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pUIbled Every Prday at WIanfd,. La.
BEN COATES, ............ Editor.
Enter.d as Second Class Mall Matter.
1UBS.RIPTIO.. - - One Dollar A Year.
ficfal Journa;--THE SENr.rEL is the Official
Jonu;ial or the School Board, and the
Town of Winufield.
Important Notice.
The sunb-c: p'ion p:lce of Tu. St"rTNEL is
Ser Vy,' r, ci't, for sid months, 25 cents
,r thrte :1' e r.t'h and mnist be paid for the
::e ih-. T"'·".' before the name mill
c nr(,!. :.ei : : . >oley can be sent by
-. ::.y order, bY cstck or
glster. d :-:." ?11ak checks and orders
ivahbb ' ;r: SENTINEL
Tai ::. c -r the entire parish an-,
- ,re 'c h- or try.'i-i the owner shaould
...;.edi:te: en:: a description of nazne, with
,l to pa' for two, ir-ert:ons, to us. This will
often sa' r' , -:-c; I il4n in hunting for lost stock.
The editor of Tan SE.rTItLL is in no way
respoiP°r.: for .'e views of correspondents as
expres-: I t:-o:::- "'-- c, lumns of the paper.
Addrer-s :Al lette.n ,o
Box 42. Winnfield, La.
FRIDAY, SEPT. 25, 1903.
For Sheriff.
The .r:uin·l i :;ul.cr:ized to annonunc
F. L. Shaw
.s a candiiL.: t,.r :Le :ce of rheriff of Winn
a~ri-b su.. t , th, .C:. of the DInmiocratic
primary ele tion.
For C:erk of Court.
The Scaiinrl i au,ioorized to announce
R. C. Joues
tLac:ndida3e for :Lt ofice of Clerk of Courl
C1Winn ps:: , c::: : the acti::n of the
A.ters st :, !' ...c-c:it ;rh,-ar eketion.
It woul hi be no crimuie to make
cur ase'so;rs a iinl I -uool board
tiaeu~lierr elt-cctive.
The SLt. 8 ·ritard Voice re
,nark.,: ""11;'a"i!ard the f:LtCtst
trtnner weu ('ve':i'' eln the polit
wt"l tiac.:.
An exh:ange an "loullcae. that
'-the world ovc$ 'e oil a living.'
.Iiat «e find! it take Lu thli:g aind
.< i lr'd worki tJ culkcet it.
Evtn the ('omur ade is near
-euough up-to-:!ate to 1.utili-4 the
j1ir'y net'lmgs uearlv
i::onths aftcr tae police jury
- L
The average Republican rcadily
rwaluiu s thc statemicnt that the
Repubican party is responsible
-for good. wc.:tler and bumper
The Conr ade is going to pick
to a candidate for governor and
'"sta w ith him," so it says. It
-willtprobably be another case of
P. pon Cafecry and "Me and
unoby y."
'tThe Comrade announces that
ii~will pick out a candidate for
Svernor when the proper time
i..om . Probably the Comrade
ja waiting for the "leavening of
the dough."
Editor Stuckev of the Pollock
Pema'ids has erupted in a new
ahe. He has started the
Byce. 'fHerabl" and is now
aditor of both the Demands and
the Herald.
Bome of the papers that bowled
Do loudly for a primary are now
Sitowling because the primary is
oping to be disappointing. They
teant nobody but themselves to
Sarticipate in the primary.
Bro. Jones of the Baton Rouge
Advocate observes that "it is a
grand and glorious privilege to be
bove the thirst for office." But
SBro. Jones is holding an office
iad is only guessing at the
e Comrade says the prosm
of our parish depends
the vote of the people.
y the Comrade meant
prosperity of the candi
i ends upon the favorrable
tP people.
was re8qusse to
4ri~·lfef betrpee a
£b8a~sao ta gld~
{ ý ý. ýý
The lightning in the Post Office
Department investigation is be
ginning to strike about in places
close to the throne. Beavers,
who has given himself up volun
tarily after the police seemed to
be unable to get him, has had
Postmaster General Payne sub
poenaed to appear as a witness in
his case, and the P. 1. (;.
piromptiv repudiates the sulbpoena
and refuses to appear, lie says
he is sick, and llmuitt perfor;ce
spend a few weeks down at Vir
gainia Hot Springs to recuiperate,_
his health. lie probably knows
too much of the doings of his
private secretary, Mr. ii. 11.
Rand, inl conlvection with Beave\rs
and Machelien's industry in the
grafting game in the Post OtIce
department. and does not dt i're
to be questioned under oath.
In fact, he is doing all in hii
power to stop the publicity of
details of the Post Otlice Dep:art
ment ýcandal, a nd now lihe gives
ii. out that the end is in sight and
thtt there will be nothing inure
doing after the first of ()Ochucr.
lie know, full well that there are
too Imany inemllloers of C(' oress
iand repti!licau leaders mixe ti up,
in the matter who must protect
the looters, and some of thent too
imuch dread an investigation to
allow the matter to proce:d fur
ther. Such a competent machine
p:,iitician as the P. M. G. knows
thiat the republican party cannot
st:an I such hard knocks as it
has received by even a small part
of the scandal thus cxposiing to
tihe public view, an:d survive the
treatluent. How the republicani
party leaders are praying that
somnething will turn up to distract
the minds of the public from this
nasty mess. See how the Beirut
incident was seized upon to take
the mindiis of the people from the
scan tal croppi.ig out in tihe ad
ministration of the affairs of
government. The Panama Canal
affair is also being used to get the
minds of the people from the
rottonness of the departments as
-administered by the republican
party, but all in vain. Those
little incidents are but the won
tier of an hour, and the minds of
the people wander back to their
muttons, the scandals in the de
partments at Washington. Like
Banquo's ghost, they will not
(down, but return with perplexing
persistency to plague an adminis
tration that is rotten to the core.
T'he.people have a specific for
this cancer on the body politic if
they will go to the polls and ad
minister it. It is up to them.
The Rev. Sam Jones has finally
"met his match." He ran into a
Georgia postma.ter the other day
and got a lick in his mouth. The
Rev. Sam landed one blow on the
P. M. and his fist is not yet well.
The Baton Rouge Advocate
says: "Nail the first thief that
tries to steal in Democratic pri
maries, parochial, district or
The State Experiment Station
hab sent us a copy of a pamphlet
on the boll weevil. He is an
ugly looking bug.
All superintendents of public
education should be elected the
same as other offioers.
Another Saw Mill.
J. D. Moore, of Georgetown,
was a visitor here yesterday look
mig after the erection of a saw mill
on the line of the Ellen A about
eight miles from Winnfield in the
Tunica settlement. Mr. Moore
has a lot of timber and a good
lo atioi and some mill men have
been intorteted in the proje;t. It
i probable that a good sized mill
wiUr-ban ib. o. It is good
piant foras mlfland thre is lots
urte i aber Oithet section.
f. .
(Continued from page 1.)
shall be t hat they are white Denm
ocrats. registered voters, and
shall have paidl (when required
by law so to do) their poll taxes
for the years 19102 and 1ll3, in the
I years in "which ml.ane be/ic ame due.
i Anl if any one offering to vote
shall be clh llegedl . e , he shall not
he pl'rni.tlted to vote un:.ss he g
s\wri'i by onle of the eolnlllizszoners
he shall nimke and su(lseribe to the
following oath:
"I,- . 4do -olehlhlnlyV swcar
(or attiri) that I am : vwhite
Dlemicrat: thatt at the last state
or co( 'essional election in which
I participated 1 voted for the
D l)emocratic candlidlate. and that
at the next reg11l:th" clretion to Ibe
h11el accordiing to law I will vote
for the l)eimo'atic candidiIat,' who
Iai ltl. se'le,'ctedi at this pri:la '.v
ele'tio( , oI r at a subujlls t- enit one.
- ,.;l ',, ! -t .hi bee' . cll t 'cc .c. tr' " !'V
a li ,llcre to Iomiti tel: at this l ri
m111:11., ,c( 1tio1 . so) help tle M I..
This. altidavit shall be attachlle
to the ballot which shall be h.e
po-it, d in the hallot box.
Fifth. ' The -,ai(d pri tary election
la!! hI;' conllucte'el in all respect-t
under the provi!iuns of Act No.
13; of lo20, cnIuiOnly knownl as
the lrinityv Law. as far a1 appli
cable: hut in :el iition thereto it
shall e th.e ' , v ef t he cmonissioin
ers and clerk at e:acl polling place
to keep dulilicate listsi of the per
sonlS votti 1h at such voting place,
which ists shall be iinumtbere,
cons.Ien'ive! v from one to tile
end aa'l :uch li'ts so kept ant}
0number'dI shall be siglne I andI
sworni to as lcorrect bIy tilIli
inmnediately upon chlo'-ig the
pollls and before opening the
ballot b x. One of these lists
shall be transmitted with the
returns male t to he chairmani of
the state central colmittee. a.
hereinafter providedl for.
Sixth. After the closing of the
polls the cotnnissioners shall pro
ceed to publicly canvass the votes,
they shall make tally sheets in
duplicate, and shall tabulate the
votes and sign the same and swear
to their correctness. These
returns shall )e inclosed in care
fully sealed packages-one of
these shall be addressed to the
chairman of the Democratic
parish executive committee, who
shall carefully preserve the same
for futher use. In the parish of
Orleans these returns shall be
handed to the chairman of the
State central committee by at
least one of the commis.ioners in
person taking his receipt therefor;
and the duplicate thereof shall be
deposited with the chairman of
the parish executive committee,
who shall open same and immedi
ately proclaim the results.
The ballot boxes, with the bal
lots therein, shall be deposited
with the respective clerk of court,
as provided by the primary elec
tion law.
Seventh. The chairman of
the State central committee
shall, within thirty days from the
adoption of this resolution,
appoint from among the members
of the State central committee
a committee of five, to whom he
shall deliver the returns received
by him. This committee shall
meet in New Orleans, La., seven
dlays after the election, and shall
proceed to canvass and compile
the returns, and proclaim the
In case any candidate should
fail to receive a majority of the
votes cast for the office for which
he is a candidate a second prima
ry election shall be held, under
the same rules and regulations,
and with the same electron ofll
c~rs, at the same places hereinbe
fore prescribed, within not less
that twenty nor more than thirty
,days afterthe final proclamation
election. At this election
-- .o_. .
-.Z'L : -i -
tral committee shall designate
the particular date on which the
second election is to be held,
within the restrictions hereuna
bove described: tihe returns shall
be mnade and the votes canvassedji
and(l c(mlpiled, and the result
decl1ared as hereinabove provid(e I
for the first primary.
In c..:se of a failure to elctl
[)ecau e ')f the fact that no cvan
didlate receives a miajority of the
vt i5's :east for the otli.ce for whiirl
he is a cadlidate, shouil one of
the two pcrsons recciving the
highe st vote decline to continue
his ca:ndidacy, and enter the see
ond primary election. then the
oth"er ' ho 1had received the highest
number of votes shall he declcured
the nominiee of the party.
Eighth. In the event that any
cand'li late should feel aggrievc eI
:at the action of the coinmuiittee of
five hereinafter provided for, lie
shall have the right to appeal to
tie state central conl nit cc wit iin
live day:s after the lProclaunation
of the ic',ult of the :aid c(olut!lit
t'e of live, upon l-(es1 :.,s t i!. to
the chai:rman thereof his petition
of appeal, set ting forth clearly
and distinctly the grounds )il
which he relies for a reversal (of
their action. Upoen the receipt
of such a petition, the chairman
of the State central comiinittee
shall iunmeldiately con\vene his
coiniittee to heiar and dcecidle
said colltesi or contsts..
Ninitlh. This election shall Ibe
vby a:n olicial ballot. This ballot.
priited as hereinafter provided
for, together with tally sheets,
poll lits, blalnk allihIavits and
pa::rlphernalia as are necessary
for the conduct of the election.
shall be provided` by the chair
mamn of the State central coni
mnittee. lie shall provide any
quantit' therefor iecessary for the
various precincts in each parish
of the State, and shall forward
s:ame by express or otherwise to
the chairman of the parish exec
utive commluittee of each parish.
It shall be the duty of
the chairman of the parish
executive committee to dis
tribute these tickets, poll lists.
tally sheets, and other necessary
paraphernalia, together with the
ballot boxes, to the commission
ers of election at each precinct in
his parish before the hour fixed
herein for the opening of the
Tenth. The chairman of the
State central committee shall
print upon oneballot the names
of all the candidates for each
office, alphabetically, under the
heading designating the office for
which the candidate is aspiring.
The names of the candidates
for governor shall be first placed
on the ticket, and the names of
the candidates for the other
offices shall follow in the ordler
in which same were first herein
before mentioned.
The voter shall designate his
choice by scratching out or eras
ing the names of those candidates
whom he does not desire to sup
port, leaving only upon the ticket
under the particular office the
name of the candidate for whom
he does desire to vote. Every
voter shall be entitled to receive
from the commissioners of elec
tion not more than two ballots,
and he may prepare his ballot at
the moment he receives it, or, if
he so desire, may retire from the
polling place, prepare, or have
prepared, his ballot and return
and cast it.
Eleventh. Each candidate
whose name shall appear upon
the ballot shall have the right,. at
his own expense, to order and
receive from the chairman of the
State central commi:tee, previous
to the election, as many of these
ballots as he may desire; these he
may distribute among the voters
at the several polling places
throaghout the State, and they
shall be received in the samne
manner as those placed in
the custody of the commissioners
of election, but no vote shall be
counted unalem east upon one of
ibe oelal ballota so prepared
maarjiinedbt athreitmen b
Os-~rd "-i
a candidate and have his name
printed upon this olticial ballot
shall notify the chairman of the
State c.entral coninittee thereof,
on!! or before the first day of No
v Veimher. 1i03, an, a nv one failing
lni to di, shall inot he per'litteul
to he a candi(late. The said
chairman shall tolwn Imake up a
tul.cgt of prola.le cticli: ex
pI,:ses s julihient to c1 ver thie (coist
of pl'(ºý"ilil and dii tl !ri!,utin<, the
l:i!lts. tally -hi t.. ptlI li-it.
etc.., adii shail - iropor'tiPon tihi
sai.iune as equitahly :> poisil)e
auiloig the cautlilatet.s for the
ýevcrral oilices. Sith,uIlll at'y can
diiate fail to :pa hi j.'ropl ri fot;i
Ie Ic .lare of i. ,e t t ," wxtl ". , ithiki
ten ral - after' n'~ jtiij':it)1i theirIc
(f. the ..:ai c ihair ii aii shall not
print his nal i 1:1)(011 the oili :(l l
I1llit anl1 s:ail pleson . l hall net
ht: pernititi- I l to ie a t ic an i latte.
1an'i no vote ea'-t for hiii at -ai'i
Si m' - ll l ey I oll't -ltVn X . 1 ! till ' ,eCu te.I
In tho ('Ven lIt iiia I 1)1- ii primHto
i male 11et rS uate r. u fiilre O!
:i V i c.t i. il iat , t( r e t ,t' l a 11it
j,'rity (of till' lt't'- ia-t 'Crt
th rito if, ui,'r th.m.- riulh- a:llI
e1 i !:tilatlio 11s:1I1 i" Yrin h tits
rtiapi iiia t ý th.nci. . s-t' . hr
in. i (,r l x i.- ,!.
Twce!fth. (ah: lates i1 th,
vlrit lls )pari ire-: (f the `l ate a .l
wl'ars in the city if New ( :-eao
for the po-itio l of tc inu ti" o'
the State central c anuitte'(e ,ha
plrit andl di-tr.,ut their oAtvn
h allots, a n the \:t.`"r ai t the
llttine( tine fait he votes for tche
State ollites, sh:: i votel in a {
arate box for ti.(e iacien i-f i tia
-tate centri.d ceniit tee fwiio hi'
par'ish Or ward.
TI1li,-teenth. A- s soon :1 fl h
final re ult of this prin:ary I- h
been proclaiumelI. tI:e chlaiI'll iia.
of the State c-ntr:a! cotili::it.t
silhall forthwith I iintvete- ii tie
city of New ( )rle.ns the newlv:
elected inemiher.s of th,- State
central colinlittec: thhey s-hall be
called to orhder by the ch:lair ma
of the present State (Ventral comlil
inutttee, who shall be temporary
chairman. They shall then per
manently organize. hy the elee
tion of a chairman, vice chair
mUan and secretary. and authorize
the appointment of such comn
mittees as are necessary alnd
customary, and shall forthwith
assume charge of the affairs of
the Democrateic party in this
State. The chairman shall
appoint tifteen members at large.
Said committee shall serve for
four years, or until their success
ors are duly elected and installed
under party authority.
Fourteenth. At the same
meeting the said State central
committee so organized shall
prepare, adopt and proclaim a
platform of principles. All va
cancies caused by death, resigna
tion or otherwise among the nom
inees selected at this primary
election shall be filled by the
State central committee.
-0 -- 9i4aup
Well, Do It.
A man who is a Democrat
merely because he wants office
ought to be kicked out of the
ranks.-Baton Rouge Advocate.
As It Should Be.
So far as the gubernatorial
campain is concerned it appears
that it will resemble in a sense
the plan of salvation. It will be
without money and without
Price.-Farmerville Gazette,
Ready for Businss.
The Editor of the Bulletin has
rented a cottage on Washington
St. and is keeping house. We
are going the whole hog-we have
a pig, a goat, chickens, geese and
three people to feed. We are in
tde market for country produce,
wood, coal old straw-hats, empty
tin cans-in fact anything that
people and goats can eat.
Monroe Bulletin.
Timber Deeds.
New lot of timber deeds just
piated at t ofee. Price 2
sst aIasofth
Local and Pc' rnt! p
I By Son ,!i Soutb.
1 it l . .... , !". . n il e
h - tI I'"o t1 :: hari e
S I . . ...I t', sal
I I "1 ward _
,. :. in : , , ' , o00n
ta ', , ' t i " tl attend
i it all nt.
1 trd of t
, v , ieigLt it
t ." : ,,i! ' '. ('ottonpeie .
i: i- .:':, .... . " i, but tht.
t2- from win
!. ,,,, i to befot
- parish li
, - ' " " : ' lightl
`: port'
.:: i aid hem,
V nowg 4
i : I - i, he. d t!d
,,i·.tl .:1.-( -h,,cl hone
. as the ,.
•. ,ingdra~
,ill all co
.1 . 1 .1'ason p..
., w - .: v- , t" (lays aP
i.. : - 4,, ': , t I tending a1
;'.''I: ti .' . '' i ',hilie bec.
'- , ,( ' full of ca.n
! t:o .' : ;" +'t" ,i ], I bl oys fatt:r
} iL' X,.'-tn 1: I f 't'"1 andt)nsi
,of" t un, : i-t 'i . t,.n. g
,o" e fo: '.. , . r i hy a t ae
iat, 4I ,r 4 . - 'l hy a det. -
IV.t,! !ike t> tn 'v [l .)eversl
: :,* d a i " :ams t' , 'v: ! . l ll U It'
a;n liat,: an I .t aly 'Iit ody ean
e '" l ' t:i te '. I 1o le cero
I uiprose a (ia ..' s ised to !see
,,OT,. a.g in. ýs.
(tu..'-stion--\V len i' the ha
time 1of tihe year i'
Anºawer-.-vIt a month or
before an eholetin. All the
di(lates start out ain, bt
coilmeliences right away.
Thlere are tlnl who can't
two iinutes in public that
hold a loan spel.i'ound for
hours telling him why he s
vote for him and not the
I learn from one of the p
cians that there is quite a lot
s.ickness in and labout townl
probably the result of the
scourge of measles.
The town is glad to learn
the Grisham Drug Company
rebuild and continue in the
business. Their next bu.
will be of brick. They will m
few (lays open up a new stock
The oil prospects are
brighteninug and o'firmiog
stronger hope for a boun \
5upply of oil. IlHrrah for W
and Winniield. "l
Since the last rais iany fl
have planted largu'e p:t tIles
turnips, which p,,miies gr
throughl the winter.
I wonder how the dud, e
on a pea crop? i1e was di~
to boast of his corn crop and
willing to be outranked on .
score. Let us hear from
pens, J.udge.
It seems we can't g,.t th
exactly straight. L:st year
had hogs to make the town
woods stink, but no lmast. N
we have an abundant nmat andl
hogs. Let some one so
what for us to do.
What is Life?.
In the last anilyvsi nobot#
knows, but we do know that it i
under strict law. Abusc that lsh
even slightly, pain re.ults. Irr1
gular living means derangemJa1.
of the organs, resulting in Con.e`
pation, Headache or Live
trouble. Dr. King's New
Pills quickly re-'djust this. W
geatle, jet thorough. Only
Q Drug Co,

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