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latermd at the Wianield Poemacl as mai
ma, er of the teeomdel P6s.
(Invariably cash in advance.)
O e year. posg free) -........... .........- - -- =
Three months, " " .
the hoq0 papu of Winn parish people.
Advertising rate made known on application.
Address all communications and make all
checks, drafts and money orders labe to
The Southern Sentinel.
The Sentinel will be glad to receive for pub
lication the views of responsible citizens upon
all matters of public interest. All articles for
publication must be signed by the writer, the
erme will not bt published. however, if the
writeo requests that it be withheld.
FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1906.
There is no state in the union
that needs immigration now,
more than the state of Louisiana.
The legislature now in session
will be called upon to maik ap
propriations for the different de
partments of the state govern
meat and no *one department
needs increased appropriations
more than the Bureau of Immi
gration at the head of which is
that sterling old veteran. Col.
Charles Schuler. A very large
area of the state of Louisiana is
being denuded of the heavy
growth of pine and other mer
chantile timber, leaving the lands,
which are well adapted to agri
culture. This is where we need
our immigration' We need agri
culturists to take these cut over
lands and make crops that will
exceed in value the timber that
is being taken off. To get this
class of immigration it is neces
sary that the commissioner of
immigration be given ample
funds to carry out the objects of
that department of the govern
ment. The amount available
heretofore has been the insignifi:
cantsum of two thousand dollars.
We would not say how much
would be necessary but would- be
willng to be guided by- the rec
ommendations of CoL Schuler,
who has given the matter a
thorough study and knows just
,what amount is oecessary to carry
out his phlas, and we urge upon
the legislature to be liberal in
their appropriations to the
iurceaus of Immigration. We are
satisfied that Col. Sumlter will not
`sk fqr one-cent more than will
be required to carry out the plans
h chas mapped out. It will be a
paying investment for the -State.
There is oe a why we
should nota have `at least four
routes of'. rural free delivery
service out of Winnfield every
koute No. I could go _.1
the road to Moore by the' ayr 'e
Tunica and back by Carthage and
into Winuaild, which would sup
a.' a nmser of famalies who
have to come to Wiqa.eld to get
their- mail as both, the oices at
Moore dF Carthage have been
=. 2 coul' go we*t ma
Pe, o
it oo l d swegr and re-s
of Cv Fail a
ii o e _ f tor
"` thtite m itheq acrm
" fee. .Mo
des .rout r;&oi
armpeeou 1qiI4A
.idijl.i poitoe e·· ~ ·
S:·,_Ir~~isc; t~btt~q
- WhVa the evenin' shade is
faliqg at the endin' o', the day,
an' a feller rests fg6m labor
smokcin' at his pipe o' clay,
there's nothing does him so much
good, be fortunes up or down,
as the little country paper from
his ol' home town.
It ain't a thing of beauty an'
the print ain't always clean, but
it straightens out his temper
when a fellers feeling mean, it
takes the wrinkles off his tace
an' brushes off' the frown, that
little couutry paper from his ol'
home town.
It tells of all the parties and
the balls at Punkin Row, 'bout
who spent Sunday with who's girl
an' brushes off the frown, that
little country paper from his ol'
home town.
Now, I like to read the dailies
an' th' story papers, too, an' at
times th' yaller an' some other
trash-don't you? But when I
want some readin' th t'll brush
away a frown, I want that little
paper from my ol' home town.
Denver Post.
The "prohibition-blind tiger"
discussion at Hammond has
reached the "malicious liar"
Dedly Serpt Bites
are as common in India as are stom
ach and liver disorders with us. For
the latter however there is a sure
remedy: Electric Bitters; the great
restorative medicine, of which S. A.
Brown of Bennettsville, S. C., says:
"They restored my wife to perfect
health, after years of suffering with
dyspepsia and a chronically torpid
liver." Electric Bitters cure chills
and fever, malaria, biliousness, lame
back, kidney troubles and bladder
disorders. Sold on guarantee by all
druggists. Price 50c.
Commissions Received.
Mayor-elect Bevill received the
commissions of the new municipal
officers Tuesday and they have
qualified by taking the usual oath.
The new board of aldermen will
hold its first regular meeting on
Ithe first Tuesday in July.
There is no use worrying along
in discomfort because of a dis
ordered digestion. Get a bottle
of Kodol for Dyspepsia. and see
what it will do for you. Kodol
not only divests what yoa eat sead
gives that tired stomach a needed
rest, but is a corrective of the
greatest efficiency. Kodol
relieves indigestion, dyspepsia,
palpitation of the - heart, Iatu
leace, and sour stomach. Kodol
will make your stomach you
and healthy again. You wIt
worry just in the proportion that
your stomach worries you. Wor
ry means the loss of ability to do
your best. Wo is to be avoid
ed at all-times. 4K '-will tale
the worry out of w stomaci.
Sold by Smith & D(rh h Drug
LA. RY. & NAV. CO.
saebiN ee Ak as nd suilen.p
ail s knee tl.*e ae shmSapi
Slm a lw," Ae te lip,,
B v llId m gpl
i s re pm Imi m
W esYa.s i pm
si m .. .ie,.mspam
:, ;-xw .
Sch.ale of th14
"Always on Time."
ooasnrmman o wOVn asu 1, 1905.
Southb'ad. eraol. Northb'nd.
(Viiait L I M & 8 Ry)
22 pmv ......Lt. Louis, Mo..... 7:18sm ar
8:00 pm v ..... Memphis, Tenn ..... 7:80 am ar
1:M am I ......ittle Rock, Arr .... 8:20 pm ar
5:80 am lv ......Texarkan, Ark ..... 8:00 pm ar
7:40 pm Iv .......Dallas, Texas ..... 7:50 a ar
:80 pm v ...Fort Worth, Texas 9:00 m ar
7:45am ... Hope, Ark.......- 64:5 pm ar
(Via St L a 8-W By)
8:0 pm ..... Memphis, Tenn... 7:00 am sr
58D0 pm ......Jonesboro, Ark .... 6:55 am ar
1:5 am Iv .... Plne Bluff, Ark .. 12:55 am ar
4:3 am IT.... Camden. Ark .. 10:15 pm at
8:0 am . Stamps, Ark. . 2:5 pm
8:86 am bprLnghIll, La.. 1:48 pm
10:. am Cotton Valley, L. 1:: pm
11:18 am ........... Miladen, La. .. 12:20 pm
(Via VS a P Ry)
:20 am l ...... Shreveport, La 12:45 pm at
S0m am ...Vicksbrg, hiss ... 9:07 pm ar
11:40 am .........Sibley, La .. 11:47 am
1:1. pm ....Ashland, La 110:20 am
1:51 pa Chestnut La.... 110:00 am
88 pm ..... INNFILD, LA ..8:50 am
4:19 pm - Georgetown, La ... 7:81 am
- (Via St LI M a By
14:40 pm ar .... Alexandria, La ... 4:55 am iv
6: am a..... New Orleans. La 6:25 pm -v
:1Ipm .......Trout, .... :37 am
5:pm ........Jrna, L .......... 6:2am
At Georgetown, La, with 8St LIM & q.
At Wlanfeld with A. 8. and L B & N Co.
At Chestanut, La., with L & N-w BR ,y.n
Atfibley, La. with V 8 & P (Quer ad
Orescent Route) L B & 8
At Stamps, Ark., with St L 8 W (Cotton
Belt Route.)
At Hope, Ark. with St L I M & 8, FPriso Sys
tem andA L Ry.
Our equipment is irst class, our track good,
and our service excellent. When you travel
go via the L. & A. Railway. Through tickets
sold to all pots. For rates, schedules, etc,
apply to J.B. Pennington. agent L. & A. By.,
Mindaea, La. or to B.. AT NSON, O. P. A.,
Texarkana. Ark.
Coantable's Sale.
The Hicks Company, Ltd., In the Arst ward
vs Justice Court.
J. W. Brock. Wlnn Parish, La.
By virtue of a writ of I fa Issued out of the
rst ward Justice Court of Winn Parish, La.,
and to me directed in the above entitled muse,
I havy taken into my possession and will ofer
for sale at publie action at the principal front
door of the Oourt House in Winnfdeld during
the hours overnin judicial sales on
S-rct.., Juns 16, e906
the following descrbed property to witt
A lot of general merchandise consisting of
dry goods and imbuilding Jewelry and the rent
on the W. O. Wilams amflding in which these
oods are located from the date of sale until
tae last day of December, 19..
8elsed as the property of the defendant in
the above entitled muse, and will be sold to
satisfy this writ and all codi of this suit.
Tmerm e sale, cash with beneft of ap
jet-Rt. Constable.
NotiEos for P Xbcation.
L.nd OMse at New Orlean Ls
ltoice is Meeby give" that the following
named settlerhs d Utis of his intention
to ke nal proof in apport of his claim, and
that said psoof will be made before Cler of
omrt at wiaaS , l La.,. a
via: ]Kidred L'Bosets of TannehIll, La., H. B.
Ill thea 1-el s 1-4 sec IITp lnr2w
o a fmwmes t oo ln n itqessa to prove
hs aootlnmous residence upon ad culti.ation
Iof I land, vis: T. J. Poe. . Jeter, J. t.
Jeter, W. T. Beyett, all of Tannehill La.
1 ietise.Wanfiseld, s., May 4. RegIster.
NI ht fr Pubccatloa.
Land okes at Natalkohi
Noies ta heby then that thef flowoing
named euttler haa ied motces of hIs intention
ta irae Sinal poeof n aupport of his claim.
a" that ad prodwill be made. bdefre Rq
Iitterp I dre e Naull toeeh. La., on
20w. "06,
" BNo SKJamaes . Dell. d fGille,
a.. Iithe aew 1-4alt a1231a4w w Mer.
hwo disssau eareas sponand esidvatios
at sid laud. wis: J. D. wale [ Wrlieao , La,
A.Lt iutla at QeidAma, La., iruae N.
walker at 9may10.,lr La,. N. GrilDm of watts
rifl, 1*.
vlter of (a A. a61 wttss
Nodice kr P*&alMIcn
l lionat Nfasbloesee, La.
iau mzerr e t his ýiya a tion
tik lestft jfiat L ad 1 i port of hdie caim
l ~ Jt Iba b:, m ad u . buar e , a g
wNa some NO Jainlne.in~ eyt
bEusamino ek I I s oreand c tIre?.c
atealfd Lad, wis - sA.Stwss. G F. Ltt!.. H.
0. htlaV. Ur. AL oil at i.L4
"NWOrfr PbiUcitati
Laud Ila at WabEhltooes, La.
Betwhe 4%at tate
to naeIaai ise Iampert of bb cm ad
fithat ill be mj~AYade odors
eWh u t nrn.. am rIolimL
!1e *mlhaae14 ae14a 1-!eye ii ms Si p
Hue c sa 1tlwape and r cus fl!isov
v.' a.N rlq, ! lt paee.3 Moors,
w .Heb , .Pas. all of Raiies,
iLNrumw S..aunald ster.
Mafia fw Pirb oiwt lie r
h~~~rY rka
sand ae. at Nat~Ysp
ban a rs eeh that tae fOlswIwg
-~peet at hou shim,
p~ooderoMI be made bdmea lre
rtlr=H a i-Ik i~w Kw,
M 'is .
Come to Win nfield and do your shopping!
The following merchants will pay your railroad fare to and from Winnfield
from any point within a radius of 50 miles; provided you spend as much as $2o
with any one merchant. u. . . , .0 .0 t
We wish to assure any one taking advantage of this most liberal offer that we
will not only pay your car fare, but we will save you money on every purchase
you make of us. Give us a trial. . . . i 0.
G. B. Spangler T. J. Drewett Smith & Grisham Drug Co. J. O. Teagle
Siess-Belcher Co., Ltd. Winnfield Hardware & Furniture Co.. Ltd. (
Phoenix Drug Store M. M. Fisher Dry Hioods Co., Ltd. S. J. Harper,'
M. Bernstein O'Quinn & Gibson Wood & Nesom S. A. Wright.
We ask you to come and see our prosperous and grow
ing town=-"The Capital of Winn Parish."
Notice for Publication.
Land Omce at New Orleans. La. {
Jun." 2. 106.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof wll be made before Clerk
of Court st Winnaeld, Ld., on
July 31, s9o6
viz: James A. Sanders, Sills, La., IT. E. 22653
for the nw 1-4 o nw 1-4, Sec.6, T ti n, r 1 w. and
e 1-2 of ne 1-4, sw le4O ne 1-4 Ste. . T. 11 nr,
2 w., La. Mer.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of .dd land, viz: U. 8. Snow. C. O. Sanders.
H. M. Cockerham, of Sills, J. T. Kelly, of Gaars
Mill, La.
WsnrTxa L. CoRxr,
Sentinel. Winnleld, June 8. Register.
Notice for Publication.
TiMrsa LAND, Acr Jes 8, 1878.
U. 8. Land Office, New Orleans. L.
April W. 1906.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
withthe provisions of the act of Congressof
June 8, 1878. entitled "An act for the sale- o
timber lands in the States of California
Oregon, Nevada, and washington Territory.
as extended to all the Public Land States by
act of August 4. 1809, John L. Hinton of the
parish of w 8tate of LoPisiana, has this day
Sled in this offe his sworn statement No. 648
for the purchase of the sw 1-4 of aw 1I4 of
section No. 2 in township No. 12 north Range
No. I e La. Me and will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before
Clerk of Oourt at wianleld, La., on Friday,
the 10th day of June, 1906.
He names a witnesses:
John Dulaney Frank B(rnes, william
Newomu, of Glen illa, uarl Taylor Olla, La.
Any and all persons claiming ndversely the
above-deseribed lands are requested to file
their claims in this o.ce on or before said 29th
day of June, 1906 W.ALTR L.( CHUN.
auS-1 t egister.
Notice for Publication.
LaadO% at Natchitoches, L.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler hasSled notice of his intention
tomaka dfn proofp in spport oe ho s claim and
that said proe ll bemdebets Register
sad Beceiver, at N-.tehitoehes, La., on
Jame 6, 9ge6
vis: H 38 198 Solomon I. Bufkinof Atlanta,
La., for the a 1- sw 1-4 & w 1-4 se.l-4 see 6,
tp 1 n r4 w La Mer.
He names the following witnees to provre
blsc atiesoeeidesce upon ad cpltlvatloo
oif sad land vi: John D. Fergusea . J. W.
VaYse., . b. Hyle. W. G. Brett. all of Atlanta,
J. Barer BnRss, Register.
Seaeinel, Winnelid, &a, May n.
Notice for Publcation.
Timber Land Act, June i, 187
Land Office at New Orleans a
June 8, 1906. i
Notice is hereby given that in compliane
with e .bs n of the act of Congress of
JuaeS18e , entitled'An act for the sale of
timber ands the states of California,. Ore
a l Ne was, ana wahington territory" as ex
dedtoNthE'?eblio Land States by act of W
August 4.16 PIes T. Melton. of w.unafeld,
am atyof tin, State of Louisiana. has this
d d inthis oice his sworn statement No
1 .afor theprchae of the nw 1-4 nr 1-4 of
sIc intpl n range 2w La Mer, and nwill
er pio[to show that the land sought is
more saleable for its timber or stone 'than for
l purposes and to establish his
hrto and before clerk of court at
Se ssday. A gust 29, spud
Hr mI e us awitneses: J. N. Lawrense, w.
eP. pouas, J. . Melton all of Prairie Home,
theirclns in this oce on orbefore said 29
warns L. Com . erg.
sentInel, w.sld, June 15.
Notice for Publcadtle.
Ti mber Land Act June 1 Ix8. -
LanId Office at New Orleas n
Noce isa hereby given that in compliance
with the rial of the act of Cougres of
Jamne 8, l t "An act for the sale of
ta r in the states of Callfornia, Ore
lgo, Nevlada and washlngtoa Territory." as
tealled o all the Public Lad Sates b act 4
SAugust 4, 1I. willisas J. 31c. , of wtnn
lid, Bounty ofWinn. oae Loulelam, has
s p tse parchase t the s 1- s 1-4 of
ac l n sbart w Mrv, sed willfoer SI
rsct t sw la the ý ad sught is more
IvalSabie itsa tismbeorr stoe thae for agri
aa ý dslerrkeoff rotar at w w ndd, '
Us • a " . ...J rst wa
*thiesilo6i ms, i rib
41 41 C.4
i ~ ~ ~ I p~rr~asep l
j: .'Pi h~r~~·LJ~
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over Shoes in all the
styles and leathers, for
men and women. .0 .
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Street, Two Doors From Court Steat
WINNFIELD, : : : :
An Ideal Rea
It has taken usz yms ne dsp rp
whiskey - o&e am woutd sestmo s eme
of every Citesi c .. el4.d4 ,we n- .
Murray Hill QubWhs
stands pr-minent in its aatoblese pafi eea 3
Those who best apps.sd sit we S ol*M anl g t. I
Joe. A. Mad as& Cu.4)g m
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burglar 'ro
w. x ti
1T1 F :ýEPiMzM·.I'-

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