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. N Established 1859, The Southern Sentinel is the Home Paper of Winn Parish People. Pused Evry r3
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Liberal Treat
meEt to ad.
B-VLL -ROTHERS, PefrIters.
- Au ..11 . .m.... d. - .m. 27. P1mJ ..m Pmver .
Smith & Grisham
Drug *Company.
Flu iio .n e.i.h Dru.s, Patsm.
Medicss, Palat. Oils Varnish
Article OSee Sapplies m
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P and CoaItnm a Attention.
S=- Ori-sham..
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Winnfleld Iron Works.
Winnfield can now boast of
having the most complete machine
shop in this section of the State,
one capable of doing any kind of
repair, work. Mr. J. D. Mus
grave, the genial manager of the
Winnfield Iron Works, is an up
to-date mechanic and is justly
proud of his new shop, and the
business he is petting.
This important industry is
forging to the front, putting In
new machinery each week and
"chock a block" with work.
being compelled to work night
and day int Qrder to keep up.
The latest addition to the
machinery is an immense steam
hammer which weighs eleven
hundred pounds. the engine and
all weighing eighteen thousand
pounds. A new boring mill. a
gear cutter, drill press, a pneu
umatic tool namer and drills have
recently been added. The cupola
of the foundry will be completed
in about ten days, the foundry
having been completed last week.
You cannqt induce a lower
animal to eat heartily wnen not
feeling well. A sick dog starves
himself, and gets well. The
stomach. once overworked, must
have rest the same as your feet or
eyes. You don't have to starve
to rest your stomach. Kodol for
dyspepsia takes up the work for
your stomach, digests what you
eat and gives it a rest. Puts it
back in condition again. You
can't feel good with a disordered
stomach. Try Kodol. Sold by
Smith & Grisham Drug Co.
A Hustling People.
One of the gentlemen in the
Monroe Businees Men's excursion
said to £ Sentinel representative:
"I never saw a more hospitable
people in my life than I met
here. And everybody seems to
be anxious to impress the visitor
with the fact that he is welcome
here. The evidences of enter
prise and hustle seen everywhere
convinces me that this will be a
town of eight or ten thousand
people inside of the next five
Stockholders eelting.
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Winn Parish
Bank will be held no the di
rectors' offie on Monday, July 2.
1906, between the of 10 and 11 a.
m. for the purpose of electing
directors to serve for the enwuing
year, and for the transaction of
any other business that may
come before the body.
M. M. Flsasm, President.
j1-1m. I,. Roeom, Cashier.
Fanners' Union.
The local farmers' union held
its regular monthly meeting at
the courthouse Saturday and
elected delegates to the parish
union which will meet at Sardis
church June 96. Rev. Geo. A.
Kellf and Mr. . B.. Kennedy
were also appointed as a com
mittee to look into the warehouse
proposition and discuss the mat
ter with the progressive league,
and out what can be done anad
report to the parish union.
The benefits of a wholesome
drink of whiskey, whel taken at
the proper time and in modera
tion, are very beneficial. Nich
ol Scharrf & Sons of St. Loebis
are selling a brand of whiskey
called. "Knickerbooker.' ,
which excels. in *qu tr aM.thl
that has beon sole in ti setion.
Their price for a ease of four
quart bottles is only_ 5.90or 12
qarsfor $.00B. write.
emat ostee.
it Will Plasei Yool
We guw offer for usle at- all
dmteier tluogb tickers reading
vj.EDorado,, 8t. L. M AS,
t.·rarude, Arkadeiphia.-- ai
Uepl, St. Li aias an al inter
rte ib jn .~ I . I. M. A
, au" Au all p01.14, o
Syvtern', Judi
,Ark. : °v*; W , Smao"
HaeilSnmr~ 4I;iS
tB a im ·" ib+
V.gt ;'B IM#,,
"< =ms ý'°
Decoration Day Observed.
The members of William
Walker Chapter 976 of the
United Daughters of the Con
federacy observed last Monday as
Decoration Day on account of
June 3 being Sunday and in
deference to the services at the
Baptist church. David Pierson
Camp No. 1603 U. C, V. was
called out to assist in the
ceremonies. They met at. the
Winnfield cemetery at 5 o'clock
p. in. Mrs. Nelson, President.
called the assembly to order when
the following programnme was
carried out:
Invocation by Rev. Geo. A.
Son,: "Neater. My Goil. to
Thee,' by the entire assembly.
Major Will A. Strong then
introduced Rev. GUo. A. Kelly
as the orator of the occa.ion,
who delivered one of the most
eloquent and appropriate ad
dresses it has been our good
fortune to listen to.
Song: "When the Roll 'is
Called up Yonder," by the entire
The ladies had provided
beautiful wreaths, crosses and
boquets of flowers with which the
three graves of veterans were
decorated. The graves decorated
were those of J. R. Bevill, G.
W. Beck and Edward Eagles.
After the graves were decorated
the roll wascalledfand benediction
by Rev. Geo. A. Kelly.
The Daughters are anticipating
having an entertainment or
picnic for the purpose of re
plenishing their treasury. "
The following members of
William Walker Chapter 976 U.
D. C., participated: '
Mesdames A. B. Nelson, J. M.
Belcher, J. J. Burk, H. Levan,
Lee Jones, W. K. Wright, B. F.
Machen, J. B. Bevill. Florence
Culpepper, T. J. Drewett,
Fannie Drewett; Misses Nettie
Bernatein and Lottie Long.
The following Veterans:
Geo. A. Kelly, B. C. Jones. D.
F. Dnne, W. L. Smylie, G. B.
Carter, W. L. Storey, Joe Smith
and Will A. Strong.
Thouands annually bear witness to
the eaciency oe Early Bisers. these
pfeiaat, reliable little pills have
lonag borne a reputation second to
none as a laxativ6 and cathartbic.
Theyre as staple as breed in mil
lions of homes. Pleasant but effect
it. 'Will promptly relieve consti
pation withoutp . 8 old by
Smith & Grisham Co.
The dynamo at the electric
plant having "gone dead," the
town -has been without lihts
since last aturday night sad at is
not known just when they will be
turned on.again. -
White Sulphur Sprnags.
The Louiuiana & Arkanas rail- I
way has antborised a rate of one -
fare for the round trip to parties 4
of three or more to Trout, or 4
Jena, La., from either .of . whaich
points yun can drive a dlistaneof I
about teesar es toWbhite Sulphur
Springs, where good' eacommo
datioa esa be hbad at moderate 4
rates. The sulphur water, the I
rapine foretad Iishiagi n. 1
Tiut creek are the attracloaa I
You ehould take advantage of i
this low rate and make the trip.
You will eaioy it.
For further particuears ask
any L. & A. agest or
B. f3. A miow, G. F. & P. A.
Texarkana. Ark.
CI·lý.L sand R
g E!
Bank of Winnfleld.
The stockholders of the Bank
of Winnfield miet Monday, June
4, and elected the following board
of directors for the ensuing year,
having increased the board to ten
A. B. Hall, M. Bernstein, W.
F. Cooper. Geo. P. Long, O. E.
Hudge, Dr. I. Siess, O. M.
Grisham, H. T. Pye, F. L. Shaw,
B. W. Bailey.
The board elected the following
Geo. P. Long, President; Dr.
I. E. Siess and B. W. Bailey,
Vice-Presidents; H1. T. Pye,
Cashier; B. L. Anderson, As
sistant Cashier.
The semi-annual showing of
this Bank is gratifying to the
stockholders and, :n fact, to the
whole community. The capital
stock of the bank is now $25,000:
surplus and undivided profits has
been increased to $10,000. They
declared a dividend of ten per
cent. for the past six months,
making a total dividend of fifteen
per cent. for the last fiscal year.
Their d epositsý on the first of
June anitunted in round num.bers
to $180,000, making their working
capital $215,000.
Mr. W. N. Dunn, ward two's
representative on the police jury,
was among the visitors to town
this week.
Newport News Notes.
Newport, June 5.-This week
will close the Hebron school, and
a very successful term. I believe
every patron is well pleased, ex
cept one, and he has no right to
complain, but some people would
grumble if they were to be hanged
with a silk rope.
Prof. Taylor will move to Sikes
next week where he is already
employed to teach after the Sum
mer Normal closes in July.
Preaching Sunday by Bro.
Gates, and some nice music led
~y Bo. Allen McCarty of Hickory
Siinga on the ground sad din
oer all dy every fourth Sunday
at Willis school house, sad let me
tell you, they know how to siang
and make the woods fairly ring
antil the leaders, Messrs. Arthur
Fox and B. Q. May, get to
grumbling about being hungry.
Then they begin to snake out
boxes, baskets and trunks, and
the way they make one feel good
is not a little and stop.
'rope are fairly good, and are
in splendid eondition. Nice rans
Friday and Saturday.
Miss Lilli Beat is home again
from Winfield. ROLraT.
The Winnfield third team will
cross bats with the Verda team
Tuesday, June 12, at Verda.
Court Notes.
A criminal term of the Fifth
District Court convened Monday,
June 4, with Judge George Wear
on the bench. Hon. O. M.
Grisham, District-Attorney, and
the following visiting attorneys,
Henry Bernatein, Monroe; J. D.
Barkedale, Ruston; Jdbn B.
Roberts and Joel L. Fletcher,
Colfax, and ll she members of
the local bar present. Mr. F. T.
Walker was appointed by the
court as foieman and the follow
ing Grand Jury was empanneled:
Henry 1wis, ward 9; F. M.
Gibbs. ward 10; D. G. Mays,
ward 3; M. 8. Knighton, ward 1;
E. J. Moffett, ward 4; W. A.
Smith, ward 1; W. H. Martin,
ward 4; W. A. Hurley, ward 6;
T. W. Moffett, ward 5; 8. R.
Carson, ward 8.
The balanee of the Grand
Jurors drawn were discharged
and the Petit Jurors were excused
until Wedaeeday morning.
Long & Black.
meet all train
with their
buses and do
a transfer
businems. They have good teams,
vehicles and polite drivers. Bing
for 21 if you need them.
Mr. A. J. Franks. the police
Jury member from ward eight,
was a visitor to town yesterday.
Ji.g & Black do pL auling.
If yee wat hliat g doer cal up N.
SI ower the phoea. They aske a
t wicrk erasy fr t b
~~~7 phtmmY dqhk t go- %y
Appreciating the business the
trading public has given me and
believing that at least one of our
parish papers and a good agricul
tural paper should be in every
home, I now offer a year's sub
scription to both the Southern
Sentinel and the Atlanta Constitu
tion absolutely free to each and
every person trading the amount
of $25 cash with me. You do not
have to trade the full amount at
one time. You can keep a state
ment of each purchase till full
amount is purchased. This offer
holds good till August 1st. This
is no catch penny, but a strictly
business proposition.
Yours for business,
Sit quietly in your own home and
look over the line of Henry Bosch
Co., Chicago, the most complete
collection of wall papers ever
assembled; unequaled for new ad
exclusive patterns. Very latest
designs, foreign and domestic;
and the lowest Chicago prices.
lwe mOML an ever, nt
,ws--.o tw bls: as a" me eamr e
cauome to rliv. J. ematea ..
N 'ltr. P `r es Dna.
Wimt e Isis first
WHY d. o o v ser pa.
phdsp.ia their amwlhpm
Tb.,. mat be so-vr
o rmm. wb S.
p1R as ·ets of
our ts~b t -a- a Eklw
uOw 3au.M W·C
-& .so most m.rsi
a.l we smind it?
as 0.. Dote. We pag
Gmwu&~ SlMII Ill
311-315 CAWs !T.
NnW OA.hr. L
Tug bA3ess. n..Lm
gam SAS --r g time
~&~Mu.Abm e
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trmrimaa w1 Vk-(C
WP~let u b·R~
t~L· harr~ 9·L~r~rC..
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