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The southern sentinel. (Winnfield, La.) 1883-1910, September 25, 1903, Morning, Image 1

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S- DBVOTED TO THE INrTE ESTS OF NOdTH LOU!SIANA AND THE UDE Ol T'iiO f ;'AREY. s: ,e::; n Or.; O.,a:iar eicr :r.
ro; No. 28.
ro;. No. "c -- 8WINNFIELD, LA., FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTE"BMER 23, 1-93. 3-, ;
ti a r 4tl A 1 A - -. ý . -.
Committee Adopted Rules to Subr.it to the
State Central Committee 'Next Month-
x-" Straight Democratic Primary.
suub-c,::::: : of fifteen.
t.d ti ':i: t rules and
ions for, ,i a-v election,
thr~o-·e f, .a i:ri^rt t t
whec I: rea:, nxt
-Thlt a Ienieratie pri
ton be 11(1(1held in eery
the State and in every
the City of New Orleans,
h day of)December, 190',
prl)urose (:f nominatmg
('fi (alites for the
vetnor. lieutenant gov
suer, auditor. attorney
secretary Qf StLate,
dent of public
and. United 'States
first seven naine tt,
- for- at the general
be held on the
Sf4towing the third
Apr:t, 1!904, and the
es scitor to be ele
-mers f the general
next ensuii g
'tion. Also,
..]ieeting from
ate and from
4, qf 1
of the State
'th shall
riw fixed
fty ai, t which]
all be held, 40
be opened at
dat 7 p. .
sch polling booth
oveii by three
-of election, and
als be ina ech potling
t eraw tic
vo. `}l e -a
a - SiS~ ~*kdi
~~~s~~i~4~i fa{_
LYoz .em s- :eir £t o Yi; &V
1ý li3'.'liltl u v :it' .lit etl
wife of (i larlie D)jvis, V,,loi'Q I
\va ulp before hijs hlonor V-11
daly oil fU Cijlrge of ret iiing
l)Ixaz .. S.he dlid not kn~ow ,t W'aL
"gitist. de law''" to sell l)o(1Zc .ntll
pl(':d gilty Sit hadsol
Paiul Ctook a bh tti& of the genuine
stuff ki idnv night and the deal
was acijidcnt(L overhe:trdl and. tthe
hfOZe Was s ln tranist erne,!. it
was a plain case and the Mayor
only flssessed1 $35, it Icing the
first booze case on doeku t.
An Ohio Mani Married His
iideunatti, Sept. 22.-One man
in Ohio got even w.ith hns mother
in-law,. He married her. The
nle dy a d:. '. widow pre
served t# e .i rital roportion by
wedding ter father-in-law. - The
two ec.lP :.ppeared -at the
narria j.iA.so elerk's desk
witIl1n : lour. s is the first
thi. titat of eit
ýarrying uother-in
4 gI '-in -law u ing
father-inrl.* . ¶
The first couple were Truman
Markley, o year.c' d, and Mrs.
Co e C r, X8 -ears old. The.
tec4 A a m Wimmer, 63
aii his
whom . P~#.ucoe ·~iid& iB
K. *.. .
y-" f'
-lea~~ma ;91
- Mi-P
r ý
y .r
r.. S
_ T ,
On the Political Situation and
Other Things.
I fi, ting le,,n rce ,,ttld to zi v,,
111y ,pitit n 0 I the pliticai':l .itu:a
1i10 an, ,l otlhcr tL in - I a; :ll ;:! ive
Iny Vi,'w. on th' plolitial .-ittua
i ' tir-t a:" r1 - irve the ,'t!: r
thifgs for tie future.
Iut 'j lutE T
t obu - i. t .nin i t i. :'..
;Lttc,:lll~t i o t t t~roj for :::
,ttel i it to I ti- c." :pat' II1
,rtak . tit a lt blic OtL:,thi:t
iitt" politics, .( I have ktnoi
unaks a good citize n. %i But 1
ie a (ve' a n. catin be a gItolotil cit
ieu without going itrO pol itic.2.
Lettinginnto publitics ist als eay
elidingdoven a greaset pole. AU
one has to rdo is to e.press him
ilf q being' displeased with the.
apointent b tood e prsizen. But If
a foirthclass postmaster in Ala
lieve or Georgia an before uit
know it your friends will nomui
ajate you for ward conistaible=.
~ou a;re tht going i politi.
But as to the .sit tion, it easy
lqidingffrdownt. A politice.l situ
tione has lik is ther goopres situa
ions. It is iby the prehands of sident
who or Georgiant to gind e it up.
In fact, youen will clsn i to a po
litical situation till they lose a
rop. It isforot advi constable for
en uto as to thi, but they it io.
Thiareis not much to be miade
out of a poitic siuation. l sIf
men idalie ith ther pol sitical
situatioen' m h grass gets in their
rops and then get cinto politics,
r that has been till thexpene a
Log ago ny indso a decidsable for
me to t politis, butand tahey oat
ou the political- situation, and as
their decision wa8s almost unahi
Inonll I 4uit. But men 'wll1
plang in of ith then. polit i
tuati - lnke goig in switheirg,
ol1y it -is~ - more dangerous, as
there ji more deep water and
other kinds they gpitics.
Sthies aboa . peeieg A yce
on the p politica situation, I
piw, g in no ad Lienth en :-itris
here 'ihore ne axt er and.
--- - e inswpoxjtic
A F. I f.D
_ý tIS3p9W iR
~4:s p?1qI.i

Gfclic S f9~`i.j L.
Lort!?ctor C 1.4.1
Cas AL Cii 1111.
((el ( li t' a i . t'
(ii . c i'CQ4 c iff t T3
c r 1 1·
. i r'i' . I. "
:li' it 1i U. l ( I i .
fil U~i(iUi Iis );ti"V7.. " &. d
u tiIis iiiakiain a 1'ic lae':a iw'L% 1'1
tia! rock whIIich I} [)'o tt' a-i
t4av ria r for la.'~ 1 Ž-cýcV:LI
11*7ti:1 h-5.
Tracklcying Now G1i'g on From
Coifax to Winniteld.
'The Colfax Chronicle of last
SSaturday contains the following!
r'eference to, ti'racklaying o the1
Colfax & Northern railroad: ,j
"MIr. Robt. S!. l rs in, who ai"
1with the con c tI:ctio'l crl-, at
work on the ('olfax and Nor;lheeri
railr.. cxt..ioºn to Winuitiehl,
wad/ in town yesterday. lle
informs- us that the track on the
X at the junction north of Colfax
has been laid, and that on Thur;
day evening the laying of steel on
the main line was begun. Tlih
contractors have a--track-laying
machine, the first ever used in
this country, which puts down the
ties and also the steal, carrying on
both operations at once. The
speed of the machine is a mile a'
Juatiee Bevill Is Up and At
.iBusinbis Agatn.
Justica C. M. Bevill has .been
sii for :sgne tine and as aicon
seigen.ce tbh luatripmonial busi
. .abras been dragging. But he
is coanvalesecing noyv and huinekss
ipicking up. ii y was cal!cdJ to
Tunica Sunday and' on arriving
there he found J. M. Jarnignv
ant MiWs SalliIo IjeIerson wait
ing fur him. They -h.d every
thnig In readiness and it did not
tae him lonug to perform ow of
those expeditious: eeramonie&for
whicb he bhas such a' wide repita
tio *and- 4 couple was, united
f.tf dtter or worser.' This is
#..; ;atfr O nineteenth couple
thi earrnd he is -now looking
AC~br-C rmtksL
`` ~~Baoe
r. .a -· -Jo
*~.'- of' Ciien
-: a. aL 1
U - - .·
a Cradida~. "i~ij:2 ' Jr. t
, i1
: :• t , . ..
u; ch:i ua ii L I ; ; .. " t' .:..
be vi-it Ied the , tiz.:; o
t-:e line (of H: r I. a- t he r('a, I
i.: in for the up)bUili g ti .he
territory tho(,uT.,1 .wicih it runs.
and he waans to :;e+t :.1., eitizenm.
al nd iscuss the hea.'t intceuis of
det'ehipnlent. andl his rcail is
r:.':,y to do :inlth!in th::t wili
aid in tbh weork.
The ''Ellen A"' ij; a coodi road
and has all the lhwi':i'ss of tIe
territory, iii the territory it
traverses and in order to increa-:e
the busines' of the road so as to
mlake po-sible the' inllprivt eIieutslI,
conltemplatedl by t h4 mau:ageime~t,
the territory must be devehopedl.
Col. Buchananr- stated that this
people recogni;:ed this as a line
country, but undeveloped, irm
it shall be the policyv .ro. d
to do everything le for
rapid cdevelopumeat.
The party riu4 yeterday
morniug with t~o regt.:lu train,.
with the exception of Mr. G.owai
locl, who renained . over a few
days, thi guest of Col. G. Kuo
bel,aund made an overland trip
to Georgetown in coumpny .+th"
Mr. Ed. D. Knobel.
A Purgative Pieasre.
If you ever took DeWitt's
Little Early Risers for biliousness
or constipatic n you know what a
purgative plea: ro is. 'these
?amuous little pil!s cleans the
i'iver and rid the system f all bile
wit ihout pro teug" lplasant
effogt '.Tey h dbtotgrip. sicken
lQr. weaken, but give tone and
strength to the tissues andi organs
involved. W.. tH. Howell of
Houston,-Tex., says: ".No better
pill can be used than Little Early
Risers 'fr constipation, sick head
ache, etc." $old by Grisham Drug
Co. - a
pbbad- gal ` fori Busisness Next
Door t Mrs1. Wright.
'' We ' are pleas '((7' nou
a' thcir
4141~ adl~j
~I IA·
! t " r , j ,
ui .r .'i I tit t v't
1, IIIVC i::"V alt i i' J )i i i: l u~lj.i ,
tf fhit-., oifi ,: II " .t?
to iooiia'tli to ý";I'yr ^'y;?"tý
at) cscxi-e cut tut !ýlr n··ri - ,.t c·. ` c`.
'J'he /iattin? of out !· ` :t c e ti '..- t
tril! : ' ci Itr ll:;ýi' rre
Nothan Brady sets
Baton Racii, La..
GCz'eroor Hleaid h t
stnptther c nditi citnl p1u"
convicet in tfl c:e.L" hielgz jt
t: for Gtyo y t: f';tllilj,
s.uuding iiL ufi',lir C .t
s calinlg. 1n1"iý+atiiu t 9;
the Governor.&ir-uý s ,.
Wl1creas,- *upm~ 'tliee-'
taer.,ý.ttiut: o T " tLl·u Ott f i
Liiestteuailt (aitvcrrr , .
nov (jeucr~sd, "eCn'tfb,'
I1'nird of 1F doi:i orf thei ,tE
Louijeijua, I 1t,·it ",' 4'l" ; ýye t t
giralt a cULIciiiu4alI jmkt.rOu to dIW
Ž%atI;l.IIVral'. aod JL. tlb ýrýteb: *
gtaiitka pIIndofl%ýW.-i dnML*i
H~rudyun bj)L foli Ao uoLiucliriow '
ititrtt'- (,a rta'f rei~lyi ;u tiudinýOý. i·
~~irenlyt es':of .c, ciit
if mupicy~Iccltt of" um
tine term 0C hlli, -vtt:nc"
cluring that 1ikc, c· wtlait 'E a
same offense for wtib4ti he es
,sentenced(, nor acv ' otniwo evn' hcin
offenºee under te-ic . kf t'1
Skitd; - . r:
"Thirdl-Ti tt e s'h'' wjort. ,
reguulay, at .Ils t;:il c.: c..h .'`
month, to the rSheliff' c.i Winn.
pariah n~sni sha~ll rriiici~crr;ii.·tc lint
to the Sheriff of h~i. ' o~4 e'oiact
ati tif f .111 fall ltis W HFrimpriro
wVith' We... cull! n 1 yreia
"5poa` u ýtr
NaSthan B-Bra.A
antd 'al 4.e xf,
`upon l ihr !, m. qtrbl;~ii-Qa- c ill.
the State 1cei ; ia"'
lac. t ht -if.' -.
wadept ~Jio CO 1(klri;Jl. L "'O l wii.d· 4
this p COrI1, i,4 ýtrsui 4)If. CX
a tllt~tt xr (if t i hdx p ur, tlii tz
S ernyr :t iiiinber (if tir4d~
exception Of bee tr.i -d)W. 6
, uhli W1f kts
`" ` i L provenR
r ab r

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