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paperC rculathaginWIauPaIsb. to -H -Paih
DEVOT'EiD TO THE INTE)!.ESTS (! NO.OTHI .OUISIANA AND THlE DE1OCRATI. PAR.TY. ;-rip on One Do-k er Year, Cast in Ad erce
.o No. 27 WNNI Prie cents.
innfield High School Opened Monday Under
;ost Flattering Prospects---Attendance
One Hundred and Eighty.
p Mo:I: 'ay m: ,rnling with
tit t 'e':ct: which
at'ten 3 '" t '1 ' ill of
lar and '.otfl' sAchool.
. for t.:e se'io u," hi.
lattaritlwZ prospects and
ly have one of the
table sessiolns in the
the institutinu.
A. Padrne seemed in i
humor and pleased
sitlook. Ile opened the i
a short but interesting
h he expressed a hope
session of tLe scthool
rmonious throughout ,
tand interest to all
.ad patrons. IHe said
a ld be his greatest
make this the best
j#Ogres ive school to be
.e earnestly asks thet
.a of pupils and
tie work. Prof. J. J. I
Wsistant, also made
lie was glad to be
I again after an
afew years. He has
of the school at
to see it grow
and come to ho one
schools of the
and second days- of
taken up in get
Is enrolled and
-classes and grades.
rollment of 180 to
by the end of
there will be over
The five teachers
'wings into working
and all indications
best school the town
g, while large and
is not large enough
the school with
;enro.,llment and the
its who will enter,
few weeks, and as
are now preparing,
for the benefit of the
must be done
te building. The
rs, at a meeting
,decided to make
the building, and
$1,000 for this
the intention of
nege this addition
be' added to it
ws. Plans have
on as yet, but
be made as soon
had a splendid
progressing nicely,
that the good
up till the end
The faculty con"
Geo. A. Payne,
4. J. Mixon, fiat
Ophelia Stone,
S'Miss )ky
assistant; M issi
the Lfu& Im"
A Wb~:~iiiiiiti~
pu 7TE~hod.-~~;
?BEie' and Waebste Pa ishhE
Nominated Full Ticket.
Bossier and Webster Paris.!he
held their primary election last
Thursday and nominated full
parish and district ticket.. The
vote in both parishes was light,
but the election is considered ia
success from a primary stand
The district oflicers nominated
tare E. S. Dortch, for senator,
R. C. Drew for judge, J. N. San
dllin for district attorney. In
Bfier the following were nomui
hated: J. F. Edwards for sheriff,
W. .C. Hughes and J. F. Maury
for representatives, B. A. Kelly
for clerk of court. E. R. Mad
ding and L. G. %mith will have
to enter the second ptimary for
Webster nominated B. F.
Griffith for sheriff, E. L. Stew
art for representative, J. P. Till
man for clerk of court and I. P.
Clemeht for assessor.
New Orleans for Blanchard.
Leading politicians of eleven
of the New Orleans wards held s
caucas in that city Friday at
i hich it was decided. to support
the Caddo statesman for gover
nor. Only one ward in the city
is k n to be against the North
uiisi. a ncandidate and it will
not make a hardl fight. This is
considered a great victory foi
Judge Blanchard.
On the Road.
Hon. Geo. A. Kelly will go on
tire road within the next few
days as representative of the
Shreveport Evening Journal, the
North Louisiana paper which is
pidly comingr to the front as a
progressive daily paper. Mr.
Kelly will push the Journal into
all portions of the State, and will
prove-a valuable addition to the
staff of that paper.
Straightening Up.
During the fire Sunday morn
ing il1 goods in the stores on the
block where the fire occurred were
carried out to a place of safety 4
and-after the fire was dbeeked it
required much work to get the I
goods back into place and straight
ened ,up. But nearly all have i
been straightened up and the
nserchants are ready for business,
having recovered from the excite
imnt, work and worry.
The~~~enso vs. Counterftets.
Th_ genuine is always better
thia copnhterfeit, but the truth of
i.stahtei eat is never more
fo` tii & realized t or more
ppreciated than when
you eompare -e_ genuiie Dc
ti t, age ad Salve .wit h`
:thea cut terdite ad worth
ethat areon the
Jedbettr3, of
.p Adies
F. L. Shaw Announces His Can
didacy for Sheriff's Office.
Ii this issue of The Se:'ti l,.
appears the announc of(':' li of
F. L. Shila,v a: a candidate for thei
oiic.e of Sheriff at the apl.i'oach
ing e', 'lhtign. `it. Shaw is w..ll
k no v to the voters of the
p:arish. having )4'cn rcar'ed in lhe
Ipari-h aetd havi,,:,i ':("en : .,. :wv, l
vithli the slhe:riIe T . ilice ill thl '
:''::' ity Of chef d put il: f -
S oier 'e, i t :ar<. lle a:. i: ,v fri: 1
'ie:(1 !;1\'c(' ' in: 1 4'. ! ' uIV at'tc
o i"ton tol' i r:wi"e ihly apire ti:
ti.,'otiou :til it i hniv lifr : :tt i 't
Sjliovratin that ,'lieral n: tu t
tprt rhis naim e Eit, ic tih.ve . .
Mr. Sha: ha,' inte te, itv w! 'I
of \ inlioId licdur inf the p..
four ,'ears a: l is w\.!l kno,vcn in,
this c'apacity. t l has hallie si1
cient experi oce ino the pharaitar
of position to which he aspires t
pl::ce, and pose.,.-ing a big heart.
a jovial and liberal nature, a
progressive spirit, and. above all.
honesty an( integrity, he illt
make a good officer if given the
place by the people. steeo ks
the support of all good citize n,
and submits his can didacy on to the
voters pl of the Democratic primary
election. lie proposes to make
the race on a fair and square
basis, without chicanery, vitta
peration and abuse, and enters
the race with the intention of
making his campaign ornly on the
highest planes of fairness.
The Pleasure of Eating.
Persons suffering from indiges
tion. dyspepsia or other stomach
trouble will find that Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure digests what you
eat and makes the stomach sweet.
This remedy is a never failing
care for Indigestion and Dyspep
sia and all complaints affecting
the glands or nmembnranes of the
stomach or digestive tract. When
you take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
everything you cat tastes good.
and every bit of the nutriment
that your food contains is
assimilated and appropriated by
the blood and tissues. Sold by
Grisham Drug Co.
Rust Has Damaged Crop About
25 per Cent.
Reports from several sections
of the hill parishes are to the
effect that rust is playing havoc
with the cotton crop, the yield
already damaged at least 25 per
cent. In nearly every section in
Winn parish the -crop has been
damaged. and reports from Jack
son, Bienville and Grant say that
the crop there is being danmaged.
The crop has been opening
rapidly during the dry weather
and the rust has stopped the
growth, which will cut off a
cojnsiderable portion of the crop.
It is the opinion of many farmers
that the "top crop" will amount
to very little this year on account
of rust and the dry weather
which has prevailed up until the
past week. It is thought that
what crop is made w~ be gathered
by the first of Nove.ber.
A Brakeman Hurt.
A negro brakeman got his right
hand mashed between two box cars
while trying to make a coupling
in ther Arkansas Southern yards
here Wednesday morning. The
Iocal freight was switching and
prparing to get out when the
eoc.urre . The wounded
.asa~ri ap town to Dr.
~ogs ~~r_~l~t~ha-ei eon -es
D r IM .ir: 5; .) 0 13
Datc fci' HoIdin' Demcratic
State Prirm:'y Election.
*c .. iv A h s tixn 'I I
SiI . I
·((· 5 - I!\.
*-tittl ( f fif ena.·"in(- 1.atti . :·t I;· ··''
'hh $icr r cI :.A. .1. Long
Slo: e t :1 r;.a' C fll t i e I n ii _ lii ny
ll~!~~iitl)]q'cktl . '1onete iltahi ,%
o}1t" thie h( n nitail tI . urning
vl~lrie oJtsiher o t ltite buildic t ie
eovere(iIl whav (1ICl~re Olyerthsi
m a Y tiiter and c i· the lire ,tai tn
tioc! 8ertC 1dc S;~mP of iti of, butn~
covered with circus a'lrcrtil nr;
Iotherwise the buiding was not
damiaged. The hors(', arndai
vehijeles- were out of the stable in
a short timie after the lire star'ted
anti attention wasgiveni to wetting
the roof and del of t he building,
which probably sýaved~ it.
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
With family "larou1n:d expecting
him to die. and a soni ridir, for
life, 18 mils, to get Dr. King's
New Dicove;'y fc :o Cons.umption,
Coughs and Colds, \V. II. Brown,
of Leesville. I,-d., endured death's
agonies from ,nstlhma: but this
wonderful medicine give inta:nt
relief and soon cure d him. 1h I,
writes: "I now iseep soundly
cvery night." Like marvchlou'
cures of Consumption, P'cu
monia, Bronchitis, (Coughs, Colds
anrd Trip prove- its matchless
merit for a:ll Throat :and Lung
troubles. Guuaraln:t ,c'I botthl' c~;
an1 $1.00. Trial bottles free at
G rishanu Drug Co.
Bl3anch1r rd and Ja-ztJ'L:.Laj". f-..
maining Candidates.
3az ;ia1 to The Sentinel.
New ()riean!I, L,:t., Sept. 115.
Senator Price this 1nor1iiig an
nounced hitis withidra~v.a1 a, a e cn
di4'ate for governor, after (cW1S1Il
tntion w·ith a nuimbI er of hlis
friew1;s. T!;is I.:!vc· e lý f nfl
cflardI and (3cn. J!. !trenL5.i1 as the
oalI; candlidlates in the 1:02!'.
Former Citizen Dead.
The Pollok Tribune r'eported
t.he death in that town of .James
F. Straughan, who di.d Sept. 4.
1l:03, aged 70 years and 4 day:;.
Mr. Straughan was a native of
Mississippi, but arrie to Louis
ianaawhen a younig man andt spent
most of his life near Atlanta in
this parish. lie was a goo, citi
zen and a good soldier during
the civil war.
Lost His Kitten.
.Druggist Caldwell had the
cutest little kitten ianaginablc
before the fire. It staid with him
and cheered the weary hou rN
when business was not rushing.
But the kitten is no more. It
1staid in the diug store and was
left in there Saturday night, and
has not been seen since the fire.
The .sppoetion is that it burned
ia t _-fre, which destroyed the
s - 11 -
Handsomest Business C-.::ner In The To;-vn Dwce-t
Clean By Angry Atim:Žs At !Th!-:!
Llour On ST!!igV _ ay ni
CO3ULEY P".'.:"XL:.
SBig 'Prt.. .r.cte. He i :i J.lt_
Clo =d -. h .'fe.
: -.- i ',) Tie Sentine!.
S('t yi, La.. c :;. 12.-iTheii
l'ther, t .cloel tll itv at I1 a. In.
: it" , five 'e . -(iu to Ctle Ihil" . l
Tile meeting latet, S ,.t < t 1 ;i
:itnppreiitly much goo:l i-: t(:
result. B:tl. t!1u was a, Lli::i-ttr
I at the church at i o'c lo.k t.i
This coiuIlunitv enjoye1. a
i .cfre'shlig rain t ifs Is .ili:. .
which was badly needed.
The many frieads of Mrs. Aflen
Franks are glad to note her
slow but steady improvemennt of
()Our clever ginnier. Steve
Stroud, ginned his hirt hale of
cott.on for the seas~m Wºn41 s
:day. It was railtd by I)Dock
[Chandler of this place.
Dan Low. the Popular sa!cs
man for S. G. Milaun &, Son, of
Ca'vinvm. is a visitor here tolay..
II. P. Gaabl', Esq., of St.
Maurice, plassed here-We l:ichdayliv
on the way to Winnfield.
Harry Gunter. of West Car
1ll parish, was in our community
,luring the week. Mr. (.nter
is a great sportsman an" : wa, in
"earch of a lost hound.
Dock ,Jewel, form, ery of thi
Splace but now cls:wh!ere, it ot.t,4l
c'I the Baptist mnectieg t'"re
,luring the week.
"Beattv's Farce." the sow.
was here on ti:-,e Thursdlavy, fu!
(,u'r people lvinig put tu'p wi.ti
Ihis.+o-called show once i fer'e.
,icidied they wouid he thet better
without it, hence, .let it las by.
IMr. and Mr::s. M. A. Brown
returned today from a trip to
Sardis veud Winnfi'ld.
T..1. Teddlie and wife ret urn
e, Sunday irom at trip tor:' 'I
R. B. Kennedy an'l son have
been quite busy this week hmr
vesting hay.
For some days past W. .1.
Bice has been the victim of a
severe felon on one of his fig.'rs.
,ack thinks the hone fcelt is
worse than, a "boil i." t
Prof. (C. W. Speigle is with us
no longer for a while, having
gtone on a visit to his moither at
Birmingham, Ala.
The political pot is beginning
to simmer a little down here and
'-cribbler" is informe' upon
good authority tlh:t the sheriff':
-tlice will not have less than a or
8 aspirants, to say nothing of
other oftices. The sheriffs
office is an important oflicet anti ,t
llnied one, and whatever e'ls
may be said of its occupa'it. he
should not only be competent
intellectually, etc., but po.sse
enough liberality and respect fr
his constituents to share a triuly
of the proceeds of the office with
them in the way of a good meal,
a night's lodging or even a greater
favor, though it cost hui a few
cents, for they (the peopl) have
given the office. What say you,
Mr, Voter?
Our columns are open for an
*1.':tlf! :l ltl:," t ,:' t t
It rwai fi til :iI; I . :,,
i'.ite t h h ,r:tt " rC t :. " t'
li t i'nt' nti. . ' 't ,'t , " .:] tag:.
;he firt ane i foe.. , i i'i ,,, it'
inta the r eo awn, *elt :::: t
,';i thles. . T'lh,'n 'i.t'. l!,'.'!:t, ' w
t41rouy h th:i ' lin'e p:' l ,iv.ih h " i ' 1
prcf,: rret t'o juI)imp :.i t a:it " ii
tiwanto ii.Oa h :i i ng. :... ie 1 if l t
otice front i fr,, the ' : '- to !
tiy nth i tie' peop;!e h wh bia un
t+) rrlTive wl, wont to rvor.o to
savte natrhb y uilliii '- an:,
t i-,tte! c l be tar,'i. , t f"l rI t!.eo
bulr'itg hiihing. .L few a ti'"
ftixiure: s in the ( hrug ; `tore , : w"ire
,iarnrietd out, bflre the iit ' 1.)t
too uhrt, ibut it wa t.oo !ate t se
n,,, oinJi, erabl" amul)nt of of d
An t'lfort was nmale to ,:\:' some
thiring frol the pr-t"l:c, w" ich
was located in the rear of the
same building, but 'na;! :1 f:ew
I)toull'S awll . sO.lle iof the 1 i1[
matter was saved. as the fir .oon
!hirned throu.h the cui ilin :('1
r:loppe!d into the l.to':r , toriy of
the biling"t. Nearly evr-t whien
in the ldruglt)e , st. a! .in
he pi stfl ie, d t hlie '. li:an't ti . ,
i..tcrall.ne ts, e't.. in t e ,,,tal
parlori of I)!'. to aw l & i. La'.,
\ hith wer loat o th , o' ve upper
lit.tr, w tere io t, a- .v-'l a- th i
tixture. of D:. E. SE. M 1;)'1. v.ih
l:al juI t ,.riran.ged , n :.tl Ip::, 'ors
oil the 'ecun t.ourar Oi f the tuilthrl
in g.
The store building of .i. G.
Teagle stoo)d next anyl a joinilg.
rihe drug etire. Eifre st were
t!ireetei to ret.t ' lie ih, r I t'ack
ai l iixttlres fromn th, bi : ii iei g,
Sthere was no, hop,, oin s:v:ivn:
it fron the fiam. s. h,:.l_' to t le
iixtil a it ure!iand a il,'oitlti por
tion of the Idry ge s t a:,ck were
.,arried out to a plet: t f sr, 'ty,
b:u.t. m stf t of t r. pro.,- . t, ek;
t:hFitther withl tihe builing and
ixture.s'. 'was lo-t.
All the while tih d 'ag s~ore
wa. luhurling heroic w'rk wls being
done tolwards sa vaig thie other
)uildiin gs Oni the amtre brc-k,
All goods were c'arre'[ fromn the
store.. of M. 3!. li-.her l)ry
loM.ds Company. an, .[.:.. A.
11•right, which were hf, a.e.. on
the s.itme front. the Fi.-'.:',r bu!ld
in. standini next to ,1 lire with
only a small photogr a li ,ga:wr
intervening. .\!I ll :," t l*i'c"":ts
water which wa' -",.l in w,,ttir,
I Continued on 4r.
}.~ý -ýýý,:tr s_"

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