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4 COATES, ............ Editor.
Entered as Seco.ed Class mall Matter.
UBBSCRIPTION. - -- One Dollar A Year.
t)ffcY .urus-T33 lnwswe.i the Odqi
Joarnal of the chool Board. and the
Town of Wianeld.
- The subscription price of Ta mmm,,. Is
1lper yew. ents for six imth, m acnts
for three m ths. and must be fS IS r the
time the paper is wanted beloes mIne wll
be enrolled on the list. Mosey can be sent by
ezpra or otl money otedar, by check or
regusterd M la checks and orders
T ro~eltoTmS r ovn ies U rs -
often save mch time in hntg for lost stock.
The editor of Tha Ommunm.~ s in no way
responsible for the views of correspodeae s
hspressed through the oolms of the paper.
hddee ao l lesttr oo
Box 4 en a Winufeld, ith
FRIDAY, OCT. 80, 1903.
For Senator.
The Sentinel is autbarsid to announce
Capt. C.. Ted
of Colfax, as a candidate for State Senator
from the s4th, Sentorial District, subject to the
will of the Democratic party.
For Representative.
The Sentinel is sathorised to announce
Harry P. Ostble
as a candidate for the office of Representative
of Winn Parish to the General Assembly, sub
ject to the will of the voters in the Democratic
primary election.
For SherI.
The Seattel ji authorized to announce
P. L. Shbw
s a candidate for the oloe of Sheriff of Wian
pariah subjeea to the actio of the Democrat
primary *MeboPa.
The Seatinel is authoried to announce.
L A. Peters
as a candidate or the ooe of sheriff of Win
parish subject to the Democratic pdma
The Sentinel is authorised to anouncs
J. BUamm,
as a camndidate ar the Boe of s heriff. Wbjst
to the oa of the Demooratr party at the
Fr Clerk of Court.
Tb.s 5etad If autboehd to maaoe
R. C. jam
as a au mils oUw tae sios d (f olk of Corot
.Ij)WtuY IEa, -blea to thu noti. n1 tam
The 8o Im i mthardat to moo~se
Pary K. Abut.
N -utsh Oa to th .6. of Clerk huh
D trCoati, ttf wif Pr·IbXa". mWsR1s
the attmf tbs Demoaz tla pdmmr.
Fer Coreir.
tk.3.em- ml I . IsLlLQiLs [email protected] anaoas.
kr. J. J. Pe
ba a e didatsltrrit oefSUto the .5s
onam r of Wi a -ut* mmta w to tle rin
t th. D abmtsc prinary .Niom.
Fr Asseor.
e. UatbatIm Is auathln to masmas
as a masdMd A. t h ?.ia .1
.W au eabjsctto In se DIe. -
-pkp~q cda
The deliberations of the execu
dtiv ittse were harmonious
du t shows- that the
-' pemoralts a this parish desire
to sve the- coming campaign
'waged on a high plane. All
tanimsit was obliterated from
the eom.mittee meeting.
Th~ Town Talk has mustered
enei~enoughto change up and
re.eet one of the large advertise
i nu a which h.ay.sm ied its
page foQI the pa (twelve
V f ', Z,(
The Baton longe Ad ite has
a man on its staff af l icted
with a "spell po The
ldate of exui6e , d
Our up.the.i ,
failed to get his "pm i '~s"
last week and as a arelt got out
a better looking paper.
All the candidates who desire
to be set right before the people
hliould lose no time in getting
around to this office.
A cirs has -been t- ,oMa l
and the Democrt - happyg I
said thqd aous r I it a
Jsia twItDO.inki~uw Ji~~~
J~ 8C#lf e~i~l~')~'~i;p
v ý j. w ý
.,'ý 3.
ý i'
ýl+ý1 ý1 9 ý ý:.
aDurlng the meeting ,pf the
Parish Democratic ' Executive
Committee Capt. John Hamilton,
of Union parish, was an interested
'Spectator. He was here on a visit
to relatives and camine out to the
corimittee meeting. Before leav
ing he took occasion to make a
shgtt talk dering which he com
plimented the committee on the
spirit of fairness that seemed to
prevail throughout the deliber
ationsand gave some good advice
and ericourigement to the Demo
crats. His talk was pleasant and
was highly appreciated by those
who heard it.
Hon. Geo. A. Kelly, special
representative of the Shreveport
Journal, and who claims to be the
original Blanchard man from
Winn parish, never lets an oppor
tunity pass without improving it.
He attended the meeting of the
Executive Committee and offered
many valuable suggestions to the
Committee during its session.
He also took occasion to remark
on Judge Blanchird's candidacy
and urged the claims of
that gentleman. He succeeded
in getting a committee appointed
to arrange dates for speech-mak
ingin this parish and to confer
with the State candidates as t
when they ciif, come to this
parish. Mr. R&Ily is one of these
workers that neter gives up untit
the thing undirtaken is finished,
and in this case he will not let up
till Blanchard is safely seated in
he gubneratoarial chair.
The Denhi a says we lied .bout
the express car gettig ihot full
of holes at Pollock. That may be
the case, but we once saw several
bullets go through a ear at Pollock
and have une hea, f a man
gewtia. le hton. out the re
by a lillt that -went through a
panel in a duor.
The Areadia Al.a says there
is noblind tigers in that town.
A number of people there always
order whiskey on certain occa
sions and the Argue says they
order it to get "dog-drunk on"
and have none tpil.
Editor.,, Munholland of the"
Farmervllle Gazette announced
his candidacy for the Senate in'
his paper and .lraighway found
himself into a controversy with
an "eeteemel contemnpo rary."
The -bhealth ithorities of
Shreveport have uarantined the
Bingling circus and will not let it
come to that city. That is tough
on the newspaper men there.
No honest white man could
find objection to; the rules as
laid down by the executive com
mittee. If he objects then he is
nat an honest Democrat.
Aunt Carrie. Nation say
Prophet Dowie is a fake 'and
Dewie says Aunt Carrie is a sen
sational montebank. We agree
with both.
Now the candidates will _get
down to their knitting and we
may expect to aee deme tall hust
ling done between no* and Chris
The press of the country hv
ing ceised to discuss the subject,
we presume the poetal theives
have all been sent to the peniten
Som mrhaWs get along
Wi"haidr . , but in this
anm dad tias they seldom lay
aerie any" font ydaiy.
Tl.+ Tie 11M sot t e sai is
fw t bevuTiest~om of Tosm
i'u oowsaesaiqrse .si his mar
EW 0o IdOW.d.
tbane . , sie& of as
Sht a' 1hJ1 rsie is a
ilm g G
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correctness, and publiely an
nounce the result to the bystand
ers who may be present. These
returns as soon as completed
shall be enclosed in carefully
sealed packages, one of these
shall be delivered by one -if the
Commissioners to the-'cheirman
of the Democratic Executive
Committee of the Parish
of Winn, and another depos
ited with the ballot box in the
Clerk's office of the Parish of
5. All protests, if any, against
the counting of any box or boxes
must be file with the chairman
of this Executive Committeeon
or before the 9th day of January,
1904. On the 9th day of Jan
uary the Democratic Executive
Committee shall assemble at the
Courthouse in the Parish of
Winn, La., and the sealed pack
ages delivered to the chairman of
the Executive Committee, to
gether with all protests filed, if
any, and shall be opened in the
presence of this committee, and
this Executive committee shall
proceed in the presence of as
many persons as desire to be
present to canvass the returns of
this primary election, and make
public proclamation of the result
thereof; They shall .ett>i all
protests that may be Mifid With
them, and should it be shown that
there has been any wilful viola
tion of the rules of this primary
ele :tion, it shall be a sufficient
cause to refuse to count and tab
ulate the votes cast where such
wilful violation shall be allowed.
6. In case any candidate should
fail to receive the majority of the
votes east for the offce for which
hb is candidate,a second priary
blection shall be held un'de.'the
same rules and regulations,: and
with the same election officers,
sad the same places hereinbefore
prescribedon the 19th daIy of
Jauary, 1904. At this second
primary election no one canbe a
candidate except the two persons
who receive the highest number
of votes at the first prima ;i glee.
tion for the office for irhiob Jiey
were candidates. In case any
candidate should fail to receive
the majority of votes iast, 'Miould
one of the two pesMond receiving
the highest vote dei..h tbn _ pn
tinue his candidacy aid enteri the
second primaray plection. 'then
the (ther who had received the
highest number of votes shall be
declared to be the nominee for
the office for which he was a can
7. The returns of this decond
primary shall be made the same
as provided for the first primary,
and the chairman of this Execu
tive Committee shall publicly
praclaim the result of said pri
mary, unless there should be a
protest filed, and in the event of
protest, it shall be his duty to
aggan re-assemble the Democrat
ic ecutive Committee in' the
Parish, who shall settle the pro
test filed, if any. and declare the
nominee. For the purpose of
filing protests at this second pri
mary, five days are allowed from
the holding of said primary elec
tion before any public proclama
tion of the result.
8. This election shall be by
official ballot, this ballot printed
as hereinbefore provided for, to
gether with tallysheets, poll lists,
blank affidavits, and such other
blanks and paraphernalia as are
necessary for the election, shall
be provided by the chairman of
the Democratic .ixp~utive Com
mittee for each polling precinct,
and fowarded to the polling pre
cincts by some person selected
for that purpose. There shall be
as many as three of these official
ballots potted on the, outside of,
the barries for the information of
the voters, in order that they may
bep prepared to vote intelligently
upon the same.
9. The chairman of this Dem
ocratic Executive Committee
shall print ion the official bal
lot the names of all the candida
tes for each office alphabetically
under the name of the office for
which said candidate is aspiring.
There shall also be printpd on
on this official ballot the names
of the parties aspiring to be
me-mbers of the new Democratic
E.Ieutive Committee, should any
one so desire it, and blank spaces
shallbeleft upon this ballot upon
which the voter ,may write the
names of the prties for whom he
desires to vote as members of the
new Democratic E.ecutive Com
mittes, inca es he should not de
sre to vote for the names printed
. For all the other can
uates, either for nomination for
iona or appointment, shall be
pmteit%3t irh Pfficg balloto 4
utive Committee as above pro;
vided. The voter shall designate
his choice by stamping the circle
or orossing the same with pencil
on the oficial ballot, opposite
the name of the candidate for
whom he desires to vote for the
particular office for which they
have offered. Every voter shall
be entitled to receive from the
Commissioners of Election one
ballot which ie may prepare at
the time rece ved and cast it, or
he may call upon the Election
Commissioners to assist him in
the preparation of the same in
the presence of a witness the
voter may select. Any voter who
shall spoil his first ballot shall
have the right to demand and re
ceive from the Election Commis
sloners a second one upon return
ing to them the first. Should he
also spoil the second one, he shall
be entitled to a third, if he spoil
the third ballot, he shall return it
to the Commissioners and if he
so desire, may then have his bal
lot prepared by the Commission
ers min the presence of a witness
as aforesaid.
10. Any person desiring to
become a candidate and have his
name printed upon the official
ballot shall notify the chairman
of the Executive Committee
thereof on or before December
1, 1903, and any one failing to do
so shall not be premitted to be
come a candidate. The chairmn
of the Democratic Executive
Committee, together with the
sub-committee provided for, shall
on the first day of December, or
as soon thereafter as possible,
meet and make a budget of prob
able election expenses sufficient
to cover the costs for conducting
the election, including the costs
of providing and distribuiting the
ballots, tallysbheets, poll lists, etc.,
and of furnishing the barriers,
tables and shelves at the polling
precincts where the same has not
already been provided for, and
said committee shall apportion
the same as equitably as possible
among the candidates for several
offices hereinabove named, mem
bers of the Democratic Executive
Committee accepted. Should
any eandidate fail to pay his pro
portionate share of this expense
within ten days after notification
thereof his name shall not be
printed upon the official ballot,
and sail person shall not be
permitted to be a candidate at
this primary election and no vote
cast for him shall be counted.
Any person who desires to be
comn a candidate in this, primary
election shall'first be a white mpn
and possess the qualifications of
a voter, under the election laws
of this state, and before his name
can be placed upon the official
ballot he shall take and subscribe
to the following: "I declare
upon my honor that I am a white
Democrat, that I will support the
State Democratic ticket, nomina
ted by the authonty-f the State
Democratic Executive Commit
tee, and I will support the nom
inee of this primary election,
and abide strictly by the result of
the same," which declaration
shall be made and filed with the
chairman of the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee of the parish
of Winn for reference. As soon
as the final result of this primary
has been proclaimed the chair
man of the Demacratic Executive
Committee of this parish shall
proceed to file and certify to the
proper nomination papers as re
quired by law, and file same with
the Secretary of State, and shall
further certify the nomination
for appointment herein provided
for, to be placed in the hands of
the Governor-elect before said
appointment shall be made.
11. Be it resolved: That all
white persons who have hereto
fore affiliated with other politi
cal parties and now honestly de
sire to affiliate with the Demo
cratic party and assist in making
nominations, are invited to join
with us in our primary.
12. Whereas, we believe in
taxation for revenue only, in Just
such proportions as will satisfy
the needs of the parish honestly
and economically administered
and with all du& regards to the
needed public improvement, ae
assert that valuations and rates
of assessment which produces
$27,000.00 per annum for parish
purposes is too high and is far in
exeess of the neea of the pirish.
And w9 further believe that when
such immense revenues in eaome
of theneedsofthe prmui'h, eco
ndenically administered, is not
De nocratic, and opens the dooar
to vast extravagance In perish at
fairs. Therefore be it resolyed:
That the Democratic part, of
Winn parish pledge itself to re
form along this line, habould they
be succemsfulin gainl control
of theim afairs of the parsh. . .
On noton G. P. Long aid C,
P. Mathis were elected Lo salat
Chairman walltace in makilg the
is y preparationd fof -
An Excellent Opportunity
Exchange a wagon and teami f
property in Winnfield. Mo,
here and get the benefit of a goo
free school. Apply to
C. H. Elliott,
_* Winnfield, L
W"- hLu u r o _idbtlftiers a nag h.. ascool rn r State. The building ias being e.
so that will e ly a shot ime unfe the housill be ulmiently large to aommeoabýs,
e childre in the distit and all others who may chance to cast their lot among us. We s
have sve teachers n the literary work ll of whom are earnest teachers of experie. It
hooed tht the Board will add one other for the second rade when the building is compled
Tist will enable the faulty to do the very best work poe _ible.
The department of music s ably presided oer by Mss Annie Pleasant whose quali
tious are dll the position dema.nds.
We take pleaure in invitin all the people of winnneld and urrounding iomnmeid
to Ldt our school and be convinced that we re doing work worthy of their patronage.
For further Inormation apply to
J. T. WALLACE, President,
or O. A. PAYNE, Principal.
Pretty Busy Now.
We are always as "Busy as Bees," but we always
give each customer a good deal on anything in our
stock. No one has a better stock than us, and
We Can Always Make ai Lower Price.
If you have not been trading with us, it is time for
you to acquire the the habit of saving money.
Our store is the place to do it.
S. J. Harper & Co.
I.have purchased the Durham Store building
mnear L. & A. Depot and have moved my stock
theie where I am selling at the Lowest Prices
ever heard of in Winnfield. Everything cheap.
holding of the Primary Election.
* On motion Hon. Ged A. Kelly
was elected to represent the parish
of winn as a member of the Ju
diciary Committee.
On motion O. M. Grisham was
elected to represent the parish of
winn as a member of the Sena
torial Committee of the 27 Sena
torial District.
On motion the State candidates
be extended a request to visit
winnfield and toaddress the peo
ple of winn parish at a-time to be
agreed upon by themselves, the
Secretary to so notify the cam
paign managers of both factions.
The Whole Hog.
In Avoyelles the committee
ordered I primary for everything
and everybody except Janitor at
the courthouse.-Baton Rouge
Doing Some Running.
His hair raised, and he lit out
at greyhound gait. After running
two miles he sat down on a log
to rest, when to his 4prprise he
found the ghost beside Inm. The
ghost said: "We were going
anmie, weren't we?" The man re
pled: "You bet; and as soon as
I catch my breath we are going
some more."-Kaplan Tunes.
Same at Wianfleld.
If there is anything sweeter on
earth th4n thede Lake Charles
school gir' it can only be their
sisters who are not school girls,
and if the. is anything sweeter
than that $e don't wadt to know
anything hbout it.- -Lke Charle
Ours Did Likewise.
The genial, jovial and liberal:
police jury met this week
disposed of what little cash it had
on hand and many have returned
to their different homes satisfied..
they have done their duty aL
judging from their list of claims
they have made many feel easy.-, -
Catahoula News.
Wide In Proportion.
The Morgan City Review con
tains the following advertisement
in its "board and lodging" col
"An airy bedroom for a gentle-'
man 22 feet long and 11 feet
lie Wants a Cinch.
Allen Barksdale delivered a
gloom-curdling address at Ona
chita's capital. The feature em
braced the fact that he was a "
probable candidate for heute4a
ant govenor, but might possibly
rttn if he could locate a dead
cinch.-ShreVeport Journal.
Cobwebs never accumulate on
the shelves of a judicious adver- I
It is easy enough to tell some
one else how to do it, but what
about doing it yourself?
The chief trouble in aerial nav
igation is in getting an airship
that will stay in jhe air.
From indications there are at
least q baker's dozen of men after
the assessor's office in this parish.
Now let the candidates begin
to huw4le, the committee havin.
xfied the date fr th! t rip up Sal'

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