything about
it to y'oar papa I'll nlevt-r like
you any more atit all, at all nev'er,
never, never. Now, will you pronlise?"
"Well, if oo don't want a baby I
won't, but I t'ot everybody like to
have babirth. I do."
The interview was hiere ternminated
by the entrance of a servant to uisher
the visitor in:o the presence of tilh
convalescent lady.
The Meditated Suicide.
From the Indianapol s .Journall.
Speaking of suicides-there have
been several lately, and a good mlany
people are talking atboult them-a sto
ry inas been told confidentially by a
worthy citizen, who contenmplated
shutitling of this nlortal coil. He
thought of it. and thinks he was in'
earnest, but this I doubt, becausekill
ing one's self is eaid to hei a Intillful
operation. Andl the wortiihy citizen is
a nlail who is extreielyaI careful of his
owtn Cotlfiort. Howev\er, busines.s had
gone wront, anOther nlman had secured
the church pew lie set Ils heart upon,
rents had been raised, lie *tstn't very
well. any way, and life didn't scemn
worth living. Hlis wife would get his
insurance nloneIy; she knew as nluch
about his biusines als lie did himlnself,
aaild Otiu sLet ilillIg witltout him.
Thliat nighlt hie took hionai a box of
"roluglh on rats," and aiter hI' wife had
retired, took It out and read the dli
rections. Then he 'ot ont llis razor
I and straplled it anat loaded his revol
ver. IHe didn't know which method
he woulld lpuse, or wht'therlae would ti'y
all three and nlake a sure thing or it.
lle would decidte a:ter the razor was
properiv tharpetLned. Then he strap
Ied away, and wlil he was tryineL to
cut a tiair a sleepy voicecaiec from tlhe
next room: "(eori-e, l'ncle John
brought us ai giallol of laew maple syr.
up to-lity. and we will ha\-e fritters
anti syrup for Irea:kfast. I--thought
-you'd like-to kliott." '['he razor
anIId revolver wer'e laidl away promlit.
ly; life took on a iniore roseate aspect,
and the next iiornling af'ter bireakfast
the "Rough on nRat- iv'as carefully
distributed alone .the trail of trouble- '
some vermlin. (;eore still continues
-- --. -..mi--
Brotlher laurdner oln "Dooty."
Detroit Fre Prees.
If de Lawd expeckted mne to worry
ober de heathens in Africa he'd hev
arrang.l it ifr mle to lit iio'n at Cape
Town or Zanzibar, an' llhe'd her given
me mo' lig" power an' Iio' cash. It
it was inteded dat all de sinners in
Anlerica should be saved ole Satac
wouldn't hev bim 'lowed to invent sc
much wickedness. If it witrexpackted
dat I should haid out a diollar to eb
ely pusson in distress, it would her
bin fixpd dat I shonld tindt a cold mine
in nlv thak yard. I ilevdi-kivered, ir
tiCgerin' on tde. things, dat diar' air
no JpertIckler nieed of any heathen gwin.
to It akheii: cdat ,I' poo folks who nam
helped dis y'ar rini Jist as badoffnext;
dhit people who am so mInnth consarled
alhot wicke.nes, s at hioiin- uixerally
foreit to !,iay 'tir hoie.it, d(tbts; duet
,i,, I,,'o1l til-' ltt'i'lrac 'I de .,on0 t about
i!.til ' I: ; i," ,e', ,t con-c el-hll tli Of it.
I. ,!, i;r I-, 1 'il -eek to aira $2pei
ni ''t>1. ilt " debt: shltiar' i"n at
,,- - . i , , S.it tll lay iu ht;s'weai
tod it' i'o i, n It' witness at ,xi'; keet
i!p ," tIIw retnt: 'relebr'ate 1ashing
tol' Inn I rli.;n\ . ai' iher' a ta dollar in my
poket fiii" il,,y latiorin' iman wholmay
Ill.-et wit Irli!-intllxlxe. I)ata swine tC
Le ,i' ,!o, v. vi'an if it won't take nme
to Hie t'lin lonig wid de roe' of yO
shtall Ihv to stop in de United State
an' do die beds' 1 kin.
Irs. Heaarleks'O Ia LI .
Mrs. Hendricka, widow of the late vie·s
president, made a short visit to Washbig.
ton this week, arriving Tuesday and lear
ing again for her home in Indiahapolis yes,
o terday afternpon. During her stay Mr.
Hendricks, whMqmade the journey to see an
ill friend, was thf guest of her cousin. M.tjo,
Thomas P. Mor-an. She is looking uintt
sumlly well, and srqaks entlhiiasitictulty ot
her life work, ',hecidcjs to carry ,out to coiut
I pletion every Ltte s ith or Iplatn prolctei
n by her late Iu.blnd. Iturmrg their long
life tgeth..r Mrs. liendathks m.le a pirac
tice of jottin. downu e hCt\ er was said in
I1 regard to any plars our the future. -ince
tL tthd e ltth vice-.. ýre·idehnt these
11 n ites base pt ,,ed olin rttlt a1h h v' lu ," to .
his widow, whoie sOle object 't hlif now is
I to do all in h,.r p,,% - ' to ,t lv cI'" ti,l nl to
t fulfillment. ":e li'.,, entirely .IlonI in her
large houes ..t,li. Vh.' l '. a .ier .,rt,.ui
of each day :t d lrmr; to-r hit-,.tudL Is 1t
I. time, in thee ptl It,., buho ty' ,en' a. d i tar
0 reseltnlenice nit4 iucih litei;try work is
, necessarily i. st.lv,.. ul,on I..-r for tit,' ic
Scinlmplisol.trat of h.r pIlt-.- haltilltore
* Monuments ia Indianaiol..
pr There i-m ti prospect that lnali;an.spulis
mlay bectn' knlown ila tlt. ttititiiitnaital l
city of tihe we..t. .t least she it rtaldiig at
Sfair', c.,l st. tt. The M1orton nsto, ument
0 ii' a liatlsit.nu' lecet' ol broiu. w,,. :andt
altoceteer cr.tlittlable in its wa.,. The aI.,- :
dricks mnuiI:ient will iroably b'. a. geod,
Stht.rgti we h;eve Ino inkliln yet as to its
chara.ct.r. The tumonulmunt to the lat.'
htiyler t('o!fixo. to ,be erctc! by the Odd
Fellows, will l.rlolly be minorearniuint al
thant cither, ,and, to t I lh' gneral eye. more I
interestini'. Finally, (lie soldiers' Oonu
.io:ent. yet to It . . whitli0, the niagnP~.ceut
Sanm111 of $20&i,0l) T,.s bIts appropopritted,
wiil osertop iland ovtrsthadlaw all the rest.
ThTtese fouiir s ill mnake it ,.,.," begnliining for
a toll-ctiin of .utluor etiatuilv that will
be a credit to the city.--lhdi.tttii,olis Joer
Female Uum-C'henere.
Chew! ('liv'. Chess': It l%'ts beciaome a
national hab:it, anud he or pbhewho has not
a mouthful of guin or tobacco upon which
the energies are expeInded is an rexception.
o In sottall gathl.rings. on the street car, at
pullic entertainuments, it is tit.' aill to ever
lasting w;I .,ing of tile chint. -\Wax ti atres of
the poiplo u the prt-set.t will be ma tide a
t thousanUd yealrs front now with a: pef,s'tuitl
umotion mich tie ithifeti inl the molut.l to
keep the laWS itnovin in order to be ii seal
t istcl rtlpre.,letation. Tle figure wouldl l*; it
cnaritatuie itithout it. happy is the Rustn
t- manufacturer in tllhi day and gelera
[ tion. for the cry is still for miore of his pro.
ducts. Relinted women can rival the most
inveterate tobacco a hewers in their power
of chewting. Like the flowingof Tennysor '
i "rook.' their laws wag on "forever."
t Toledo Blade.
o lark Twain's English Royalties.
r' Until some agtrievel author assasinate
the president of the 'Unitedl Stltes so lont
I iil the brain of the English gauthor be
it stolen and served upi as cheap q`ss by the
t, lirate publisters of Amnericdl. Messrs.
('hatto and Windus pulblinl snoiu of Bret
o liarto's books. Artemtuas VWrd's aat Mark
Twain's. As muight be, expected itre is
little sale for Artemmus. Bret Harti p
far, but Mark Twain matkes a really i:d
i eont income by his boks, which are, of
r cytrse, copyright. Me'srs. Cihatto atd
Windties are Mr. Clemeis' English publisis
ers. His books, I should say, are eleved
e inlnumber. publisced at prices varyinglfromu
7s. 6d. to2s. The following are tile pay
mants mad,' to himn in roylties: £I,2M1,
is £1.522, £Glo. £904. £356, £9179. £471,
£70, £162'. £39t, £96l); total. £7,712oran
annlmual iuconle of over £1,Vi)0t.-Verbumi
1 Sap.
i The take to Binghamton.
Utica, Clark county, Indiana. nultnars
I; among its inhabitaints the smallest baby
in the world. The child was born on Fri
I tlay to the wife of Raynmontl Ferguson. a
O farmer, and it weighs just sixteen ounces.
The child is well formed and in very good
d health. The arms of the little stranger are
just three inchtes, loiig. while ire legs mens
ur urfour inches. The attendimig physician
t says it will live if nothing unforseen hap.
pens. The father and mother taf the midg
et weigh over 130 pounds, and are in the
best lof ealth.-Ex.
There is at young lady of 20 unvmmmers now
living in this city, whereile wasborn; finely
formled, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 112 pounds
e weight. healthy, %ivaicious, good looking
y and tihe greatest flirt in towlq ready
and anxious to get married, full ottlin and
º frolic as lan egg is of meat, who. wr have
ubees informed by her mother, now living,
was only twelve ounces in weight when she
was bhorn.
Will our exchange cease to brag of its lit.
Stie baby now:-Binghamnton Democrat.
II A Clock of Tkeletous.
SWe a- ~hl of a stranger clock thai Is
said t< re belongedl to a lHindoo prince.
d A lawrge ,ng was hung on poles near the
Sdial, and all about upon the ground lay a
pile of artificial human heads. ribs legs and
- arms. The whole number of bones in the
V pile was equal to thie number of bones in
f twelve perlect bodies, but thepile appeared
C to have been thrown together in the great
h eat confusoeion. When the hands of the clock
Sindicated the hour of 1 out, fronm the pile
crawled first the mumber of parts needed to
form thie frame of one man, part coming to
SIart with quick click, and when completed
Sthe tigure sprang up. seized a mallet, and,
- walked up to the golg, struck one blow.
r This done hlie returnedto the pileand fell to
Spieces agaisn. When 2 o'clock came two
arose and did likewise; aud at the hour of
noon and midnight the miflre heap sprang
up. and. marching to the gong. struck one
* afteranothler his blow, maingtwelvein all
C then returning fell to pieces as before.
o It isn't necessary to place an ear to the
t ground in order to hear the bLzzing of the
, multitudious presidential bee.
SIf there ever was a specific for any one
t complaint. then Carter's Little Liver Pills
are a specific for sick headache. and every
Swowan should know this. Only one pill a
t Opportunif Jis afoose thit comes to us
to be plucked.
('ineinnatti detectives capn't tell an eoD
ing bridegroom from an escaping horse
. The Ottoman empire doesn't compare
with the democracy of the sofa.
V Persons in ordinary circumstalnces can
not afford to be sick when a heavy bill
from a doctor ie the result. The latter
Scan be obviated if you have a cough or
cold. by the timely use of Coisans' Honey
Iof Tar, which has long been in use, and is
f universally conceded to be the only pure
Sand simple remedy for a cough or cold.
3 For a public officer to become a boodler
Srerlulres a cast iron cheek and an India
rubber conscience.
CocoEs As COLis. Those who are suf
fering from Coughs. Colds, Sore Throat.etc.,
should try Baows's BmoscaraL TaocaEs.
Sold only in boxes. Price 5 ete.
Swimming is not going out, but dives are
-in New York.
8 sallow Skin aad PImplees oa the Pae
t cured by CAuili'S LItrLU LIIta PILLs.
25 cts.
oug Little Fortnes
imay be held by all who are sufflcim .y In
telligent ant enterprising to embrace the
oulportunities which occasionally are offer
ed them. Hallett & Co.. Portland, Maine,
hlve somethilig new to offer in the line of
Work which yu can do for theam, and live
at home. wherever you are located. Profits
immense and every worker im sure of over
$ 5 a day; several have made over $50
in a single day. All ages; botheee. Cap
I ital aot sequired; yon a'ahtarte free; all
partlealars free. Tott had litter wne to
Sthema at eoe.
mlen, uach as U. S. Sna tor Vooobeea.
oftlndlaifa. are. loud in th Ir pr se of
Sik Jacobs Oil as an instal taneoiia tri.
! fo rheuwmatism. neuralgia, sciatita ani
other b,.dily pains.
A }Iluff Gan/e.--Pl'ayi.: * .. ore ut tin,
edge of j precipice.
Everybody's companipn is nrdbo,ldy'
friend, but led Star Cough f:ure ij
everybody's friend. i'rpf. GrY,the. or,
the Brooklyn hoard of I valth sendorses
it as prompt, safe. antd surn. Price
twenty-live celnt a bottle.
An ignorant fol is I,..tter 4 han at, ed
ucated tlackggcstrd.
In Seneral Debility, I:ltas luat ion.
C(ommn mption. amd t' altinll ln
C1Bildru-n, Cosa'o P.am ulion io
7'ure 4 ot? Liver Oil with Ilyp iho-,hites,
is a nost. valuable food atnd *iendi in'-. It
creates nua appetite for food. -trongth.:llu
the nerv qu u \sstem, and LI 'ilds up thi
body. llerase read: "' t a...d I ciItts lhlul
sion on a yz.ung man'i who.l it h sicias it.
times gavetup hope. Since lit I,.1:, i usinil i
the Emulasion his Cough hasi cii e"t,,I. .aile-d
I flesh and qtrength, and Iront all appr-
ances his lke will beI,,olonglcl is any yiears..
-.JloHN SLt IVAN. iHo.i'itl ;t. war l, Mour.
gauza. Pa.
The spring overcoat is a d eltioni) asird a
I IDeith 'ainles+s S
A Philadelphia doctor. ati ter rveirs of
careful obsertation, says that our dtl.mi,*.
is as painless as our advent tb, the world.
This is certaiOly reassuring; lt inotwvith.
standing these great indu,'neentirs. a , still
do not court dieath, and ihalf , il,tinue to
use Dr. Pi-rce's infallible ren - . t he
"toihlen Meical Discovery," 1f"4 c nuilp
tion, spitting of blood, shortutnsoi Ir.,ath,
weak lunIs. ooughs, bronchitis. Iad kindred
affectiots of the throat and c lltst. It is
unequaled. By druggists.
Much genius is wasted on tie desert air
that should be utilized on a '.Alu pile.
A Poor. Weak istn ter.
who is suffering front aililente+ peculi;ar to
helr sex, dreadiing t go to a ;P ysiclan, but
knowing she needs medical h rp, will tind
in llr. Pierce's Favorite P'rieacription,' a
preparation which will give her strength
and new life through the renstration of all
her organs to their ILtitral and healthy
actioii. It is the result oP Sanny ) tars ofi
st udy and practice by a t htroughllys citnt Ifici
physician, who has lmade these troukles a
specialty. To be had' of all drggistta.
.Many a woman trustsher ltasIhrtd when
he can t got trusted by any body else.
i - .... e--~- -
A Deceived lbpman,
Is the lady who uses cosnwtics, face I tions
white lead, bislantth. powdlere, arseni etc.,
in the belief of enriching and beau, ifyiu,
the complexion. It is but temnporar F. and
ultimately destroys the skin beyon~I th"r
power of nat tire to restbre. Stop it! Stopl
it now. an Il use oldy Dr. Ifarter's Iron
Tonic. which imparts the vigor and '&oveli
ness of youth.
A wink in time strengthens the siea
Blronchiti is cured byJrequentb aSall doses
if Placo's Cure for Consumption.
A "Phast Take. "-When sheriff beizes a
a paintingoflice.
Ors et ofboot com e sae4d yearly by esting
aIor'.Yl t Meislic Heel Stitensm.
SWhn M wBby wa sLk, wetve lar Cater
Wen abe wa a Child, he ro d forc ari
65 CENTS aor i Year's ubseptio o
SC /JJL J 8boWeekly Am 'rican iural
Holwel iobate l.. Y.. withol. ireiul-a-' e
cheatrsatand acea Weekig ina te W. 1 a pa". {d
colunsa. lt ears ord. Ihr One Dollar you Iaisel
one choice fms ever 1:4 different C'leth-l3ead
loier Veboluhm . am to 5i pp.. and aper ee yeas
st- ai Ueek potage 1c. te. 00 * ka
ivei wad. Ameag them are: Law withbet lawyers.
tCylopedia; LFm C'yclopedia:; Farmer' sad
Stock  ' ' old.s: C eUe sten"o in PeuitrIlm,
Yard. Qacid i Danlse'o (Ohl'l- t'ou.n
seller BoJs' o Useal PasiUes Five Years iefore thep
il lPeetpsees of United laes; Univeri4_.
MBoiorfa ikatioll; Popular Bitory Clvu Waae
(bothsa q. ,
An o. k book and paper. one year. elI ;.eo-psid _I +
Cor 5t.lb.0iy. Piper altom. sic. araulsterii a-
a-tkOd e Sookh sad Wrtekly. or moew refur.ded,
Rlferece: JIon C. t. .P)Saoll. Mator of Rocherster.
ISample pa. e. RURAL HONME ('C.. l.i.. I
·t·out ,'eemmiam Gc.a ae.ar: lt.c..'m . N.Y.i
-Sufferlng fom KidneI DIe 1
eae orlar troubles p -
oullartoherses. -
Its ja rji Ls edy b, the lrtit'mate Aaligef '(
daleae 4dhth re llr/af/.is,aadthat it dres allit
-tismu Isdat ,th leasdss a dis rea gladiyt ely.
It nas sood the estoftwenty yearsin redieving periodl
yeaens, Jeckache and €asequent nervous ditrus.
Preably no other woanu in the world receive
mny 9entqs of thanks" am Lydia K Pinkhamn, of
Lyma, Mlas. Mrs. I----of Eafacld, N. H., says:
S"I will simplf nay that your Vegetable Compaund is all
yor commeAd it t be. It as dwe mwe ISerls if -
ipd. Anotbrlady wriesfrom Oawa a followe: "
khavc just o.dayo ght the aevemth bottle of yer Vege
a'c Copmpuo ive med two boxes of Pills ad sn-.
ml packages of polur 'anative Wash, and think litem
right, sell you haoewoh goodI derivedf m year mdi
cin. They are r4nrgalLr Cudreed. All the pis
Sand acbres haealmod eprd, my asmach i muchl
eaooger to and I5eatarynipoeweed ery "
F Pl. 0. eS s ay r esmis
umn UIjlv~ .m m .ram wll b. ,
i" +t1 iv-, , .... ,-,,..-- ...M... ,,,,.
trMNt rt IIIMrM" CWnCo" tree . J. Towor, ao . I mi
hir Infants and Children.
*****birn*drasb..ss e- ... emw Cean. te..mtpgn.
MsmsaianmaBapri Woaasreriptima Soar Stomeac. DIarrbam, uctatos.
m tms" .A Aa. .D. hL Wlorms. sleep, l ed pr s d
Ta arrwa. Coa., 6 : t'PZem Itree. M..
Why did the Women
of this country use over 'tirteenl million cakes of
Procter & Gamble's Lenox Soap in 886 ?
Buy a cake of Lenox and you will soon understand why.
o ureer. 1o, rIl.s and Ifers. use early
lf 'i^r e's Extract of Smart-Weed.
Th' . -Iltau of Turkey heb 4u4 wives but
Sthltri :nuothert do not livewi:h theru.
ao a tbti u.
:DY -----
a Ed I ST TONIC, d
r fapro yper Tf te lther t dsp fre t nl y
nly stren th aeait head adriop m mysa and
Mass o , thas a dwe.
' yr--nre- Bau-ZT.W.treamalst mb~
(5s srr a Icha urif , hiwnmeell t ji b
tr t t
npmbrV n r f dheal
Ounae tIMa t r o di r e and J.
uot a liauid orasou.
m4Srur . EY e ther. r ait , eN
r-• d l intda y aiiti leai ito the
ei mth p
1Quicly T NIClw
Seformwesta.m Baltiri T
.th>iate nt o ets o te he ,
lanted tIhe ot d l ui ed io
lmAR K AT Up , . r oittle beCure
heOl ainal ie and l . .utairn en.
ArL .atu: rI e eDdnd I Lom l 'tt n o ita tlb
I ttI fro Dyspepn al
by arin wth r nne iod arl u . 'ltl oldr dm di el
rut uno wat s y so plroa1ou- rs a ou ad, d hou n Ma 
th warRt wY yllo , I had a rte lr stI r me andth e.
1clr lm eat l r, kr a nd milk in salni yuta titw- s
al wn' Io B e Io t a wret IIea
netd a, aryhum withot nrdl aitton and t, Iu.
S ure me. e d alor r irc oirad it
A p auc aholnlr la earh andotril and . areeabl
ant ppr r ' e rlk ho etare. Orldu •all hiS .
S O -aira la,. fLL. l eI.t /.. )ra i. Owtdu . + . .
.. ak  M, . r,
Sto n tyd . tr lantha rane, hrn b
t tlea.L Frmor, rtdo thent- n
sa e Ceat wo e all i uer noira yna
rTHuE" r an
LYr ma fream o -nalmga
t th be too worhkrn o L.ll nd ntothe
* I He tr" e Rsll E Na . a urbe
Tho Oar.na ndely aleanin eSen
f'r hl. o »lilsh ow na tnrrhad riruel .
n. ltfuaiolo-, tii . r Alnorrys  rdaos
I5P n a t u tAiW (Lth
tolan"ot.that  ' i aan, of e a ea.
oru -geslr l g frtu m t a dditiona
.. an l l, noi b r pl ek l heat
U.r o ti w ar liquidd eor snu
A Qulick Rlelief
d par icdhleoaa plitl ledo frh ne.tril aed i arewablr
bu.e " E. to p g od ntonril or at drugia. . Se- for
EirulAr. sLY BPILMRS. DClarnIT OgII . IlN. Yb .
H etreat rori a and itr comnlycation i tr h ih..
lhaillle . ay Ior. all 4tense. droopy r n b l g l
rto lul toay da akJurevate pronouned hopeless by,
the liknn(tyh.ut ns. Fruin tfr t tdurethewr. n to
-uutlt. liunemberis dues nwot costyou an)tew te
rfore theItr ltm or our treatme fur s oures l. We
are c ilonstanly tH N t. icT5o ofMlun IaLo.n-es
OPPIU '~a tr ben tapedsar o tmae, lnO the pa.
tiect Satdarey urnb r t o ri e a hee. 1Oi.o frull story
tasr. name. Pen. reLow longl. d' .t .Sendolor
lfre paunphlti. c snn p,-ttg teatlnto nle i I rerted is
id fuby all o the Flea n y mail. It h uu order. and dall
aH. H. Ad rs Nt &.1 sti. ta . l i.
2 Ma ri.ta. L rrct A t ra, a.
that ccureo bettr work an thee
thatweare bulldln. Send for
eircular eld lrCe., Hls which will
be mailed frpree. .ll . wwr . u
WARK- MAN U. E CO.. CI.. bo
D1o yr, f+tl. d .ll. lang. d. I. w-s. i f.
ales. ani luir rthsrnl.ly Imoi.let!k. o,. s
rlly and rotetall3 'i., r,,ie a -os of
fullness or bloatig :ift.r *.iotr taro t
Iras." or emtptiiti.i .I StituIth in the [il
Ins. t'otgui, cottel. t rtt r tr h [el t
hauil'tion., irritabilty tot tiii r. hi t t ie
iltiltr atung a ll rthllI i tah, y , tattnl , g
fief, dlruawru . .*, r tnrut+. %v tkefulntyq
dilturbe"d and taste rrettitor hMtp, aS
islearnhabirdu I " ling of dre : 1, or ..f unpeDL
lair a'iibnitj ?
If you tt ,. nil. or elqr i trailerRit ttaiL
oN tlae. . t -. *u' f"frin
thllt f t 11onun11an l ut 1 '*' Inm
liutis 1) lauh .r Torpat 1 r, z-1
with Ilynpi-psis[. or Ind ag. tt.i The
csxipliacs.t )oar d ar~ la. bare (
gl:ruter the nutmlla"r imtll iity o.  '
talir. No miltter what lt;g-E It aIq
Dr. Pieree'k Uold, led dical Dlae
will subdlue It. If tailk n ilito'i , g to helet
tioun for a re.isntlulab k r.gtlh ,f tetie. If t
cured., tomtphttloLt nlmltii andtIJ ('llit i
tio ntf thll , lIlir .Skln ll let1 i .i J I I rti- t
Itheunilttlu. ia:u. K IthW l t., ,". Irother tI
thianliali are ,quit"' lnt,-  t. at in POamadlill
or bater, atdut"' a Gtail tirtitniti .
Dr. Piercre' Golden Ylled"l cl a
cowery cats piiw-rIidtiV Mal'ia thelieLivy
through that Lgnt bl..Jl -purilying 0,
cl laiuri Ith ylstl u ii of Ill tiltll"l-tainti sa
puritis, tnrol wliaterver cittiau ansti . It Ii
*Iualy efntllinitnr il in acting uIiIn Ktmli.
neys. and other exr4r..4rr organt, ct"Ji
tre thlini.h g.llll , tl I . hrll ir iiing -eir t ai
al nan ,tutlc.m, nrwnirlh,, toni,k it rIo
diagstion land lltitrllin, th nby hilltdlnpll
both tlillsh ud strtizntlh. Il Ii lalarull dlInts
thllis wonderful mlnitiiiii. hasL gainead l R
,.lhbrilt in Blur inl Fe t. r iuid Agii, ('hll\l
Ede r, Dlulmb Ague, :anl ktl d * l'lni*)i
Dr. Pierre's Goldenl .ledliai u
from a nlllnllion IMlothI. or Eruptimkl to th
worst Scrofuli. .1it-rlt.ull ~. "F1eretlt.'.
Scaly or itugll Skin. in short, all di
cnetalld by bld lihtdl are ouinqud hby s
powerful, purlfyinlg and intvil lail
ciae. (1rat Eating r laI.rr rapid'% beis ."
Its benaig intitenat. Eaw iOu iwl
fePstol its pstite'e t a curing Izte. T" a-u
Erysll·ldhiU. lkll. (3rtlucdjout Ec o
ulu u nsiv and SwellD l.iPnig s D
" Whit, Swillinºgs." Gaolt, or 'Tk Neck
and Enlargad (;hlands. tea cents in
stamps for a larp Trarge at,'thr wt
plates. on Skin Dis eaes, or the ame teat
for a Trratise on L-rolulous AtIect.ue
Thorolhli cleansl ithy using Dr. P.wesa•
Golden Iledieul lscover and good
digestion, a fair skin. Luiat irits, e I
strength and bdallly health will he cstahI;c
which Is srofala of the Lungs, is hrnt
anil cured by this remedy, If .aken in thl
nrlk'r stages of tho dimeaer. From its re.
velons power over this terribly fatal dilam,
-hen firt ollering this now world-famed rutn
edy to the public. Dr. Pierre thought sernou*
of cailing It his "CoanrurmonT Crta" ta"
abandoed that name as too ntrictre far
a medicine which, from Its wonderful coe.
binatli of tonic, or srengthening. alteatiw.
or bkla-clansil ani-btlious apct.rl.
nutritive o is umneluld. not Il
IIa d for Conisumption. but for ý
Chronic eaOsst tlmw
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
For Wrak Lung.s. SplttLng of Blood. thou.
ness of Breath, (ironic Nasal Catsrrb. tNes.
ehiits. Asthms. Severe Coughs, and kituhte
affections, it Is an efficient remedy.
sold by Druggists, at 1.0, or dlx tlths
Si nd ten cents In tama for Dr. Plerce'
book on Consumpdtio. stn. asa
668 UMal 6t., BUFFALO, N. I.
Will L 0
of APPalmts. ldislaJia l
em tohe. eitio o1 r
arasatl antI Ti
ousaid b ued Basae.
D AIe lls n Ia PatII i
I lars.  T r.ea . t. nllal
i lridd lts W olia. r ofthe orul.Va
andw~rta CLaermati s sar.l
ah. Sm iemei s and "Dreae tom sai
Habetso D.l woit, eh L (toa Ior . rLet. A
Mtestil to the we08 sls0felbealipo
n ews mUra ehl o ai
Pi·so' Ilm l w tar le
All iches o end Ptin .
h tidmelsl ulvd l as tm i
Wst oa o.rea pas w mo st as t
ft Cursi r Ternc. T ia r
ote Our OPKo T IoIled free N -
-learty etstat. . a grosa bltN *AN
andLA A lrmlaueatrw. Spccnal is
Nort Na
WamlaUid Op Couay Shrewd mar to mat madet -
nut-cthhasa ur Si . rat Sorieso. cEi/ trta.eflot3
rzTE iT-At. tIA.odt. teulasati. ii.
M 0 e il bSe, "ta4
--fir _
IC1T ,,~~I., ,--.y.  LI;·~IO ~

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