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Similarity of This Well to the
Present Oil Field Near the
T wn of Wltanneld.
A special to the New Orleans
Picuyune of January 7, gives the
information that an oil well had
been brought in at a depth of &X0
feet, at Anse-Ia-Butte. in Iberia
parish. On being hailed out the
well furniahed 200 barrels of
heavy dle-sity. It is expected that
this well will develope a capacity
of 2000 barrels a dcay.
This development brings into
prone;neneny the fact that the
formation of the earth at the
Winnf Id oil field is identical with
that at Anse la-Butte. On an
investigation of thie Itc*tion when
the c xperiwmet of boring for oil
was first i,.augurated here. Prof.
ilarri-. the State geohlogist. ex
pressed the optninn that it would
,eever he successful. Since the
discovery at Anse I a Butte he has
reversedi lfirs rait opinion and now
tsay that the experiment here
would prove successful and oil
would he found.
1 Le boring at the Pace Oil well
ha' struck hot black sulphur
water with a strong pressure of
gas. A match touched at the
openinKg causes a lame jet to shoot
up a distance of ten feet. The
surface indications of sulphur and
gas are of the moat eocouraginý
nature, while the boring, as it
.progresses, given strong indica
tions and bright promise of a
development of oil at any tine.
It would not surprise thoee who
are interested in this work, to be
informed at any timune, that tibe
.,..ght-for substance has been
found in paying quantitaes. The
investors in this field are very
sanguine of the eventual discov
ery of a fine oil producer.
Creseoteo Peo Peosts.
Creoeoted fence ý , base
Ihards and shingles lastaays.
Call the creosoting plant for
further information, phone 66.
ac 4
Married is Milburn, La., on
January 7, 1909, at the born of
the bride, Mr. W. 'I. Morrians
uad Mi.. Irma Beakl., Bev. T. D.
Ia r. oIlaeiting.
Mr. Unrrison has residea here
fmr aseral montha and is in charge
~f the Sianer Sewlag Machine
agecy at the place. mad is numI
Ilered with the ilultrkakma citliune
4 Wiusield. The bride ii one
de the fair daughters of Milburn,.
mad formerly resided at Rtema.
Tihe couple arrived in Wimleld
esdt Senday and will make thbi
plmes their fuutrelmume:
The 8eatinel welcomes them to
Wealrlip as their residence, and
whishes for them a full mreur, of
libk' lehe bldengp and great
- w. > ht-t'te.
Marriedl I Wiamsimd. Ia., on
Me~dkrJanuar 11, 190, Mr.
J. iE. Wa~le t uad Mi. Ruby
B. Therame. of th awe of At.
hebts. ae a lmue Rev.
5 P. dW. re, who performed
the easemmmy.
-..m,_u._ _.mi--*r
Mrried te town of WIap
DSeMi, la., n Jane.,r 11, 1S9,
I .ib eedenee f na m . Jee Iu.
`'; The Ssmrrued -*
tad h PE.
Sir Mani E
set sa :a
At Otlvln. Ia.. eontlaur 7.
190(. Mt the home of her daucth
ter. Mrs. (. W. Lowe. Mrs.
LR)a K. Milan. widow ,of Mr. S.
(1. Mblaim. agedl 6$ cr.. The
death of this e.timahile lad . ue
ceedede that of her lhusakh,l hut i'
-hort peridwl. L'nite.l itn life f ir
a numher of years, they were s.
erated but a sbort ep:en of tiume.
The .h ceaaed was poss..eisedl of
thnoe virtues that mtark the Clari
tian charactevr andl h.. pan.ed
froml time into eteruity e.ulowe li
with muaensrie. of a Ihr. well
spellt an .1eedl. of love utnl char
itv. anl surr.tuunded(l with a halo
of useful .lays within the pre
cilncts of the homne circle whellre
her influence was. always t.,r gaunl.
To the mlemlbhers of tile f:,,,ily i"
extended sympathy in their be
a " C
For Sale
Cahbage plants at 35 cee',ti per
hundlrced. mrealy now, for delivery.
Apply to W. M. WIITE.
j15-It truLker.
Ttere are no offilnal statts.ti, K
to show the mortuary recur I of
Winnfeld for the past year. yet
the assertion is. made that there is
no town in tlie state that c in
shlow am clean a health record for
tle past year as Winnfiell. For
general healthfulneas inl ablai -
briousne~a of climate it is unex
celled. Deaths are not otly of
rare occurrance, but as a rule it is
free from those diseasen that are
most falal to human life. 'It is
anaquainted with epidemics. Its
popnlution is rohlnt. healthi, ia
the full vigor of youth and mutan
hood, in fact a voting and active
citasenshlp because of its rapid(
growth and the demand for stren
uous industry and energy ma is!
It is a highly deirahle '.&lity
fur a res'dence because of the
conditions, and:the numerous chil
dren of both sexes that can he
founl in every holmme, the hlmn.'thv
youths and mnaidens who throng
its streets daily, all indlicating the
acme of healthy phyrical condi
tion.s, are potent iudtcations of
tbe salubriousness of the air and
the ex.ellent sItuation of the
town for general healthfulness.
Presbyterl an Services.
Presbyterian services will be
hehl at the court hou.e on next
Sunday as follows: Bible sch,ool
at 10 s. m., morning service at. 11,
and evening service at 7:30.
Preaching )by the minister in
charge, and the puhblic in general
w o rdially invited to all the serv
ices. All those in town having
no deckided chueh preference are
heartily invited to make their
church home with us, andu the
mne invitation is extended to all
Wu z.ux AY Rou.,
Minister is charge.
A Bglhr Wlleth Lenl.
* I hare reacwld a higher health
level tince I began using Dr.
King'e New Life PIIls." writer
Jaoeb Sprliper, of Wet 1ruank
lii, Maine. 'They keep my stmu
ach, liver and howelg wmrking
Just right." If these pills dih
app.tst you on trial. money will
be refanded at all druggists' drug
stmre. - '
U. .C.
The members of William Wa'
her Chapter, U. D. C.. are -,sti
Sed that th nest regular meeting
will tak, place next Wedneswlay,
Ja.. o..a tbe reoideuoe of MIS.
Elva Crawford.
-Ma .Ca N Mos. 8eretary.
Mas. A. I lsmos. President,
3*. aM 0.
au mSý ýsi Muu1.h q/ a
ý.t·3.Emm. summi .
r.a ~ir i P.1 ý p is
Wish to Develope Vaeant Lands
and Establish Colonies of
Industrious Set4lers.
Wednesday night the Rock Is
land train brought to Winnfield
three pro.minent officials of that
sy-tem and the Frisco. members
of the Immigration Department
of these lines. They were
.Mtssrs. C. B. Schmidt, of Chic
ago, commissioner of Immigra
tiion of the Rock Island-Frisco
hues and Chicago and Eastern II
Ihnois railroad; S. A. Hughes, of
St. Louis, General Immigration
Agent of the Frisco railroad; and
Isaac Kline, Traveling Immigra
ti no Agent, C. R. I. & P. rail
rad, of Chicago.
These gentlemen made the Sen
tla el office their headquarters
'luring a portion of Thursday
morning and were met by Mayor
Puce and a number of citizens
who gave them statistics and gen
eral infot mation rdl.tive to
Winnfield anid this section of the
They are making a tour of
Loui.sanua and collecting statcticsics
of the climate, fertility of noil,
health, and other i,:l ormation,
with a view of inducing iniuiigra
tion and settling up the vacant
lands. Their purpose is to in
duce small farmers, men of in
dustry and intelligence, :o come
and acquire homes and become
permanent residents.
Of the purposes and a ms of
this movemen,t, more will be
written iu future, as time and
space will net permit a inure ex
temlndd niot ice at pLesent. It is
suficient t.'-ill the attention to
tie work of thlese illumense rail
rlad lines in the direction of de
veloping their te:rritory, and their
representatives d.esire the co-op
eration of every resident to pro
mote the aim in view andl bring to
Louisianl a desirable population.
lHeinz' Pie.kles, Catsup ':nd
Vinegar at Fisher, Drewett & Co.
Mr. J. P. K.lsoe. 'of Colfax,
Spe last l Sunday in Wianfield.
After tha.how take your gir:
Ito the City Restautrant. j8tt
Mrs D. C. Barr, of Harrison
hurg, is visiting her daughter.
Mrs. 8. M. Abel.
Mnak these dates, January 15;
16. 17, 18. 19. 20, 21. 22, 23, eight
days at coat, Roius R Bcket Store.
Mr. A. B. Hill. of Tannehill,
spent Sunday Io Win, fits as the
guest of the City lintel.
Buy your window shal,.n now
at oust, B nuas R .ket Store.
Forbesr Extrac.ts, Baking Pow
der. Spicer and Pepper at Fisher.
Drewe.t & Colmpany'.. J8tf
Mr. K. R. Cooper of Tioga,
was one of the uany visitors to
town last .turday.
See Fisher. Drewett & Co for
Breakfast Fioods. Nothing 6..er
than these ceteails. j8tr
Mr. II. U Martin, of Whit
ford, paid this town a visit last
Ctunrday and was a guest of thb
Uaara. . Hotel.
The be-t phntc to get fresh grm
e.ri". is 'it ttL Winnfiel4 Urocer
iore,i J. C. H,)ut*, mlaqager.
After the s.ai take yorw girl to
the City Uestaurant. j8t
Judge . A. AGunhy, of Mo..
rue. was si isitor to Winnfield on
tIat thiurday, and was conlrally
grmsad by laid many friends.
ri.mer, Drewett & Co.. have a
quutity of rSnowdrift Lard in
bhlk. (.tl and ifspect it. 1i
Among tie many visitors to
14t Suardav, the presence of
Mr. Y, U. Pat., of Ezoekiur was
- If ye. ae frome "Missori"
auim ansd hi us lsuow yoi. Jan.
S1 to 13. Monse itskl
ba ginlW k mlght of the rea.
l mk Ib to
ýý `:fr .
of plulmnihi. on ºh'.t naOlales
8aYtlw clit gu!anteelC . je 4
Mr. II. If. Leper (f .Jncksor,
Tenon arrived in Wulnntleld 'Tues
day and is here looking after hia
interests in this locality.
Forbes' Extracts, Baking Pow
der, Spices and Pepper at Fisher,
Drewett & Company. j8tf
Mr. J. W. McConnell, who bhas
been stationed at Eros, lhas ac
cepted a position here on the
Rock Island railroad. '
Get a Full Siz Bottle of
Smith's Kidney Cure Free at
City Drug Co.
Mr. I. Baer, of the firm of 1.
Baer Co., of Monroe, was a wel
come visitor here on last Friday
and complimented the Sentinel
with a call.
We mean just what we say,
merchandise lit cost to us for
eight days, January 15 to 23,
Rouss Racket Store.
A. C. Valentine, Traveling
Freight Agent, of the L. R. & N.
Co.. was a visitor to town Wed
nlesday, and complimented the
Sentinel with a pleasant visit.
Fresh goods in the shape of
herring, pickles, and catsup at
Fisher, Drewett & Co. j1
A dc!'stromtt fire dptroyed
nearly an entire bhlck in Coushat
ta last Friday night, entailing a
loss of $t0,000.
Fancy cakes and crackers can
be fouid at the new grocery of
Fisher, Drewett & Co. ii
Rey. R. W. Tucker, of Baton
Rouge. presiding elder of the
Meglrui, dit ENpi c',pal church, ar
rived here Wedness:lay and held
services in the church here.
The best in the market are Ajax
haiILs and lard to be hal at Fisher,
Drewett & Co. jl
iMr. T. O. Cunriek. of New
Orleans, represent.ng the Rem
ington Typewriter Cnom pasny, ar
rived in town las. Friday and
spent two days here in the inter
est of the company.
Get your groceries where you
can get fres.h goods, Wnlonfield
Grocer Stome, J. C. Hobbs, man
Mr. Wildler, of Huntington,
Tenn., farther of SIr. John Wil
der, deceased, formerly manager
of the Dalton Clark Stave Fac
tory, arrived here last Saturday
on buseiess affairs.
Aching in the small of the back'
is an inllliation of Bright's Die
ease. The proper course in such
eases is to take a few dloses of
Prickly Ashb Bitters. It is an
effe,:tive kidney remedy anda bowel
regulator. Smithi-(rib.ham Drug
Co., Special Agents.
Mi.e B asie Green, of Natchi
toches arrived last Monday and
assumed charge of the sixth grad
class ir the High Scbool. Se is
cordially welcomed to Winulield.
January 15 to 23, shirts, pants,
shoes, harlware. granite ware,
tinware, asnd in fact everything
you need at just what it cost us,
Rous, Racket Store.
rev. T. C. f'iekie is the resi
denti ministor in charge iof the
Methodlist Protestant church
here. IThe Editor acknowledges
a pleasant and interesting visi
f ru the genutlemuan on last Sat
For an excellent brand of coff
ee ask for'the Monogram brandc
at Fisher, Drewett & Co. j1i.
The Sentinel regrets to learn
tl.at Attorney 0. M. Grisham bas
bee-n ailing for some time aud is
still under the weither. It is
Ihope that he will soon be re
store.l to full health.
Fisher, Drewett & Co., have a
qu untity of Snowdrift Lard in
bulk. .ll and insp4ct it. j15.
w h h
mm. h
I I'
Bill Poster t
Card Tacking a Spe
1 cialty
Winnfield, Louisiana
Mr. T'. W. Parish, for.nman of
the Ssentinel, has been qu'te sick
recently and ws comwpelled to
stay at home for several diays
with fever, and is stall far frowi
Tie best in the market are
Aj x hants and lard to be had at
Ft-her, Drewett & Co. j15.
Mr. WmN. Dr+go, architect, of
New Orleans, hsa been here dur
ing this early part of the week, in
connection with the contract for
building the higbh School struc
Fancy cakes and crackers can
be found at the new grocery of
Fisher, Drewett & Co. J1.
Mr. George B. Dalton, of
Brinkleq Ark.. arrived here
Tuesday. He was. formerly con
nected with the Dalton-Clark
Stave Factory, and is prospecting
with a view of investment in
some industry.
Now is the time to secure fresh
garden seed for .pring planting.
Fisher, Drewett & Co., have a
tine supply. jl3.
Mr. R. F. Parnell, president of
the Louisiana Giold Mi.nig Conn
puny of RSwhide, Nev., was S
visitor tu, Wiifietld on .January
8th. He visitetb the oil field
while here and was so favorobly
imlprese.l with it's appepranlce
that he will return in a few days
for a longer stay.
That energetic and wide-awake
grocer firm. Fisher, I)Drewett &
Co.. are just in receipt of a car
load of splendlid flour. jl .
J. D. Pace Real4
Estate Company
WJE will buy your prop
erty if prices are
We can sell your prop
erty toa better advantage.
than you can yourself.
We are mixing with all
who, come in and know
the.existing conditions of
nearly everybody's af
fairs, and can make com
bination deals where it
will benefit all concerned.
This is a very important
feature in the reel estate
We may know of some
one who.wants to trade,
sell or buy, and naturally
know how to make the
See us. We can save
you money.
J. D. Pace & Co.
-, -7
- The - if hlalI a . " , IJ
come to thi. pnlR*l as
citizens. Mrs. M1. -.Ma
her son, of Ea-t Si. L.ui
MI.ann i- the Keni.ratl rmargeir
tlha' st.rling railr,,;l. the Tn.
in,,1,t & (inf. l 'I:. family n
.in t ll.h.I in th. I bt",,'ant nlyls e e
if .1lr.,I. E ('ra,..
Fre.-h gcI,,l I,, t;ie ..hpp of
h,.rr .. ! i 'kl*.-. a,,,t r'ta up u
1'i.hr1i1 . 1)rewett & ('. jI..
m.\n, thIe t' i ,t o t ..,(rt who a,.
riv i.' li.re la- i ItuL , ly to Ia
i; - on the I ligl tý,,ho l huihhl
we re P.eter (';r",;, atrl Jo.l,h A ."
ten. of ,hr,.et".I ,, : .I R. "`."
doiph ,tII .1 M1. , ,-lin .,f R
t ,-: . K. Bhe'l.. Il.mpt..n,1ýt.
J. (C. Carli, .I, an.er eLtt; C( a'
andl C. D. Stewart. .;aton I$ e
S .e Fisher, IJ)'rert & C,. for
Breakfast FJ.',,l-.. Nothing lbm
than these cereal. J
Piles of brick ainI lumber i
front of the lit t,.tr en the Wiry
Parish Bank and the store of M.
$.J. Harper. iniit;atte that the
new brick block t, be ereee4 q
that property will be pushe4 i
an early completion. 'h'I the
square on the east side of ,1
court house will be a conamot
lne of brick structures. Mr. A
J. Gwinu is the contractor.
Remember Red Cross U
Medicine is Tasteless sad tle
best made.
The beautiful business ia
office Bailey block on VoIM
street, is rapidly appmros ,
completion and will soon besr
for occupancy. The stores l
many of the rooms have alreIdl
been leased. The building .
aCnts a most attractive view ad
will add greatly to the app..
ance of the block south of tV
Court house.
See Geo. E. Thomas and hase
your plumbing done right sru.
He is the man. P4
List week Mr. I. B. Lacro.e,
of Selll. wasi in town pruhpeu
log. In the near future he pu.
poses to move h1i.s livery stabk
froll that town to Winnfiehld l_
become a permanent residentl .
this place. Winnfield alwa.p
has a welcome for all who wil
to engage in business withi it's
For an excellent brand of eo& s
ask for tle Mo.ega,,am brand at
Fisher, Drewett & Co. ji

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