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Published every Saturnay morning at Tallulah, Louisiana.
Geo. Spencer .. Editor W. L. Rountree ..Manager
Official Journal of Madison Parish, Fifth District Levee
Board, Madison Parish School Board, and Town of Tallulah
i1.5SO per Annum, in Advance
entered Jan. to. 1903 at Tallulah, La., as second-class mail matter, under Act of
Congress of March 3, 1879.
The Journal is not re4ponsilhle for the views and opinions of
correspoi'lnents appearing in its columns.
Tallulah, Louisiana, - Saturday, October 24, 1914.
The Recall.
One of the amendments to be voted on November 3rd
is No. 17-the last on the ticket-providing for the recall -
of public officials. This amendment should be defeated,
for the reason that it permits 25 per cent of the legal
voters to launch a political campalgn at any time that
number may see fit. Thus a small bunch of sore-heads,
defeated in a previous campaign, can involve the officers
elect in a second campaign- Under this law but little
difficulty will be found in getting enough disgruntled
voters together to order a recall election
It is true that they will generally meet defeat, but the
turmoil and expense necessary in the election will bear on
the people. We have too many elections now and no good
reason appears for increasing the number.
The officers of this State have on the whole been
honest and capable, and the odds are that the officers
elected under the existing laws would at least measure up
with any elected under the proposed recall amendment.
The past record of the sore-head voters does not inspire
much confidence in a scheme that will leave an open field
for satisfying their political grudges. The law is not
needed and if adopted can accomplish no improvement in
political conditions.
So when voting November 3rd don't forget to swat
number 17. Dont forget the Nunber 17.
Sir George Paish, representing the English Treasury
is still conferring with Secretary McAdoo and members of
. Federal Reserve Board, in connection with the exchange
and cotton situation. Some surprize will be felt by the
statement of the English representative that the English
spinners are not buying cotton for the reason that they
Sare not certain that the bottom price has yet been reached.
Tne pow-wows now being indulged in all over the cotton
ststs3 ald3 stren2gth to t'1 app:eheaio n of th3 spinners
that it is too early to buy. May be, the spouters will wear
themselves out after awhile and stop advertising to the
world the cotton procluc-rs helple;3 cndition; thea we can
expect somrn im v-rnýlat in c)alitions. Bit a3 loag a3
the present discussion continues no relief can be expected,
and spinners will hold their money until they know that
the product has reached the minimum price.
With their usual liberality the New York bankers are
willing to subscribe to the $150,000.000 cotton pool upon
the condition that they shall have first lien on the cotton
pledged. The details have not yet been agreed upon, but
we venture the guess that such conditions will be proposed
as will make impossible the consummation of the pool.
An examination of the returns from the income tax
Indicates that about 140.000 less citizens are liable to the
tax than was calculated by the experts who made up the
chedule for congress. This isnatural. It is a common
practice to overestimate net incomes, and the discovery in
:the department proves the fact.
The Monroe officials are hot after the poker-players
tad Colfox has jailed a gang of boot leggers. American
betrties are fast being crowded to the wall. The next
thing we know some good citizen will be arrested for
beating his wife.
Mr. Bryan is quoted as saying that the present war
proves conclusively "the fallacy of the doctrine of pre
p aredness for war gives assurance of peace." He may be
Sbe right but we are loaded for bear when we "trust inthe
SLord but keep our powder dry."
You can spend your suistance joy-riding and candying
affinity, but don't ride about with her on a rail road
If you do it3 five years in Sing-Sins. It's funny,
its the law.
The Phoenix (Ariz.) Republican says: "Miss Pearl.
Oats anl:Mr. Goods Bacon were married yesterday, Judge
Parker officiating." Sound like a union of breakfast food.
'--N. 0. States. They may be advocates of diversified
Dr. Clarence Pierson, the able and energetic Superin
Stendent of the Insane Asylum at Jackson is spoken of as a
pomsibility for governor. We wish the Doctor luck, but
Scan't understand why he should desire to change tractable
patients for the more uncertain product.
Several anonymous letters have been received through
Sthe Tallulah Post Office. Federal authorities will be called
Sin to investigate. Strong clues are now being followed up
aad the guilty sender is apt to be apprehended.
The Lake Charles American expresses the conviction
Stha things will adjust themselves if the cotton market
e-ters could be kept quiet for awhile.
New Orleans is proceeding with rat proofing the
and makes the announcement that the city is free'
':., fb; ta g to ga o an dment No.
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Monday, September 21, 1914.
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Pleasure and Protection
"One of the best reasons why I would not be
without telephone service," writes a Georgia far
mer, "is the pleasure it gives my wife and the
knowledge that while I am away, she has the pro
tection that the telephone gives.
On the farm the telephone dispels loneliness
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°pon entering the main _ates of the Panana-Paclc I:ternational Exposition from San Fran.co the v,
-,- ~4 'T
delight exp-sition visitors. Thousands of rare trees. 'alm. and shrubs have ,en brought from all parts ef '.e
world for the landscaping, which is ca.'ied on tn that sumptuous way which the semi-tropical climate of Callfolral
permits. There have been boughtt to San Francis;co giant tree ferns from Australia, rhododendrons from ECegla
and West Virginia, tulips from Holland, banana plants from Hawat! and Central America. Large trees, somo of
them more than sixty feet In height and of great girth, have been transplanted to the grounds. The PaeasmhPwih
International Exposition opens in San Pranetsco in Febrry, 1815.
('onservation Coninmiss i on ei
Dayrie- has some views -i re
spect of senator John S. W illianºs
plan to kill oll the Ill weevi
by not planting cotton for oni
season. Mr. Dayries is far front
being a frined of the boll weevil
but lie respects the little fellow
highly. He is one of the re
sources of the State, of alien
descent though he be, that Mr
D)ayries does not believe need,
consiervation. lie has a habit ol
conserving lhimself, according tt
Mr. D)ayries, and is quite as wel.
satisfied to deloisit eggs in tht
"frnii" of the okra plant as ii
the cotton holl.
The weevil is wi Fog for cot.
ton to be planted, bit lhe dtoes
not reg-:rd it as essential to hii
well-ieing, says Mr. I)ayries,
NeitLer the failure to planL cot
ton nor the war in Europe (di.
turhs Lim.
This is the experience of Mr.
Dayries with the pest. Thl
cotnlmissioner has always hbeen a
cotton planter. and owns a farm
in Pointe Coiupee parish. Ten
years ago, on account cf the wee
vil, or for some other reason, MIr.
Dayries discontinued the plant
ing of cotton, and for live years
his plantation was un:ler the
cuttivation of rice. This invol
ved the fiandling of the land from
the levee back to the swamp, of
course, and for a consideralle
periol each year the place was
under water. Then came the
crevasse at.Torras, and the plan
tation went under water another
season. Thus the place was over
flowed for six years, and the
weevi! should have been drowned
out-hlie and his posterity. But
was he? AMr. Dayries has had
ocular proof tiat the weevil is
amphibious if not iimmoral.
Every year at harvest time boll
weevils have been threshed out
of the rice and out of other pro
ducts of the farm.
How the boll weevil live Mr.
Dayries is not prepared to say,
but he does know that they are
exceptionally fond of the okra
plant, and he speaks as though
he believes they will subsist on
brickbats if no more succulent
food is at land. Senator Will
iams would find an unsympathe
tic listener in the conservation
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1 West Bounnd:
No. 1 :27 a. n.
No. 5 .....12:41 1). i.
No. 11 ..........:110 p. in.
EI ast Boundi:
No. 2 ........ 7:3 p. in
No. 6 -............ 4 .S p. in.
loo. 12... 11 a. in.
North hui( 1:
No. i 1......... 0:Sa. Ii.
N o º. ;!1 ............. I1:3:lp. tit.
South Boulll :
N o ............ : 1. 11 .
i N O. :, ..........._12 :8)lp. in.
Sheriff Sale.
State of Loci iann, Parish of Madison,
Ninth Judicial District Court.
D. J. Shlenker & Company
vs. No. 1919.
W. N. Smith
By virtue of a Writ of Seizure and
Sale, to ne directed, from the Honor
able Ninth Judicial District Court for
the Parish of Madison aforesaid, in the I
above entitled c:tuse, I will proced to
Iell, at nublic auction, at the front door
of the Court House in the town of Talln
lah in Madison parish. La., on the 3rd
Saturday, the 21st day of Novambsr,
A. D., 1914, between the hours I re
scribed by law, all the right, title and
interest of W. N. Smith in and to the
following described property, to-wit:
The "Tallabena" plantation compris
ing all of sections twenty and twenty
one and the east half of section twenty
two, in township 17 north, range 13
east (except a tract of six acres lying
in the north-east corner of said section
twenty); also the south half of section
sixty-one and the east half of section
and the south west qnarter of section
fifty-nine in township 18 north, range
13 east, togeuher with all buildings and
improvements, gear, implements, rights
or appurtenances thereto attached omin
any manner appertaniing or belonging.
including the following: seventeen
mules, two horses and mares, 4 wagons,
18 John Deere plows, 10 cotton planters,
eight v-harrows, seventeen cultivators,
eight double shovels, 1 mowing machine,
one grain binders, all situated in the
parish of Madison, state of Louisiana,
seized in the above suit.
Terms of sale: Cash, without ap
Sheriff's Office, Sheriff.
Tallulah, La., Oct. 17, 1914. octl7-ts
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Sheriff Sale.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Madison,
Nir.eth Judicial District Court.
First National Bank
Vs. No. ISM
W. H. Ward
By virtue of a Writ of Seizure and
Saie to me direated from the Honorable
Nineth Judicial Listict Court, for the
parish of Madison aforesaid, in the
atove entitled cause, 1 will proeesd to
sell at public auction, at the front deor
Sof the Court House in the town of Tal
lulah. in Madison Parish. Loaisisna, os
the third
Saturday, tUe 21st ary of I lne r
A. D., 1914, between the hours pre
scribed by law, all the right, title, rad
Sinterest of W. H. Ward inad to t
following described progerty, to-wit:
The "Mansfield" Plantation eemprls
ing the following: South east quartet
of section 23 all section 24; west halI
section 25 west half of east half of see-t*
tion 25; west half of sectinc 30 we
half of east half of section 30; West.
half of east half of south-east quarter
ion of s30; All of section 31; eaut half
of section 32 all in Township 17 north
range 13 east and containmin 276.W
acres more or less together with all the
buildings and improvements, live stock
and impliments thereon or thereto hso
longing; including the followinlg
mules, 5 horses and mares, I lotof black
smith tools, 6 2-horse wegons, 1 ost
binder, 2 McC mowers 1 Spauldiagdse
tilling machine, I stalk cutter, I diAe
plow. 2 Sulky breaking plows, I hly
rake, 4 riding cultivatsrs, 2 grae drill,
I1 chck row corn planter,1 2-horsepower
engine, 1 seed cleaner, I feed crsher,
I motor hay press, 8 slip a cras~pe
land roller, I disc harrow, 20eultators .
22 double shovels, 30 John Deer._
12 cotton planter,all situated in
parish, State of Louisiana, seised i thL
above suit.
Terms sale: Cash, without apprsiW
A. J. Sevier, Jr.
Sheriff's Ofiee, Sheriff
Tallulah, La., Oct. 17, 1914. oct 7-t

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