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Nelson, of Waverly, was in
mnday last
peterkin spent the first
week at Crescent plantation.
Goldman, of Goldman,
go rst part of the week in
her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Nicols has been visiting
H Natches for the past two
/. Hart, of Clarksdale, Miss.,
i st part of this week with 1
SW friends in Tallhlah.
gldto that Mr. Pike Bethea,
i he on the sick list with
Mtr for the past three weeks,
sad up again.
I. Cobb, of Quimby, was a
P" Friday.
of St. Joseph, is visit- I
, Hoa. Jeff B. Snyner.
ii . M M MNds Attutiu.
t fes and try to wear it out.I 1
yee out instead. Take Dr.'
New Discovery, relief follows c
Itehseks your Cold and Soothes
away. Pleasant, Antisep
[ away. Children like it. Get
d Dr. King's New Discov
- e- p it in the house. "Our
mad Cold Doctor" writes
ber Manchester, Ohio.
ifnetsatisfied, butit nearly
I. I Ransdell of the East
and brother of Senator
Agosdell, spent yesterday in
While here Judge Rans
the federal court and was
*with Judge Boarman cur
Dpanadell, who, sittingin
-rge Mclntosh, of the Ray
rendered the opinion in the
satof J. S Sutton of Mon
the legislative investigating
The preliminary injunction
Judge McIntosh was set aside
uait dismissed at plaiatiff's
)hadsell has formally declined
for a suspensive appeal filed t
. Walter Elder, attorney for
' tRee of this action was sent
and reached here Monday
yesterday, Judge Ransdell
fr much of the time of
R. Smith -Shreveport
Froly For LansL s t
hilak o Lumbbago are not
slpeess as they seem. You
Mthm almost instantly by a
of Sloan's Liniment
sud loins. Lumbago is a
and yields perfec
s which penetrates quickly
the sore, tinder muscles,
So back and makes it fee
.a bottle of Sloan's Liniment
. any druggist and have
ame-gainst colds, sore and
rheumatism, neuralgia, r
ikeailmenta. Your mosey
satisied, bat it does give
S pelratirn by exchanging -
-Now that money is so
aet adopt the practice of.
Poe instanee, I have Duroc '
eight months old, en-J
gistratie, Srat class pedi- i
individuals, easily worth
esiarm each; Fulgrum oats,
inlliest ef all, recleaned seed,
behl; selected seed corn
reeties, $2.00 per bushel
with my fellow-farmers ,
peas, white clover, red
_mything of which I am in
P. K. BONEY. i
herSbmc aiUm ,
Steeach, perfect working
regualr acting Bowels is
If you will use Dr. King's
Pillsa. They insure good
earect Constipation and
t tonic effect on the
Purify your blood and
d body poisons through the
aly S.e at your Druggist
low'. T ti.
Ow H.adrd Doutm Su t
-7 case of Catarr thLat
bs & co.. 'Telu, 0, t
borable In all tba cre
ai i Or bc Macg,,
Tolede, O.
Cue is takes laterily. ,
aoe the bled sad m -
ur en -umss 1
of Commissioner for the I
Levee Districet met in e
Sat Tallulah, La.,its dora
5ms ealled the Based to a
esk- A.Y . Therewre,.
Iuers n Pi roll call: 'J
l.L.Gathule,Teases Ppw ji
ish, T.P. Kell, Madison, Parish. J. H.
Lambdin, E.C.Rhodes, Pres't., Concor
dia, Parish.
Absent: E.J.Hamley, R.LHill,East
Carroll, Parish. J.M.Johnson,Madison,
There being a quorum present, the
Board procedded to transact the busi
ness before it
On motion of Commissioner Young.
duly seconded, the reading of minutes of
previous meeting was dispensed with.
Correspondence. general reports, and
the report of the President were read
and filed.
Acting upon the request of Maj. J. R.
Slattery, in charge of the Third U. S.
Levee District, that this Board grant
permission to the Government to use
the willows on the Islands in the Missis
sippi River, belonging to this district,
the following resolution was offered:
On motion of Commissioner J. H.
Lambdin, duly seconded by Commis
sioner T. P. Kell, the following resolu-,
tion was offered, and a vote being
taken, was unanimously adopted to-wit:
Whereas, by virtue of a decision of the
Supreme Court of Louisiana, in the
matter entitled "State ex-rel Board of
Commissioners for the Fifth Louistiana
Levee Distri-t, versus Paul Capdeville,
Auditor," rendered on the 27th, day of
March, A. D., 1911, the following "Is
lands" situated in the Fifth Louisiana
Levee District. as per survey made by
the B)arl of State E'igineers were
transferred and grented to said Board,
under authority of Act. No. 192,of 1998
of the Acts of the General Assembly of
Island No. 1 in T. 23 N. R. 12 E.
.. .. 2,,T. 23N. R. 12 E.
.. , 3 ,, T. 23 N. R. 12 E.
. ,. 4,, T. 23 N. R. 12 E.
. . 5,, T. 23N. R. 12 E.
.. 6 ,, T. 22 N. R. 13 E.
7 ,, T. 21 N. R. 13 E.
,. .. 8 ,. T. 21 N. R. 13 E.
.. ,. 9 ,, T.20&21 N. R. 13 E. I
.. . ,10 in T. 20 N. R. 13 E.
11 ,, T. 20 N. R. 13 E.
12 ,, T. 19 N. R. 13 E.
.. ,, 12 A inT. 19&20N.R.13 E.
. . ,~ 13 in r. 19 N. R. 13 E.
. ,, 14 in T. 14&15 R. 14 E.
S. ,, 15 in T. 11 N. R. 12&13 E.
. . 16 in T. 6N. R. 9E.
,., 17 ,, T. 6 N. R. 9 E.
,, 18 in T. 5 N. R. 9&10 E.
., 19 ,.. T. 5 N. R. 9&10 E.
The deed to said above "Islands" ap
pears of record in the parishes of Con
cordia, Tr.sa~s. Madison and East
Carroll-cop,--ri"inj the said Fifth
Louisiana Levee District.
Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that
this Board, for the purpose of aiding in
the protection of its levee system from
bank caving, do hereby authorize and
empower the United States Government
and its engineers to enter upon, out and
remove from the "Island" herein named
all willow growth suitable forbank pro
;action work for usa in cog3truzuing and
maintaining such work on the Missis
sippi River in Louisiana and in such part
or parts of Arkansas, West, or right
bank of the Mississippi river, as may
aid in securingand maintaining the lines
of public levee protecting Louisiana.
On motion of Commissioner Young,
seconded by Commissioner Guthrie, the I
President of this Board was authorized I
with the assistance and advice of the'
Engineers of this disirict to make the
.ecessary repairs to the Hollybrook1
evee, in East Carroll parish, as they
may deem necessary to make some
On motion of Commissioner Young,
seconded by Commissioner Kell, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted: tie it
resolved, that in view of the fact that 1
the State Auditor acting upon the op.
inion of the Attorney General of this
State, has refused to recognize the
wasti of North west & of Section 28; El
of Southeast of Section 29, Township
16, Range 10, in Madison Pazish, Louis
iana, containing 120 acres, made to
Juige E. C. Montgomery by this Board,
it is ordered, that upon the cancellation
of this quit-claim by Judge Montgomery
that the amount of the purchase price
$236.16, be refunded to hiam by this'
On motion of Comissioner Young, .
seconded by Commissioner Lambdin, t
Hoo. Jetff B.. Snyder was requested to
report on the continuance of suits filed
in Concordia parish, to certain lands in
which Mr. G. P. Bullis is interested,
not later than than the next regular t
meeting of this Board in January, 1915.
On motion of Commissioner Young,
duly seconded, the Board adjourned.
O. W. CAMPBELL, President.
To Honorable Members Of Fifth Louis
iana Levee Board:
The .ork let by our Board and State
inJuly is nearing completiof. Notwith- *
standing te change fi maneial condi
tions, and tbe fact that we had to pay
for this work in time certificates instead
of cash as advertised and the right of a
the contractors togive up their contract,
they have all gone ahead, except Lean
ard & Chesire who turned theircontract
over to Clark & Harris.
Mr. John G. Sessions advised me that
he will go ahead with his contract, aking I
oar time certificates under protet.
Donna Vista will be compieted this
math, Lmagwood about December 1st.
Mascot is completed, Milliken's Bend
wll bet up by the last of this week. A I
good force ison Cabi Teele, this will
be added to next week. Dockport hasi
Sessions and Blaks outfit on it. Reid
Bis lackhed only about 1700 embieya Ib
ef beig comnpaeted o the first.
In a ree-it letting of enlargement of
Waterproet and Ferriday frouts; in
spite of the facet thait we were limited to I
six-per cent time ertatee pyable I
Jan ar 191 6la pmemt for ti work,
wasb adin atvmew aniusqmne meta.1
6. 94e for Waterproof and 17.43c for
Perriday. These places, as well as the
St. Joseph front are now covered with
ta good forca.
, Maj. Kerr, representing the State
Board of Engineers, Mr. Hill. and my
e self, representing our Board, attended
the meeting of the Mississippi River i
Commission in St. Louis on the 15th
instant and am pleased to repott that
f we will get a liberal slice of the appro
Ipriation for this year-$270,000.0d for
d the Fifth Louisiana Levee District, in
J the Fourth U. S. District. j
On the presentation of the needs of 1
our District by Major Kerr, and the c
representatives of our Board, the Corn- a
t mission agreed that this money be spent i,
e on our weakest levees.
We have a "sand boil" or leak in the
side of the levee at Hollybrook-this is'
at an elevation of about six-feet above o
the level of the ground and near the J
- junction of the old levee and new loop'
which should be repaired. Mr. Robert- J
son and myself investigated this care- e
fully and decided that a river-side slope
a should be put on above and below the!
angle to cover any leak through the
f levee or coming from the pits. The en- c,
largement contemplated would cost l
about $1,000.00. S
Respectfully submitted, n
President. 1
The following recent letter 4
from P'reshident Wilson to Senator 4
Ranslell is being given much s
pullicity : "I am glad rou have
given ame an opportunity by your T
important letter of September
:i to express amy very deep inte
rest in the pr',hlelm of ldood
control in the valley of the Mik- N
sissippi andl in the vDalley of the fi
rivers runming into the lMi:sis- "
sil)pi. It is a question to which it
I have 'tlreadly devoted a great tt
deal of attention, and(l I shall S
continue to stlud it with the de- A
termination to -,contribute all that it
I caan to iti solution,. I lelieve S
that thi;is is one of the chief F4
physical problems confronting ar
the c',antry and that it is our as
plain dutygo address ourselvesto
to it very actively anl with at
determinattion to succeed." 12
•.luainjaz by his past sticcess in
dealing with "-confronting prob-. i
letns," we arreglad to see that 'a
President Wilson pledges him- ti
self to a continuonus study of this w
one. That investigation of it, q
"'with a determination to colniri- ra
hute to its salution" will lecatl
hint to endorse the plat. to that, k
en lwhichl have btee approve.. i
an i adopted I by the giver Cocm-' e,
nlaisiol., alnd the enl:ineer crops, s(
unanioia'usly. the:e is no reasol h
to doubt. This view of t.ie con- ti
clusion of the PIresident's study L
it enltertained, atihaolgh it in- h
volves a reversion of his learning Is
to-wardl tlhe Newlands scinL e; as
winch would perpetrate tie folly pi
of merging the tested plan o, I31
lower river fliood control, with
thie untested theory of treating -
the upper streamas.
A landslidle has closed tihe
I Pamnaa canal to traffic, and sonme
steamers in transit are blockedl
between exits. It is not a pleas- G
ant fact to contemplate, but there T
is no cause for for apprehension 31
growhng to undiue oundls. Tihe
explanation fromn Washington is
tilat thie earth movement was an in
expected one made to procure m
equilibriumn, hence the matter
should be regard(led as simnilar to
thie settlinlg of a house, which
does not enrtanger its stability,
but rather increases it.
There has always been a clique
hbusy in predicting disaster to tihe
canal fromnt earthlquake or othler
cause, and it is hoped that they
will prove to he discomfited
pessimists. Engineers of the
hiighlest qualifications have super
vised thie building of this great
waterway between the oceans.
an, had made the maost careful
inspection of thie ground forma
tion. That thie fault in the
Istrata, far in the interior of tie
eljacent land. night allow an
e rthluake to cause destruct n
t thie canal is not the fear of the
engineers, hence it is well to,
have confidence in their ability
to counteractall thie ordinary
mishaps.--N. 0. States.
State of Louisana, Parish of Madison,
Ninth District Court
Seooasrion of A. L SLACE, Decased
Thl nderigned having boeen appomint
ed rxecutrix of the above secess o,
All person having bills against the
set thlae ithin the time Jbrd byf
l ew a t h (B L " S t oa c
(M M m t j
I Sheriff Sale
State of Louisiana, Parish of Madison.
Ninth JuuJi:tl District C urt.
'- William M. Murphy
d Vs. N. 1906.
,r Maud Johnson Washir gtcn, Hattie Jonn
b son Be Snears. Hannah Jonnsor
Moore. Kittie Johnson Thomas.
t Will Johnson, Richard Johnson ant.
Isaac Jnnson.
I By virtue of a W r i t Fieri Facias t(
me directed from the Honorable Nintt
Judicial District C urt for the Parish o:
f Madison aforesaid, in the above entitlec.
e cause, I will proceed to sell, at publib
auction, at the door of the Court House
in the town of Tallulah, in Madison Par
t ish, Louisiana. on the fourth
SSaturday, the 24th day of October
A. D, 1914, between the hours prescribed
by law. all the right, U.., tand interest
e of Maud Joihnso,. WaVhi,.Ln, Hattie
e Jchnson Be Shears, ia.inah Johnson
p Moore, Kittie Johrnson Thomas, Wil!
Juhnson, Richard Johnson, and Isaac
Jo:ison in and to the fJllowing describ
ed property, t,.-wit: t
e The nortnern two thirds of lot 25 of '
the village of Tallulah Ml.dison Parish
Louisiana, as shown by plat of same on
on file in the Office of the Clerk and Re- t
- corder of sad Parish, togather with the
t Luildings and improvements thereon.
Said northern two thirds of lot 25 front
ing l00 feet on Walnut Street and run
ning back between parellel lines, one of
which is the southern boundary of lot
14, for a depth of 150 feet
Terms of Sale: Cash with benefit of
Sheriff's Office Sheriff
Tallulah, La.. Sept. 14, 1914.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Madison,
Ninth Judicial District Court.
The Merchants' Bank & Trust Company
Vs. No. 1918 1
Cha!mers M. Williamson, Sr.
By virtue of a Writ of Seizure and s
Sale to me directed from the Honorable
Ninth Judicial District Court, for the
parish of Madison aforesaid, in the
above entitled cause, I will proceed to s
sell at public auction, at the front door
of the Court House in the town of Tal- t
lulah. in Madison parish, Louisiana, on ,
the tirst
Saturday, the 7th day of November,
A. D., 1914, between the hours pre
scribed by law, all the right, title, and i
Sinterest of Chalmers M. Wlliamson,
Sr., in and to the following described
property, tV -wit: One undivided
fourth interc-.t in and to the follow
ing described lands, situated in the l
parish of Madison and the State of Lou- c
ismana, to-wit; Thatcertain tract known
as the Ezra 1Rundell tract composed of (
the south fractional half of section 7,
township 17 north, range 12 east; lots
2, 4. and 5 (north-east quarter section
12) south-east quartersection 12, north- t
t east quarter and lot six of section 13, 1
in township 17 north, range 11 east, a
and containing in the whole tract 802.50 I t
Sacres, more or less; that certain other t
tract or parcel of land known as the t
Alf Rundell tract, composed of thei
west half of section 17, the south-east
quart^r of section 18, and west half ofi
section 18, all in township 17 north,
" range 12 east, and containing in the t
whole tract 780 acres, more or less;
and that other certain tract of ground: I
known as the Goodrum place, composed a
of the south-east quarter of section 17, t
north-east quarter of section 20, the
east half of the north-east quarter of
section 19, and the north-west quarter
Sof section 20, and the fractional west R
half of the north-wLst qgt-ter of sec
. tion 21, all in towns.ip 17 north, range i
12 east, and contam:, g in the whole
tract 572.86 acres, more or less, and in a
the aggregate, twer.ty-one hundred and
tifty-five and 48-1(~) z15o.4a) acres of
land, more or less, seized in the above
Terms of sale: Cash, without ap
praisement A. J. SEVIER, JR.,
Sheriff's Offic, Sheriff. f
Tallulah, La., Sept. 29, 1914. [oct3-ts.
Rousd Irip Winter Tourist bcursious 1
To destinations in FLORIDA, GEOR- I
On sale November ist 1914 to March c
31st 191&.
Final return limit May 1st 1915. e
Communicate with us before arrang
ing your trip. Rates and other infor- r
mation gladly furnished.
For further information, call on
R. B. OWEN, 5
Or address Ticket Agent.
F. M. DONOHOE, D. P. A.,
Vicksburg, MisissippL
OCT. 17th. TO NOV. I st.'
For full particulars see T. &
P. Ry. Agents or write to:
LA 8 1, SEe. t tITElU
At G. PA. Gem. Pss. Agt.
-ln TUn
DR. C. E. PERRYMAN. Pastor.
OR. G. W. GAINES. Superintendent. ,
Divine worship. secmnca and] fourth4
Sundays at 11 a m. and , p. im.
Sunday School. eve.'y Sunday at to a.
*rn. ;
Mid-week prayer meeting. every ,
Wednesday at 7 p. {.
REV. V. D. SKIPPER. Pastor.
Services. tirst, third. and fourth Sun
das at 11 a. m. and 7p.m.
sunday School, every Sunday at 10 a.
Servic~., first Sunday at II a. m.
No regular appoittment for the fifth
Sunday School. every Sunday, 10 a. m
Services every Sunday. 11 a m. at
the residence of MR. W. F. COL
The public is cordially invited to at
This Will Be Among the Sensational
Features at the Louisiana
Famous dare-devils will furnish
much of the entertainment at the 1,.14
State Fair of Louistana. There will
be a tean of the,m. headed by ITb
Burman. recognized as the speed king.
Contracts were signed during the
summer for the Automobile racers.
They will he ti charge of J. Alex Sloan.
who In known all over the country for
his cleverness and straicht-forwardnesa
as a manager of 'dare-devils." )le
Dpromise to have several of the best
to he found, and this means that vls
itors to the Louisiana fair will nut w
want fir excitement.
It is planned to have contests for
maashitn local track recnrds To do
this Sloan's team members must "go
some." for T.LoUit Disbrow, "W'ild ritll"
Endicott and atnrney Oldfield are
among the celebreites. seen in Shreve
Urrt sine the state fair was orwanteid
hero. nnd several track recordsl have
been e,tahlished. hlowever. Burmnan
ani somrne of those racing with hine are
apt to do some smashing.
There will be two ,days of automo
bile events. The first program will t.e
held Novmhber 2 and the second will
be held Nove-nher 11. The crowd ,,f
spectaters will he large. but there will
be aernmmodations for all of themn
Remember the dates of the fair. No
vember 4 to 11.
Apply to Se.cretarv IL N. Iruegger
hoff for crntal R. preminum Ists atnd
other information.
It is doubtful if any fair in the coun
try ec'arses a lower admission price
then the Lorisiana State Failr at
Shreveport. The reason the visitors
are admitted at such a low figure to
the Loulirnna institution is because
the Louis:ana fair is primarily an ed
ucational factor. It is not meant as a
money-making proposition. The man
arement desires only enotugh financial
return to rfefrav expenses and prepare
for the pext year'* fair.
Some of the attraetions ,aJoyed by
the vi-l'ors are worth two or three
times the chnare of admission, but the
idea Is to make the "hare, lust as little
as possi'le. And that this course has e
been follo"ed consistently is shown
by the prices of admission this year.
which are officially announced as fol
eer*ral day admission to fair
grounds. for adults. 50 cents.
Generat d,"w admission to fair
grounds for children. 25 cents.
General ar'mission to all after 6
o'clock in the evelnitn. 10 cents.
Admision to children five years old
and under, free after i o'clock in the
Admission to colisaeum, to horse
show. "e. cents.
Admission to coliseum, to Thaviu's
band concert. 25 cents.
General admission to grand stand.
for raes, Z5 cents.
General admission to ,rand stand
for football games. 50 cents
Par catalor premiums Ists and
other Informatlon, free. apply to Sec
retary L. N. .r,gnerhoff. Shreveport.
La. Remember the fair opens Nov. 4
and closes Nov. 11.
Will Furnish One o the Mot Attrao
tive Displays at Louisiana Fair.
The larrest array of heys' and girls'
club exhibthlts In the history of Loul.s
lana is expected to be seen at the State
Pair in Shreveport. Novemtbr 4 to 11.
There are more nof these clubs. the
membership totals ten thousand, in
eludingr a large Increase over last year.
and Interest in Juvenile farm extension
work was neer as keen and as gen
eral in LonusiamR as it Is today. tin ac
count of those' facts the juvenle. cluhs'
department of the Fair will prove ex
ceedinrly interestine.
The boys cmrn cl.b division will be
among the strlkin featurtes of the nar*g
rirultural departmv ,t. There will proh
ahty be 2.000 exhibits of ten ears each
which will mean arrund 20.00( ears of
corn exhhibltel byI the boys. If thli
amount is not exhihbited th.e r;orkine
on the p'ans will be surprfised.
The natural rivnlr. b-tween parishes
clubs end irntlviduals is c ruslnr com
petition to be vern c'loe nmong th'
boys enga red In ralsina fne corn Ir
addition the Pair association mak s it
worth while by of'rierfn cash prrmium
The amount to be dlvi,'ed totalts $5;en
It is offered on corn exhibits of a!.
Another aId fu~rnished by the PaIr
assciation is a carton. sent to ench
boy desrirg to e. hibhit. The earton
aholds ten ears. Each club may trne'
between ten' and thirty exhibits of ten
ears each.
The boys exhibiting In this divis!on
Will also have th'- pri ile-e of enmp't
Ingr f, r prtes offered the champlns in
livestock JudginL cornl judging and
plowiLnI conteslt
Acommodations are being made for
the boyts to occupy a large tent on the
Fair groturds and to eacn boy a ticket
to the Fair will be given.
Remember the dates of the Fair: No
vember 4 to Ii.
For catalor and premium Itltl apply
to Be&cretary L. N. Bruelggebeff
s i tt ai. ebini dmw L1r
ouiwl, to miL m el
dcalua'c JItricat
I-a-musrb·mLwubfPru43h .
Ilave your money in our iaunk and .
Pay your Bills with i!c&in s .
1,t. It i 1'1,tn lill' . -Ith. It It4! ',i , 1 .1 1,1,'l'@e
In, aI. I 4Ai-ketpilngree'pts. )tI. It , : ,i -.air
3r1l. It pihta ;tt tla. receiver Iith. It , t+: l leit :. tc ltlt (
7th. It ile - yu a linaui'i1. -i. ,.i,
W We nwant your Busitecs
Tallulah State '.a k,
Tallulah, Louisa na
M++f+t ,.i ++++++d *++. se.* : 4. l++ '+ )+++"++ l
danltUt be ety'-, the best tratatns to
prepare then f. t sucrer* 'I busin a.
)3g- Hith-st C .r-' ... Bct tnciltl..s . I "r.
S onal I..t:.rt!,.r. Free ' mpIloy , cat
Deprtuf? t 11 .-r, " tC ( ollege Be k.
College s .-re ...: Wbolciait tMctSq.
No Umisr t.,rPe'rt. t.tlrn to MCeure ts
dent,. : t, ' "· a, ccqs of ite
24u80 f.".r- ,,r yt9n *,ti. Moul- Coll re
13 rec'.', *v .)whoere as a 'ite
Awake. 1:..t -.*t cutt r anl Wor,
Sckool. - * ,. '. 8, & 9 tO I
OREGA.I.ZED t EI. 18t6
(ORI(;INAL ('AI'ITAL ........IM... 11w,.Iw.)
EA .RNED ' A IT'I IAL ....... :.: ',I .I
ORGANIZED Ji'. "' 1I87
(ORI INAL ('A'lTAL ........... # :*,.IH",.IN
EA1 NE1I) ('ARITAL.. I;.,In.).co,
You are not already trading fwith ust, Phone
your next Order to Number 21 asd give
us a trial. Agent for Richelc u
Pure Food Groceries
The Best asnd not the Cheapest it our Motto
Dealer in
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Headquarters for Good Thlitgs to Fat
Phone No. 21 No. 53 Depot St.
1x3 -10 to 20 feet B. No. 1 and B. No. 2 Beaded ('Ciling.
1x4 - 10 to 20 feet B. No. 1 and B. No. 2 Beaded t1ooring.
1x6 --10 to 20 feet No. 1 S2S.
1x6 -10 to 20 feet No. 2 S2S&CR or Flooring.
1x8 -10 to 20 feet Nos. 1 and 2 Common S2S and Shiplap.
lxl0-10 to 20 feet Nos. 1 and 2 Common S2S andi "hipiap.
1x12-10 to 20 feet Nos. 1 and 2 Common S28 or rough.
2x4 -10 to 20 feet Nos. 1 and 2 SIS&E or rcugh.
2x6 --10 to 20 . . . .
2x8 --10 to Z0 . . . .
2x10- 10 to 20 . .. . .
2x12-10 to 20 ". ..
6x6 -10 to 20 feet No. 1 rough.
6x8 -10 to 20 feet No. 1 rough.
We have the above items in stock and will take pleasure in
quoting close prices for prompt shipment.
Ready for To-morrow ?
Horen diest Udr teed ls tom y than
other farm animals. I. order to insure ugh I a s ±D
digedsUo of a -the food eate, and to make , ,our STOC MbtI .?l
orses readier for next day' wortk, add to litnd ta-aviprmo iti
eitng Seed a teampoomuld-- . e. -*e,
hm eal. ..h m.d
Commission Merchants & Stave Factors
_____ ...........i *. ... - __***9.*** * ** * -f
w. L. JONES. ma. . H. E.RIOe. P mav.

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