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Established 1859, The Southern Sentinel is the ionmi Paper of Winn Parish People. , Pubished Every Fry Mornig.
NN WINN PASbscrip, LOUISIAN S.oo per Yer.
of at Last
f the term
. B. Williams,
h o theWine Parish
:. mvO e tr e A e
h'~~inis te vs. S. G.
o . up. This cane
ia before- a jury
p, a of the court ad
th o mbe argued,
thejury re.dered a
it d us plaihti. This
at essy that had
id. by. the receiver
h.i test case, as
_ aWbout the sanme
o gamb the indict
{. arj Ocar Law
hi~ime mna of li W.
ateI.. Monday, al.
wa stt ti until Thurs
e -' Friday, Judge
~de~bg hatthe grand
Y. s 'i dtawn, there
-: iad+ t I found by
-owas et lea. .. The
I I i -J tes were
This occurred
afl. the December
ghss 4..y had in
`that was
Ai#sint weept the Law
9 segro womaum
i mater. Dheis t
0 BiG Sled hls of
p&ieIsiil~ ~he :par
easqe er. tried by
l ess ali
.4 se
46,e i
bond, stating that owing to the
fact that the last two grand
L juries, although they have been
set aside because'of having been
illegally drawn, had both re
turned indictments against the
'accused, therefore he did not
think he would be authorized to
givehim a bond, but he expected
so call a spetial term of the grand
and petit juries some time in July
to try the two murder cases on
the docket, the accused . now in
The Judge, before adjourning
court sine die, appointed a new
jury commission as follows: C.
H. Elliott, E. J. Gamble, Cyrils
McGinty, Amos Peters, D. M.
An Even Break.
The double header game of
base ball between Verda and
Winnfield's third nine was pulled
off Tuesday as scheduled. The
game . were interesting and
exciting and were ,not decided
until the last n nings,. The
"kids"' were simply up against
about the strongest local team
Verdi could get together ind
were greatly exeeeded by weight
and age.
Smith pitched good ball in th I
morning game and deserved to I
win but his own errors, with I
those to his team mates, lost the
game i the last innings.
Score: a
Verda 000004 2 5 -11-2 i
Winaield 200000000- 2-9 t
.Thesaecond game was called at i
2:30 with Verdn represented by a f
stronger tean tba" in theirnrn- i
lag game. Loania Blackburn, i
d'usrat maie pitcher, was in t
the. bea and his delivery .was a i
V SIPe.6r four inaigs. In the t
StiaPi eventh, when a single t
ree the bats of Huffman, Wal
Slii8. iMto,* Morris, Smith and r
coupled with two two- a
a byBi*k, netted six runs.
and it. , "ii
Every amember of Tom Hug- ,
S:tream deserves credit for l
thi phyilag. They batted well, ,
blad well, and went into the v
win t ah * determaination to
h '.om played the game and f
ktMs cool heed, fast playing t
heist assisted m- a
lY us wl his aOUr to
-D~ - b
aialde a mit was ofered for s
boy ho scored the most
suet and was won by Lawrene
Morris who soored three of the t
alix.mas made.
t ia e®p Hai'run,,, J
11 7 11 imee~ C. S~miteL, WaLeiwna
Mo., Moms, B. Smuith, Bark,
score: 3 3
Smeld #@ ý0 3;e 1--6O
01, Att amt- W,
kt Simi
.i Yt
And the Pace Oil Company Or
ganized This Week.
In another place in this paper
will be found the acts of incor
ation of the Winntfield Oil Well
Railway Company and the Pace
Oil Company, Limited. These
companies have been organized
for the purpose of developing
one of the natural resources
which Winnfield posesses-oil.
A line of railway will beextended
from the town to the oil field, a
distance of three and one-half
miles. It is given out that the
road will be in operation within
four months and it is also re
ported that an oil well will be
put down by that time. The
derrick for the machinery has
been completed and made ready
for the drilling apparatus.
In subsequent issues we expect
to have more to say regarding
these companies and the enter
prises they have been org-.nized
to promote and. put into oper
Those best informed on the
subject are thoroughly of the
opinion that oil exists at the I
place in question and develop
ment is what is needed. If it
proves successful Winnfield at
once assumes an important place I
in the commercial world, and if i
oil in 'paying quantities is not 4
found, there is every indication I
that natural gas will be found in I
suflicient quantity to make Winn
field in the near future the lead
ing manufacturing point in the "
State. Either way means much
to the town and one or the other
is almost certain to result from
the development undertaken by
the Pace Oil Company.
The building of a line of rail
road to the oil. field is another
mians of adding to the town's
business prosperity. A railroad
in operation tb1re will result in, I
not o.ly the building up of the t
proper$y along the line, but a
watering place will naturally de- I
relope at the salt well, or oil r
ield, and many hundreds of visi- b
orea could be attracted here by t
the proper exploitation of the
salt water bathing and fishing ini
the Cedar creek andt Dugdemonia ii
abyou, all of which is easily poe
sible. -
As istated, we shall have some- '
thing more to say in subsequent
imues on this important subject.
Eyery Eai His Own Doctor.
The aveiage man cannot afford
to emnploy a physician for every
slight ailment or injury that may
oocurr in his family, nor can he
afford to neglect them, as so
slight an injury.as ~be scratch of
a pin has been known to cause
the loss of a limb. Hence every
man must from necessity be his
ewn doctor for this class of ail
ments. -Success often depends
apon prompt treatment, which
only be had when suitable
maedlelaes are kept at hand.
b is's Remedies have
b .in the market for many
enjoy a good
CT'i 4 thou
fit: ,ý
r Curry Dots.
Curry, La., June 11.-(ood
- rains here since our last report
and crops are looking tine.
Our school closes out this
week. A good programme has
been arranged for Thursday
night and there will be dinner on
the ground Friday. We are
looking for our superintendent
to be on hand and give us a talk.
You can come, too, Mr. Editor.
We would be glad to see you.
Mesrs. W. E. Curry and D.
W. Stringer have returned from
a two weeks' trip over on Beouff
river. Look out, Uncle Will! I
heard about the buggy ride.
The boys will play a game of
ball with the Tullos team text
Friday afternoon.
The second Sunday and Sat
urday before is the regular
preaching time at Beech Creek
Hoping to see the Editor o"
the Sentinel down in these parts
next Friday, I will close for this
Do-Not Neglect the Children.
At' this season of the year the
firsr unnatural looseness of a
child's bo'vels should have imme
diate attention. The best thing
that can be given is Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy followed by castor
oil as directed with each bottle of
the remedy. For sale by the
Phoenix Drug Store.
Stamps, Arkansas
has earned a great reputation for
their celebration of June 19th,
Emancipation Day, but for 1906
they have arranged to outdo a.l
,former etorts and this means to
go against a record of .6,000 vis
itors on one occasion. They will
have music, swings, games.
refreshments, and, in addition,
have secured the three immense
planer sheds and platforms of
the Bodcaw Lumber Co., for a
banquet and dancing hall, where
1,000 @jneing couples willt have
more than ample room. If you
have not tested the hospitality of
the colored people of Stamps, do L
so this year. , If you have, you
will go because you can not help
FIr reduced ticket rates *nd a
schedu!es of special trains, see a
flyers, or apply to agents, or 1
Gen. Passenger Agent.
Texarkana, Ark. g
The Auction Sale.
Yesterday's auction sale of
town lots here shows which way,
the windl blow. Sixty-eight lots
were sold, bringing $b,705, all
but eleven of them being pur
chased by citizens of the town.
Mr. J. B. Baker drew the free
lot. It was lot 4 in block 14 and
is worth $100.. The' three non
resident- buyers were Mr. B. F.
Thompo. .t tx M,. Jir. A. B.
Hall of .b H -wnd Capt. H.
W. eHojli of Flat .Creck.
They purchased eleven of the
lots. At least half of the lots
sold will have houses on them
within the next two montlh.
-Ai Arkamn s -Editor.
SArkarase editor, reading
young Lady in Jew lWk
bmmd with bralovew a*,
t A Resume of Bills Passed and
Favorably Reported.
Baton Rouge, June 13.-Mr.
GaImble has introduced ta bili
iproposing an :liemndlt(nt to Act
108 of tlhe coinstitution so as to
make the salaries of distri.tj
t judges uniformly $3iU00. Somc
now receive those figures and; a
few only $2000. the latter being
chiefly in the hill parishes, where
industrial development has now
so largely increased the bu-ineiss
of the courts that the jutdges have
as much to do .asin those districts
wl.ere higher salaries are paid.
Mr. Gamble has also introduced
a bill to give the Louisiana State
University 1-100 of a mill of the
State tax as a permanent endow
Both houses of the General
Assembly have been hard at work
during the week, the lower t
branch i in its own all in the I
capitol while the Senate holds its i
sessions in the" Federal building. *
The roof in the Senate chamber
was burned end damage to the E
ceiling and plaster in the Secre- g
tary of State's office, the Land
Oflice and the Commissioner of
Agriculture's oftice is all the
damage done to the capitol by E
the recent fire. 0
Tulane University, which was s'
given the old University grounds F
and buildings in New Orleans c
when it was organized, is asking a
for an 'appropriation of $50,000 u
from the State. It is being vig- e:
orously opposed by those who h
are acquainted with conditions
which existed when the bill was
passed in 1884 authorizing the ft
organization of Tulane. The ad- hi
ministrators promised not to ask st
anything more from the State. hi
The House passed the bill pro- t
viding for the election of at- cl,
sessors, also the bill for the y(
divi ion of Calcasieu parisi. and es
creating the parish of Snyder bi
and referring the matter to the s
voters in the proposed new parish Si
for ratification. It is doubtful
whether the bill will pass the
Followieg the Flag.
When our soldiers went to Cubal ,
and the Philippines, health was the tli
most important consideration. Willis in
T. Morgan, retired Commissary Ser- la
geant U. S. A., of Rural Route 1, .It
Concord, N. H., says: "I was two wi
years in Cuba and two years in the as
Philippines, and being subject to cc
colds, I took Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, whicirkept
ipe in perfect health. And now, in
New Hampshire, we find it the cest di
medicine in the world for coughs, th
colds, bronchial troubles and "all Iag CI
diseases. Gi-antaed" at all -drug- F,
gist. Price 50e and,-$1.00. Trial
bottle free.
M. M. FISHER, Pres. P. K. ABEL, Vkic-Pes. L. ROGERS, Caser.
Socits your bus
mess. Courtesy
ad Pronptaess
Lberal Treat
g meabmsL
F Changes in Faculty.
iiOn acc.,.ount of .icknt.ss Prof.
2 B. F. 1)4dlevy of Minden has been
ubstltut, cl for Mrs. L. C. Mc
Yoy a- ceul,.ictor of the SuLimmer
SNormal School. whihh begins
iMolnhay at this place. Prof. R.
E. Bullock of Manstielll has also
been iiub-titutteil for i't of. \. S.
Bush. Both of the substitutes
are prominenti in the educational
work of the State.
The Gorham Bridge.
C(ontractor A. .1. Hlaves has
arrived with his grading outfit
and is at work on the dyke
acro&I DIugde-onia swamp at the
(iorham crossing. Good weather
1permitting, it is thought the
dyke and the two steel bridges
can be completed by the first of
Death from Lockjaw
never follows an injury dressed with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Its antisep
tic and healing properties prevent
blood poisoning. Chas. Oswald,
merchant, of Rensselaersville, N. Y.,
writes: "It cured Seth Burch, of this
place, of the ugliest sore on his neck
I ever saw." Cures Cuts, Wounds,
Burns and Sores. 25c at all drug
Teachers Arriving.
Teachers who will attend the
Summier Normal School, which
opens Monday for a four weeks'
session, are beginning to arrive.
Parties who agreed to take and
citre for them during the session
are requested to be ready by Sat
urday to receive them, as it is
expected that they will all be on
hand by that time.
You cannot induce a lower
animal to eat heartily wnen not
feeling well. A sick dog starves
himself, and gets well. The
stomach. once overworked, must
have rest the same as your feet or
eyes. You don't have to starve
to rest your stomach. Kodol for
dyspepsia takes up the work for
your stomach, digests what you
eat and gives it a rest. Puts it
back in condition again. You
can't feel good with a disordered
stomach. Try Kodol. mold by
Smith & Grisham Drug Co.
See Bennett for painting, etc.
Assessment Review.
Assessor Durham has given
notice that the assesssmnent for
the present year is now open for
inspection in accordance with
law. The lists will be open until
,luly 1 for inspection by any one
who may desire to examine their
assessment. After that time no
corrections can be made.
Colic and Diarrhoea.
PainN hi the pthmsach, coie E and
diarrhitea are quickly releved, by
the use of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For sale by the Phoenix Drug

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