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g ot hoarseness that
Or do you get hoarse
*woLe,. whenever you get
means a catarrhal
Sthe vocal cords. The
are way down in the
when affected by
should cause serious
-ss been found to be an
ymedy for such cases.
s"celved testimonials
ble people who have
 of hoarseness by
Irold you want to read
sasllent testimonials on
write for the
 y the Peruna Co. Co
n lseo be obtained in
m Ask your druggist,
. b diret.
- You Ner d a eaerrl a in
Take Orove's
reove's Tasteless
chill Tonic
• t as a 6tneral Strqtheulug Teal, Becaum I Acts aM tl
g il iMalaria, Earlohes the Blood ait Bilds Up the Whole Spsta.
S- t you are taking when you take Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic, as
s printed on. every label, showing that it contains the well-known
fd QUININE and IRON. It has no equal for Malaria, Chills and
gahses, General Debility and Los of Appetite. Gives life and vigor to
3trim and Pale, Sickly Children. A True Tonic and Sure Appetiser.
paes ad children. Guaranteed by your Druggt. We mean It. IOA
The Latest.
--s ea of these patent lunch
Sieok like a camera?"
a-e. But the swagger thing
ad e carriers is an imitation
iae-psin" settles sour,
m' stomachs in five
,~es-Time It!
want a slow remedy when
is bad-or an uncertain
-armful one-your stomach
; you mustn't Injure it.
hhagspln is noted for its
ivisg relief; its harmless
srtai unfallng action In
k, pr, gassy stomachs.
 in indigestion,
Sgastrltis and other stomach
S sad it famous the world
Sperfect stomach doctor In
it handy-get a large
as from any dealer and
should eat something
't agne with them; If
at lays like lead, ferments
l forms gas; causes head.
and nausea; eructs
.M sad undigested food
f soon as Pape's Diapepsin
0lbst with the stomach all
vanishes. Its prompt.
and ease In overcoming
'samebl disorders is a rev.
bhns who try it.-Adv.
5D times when the quitter
who never knows when
ery each other.
bNNgmatim '
Oil quickly relieves
Harting and Aching stop
A truly wonderful remedy I
ger. It is astonishing how
sway the moment Huat's 1
01 comes in contact with it
are praising it, that you
deoubt. For Cuts Burns,
it is simply ine. All
a LIdhtated Oil in
sat hottles ar by mail from
Medlel C.
powdcr sthaken ito e
amears Rem-e a
4 aSe ket for a acarter
ar seo testjmomls. Sold
- . s plee PREs.
8.Olmsttd, Le or. N Y.
= Na·BL N I tS I
KcU , e
- __----- r
em ovee ensre lefe7
Stee*as t sentprewl b
ent eate A setas.r -
en- a..an Zamerim, Tyler, TeE.
ro .os: no eCKer enO. 1 -
sime, Chieg. sL, 13. L t
LITTLE ROCK, NO. 11-1914.
Y m
g~l 1
The Tenor's Adventure.
Enrico Caruso, the tenor, said at a
recent dance at the Itrevoort in New
"No man is as well known as he
thinks he is. I was motoring on Long
Island recently. My car broke down,
and while the chauffeur was repair
ing it I entered a farmhouse to get
"The farmer and I chatted in the
kitchen before the wood stove, and
when he asked my name I told him
modestly that it was Caruso.
"At that name he threw up his
"'Caruso!' he exclaimed. 'Robinson
Caruso, the great traveler! Little did
I expect ever to see a man like you
in this here humble kitchen, sir!"
Some men seem able to govern
themselves by nature, and others get
We feel sorry for the rich woman
:h who has poor taste. Everybody sits
up and takes notice.
Reedy, W. Va.--"My baby boy
when three weeks old took the ecze
ma on the head and face. It broke
out in pimples and first they looked
I'ke blisters and a yellow water would
run from them. His head was per
fectly raw and his hair was all gone.
Everybody said he would never have
any more hair. As the sores spread
r, his hair came out. The breaking out
itched so badly that we had to keep
gloves on his hands to keep him from
scratching his head and face. It
caused disfigurement. He couldn't
rest at night it burned and itched
so badly.
L "He was treated for eight months
and he got worse all the time. So
I decided to try Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. In two months he was com
pletely cured after using the Cuticura
Soap and two boxes of Cuticura Oint
ment." (Signed) 0. A. Dye, Jan. 7,
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."-Adv.
Towed Home.
Redd-Do you use a motor car or a
horse-drawn vehicle?
Greene-Some days I use both.
Couldn't Help It.
A little girl had Just been dressed
Sn clean clothes, and went out to play.
In a short time she came back cov
ered with dirt. Her mother was much
put out, and asked her how she came
to be so dirty.
r "Well, mother," she said, "isn't I
M made of dirt?"
"Yes, dear, but what has that to do
with it?"
"Well you know, mother, it will
keep working out."
Talked Enough In Life.
An agent called on Mr. Hoolihan
one morning and asked for a photo
graph of the lately departed Mrs.
"You just let me have that photo
graph about two weeks," said the
agent, "and I'll send you a life-izse
portrait of Mrs. Hoolihan thatll be a
speaking likeness."
An expression of considerable ap
prehension appeared in Mr. Hooll
han's dim blue eyes, and he passed
his hand twice across his mouth with
a nervous gesture.
"Well, how, 01 don't know as that'd
be annyways nicessary," he replied,
in a whisper, "Ot'll jist have a pictur
that shows her looks, widout anny
mechanical contrivance to reprojuce
, her v'ice."-lllustrated Sunday Maga
Smoothed by Change of Food.'
Worry is a big load to carry and an
unnecessary one. When accompanied
by indigestion it certainly is cause for
the blues.
But the whole trouble may be easily
*hrown off and life's road be made
easy and comfortable by proper eating
and the cultivation of good cheer.
Read what a Troy woman says:
"Two years ago I made the acquaint
ance of Grape-Nuts and have used the
food once a day and sometimes twice,
ever since.
"At the time I began to use it life
was a burden. I was for years afflict
ed with bilious sick headache, caused
by Inditestion, and nothing seemed to
relieve me.
"The trouble became so severe I
had to leave my work for days at a
"My nerves were in such a state I
could not sleep and tie doctor said I
was on the verge of nervous prostra
tion. I saw an adv. concerning Grape
Nuts and bought a package for trial.
"What Grape-Nuts has done for me
is certainly marvelous. I can now
sleep like a child, am entirely tree
trom the old trouble and have not had
a headache in over a year. I feel like
a new person. I have recommended tt
to others. One man I knew ate prin
cipally Grape-Nuts while working on
the ice all winter, and said he never
felt better in his life."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek. Mich. Read "The Road to
Wellvi' .' in pkgu. "There's a Pea- 1
Srver read the above letter? A mew
eme omrae fIer tlme ft. time. The I
are 'mime, dtre, 5d tall ct hom
le I:" . (.) S. l.I.Elt. I ,irc t.· r of Evenln,
d I, gartm,.rnt. The .Imoly l;ble -institute.
.LESRON TEXT-Luke 13:10-17: 14:14.
GOLDEN TEXT--"The Sabbath was
made for man and not nman for the Sab
n bath."-Mark 2::7.
These two sections of scripture
have been chosen that we might em
phasize the truth of the golden text
which can correctly be translated.
'The Sabbath was brought into being
on account of man, and not man on
account of the Sabbath."
There are two extremes of thought
and action as regards the Christian
Sabbath. One is to make it a holi
Jay, the other to make it a holy-day.
to worship the day as though it pos
seased some secret sacredness there
by forgetting the author of the day.
A study of what Jesus taught will
check laxity on the one hand and cor
rect fanatical error on the other.
Contrast Shown.
I. Jesus loosing the woman, 13:10
17. This incident is a strong contrast
between God's mercy and man's lack
af mercy. Satan was to blame for the
woman's illness (v. 16) and at the
same time for the hardness of the
hearts of these men. The incident
-ccurred in a synagogue and displeas
ed the leaders. As if to rebuke them
Jesus not only spoke the word of
relief but also touched her, causing
an instantaneous and a complete cure.
Her response was to glorify God. The
sight of this satanic captive acted in
contrast upon Jesus and the ruled of
the synagogue. Compassion and an
utter lack of sympathy. More care
I for legalism than for the relief of one
created in God's image. Jesus seems
to have acted speedily and is today
calling the unfortunate to him to be
healed and comforted, Matt. 11:28-30.
Jesus could have healed by a word
only, John 6:40-43, but there is power
also in the loving touch, which in this
case quickened her faith (v. 13). The
record does not suggest that her cure
was in response to her faith as was
the case in other cures, Matt. 8:10;
16:28. If the ruler had had a heart
at compassion he too would have re
loiced at the cure, but he cared more
for ceremonial ecclesiasticism than
for the good of the worshipers and
his emotion was that of Indignation
rather than that of joy. A religion I
that is more concerned with bondage
to the beggarly elements, the observ
ance of days (Gal. 4:9-11) is here de
nounced as hypocrisy (vv. 15, 16). It i
Is to have more interest in property
than in human souls. Ofttimes hatred
for those who do not agree with us is
covered up by a false fanatical pre
tended Jealousy for the law of God.
All sickness is In its essence the re
sult of sin (Acts 10:38). But God is
superior and can use it to our good.
il. Cor. 12:7-9; John 9:2, 3. Dr. Torrey
suggests six steps in this woman's
healing: (1) She went to the place
of worship; (2) she found the Lord
there; (3) he spake to her; (4) he
touched her; (5) she was healed;
(6) she gave God the glory. Our
Lord declared to this ruler (v. 16) 1
that the claims of humanity are su- I
p perior to their acts toward cattle even 1
as illustrated by the case of this woe
man who was a daughter of Abraham.
Love's Attribute.
II. Jesus healing the man, 4:14. In
this incident the question of the Sab
bath is raised by Jesus himself, cvi
dlently in answer to their mental at
titude, for "they watched him" (v. 1).
Receiving no reply, Jesus first healed
the man and then again reminded
them of the care they gave their cat
tie. Jesus plainly implies that if they
give care to an ox or an ass on the
Sabbath, how can it possibly be wrong
to relieve humanity on the Sabbath? I
Mercy and love are superior to cere
monies though these be of divine ap
pointment. The reasoning is clear.
Love is an attribute of God's charace
ter, I. John 4:8, and therefore his own
ceremonies must give way before the
activities and enemrgies of his being.
Thus to act upon the principles that
concern the value of an "ox or an ass"
Is to allow the lower to control the a
higher, for a man is of more value
than the on. These Pharisees were
exceedingly religious, great for the
"letter of the law,." but they were
dried up at heart, and oonsequently
far worse off than the man with the
dropsy. It is small wonder then that
the master's reply should silence them a
so "they could not answer him."
The Teachlng-It is true that fun
damentally the Sabbath idea is one
of worship and rest, but the reason
for its existence is because of man's o
need of that rest. That true rest can it
be found only In' a true and intelli
gent spiritual fellowship with God.
Anything, therefore, that interferes
with or hinders rest breaks the Sab- tl
bath and should be removed in order y
that the Sabbath intention may be ob- p
served. These men were Justifiled in
leading an ox or an ass to water on
the Sabbath or to rescue one in peril.
On the same principle any work tl
which enables men to enter into a
Sabbath rest is not only Justifiable but
neceesary in the interest of the Sab- a
bath Itself. They cared for cattle on
ly as cattle, their property; we must
care for men for their own sakes and
in his interest and behalf.
The Sabbath must never be dese- I
crated by being made an instrument
of harm to man. It is always dese
crated when, In the presence of hu
man need, we decline to render serv
ice on the plea of the sanctity of the
day. A false ceremonial sanctity of
any particular day must never be per
mitted to destroy the underlying, the
truly essential, sanction and author
Ity for a Sabbath rest Physically we
do not each night fully regaln our
lost energy and need the seventh day
to balance the account Spiritually
we need the strength that comes from
the Sabbath day's rest, Isa 30:16.
is now electrically sealed with a
- -- absolute that it is
damp-proof, dust
proof, impurity
- " proof--even
= air-proof !
srguwar aid
to teeth, breath,
appetite and diges
tion. It's the safe
besides delicious and
beneficial confection I
for 85 cents-at most dealers. Each box contains twenty
5 cent packages. They stay fresh until used.
It's clean, pine, hedlf
Look for the spear EVERY MEAL11
Give and Take.
"A good answer," said Mrs. Arthur
M. Dodge, president of the National
Association Opposed to Woman's
Suffrage, in a suffrage argument "As
good an answer as Brown gave Mrs.
"'George,' said Mrs. Brown, with a
nasty smile, 'you looked awfully fool
ish when you proposed to me.'
"'Well,' said George. 'maybe I
was.' "
Wrhl ady W h can NeWr Wal Fear
Mies a Day WitMst Feel
gl Tred.
Boydton, Va.-Mrs. Pannie Boyd, of
this town, says: "I am sure I would
have been in my grave, had it notE
been for Cardul, the woman's tonic,
and I certainly cannot praise it
enough, for it is worth its weight in c
gold. I am, today, a walking adver- t
tisement for Cardul.
Before taking Cardul. I could hardly I
walk across the Boor, I was so weak.
I underwent an operation last spring *
for womanly trouble, but felt nobetter.
After using 8 bottles of Cardul, the '
woman's tonic, my ulcers were all c
gone, I can eat hearty without suffer- t
ing any pain, feel fine in every way,
work all day, and can walk four miles
a day without feeling tired.
Please publish this letter, as I would
like for every woman to know what i
Cardui did for me"
Many letters, similar to the above, E
come to us, unsolicited, every day.
This one should surely convince you
of the merit of Cardui, as it expresses
the earnest sentiment of a lady who O
has tried it. t
If you suffer from any of the numer
ous ailments so common to women,
such as headache, backache, nervoust
ness,weakaess, pains in sides and limbs, I
aleeplessness, etc., begin taking Cardui
today. It will help you, as it has helped
so many others, in the past half century. f
N.R-shear AdvIsorY Chase
The Limit.
"They say he is extremely stingy."
"Yes; he wouldn't even entertain
other people's opinions."-Town Top
that have been relieved in the past 75 o
years by Wright's Indian Vegetable 54
Pills and decide whether they are not aj
worth a trial. They regulate the
bowels, stimulate the liver and purify b
the blood. Adv. 8
Every man ought to know at least ol
as much about his own business as
he does about the other fellow's. ci
Important to Mtorter
Examine caretully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the hi
In Use or Our O er t IN
Children Cry for Fletcher's Cdtorl
No legacy is so rich as honesty.- to
Shakespeare 01
If w uM - w wah arm MME" VLMaim or VYam a nu fSm Uauplim Ta, ues O"
Cruel Hint.
r He (loftily)-My mind is a book of
.1 many thoughts.
a She (Innocently)--Bound in calf?
If cross, feverish, constipated,
give "California Syrup
of Figs"
A laxative today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, mother! It coat.
i ed. or your child is listless, cross, fev
erish, breath bad, restless, doepn't eat
t heartily, full of cold or has sore throat
or any other children's ailment, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs." then don't worry, because it is
perfectly harmless, and in a few hours
all this constipation poison, sour bile
and fermenting waste will gently
move out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside cleansing" is oftimes all
that is necessary. It should be the
first treatment given in any sickness.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrupS.
Ask at the store for a 50-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Adv.
O'Rourke's Latin Seal.
Joe Vilas says that some one has
put something over on Tom O'Rourke,
the fight promoter.
"He picked out a seal with which to
stamp the tickets issued to the Na
tional Sporting club." said Vllas. "On
it is the Latin motto:
"'Prae Omnla Taurus.'
"Of which a tree translation is: 'Be
fore everything else, the bull.'"
She Made Up a Mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur to Bring Back Color,
Gloss, Thickness.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streaked
or gray; also ends dandruff, itching
scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ago the only way to get this mixture
was to make it at home, which is
mussy and troublesome. Nowadays,
by asking at any store for "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy." you
will get a large bottle of this famous
old recipe for about 50 cents.
Don't stay gray! Try it! No one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as It does it so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brash with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hair becomes
beautitaully dark, thick and glossy. Adv.
A popular neighbor is one who lis
tens to our troubles without insisting
on telling his.
Ietablished 166 Inoorporated 190
W. A. GAGE & GO., Inc. . OTT
We are prepared to make liberal advances on consignments and offer you the
best facilities for handling your cotton. Write us for shipping tags
..ret In form vitality and lease+ k w.e rprlaalrr e . lsme
plarly parrar eery sae t b We ranu*tl i.wo al ·a sal. a Us r "&
S1W P$PftI I CATAIA3 t'U d.tihd,,gr a.m and am.s mm·oim dr ofbewr F 1.m
ShrAh.. Fruii.. Flowr a.4 vq.it.hle.dd for the S.ther. iOden. y all ...m. drop
a r fo it y. JseN ke W. Vged & Cea. es UULilib Ree. AltaAAA
Old Order Changes.
Housewife (reading in her grand
mother's cherished cook book)-"Poor
Man's Cake.-Take seven eggsL -'
(Stops suddenly and closes the book.)
Constipation causes many serious dis
eases. It is thoroughly cured by Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One a laxative,
three for cathartie. Adv.
The man who wants the earth is apt
to get his share-if the mud throwers
are on the job.
Your family Doctor can't do more for
your cough than Dean's Mentholated
Cough Drops; "they cure"-5c at Druggists.
One-half the world knows what the
other half is doing because they are
neighbors. 1
Don't buy water for bluing. Liquid blue
is almost all water. Buy Red ('ross Ball
Blue, the blue that's all blue. Adv.
No man is so fast that trouble can
not overtake him.
Anybody can dye successfully with
Putnam Fadeless Dyes. Adv.
By searching the old learn the new.
Banish the "Blues?"
f Io bhave that depressed feeling it's more than likely that our
blood out of order-impoverished or poisoned.
There is only one thing that will alter your present eondition
that's to restore your stomach to normal health and strength. For
a weak or diseased stomach cannot make good blood. If your
digestion is bad your food will not make the good blood which
nourishes bodyn,b heart and nerve.
This great remedy has proved its worth year after year for over
Jbrty years. Let it prove its worth to you. Sold by medicine dealers
in tablet or liquid form or send 60c for trial box by maiL
sandil a.a. ote a s M5 esed ..f u y a na so" d Dr. Psmiwee
SSeins MedJmsl * os -'em. d AddM Dr. R. V. ime% i
PIN K EYE sr .
Cures the sick and acts as a preventve for others. Liqu gIven on te
tongue. Sae for brood mares and all others Bst kidney remedy. Se mnd
SI a bottl. m and a10 a doseo. oid by al drgglete and horne soond
booea, or sent, expres paid, by the manufast rs.
M aes sold by yewr will b seat Parces Ps
n secslpt or prig. Pei r & Co.. Lssuille K,.
Vanishes Forever
orompt R uel.-P.armmagt Cw"
fail. Purely veget
bwe- act surely
but gently o
the ul er. !T I
stop after IVER
naer dim- P
improve the complexion, brighten theeyn
-Mu. J.. SmAu DOSE. S1AU. F
Genuine must bear Signature
-- &v o - ,
EC~ZEN soap
OIL ee - S - - 40AI of
ea.d ter eeata for samples.
VAC UU WANNER, S l$5--Repicum as -
cime.malee, quicker. A or smonei back. rLm
for evet.ry purpoe. Madle dff"r.rtl1, mes dase
beauttlr. Mai useful tlhing; s W te foer tese ca
lod. IMwed Isrw elco. mJsaee ai .,M ded, a

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