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ilson and Marshall Sweep the
Country in Tuesday's Election
oosevelt Defeats Taft in Large Majority. of
States and Wins More Electoral Votes
S, Than the President--New York Goes
Heavily for Wilson, Illinois
for Roosevelt.
Gets Practically a Solid
East and South, and His
l ality in Electoral College
ay Equar All Previous Re
rds--Safe Lead in Indiana
sd Oo Appears Democratic.
I MeCermlek for Roosevelt
Miohigan, Wisseasle, Iowa
illes0, and Calfornia Lokrh
Way mon ariy Retvrns-. Iell
*C ati Draw. Heavy
,ewmrr Ut. .ews serawe.
Nov. 5.-Wilson and Mar
. ev swept the country. The
Somlnees for president
presMnent are assured of a
sla n the electoral college
m_ is a possiblity that when
the plete returns are In from all
stat" this plurality may be record
In Its magnitude.
The result of the great national
eantest was determined within a very
few hers after the polls had closed.
With tha certainty early In the even
kag of a big Wilson victory in New
TeYk, the Democratic managers with
ta one hour after he polls closed
med a sweeplng victory. The
er returns from other Eastern
tes and the Middle West confirmed
early Indlcantlos.
The Democratic managers claim to
ve carried practiealy every state in
Uniona, be concede- several as
al. Theodore Rooeesevelt, the 4Pro
ve nomnlae, has polled a bti
throughout the country and he
fan ahead of Pfsident Taft in
every state, except a few ear
by the Republican hominee.
has earried Vermont and New
and it is thought the
returns will give him one or
ethers, probably Utah and Wyo
ueasevelt has carried Illinois, ap
, having a plurality estimated
3,000. In Chicago alone. Taft ran
in Chieago Roosevelt was also
on the early returns from
outside the city of Detroit,
result there was uncertain.
Indications are that Massachu
has given Wilson a big plural
hId that Maine has gone for the
tic nominee by a big margin.
the night Senator Dixon.
of the Progressive campaign,
practieally the entire East
Wilson and stated that Roosevelt
have to look to the West for
a electoral votes. The returns indi
that Missouri has been carried
Wilson and that Majors, the Dem
tle nominee for governor, has
elected. Minnesota is claimed
the Democratle managers by 25,
Imesevelt has polled a big vote In
, Ohio and other Middle West
atates, and Wilson has carried
of these by big majorities. The
tic nominee carried Hamil
Run Close in Illinois
Nov. 6.-Roosevelt and
are running close on the re
from Illinois, outside of Cook
SIn 669 precincts out of 2,788,
has 62,114, Roosevelt 61,856,
WlsAhlad In Wisconsin.
WIs., Nov. 6.-Returns
belmets oat of 2,215 in
h tei. e` Milwauke,
S.4Tart 1,628, toe
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 6.-Preil
dent Taft at 11 o'clock tonight
Iesued a statement conceding the
election of Wilson.
President Taft said: "The elec
tion of Governor Wilson means an
early change in the economic pol
icy of the government in refer.
ence to the tarifR. if the change
can be made without halting proe.
perty, I sincerely hope it may
New York, Nov. 1S-Shortly be.
t fore midnight Col. Roosevelt sent
the following telegram to Gover.
a nor Wilson: "The American pe.
1 pie by a great plurality have con
ferred upon you the highest honer
in their gift. I congratulate you
ton county, Ohio, in which Cincinnati,
President Taft's home, is located by
17,000 plurality.
Early in the night non-partisan
newspapers gave Wilson 267 electoral
votes in states where the result was
determined, Roosevelt 29 and Taft 8.
I This gives Wilson one more than the
neceJ.ary number of electoral votes,
and the Democratic managers claim
that Wilson's vote will be far In ex
cess of 300.
The Roosevelt managers claim to
have carried Illinois, Michigan, Iowa
and Wisconsin, as well as a number
of other Western states.
Congressman Sulzer, the Democrat
ic sominee for governor, has been
electd by a big plurality over his
two opponents in New York, and Gov.
ernor F'ss of Massachusetts has been
The indications are that Wilson has
carried Connecticut and Delaware, as
well as his own state, New Jersey.
The Democratic leaders claim to have
elected a big majority of the lower
house of congrees and to have elected
legislatures in a sufficient number of
states to give them control of the
next senate.
Colonel Third in MissourI.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 6.- Returns
from 527 precincts out of 3,826 in Mis
souri, outside the city of St. Louis,
give Wilson 5i,185, Taft 24,498, Roose
velt 11,345. For governor they give
Major, Democrat, 40,514: McKinley,
Republican, 21,209; Norton, Progress
ive. 11,348.
Roosevelt Sweeps Chicago.
Chicago. Nov. 6.-Incomplete re
turns early this morning indicated
Roosevelt had carried Zhlcago by 20,
000 plurality, and that Dunne, Demo
cra:ic nominee for governor, hab car
ried the city Over Governor Deaneen
by 70.000 plurality. I
Gets Kentucky By 35,000.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 5.-Wilson will
have about 35,000 plurality in Ken
tucky, according to the returns now I
in, surpassing the plurality securedt
by Governor McCreary in 1911. The
indications are that the Democrats
have carried nine congressioal dis
Wileon Ahead in North Dakeota.
lsruo, N. AD. Nov. $.'taeturs tfrom
149 stattirb mweolets a v Thft2 ,
W4. Wasam 4,417, Rebseeut UsM a
;. ;ý:ý" . , fx::ý. ' ,::,,:.:
' -ý i ,:' : : : .}:
ý " 4Cli i
Wilson Has Big Lead in Missouri.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 6.--Returns
from 707 precincts out of 2,826 in Mis
souri, outside of St. Louis, give Wil
son 83,554, Taft 42,004, Roosevelt 24,
302. The indications are that Wilson
has carried M1 issouri by a good plu
rality, with Roosevelt running third.
Major, the Democratic nominee .or
governor, has a slightly less plurality
over McKinley, Republican, on the
partial, yetums, outside of St. Louis.
Claims California for Wilson.
San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 6.-Chair
man Davis of the Democratic State
Committee wired the Democratic Na
tional Committee that Wilson has car
rled California by a majority of 20,
000 over Roosevelt.
Wilson Men Claim North Dakota.
Fargo, N. D., Nov. 6.-Democratic
state headquarters places Wilson's
plurality in North Dakota at 10,000.
Returns from 189 scattered precincts
give Wilson 4,361, Taft 3.161, Roose
velt 3,343. The partial returns give
Hanna, Republican nominee for gov
ernor, a lead over the Democratic and
Progressive candidates.
Roosevelt Leads in Iowa.
Des Moines, Isa., Nov. 6.-Eearly re
turns show that Taft polled about one
third of his 1908 vote in Iowa, Wilson
lost some of the Democratic vote and
Roosevelt gained from each. Roose
velt had a good lead on the early re
Roosevelt Looks Like Winner.
Detroit, Miheb., Nov. 6.-Returns
from Michigan indicate that Roose
velt has carried Michigan. In 169
precincts, outside of Wayne county,
in which Detroit is located, Roosevelt
has 30,444, Wilson 20,625, Taft 16,
Wilson Gains in Texas.
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 5.-The Dallas
News says that early returns indi
cate a plurality of 170,000 for Wilson
in Texas, with the combined vote for
Taft and Roosevelt falling below that
of Taft in 1908. Deb's vote is esti
mated at about 10,000, a gain of 50
per cent over that of 1908. The Demo
crats have elected congressmen in all
Taft Third in Fort Smith.
Fort Smith, Nov. 5.-Complete re
turns from the city of Fort Smith
give Wilson 1,009, Roosevelt 175, Taft
84, Debs 12, Chafln 2.
doosevelt Carries South Dakota.
Yankton, S. D., Nov. 6.-Scattered
returns from all over South Dako'"
indicate that Roosevelt has carried
the state by not less than 5,000 plu
rallty. The vote for governor is very
Fayetteville, Nov. 6.-Washington
county gives Wilson a plurality of 1.
150. The vote was light because of
a steady rain during the day.
Close in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 5.-Returns
from 945 election districts out of 6.,59
in Pennsylvania give Taft 55,593,
Wilson 51,029, Roosevelt 51,374.
Gets Florida By 27,000.
Jacksoanville, Fla.. Nov. 6.-Returns
from over the state indicate the elec
tion of the Democratic electoral vote
by the usual majority. The estlmated
vote ln the stat is as follows: Wil
s-a $6,00, Taft 8,i, Ressevdit 7,
Wilson Wins in New York.
New York, Nov. 5.-Incomplete re
turns show that Wilson has carried
the state of New York by a plurality
of more than 100,000. The indications
are that Wilson's plurality in Greater
New York will be more than 100,000,
and the large vote polled by Roose
velt in the state outside of New York
has given Wilson a lead outside the
city. The Brooklyn Eagle chlims that
Greater New York ..il gi's" Wilson a
S Uybt 'more t$ ai3 1l tWse }r
ing all records for pluralities in the!
Concedes New York to Wilson.
New York, Nov. 5.-Chairman Wil-I
liam Barnes Jr. of the Republican
State Committee before 7 o'clock con
ceded that Wilson had carried New
York state by a plurality of between
100,000 and 150,000. At the same
time, William F. McCombs, chairman
of the Democratic National Commit
tee, declared that the entire state
will give Wilson a larger vote than
that of Taft and Roosevelt combined.
The Evening Mail, a Roosevelt or
gan, early conceded the state to Wi!
son and claimed second place for
Tells Wilson He's Elected.
New York, Nov. 5.-Chairman Mc
Combs of the Democratic National
Committee at 7 o'clock sent word to
Governor Wilson that his election
was indicated by an overwhelming
vote and that only in two states would
the vote be close.
Sulaer Wins In New York.
New York, Nov. 5.-The returns
show the election of Sulzer, Demo
crat, as governor of New York over
Hedges, the Republican nominee, and
Strauss, the Progressive candidate.
Sulzer is leading his opponents in the
state outside New York and will be
given a big plurality in Greater New
New York, Nov. 5.-Gen. George M.
Palmer, chairman of the Democratic
State Central Committee, stated that
the state of New York has given Wil
son 250,000 plurality.
Concedes East to Wilson.
New York, Nov. 5.-Senator Dixon.
chairman of the Progressive National
Committee, early in the night con
ceded all the Eastern states to Wil.
Claim California for Teddy.
Ios Angeles, Cal., Nov. 5.-Partial
returns from 210 precincts out of 455
in l.os Angeles county give Roosevelt
10. 2". Wilson 7.2(. Debs 2,455, Taft
29o. Progre-ssive lcad"rs claim a plu
rality of 21,(('O for Roosevelt in the
county, basedl cn these figurep.
Roosevelt Has Og Lead.
Ch!ca-o. Nov. ..--Returns from R19
cut cf 1..cr4 prrccnrts in Chicago gi,.e
lEcosevelt S,.9!'-. Wilson 24,486, Taft
42,,'28, Debs 31,045.
Claim 300000 Plurality.
New York, Nov. .,.-The Hera!d
claims that Wilson and Sulzer wll!
carry New York by ::n 090 plurality.
Roosevelt Leads in Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 6.-Soon after the
rolls closed here it was evident that
the race between Roosevelt and Wil
ron in Chicago would be exceedingly
close, and later returns confirmed
this. Roosevelt led Wilsle by a mar
iow margin, with Taft rumning thir
la tha dity.
Presidential Candidate Casts Ballot
for All Democratic Nomills.
Western Newspaper Union News Servce.
Princeton, N. J., Nov. 6.-Wood
row Wilson voted the straight Demo
cratic ticket when he appeared to
cast his ballot in the engine house
where the polls in his precmnct were
1loc . The governor teok time,
S ` to g earetaIty uvek ' the
ballot and was in the voting booth
four minutes. Governor WIlson
walked from his home to the polling
place and back again and was stop
ped at almost every step by friends
who wished to shake hands with him.
At the polling place a large crowd
had gathered to see the presidential
nominee cast his ballot and a num
ber of photographers "Fnapped" him
as ho , .tered the building.
Colonel Votes, Then Rects.
Oyster Bay, N.. Y., Nov. 5.-Accom
panied by seven of his neighbors,
Theodore Rocsevelt arrived at the
polling place to cast his ballot short
ly after noon and after he had voted
he waited before returning home until
the men who had accompanied him
had voted. Two detectives accompa
nied the colonel and remained at his
side during the entire trip. Colonel
Roosevelt remained in the booth five
minutes and then sat in his automo
bile in front of the polling place un
til those who had accompanied him
voted. Colonel Roosevelt spent the
remainder of the day quietly at his
home, taking a wall with Mrs. Roose
velt during the afternoon.
Taft Third in Helena.
Helena, Nov. 5.-Helena has given
Wilson a big plurality, but Roosevelt
polled an unexpectedly heavy vote
running ahead of Taft. The incom
plete city returns give Wilson 470,
Roosevelt 134, Taft 60.
Searcy County for Wilson.
Marshall, Nov. 5.-Partial returns
show that Searcy county, a Republi
can county, gave Wilson a plurality.
Wilson and Taft Close.
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 5.-The re-i
turns from 56 towns and cities out of
168 in Connecticut give Wilson 4%,
187, Taft 47,376, Roosevelt 21,825.
Re-elected to Congress.
Jefferson City, Mo., Nov. 5.-Con.
gressman Shackelford, Democrat. has
been re-elected in this district by "a
plurality of 2,".•.
Roosevelt' Leads in Michigan.
)cetroit, Nov. 5.-Returns from !10
precincts in Mlichigan. outtside of P.'
troit, give Taft lo.,62, Wilson II,3t?,
1Roosevelt 2o,114.
Detroit. Mich., ':ov. 5.-Ei'ht towns
in .lich'"an give Taft 1,4:3, Roo.ie
velt 1,4_8, Wilsor 1.901.
Taft Ahead in Vermont:
Montpelier, Vt.. Nov. S.-Returns
received by the Republican Sta'e Cen
tral Committee from 11 counties com
plete, out of 14 in the state, give.
Roosevelt 17,671, Tart 19,-:,, Wi;qon;
Wilson Ahead in Massachusetts.
Boston, Mass.. Nov. 5.-Returns
from 160 out of 1,102 precincts in
Mausacbusetts, including 100 out of
221 Ia Boton. give Roosevelt -11,706,
Taftt 14,6, WilboU 1,114."
Cast Their Ballots for Presidential
Eelectors in Six States.
Westere NewsTpap.r · s News S rwtw.
Chicago.-The e: fct of the activity
of women voters in a number of states
w:here equal suffrage is now estab
lished was a source of considerable
speculation and anxiety among the
leaders in the headquarters of the sev
eral parties. Women were a factor
at the polls in this election for the
first time in hational politlds. In six
states, wonen voted for presidenTial
electors and for that reason the party
managers had little upon which to
I aye conclusions as to the vote in
these states. The six states in which
the women voted were C'alifornia.
Wyoming. I'tah. Colorado, Idaho and
Washington. In five other states.
.lichigan, Arizona. Kansas, Orr gon
and Wisconsin, the right of women to
vote was an issue at the polls.
The advent of women Into national
politics was responsible for efforts
that were made during the campaign
to secure the support of the women
of the country for the sevral presi
dential candidates. The organization
of bureaus to enlist the support of the
women aSd the appearance of women
of prominence on the stump were
among the unusual features of this
Democrats Claim New Jersey.
Newark, N. J., Nov. 5.-The Deno
crats claim that they will control the
next state senate and choose its pres
r ident, who will become governor when
Wilson resigns to take his office as
t president. The Republicans cla'm
they will control the legislature, but
are making no claims on the state as
to the vote for president. They are
not admitting defeat. The Democrats
claim Wilson' has carried the state
Dand that they have elected 10 of the
e 12 congressmen.
,- ,at Ltqde In etroit. .
SDstM itkh., Nov. 4.-Forteitght
out of 277 precincts In Detroit give
i Taft 3,007, Wilson 2.358, Roosevelt I,.
S621. For governor they give Mussel
man, Republican, 1,441; Ferris, Dem
ocrat, 1,302; Watkins, Progressive,
Wilson Ahead In North Dakota.
Chicago. Nov. 5.-Early returns re
Iceived here from North Dakota bhow
that Wilson is leading in that-state.
Taft Third in Hot Springs.
Hot Springs, Nov. 5.-Complete re
turns in Hot Springs give Wilson 878,
Taft 210, Roosevelt 402,.Debs 70, Cha
I fin 20.
Wilson Leads in Maine.
Portland, Me., Nov. 5.-Returns
from 149 out of 634 election districts
in Maine give Roosevelt 11,915, Taft
7,441, Wilson 14,063.
Georgia Strong for Wilson.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 5.--A compara
tively small vote was cast in Georgia,
but the Indications are that Wilson
I has carried the state by an over
whelming plurality.. It Is believed
that it will exceed 35,000.
Beveridge Second in Indiana.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 5.--Fifty-s:1
election precincts in Indiana for g'.v
ernor give burbin. Republican, 4,420;
Ralston, Democrat, 8,349: -Beveridge'
Progressive, 5,579; Tctre'nre ~e
cincts in 1908 gave Watson, Republi
can, 11.648; Marshall, Democrat, 11ll
Taft Leads in Rhode Island.
Providence. R. I., Nov. 5.-Sx ,out
of Z8 cltles'and towns In Rhode island
give T-ft 905, Roosevelt 179, Wilson
SMaryland Conceded td, Wilson.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 5.-The News,
a Progressive organ, cqnedePa Miry
laht4 to Wilson by a plurality~of about
i14",000, whicmanay be la'gelynere'ed
by'the yote from the country distrIcts.'
Roose.ett, Jt was claimed, is runling
a good second.
Claims Massachusetts By 60,000.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 5.-Returns
from £47 out of 1,102 voting precincts
in Massachtetts give Roosevelt 46,
670, Taft 5o.954, Wilson 68,062. Den
oeralic chairman Riley claims Wilson
w.ll ha8?e 6: ,00 plurality and that
tlovernor Fcss will be re-elected by
from 45,00O o 50,,00.
Taft Beaten at Home.
Cincinnati, O. Nov. 5.-The incom
plete returns indicate -that Wilson
ha.' rrted "this Hamilton county,
w-hictii President Taft's home, by a
jpipa ty of more than17,0'0.
Roosevelt Strong in IIIirtoiois.
Chicago, Nov. 5.-The indications
early tonight were that RooseVelt will
carry Illinois, outside of Cook county,
by 90.,000 plurality, and that he will
have a leaId of more than 15,000 l
Chicago aad Cook couty.
Democratic Nominees for Con
gress Are Elected in Each
of the Seven Districts
in State
Interest Centers Chiefly in the Race
for Second Place Between the
Republicans and Progressives.
SThese men will cast Arkansas'
vote for Wilson and .Marshall in
•the electoral eollege: s
John D. Arbuckle.
Will Steele.
('. A. Hoffman.
S. A. Moore.
' Troy Pace.
P. D. Scott.
A. B. Priddy.
T. D. Wynne.
J. C. Clary.
Westera Newspaper Uion .News ervte.
Lt;le Rock, Nov. 6.-Arkansas held
its accustomed place in the Demo
cratic column, giving the Wilson
and Marshall electors a plurality
which, it is expected, will be to
excess of that given the Democratic
ticket in 1908. In spite of the fact
that the ticket in this state was short
and the counting cqnsumed compdi
tively little time, the returns were
slow in coming in from the country
districts. This is accounted Mf
the fact that the campai.
t in Arkansas
re the eeatest,
clder. It'probably will be
days before the complete rstms
Col. Roosevelt showed uglne
strength in ArkaLasas and qy idmil
Utons are that he will rru IW hd, .
of Taft throughout the stea S ,t
tie Rock and Pulaski coeas theb B %
Moose candidate made an ipreJ. i
shewing, running about dm votes
-ahead -of Taft. He also led Taft in
Rot 'Springs, Helena and other cities,
from which complete returns bave
been received.
The returnt indicate ohat in adds
tion to the election of tlb Dleocratie .
electors by a plurality that probsbhi,.
will exceed 30,000, the DsmteratS
nominees for congress have been
elected in each district. The closest
contest is generally in the third dis-.
trict, but the incomplete returns Indi
cate that Congressman J. C. Floyd has
been- reelected by a good majority
over bhis Republican opponent, J. P,
In the second district Congresma
WV..,Oldfleld and G. W. Wells, the
Republican nominee, engaged in a
joint canvass of the district and the
contest aro-wed considerable Interest
The returna indicate, however, that
Mr. Oldfie)d has been elected by
about the usual majority given to the
Democratic nominees In that ddistret, .
Otis T. Wingo, the Demoratle noml.
nee in the fourth district,' has a safe
l1al.oyer ' . Livesay, the Republi
can nbminee, and will sucoeed Corn
gressinan Ben C'ravens. Congressman
-H. M. Jacoway of the fifth district has
been re-elected over his epU Aset. A.
('. Remmel, the Republcean aminee,
and Congressman W. 8. Goodwta has
defeated Pat McNalley, the Republican
nominee in the seventh district. T. i
H. 4raway and 8. M1. Taylor were
elected in the first and sixth districts,
respectively, without opposition.
Owing to the fact that the election
of the Democratic electoral ticket was
conceded, interest in the election In
this state-centered chiefly in the size
of the plurality given the Wilsa-Mar
shall ticket and the comparative
strength shownLt by Taft aid Roosevelt.
Roosevelt Second in Little Reck.
Littl.' Rock. Nov. .--The citly of
Little Rock, complrete, gives WI~on
a majority of 1.44!, over both oppo
nents. Roosevelt has a big lead for
second place with Taft a poor Third.
The tight wards of the city. give Wil
son 2,472, Roosevelt 92.~[?,'ft 350.
Roosevelt Leades Taft.
Cabot, Nov. 5.--The vote in thtq
town for president was" Wilson 11',
Roosevelt 13, Taft 7,,Debs 1, ('hafin 1.
Reooevelt Vete Heavy.
Little Rock, Nov. 5.-Roosevel,
polled a heavy vote in LIttle Rock
and Argenta and has a plurailit- of :.
more than 600 over Taft In the two .
cities. The returns in these eftie
give Wilson 2,743, Roosevelt 1.S41,
,-aft 441. ,

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