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A Disoours3 on the Pittalls and Dan- cor
gera that Beset Young Men. w .
The Influenses of Society and Their Ten- I wi
denev to tleget Eztravagaaee-D)ebt for
and Dishonesty the Sequel-Re wo
tlgloa the Only Anchor. dred
The following sermon by Rev. T. De- theu
Witlt Talmage is directed particularly to of ut
Vie youn, g men of our great cities. It was grat
predlicated on the text: Mi
A* .an ox to the slaughter.-Probcrbs viL, I.. villa
There is nothing in the voice or manner doll:
of the butcher to indicate to the ox that seen
there is death ahead. The ox thinks he is self:
g,,ing on to a rich Iasture field of clover, was
where all day long he will revel in the muc
hieraeeous luxuriance; but after awhile the
the men and the boys close in upon him of t
with sti.ks and stones and shouting. and they
drive him through bars and into a door- wor.
way. where he is fastened, and. with a for I
well-aimed stroke, the axe tells him; and tabl
so the anticipation of the redolent pasture iug.
field i1 completely disappointed. So nhe
many a young man has been driven on you
by temptation to what he thought would self
be paradisiacal enjoyment; but after the
awhile influences with darker hue and to c
swarthier arm close in upon him, and he 1
finds that instead of making an incursion tho
into a garden he has been driven "as an into
ox to the slaughter." he 1
1. We are apt to blame young men for itor
being destroyed when we ought to blame hou
the influences that destroy them. Society dee
slaughiters a great many young men by gets
the behest: "You must keep up appear- don
ances;" whatever be your salary, you nig
must dress as well as others, you must fro]
wine and brandy as many friends, you or
must smoke as costly cigars, you must pay
give as expensive entertainments and you was
must live in as fashionable a boarding- not
house. If you haven't the money, bor- The
row. If you can't borrow make a false crip
entr;, or subtract here and there a bill turi
from a bundle of bank bills, you will only hill
have to make the deception a little while; ant
in a few months, or in a year or two, you fro
can make all right. Nobody will be hurt ins
by it; nobody will be the wiser. You dur
yourself will not be damaged." By that ner
awful process a hundred thousand men live
have been slaughtered for time and cor
slaughtered for eternity. N
Suppose you borrow. There is nothing cat
wrong about borrowing money. There is No
hardly a man in the house but has some- the
times borrowed money. Vast estates the
bave been built on a borrowed dollar. use
Itut there are two kinds of borrowed whl
money. Money borrowed for the pur- shr
pose of starting or keeping up legitimate ly y
enterprise and expense, and money bor- ser
rowed to get that which you can do with- the
out. The first is right, the other is wrong. nat
if you have money enough of your own to The
buy a coat, however plain, and then you the
borrow money for a dandy's outfit, you che
Save taken the first revolution of the wheel lo"
Sown grade. Borrow for the necessities; For
that may be well. Borrow for the lux- the
aries; that tips your prospects over in the of
wrong direction. yor
The Bible distinctly says the borrower of I
is servant of the lender. It is a bad state 2,
at things when you have to go down some sla
ather street to escare meeting some one aw
whom you owe. If young men knew what ma
is the despotism of being in debt, more of the
them would keep out of it. Whatdiddebt of
io for Lord Baoon. with a mind towering the
tbove the centuries? It induced him to aO
:ake bribes and convict himself as a crim- wil
nal before all ages. What did debt do Bec
?or Walter Scott? Broken-hearted at dea
Abbottsford! Kept him writing until his mi
sand gave out in paralysis, to keep the A4
sheriff away from his pictures and statu- el
ary. Better for him if he had mind'd the tin
maxim which he had chiseled over the fire- all
place at Abbottaford: "Waste not, want Ch
sot." Pa
The trouble is, my friends, the people No
to not understand the ethiclot going in ha
Jebt. and that if you purchase goods with wa
no expectation of paying for them, or go ga
nto debts which you can not meet, you to
just steal so much money. If I go into a de
grocer's store, and I buy sugars and cof- the
tees and meats, with no capacity to pay
'or them and no intention of paying for sh
them, I am more dishonest than if 1 go pa
;nto the store, and when the grocer's face ho
is turned the other way I fill my pockets yo
with articles of merchandise and carry yo
ff a ham. In the one case I take the to
merchant's time, and I take the time of pr
his messenger to transfer the goods to th
my house, while in the other case I take mn
none of the time of the merchant, and I pl
wait upon myself, and I transfer the co
goods without any trouble to him. In m
2ther words, a sneak thlef is not so bad Lb
uas a man whocontracts fordebts he never al
expects to pay. be
Yet in all our cities there are families au
that move every May day to get into prox- ge
imity to other grocers, and meat shops, d
and apothecaries. They owe every body of
within half a mile of where they now live, ca
and next May they will move into a dis
tant part of the city, anding a new lot of "1
victims. Meanwhile you, the honest fam- th
ily in the new house, asre bothered day by se
day by the knocking at the door of disap- Bi
pointed bakers, and butchers, and dry- on
goods dealers, and newspaper carriers, re
and you are asked where yoear predecessor th
is. You do not know. It was arranged of
you should not know. Meanwhile your ca
predecessor huas gone to some distant part of
of the city. and the people who have any th
thing to sell have sent their wagons and I8
stopped there to solicit the "valuable" ci
custom of the new neighbor, and he, the fe
new neighbor, with great complacency se
and with an air of aiuence, orders the lo
anest steaks, and the highest-priced w
eugars, and the best of the canned fruits, th
and, perhaps, all the newspapers. And ol
the debts will keep on accuumulating until C]
he gets his goods onth 30th of next April of
on the furnlture cart. of
Now let me say, if there are any such in
persons in the house, if you have any re- ty
gard for your own convenience you had 0
better remove to some greatly distant al
part of the city. It is too bad that, hav
tag had all the trouble in consuming the te
goods, you should also have the trouble tl
of being dunned. And let me say that if h
yotu ind this picture your own photo. h
graph, instead of being in ohurch you re
ought to be in the penitentiary. No won- h
der that so many of oaur merchants fail in p
business. They are swindled into bank- u
ruptcy by these wanderiftg Arabs, these a
nomads of city life. They cheat the gro- p
rcer out of the green apples which made h
them sick, the physician who attends a
their distress, and the undertaker whe
fits them out for departure from the b
neighborhood where they owe every body
when they pay the debt of nature, the 1
only debt they ever do pay. a
Now our young men are coming up in y
this depraved state of commercial ethacs, a
and I am solicitous about them. I want t
to warn them against being slaughtered I
on the sharp edges of debt You want c
many things yoea have not, my young
friends. You shall have them if you have c
ati slun sada.,m..~v and industry. Cer- t
.... ~laes of conduct a.,ays lead out to h
certain sneccesses.
There is a law which controls even o
those things that seem haphasxard. I have a
been told by thoee who have observed
thatit to poeesible to calculate just how a
many letters will be sent to the Dead
letter OBe ev*ery year through mis- jt
diuretie; that It is pussible to calculate ,
just how any letters will be detained r
for lack of postage stamps through the a
forlgetfulness of the senders, and that it Its
posible to tell just how many people will s
tall in the streets by slipping on an c
orange peel. Is other words, there nrc I
nm accideuts. The most ltasigfcant i
evetn yoane heard of is the IPnkbe- I
tween two eternities-the eternity of the room
past and the etcrnity of the future. Head your
the right way. young man, and you will news
come out at the right go- than
Brimg me a young man and tel me your
wh * his physical health is, and what his Tal
mental caliber, and what his habits, and will
M. I will tell you what will be hi. destiny come
for this world, and his di.-tiny for the stair
world to corn,, andl I will not nmke five roof,
inaccurate prophesies out of the five hunI- who
dred. All this makes me s",licitous in worlk
regard to young men, and I want to make man
e- them nervous in regard to the contractioni Let
to of unpayable debti.. I give yon a para- worl
as graph fronm noy ownf exlerier :. you
My first settll: -::t ai pa ',:" was in a final
II. village. My salary wits ei:iht lu'idre.l yout
er dollars and a lta sna te. The alnourt fruit
at seemed enornm - t, Int-. I sai ito nth- thirt
is self: "What! all this fir Itli" yar?" I thi
"r, was afraild of ge:tint writlly under so colun
he much prosplerity! I re~,,:vel t., invite all who
ile the cougregu.tilon to miv h,ue, in groups clt
m of twenty-five e:i.hl. We began, and as of Ut
ad they were the be·it c~igre.gatiion in the State
r- world, and we felt notlhing ws too gitod yoiu,
a for them, we piled all the luxurieo on th~ str-ai
ad table. I niever coirplell.ed th"- undlertak- IIf
ire ing. At the end of six nmouths I was in violi
Bo financial despair. I foundi whit every the,
on young man learns in time to savi hint- th,
ald self, or too late, that you nmu .t menasure imm
ter the siz- of a mlan's he ly before you Iegin rose
ad to cut the cloth for hi. c,:t. ito h
he When a young man wilful!!y and of iengi
on choice, having thi colmflris -if life, goles with
an into the coutracition of nii'i)ahb e del,bt. cant
he knows not into w hat hIe goes. The cred. reat
for itors get after the debtor, thei pack oif gave
me hu nds in full cry. inul alas fir the rein- yIoill
sty deer. They jingle his door 1bll Iefore he duct
by gets up in thu morning, they jingle his rlo
sr. door bell after he has gone, to bed at renil
ro night. They meet hi':n as he comes iff his blas
ust front stelps. They send himn a postal c'ard, to si
u I or a letter, in curtest style, telling hini to est'
st pay up. Theiy attach llb: good.;. They as
rou want cash, or a note at thirty days, or a cool
ig. note on demand. They call him a knave. -a
or. They say lie lies. Thy want himi di- TSi
,Ise ciplinelt at the chliurclh. They want him me
,ill turned out of the bank. They come at abw
nly him from this side, and froi that side. so I.
le; and from before, and from behiind and you
ru from above, and from beneath, and he is lose
art insulted and gibbeteld, anid sued, and TJ
!ou dunned, and sworn at, until he gets the my
hat nervous dysplepsia, gets nucuralgia, gets citi.
pen liver complaint, gerts heart disease, gets on,
tad convulsive disorder, gets contumnlption. fro
Now he is dead, and you say: "Of drit
ing course they will let him alone." Oh, nol tem
ais Now they are watchful to see whether reli
ne- there are any unuec'e-sary expeinses at clem
rtes the obsequies, to see whether there ii any tire
tar. useless landlle on the casket, to see tati
red whether there is any surplus plait on the you
ur- shroud, to see whether the hol-a:se is cot- in
ate ly or cheali, to see whether the flowers not
or- sent to the casket have b-en bought by Uni
th* the family or donated, to see in whose go t
ag. name the deed to the grave is made out. A
to Then they rans:ack the bhereft household, you
you the books, the pictures, the carpets, the the
you chairs, the piano, the mattresses, the pil- hur
eel low on which he d *"s. Curse.I be debtl! ol
es; For the sake of ypgr own happiness, for ma
u-. the sake of your goTd nrirals, for the sal:a ten:
the of your immortal soul, for tiod'i sake, sw.
young man, as far as po1 sible, k--ep out you
eer of it. not
ate 2. But I think more youtng men are neli
me slaughtered through irreligion. Take rigl
one away a young man's religion and you rigl
hat make him the prey of evil. We all know thr
9 of that the Bible is the only pe: feect system the
lebt of morals. Now if you want to destroy 1
ing the young man's morals take his Bible yoi
to away. How will you do that? Well, you I. v
in- will caricature his reverence for the trei
do Scriptures, you will take all those inci- We
at dents of the BIible which can be mada and
his mirth of-Jonah's whale, Samon'.s foxes, The
the Adamt's rib-tfen you will caricature ec- ear
stu- centric Christians or inconsistent Chris- the
the tians, then you will pass off as your own who
Ire- all those hackneyed arguments aonaiut me
rant Christianity which are as old as Tom ver
Paine, as old as Voltaire, as old as sin. ant
)ple Now you have captured his Bible, and you I
g in have taken his strongest fortress; the wh
with way is comparatively clear, and all the are
r go gates of his soul are set open in invitation ma
you to the sins of earth and the sorrows of str
to a death, that they may come in and drive un
cof- the stake for their encampment. He
pay A steamer fifteen hundretd miles from thr
for shore with broken rudder and lost com- Ne
i go pass, anud hulk leaking fifty gall-ins the wit
face hour, is better off than a young man when of
kets you have robbe l him of his B tile. Have poi
arry you ever notic-'. how d,,s; icrsly man itIs wa
the to take away the world's bible without an
to of proposing a substitute! It is meaner pot
s to than to come to a sick man and steal his At
take medicine, meaner than to, come to a crip- he
id I pie and steal hus crutch, meaner than Br
the come to a panple: andl steal his crust, thi
In meaner than to conie to a poor man and Pr
bad urn his house down. It is the worse of di
aver all larcenies to steal the Bible, which has yo
been the crutch and medicine anl food
lles and eternal home to so many! What a nil
rox- generous and magnanimous business in- in
tops, fidelity has goae into! This splitting up ch
ody of life-boats and takiag away of fire es- int
live, capes and extinguishing light-houses. go
dis- I come out audl 1 say to suh lpeople: wi
t of 'What are you doing all this for?" "Oh," so
am- they say, "just for fun." It is such fun to nit
yby see Christians try to ho'd on to their wi
sap- Bibles! Many of them have loist loved
dry- ones, and have been told that there is a ho
irs, resirrection. ant it is such fun to tell tic
ssor them there will be no resnrrection! Many ye
aged of them have believeil that C~hrist came to r
your carry the bulrduns anl to heitl the wondsls ye
part of the worldl, and it is suchl fun to tell m
any them they will have to be their own fri
and Saviour! Think of the meanest thing you me
ble" ever h'ard of: then go dlown a thousand bl
, the feet underneath it, and you will findl your- in
ency self at the top, of a stairs a hundred miles in
the long:go to the tto the ittoithu stairs,and you to
riced will find a ladlder a thousan! miles lung; f<
utts, then go to the foot of the ladder and look Ni
And off a precipice half as far as from here to of
antil China, and you will find the headlquarters at
Ipril of the meanness that would rob this world
of its only comfort it life, its only peace m
such in death and its only hlopey for immortali- w
y re- ty. 8launhter a young man's faith in vi
I had God, anti there is not much more left to di
utant slaughter. Ni
hav- Now, what lhas become oif the slaugh- ta
t the tered? Well, some ,if them are in their fia- th
nble ther's or Inither's house blroken un d Iwn inw
at if health, waiting to die; othu-rs are in the ax
aoto- hospital; others are in (;reenwood, or he
you rather, their bodlies are, for their souls D
won- have gone on to retribution. Nt much w
all n prospect for a young mnan who started, life cl
iank- with gouod health, adl good elucatton, hi
these and a Christian exaiulple sit him, and op.
Igro- portuuity fi usefulness, who gathered all o1
made his treasures and liut them in one box, si
tends and then dropped it it into the sea.
who Now, how is this wholesale slaughter to a
Sthe be stppedl? There is niot a person in the H
body house but is interestedl in that question.-
Sthe Young man, arm yourself. The object of oh
my sermon is to put a weapon in each of f
p inyour hands for your own defuse. Wait
haa, not for Young Men's Christial assocla
want tions to protect you or churCihes to pro- ci
tered tect you. Appealing to God for help, take
want care of yourself. ci
roung First, have a room somewhere that yoa 1
have can call yiuur own. Whether it be the I ai
Cer- back lparlor of a fashionable lioarding- t
ut to house or a room in the fourth story of a
cheap lodging. I care not. Ouly have that
even one room your fortres. let not the dis- h
have sipator or unclean st -p over th" thresh. p
rved old. If they come up the long flight of y
how stairs and kniock at the door, meet them t
ead- face to face and kindly, yet firmly, refui .e
mis- them admittance. H ire a few family
alate portraits on the wall, if you lrn.ught them i
ained I with you from yiour counltry hum--. lHave f
h the a Bible on the btaund If you can afford
It it I it, and you can play on one. lhar an in- P
e will strument c-f nlusic--harpl, iir i-t,i" or i
in an cornet, ir muelo-leoin, ,,r vili, i. r piano. I
re ar Evrery luorniing. be.ore you li-ave that i
fecant roomn, pray. Erery night. after you come a
ak b- home in that room, pray. Make that b
room y.,ar Gibraltar. your Sbastopol, Hi
your Mount Zi... Let no bad book or
newspap-r come into that room, any more
than you would allow a cobra to coil on
your table. ve
Take care of yourself. Nobody else of
will take care of you. Your help will sot en
come up two or three or four flights of A.
stairs; your help will come through the th,
roof, down from Heaven, from that God br
who in the six thousand years of the
world'hs history never betrayed a young hi!
man who tried to be good and a Christian. 'Pr
Let me say in regard to your adverse by
worldly circumstances, in passing. that
you are on a level now with those who are nr
finally to succeed. Mark my words, s
yout:g man, and think of it thirty years w
from now. You will find that those who
thirty years from now are millionaires of tP
this cou,;n try, who are the orators of the lit
country, who are the paots of the country,
who are the strong maerchants ,f the di
country, who are the great philanthroptistr
I of the c:,untry-mightiest in Church and !t
State-are this morning on a level with fit
i you, not an inch above, and you in
str:taiht,'nod circumstances now.
llHerschel earned his living by playing a o
violin at parties, and in the iuterstices of sc
the play he would go out and look up at m
" th" midnight heavens, the fields of his ti
immortal conquests. George 8tephenson fb
Srose from being the foreman in a colliery
to be the most renowned of the world's
fenineers. No outfit, no capital to start a
with! Young man, go down to the Mer- t
cantile Library and get some books and s.
read of what wonderful mechanism God ec
f gave you in your hand, in your foot, in si
y vour eye. in your ear, and then ask some as
lidoctor to take you into the dissecting T
s room and illustrate to you what you have a,
t renad about, and never again commit the tt
s blasphemy of saying you have no capital sl
I, to start with. Equipped! Why, the poor- v
y est young man tn this house is equipped
yas only the God of the whole universe 4 p
a could afford to equip him. Then his body f
-a very poor affair compared with his i
usidderful soul-oh, that is what makes k
a me sodicitous. I am not so much anxious I
t about you, young man, because you have t
. so little to do with, as I am anxious about
d you because you have much to risk and
s lose or gain.
d There is no class of persons that so stir t
e my sympathies as young men in great
a cities. Not quite enough salary to live
s on, and all the temptations that come
from that deficit. Invited on all hands to
f drink, and their exhausted nervous sys
I tem seeming to demand stimulus. Their
tr religion caricatured by the most of th.
it clerks in the store and most of the opera
y tives In the factory. The rapids of temp
e tation and death rushing against that
e young man forty miles the hour, and he
in a frail boat headed up stream, witi
s nothing but a broken oar to work with.
y Unless Almighty God help them they will
e go under.
t. Ah! when I told you to take care of
1, yourself you misunderstood me if yoc
to thought I meant you are to depend upon
I- human resolution, which may be dis
t! solved in the foam of the wine cup, or
or may be blown out with the first gust o:
3 temptation. Here is the helmet, the
sword of Lord God Almighty. Clothe
it yourself in that panoply, and you shah
not be put to confusion. Sin pays welb
e neither in this world nor the next, but
:e right thinking, and right believing, andil
u right acting will take you in safety
I through this life and in transport through
n the next.
y 1 never shall forget a prayer I heard a
,e young man make some fifteen years ago.
u Ii was a very short prayer, but it was a
te tremondo is prayer: "'Oh, Lord help us.
- We find it so very easy to doug wrong
ta and so hard to do right Lord, help us."
s, That prayer, I warrant you, reached the
ear of God, and reached his heart. And
3- there are in this house a hundred men
n who have found out-a thousand young
-t men, perhaps, who have found out-that
m very thing. It is so very easy todo wirong,
a. and so hard to do right.
tu I got a letter, only one paragraph of
te which I shall read: "Having moved
te around somewhhat, I have run across
In many young men of intelligence, ardent
of strivers after that will-o'-the-wisp, fort
re tiue, and of one of these I would speak.
He was a young Englishman of twenty
m three or twenty-four years, who came to
.- New York, where he had acquaintances,
to with barely sufficient to keep him a couple
an of weeks. He had been tenderly reared
re perhaps I should say too tenderly-and
is was not used to earning his own living,
at and found it extremely difficult to get any
or position that he was capable of filling.
its After many vain efforts in this direction
p. he found himself, on Sunday evening, in
an Brooklyn. near your church, with about
st, three dollars left of his small capital.
ad Providence seemed to lead him to your
of door, and he determined to go in and hear
as you.
od "He told me his going to hear yon that
a night was undoubtedly the turning point
n- in his life, for when he went into your
up church he felt desperate, but while listen
s- ing to your discourse his better nature
got the mastery. I truly believe, from
e: what this young man told me, that your
," sounding the depths of his heart that
to night alone brought him back to his God
wir whom he was so near leaving."
ed The echo. that is, of multitudes in the
a house. I am not preaching an abstrac
ll tion. but a great reality. Oh! friendless
ny young man, oh! prodigal young man, oh:
to broken-hearted young man, discouraged
its young man, wounded young man. I com
cillmend you to Christ this day, the best
wn friend man ever had. He meets you this
on morning. You have come here for this
nd blessing. Despise not that emotion rising
ir- in your soul; it is divinely lifted. Look
es into the face of Christ. Lift one prayer
oc to your father's God, to your mother's
God, and get the pardoning blessing.
ok Now, while I speak, yoz are at the forks
to of the road, and that is the wrong road,
ra and I see you start on the right road.
rid One Sabbath morning, at the close of
ce my service, I saw a gold watch of the
lii world renowned and deeply lamented
in violinist Ole Bull. You remember- he
to died in his island home off the coast of
N0orway. That gold watch he had wound
h. up day after day through his illness, and
fa. then he said to his companion: "Now, I
in want to wind this watch as long as I can,
the and then when I am gone I want you to
or keep it wound up until it gets to my friead,
ils Dr. Doremus, in New York, and then he
ich will keep it wound up until his life sla
life dlone, and then I want the watch to go to
an, his young son, my especial favorite."
)p. The great musician, who more than any
all other artist had made the violin speak and
ox, sing and weep and laugh and triumph
for it seemed when he drew the bow
to across the strings as if all the earth and
theI Heaven trembled in delighted sympathy
on. -the great musician, tn a room looking
t of of upon the sea, and surrounded by his
of favorite instruments of music, eloed his
ait eyes in death. While all the world was
a- mourning at his departure, sixteen
crowdedl steamers fell into line of fumeral
rO rocession to carry his body to the main
re land. There were fiftty thousand of his
countrymen gathered in an amphitheater
ron of the bills waiting to hear the eulogium
the and it was said when the great orator o
ig- the day with stentorian voice began to
a speak, the ifty thousand people on the
lillsides burst into tears.
hat Oh! that was the close of a life that
lis- had done so much to make the world hap
sh. py. But I have to tell von, young man, if
of you live right aud die right, that was a
em tame scene compared with that which
une will greet you when from the galleries of
Heaven the one hundred and forty and
il four thousand shall accord with Christ
em in crying: "'Well done, thou good and
are faithful servant"
ord And the influences that on earth you
in- p:t in motion will go down from genera
or tiou to generation, the influences yon
wound up handed to your children, and
;thir intfluences wound up and handed to
hat their children until watch and clck are
mue n, mote needed to m.rk the progress,
hat because time itself shal be no longer.
How "Tippecanoe" Harrison Was A
r Saved. vh
m The battle of Tipeanoo was f,::,ht No- 'ii
Vember 5th. lI 11. in I lndiant, oii thi l)..i..: n0
a of Tippeantn Ilv'e r, on the sitt, of the" I.-- p ,
t ent vliagee of Il:tlie (;rnuln., b,1twen toi, fi..
i Amirrians iii Ir General liarrrsni. a..i rap
e the Indians under tv.e Plrophet, ''uui;sca' s idrl
d brother.
After the famous battle until the end of s
g his days (Ceerd l.lrri.,,,'. graniifa'I hr of
1. Pre+lent l.en.j.mnn liH trr,.",n, we-., t::,,,s a
e by the lv.int sbr:'t:,t t ' . "T ' ." t " ' a
1t F lliiuV.rt his hr !a!it a h 've ,n, t: in :
armn.s, now mi:re than three :,;i.a"te."i of a
century u,,), GIer.,'al Ilarris i it. :, r
with mii;i'y of h'; trps, wai ..'r eken c;
-wi:h die.eise' r,:trae',',d thrgi  LicK of dA
1f pre>,p r fo ,lt, nt e "> ~' : re t 1 t h." i.::a.lma , f .
that 1se'clin f dl,.la, anld f r a t:ut' i..+,
iht. wn". despt. r,. I ,.f v,'-.1 of II ; " . I
man l iavI fi r w.o v ;iii lf r.:n t .rr I' ' cr,
disease upon ti, i,::e.i of " as '..,"'* 1. L;.'
1! r .ver, w''ih r :,  n n a 1:I,: ti 'I :.
nd ame in the n rthrn :part (of ti: r' Sie.
flowts south-wI st 1 t;,:es aid u:p 1'" itto
in ,he Vahtlash o ,:e .9 ll,'s aov,2u Llafayet a'
(General N 'rris,:,' tr1,,,,V t:':e tireateni,
Swillth d.imatia, ail t :. ski.1i of the tii n u
ii surteoits was tnimpv.yed in vain to ::it:el a 1 Ih
t monre te.rrib.h a:iudl*a. Iv n.m" ,h ,I i v ,"u ,
the host i e alirciiles utl i'r e'.Fcuilacl'S
bi brother.
Fy It relif ( ':Ine at las:t. :
' Genei'ral Hlarrison t ,,v rfenib t" t :', lal d. l fou
rit d that remsidents of th, tine:Ihilrtii --ai' ,
r- the lindati tliii.,tea',vei - line nl t iire ; e,
d sipecilic for the dt aseiiit wh tiiii luad prnostr -;t- -it
id el e hn and many of hi.t 4ii.oliuI. curl in- Pr
in stantly set on fot itlp,lulet,-s SithY a t Ii to
me as'ert;alinig and applyinu. the re:uedi"s. k
Ig They were sp d.iv found alnd pit to t, st. i
re and workd 1,.., a charm. I uhter their use
he the strlken s lti',rs were pronptiy ret- 1
ali stored to their wonted good hea:til and WI
r- vitor. P1
ed The medicines were preparations of riil
se pie ratwts and lh'itis. ba;tse' upl)n very oil
v fashiwned but eff'ct rve an! natural forinu
is lae. Their ilintrlll" merits have ill-n
es known and utilized for generations amonll,
as Ipople living in rtnemote avd malarial see- a
ye tions of the country. C.
ut Many of these invaluable formulae have
ad within the last two years come into posses
sion of lion. H. HI. Warner, president of
the Rochester ChambierofCoinmerce, owner
a f the largest proprietary medicino nmanut
,e factory in the wo! Id, and whose Safe Item
-dites have conferred a lasting boon upon
ito ruukind, being recognized as standard
.medicines throuilhout the civilized globe.
In 157 Mr. Warner, after careful exporti
l menting and trial put upon the Im.lrket
Warner's Log Cabin remedies, bascel upon
a the formulae which has cured thou..alnds
p f debilitated sufferers, not t uly on the
t anks of the 'Tipp.erauoe," as ab,,ve re:ated.
he jut everywhe're where introduct ,l.
tl These lng Cabin lireparat ions are designed
for an entirely diff.reint orderof dl-e:Tses to
'ill hich the Safe lite:nelils are urihIiled,
imong them are Warller:l I i C'.iii.i ;.sr
of saparilla, Warner's L" C:bin C('oulh antid
012 Ionsumption Ite:nedly, and VWariner s Logl
"o Cabin Hops and Blluchn Itinedy. Suffering
!slpees before them as a pie'.ilente flees before
or the purifying breath of heaven, and they
o' are sold everywhere.
he IT has been forcibly said that "the pleas
all ntest things In the world are 1l :rant
el, thoughts," and that "the ceat art in life is
mt to have as many of the'm a.tI poI,.-ile'.' It Is
1e1 possible to have a great many of them. l'he
sty way to have thern I so to live, alike in re
gh spect to God and man, that ..ih thoughts
will be the natural result. They grow in
Ia the soil of purity and fill the air with their
fo. fragrance.-N. Y. Indepeudint.
as. . it. 1.--A Triue Tonlc.-B. B. B.
ong When you don't feel weili and hardly
s." know what ails you, give II. It. i. llutanic
Bie lood Balm) atrial. It is a iie tmtle.
T. O. Callahanl, CI:ariotte, N. C.. writes:
.d "B. B. B. is a lino tonic, anid has done me
ng . Thompsn Damascus. Ga., writes:
at "I believe B. . is t tie best blNol pilrlfler
made. It has gre.tly improved my general
An old gentlemen writes: '"B. B. t. gives
of me new life and new strength. If ther.e is
rid anything that will make an old iman young,
Ds it is B. B. B."
ent P. A. Shepherd, Norfolk, Va., Auvust
rt- 10th, 1SS8, writes: ' I depend on II. It. B.
ak. for the preservation of my health. I ha:ve
had it in my family now nearly two years,
ty. and in all that time have not had to have a
to doctor."
:es, Thos. Paulk. Alapaha, Ga.. writes: "I
pe suffered terribly fronm dysplsia.l. The use
d- of B. B. B. has made me feel iike a new
d an. I would not take a thousand dollars "
for the good it has done me."
ng, W. M. Cheshire. Atlanta, Ga., writes: "I
say had a long spell of typhoid fever, which at
ag. last seemed to settle in my right leg, wililic
ion swelled up enormously. An ut'er also up
in eared which discharged a cup full of fnat
out er day. I the gave B. It. B. a trial and
tal. cured me."
our Tas Buffalo and Niagara Falls Drainage
car Company has been intorportated with s5.
100,000 capital. The oltjiect is to construct a
hitch by way of Tonawanlda to the bottom
hat ,fthe fiagara gorge. which will be used as
int a ta race for water motors.
S Reforms Need More Than a Day
re o bnrmg them about, and are always more
, omplet anti lastUng when they prteed witllh
steady regularity to consummati-n. Few
o f the observant among us can have farlcd
ihat to notice that perm~anenltly healtihful
od changes in the human systeum are not
wrought by abrupt and vio!ent meanLs, arid
the that those are the most salutary medi
e cines which aro progressive. loltstettel
ls Stomach Bitters is the chif of these.
h Dyspepsia, a disease of obstinate chrabi
o ser, obliherated by it.
am- Tea last month of the old and the first
best two months of the new year i:l.ille tip the
this iimited period when intelligent folk are stii
posed to let lobsters a:onie. At all other
this imes theyr are "seasonab:o."'
ing -
look aorrst3nt3 Jo Icon ,nll sunassl pn 'rletld
oer auoo.sr 'uo;oltnrm.aI .ia,tto a seoanpul pooes
or's eq; nluaos eiojoq uottrauda-id n.lo:touj,
ain. Nw Zratl.ADn iffirs a bonnty of five
trks oents each for thbe destructlan of English
ad, sparrows.
the -
3ted wNW YlttK. April 9, 10,
- he lATTLE-Ntative Steers...... 3 ;75 i 4 40
Ttof COTT)N-- Mddhlli............ . '- 4 l"i
FLOUl--Wnmter Whelt....... 3 45 ~~. 5 7:
and WH.EAT N.. S Red........... 5T7 5 Mt
and WHN -No. 2.................. 43'' 4JI
OATS--Wrstern Mxed........ it di .31
PORK--le (tnew)t........... 13 0 t 13 ;5
can, ST. LOUI.
ta to CO.TON-MlLddllng...... ... li
sad, BEEVES-ooo( d to C'hict.... 3 t ti 4 °*
a he Fair to Mcti:lin i ....... 3 2'; ,. .' 7I
EHOGR-ommon to Select .... 4 43 i 4 4)
te ola lS P--.lr to ('hotc....... 3 (''Lho 5.
to l'lOUI--P.'nts........... 4 . .'i F, 5 i5
XXX to Cloie, ..... 3 to i- SI
WHEAT--No. 2 Retl Winter.. 9''i " 9:
a ('OIN-No. 2 Mizxed........... :ii ,i :'
and OATS-.'ss ................. . Vi'4 "D
ph- RYE-No.: .................. 4 i 9 4ti
bo TOiACoLO-lngs Missuri,.. I i' s8 2 t)
Leaf. ttusl,'y...... 5 ( i
and fAY-('honle Timnotthy ...... 9 ;i 12 01
athy Hil'TER--('hoice )Dairy...... " '
king GS-Freshb............... i
P)lIK--litndarni.i Mess nep n . .. o 13 oi
A his lAoN-c-ler R:h.............
ihis LARD--PrmeSteam ............. "
as WOOIL-Chlice Tub........ ..... h ,
eral CATTLE-Shtippn........... 3 "1 4 0
iHO S--G.id to Choice ... . 4 'i _ 4 l.5
8SHFEP--;ocd to Cho:,e . 3;5 5 )
his FLOUCRl-WInter ............ 4 I20 ,3 1,
Bter Patents ............ . 5 ) 6 "
iam WBEAT-No. a Spring.... 91 3 'i
ro CORN-No 2 ................... '
In to OAT'f-No. i thite ................
the PO1K--New Ms............. * 1 t
that CATTLE'-Shppling Strt r.... . 7 4
hi t;-s-ales at......... .. 4 '4 5 4.;
?" WIll:AT--No. 2 ....... ":iJ r';
, if OATSI--o. ................. ? '
'r a CORN--No. -e.... ... . · L 6
so FLOI'R-Hligh Grade . . I :
and coN-White ... ......... ';
brist OATS-Cho.ce Wecstern... O :
and HAY-Cho.e....... .... .'. : "o I; :'
PORK--New Meiss..... . 1
BAcON-Clear Rib ..: * l
o l .l-I.Q--Maddl:n; . . .
era- IO it'ViLti:
iit WIEAT-No. 21, I:. t.......... .
SCORd-- .No. lM:..t .
sl to OA'IS--::o. t Mllrl.........
Sare PORK--e.. ... ....... ,
reu. LAO.--Clear ll.b ..........; * ;
N)TTO'N_ Mati'dlng .......... . *
A r.rrAT many eople feel themselves TI
gradu av.y faiing. Luey don't kuw just gl
'h ..t i t.he matter, but they suffer from a
cimon lu.ii.." of idscribab.e aches anld tae
pIL:':, wtc.l . h each onth i seell to grow a
S.rse. °I te only sure remedy known that weaL
S.t! .unteraIit this feeltin and restore per- I'na
feet calll is 1rown's Iron Bitters. v hBaps
rap: l a-in.aiurin it purifies the bllhod. parnt
drit CS Wit d ,t . gives healthand strength hen.!
t, (every ,,-rtton reached by the circulatry Per'.I
sstel. rllene wasted tissues and re- "
stores robust health and strength. trnt
--- -- - ni
PTEt It in North Carolina are mutch ,
!abiru,:',i at the exodus of negrocs. Many ara
:gr'.-iiht "rail seCtolns will not be able to s rt- r
i are hands to cultivate the lauds this year. Lou
lu\I.t.rNtiEl .ElER' Ant:dote for Malaria
id,i r. t t. I th s"t',, of i.tscase, wheli
i "iin'e anid oit lir remedies do not pretend Par,
'., dI,, It .ff,,c!uaily neutralizes the poison r
in tie s:t' and tItus prevents the chill. a ,
I' (utulns no arsenic or otisonoiis In- eral
cr'tl'nt of anyt lihaid, a'ld may safely be any
q.tve t. an infant. N,.d by I)rugi;sts ti. I
rt ·r
A s+., Catil augt on the Pacifle coast had t,
an iron Sakce seven itches  long, ,th a Ia
half-inch uad, in its stomn;ch.
SVt. Ibe foundI an eelen]t iremedy for
.:.i h"alxice. t' .riter's L.ttle Liveir l'ils.
"I itn-ttl: ,, I,,tters fromtn peple who have
usid tlh.i prove this fact. Try them. C. 1
VrTAn is so anxious for Statcbono that the ,
.iorni,ts dc.lare that they will abolish
,,.ygauy to bribng about the dcsired result..
St rrnrrn:s from,, Coughs, Hore Throat,
ete . sitltn lJI try fIr,.rn'Il U,litihtl T".hre," a
-miape I ut sure remledy. Sold unto in buxa.
I'rcec 2. c;itts.
I Tar dark oranges grown in Florida are
kr.own tire as the "African russet" They
are growing int popular favor.
FInrTirT Feebleo lungs Against Wirter
with lIhtes Holney of Ilorehound and Tar.
ive's Toothacho )rutps Cure in one minute.
A FsLvIIr,N is anxious to arrange for a
fight between.t a dlevl- lish andit a shark in a
isk where :.,UUU people can se the th combat.
PAIN int i (e tade I lc:ar alwayicomes Iron.
a nisordleret d liv'r a:nd is piromti ly relieved by
Carter's Little Liver Plia.. I)on t forget this. u
Six different patents were secured on
chewing-gum last year.
Paine's D
Purifies the Blood,
Strengthens the Nerves,
Stimulates the Liver,
Regulates the Kidneys
and Bowels, Pt
Gives Life and Vigor
to every organ.
There's nothing like it.
" Last srlaeg, benlag very much ruan down and
dcbllltated. I procured some of Paine's ('elery
S'ujlpound. The use of two isttles mtde me
: feel l:ke a new man. Asa general tonic and
e spring medicine, I do not know Its equal."
Brlgdiler General V. . G., Burgton, Vt.
w isft Now!.
5 " naing used your Palae's Celery Compound
i this spring, I can safely recommend It as the
Tmrm-J l)oertul and at the same time most
.title regulator. It lt a splendid nerve tonic,
.ud sLice taktig it I have telt like a new man.
rt. E. KxOna, Watertownm, DakOta.
e $1.00. SLx for $5.00. At Drugst.
SWeLr, RwntirmosoN Co. Propa Burllngton. Vt
DIAONID DYES 1~ " , RiAtm,.w a.
Dr. Morse's lll Root Plls.
They are the Remedy that
" the bounteous hand of nature
has provided for all diseases
arising from IPUKE 1L000D.
ACM " 4 I0DI
SFor Sale by All Dealers.
f or mE COD WB OIL
Almost as Palatable a Milk.
The enly prreparatie of C0D TRJ OIL Ith
can be taken readily sad el rate a ag m
b! ~elelitsatomers.
Cures all Disames Pbey iar to WhsIgIt
SDiamond Vera-Cura
SowiihZ Troubles Arising Therefrom.
iY ur .t,-r' . r ,.,:l w e--at feeler uS Ver.C .r
STHilE CNALES A. VOtELER CO.. nhtlmore, Nd.
es_-i T ,a·aLu l-preh s tabl eeaIn.
. L' I['a--od·aa.erEla
This is the Season' Vn
vh : aIwi rt ;r " I_ a - -- I
fit:. r. i
~ar.IJr. it ".." t tr.:
ertacn-ie nrf. -1 ,I ,
nr r i.'uln r. -ti , t , 1-1.
'.hi' r ,*. t 1,. "t ..'_ " r:t. 1 I.: t
F ,rail It..,':.'. n,.' 11 , rl 'It;::
rL~u'. t.' M . V. ., '.It
T ', i- i 11
Parai r:4. :t ::"a .
tI*' . I .
ii i:
Ill. ,'f I v :tl, .
In 11T - t "!.)~~· ~· ~··
Hood's Sc Qrd
Cn. iI '1..- , 11 ... *. f. r'-* y
C. 1. 11 ' -11iil & t '.. .1 : :u '. .' I. :. 1 ý
100 Doses One Dollar i1L
'lai~i i..?-V
ti, , erý o
%'**. c: '
trt. l.A':
Tol' P PhA
Regulate The Bowels. GRE
ot the nise ;r:'.: CHE
tenr and h CIsc~t ,Ii'.viiscs. wasi !¢ t'r S.OL
Sc Hedct IDyspepsia, Fevers, Kidney Diseases, Y;,
Bilious Colic, M~alaria, etc. i
Tsvttmw I'ItIxs p~roduce a4tMsaa;ur hitIsIt of ",-r
bodly and goodt digc'Io4 , 151. a.1 tsh.st -
shteh, no one can a vsjss ou Iseos lae. tl.
S o l d E v e r y w~ h er e. r 1 = 1 : : a . e
F- ;
rks~d and " d' n 11h f
bi '.: 1-r' t:~rt ati, Gsc. Pl n
Jmrv. I CA SE, T tl!e ,. i. t %~% r!I rt. ll
I InA SEX To, F0 - l
-;fl-"CT,- (S r
Portafrh' Phti atl isr I A iwt s" l't 5,)c fiil''i. RI
m oo M'i'-hl ,'ry. '. 's':
kO-O-ULU~ h CEWioNQl GUM j
fill -
~~ /
Most wom'en nitr',ti .' l r' f' -v .'i1 t. m .I ri'fln iiyf the(ir proper
spbere in lift-, ,,,t t}: :, ;1~ 1 that a fair, risy
fae-rgt 'a m, -n a" thl^ b'st pass
ports to at htal' t.i1: .`. ,ý ' -., t" r" w(,- . qn~ , an
functional, irttii 4 :`d t. .. i r t' I' , 1ai'tº am1 attract
iveness and imak'- l :. I.. . ~~.. I:'{ '!:'t t~i'r~ rual
onsv m] frrlc ,tf \., Ca r ik nr a pt iie giiairnteo
fromn thec . f i . t . . .i. .:r .7: :I iin . ry case, or
m~tsoney w~ _ !:·;.;:.· prin teTr !1···· on 'x l·ar,
bottle-wra I' rr . a: i' . i::' i: 'a-::' ., : rc!1:u:1 ,ar±. $1.00 per
Bottle, or fr J.:1'',
CClr~:ig l. ;. 3·1·:· = ' .- : ! v7:: Mr." r 7':T . =r," t.:- 'z Prnpri(t'.t .
-~""ZT"Y '".r_·~ ·~IC- A.X
leý'ýý'w9 T Ti'ý iV PLLS.
Qý ©ý`ý r :I. ,.. rllcYii:*ct. 1.L. irt
to !:yn 0:r tlr aY. ..r-, l F .1 i:·'-. 'r S:c~b sit arl ach*·
ý7Lflilcsn Imo. ýý:r . . "".s'.... ., - ... - .... [ý".' " :s!'i: .lttaoCLI ..64 f*U
An Honest Statement.
1" V ,,,.;". tty ant :l wi 1. r ii- id i f u. "
r ii YI*" t tiit Enn ui
' 'r .
Iu 1.1 h 1 1 ,.
'" . t ;I·t " ;I : t{;1t I nl~
'I.~ ~.(1 1:( (· I. lwc~tr. 3o
1 . t 25 o I" .' * *- i.
;r .., 1!t "" , it..._ \,.r I..;L .rr f 11.
r1t . r j*' ,irp. '. '
114 I tith. l1 I 4.
m· . ·· ,, I I-\ ·W
J. t.M~ ;A~I-I CE)..Ill wirenee.Mao
-' 1 . ' 3ir oct to Consu1.16T,
t;~ ~ ~~~ T 1·.l la ~~~
rimP Ciq 4
t~ Slm~COLUMBUS, o.,
dlw_ :1 3. 1. It W ·I· r·~ ·~~
- , Simonds Saw
;" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ,1 *t" lin h p Ir
au1tT14Y l a'"r 1...=.E ,ý "n".
G EGORY'S I f' .I, f'r t, aL'rl"1 1
011.ECKER~S tiii.I I. lt t.t hartuý .....
aa't tail e,('IaI~` Yi a lirW I C tIU
SOLITAIRE . " I'7L:11·1 . x t111m) ~"R
1"1 I II t, I'UI ITS l are~," a I IIt_
.,rltaa.WIli alit. g..,tbE~n ~
i III - .· i:·: 1 P 1S '1t.1I ut ,It~ t1 t
S3. r' ' ,t itH F K.1 v I e I.. ala
11 It ·.·i la i. p. \I.A ""M '
. \111\. 111.1 lia Yt 'l l. '"l "" '1 LZI.I,
R· Aad Carts! on~~ltll
ar 1 ON WEELS.
,, Ten per cert. cheaper Do
: than anybody. BU IU i
Y I fr";l;; r,'1"1r f ." rP rll 11'K ,lr pprllc· mn n m tat·
r" " w,1. t' .*f Ta1.. 11'"Iia o'r1 i[L I.40.a
1 Nu, tia?. ,,.:.;,r. '. h hIVILIE. Tgr k.
l FI e
:-Ctn~"rOJ OIIN. ATl.AS E!.;L3 sad
c. Ptanttt~oan =17.. I ad Utcnmbtat w'Or'
4t / \\1: " 111. 1"..'t.1: (t " YEIIII " ·Týý'M
I':"ý w rtews41p for tCatrrrb Y theb
I M -i"1 I: 1 :ricti'tr i or sent r n ll.
(tl r .... t".,,"". b'urrcu . 1'
r .F
1'. I.'.,r -A "tnl·Lly. 1: pa1(@
9 I I m p t I-1! ~ ·~~ 11 f·.·rl-lon 4.2U
"1 t~. ":'\ roo t,ta.., , l ,:...a.r..l lui iw r nL
TO SO?9mp~ A DAY. esvonIb F.ty
j" ! FRET. Lnnr lot under huara.' feet. it rite
Ira f iýýT ' E" r AE St M UN IIIII.DE5lO. UdI. Web.
"..1( , "tý: '!. 11:'ý L'·irYw4n1u rw "r .w.
L'i.a I II . 0 SIL tudnW· Orly. ar a n · *
C1.r till to ittiag p03tau1.. B d for Circular.
£rhi an m mtEITia.t l'luCneeal.nr. '.lt .,u tIa
1. C I.,:ý:1i1 16: e-t . Im Or lUu& Bunk
41ý o W1toAENTS sA~mprr FRP
-I0 A. N(O'T Ir~ F.c~l
slatI.I that )has sjw the Adrrrtl.u~en In Ihb

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