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The southern sentinel. (Winnfield, La.) 1883-1910, November 13, 1903, Morning, Image 4

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SIDAY, NQV. 13, 1903;
For Senator.
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Mditures t year wer 42 per
.a~ gr e than its- income.
No wonder thy waat to filch us
of $25,000,000 for the privzlege
of expending $200,000,000 in
building that canal. They prob
ably need the coin.
We hope the newspaper pars
graphers wll'not presume to say
that that wreck of the Purdue
university football train was an
act, of providence designed. to
sbow the wrath of God at the
brutality practiced in the modern
The Avoyelles Blade tells us if
we are bitten by a mad dog to ap
ply lemon juice to the wound.
But the Lake Charles Press says
if we can get along without it, it
would advise us not to get bit by
that kind of a dog.
It t required 1,000,000 words
to report the findings in the postal
frauds investigations, it will. re
quire a whole library to hold the
explanations the administration
will make.
ThefSt. Mary Banner observes
that aflictions never come sragly.
Firt the trust combinations went
to smash, then Dowie tarts out
on a rampage, and now we have
Congress on our faid.
A Illinois woman has offered
a owardof lise dollars to any
pars rwho will lad her missing
K lie hMi be a valuable
p aome.t.slr d fterniture to
)k4PI·Jst1Ioania amid
Ouui. $u . v+ igs in
aft # = ahming
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d.ig wJ.
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`y ý,
Solomon in all his glory was no
comparison to the beauty of the
lily, and that's the 'Way with our
town team. The plugs that must
haul for a'living and to pay taxes
are not in it with our big iron
gray mules which are fed out of
the treasury and only work when
ey can find a job, whether
ere'h anything in it or not.
The esteemed Monroe Star
prints a picture of General Jas
tremski in which nothing shows
above the cheeks. The picture
from the cheeks down is all right,
but if we were the General we
would rather have a back view
than the one the Star gives us.
A few more fires will probably
put the property owners of Winn
field to thinking about some mode
of fighting fire, a system of water
works, 'oj something besides a
little iinsurance at exhorbitant
The returns from the general
election in Maryland on 'Iuesday
give the Democrats in that state
a majority for the entire state
ticket. The Dempocrats will have
82 members in the general assem
bly to 41 Republicans.
The only time Winnfield citi
zens seem to be a unit on one
thing is whenafire occurs. We
all stand together long enough to
see the fire burn then we get back
into the same old contrariness.
Our friend S. R. Lee was nom
insted for Representative of
Grant parish by a handsome me
jorit, and Jas. A. Harvey was
endorsed for re-appointment to
the oi~o of samor.
Oar nibor round the corner
wants to khow what goes with the
tax aer th6d town. Has it
te ;a , ddg -rd
Tuiaiik tg .
" IT~i~v
- -$
,1 Ber· u
;Sw;or tt it
xvo· for
.4 n~ kit i in foo
;z ISa{-ýl~-~-
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five times as much as the land
cost. His rent amounted to $365,
the sum total showing a rather
good revenue from a $200 invest
ment. Don't you think this
young negro is in a fair way toy
wards solving the race problem,
at least as far as he is individually
"'Relative to the production of
corn on these hill lands, I would
merely suggest that any one in
terested write to Mr. Charles A.
Swearington, lteachie postoffice,
and ask him how he ayered 96
bushels of Mexican June corn
planted the 15th of June, after
the oat crop had been harvest ed.
"The question has been pro
pounded: Can city or western
folk engage in cotton groeing
and make a success? The and
on which the negro, Alfred Book;
er, is a tenant, was bought by _
man who was reared in ew Or
leans who never saw a cotton
stalk until he entered the army,
and who never handled a plow
other than to sell it, until after
he was 30 years of age; who was
as poor as Job's turkey, and be
gan farm life the only farm la
borer on the place. Don't you
think if .he could grow cotton
successfully almost any one could
do so?
"In connectiqn with the grow
ing of cotton, what's to hinder
the farmer • from doing
winter dairying; the
raising of cattle and sheep, bt
and poultry, and a limiter nim
ber of horses and mules?
"In conclusion let me predict
that when Mr. Whitney, cHiefaof
the soil survey of the department
of agriculture, Washington, sends
his expertse -to the hill of north
and northwest Loisiana, they
will find thousands otacres of lad
susceptible to the growing of the
beset varieties of tobacco. The
experi*ents made show that
*rhen one knows how $400 reve.
une can be proded from a
sialer cret I isidna tobacco
in tbeterritory msetioned, he will
mealise that this is not an unusual
tear, san that land. that canr
SthIs value i4. worth
£.taltian. " '"
ohm- )saw chki toa be m
-. 3! Wets - wal tie A
o.SaUa subeut 6t w Ito
so w oI - m the om
'ba~e was to ` w~m of
beosdee ` air o" r G d i dsby-,bow '
Ailed a b *-n d biiii~l·
1 Ls h~et t at:`
- and dAt f ii .
Pdtasm e tagh. 'B
fleutbmi bed" i
SmmdA ttioaat ss t o a
id;Sii.p» Olrrapo
*"aftat issue, lfQb~piii~il~~
eei~ele bo df =. YfP+ý ,
~011* . r .
p~tdnge 7 Yji
In Abundance.
The good things are found hi
abundance at my store. Every.
thing new and fresh, too.
Groceries of All Kindsl
Is my specialty and I make it a point
to always handle the very best in the
market. Those who have been trading
with me know this, and I always get
their trade. Are you among the ones
who get the best, and pay no more for
it than for inferior quality?
New Goods Coming In Every Day
Have to in order to supply the demand.
E. EAGLES, Upto date
My stock is one of the completest in town and
most of it new. The bargains I am offeribg
are hard to get around, in fact the person
who wants to save money cannot afford to
get around them. I am the
And with a large stock to select from you
cannot do better than see me.
An Excellent. Opprtuni
£zetmsa , wagoti and.
Pte.rlI~ Winn~ljl
there sad get the b =pdt
frp. oým. Apptl t
. Sl
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't L Tr- -~L~L-·jlll~ti ~C~j_ i
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.i f· -~cra~c:~-k
.08 ,
·~i~t, 5~
"' "~
Ib·rr· ~:
:IY d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~~i
~d~ "\e
~~ I t·~ ~W---;lr;Y::·L··U-r,~(~i~
~ ·~';·,i-;T~~i;;~?p~a~s~.~.c
r "' :'" r-·
1. -..
K WwPuw
4ý a swý sd day
t V- y.pi S
ar . _ . .
- *~jj Su~rveyo
Gven to an
~& Winntfi
j A D T o~A
} xa yun Te_
At-il. ~ or n%*LL·
*,- Lot S~f AMA.
.' Jti~ It ewant~
Va"l to know .tl :"tf in
- I lnn ý.. _ n
#~U#t date indl cUpn
~~t of~At
te and
u cu a~l .uid '

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