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Local And Personal
Superinttendent Grean of the
L. & A. spent 'l'ue.sdaly ight in
Mr. J. M. Webb, ex-member of
the police jury of ward ,Ix. was
in the city Wednesday.
We were pleased to note the
presence of Mr. 0. E. Blodge, a
forimer resident of our city.
Attorney E. E. Kidl. went to
Baton Rouge Saturday on legal
business, returning eldnesday.
Mr. W. 1. Sutton of St.
Maurice is isiting the family of
his brother, Mr. C. I1. Sutton.
Mr. L. B. Oliser, of Dubach,
was a visitor to this city last Sun
daly and spent the day here.
Among the visitors in Winntield
Tuesday was Mr. .1. C. Neylandl
of Alexandria. a repre.entative of
the Armour l'acking Company.
Conductor L. E. I)eLoach of
the L. R. & .. moved his family
Tuesday into his beautiful new
residence on Lafayette street.
Miss Margaret Park, of Jack
son, Miss., is the fair guest of
Afr. F. G. Rice this week. She
is wished a most delightful so
Mr. J. T. Peddy, of Gibbsland,
spent several days here during
the past week visiting his son, J.
A, Peddy, the genial clerk at the
Winofield Mercantile Co.
Mr. J. J. Burnett of Eros was
in the city Wednesday and is very
muth impressed with our pos
sibilities. lie may invest and
possibly move to Winnfield.
Mr. J. T. Byrd of Shreveport.
representing the Waters Pierce
Oil Co., dropped into this city
Tuesday and was favotr ably im
pressed with its facilities and
Hon. O. M. Grisham left last
Monday for a recreation and will
be gone about a month. He will,
while taking his vacation, we
understand, coach a (lass of law I
DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are safe, sure, little pills with a
reputation. They are the best
pills made. Be sure to get Early
tiers. We sell and recommend
he m.-Phoenix Drug Co.
Mr. H. T. Pye and Prof. W. '
C. Robinson werg over in
Madigon last week, fishing in 4
Teams. Mr. Pye returned vial
Arcadia and came home Tuesday d
accompanied by his family. "
Col. M. C. Bagwell, a former
citizen of the city, and preprietor
of the City Barber Shop, now the
champion truck farmer of ward
one, called on us and gave us one
of his splendid melone which the
Sentinel force ate with relish.
Hoem. Geo. A. Payne reached
home this week having vi.oted
friends in Lincoln parish, where
Mrs. Payne and children are
eojoufning. He looks well aftet
his ardious labors in the Legis
Messrs. Patterson, assistant
eashier; Scott, chmef engineer,
had Helmick, superintendent of
the Tremont & Gulf Railway, are
alt on their summer vacation.
Mr. 8. J. Carpenter, general
nseaer of the same road, is in
Mia Rollie Grigsby is the
emriaig guest of Miss Nettie
Wright. This is not Misr Grips
bfye Liuc trip; she was in Winn
MAd laiyear and there is an old
stge that "if you ever drink
aflqmueia water you will al
o esome back'.' We've triedl
iamd it west n true.
S ayor Bevill is putting a i
S~qiani er Mr. Pye' residence. I
U .tet eampis.ed a s plendid I
iNli s. tar (eadnetur DeLoa hi
1 -..ead ether eteatbs l
kateistrieig We al g
~ utis angi se. whs
- o heep umsslogpa,
Miss Mamie Sutton spent a de.
Ihgtful fortnight with Mr. aind
Mrs. W. ll. Smith at Loftmn oil
tihe L. R. & N. in the lower part
of the parish.
Mrs. Sarah Clay, mother of
Mrs. lHilburn and Mrs. Brice,
left last Saturday for Ruston to
spend some time with relatives in
that locality.
Mrs. J. M, Colvin and three
children, of Ruston. after spend
ing a week with Mr. J. A. Colvin
and family at the City Hotel, left
last Saturday for their home.
Mrs. A. B. Moore of Ark
adlelphia is visiting her bruother
andi sister, Mr. and Mrs. .. S.
Hlunt. She was accompanied by
her Ittile daughter.
Mr. N. C. Couch of the North
Louisiana Telephone Co., went
to Baton Rouge last Sunday on
Telephone business before tilhe
railroad Commission.
Mr. J. B. Ingle of Goldonna,
was a pleasant caller at the Sen
tinel office on last Wednesday.
Hie left an interesting fac simile
of the Missouri Gazette, publish
ed 100 years ago.
Mr. J. A. Mashaw, a valuable
member of the Sentinel's typo
graphical force, is now taking his
vacation, Mr. Charley Smith is
at the case during his absence.
Mrs. Mashaw and children are
also away on a visit.
Mr. P. K. Abel, the efficient
and genial Clerk of the District
Court, returned last Saturday
after several days recreation. He
spent his time in Ouachita and
Union parishes and reports a
a most enjoyably outing.
Mr. Ruel L. Anderson, of
Shreveport, dropped in last Mon
(lay for a social chat. He will
tade a summer vacation on Au
gust 1st. and join has wife in Ard
more. Okla. Thence they will
visit Galveston and Houston.
From present imnications the
fruit crop is a prolific one. The
citizems of Winafield are great
lovers of fruits and the market is
abundantly supplied with all the
varieties of these toothsame prod
ucts of prolific nature.
Hon. W. M. Wallace left Mon
(lday to meet the State Board of
Equalisation of which ie is pres
ident. Mr. Wallace has been
taking an active interest in the
matters of the work of his boarl,
having visited a number of par
isbes with other members ot the
board so as to be informed when
the board meets.
It is noted that an unusually
large number of strangers are
showing an interest in the Pace
Oil Well and are continually vis
iting that locality. Strangers
have learned the luxury and effi
eacy of a plunge into the waters
of the bathbng pool near the oil
well and daily take a bath in its
refreshing waters.
Hon. J. Henry Shepherd. for
merly a resident of Shreveport
and District Attorney of Caddo.
has been appointed assista.'t At
torney General of the United
States to recover lands obtained
from the Indians in violation f
the Acts of Congress, and t,
prosecute criminally, all who by
perjury yad forgery have obtaine i
and placed on record fraudulentI
MiNses Bessie and May Tanne
hill left Saturday on an outing
trip. Tim only information they
would give out aq to tblength of
time or their sojourn was that
they were going over on the
mountain and woeld perhaps t
remain thene during the hated I
time. The Senaiw es th-m
a deligtfl mte .la and that
-hy will be henuitaed breathing 1
re emo is the mna . -We I
wco beM ab b a f. a m I
thein d lilp t Y bsir ep ad
.W ; - p1
I wish to announov to th (l l innlic l i publicI
that I am agent for Wiener-Loeb Laundry
of Shreveport. La. Work take-n Monal:v ,ye
livered 'Wednte.sdayv .a.vnig 4,r Tlurs.ayl
Prices right. Work right. Service right
"The Place to Have Laundry Done."
L. M. SMITH, Agent
Work Called for and Delivered Phone 30
One of the Wonders of Winnfield, Louisiana
o 0
Winnfield Natatorium o
o 0
& Swimming l'ol 12x:.2 frt.:: 1-2 to, 5 1-2 feet deep of Salt p
0 Water fresh from the Well. and flowing through Pool continuously. 0
& Tub baths hot or cold, heated by Natural ;as. The Natatorium is a
8 lighted by Natural Gas.
° The Greatest Health Resort in Louisiana 9
o o
0- 0
00O.o0o0o0 oooo. .oeOeOoa0oo0nO.O.0o. OOOOo0
. . . ..... ,_ . .- .- m , ,. , ,_,. , ._i --m
Mr. WV. II. Tiniheelake. travel
ing freight agent of the V. S. &
P. Rail 1:oad, spent Thursday in
F. E. Wilson of Shreveport, the
very genial traveler for the Na
- tional Biscuit CO., arrived in the
city yesterlday. It was a gennuine
pleasure to greet him.
Mr. Albert Autrey, manager of
the Weiner-Loeb Laundiry of
Shreveport, was a visitor to
Winnfield last Wednesday, with a
view of establishing an agency of
that plant in this place. lie paid
a visit to the Sentinel and it was
t a pleasure to meet this genia!
t friend.
We are gratified to note the
presence of our young friend Mr.
John R. Hanna of Gibbslanº:,
who is with us for a time to take
advantage of the crative pro
f perties in the Pace Oil Well.
. We can look for him back
I again. He is made of the stuff
. that we would like to see Winn
- field filled with.
Our young friend .las. Wright
left on the Rock IHland going
north to visit some of his L. S. U.
friends at Ruston, Monroe and
other points. Jim has a way of
winning friends, in fact if oine
meets him he or she will have to
be his friend, They just can't
help it.
Miss Onie and Master Morris
Teddlie of Lerado, Texas, art
visiting their old home and w;ll
be the guests of their uncles,
Messrs P. K. and S. M. Abel and
Dr. W. H. Williams and their
aunt Mrs. J. J. Mixon. They
are receivng a warm welcome
from their old friends.
Mr. W. E. Howell, one of theI
prfsprietors of the elegant con-i
fectionary establishment under
the City Hotel, returned on Tues
day from a business trig to Col
uulbia lat week, accompaniedl by
his wife. Mrs. Howell has been
on an extended visit to relatives
and friends at Columbia.
Laundry Work.
See elsewhere the ad of L. R.
Smith, agent for Weiner-LtoIe
Laundry of Shreveport. This; is
a complete laundry with expert
workmen and modern machinery. 4
Work will be promptly performed
apd quickly delivered. Real the
ad in this paper.
Of Interest.
You will be surprised by the i
quick relief from teadac[he or
neuralgia which Allen's Fever
and P'in Powders afford. Best
for reducing fever when high. I
For sale by all druggists, 25 cents
a bInx. 5-31tf
ea arial Amsoclatlon Benefit.
The members of the Ladies' t
Memorial Assoeiation are en
deavorinlg to raise money to pay
for the cemetery fence. They
will tike charge of the City
Theatorium on Tueuuay night, a
the aath, aml will give an extra
bewlgUm. lbe Wihlbag Workersur
raeageO dto sell the tiekete iar
depag n, Mu. Mai aw is iviag
we 6e ih as. meut skts.u
a blelaid toM mekns..
Card Party and Dance.
L l)n last Mondlay Misjs Nettie
n Wright invited quite a party of
frmndI' to i..eet Miiss Wlt 1ll,
( ;rigsy of Arcadia. who is her
guest. and at. eight o'clock tihe
guests be,.an to arrive anId we.re
te gra'iusIv received I by iMrs. RIt. .
Wright as.-i.ted by Miss Nettie
anaI her charming guest, Ili
olIlie Grig-h,.
Tf 'ithere were present Misse:
s) Pearl, Nettie and! Alma WVright;
a Olive, Cal lie and Zelima Long:
Messrs. J. B. Pope of Selma;
<! Benton Howard of Couahatt; J.
S. Fittzpatrick of the Rock
1 sltand force between Alexandria
anId Euniem; Lloyd Tugwell anti
e .ainws Wright. They pltyed pro
gressive euchre until they became
tired and then moved out the
e tables and enjoyed a dance. Mrs.
- Wright then invited them into
1. the dliing roo(mi where she served
k them witl homtne made blackberry
F wine and ice cold watermelon.
W here the health of the genial
hostess was drank and a heart?
twelcomle given to the charming
t guest. All left expressing thanks
for the great pleasure they had.
The Farmers' Union.
p Time Convention of the Far
r mers' Union that will convene
t here next Tue.sday will discuss
Sanmid decide several imlportant
matters that are of more are less
mnterest to the citizens of Winn
field. They will please sit up and
take notice!.
The State Executive omnnmittee
of the umnion will meet at the
office on July 24 and 25.
The Parish Bueiness Agents
will mmet t at the Court House on
Mondely July 27. The State
F'armers' Un'ion Convention will
meet at the Court House July 28,
29, and 30. At this meetipg of
the farmers Ruston will make an
application to have the head
quarters of the Union transferred
to that city, jnst under what plea
has not been stated. It woul4d
seem as it Winnfield was a much
more central and convenient point
for headquarters.
Another important matter for
which Ruston is also a claimnant.
i.. the building of the proposed
cottn factory, which is a favorite
project of the Fat mers' Union of
'IThese matters are mentioned
as items of interest to the general
public and may prove of special
.inportance to Winnlield oitizens.
Long & Black do public hauling.
If you want hauling done call up No.
21 over the phone. They make a
specialty of carrying traveling man
and their trunks: will furnish you
a card with distances from Winnfield
to any point you may desire to go by
Copious lain.
ThIe long dry spell which has
plrevai'el very generally ,through
out thin sectioa for several 'reeka
was broken by a sterdy and
copious rain lat Tueslay. Thif
rain will prove of iaeslealsblebe
as hl.id wth delilgs ad PuS~ .
-__,a ,_ .
Burning Lake of Oil.
A dispatch to the Chicago Trib
une from the Cty of Mexico
\ lake of oil covi intg an area ,,I
in re than o1ne quaie inile and of
unknowrn depth in the i.,lti Ut
\'era Crut i- on Inct. It has lbt t
b l,,nng for five days and ha
cieated the d ildest terror ;iniutn
t'e natives ot that section' Ihe
blaze is seen fur more than 20o
miles at sea, according to naviga
tors who have arrived at Vera
Cauz and Tampico.
Slihe scene of the fire is at out
;3 miles southeast of Tampico,
near the San Geronin river. It is
remiiote from any railroad. An oil
tii Id was being developed at that
place by the Penusyavina Oil
Comnpany, which is composed of
l'ittsburg men. The company had
bored a number of wells and all of
them were flowing oil in large
quantities. The product was
(being placed in earthen storage
tanks preparatory to shipping.
A careless workman accident
ally set fire to one of the wells
and the flames were communicat
el to the underground resevior of
oil. A terrific explosion occurred
which uplifted the earth's surface
thloughout the whole field. The
explosion was heard 75 miles
distant. The oil company lost
.200.ooo worth of machinery and
.and oil which has been burned will
total millions of barrels. The
,whole oil field will be destroyed.
. *.
Taeatment of the Town and
Country School Children.
The provison made for the
education of town children and
country children for the entire
iUnited States, appears from ad
vance sheets of the report of the
United Stites Commissioner of
Education for the year ending
June 30, 1908, which makes a
division by calling all centers with
population of four thousand or
more "cities" and all with less
than four thousand as "country"
Enrolment in puplic day schools
city, 5.441.213. or 327 per cent; in
country, I l,2oo.757, or 67 3 per
cent. Value of school property,
dity 5528.993.959. or 67 6 qer cent;
country $254.134.181. or 324 per
cent. [Total expenditure for
education, city. $254.i34.181, or
32 4 per cent. Total expenditure
After April I, 1908
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with neatness and dispatch. We make a sji ialty
of high class commercial printing, such a.
Bill Heads, Note Heads, Letter Heads
and guarantee our work to be equal to any. The frienls
we have made in the past are still with us, which is a
guarantee that our work is the kind that pla..es
A Trial Order Will Convince You
Winnflield, Louisiana.
PeMý'. Next to City Hall
for education. :iy. i
lor 4 ,r 4 $
17 I n i, i "
ti Cl ; i ·t it 4 ,. , , t
oi,11 ,... \\t|11i.- -
il I i I t I I
hfilu t ,t .in ' t il
latut st l , : It t, talike
laA'4s th.it '. 1 I'" ' ; ,I th'V On
town hcl,, t, , . idlln.
-TLc Io. ii. - ;i
"lo % IIIII 1' 11N 1 I*\ ~ I " ,:
.A tll l en ,rt 1i1.. 1, 4:t,: tri.d not
to .ive away, 'ell .Ir ;trow- I aVy
old clothes withut h ir-t con-ulting
Many garlnIIr- :tApparentlr
worthless can thte In:!,le alllnt
new again by ta g 1,,.l -teamn clean.
ing. P'rei..ni iii, rtep:ring work
sent for anl e-tliiijate.. Iadile free
of charge. Phi ,,r ..il.
7-17-4t L. N1. S % rm, Prop.
* **
A Time to Advance.
During the heated ternm and when
buisiness has slacknel its claims,
is an oppotune period for formu
latng plan. to pre,.5 onward in,
the march of pr,,CIevs. when
the harvest time till- the land
with cheer, abutnrlane anim
. Eastern Star Lodge
No. 151 F. & A. M.
W. F. 'tooper, W. M.;
G;. A. I'P ne, Sec. Reg.
ular Im..etingi 2nd Sat.
urnlav in each moath,
at 1 2.m.
Cedar Cam Ne
107, W. O. W.
l4 r. I. E. SiessC.
' (.; C. KDeI
ham. Clerk Le
ular meetingp lIt
e and 15th of ac .
';` '.+ ,m.nth, 7:30 p.,.
of P.--.. J. Mixon, C. C.;
Regular meetings lit and
3rd Frildays in each moath
at 7:30 p.m.
.77COrEmovS. NmIv

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