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M. 'r. ANI) l'4.)l'IUI TOR e
P. W. HICKEY, Pub 8
Al tUlDAY1. .P:. 13. 1889 -
Yes! The ensuing election in this is
:pariashon 80th inst., is a non-political
.election. The Act, No. 35 of 1t86t,
permits all property tax payer-
without regard to sex-the right of PI
voting. The object of the law is to bi
obtain the sen ie of the tax payers on
the que~tiomof wth' :her their proper- is
,ly shall Ie taxed or not. fil
The law requires a "majority in bi
:numbers and in value of the propelty hi
tax payers" of the parish to be in
favor of said tax before the same can
,be levied.
adulies, who own prqperty and who tic
flgure.on the tax rolls, not only have PI
the right to vote, but it is their duty Is.
.to do so. ye
There must be a majority in num- eil
ber and value in favor of tihe levy- Ti
those whu are in favor of seeing our at
parish supplied with another road
:and fail to cast their ballots in favor er
of the. aid, really and in fact vote lei
.against progress. tel
There has never been a period when Al
the women were behind in building to
•up the resources ofaeountry, and it is
believed by the advocates of this great sa
enterprise that they will not stand idly n
by and have their property weighed in lai
the scale against progress and im- In
.provement, when by the simple act of O't
going;to the polls they can vote In
favor of it.
It is stated that many ladies who J.
,own property are in favor of the rail W
;road but are averse to going to the
polls, and Inquired if there is no other S.
way by which their property can be
.connted In favor of the road. There Ca
Is none. The ladies must vote forthe
road or their property will be count- A.
ed against it.
We quote the following from the A.
report of the Grand Jury of East Ph
Carroll Parish. at the last session of
the )Distrlet Court:
"We had a large numberofeases pre.
sented to us against persons for riding of
and dlving on the public levees, and
;:ne-teuths of said cases were against of
our most ignorant citizens: many of A*
whom, we are satisfied, did not know
of the existence of this law until arres- Pa
ted by the levee guard. For this rea
ason and for the further reason, that the
public roads of the parish are impassa
'ble in many plces, and becauae the
Police Jury of the parish has been so ref
remiss in the matterof fixing our roads
we hbye ot indicted any person for fre
.breaking the levee law,
We respectfully call the attention of
bsr lion. Police Jury to the present
bad condition of our roads; many of
;which are impassable after every big Or
rain, and urge upon them the import
ce ,of action therein as soon as poses
The law making riding, driving or
hauling on the public levees reads as
No. 108-AN ACT. of
T'o make riding, driving or hauling sai
on the public levees oft this state, a a s
misdemeanor, to prescribe penal- dol
ties for the same, to repeal all laws aid
,or parts of laws in conflict with this
act and to give it effect from and af- r
ter jts promulaation.
Sat-riot 1. Be It enacted by the Gen- the
eral Assembly of the State of Louis- pa
ana, That any person who shall ride the
drive or haul on any public levee in si
this State shall be gulty of a misde- tio
meanor, mand on conviction thereof
before say court of competent jurin
diction, shall be punished by impris- p'
onment without hard labor for a term of
not exceeding ffty (60) dollars, or thu
both, at the discretion of the court; ter
provided that this act shall not be Va
construed to apply to the proper of
Scers of the state, or of any levee Dis
triet or parish while Io the perform. p
anee of duty. In lInspecting, guarding l
or repairing said levees. pa
Sec. 2 Be it further enacted etc., thi
That all laws aed parts of laws con- for
trary to or in conflict with the pro
rislons of this act be
and the sasne are hereby repealed,
and that this ac shqll take effect troen
pad after its prosulgation. p
" P. E NH Y,
$peaker of the House of Represents,. the
tires. JAMES JEFFRIEt, the
lJlent. Gov. and President of the Se- pa
Governor of be State of Louisianas. ti
It was thougnht that the passage oft
this act woul4 11 a long felt want as
it is an admitted fact that many T
revassee in the levees have been
sauaed by ljutry to the embankment h
from travel, and that thousands of Io
dollars have been expended in put- dii
ting up to proper grade levees tht of
have bee worn down by travel and n
Retardlng the maintepance and in
protection of the levees in this Dis.
trict as of vital Inportanee, and to du
.eeure enforement of this eminently pr
wise law, the 6tl la. Levee Board in
Dlecember last appointed a levee Th
Guard for each of the several Parish- 4,
*s of this Distriet, and among the he
uties pirescribed for them was the
important ose of reporting W proper Ui
ofcers all violators of act 1086-A very
etfficient man was selected oin Carroll pI
parish who well performed bls duties. ap
I• reported to the authorities over aI
sixty person, mny of whom lllpersist- n
atly disreard the law, ad by hbls of
prompt sos behd begun to secure
reoPet for the law. NoVr eomes the
East earrol Griad Jory-seemingly co
to t of their oaths to present
•There is a tlaw against . r.. i. th
tlu and :',u"lng on the i ublc l .evees,
n-,y p-nO- P. a*ve been presented to
.rPsorra e _I gt- and the evidence
yiqs re so h e -e dn't indict sany
rO~tqS ar
boly'" lot
J" The Carroll -Grana Jury gives its thi
- people pretty expensive roads-'-This w
writer knows that -unch law has been
enforced in Tenaes i'arish for some or
r ears and that the roads there ar are no re
better, if as good. as t..oe in East
b Carroll, but then Tensas didn't have TI
such a "good road" G rand Jsry.. sh
At.the next term of the District tic
Court here "'many persons" will be in
presented to the Grand Jury for vio- v
lating the levee law and "many per
sons" will be indicted for it-andl an
found guilty and made respect the Ut.
his law. so
cal Madison believes it owes this dutyv 0
to the other par ihes who enforce Fh
obedience to the law. th
'l-The Grand Jury of East Carroll gig
of Parish failed to indict anybody for va
to breaking the levee law, although At
on proof against "many persons' was
laid before it. The District Attorner
er- is cognizant of the facts. lie should Ti
tile informations against the taw an
in breakers and prosecute them. We do fic
not know it he has done so-but it is tic
It his futy to do it. th
in me
In accordance with the proclama- ab
Ito tion issued by the lion. E. Ganier, tut
we President of the Police .Jury of Mad- act
ity ison parish, La., and by authority
vesied in me as Returning officer for TI
Madison Parish there will be a special
m- election held on
- Tuesday. the 30th day of April, 1889, de
ur at the same voting places at which the 8P
ad last election was held, for the purpose de
of determining the sense of the prop- Mi
'or erty tax payers of this parish as to pa
tte levying a tax of three and three quar
ter mills per annum for ten years in p
aid of the Mississippi Valley Railroad. col
en All property tax payers are entitled rai
ntg to vote at said election. pa
is Therefore 1 hereby give notice that c]a
at said election shall be held in the poll- po
ing precincts as now fixed by law, tht
and under the existing state election
in laws. Polls to be opened at 7 o'clock
n- in the morning and closed at 6 m
of o'clock in the evening and I hereby
appoint the tollowing to serve as da
in Commissioners for said election. of
1st Ward, Kellogg's, Adams Kellogg shi
ho J. E. Hiodges, U. M. Bedford. tio
i lo 1st Ward, Delta, C. HI. Lucas, T. F. ma
Ward. S. 11. James.
2nd Ward, Delta, F. L. Maxwell, R. Ar
er S. Belk, II. M. Floyd.
be 3rd Ward, Milliken's Bend, S. F. BUt
re Cathings D. G. lHumnphreys, J. C. sai
Lewis. op
be 4th Ward, Tallulah, J. B. Snyder, pat
it- A. L. Slack A. T. Lane. the
6th Ward, Omega, J. Ii. Gilfoil, W. ant
II. Harvey, M. I'. Erwin.
6th Ward, Waverly, A. B. Arm
strong, J. T. Cochran: S. W. Boswell. Ple
6th- Ward, A. K. Montgomery's din
e A. K. Montgomery, Frank Andrews,
t Phil Robinson.
of 7th Ward, White Church, A. B. A.
Jghnston, W. B. Bowers, L. O. Ireson.
e' This done and signed in the town
of Tallulah, Parish of Madison, State
of Louisians, this 30th day of March
of A. .1889. T. B. ADAMS,
,w Returning officer in and for the
,a- Parish of Madison.
e 10.000 Feet Assrted Lumber Just
so received, suitable for building and I
or repairing Cabins. the
of Barnes, La. iso
0g Ordinance of Poliee Jury of the int
- Parish of Madison. at
4- Ordinance No. 352. the
An ordinance ordering a special for
r election in the parish of Madison, sen
for the purpose of taking the sense thil
of the property tax-payers of thr
ig said parish relative to the levy of ant
a a special tax of 3t mills on the Mil
- dollilar per annum for ten years in pat
s aid of the Mississippi Valley Rail- tax
road Company of Louisiana. sat
Whereas, more than one third of '
-. the property tax payers of said tue
a- parish of Madison have presented the
le their petition to the Police Jury of pa]
In said parish, praying that an elec- of
" tion be ordered for the purpose of lie
. submitting a proposition to the din
property tax payers of the parish der
m of Madison, Louisiana, whether fivi
or they will vote a five mill tax for mi
t; ten years in aid of the Mississippi R1
SValley Railroad Co and
" Whereas, The said railroad com- of
" pany, in order to secure the active Sta
ag support of the tax-payers of said Mu
parish, has conseated to accept pat
c., three and three-fourths mills, tax an
a- for ten years. instead of five mills, Ste
Sas petitioned for-therefore cox
Be it ordained by tihe Polies Jury rail
,, of Madison Paris, Louisiana, inso
special session convened, I
Mzcrlos I That an election, for bei
. the purpose aforesaid, be held at pa
the several voting precincts of the bt
a- parish of Madison, Louisiana, on see
T. peday, ah 3Sth Day f April, h.D. Ci
of , e o* the
v Sac. 2. Be it frther ordained, m
 That the Returning officer and the ye
*t Sheriff of the parish of Madison,or
of Louisiana, be, and they are hereby roe
it- I directed to provide for the holding of i
t I of said election, by furnishing the Pal
id necessary ballot boxes aud appoint- sha
ad ing proper oflficers for conducting rai
u said election, according to the in
to duties of their respective offices, as the
ly prescribed by law. iso
in 8aEC, 3. Be it further ordained, 1
ee That the Assessor of the parish of or
l- Madison, Louisiana, be and he is in I
Shereby directed to furnish, for the se
er use and purposes of the Commis- Loi
sioners of eltcion, a list of the dut
property tax payers for each re- of I
?a. spective ward, and for each ward leg
era list of the non-resident tax pay- Ile
t or, said list to show the amount the
a of each tax payers assessment for sp
h the year I 888-being the last roll to 1
ly completed in said parish. shi
at Be it further ordained that the tax
. sdat ,sid special Ba
I, he levy of pe ia'. es to aid -the to
[ Mini- pvi Valley *bijr Ca," ro"
• or "--rit the..v,
taxes to aid the Missssppi .-...
y- Railroad Vo," ad, before te'Y A.
lot is deposited in the ballot box,
the name of the voter shall be
written on the ballot by the voter
or some other person at his or her E
SEc. 5. Be it further ordained,
That the Commissioners of election t
shall prepare a return of the elec- i
tion in duplicate; they shall count 3
in;the usual form, the number of d
votes cast for and against the tax,
and shall prepare in separate col
umns, a list of all the names of per
sons voting for the tax, and of per
sons voting against the tax, as
shown by the name endorsed on
the ballots found in the ballot box,
I giving to each voter his proper
valuation vote according to the 1
Assessor's list. I
SEC. 6. Be it flrther ordained &c. :
That after the election is thus held
and returns thereof made, the of- I
r ficer charged with the promulga
I tion of the same, shall obtain from I
the tax rolls of 1888 the assess- 1
ment of the parish, and, after thus 2
ascertaining the value of the tax
able property, shall certify the re- .
turn and make due promulgation 2
according to law. 2
SEc. 7. Be it further ordained &c. "
That in the event a majority of the
tax payers in number and value r
declare in favor of the levy of such 3
special taxes, the same shall be 3
declared the revenue of the said 3
Mississippi Valley Railroad Com- 3
pany, when said Railroad Coinm
pany shall have constructed and 3
completed a line of standard guage :
railroad entirely through the said s
parish of Madison, and shall have M
cars running thereon for the pur
poses of general traffic; and until 4
then no such tax shall be levied; +
provided, said Company shall com- 4
mence construction of the main 4
line of said road within ninety t
days from the official promulgation 4t
of the result of said election, and X'
shall complete and have in opera- l.
tion at least fifty miles of the N
main line of said road in the
State of Louisiana and
Arkansas within one year from
such promulgation, and shall have
said line of road completed and in
operation entirely through the said
parish of Madison before or during
the year (1890,) Eighteen Hundred 1(
and Ninety; or, in the event of 1i
failure to so commence and com- 1:
plete the said road, then this or
dinance to be null and void.
Adopted 19th March 1889. It
E. GAI'rva President, 17
A. L. SLACS, Clerk i. Jury.
Of a Special Election in Madison
Parish. :
Public notice is hereby given t
that, in obedience to Or inance N
No. 352 of the Police Jury f Mad- 1
ison Parish, La,. there will be a
Special election held in sai par
ish on TUESDAY, 30TH APRIL, 889, 5
at the same voting places at Ihich a
the last general election was held,
for the purpose of determining the
sense of the property tax payers of is
this parish as to levying a tax of 11
three and three quarter mills per 1=
annum for ten years in aid of the 14
Mississippi Valley Railroad Com- 1i
pany, of Louisiana. All property It
tax payers are entitled to vote at
said election. it
This election is ordered under a
tue accompanying petition of more 21
than one third of the property tax .
payers of this parish-the original
of which is on file with Clerk of Po
lic Jury-and in obedience to or
dinance No. 352, passed thereun
der, (the reduction of the levee of
five mills to three and three-fourths 3
mills being assented to by said
Railroad Co); I
"To the Honorable, the Police Jury
of the Parish of Madison, in the
Stats of Louisiana, Whereas, the
Mississippi Valley Railroad C'on
pany, a corporation created under
and by virtue of the laws of the
State of Louisiana, proposes to ti
construct its line of standard guage s
railroad through the Parish of Mad- ie
ison in said State.
Now therefore the undersigned cI
being property tax-payers of said t
parish, petition your honorable
body to meet in called and special
session, and submit to the proper- -
ty tax-payers of said Parish a prop
osition to authorize the Police Jury t
thereof to levy a special tax of five
mills per anum for a period of ten
years, upon the property therein,
for the purpose of aiding said rail.
road company in the construction s
of its line of railroad through said
Parish, provided that such taxes
shall not be paid until said line of
railroad shall be completed and
in operation and the ears running N4
thereon through said parish of Mad.
ison in the state of Louisiana.
And we further pray that you
order a special election to be held m
in said parish, under and in pur.
suance to the laws of the State of
Louisiana and to be held and con- a
ducted as provided for in act No.35 ii
ofthe year 1886, of the acts of the
legiblature of Louisiana, that the '
electors of said parish may vote on is
the 9uestion of the levy of such a
specal taxes. The form ofballots a
to be used at such special election o
shall be, "For the levy of special he
taxes to aid the Mississi pi Valley
Bailroad Company," and those a
inst the levy of said tax shall be B
to aid the Missidppf y~ it
road Company."
E. GAmn. President P. Jury
A. L. StLAc. Clerk Police Jury.
STallglah, La., 20 MOarch, 1889,
r State of Loulana, Parish of Madison.
I hereby certfy that the following'is
a true and corset co)py of the list ot
n the list of nues drawn to serve as
jurors at the agular May term of the
8th District burt for this Parish.
kor the fire week Commencing 6th
day of May 189.
, No. Name. Ward.
. 1 L. E. Adams, 4 .
2 Jeorge Campbell, 6
4 Tcott Killingsworth, 2
* 5 1. R. McDowell. 4
n 6 lie Wells, 4 (
7 MI Watson, 3
8 W T. Knight, 4
r 9 Join Miller, 3
e 10 Wiliam Jagsrs, 4
11 H..U. Dobyns, 3
12 8. V. Boswell; 6 I
S13 Phhlp Bowman, 2
d 14 .. Lewis, 3 1
Cy 15 Cyunter. 2
S16 J. L dls, 2
17 Hetderson Ilarris, 2 w
n 18 A. (. Monette, 4 at
S19 B r Hill, 4 a
s20 Jaes A. Orr, 4or
1l Ani,vny MicLens, 4 j
22 D. V. FelI, 6 in
23 Bp unt, 0
S24 E. . Muse, 401
25 Jim Washington, 4
S Altrew Ross, 2 P
27 Thumas F Ward, 1 W
e Ridiard Barnes, 2 ,
e 29 Wildis Johnson, 4 wi
h 30 J. I Edwards, 2 '
3e1 trge Brown, 1
32 Ran Miller, 7
3Car January, 4
- 34 hrles Montgomery, 3
" 35 Buak Hawkins, 4
1 30 C. N. Hunt, 6
37 Johb L. Wilson, 4
S8 An&ew Hall, 7
1 3 T. P. Kell, 7
e 40 Jerr Bobamon, 4
41 Jeff.B. 8nyder, 4
42 Ales Fetchew I 1
1 43 Johb Marshal, 3 the
44 AlblIt Holmes, 4 me
S45 Calvin Coleman, 4 an,
46 E. E. Vaughn, 3 wit
47 Henry Johnson, 7 of
f 4.4 George Walton, 4 Jai
t 49 Alex Jackson, 4 the
j 50 tauders Mason, 3 da
And for the second week commencing for
13th day of May 1889. chi
No. Names. War!. dul
e 1 James H. Gilfoil, 5 iso
2 Saul Moore, 4 1
3 Ben King, 4 L(u
4 W. T. Jeffries, 2 Sts
S Harmp iarnes, 2 er
Si 6Phil Terry, 3 thi
1 7 William Newman, 5 1,I
8 Parker Miiimms, 3 I
9 J. E. Neale, 4 otti
10 Jackson Reed, :" of
f 11 Charles Lindsevy 2 fro
12 W. II. McFarland, 4 hei
13 Jackson Stowers, 3 ga
14 Deveraux Wall. 3 I
15 Elie Oliver. 6 nai
11 Albert Moore, 5 for
17 W. K. Alston, 5
18 Dan Jordan, 5
19 Carter Edmunds, 2 (it
20 John Hal, 3 Th
21 Lewis Gordon, 4
22 Dick Watkins, 3 B
23 I). D. DeMoss, 4
24 G. A. Richardson, 3
25 Thomas Bowser, 7
226 Temple Godfrey, 6
27 Willis Woods, 1 6
S8 Robert Singleton, 4 she
29 Alf. Gibson, 2
30 James C. Hope. 3 r
And for the third week commcncingit
the Twentieth dde of May 1889. sal
No. Name. Ward. I rc
1 Bill Lowry, 7 a
2 Frank Rutdin. 6i We
3 Frank Crier, 4 chi
4 Bilt Feage,. 3 rel
5 M. A. Killingsworth, 4
6 Fredt Calldwell, 3 o
7 Tobe Smith, 2
8 Tom Johnson, 4 otl
9 Nat Sims, 2
10 Jinks Blackburn, 3 -
r II Ceaser Curtis, 4
12 S. F. C:atchings, 4
13 Jarret Jones, 4 Sta
14 Phil Byas, 5
15 Jasper Jones, 2
16 P. W. Hickey, 4 Sn
17 Warner January, 4
18 Anthony Davis, 2
19 Cyrus Turpin, 3
20 Wash Gurley, 7 pre
21 Mat Green, 2 Co
22 Frank Page, 3 cel
"3 Jeff McGee, 4 pr
24 Bill Dunmore, 4 ed
2 Emith Johnson, 4 bo
S Edward White, 4
27 Tom Claxton, 4
28 R. H. Brown, 4
: ' William Wright, 5
3 39 Robert 5. Be#l. 4
I Witness my signature and oflicial
( L.S. J seal this 7th dayofMarch 119 shi
J. W. CLEMENS, D'p'y Clerk.
SNotice is hereby given that all per
Ssons indebted to said estate are no -
tifled to come forward at once and
Ssettle, or legal steps will be taken to
enforce payment.
Notice is also given that all having
clains against said estate will present
the same to be ranked.
Tallulab, La., 1st Mar. '89.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Madison,
Eighth .District Court.
The Orr & Lindsey Shoe Company, an
Svs. No. 843. (
Mrs. V. Thomas et al. ru
SMeybers & Rothschild Bror.,
vs. No. TtA.
Mrs. V, Thomas & W. KAlston. '
SBy virtue of writs of fleri facias to Ja
me directedfrom the Honorable Eighth
District Court for the Parish of Madl
son aforesaid, in the above entitled
causes I will proceed to sell, at publicf
auction at the door of the Court House
in the town of Tallulabh, in lMadlison
Parish, Louisiana, on the fourth Sat
orday, the
n r day of May A. D. lSs9,
Shetwewn the hours prescribed by law, u
all the right title and interest of Mrs.
V. Thomas in ad to the following de
scribed property to-wit: One wagon,
SOne cariae and barness, Thirty one
Ihead of ma.es seised in the above suits.
STermsn of Sae1--Uaah with benefit of
appraisement. Ad
J. T. McCLELLAN, Sheriff,
By A. T. Lane iJtputy.
I i.. Oldce, hllulab, La., April =
Get your jolb work done at the u
JOcaJAL oflioe. j
SIskuown by these marked pec:uliarities :
4 3. A feeling of wearilneess and palel in the
6 limbe.
3 2. Bad breath, bad taste in the mcouth,
and furret tongue.
2 L Constipt:on, with occasional attacks
4 oftlarrhlua.
4 4. Lieadache, in the front of the head;
3 naaLea, ditinahtS, and 'yellowness of
5. Hearthnrn, loss of appet te.
3 . l)istentiotn of tlhe s.tolru llt and bowels
4 by winwt.
T. l preso.. of spirits, an ti great Inclan
cgholy, itilh I ,Itd ,ul an l is it dinl iton
i) to tl.ea.eevetryFthlntg fr o-tnorrow.
2 A natural flow of IIlle from the l.ver
3 Is essential to mood heOi-th. When this
2 Is obstructed It results in
2 which,f ne If m eglectd,n le ndes to srloua
4 AIrases. n inrnonlha Ilver Itletuirellt rtst
4 a ntL teli"irtels OIIlucatruv. rever} kind
4 Of tiliousness. It restoren tihe' liver to
roper work ing order, rc,,llea tthe seere
tltn of bile ;tlid pauts the ditestlive organs
Instulh cond i n tltai t Itha y eathY i to d lilheir
;best work. After talk lg thiis alediciue no
one will stay, "I sr n tallious.'"
4 o . have been subirrt to severe spells of (on
2 gestion of the Iiver. and have I--*n in the habit of
taking from I5 to ia, graims of c. I -.ia I which gen
erally Laid me up for three or four days. Lately I
have been taking Simmons l.ivcr Regulate,
4 which gave me relief without any interruptiun to
2 busiess."--J. Huco, liddieport, Ohio.
o .'lr GE.SIuJrE 1
Iea mr stamp la red on front of Wrapprs
4 Exagcr'Ttv I)gPARTMErnI T,
4 State of Louisiana.
I WHEREAS, lHenry B. Holmes of
3 the parish of Madison, has applied to 1
4 me for a cancellation of a bon 1, drawn
4 and subscribed by hint as principal.
3 with T. Warren H;isic:., for tile stuln
7 of flive thousand dollars (i,0t1t) ianti
4 James II. Gilftil, o4r thle seu of ,ne
4 thiusi:nd dollars,. (I,0tt) I as Rnreties.
3 dated Jnlliu.4th, 1$4, ant, con:ditionied
g for the fai thful I'erforiimance and tlits
charge Iy said l henry B. lilinmes of his
'. duties as Sheriffof the tPariah of Mail
6 iwan.
4 Fow, therefore, I, FRANCIS TIL- e
4 I.)L' NICIIOLI.S, Gov(rno(r of the
2 State of Louisiana have thought irop- I t
2 er to issue this mny proclamiation with i tl
3 the view of giving public notice to all 'I
p lwrslns herein interested and concern- h
3 el to ishow cause in writine at tle 11
4 office of S;ccretary of State at tile ('itv t
: of Baton Rouge withlin ninety ldac a
2 front andl after the last publeatii'n
4 hereof why said Bond and the tmort- t
gage resulting there rom sihould, not Ie a
3 canceled and annulled and tile above l
6 named securities discharged frmu any r,
5 further liabilities in the premises. Ii
5 Given underntv m ignature and the
Seal of the State' of Louisiana, at the 1
S('ity of Baton Rouge, this 1'wenty- r
3 Thrd day of Felbruary, A. I1. 1sM!.
; By the Governor: L. F. Ma.sos,
SSecretary of State.
4 should always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the
ittle suffers at once: it produices natu
I al. quiet sleep b relieving t- . a
1. I rom pain, and the little che'
7 awakes as "brightas a button." It i
6 very plesent to taste. It soothes tIe t
4 child, softens the gums, allays all pain e
d relieves wind. regulates the bowelv t
3 and is the best remedy for diarrhea
2 ,whether arising from teet ilg A
4 other cases. Twenty-livecentsa Iaottle
4 State of Louisiana, Parish of Madison, C
5 Eighth District Court.
4 Succession of Robert Wilson, deceased
4 -No. 825 Probate.
2 Whereas, James T. McClellan has I
. presented to said Court his final ac- a
2 count as Administrator of said suc- I
3 cession, together with his petition a
4 praying that said accotnt be approv- t
4 ed. contirued and lhologatled t lhis
4 bond cascelled aind he be discharged I
4 as adminlstrator. a
4 Now, therefore'; all persons are re
4 qured to show cause, if any they have, t
5 within ten days from date hereol; s
why the prayer of the petitioner t
4 should not be granted. a
Witness, ThIe lion. F. F. Mentgom U
ery. Juldge of said Court. attnd the of- a
cial seal thereof, this 8th day of Feb
A. D). 189.
E F. M. DAWSON, Clerk.
A true copy attest: F. M. D)Awsox,
r-Clerk. E
Dlistrict. t
Jrrar Tawax -1st Mondays in May
and December.
CtvtL TzRus.-2nd Tuesdays in Feb- d
ruary and Sepltemlwr.
Ciresalt. r
4th Mondlays in March and October.
Regular Sesions 2ndl Tuesdays in 1
to January, April, July and October.
, B lE Sait Alliatcr SktIs, Etc.
5. (
e (
Cards ofr PtEiet aar e, uRa'raR-whlen
admissalde-will be eharedd oiublle
our regu:lar advertising rates. I
r Obituary atd .Marra,,e a, titcce will
be chargel s asdvcrti-cu ent .
Louis l~ffman Itardwhare i
Guns, Hardwar ... rei I mplemcr.'$
')LN1s 1 i i. Ll I h . ' _ F
LO('A' i.L'. 0 o i /,LI ;;. MI .;
aer B ro
Largest stock in the State.
Best possihle dliscounti ai n Lowest prices t, the V'holes:ale T1'
Ollpptiite Washin ln lnltel. - - Vickshurg.
t Best furn ished Illooms, and /( test cquil,ped i/,l
ýiu "/alulah, R/t/es miioderatr.
Reducing the Surplus.
The disposition of the I'. S. Treasuryv
engages te atteuticon ofour Statesnon I
hlut a mlore vital ques.otion hai:s ,ll r at
tention. snou tli:,t is the reu ctn. ,li,,n of,
the Surplus Consultptive,'. Siln,, the*' ]i
diwm,., rv r l:an introdhl.ion of lir. wh
Kinig's New l)isEcovEtlyv fr('',lrstnnlthitioIni tih
thelr' t h ea- iveun a Iuarkedl cret'as;l inll ai
tlhe mortalitV of the Idreade.Il it i
diea,'E. and it Is po-sible t, still ft r-i
ther reduce the uht ilher of ('Elnsmilll
tiles. lIow': ly keepElingl eonstailytL llv '.
at haind a I, ttle of lDr. King. N. W
l)iscovery andl using ancrrtlinlg to Ii- tfrE
reEtions, upon the auppearalce,,f 1he
first syilUptoms, suh ias a L Ih, a .'1
('ohl. a Sre Throat, a ('Ihst, EIr -ieh I sl
Paine. Taken thus early a cure is guar
ranteed. "n
Trial bottles free at M1,.('lellan l('i:s
Drug Store.
A Mafle Inventment. I ri
Is one which is guaranteed to blrinli, Sii
von satisfactory results, or in e'S, ,f e
failure a return of pnur'hiase i.ri.ce li n It
this safle Ian yot caEl bu lio' l our I"EE
advertised 1)rutggis: a I,,S th1 . ,tf lIr. :r n
Kin,-'s New lDiesewery f,,rt ",,t-'Rnilt:;, ,,. 'v.:
It i i guar teedh rini relief in every
Iit allurr aflau'Ltill l! tyw t f
,1!14 or (ihest such 1as (onsimpiiti n,
' ,flantationl of lu.nUl s. lronE itisi .t
tllhma, iWho)ttilEin ('I EI,_1. t'rol 1p.. ItI ... i
etc. It is plei:ant an',i I.,hl "
taste, perferEliy saie, al can a l)t E '" ` Hlt
he de ph.,ledl upIon.
Trial battles free at J. T. .':ehEla-L sl, e h
Co's. Drug Store. ilt
$tateof Louisiana, Panri'h of Madis. n,E
Civil l)istriet ('ourt, Parish of Irenna (
Succession of W. . R:. Irstllw-NI,. 2";;4l t
[ YB \ virt:e of an order ,if s:hl to i toe
Sdirected from the Ilonorahle (Civil
Dist rict Court for the Parish lf o(rleanslt
aforesail, in the anlor entitlehl calce,
I will pro,E' edl to sell, at piublic a tl in, -
at the door of the Court IIEme ini the,
town of Tallulah, in MadisEon Parish,
Lonisiauas, on the 2nd Satlnlura, tih.- r.
l-olevene Day of May, A. D. 1fl, to
hittweent the hours prescrildE lby laI,  i
all the right, titll and interest of tlhe
Succession n f W. K. I:arstow ill ahl tE I
the fiollowine iesEriletl property, to- E IE
wit: The Kinderlook plantation. eon- ll(
tamining 707 nares ianti 1o,1IpoIEKld of the I:ir
se secC &c 1 .f n e see II. w  IandI I
w A ofs ee j st. li, nw j SeE WevA i nf n 111 t
land eselofn e te 17,I IT, n, it 12 I . :L
Terms of Sale.-Caihl, wit Ii heneoit clii
of aplpraisment. It
By A. T. LA,Z. hrit. ilI.
Sheriffs OftiCe, tallulah, La. March Lot
a2th 1$S . pr
In Jefferson County, MIzY.
1X VERTON situated five miles from col
the N., J. & C. Railrnad, about -
seven front the river, nlinetteen frm
Natchez. One of the finest of M1is-is
sippi places, one third hill landl tw,
thirnls flat creek land, thrlough tl.ie
P lace runs ('ole's Creek a:,d fouElr
branullces, all are running str,,aimas the Mr
entire year and Itlone ever overflolw
their banks, there is no better place for .Jl
a stock farm in t he world.
One thousand four lhinndred aucr-s for
eight tllousand dollars casih with r-esl- 111e
deuce and outbuildings. I1i.
Cattle and all stock wonl l have a is'r
range of thoisaluds of acres ofEold tic l". e:tL
wood alnd ,ldi cane lalnll that surrotullI 111
the entire place. II,
Tihe place is healthy, beautiful andl 31.
dlelghtful in Surnl uer.
For informration aply Iv to
Attorneys-at-Las, ýt. Joseph, La. Ill
...._- -_- : ,- t
Y IMMIYiE"'E. s tn'
T. L. FleminL, thairian.
G. A. lticlhaalson, F. M..Andi rl E;- f.
L, (A.Ireison) F. L. Maoxwll -tv
G. WV. Sevier, A. S. (.oluItlrl,. N,
T. . Ward. T. II. Goltf. ;I
Dis)tric-t li.nmoeratic l:.exuentiv. (',to. il,
U. IV. Sevi-r. - - 'irarii ' al l lii.
J. I .c owell. . I.. uy , r, .
of Mal i~ot,. ,I
W C. M ellae. .l'u,,,or i'err,.l;
-i E -t ('arr(,ll.
M.Inmber State C'Elitr'il (:·Enllit-e i: ,
Geirge iV. lMoidgIll ri'\. j
Ldc Amluty.
I"'tuxnL,º1.t Nainaa ('o., Fla.
11tu~cll. 591Jh, 11,x11 "
1"1 have meal I r. Siminions I
laep,;:tlater and al Rw1ii fotil it to
V a li t i . cil:ii mii e d fo r it. 11wio uwtnd ie
and t, ere , or., than nlothinig.
it i% hu~t lent fil by .1 11 Z/eilint 4.'
un'I naI'i gi'enninje. anal n Waste ofti,."
e t'a lily it. I wouldl he glad It
!ftltInr"aalr elin.Smifll. f 1t 110114 -I bawd. (with real /,I
'/ciitin &; (,.' -i~s 4nnture ont Writ
11"e·( tia~tiiiioi"* mull' soldl will it .",,,
i inout.Oa't Serv· t
I:":verei.y i'walll at the store' of l1
'erieal :rIol gat a ' aiiie u' 'if t lith ei 4t11
iillii:tarn. It i-1 at eijilenuljat lite rar"
* er, 211.1l '14111 h.e fieiit wort th of; . '.
I ,a st anal . fr. ." tC auº all uIn. tiur..
tiatle r. It t ti li' at tta free fir
4 1041 '- ivr:4 Ri''iiilnttiilrui Elf
n", itv . c A. tut tnku't, neon t Ie hc' cttiii
fil ..l t';ii· t" is l e njei'In it is et'ak u:
i'th'e r t 'e nut."1:ae ht li 'u h t ai'i4 I l "i.
'' ,e', er rue etiiittja ,ti ' of
tlt Imleo. nf itt Tala kt in tiel. mot
If. l..i I tisanu it o he i* I n iit f
irtrv of twenty-live 'cars I have oft
ffI ill. need lit' "ue li a nmali atine. tar:
t, lien 1 round it I exe glai neal: I.
rka kit '" 11ev. .1. 1'. I tarler. l'reuirl
tI er "( l hzl iznn . ie~iior, iuitic d,
WeI 4i t I li*t IhiVQ bieen gnrat e
rurali Io th, stoe oI Beer & Ft i
Ii) il . atiij'Ie' i'aea lie of the Shoutt
Pcrll HftrI.:~l. ll W e also noticetin I
hia rt 's tarrying cl* bottei
1ºaoý11 V'a ('11 fill) I'teh Ii tt
I tin leV 4 t ift -ien I'I tch B Itep
liii' f int Siott lie ro Syi'teaie i~ie,·
ifar. nelI lore ii' what Mr. J . I
Iai) llcr", 'i Ioto, Tex., Itas to s
chil. :reail t(-er'' of long ittatili
I taeok thlen, last .J n v awlj trip
V' Irio i ri~ioe'etietial thron ugh thtlt.
fall woo 141winiteur, utnil in 1~i 'canry
but wvith Inoe gioodi result. I the.
procttnre'ilt bottle ouf l~aisby 'a ('ot
1luau P'atch Bitters, winch cured tn
I ha e: wanted to see if the chliI.
we eittl dreturn, hut they have not.''
1'hiese' Bitters (-i~re (:hills by pilat
iag thle Lite~r, Kidneys, Sitoae ali
Dowel.-12an1 Blood ill good health
Ma .te ofi Iani "it';4f:, Parishel oif Meaeth.
I: Auttl I h~t rif"t (cmurt.
M~r..U 11.M Xekigi, el at.
Johen BI. t"t'eie, et at. l
Jv virtueo,'f' a Writ of IFifri Fart
neli i~e tedl fronm the' lhtifjortll1"i1i
I li-t tI 4.i VI ai fuir the' t':riPoli (of' .11
snat" re'4d "l, ill the abeove eiati
can-e~i, I ' ill ur lirii"eeI to, sell, at loll
tautetI.efl at 1114.' fri. nt dooxr 4ff thef ('a
11 "n-i'. ill the' t')Wti f! T'allhutah
.latli Pa IrishI, toiitiiana, ont
liii, Ilui a'el.\Y, A. I).. 11494
leat 4'i'iil f liileti hour Jresairilfilt bev
allt hfli ri'h t. title' s4ill Inte'rest oft.
1: . et~na aI Jait. R.i~tilaretlin it
tat-it:i~ Iti'Elaiif'iierlefit f~rt
ki.i ii w a the' ''('alif'erni.4 I'1
lsnut a -alit; ur"p" I l the s' a~i
ffri...r, x"111 -e'eh i.:t \ni. :,7,
t".iý4 .hutj %.,.F. I't~titie~f wiirth eit r
\n. I lit. te'i easti in the Itisti'
Il;,~ iil i1.e? i. utat f'iI U 1:er, and fullr
in. 44n"u l,'a eiu~:uvt : i f'eirty 'we'
af I'll;- '"r. tl s;in*-the wihotle 1

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