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The southern sentinel. (Winnfield, La.) 1883-1910, November 13, 1903, Morning, Image 7

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sub' wWa o
thw -rses Athem
- hats urusi r
V keises ntane
ealSeite dagams.
*s -e`provemsnt at the
bcr5d. predmatom
But there sems to
to the south at least,
wrtersm who urge
s- ser vow so-ks
t his somil mad clint
ad that he bshould buy
a be grown oa his led,.
Sdlvermllcatioa with a
wold It be busines-'
ihe adaptablty of sou
veerian crops has made
~soay crops ofVrosbsw ate as~
inesse enes r verson
go heantiful valleys at
sad marthi Ala
-mias ea toe of
icodttioss rwhich vo
wcam. -oeat
cerWs They 4em1
ts trae, bet amsd do
wheat em emite
as here and theIre
en is the tree *t
.amc sels ct the
l the sl we as
inergles to agow
-see tobae t sad
aea wed yet so
spedamib! to
ft egsr goet at
= to -re a se-se
we -sa vow, bat
t which the whole
forui as pe o
tie. tam *
e his.
4 to
y i -4
bum ma t hti
°' t . themteat to
'aswy way s
I hmli be sea aa tsemaltt then.
kkthw to 4 -, 4t bat laute .
I =4 sI fl bmt ci the hr,
Yjz F~ arm ·Id Ibam
3a'*fsIe St pwrj.,s5*
5 Deluam wIth Om~bt~ cm term that
wisem ~at mthya, a4 whose "ap
{ t i lefta "OOW . ldee to pro.
do" a ad late . crop,.,o as to
ha~e a* oe Ia eina th, time, if
ba ara One at the ese etiats fo
Ipe retura. i. pomltry. With good
4W fal tumgIre·e rnt mIf at thr
Mr_ e or two good sows will als
lb* ion mm suvICSOW s MUf butter
OW are seek at an semon 8fll
' f, ameas strawbrries, arrnzsn
weer r=rOR but pap"
mid MA 9*ot fld ream Una
Os a saw fom it wilt afot "y to
~sauiprras elr rucod
)rreait .sue lowoarsTher is
- dbrpbltm the ana ep~ 6tee
fase, htwillt~ sire larger and6
I o umlt tha fow:sd as they
I'll 1hea tfui Th
wý aso s1e a~ b ast
" ý aka rSvrsmlrt i
- a. hb e. r wbua
l t -f atI . pI, rist a Yt l i
a. - bi t vI 1 theig 1m
llllliib l. _ "tp s ~sttid.
4 rlA- As bwb
: !bia 3
r' w 4a .
" he
, I
.1 mi a msea. Wbisk
LU I Imo teus s
WO nw a reeesving milk from 130
:o e at the Detrs School creamery,
d we advie our patrons to use such a
lmflkouss as is shown in the illustra
tibo for keeplng of milk from day to
G_. Nearly every farm is supplied
with a windmill and iUvestock watering
tank. IZ will be a simple matter to
eret some sort of a milkhouse on the
pin of the diagram. The cans of milk
my be set in the tank inside the milk
he.a.s and all the water which is
plmped for the live stock by paseing
through this tank will keep the milk
cold Until it is ready to be taken to the
MILK House
factory. Where farmers are ftted up
with such an arrangement as this, we
reaeive a irst-class quality of milk.
There is, ae ourse, some danger from
the water getting too warm when the
wind does not blow. On thisaccountthe
windmill is not the best farm power.
Some of our patrons have small gasoline
lagne, which they use for this par
par and for r naing their tfarm ma
chinery, eaih as a hand-separator, a feed
rdl mill, etc in sech cases there
is no dieaty In always having a good
p at aold water, provided the well
i laz'auastble.
alStarmers i~ this ael.hborhoot.lm
eight-allos ceas. These are so smal
thM. the milk is cooled in a very short
time after the eans are placed In thecold
ter. It s a good pla to stir the milk
oemasIb ly It the eans while It is cool
tna This may be doae bt solderlag a
i dis e b a oe, sti wire handle with
a leip ma em. a ad pushiang the dise
ap sMa down ia the em domilk.
Where large eras are used. the milk
eaght to b cooled In smaleans and them
adMe to tul eap. crss fter t .has
reached a temperStre near f degrees.
t thesem rragemeits and esartsto
eOaisink aewarth lemlrtheranssae
Imtaft t esae4 sad sam ed each
r. Whm shim milk is returmned from
ametay, It aften sours before -it
meahes the a. espe.lally in the hot
tuli rwuethe of July sad August.
Eis aur milk should be emptie from
the -mas soon asm m they are returned.
miad thei tat rhg is left In them re
asseas kal as p aolshi by a th
ai . and them airing In the
s mips h ae i I kesepig their
e tem t am rto May Is the result
itUie atmk domes m o Interfer
lhmr, ma gagNtaskesthe aik
- lr ýts liter, and as this aomat
O'ito tit a tkr ample. Seoi.
l45a mt lmbethe t or asct I tla
1: or, tnestng the milk eambe
a d tth so as ato et a
st an it is added to a
et riLs ek aI be i teste a
smr u-ft.r d H. Fain
fa dleCmtlrr s emas.
~r Euý 4 -
rid' dh I
bos it t - &
-" 7
hZ ~rutb 41 tkrb
.- ..ten .. 'N , ». Yri+ic,-. S. . .. a ý.Jr 's .:AM's *KýEii._.ý-ý!'t'ýi?+14^rt-ýW
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" ý ý ý } `
fbe Desw Little Lamb Wa A..ala
Ner rather Night be Pat
with the saets.
Her father had read her the parst4e of the
sheep and the goats at the day of judgment.
h8be made no comment but that night a
mound of weeping came ~ rom her room. Her
mother went as consoler, relates Brookly
"Why are you crying, dear."
"About the goats! On, I'm mo afraid I'm
"Why no dearie you are a sweet little
lamb and if you should die to-night you
would go straight te.Heaven." With this
and like asurs nees he was finally pacified.
The next night the same performance was
repeated, and again her mother inquired the
"It's the goats I'm afraid about the
"Didn't I tell you, dear, that you were a
little lamb'"
"Oh." she sobbed, "I'm not erying about
vsaellf but I'm 'f raid yon may be a Loatl"
Wet Always a Fnlashed Pre4et, at
There Are Some Alletleas
He Eneapes.
Now and then we encounter a natural
born ice-man, says Puck.
Some men always seem so very new, and
other, so very parvenu.
The self-made man is often a very good
sort-when he's finished.
He rarely has the gout, but he sometimes
suffers from ove- exertion of the egotism.
Somehow, the ears of the self-made man
often have the look of having been stolen
from a grab-bag.
The self-made man escaped one great afii
tio.. He dida't havea baccalaureate sermon
preached at him.
And, oh! if he could only remember that
there are always others just as insigifi
cant as himself.
We oie;asinly see as architect of his
own fortune who seems to have mislaid the
ble-prit when be was about half-wag
A 3es' Vletery.
Croaroads, Tenn., Sept. 14.-Orbra Yeýae,
the ten-year-old son of Lester Young, of this
ce. is a briht boy, and one who is very
williked by a w who know him.
For some years Orbra has saufered a reat
dea) with a form of Kidney Trouble which
was very annoying, and which made him mis
erable all the time. He had to set up three
or four times every night, almost all his
His father heard of a remedy called Dodd'.
Kidn Pil, and bought some for the lit.
t ie felo witb the result that heinow con.
pletely cared of the old trouble. He says:
"Dodds Kidney Pills soon gave me great
ri and now I es sleep all wht without
Dodd* will wayspraise
There are many children emfering from
Kidney a Uriary troubles. These die
desaahdoulbes pro rptly corrected. Dodd's
Kidney PSil a sas aad sure remedy for
all deragements.
_ecldd, d-a"
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and any one ay do
ke same b the smee nuas.
Prts should se to it that their eldldren
areigven a fair chane in life, and there is
aotblu that undermine the health .d
a ei ha as much as Kidney and U
arY € . mmmnE .
An se Cream IdyL
Getle reader, didst thos ever order .me
plate of ice cream with two spoons? Homest,
ow, iasthedearold dayswhe you were young
sad there was eay me sirl miall the world,
and she had a wbmd face like the fall moot
sad as fallofote.Iess tbe skis(s brook
as~ut? Did you, now? Come, own up,! It
was down in the little ice reau hop,
ly see i the vi , sad you were dred
faly a w theady who waited on
s , sem you tholht. You would
h - .la d to et o with one spooe
s.d tbu ta e imi , t you were toe
bashul for that. 8t1, you used to 'are
licks .whos tho u t the smling lady
owe snt looi, sad love wet with the
the iee sia a was twice as sweet aýl
What! You oseer did? Yea
a~ mer did? Well, then, sos, yih have
sever haows wh* a em. esrtb Y
dsiuaha hec at aegLeted.-N. .Y
T.T au.3WSt" 3353k*
jte1r, aI eiIkw bas to do isto beabe
to write pier} di"'g t1t arif amdltoq
q usado, erperr l pare, report a
fdlarý dtw woodk dtemesble fidso taam
the Yndas wil shed. their wrsp., asks
daliar dpi the work -ot tsr, sbie at a ches
ver at i.mbbe7, wear diuouda, iawat
s baris, st tpne, ad opuses., swe the
sea pe st o Pq emr nbetb. Ts
wiarr bsd e·y,~g
't rmraterbr e by t o yo
~ r~ -U t~.uaii~ nrb·
6431, tw a g ta d
pr Fsb r bees ..
;ail s -'?irul'w'B
do w l-iPrdruilm'kr
"'r "u tCLI sue· bs
mlit~t;i~y~~ r-f ~ -~
"aF x ýwtR
'`J' _
itq ý ,,r n +Ta. ., , .ý. .ý. .,: .'.rr ^
Wlth th hilla o irt fan acomeaa
extra tax o week Itdaeys.-It's the time
Dosa's Kidney Pills are needed-now
reaognized the world over as the chief
K e d . and Bladder rmed
o b acns ovroe. baw s otade
lolnPains overcome. 8mere. l of the
cebd manth . Ieoam
ýet no dtef frm tbs doo
los.IsI Sto taspeav a
taking eem'a-mp and
u~m~a~hmu Ueysiae
got i omc. t7b ubI.b isoe
rest then a t tbrgrgh. MY
acah all Some. and
thak you everso much for
the wQDos Ldu myodpiia .
Jxo. H. Hvrns
I d' ·Id Sfa a amok.
One Huaband Who aaeouarnges His
Better Half t Trytag to
Keep Aeeouats.
Most persons know so many competent
buamnem women that it will not do to take
too seriously the popular slander that the
better half of the race cannot master the
principles of banking. Still there is occa
ionally a joke of this kind good enougb to
stand with aplogi, and a recent one from
the Chicago Pot will not be taken amiss.
"My account book," she mid, proudly,
"showed that I had eight dollars and fifteen
cents more than I raly did have, so I felt
at hliberty to speed the ecess."
But there wasn't any excess" he pe
"Oh, yes, there wat" he replied. Ie
book show, Lit."
"If you didn't have the moasy," hearged,
"it was a shortage.
"Certainly not," she returned. "It was
ri.tt there on the.book- t dollars and
.sm esotsm orr thua Ibd, sad when the
balance was so much bigger than it bo-ld
be I felt free to spend the mosey."
_If you had more money in your purse
than the book ehowed," he suggested ' what
"I should have spent it," she answered.
"Either way, it's all the same."
Now he i trying to get her to give tp
b.pi.g aesuta.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
saved y life three rs aXo.-M-rs. The.
Robbis Norewrih, N. Y., Feb. 17,1s90.
"She told me," shid the ma wbho
had easisted a fortnne "that I was
bors to command." "Well, ;Bl!" exclaims
Heapeek, "she means, then, that you will
never be urried"-PhiadelphiaPreis.
To Caue Cald t I ne Day.
Take laxative BraomeQinine Tablets. Al
dsriltsyhtf d meowzittailstagv.o.S
No matter how mae some men bhae bill
e re tboy are invited to call agi.
ýDI iq as ea as washblng whe Pat
Dyt anr used.
The row 4rorel 4. to be roasted b,
~o dieb ragWi-I'u~
·:IIAg#rmuk N
mssbJ~aw b w
aIl tboukauk
d1soi mbNý
- - ýI *4 -oft Md ti Db
tlinb Dya dropsy signs rans. They
correct urie with brick dust sediment,
high colored, pain Ij passing, dribbling.
frequency, bed wetting. Doan's Kidney
Pll remove cacull an gravel. lieve
heart palpitatto, slceplemne, headache,
ner~ousnes, ,itZJes.
P. O
Tet o.. tell bt. tYP 1n ter t.
7at o Co., BuffBao k . Y.i 1[ b c
t ms i¶ Itinag- w. rom p
.awatihow ad " is
a..1f winn.. .a..1. .
W uma's hin a m v~.r i"s
r ·
r md -r at urnsr 8ý I a
in km r..i ad mm.4 -s .~ni
.m~ WSWad h ISwal~ o as bsmaa s1
mm-w lau~ d ·I
As a SaudI rw~ oas - e-mh N.
Umaw~a Tm1 s m do lira aM wiam
[email protected] .a r - 11 w -`--2- MS"
sotlt ai ý..i f..N rl ýb~f
am m bi *a " .aw mf..rrr
!rpumNuatrw.uU USaýUSU a ~w
ifa atmrna~autuaaybswhMa ibm
As r m p aMMC u p- blm, lb
Tfr- Mrsasa w Dw. 11 - ..M.
.L·ain... bsS~ame~inlrna~a
yin-. P~aar bs.,aW. Irmrm
Why Sunbr with Baeka he?
I ave .iffed several year. with
backacheand after amebolds d
Ihbae beds cared. Sine. tbs I ho
not been trombledwith ay bak. pbe
dai sofbe aidlaits jv s.
Pt. lNm. IFerott, Ie mphk, TI1..
byufao Smith Medhcst-,
Primse b cesft sd iL lobebe,
aI ar' i irnI
ai ri istts sr sss. s/1fa '
I. fto dwo "~" WOR WNW raw~.
N~ k Uglrmbev
ý4R 100~n 0. 14 te st. at~af ý
w m~f;l~ii .Ii
-I fscal d the freeaO
rcL Doan'. Ldmy Me.
For A" Year sF boz L
Dmal piny Pmyck hri
pgMMER* raid move from
Iha It." Ss Dviv
1ss S BrL# Lris~
back N d .ýad~pl6Dli
L`"D s D '. Itdmgy P1~
fsei " F r. mo
wihp InthsmfotL~ my

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