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Madison times. (Tallulah, Madison Parish, La.) 1884-1???, June 04, 1887, Image 1

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. L. IV.o---N(O. H .L
...D.LL( LAI.\IS.O, P.\I.I . LA. AT DY. .N . i. 1 -.li Y
r :,i) n i i..e 'LEH i\ .'t~ f
. ý![. [1'.--\(º i~ti.['.IL FL _11. `I1Isiý º': P R -F.LA..
Swof ',*' settna; aunt
1 D yi a tUs pwe" it red.
Wd eais all but ione;
"i - " c r.m l , r. u p ,v' . rh e a d
(J too omo!)
There rl,-- ' cl,d-lthe cynic !n(von.
. a winter da !
er k hC north loth blow.
yn kU tl"'- c:i11l and gray.
(la eld- wtlrrŽ nu crops now gro.-
Fii41 ,,n& s ~horn
,r braleY and ,;oldeia corn. J
eg e old mean * l
'flolrf are white and "is gaze
LMbs tured in his vlio ze wan. e'
WallmwIat ot yesterdays: s
i * .Toylry.
IM gilg.tld *mblcs and looks at me.
A ang of a isA fnlwer'!
TMa p9iL the tender ead,
and r o am ahur,.
In tood,
1Fa-b# w$1l det and low.
S -Le.s smel .or
. %@ v."lE W Calico.
I was tows the ether
murnint,. l wife handed toe a
little pier of red calico, and asked me
rei gh:ie time during the day to
taI- at r tWO vard* and a half of c'alion
li.' i.t:i:. I assnnd her that it would
it .,, rouble at all: and putting the
di4'". a iem is my Ipoket. I took
th :: ,n for the -:ty.
it Iunch time I steppel nto a lar:s
4d :",ý!. - tqe to attend to my ,'ife's
et,U".sift h saw a well .dressed
t, taUt:. door between the
"''rw ient lo- lines of g ris
w, w..' on it lo ner line.s of
I achim where I
red eti,.
•*'., t,'. ir." antd he led me iup
tk. s :,.. "Mlis; Stone," said he to e.
ta : '.h-w tliC .entleman some
*"'h -. t h t i. io ni want?" asked
Siew.m&her the littlepiece of calico
tl ,wlrlekad given me. She look
:! aied handed it back to me.
.I.h44tek down a great roll of red
1c: ,o :rnd o.pre:ti it out on the counter.
daf,y, that ,-u't the shade!" said L
"Yl), n,t etxactly." .' aid it(he; **but it
•i r:, tLht vout rarapie."
&Sn t.ii b e." se I; "*bt. you
. see, I want to match this piece. There
Sis something already rmad of this kind
-o calIco. which needs to be made
laper, or mended, or something. I
want some calico of the sane sihade."
The girl male no answer, but took
dn another roll.
"That's the shale." said she.
"" i replied. "but it's ,tripcd."
---itripet are worn more then any
thig else ile esaMq " iod se.
"Yes; bullhisn't to he wtre. rts
r furnitur I hiat Atny rate. I
want Perf y lai taff to rka
nearest " . : .
•*W ~ ron t nk yon can tin'1 it
peiaey plain. unless you get Turkey
t is Trkey-red?" I asked.
as rfectly platl in ali
me see some. "
"We lhaven't any Turker-red calico
lit." `he said: but we have some very
use plain calico in ether colors.'
S"I don't want any ether color. I
want staf to match thi.'"
0 0 0 ha' toe 'match eheap eibso
liike that." she said. and so I left her.
I mat went into a Lore a few doors
farther up bteadwar. When I entered
"~4 e0-waiker."" at
a ng him my sample, 'aid:
"Have yo any calico like tlus?"
mid co te
l s to the
salesmea in attendance there. He
looked a it olit 14 oe aen e
S"We haven't any of this."
"That gentleman said. yo lulhad."
'fav e'so any sinE like Ik Is.
"Tee Tur.nyqji what *
"r' Turkeyred just like thsr i
a" ui he. "bat It's mueh better.
•"But tl dom't ne that f furnri.
tre," he said.
. "I should thiak people emld ee any.
S ey wanted faor frmitera" I r
, a immewh sharply.
' -te dml y They duon'tr - e red
like that. 'fbw Uhe tl'rre
,iel kept red calico
mt lesm
the rowd of pnr
riC ,l pepml1ie. and ,round
~ ~ Iiled with
, - .- tethe left.
)tk'$ -' I asked forred cai
- estm"aer down as thi.,
~q ain w m nr s,' se ld the m an.
em tle ol
huh of the tare.
I weas u
the beck of the
.Dl1b IF
S"Next eonnter but one," said thi
man adlre~sed. walking with me in "':i
direotion pointed out.
"Dunn, "huw red calicoes."
Mr. Dunn took my sample and look,'-º
at, it.
"We haven't this shade in that qualr
ity of goods." he said.
"Well, have you it in any qluality of
goods?" 1 asked.
"Yes: we've got it tiner." And ile
took down a piece of colieo, and un
rolled a yard or two of it on the cou,i
"'That's not the ,hade." I -aid.
"No,' said lihe. 'hl'he goods s tliner
and the color's b,.t tr."
"I want it to iattn. t!h:e." I sa d.
"I thought ,a v on' .::i'.tr
about the atUtcil. -:ud the ait, c.,;.tl.
"You said you lidnn' : cara for th '-jl:ui
ty of the goodt.. anld :l ktt Nitow you
can't match goods without you take in,
to eonsiderauon quality and color both
If you want that qualiti of _oods in
Red, you ouught to ge Turkey-red.'"
I did not thine t necessary to an
swer this remllark. but said:
"Thenh you've gat nothing to match
r this?"
"No., sir. But perhaps they may
a have it in the upholstery d,.pari:ttmti
I in the sixth -tory."
So I gut on the elevator, and went
up to the top of :le house.
"' l-ave vos alny red stuff like ti±.:'
' I said to a '.,UaP man.
S"led stuff? Upholstery department
-other end of this floor.'
"I wan't some red calico.," I said to
a mant.
S"F.urniture goEtdx'" he asked.
"Yes." .idl L
""Fourth counter to the leftL"
I went to tue fourth counter to the
leo, and sihewod my sanel s to a aite,
man. He looked at it and saids
'You'I get thin down on the first
floer-caloo department"
I turned on my heel. deseendr.l on
the elevator, and went out on lBroa,:
way. I was thoroughly sick of r,-d
calico. But I determine I to ii::t., " One
more trial. My wife had boughlit her
redl calico lo: long beturlo, anl, t F-re
must be sense to be had somew Litcre. I
ought to have asked her where -he
tueght it,S hl thougIt a simpl l 'te
thing like that coS be bought ,, -
I where.
I went into another large dry bau' Is
store. As I entered the stro a tld..n
treaor seined mao I could not bu"r ko
take at that p ee of red eallms, if i
had had any other kind of a rsgabout
Sme- pen-wiper or anything of t'.e
sort-I think I woald have asked ?ru
if they coaM Im eh that.
But I stepped uaynygam n
usual qemil %1
"Back room, counter on the left."
she said.
I went there.
"Have vou any resl c ed ,;ik. tini-?'"
I asked of the :laiv tbindtl the cn:! iter.
- "'No. sir." shile al. "but we have t
ti rke y-re.d"
[ rkkey-esd again. I ienleret.
" 'Ail r;gbt," I saidt. tgi nlo 'lur
,k re ,."
S"low mta -ir.' "she asked.
"I don't know--av live yards."
The lady looked at lne rather stirang-
Iv, but mte:,ured off live yards of T :r
kes--red calico.
Then she rapped on the counter antd
ealled out "ashft" A little girt,- w.th
yellow hair in two lung plais, came
slowly up. The l:ady wrote the uiui:i
ber of yards, the name of the g,o,!s
[ her own number, ;.he tric,. t!:i :alltiuint
of the batik-note I ha;l,,id i:.r. :::a i
some other matters, probably thie elr
of my eyes and the ,tiroetion and rvi
ocity of the wind on a: -lip of :t...
t Sie then eonied all this in a; ttlu utoai.
whkch ahe ke' by hor. Luy *;t.
handed the slip of paIm r. t"' ma v
ur agrl,·o the ye.ayv-,.;air
ad jV ·Trhis voungT ;irl copmes use
slip a little o',k 'he c :,ýfl
tb "NO W o.
'th hier liTp ai t tiofi
After a very Ion: t:Lne--durin.t which
the little .irl piroatly. took the >od.
the noney and the slil to n-,i. .n,.:-i';.
desk, when' the note wy.t rtce - l.t, its
amount land ullll r entere1 in a; : r
change riven to, ;ia girl. a co,'y of t:e
slip made :and .nteirec l ctitrtty or
amiand and an li wr~:>p d
Sun. girl nr gi-tere 1. '::, t- -,,ntot l ::-id
enterted on t slin of paper anad c,,pi,
by the t'irl ,n h'r book. gr! take: to,
the dtlranlt ani w:iila-d, b. rtiarl-r l oi
fowel eitertd on a paper slip :,.1 ,n.
ied by the girl in her I ,,,k, vil uo~ o1
note and amtu'ntrof chanre hr:nde!
saewlher sen tei icild. :ui.l i:d ;,:ta -
eses noted on a slip ot ',at.r ,ni c",)
fled in her b,,'k-t:. c:l rl in-, to ii:.
brinming ui change autn tite p-cka,
of Turkey-red cal c-.
I had time for b-t very lilt>h, 'rw . a1:
the o8lee that afteimm-aou. alwi,'n I
Ireached home I handll! th, wek - ,:of
ealico to nmy wife. 'hie uiiroile'l . .;i ndl
I exclaimed•
I "Why. thi- don' t man:ei ta ht a,,.,, I
I wnav coat.
*"Match it!" I er;ed. "'). I~o it don'L'
match it. Yiou idni' want lit:" match
ed. You wer-' aiimttk..,. 11i.t Vt
waase! was 'turker-r.d--:, ri au-i er
to the eftL I mneanl Tuiir` .- i i
whit they nal."
My wife iookei at me t :ue ' :;i ,t.
and then I det:uled to ht-r o '.'t ..
"WelL" sai,! -be. ""l'hi, !Tur .,-r.-.i
is a great d(al nrettn.r ,,'i' ,. w -.. i.
alld -on hlave ,)1 so m.t:,~ ,,. Il.:
needn't uso tfe othi-r :at all. I -. i
had thought of lurket -rd .:el . ""
* I wish hIfr my I - sar, ,a hsad.
said L"--Fru," 1L ": .. :c,
Cuaijous ( reatnrce.
WAom en :are curl'io,- - , n ce-. A
yount i;idy will daft'!-rt t .:at tlet m'-',
tire all alika aatl give as ti nid ,,r-itanUt
!it 1t :i' ,':tO nv -ut, " l at : - - ..ie ,':i it ..
and for all alis. if a t u,iaw ; v ,- : ..--r
atoe ti tii d.rnel* < "i w:i , mt 'ih
iL,- ti;nre-. as tho gh :;,cr . ,-,r:."
another male bip"f wi..... i t r
on the foottr. ,ol h . .h-;;. v v l c e -
nit-nki that wom-n arlt c,,, eiou creta
ttres.--loto: T.swed. ,.
Thty Roast the Pubis.
Martyrs in the olden time were burn
Seel :at the stake. Is these davy mar.tyr
lt;re a hall anald lmr.-Pdtabur'g I,.
t _ A_
Twot I ll ti a, . a wi-r. , ' ,1 .
t - " . n. t ,r -ov,-a] anib- :. .
:i.t fl l rl C oin i a.le-i to -" i . ,1
1) " Ii-t t i ll WTl , :t .,
4W.l ,l , t o., i it ,.)ur name h
tl til I , or the lrt'- , .L lu .. I ap
2 . _ .1 tL o : - " ? ? . " t, 1 i 1
•". , i :'-", ",r, . " wt.- , :.. i. .:.i 1 i, ,, t
noet tol- Worl a, I milll ,. w i" It Ij,'.
Sl ae vernm nt olti- al. wni:a :'rod
v. ain take thin s (:L '
1 ,l tt w, nt . 1 :il e." eaict
e tut r. 'h.r, . i ut , ile wh.oh
wotu:, be &4 I atm , ark .a mu's Wt-
biasuI ,'- . A yIV oI.(t" .'1 ,,1 ' . s t:. ,
t :0 IL 4 1li *. h I tt tha ote
,"tl: ''All .,I: ,t' " .. . .t".
i" Ittll L : 4.' t l . ' '.i . ... lI: . itJl 1 i
I w4.,,hl take. \idtr ai C ' e. t ,l'ttanI,,.
I -thi ts ."I
W h l ... ": i: - ' hat." :: ,e' th, i ,: t -
.ilt nat. It : I n.i t , t i ,,: 2" .2-
.r,,ippe:. is tih positii , -I speri::ten-,
dril of the Dor -or. i .or .e t a 'au
r .n Ut bi. s I can - , ,1 thie ,il
'.s. -""") the cv . r, 'tn. I -:l thlt
gajf. wnb the lhnnper. and wath o
4.t, r -1: '. r -, ..- : i -* :.a a L ., W r
,.+ ,it %%,W. lCin; h,1- r it conI .:iA
tY tI f,,,d anI ti - h,!' '
1i: t ' i, wi ten: 4h tI, , iti would reone
,,.'" a.r thi apTi ...: L., ::.u poor
htirpe. ")s th ecoitr:::i-V. [ I ,uhl runt
11r -tia~r ho.2iz* t iat tlif in.ta- l wmnlj
,r,,tof ' , dioor4. t + r . . e ', t l ,f ad t
Wvuld haterihlt:u - . s to lroe.
* "['he. ', ti' l . . '. . .r.n ,,I ," ' , .. ,h)0 I 4.1 "
4t.i r i rt emWIn ." t' it rL iLe rit. to : l.
I L ,;f ti (rt4t pi ,tt:- , t.'" -..i 1 o ,(f . I , .:
-hik ! l a ;ai Ie j)M.-'Lt r i Vesult jo It
Giln. "iI'i-et- .- i c t , .
! ," (i l t  t i,- t.4.:. a i ' I l
t i r -- rs : i.t------o ue
4 r b. .--,' :. '. " . ." ' ,i , .. .. . ' i, .
•, o,-l W ,, aj: n .:',b tl . b ht " i " i ',
", h!ll t al)or 'n lh 1 ( -il) ome,. , ,
it' ll a. lOr ' t l h i . ! ilt 4." ir : l. lk. i relt
,.,I . - thit toiblbinti a t r,.y , , I, l r:otill
nat have in t ruab I. 1". h~ t.e. 't'Ler
t qabbLt qcreo0aau. Ott& nt. d-e
wvl o 1t,,S- iou t ai:, t'u" 4Mk (-tl ll,tt
tIl Itfirr t 1tp. In olT n!tner. l itlhle i
hIl'n" oi tolhe tI :tnI :i or inu t, dl.
',tb~tin :1 4.1 hell :i alm who
, It t:et" ,ft to. a. .mwhreoa
tisnot ntn but Wbe, .sAi ddlrat hI
n.·~! iienlri * hr'i r f n : trot . t
-.id iae to ity poor iouse and ai ke
t:It lapiws-. Instead of :i h'n:
thatlia'b that It is a poour hl e as
ra,.-L can ieu t. ~i . Wth ban :
i;. tIr lm t:e- b l md*. t ill,, b in aZ
.1 ,ile ti*i'e Of b:ta:,?. "Ihey Ji- to'l bt
ik" I to he,,t t i l el :tt- altmtiw I to ir' g
: v won:I ,:.. 1 ,1 no. at. i
,.2 1 1jutl1 . - I,11 :p";O, " 2 or il. ttit
''it. p*otr If tin ot my who rhud
tt .-t t r a i+ w, fa lt .w,. I woTlem a
LIt)t s i r it- sui, ttt- .rvt .l :ti. tt ItViw
a. in, par. and i-nt hi-i :adv eo aseu
I ,id I aIvtl , :nt. I tw,.1,j -j that -h.
* . a ite rot. i," el i r tiu r eIt. if ,
a .. nor. an i goit li-ulp of .:...h"
thil -i: p ,tI b, t .-.  b -h " ' " I ' t il
.'kid t ' tin tit , ti ,. t buel anld it-..
T h tr tar un- iltti i-l- p o e thast
ar a. -you! n att- l . &- rit," *JfIM  e :tt
ifa t h Ot Pciv it b lt- h'al',.* ti . -' t. f, r
t),tl -0 thibV Cebiil f, ia li t t f ritta l si -
t" t-l, th-.b 111" 0 h , :ud afl- C.t to i't
1 ot'ld havei ius wid-ati. .a-.rvthrom
ii :, n i nd sai- . t I) ni d 1 .nt thtn n
si th twnnteI to. ndo lay toheb if the-.
1:1. oft V altt 'owor. T wotlil iltino '
re.,1 -e:tt taiiur the ttlbet, an Lw wn
ttSSSSi itts Ir f wapsu tlii I WoUktt, !,
" . 1. i :lb t t:t'I itt ru- dai , d il, pb
. t 2-: 1 t:i,- w'h tilt" .i-< Il uat hare
, . int t:t:tt ab.,it!) f,,lt aii thitu ti a ,
or :aI. bn- .t- o,1 a" p o. a i. ,: , .
h . 13 b -tllt"- t n t.a 't th - i (i." -t -
i - out , .pla me f l tlIo ri ld ani a t
it- --. tanv u i ' al' i . f I'shf b ti' " * 1tt
I. .athet a . hin:Lw,. i csaur. l t, t
io -a t l f o a .htI abotu aui b w ,,ui to
,, warh pe. le wim ad khheak. aa :e
u4- n
n ,,"i !1:" "1" it i ia. as to sh ft llndl
h :1,:-. 1..r ', young and middlr
,:,l. ".i i ,- bos'a and pickerel ar,,
S.t lropriate, is it I.
. :for an old man who .
-.: n ioth flt, and who
:... ; !.,tine numb. anlttho I.,
: - I. thli-r is nothinlike lba:
: .' "h.- t. hrace.him up. I woul
. , ., .. , ... ,:t of elothin, fron'
!!t" frield i:: ' ,*wn. ladies and pentle
,men. and ni pior people shoulid ni
aI ar "alito di'-tsoy apel bl addrillin
overalls . At .ld prioe Albert cnr
on111 one of uvmy r" r II, .. would' m.n, "
h;m feel :,, !i. : o w,, iet l, m ,i
i f: - . - . .' , , .," - , "
Ti, ' w : -, i ,t , ' 1 ' , 1 · ,:, l, , ir'. t L , : , . ·; - ,
'I l : : ' '. , H, t . ' 'i i ,
wonsd v.*.. u n b*i ~ cl Ih a
Swant 'o . toi.h l", : boll ,
tue oeteiaiL.
Du' 1n " !' l :*1 Oof-itnU +0"
- .. , . , . : a -, . ', !.1 . 111. In '
, ,r. Y,.I " h:\ e t, e h your
, \,::til, lnd come in all hul milit... ,it
thn t-.ui could , nijo- yvorselfL How
y.r. you couldi o Uowr rood. Yo,.
. t t,..,~, i ' ,--. '..,,, 1 rn,'uiers of the,
!' ': r " -': :ul',.- . :and von ll WOUjit
a- It : oni:o t frnliish money to
1 in i- pu hous Ie T(hough Vu:t
m' .ht iart so tuch wealith tint vo,-i
could be ,, 4ome, ae. S-o you better
ir n for -;n;. r-:s.er niex -tiwin,. aind
a i , i. :!. r:iendtl to do the.
- 11t., m:till n!c,' me sitnirintendent of
I, "r. Hello. I get oTf the car here."
,,i thet frijen,!. .narated. bot'h think
,. t' " i, t L s i liii pou'r h i.- of the
iu ttr . -i 1 .
FlcqUS llnttsekeeper .
A woman may be f Good UshoeseKeep.
-, r i n ulto U , u . 1 yftt. on ". l i l r .s
;t ti Ig - ti":.,g t o e10 :1 -1 m - . ".
,,'r-,ia : ; s ne of 'i""," f -- ;. I
: f:tamily. Sih . never r,-t-, :",r aI ..r
any.one else to reLt She ;a -:!twa in a
.-u.t nu:l worry for fear somtitin" is out
t: piacu. Elitei siaele ,,f fur:l.ture lsUr
Srmingpt islalelt a way. -, tLha a perin
: r-o'nag ay tb 3one -oitn time Rav
r,., ti at ti 'n;1 :f 1 tear or tiro
t1l ,itud ev r,: , ,a tilt. :i * alme place
t :., or. the .lay ,f departure.
"L.!( curt"LiL. oa all thie W.idiow. mita-t
.r u'l:.. l .1 ,:t t,, the .slt u !"vel. till
'es, wh-.;: the iisa nods his gIl ' head
:at o.e it the w ndow.. liti,- do'.vr
K * ..:. bIt ! full hl 'mi it. , 'e!t il
Sthe"r .e.::! fce. f t:f - -- e!
;,ow. No ,pNecX u, dUtlevAer ti:l., :lt ' -',t
". ,i i' 11 :I.'" ue ,io .*, n +eut!,.':" .,, i a
'.. -nll"_',-. Both am it:a'-i('olu, I
vit~,-i. :1:1.1 s1 does not en;.uurage
tholn to Dt,:FLIP".
,\"- ':".' . rcomneitothe hotuse lar
rv . 1: . to a h tr'- I r.ai. ier -,.
:: t t it l for a tivn ti of ) t ilt
" I 1\: n" li]in 's 'lt n t o;;0 tl!,it of -)lm e
-'or,: t' at t,,- u,-. i. t,,llin_ to ar'ean -"
tt.' tLle- 'et'a w ii-,.':l 'er-'t4 ini ii, t!.- t .
the'ni ai.i coi\'ier -I :,m n ,v:!i , l u' ti nt.I
lo-(- -sl1:1'ih l ." , (""lt* 'let 'e .it t of a 1111':N1
on1 tll ,' e:lil.- e. "r- i for il'r th.tre et.: l b.
nio ' of Ill -'tl ': : it - reni-rut ".
At tit.- r  .,f a,tllin_ - hr eua., - i
:)lin " .. . " - , ) :) V,.' .,t i
J.a .,. 1 .~i !Ct til'll' of -le c '-tver-Z:llill.
1eut s it- Ijo..n.' **)a. r iº ". t :
; ' ., . if. r'-l *rs feel at the r cats
" VI. ,  a ':t t .n ' : s i ,.: , ; i;rrut. '
ee'u -ti ii iar_. n u twi.es are sel
d:o iit\-wc boios .l.n "-r. ifor evei n if
t -e% are ', in'it' tee- L:ie.r :n mLt dittit'
v.i: tot peuit'lL. ti-io l - i e liilt t ie fli,
tni '- i.ttle thitg. wil ih is xtriemelp
ih,,r-natei for the-lselvest 1 at!t the r
'rTher i: no hece'- tv fr a woma n to
e ahll lene titee woI:rtr 'eutr such
.tr lies as :tnck of, i lt't. :.e can a .-r
I "n t'l h,,sekc,'o:i ::Tc Ird hRma-;e b in
Iti.. n ll'O hut tiit'dii'ide.i'. w 11it"u ,cat'r
x'.r ·Inter t!i th i m,! n in "iher h"nt -
or , hittlng t uh ti, t aieunligtt. even
iltlrgh it. In:gh!tn'-e cIoei rn-ikS the
ftIrntnc? looL tiln2'. :,nl 'he ha, r to
elniI:r -r of f u.d"a e In thi .-r: tel.
S.' nline f.or everrithhn aml evin''
tiins: it Is pl!tce i, a goodh rn'- hr
wl .hto initrk. !vi r tttvin v. :i't there
lii i.l a ,IO .t n d atil ti th' a hc t tt:. .
T'hn- bt'.t r-cncri c i. at a :rticle a :
e liamn l .t -t ir. ,er liaIe .lit t wai . lith
nil ,ie ,Itl-L U V- "-i-itt. ttrtd .ile!:- a
lI r .i'tni'i en'l i>.ii of i'i fti-rniiior.
-, i-i o on thie ce':titn.el altit.!,'e. Let ,?
:iz,'uch tie rouJ:n. w..: : I. il. i.
ret',rlteeI in by one of :o e :itai," ref
Iliinrry Teeth.
Te-:i b r, joti- u a - b-, . :art -,I as the
iln'ht. T'he fae is that you nd a -,t-r
rit:on ieen i.l'i:t lr al- i " -: .:'.
to hatvt. ·,e;r: + 1tO rni , oI '00 " 'i, +.!"'t -.
' ,' l, i l t*. ' . It :- 1 o - It ' : ,
" . ramsot all cereal Seod that "n'
i:l:1s the Iegrbmt' : 4131 pho"h te- ,
-: a -ra. e wne.-: ' e , tear -. :trtal. .i·e
wtlt'n t ;n iul.- Lt i ; tio Ir tiiT'" --le - :rt i
ner t" oinrlT en. . le tlo io: ulr ,
Ia --tit I: ro:ien his f, li. aIt . ,: , it
eve-rv succeeding generateun ot tenth.
wllc-it blco'le more and more fragler
Sail wIrali- Mitont &frrL
P+r . T - "i ll;:.:t.'. 'i , 't C! i r .
'1 .' '+", j ., .. "_, 4"
r . - o. I ,
-+ : •. .~; .... . '. '4 'i . ' "' l 2 ' : : . .'v
S.. .. -. .. : ,,' t. , I i
" i ii'i ' ho· ii tv - it ll
33 ,' -.. i 1-. . .. -a .: ',. ..- : . l.
! 0
" -,n ni; -.. " + :'*. . '-.
hia ll : i. ,: :.i - i..
'only t" ree (t'1114. 1' 1 ..' ' .. , .-.
o :no v incith O c h;c . i :
S ion. ml - i 4 . tIol : .::, %oh t
W Th these dintir ni. I p - -
Ser dto niy ..ont r i Iizi. . il1,. "
Thbegan t:o roL ,ro:ui, , , '.i , -.
hat ir t bcin :.. r : . I. '
S r tasked ,11y'l . '-. . ., e
-only threm e e~ .I n. : 7 i'-:: ...
S aught that cid :1 :: h .-jiI ,;
plitlhe without .'fort, i n -' , I
s away. Indti ,l I i :n~I h, .,r t n. .L :
brothers in I heir -·. *, i ...., -.I v.
means, iif you ;,ant' to mlke .t-yth :_
-go. you .lt scratch for it.
- With these entimeu-'.s, I pt- -I
down the hvi,r:, ..t 're t, ;. :l . I "
4 ward mny country ,muie. Mty h .... , iI
.not feel exactly rI 'htia t - :.c ot
,began to rock 'fro:m -iie ' *-i .
that it bec.mn e rntiwe unto :. n to
t me which Fi,:.. of the st: . . a n.
- the 'ame s1i a1a I wt- beil fo-. , I ..-
hin over. o ii:tI ti i.'. .:e .a T l re ti
on bota idots a the sunle '.c Oe.
Rit n . l';tI *s'. sni,llies wera) ,i t : t ,*
tA '. een. I iet .anuothr boy .i., ask<tl
.:i lt- y .(e burt. :ni o,t . .tinn d in
t t .111 a i : ) look -pa.e. uotL airt
she wa,.-+ plt,- hin,-r.,. Aft-.r sGc ,e ;:r
i t1r w 'aikinir,. I -:'t ,i n ':, rom u tr .he
t I' liIl! !':.1 .Oil ItiL t . ethi a tO, ""
" + ll t ri' 1 .._ :r .. . . .
. . .t" " 1 ' '.1 ',t- . t ll  :.L ", .' f , . ..,,
w:k :'1-: ii" ob:; t tl~ two,-e
S oure ... ,a t I t . - . :,;I t s ,'. lT e-' -ri .
,a I'. I :,1 hile . t, n . , r
S*tl It btIl-.'' it I"t,- 'ta,:.
h 1 ,... t i i- 'r .. i , -0 in
I'l .. Y. ', tr .- ' ", , ; ion th:s:
I w.is .;n:.l_.• to r: n on~u.: 1ail;, I snum
:ned up ' , '.-e W:;'i : t ' , a ' :,n.nt
tbat I 1,"6 iiii..em .2e ii:"t ibe pli t of . !.'
Rito:n:1 "'.1. .'.a- , :t "ll tel - were ilt
mle, iatet"V n1 i':i.t, 'P.I, allnd :,-e.eit'o
,,i ,r!*ul w!at, . n fin . ,n - )t:.. o.ullrý.
'in t:iv. I fell :,~-' ep. :tl:1 fo--; , my
d,.-''apo-int nent av"1 I:,m ,i! :aloni in
ein:/ oibli_d to .:'o. .t yl. " three-.
fc '..:th of :' ''r-t ti.'.
Burial of the 'tlnauliie One.
A New York HTerahl n-.,+*,ter draws FL
-:td p i 'tuire. too nofe -,I i n l thegrrLe
.itice-the burial o one unnamed in
the iiamily ."i ki:
IL w'.lj ,I fa,, of I ,-ce. Soft fair
Ln', -.,es lwre brit-11e.t ',.a..;sfronmawhite
• ]ha;v .. br,-w and tonl.ier +.. Lures.
rp .*.t.. .t. "" nd, rsJ. :l o ' r .t riodt {
or f . lr ar*.
1.. .;r. :,1I i, .Il'.. 1 ,'r . ' '. , l*.. ... l l
*s .
, . . , ' ,... ii w<' ' , t o I' '
:" .' - or in
I . . ,r .. . ,, .i. ... ..IV V ' " l '.1)
l ll 'J all . 1 ' : . Ii
0;2:11 !l.- -.. k.. . ... " I l ,,
*t Vn'r t:illn
. i- ' . '  l" .' i." . i2 .)r' "t' l .'
.c .,
q '... n i . . . " i . .~"~I~..11 . rI 'i1"
n it '
, III . -.: : .*.' .11 1 i"' :', -' I"'. 1
S ,: " ' .i r . , .4 I..1 ' "i ':' ," ,
1'' " , " ii - 'IIit
bi  ' it t .'' . i ,. ' .it
.:t' tu' " t . t ', ..' ".' , ,1' ''..:' ,; ,' Lu'.
h t.:". . . . ....'.i_ 4 2 , , t. .ill ."
o.1. ! 1.' " :'."" r .L I fI
'I:v ·· ;, - . , ,". , . '' l C :;L ' , ... . 1o - ..
" ',!:"1 ,''' :U . ," 11 . ' .. " ' I-f  . , ,,.. i ,,
i .IIII r '" - t't. I . t. Lu i'i '.L '' 1. , il i
i o ..
1 r
,. 1ti " ,L . ", .l ,. . .t ''. "
• J 10; nl' r. t , ·', 'i ,',JL.. . ; / !if "
A. ,et I:. ,)t. 'ti whz. pa l n
L.)UI 44 t.riud Oi!ei spuiV. uL diiit Bill
"lr .tLu... .. , . ali l.l : lp r roh lli i
\ _' lt - t ,'i'n • , ll t ' a . v "t l" t'o . : .'
1 ', -4" •': - 'f v) rll . . " W.ith.
•~ i til e , ni "+t .i;ctcl " ,I ' !',, w ' -
-44,4: ..... r"_ : h , '" . t, e. :p rt l tl 1 . ",
`: tan .. . d 't. I'I, ii". .ai'i i. ,s u h:t U i
iii' m~.ii~I, i4.'V ViO t *'I tauiaslv es (Ucv t2
. r
n L I ' , i, :u.d ,rO lin b y i' I vu erh
imu I tv " - p i. t! e t "i cai ef: u oe.tr h - ll,
it hw:r:aIL'c:·a .a .uriac. dunew L c.iogic
h in t .;u VI , voi.rIs, ui. ."tn ,:nl ii ' : 1
a3 ler ,l ,l V iV . U.' . 1t . : ili' i V,' h -ti .ao, E
't _d .l1w.y. ':o. r : f i.cav. to n . eel. h
1'' i 4ll, 1. I Il' I," .1.i , I .L i . f l .t', p i''.
u:,Lht "ll Y , ! iv,. "t " , .. ".. ~ "l
ti Vt 1' . V'111 ".. , '1 . 1'. ' i" It. . If:' r- .1
mer v I ,1 r, .,t II :'.h:l ics: e:um pared to
y nmigtraint- w:,' h:tvi 6 ,"l,: .,\":e, . "
s lurvivii tWe first hloit 4!'c:i a2n 3 tr st ,- 1
oi .l l c ut'. 1' ,''_ t in4 y u , :..L4
by grllni l step, oi I e .t S Le- ,1 tai" -
Iaeed re4 of , ) degrees, which w.l .l
rena!bod at "he t)amunenlemets oethe
twAti h lnmh:i.
- iet here. main, a long pluse was
t, foulnlli to in nete: - 4a"y; the new egenera 4
S t.ou of. t.iuse sietr sput , '4 liufe til a-e
,lr the gi't. ter- lo all alikie itroli c
me, u&sh to iihe .aid thr.ve. 1t.1
it naumwers :,) :=tRC-t',trXt :1lW fever with
:e !1't º:i t ', it ,4 i..1: s ".. ' to app -ar
hin th·e wI er-droi'p. .an'if, wAS ll y w eu
,.." 44'.44:44 a.,wed tilsaellvee uuce I
mIor' i:vly alid l'ol li lby a leig ern a
of relo,se that, hus carlefuJl doet'orr - Id
-' :anl tlLn b. ,ow -'1u a ada .iL %I,
. W:,,·t . U" 0 u ,i illy t, ittl - W a l :.
,i ,' • r _ - a o 7.. ,: uf h , ,, -
e ,. , , . ... pe e r ,, whict.
-- o .: . , un:. . .I . .
m '; : · ,,: . t. an i." i
S -. * I ,, .. ele for..
S . .. ." I a t ar .. . t.. Why she.
but :t,:omi r'pearan
. . ' , tt, olt. or why oesvn
: . .. vrv ho I t r'.d corner.
i -," i b'I, u:h',! ,, a)lli be lt , ndo:i ue.t
S ..,1 .,i , ' spt,iL torg.nit.r be a sVighe
- f' r ..!t,, I" sure it,"s but eater
,! ,. ul bU a littie nryous about
: , , 3u. -:11 like that her
.,.1,:.. make a bgood impression
II. w.:n tlt"' I.m . lg lI ;l.st is an old
: iaII.nt:IICte. it Id'is *.eem ab
-,; ,,: ld ^o throu.gh the
: i0e af uor a- d imu L uatare
- . :'L e.'ttti'. what abh
.I"". t..._ \ I:in i prenlp.' aU that the
n *." pe, t,:l: .' cuiin:; with the ex
,, ., o nu t kmn ot any Usie
* " hu' 1d I! i in her house
, irr otl ollt from work and
W ,. '" ,..1 rv h the 1uosft does arri
-.~" . n," I pr. lred to greet her as
'"t~,.,!.. . , shulilli. and her weto
.. • - II l.,c' i ;I ant s'.itrine L The wili
" t" :L e's . LovI tel -0o" . qtluickly
.. • •. ., wtrrntn. that ele
- til piut-." f a hearty
',,+ :ri1 wtoldPe' ',tull 4h have
A : , ..- All 4:11 1 i:. thie g eo t.
tI t1l '!d fiteult. i shown to her
'to v ii iui mili'r'il'remfonv:ws though
.t' ' ro :t -;IIrl.'. and the lousy
S per [:.e:lUC- her+ei anld hbr
, ,': "i n 1ihj Litl hen to, ,ee that diamer
o$ J &. ..VI:er it Umar bI. is served
Sui.The best silv.r and china
a: u-d at Irdr at . lr eal aund the
:" vi: that Lhe,: ho+te,'w can st
fo :. .tr." on cthe tbhile. The visitor.
who i:::-' ,t,.d r.twarl to having the
I , :,.tL.V It .,:tr Irilend. for motuOlLh , e -
I ,:" ti,,;' t,, i( trl.at,"d as one of the
fa: ll::. f:e oit of place so an honor
, I '... Wt- od:i t t tL clo.,- of her slay
;,V,.:. with a keen feelnn that her
: i, . been a fadlLar uoth to her
S.. t- inI hItIr"lf. SIheI would have
,t, '.. '.'.,',"l, I'.,I she lthe c(honic* more o
'r :.. ,' ou)paUy and less of her
I" :i 1l :tltl tl,"litLi.":,.":
" .- , 1 , , t  L-t:LAke '- treat f ends
: w:.. tllo,:.-,u It i done with
ti ~' "," ' ultion'. Cril hosp ltI .V
i rt 'i. t)I t .,) i t1s ("- 4thn making
- u ' e -i 1, * h:, - r,) i th at home, and II
t'I C , 1 1)111v - ,,!i 1 th,. -hOuLekeepUr
1 o'. N. . 1,"-,11n ,ail ft,'l at home io
"':.".::91'+," ,f "t fr *.,il wino f.eels that his
or 'r -i.v .,,v .II -,),arct of anX1etyV 
Ii ' ,IIi Ir n 'It ,, of1t' tl l u family villsi ,
: ::,I if a suc .ptible nature he e wU
cu.r'l':y loJ,, h&3 v;s.t as soun a pe
D,, not mtke "trangers of frised
L ..t thitlu ,LntCer uto the Inome life. I"
'i will he l,",+ car atn worr¢ for the
hmk.eet".e·r and mor.' enjoyable to thM
I-n "'esl. %loIll1 thti visitor be a wense,
aitl, 3 oI o a t ,'wep uir'd help. let her
- i.'.t 'I!. in tlha .Iu,,iwork If she a
l."+ rIs. aitdl .he wiill h better pleas"
tU al f you prov,d,'d the, inlrlt &gte
: 't t wlJe!A loo could for her. A
v' :I.tnll id nflv'.r so much at home an
whili:1 the is doing housework, and ye
Will i~I. iurpri,'-d to Set how qula
,our 'I '-t mrges into member
Sthe f:a llyi; whit.!i se:tinD you ti 7o 6
tlbor. TWhlol sie ,lepart+ she will tal
with her, and. t:lr:titc~dl as it Ma
te'em, l.:Iav, hiud. the 1eseebra*m
of a hlmetiike. eujul abie vils.-**IlM
Cani C(d.e a "lJr.
A Story of a Story Writer
bhe follow:n, n ,ury is toldofMas ll'
- the s:,ry wr.ter. lie was is New Tes.
ia few months ago aLthering ui
1 material fur hi new Amerlea one,.
*Cala:uity "Row." andi on genag p
Brosatwa.: w'w, acwosted by a straIger
IHow ate you. Mr. Allen? How ae
yoU thi mWirnmt-I suppou.e yea .
mentimwr me? I iaw yon down ate
bA' nas. house. You were buyilng
stock of leathler."
.usick lookedl apia ais mon Iah _
informed the man that he was ir el
i;,her :a slight mistake.
•* -\'biat? lI . 't t! name A.llea
tire pleant lookin .tranger aulsked.
*• o. ir."
1What ijit?"
*;.\i. nae ,as Ela;& JonesadI 1 Ik ItW
in L.ittl, R+ck. Ark."
* "Mr. Eli:u Juone', and yo live ilulS
tl- RlciI'k Ark.." a',i the stranger, ad
• t:er expr,,sIing the hope thlt ther
would tKnom+ better c.qusinted, the
str-a Ir ::l, :n :tdieu tud l-ft.
;: .. !,,. ,r '.::,i not gone more thau
_ Itv: · 4,oek wI v; hae ws :acroted by a
unt , :4:1s I,i) 'B+king feow with:
I \ :W . ;,:,. .I,,nes! What are yen
, w,n: i1" "? Wi,.n dlid you leae
, L uttrse r i,0' ?
- 'L dO" kn,)"w 'UI," theL psretldI
"*why. lont vo,, remema:er Bid, who
Iwai it a he I . ,la at LittlU RBkP"
'O, ',1-: kit me seet- Wasu't you
Sci-h cr?
**k ,:ln I tha' stranier begas t
"I r ,I)'L" ,,:l ntw. Mr. Bilrd." said
Mu-ick. h ifnce ',tddenly brigMbt.l
*"1l'. tr;Un is. Bir'l. I iever w s aso
'.aI l ;jo miI.t; L f':nd n 1 ;all my life. I
,I n :t wa ' off hlre :lmot trl'anger.
wrl I'm, ,d broke. Ot course yo
Ia"' ; 11.Ai:tD.. uo fund'i. vo klOW,. anti
,: . v.e n ,, i' ;,*':oi t:o i,.tt:ne m e hav ,
w' 'l,, ,-tir e doli ars, for ,. i ,I u.t tl, cs
.,,.'. No' lh: d. ",," . . " is 1
ill hi. new fould a.qIr.intn u.Il ,y the
.tr,1a. b..t Lh.i: r.-...ILman .,i 4hionly di
Sc' in bu-,.'-- r, .u they :.Xiv, m ,e a
'A.tLt.r bahul -1Bi' Lim." " i- ' t &'-i:' ~
12e wind,.l his w:'t, 'he Hrses
bseas.-4r. aaseee I air.

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