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DV TO T IB I RESTS OP NORTH LOUISIANA AND T"1 DB!WOCRATIC PARTY. Subscriptios One Dollar per Year, Cash in Advance
N L,
.WINNFII3LD, LA., FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEM~BER 13,1903" Price ,5 cents.
Made fb Month
of otober.
Second Month of
Shows Good
Work Done.
of the Wiunfeid
have arranged their
work done in the
the month of. Oc
report shows some
connected with
is the abhool
Wenrollment at the
h left
_ f _
L H. W liamon IE .n
tt .im $I. ICollUx.
Colfax, t) NOV. 4.-.Mr. R.
H. Will , a well known
eitizenrof olax, was murdered
here yesterday morning.
Williamson owns a small place
about six miles from Coltax and
had gone to his place Monday
evening and stayed all night with
one of his tenants, Mr. James
Fletcher. About daylight Tues
day morning a woman that lived
in the house and a widow, daugh
ter of Mr. Fletcher, carried Mr.
Williamson some coffee, remark
iangto Mr. Williamson that pos
sibly he could drink the coffee.
but abe could not, that it was too
bitter. Mr. Wallianamon drank
the coffee and went out to his
barn to look after his stock, and
was one a short time eturnin4'
#lUte house, and ou4 .entering
"ie aald rq.ark.d Ito Mr.
tat he was . poisoned
an to geti . ne ot .water
quiek) hbRp womamn that Bpre
.; ty a polbl
_ i =too i as y good.
b atng
a +f -
N ,ý,ýYy
t` A
Won I IQ
. tip....
Store House and Goods of Shaw Brothers Destroyed
By Fire Last Night.
rom Thursday's Daily.
At 11 o'clock last night fire was
discovered in the store house at
the corner of Main and Crawford
streets occupied by Sliaw Bros.,
and was under such headway that
nothing could be saved from the
building. It was but a few min
utes after the fire was discovered
till the building was a mass of
flames, and then it spread to a
small lunch room standing next
to the building. This was also
aaentued , and it looked for a
time like the Win field Barber
Shop building would be destroyed,
but it was saved, with one side of
the wall schorched and several
holes burmed - the roof.
"The fire was discovered by a
Th. Fourt States Immigration League Hears An
Address By Ci. Charles Schuler.
, 3; re' .z sr
ý ir.. .
P <1 ?
t t :
4 ýcui
t" " " i tE
t f
-Ak ~ianin
party of hunters who were return
ing from Catahoula Lake. They
gave an alarm and soon nearly
everybody in town were on hand.
Nearly, everything was carried out
of the Huffman building, which
stands next to the darber shop,
but it was in no great banger un
less the shop burned.
The building destroyed belonged
to John Mott, who resides at Oils,
La., and it is not known if it was
insured. The etpck of merchan
dise belonging to Shaw Brothers
was valued at about $1250 and
was insured for $750. The lunch
room belonged to A. Rugg.
The origin of the fire is un
-. The Iiiporctsae of tge in
daryJ maybe acaoemtuad m the
~~oeud ~in tb.
4.w~i~~mi4 p*.irs kthtw
"oi4T_ fAee'~.z :rpa. tebr
* - k y S'
f6 smill i
being *tr~W in*4
Politicians Do Not Deny That
There'll Be "Big Doings."
Washington, Nov. 9.-The big
Republican victory in Ohio has
caused much significant comment
here and many prominent politi
cians are discussing how it will
affect Roosevelt. Leaders of
both parties do not deny the
statement that some high politics
will be played in Congress this
winter. Hanna has shown his
power, and since he is :mot to be
chairman of the Republican exec
utive committee, there is nothi::ig
to keep himn from running for
president. In view of this is
hel the statement on all sides
that it will be impossible for
Roosevelt to control the southern
delegations in the next national
convention, and nany things may
be expected.
Stealing a March.
According to the Dodson cor
respondent of the Shreveport
Times Uncle Bob Jones has
"stole a march" on some of the
other candidates. He has been
running for clerk of the
court for the past faw weeks, but
now the correspondent informs us
that he was up there seeing the
voters with regard to his candUde
cy for the sheriff's office.
80ool EBetfomL
The property txpay ersin the
Wiunfleld school distrit, the
cky Hill asobol diuact, and the
Brewton school distriot, will vote
on the propoSitioa for a five mill
ttfartif e years in the respee
tive diut.i lte in aid of patlie
d ib . TWh .eýltias will
d ila=tay,. ra
·I- hI
:.r' ~ ~ -I
x ''r·.i 1*
a.- a: 8:S ,t
-i dt gjherI
e t bsit fox *bsob
'tIiojs~ t~ue he~
-;o~l;~,:;~~it · from -C
: . b ea edged tosu
1mir~ 0pjawd asiOen of
iia'~i~ziri8g w a t
Iii-bi~che ~:eishfrlk
MOW" -';-f
they ve Je
~pk for the buid
- ecat onces 3
brt74reo feet, to
- with the
1~Fu tbP~r
Registration Books Will Be
Assessor Will Visit Every Pre
cinct to Give Opportunity
for Registering.
A\..-essor J. II. Crawford ha
arranged for the opening of th[
registration lO,,,K of the parikh
at every precinct for the regi4tra
tion of those per:.ous who ha:vI
not heretofore regi'st.red. Thi
is gratuitious work on the part of
the Assessor and will be apprtci
ated and should be taken advan
tage of by the voters throughou
the parish. A numiber of thf
candidates have asked that thii
work be done and they have al
agreed to make the rounds wit 7
the registrar and at each place oi.
the day the books are to be open
a public speaking will be had..
All of the voters in the differens
wards and precincts are requested
to be present and hlar the
dates, and those who have -
registered ar -specially invited
come out and do so. The
as erranged are as follows:
Pasv.. anm,.... ra".. ia. "w ~
Nkn7 Vam..... .......i. mar,
a r vea *o ---.---wensrpyt
-.nes -s *..
ttbara .
on has'
·eia ref
ando we.k
pilt , present' becauaiv;
r weork wile of. invaIua
Sr& Fail not,
Cai Moss,
~ Siiperinto
Th. e- gle Bu~
Proa Tuesday'a ai y:
The ecaveig to?
nig "WSW'i

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