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News Conentioe nse R
*wed Without Comment-All
NMatie Flnd hemething to
Edify and Istruct
Natimal Club o landon is tl
a movement for the settnag
et a day to be known as "Cavell
ry." on which the nation would pay
to the memory of Mis Edith
veill the secently executed English
The otbal season claimed Its frst
at Pittaburg, Pa., when John
17 years old, died from In
reeiOved in a game at Brad
The strikoe fr an eight- bor day
S been In effect since the first
SOtobler by the 13,000 emploee of
Geerwal Electric Co. at Schenec.
, N. . ha been settled by the
returning to work at the com
*cam- terms.
Only a few hours before the time
for his marriage to Miss Edith
,Harvey J. Herman, a wealthy
Have mauatac~rer, was found
In a hotel where he had com
- rcsadde.
The Leadon coroner stated at an
that 10 cases of suffocation
agland and Wales had been re
owing to parents having over
ilm C. Parado, a fatrmer $1
ei, was found dead In his field
teeth of Vandlia, Im
t Wilson consented to be
a patroe the movement 40
the birthplace of the poet
* W. Imasteow.
Mmtral Henry Newman Man
I. N.., retired, is dead at his
in Point Loms, CaL
Bernies, dramatic author
of t Plic ach ada
employed by ddL
egnapneae and alled in
w notified that their
be increased 15 per,os.
ane Creeo has eoepmd
aims churchs th"irghop
o dIenate their a
Ir war relle
er Cheter Nots yO
isps shot by PeiUsema
iMd Samuel Shammo
sl.. when they failed
Is halt, wins be**
Se S
*og C
- WmhingtcC. -
,hee e ,.
cr the
American plays are coming Into
such favor in Denmark that the man
ager of one of the Copenhagen thea
ters is to devote a whole season to
.American drama.
It has been revealed by questions
put to the government that the mar
quis of Lansdowne and Earl Curzon
declined to accept salaries when ther
received their appointments.
A rifle purchased by Abraham IU
coin and Henry Brooner for $15, and
which was used by the famous war
president in deer hunting, brought
$225 in a sale of Lincoln relics at
New York.
Hudson Maxim consulted with Sec
retary Daniels regardlag a device of
his for timing the esplosive of tor
pedoes from aeroplanes.
Henry Schooling, 41 years old. shot
himself through the heart with a shot
gun at his home near Sturgeon, Mo.
after i quarre with a neighbor.
Gov. Dunne has issued his annual
Thanksgiving proclamation.
Thirteen of the 17 guards at the
Laurel, Va., reformatory have struck
because of new regulations forbidding
them to smoke or chew tobacco in the
presence of boy prisoners.
An Anglo-FrancoRussian Joint
noted dated Oct. 19, in which Japan
was invited to join the allies' agree
ment not to make separate peace
treaties with the Teutonic powers and
an acceptance. slgned the same day
by Ambassador Inoye, was published
by the government
United States immigration inspec
torn raided tho-,Paciflc Mail steamer
lMoa and captured 86 Chinese
stowaways at San Francisco.
Bishop Alezander Nemilowsky at
NewMYork City, head of the Russian
Orthodox Church of America, is de
fendant in a slt for $25,000, charlgng
siadher, filed by the Rev Timothy W.
Virginia is after delinquent taxpay
era, snd has unearthed a claim against
Thomas P. Ryan, multimillionaire, for
$159,757, which -representatives of
Ryan has expurased willingness to
pay without contest
s1edent LJ.. Welbqrn of the Colo
rd-o Fuel and .Iron company has an
sOmuned,that the company has begun:
filling a large order for steel bars and
wire, both plain and barbed, for the
French goverment.
.tbe first referendum of any Amerl
cj.poltiel- patty to domlnate candi
bgir-e.IMent at viicepresident
.began w blanks wgre set to all
apbenrs of the Ssclalist parte.
IJeuat.-o. 'nk Bharayd, spe
al representative of the Domnlon of
mma, war the eell figure on the
progmra of "Canada y-" at the Pan
"Paelts egpo.ttpn.
W: R. K.Miller. A P$ttpburg engineer
. maade a- tow eiheNthmrn points
*lkinj the be lontion, for a big
steel pleat, is authority forthe state
mat that Richmond, Va., has been
selected. .
J. . Garsa, .rraasta coansul, de
iedtkat sedan bsnled wounded in
fhat battle with Amlesarn. soldiers at
OJo de Ag bnid-es o staknm to Mawt
sora ior treatat
" b
Wor tway 0o ne,
t d he seent will
S he Chicago river
k#k thameor lea pper
W'iimsm.~o the psat eat of
eamle owers (mtead of eestadjels,
a nerrln to Albert U ehnl of Sata
. .a.pb. aa ad 1. Thomas Ad
deis r .o t ality i sn Pk ra
dqce ofdpktag toi *e - in the
atle stes fern oraritlsb milnuary
. L.. .l~wgl,8 so yeas pld, o
Gasl Vo. as killed when the ma
chil•aa whih she was.rlding rashed
throuk a i.owa.tmnt as a -bridge
sad tell into 4 fitch.
The interstat" eommefe. .ompiLs
$ton authelied 41hd -eablbhmnt, of
onlmodit rates .froanm Memphis,
Tena., to point s In llinos, Indis,
loWa, Kentegy, Michigan., Minnesota,
Missouri, O~., Soh Dakota ad
Wisconsia, ngediag the om hie's
hearin Feb,117, net.'
Th e, ho tor BDs*le Iss the O'
,ts- haive killed 1,810 Be glga cyrl
ii;s' throutgio Dergium srice, the
Var began. .
John Kali(al, of ileveland, who
attempted to act as peacemaker, then
two friends quarreled ,ver a girl, was
stabbed to deth.
Contracts have bees signed by the
Itsident of the Amcrican Woolen
kmpany for Ei delivemy of ,000,000
of uniforta cloth to the Russian
QIh a fountat pean pressed are
lato his brain, Danel Mea
3s year s old,. Is dead i a
Claims Arizona or California Not Yet
Affected, But Growers Realize Ne
cessity of Avoiding Infection and
Have Joined in the Fight.
Newr Orleans. -
Lonisiana congressmen: probably
will be cqlled upon to ask,.for a fed
eral appropriation to fight the citrus
canker, which it is feared my trouble
the Satsuma orange industry of the
Gulf Sates.
Thtl action was taken at an inform
al meeting of a number of members of
the association at the Grunewald Ho
tel at the call of PresfMent J. B. Fas
tering, and which was featured by
an address by Carl G. Darnell, a mem
ber'of the Florida Ciltus Association.
Mr. Darnell's visit to New Orleans
was to interest the Louisiana orange
growers In the fight. which Florida
citrus men are making for federal aid.
He said that Alabama and Missis.ip
pi growers had Joined in the fight
while California and Arizona planters
hat alredy pledged their coggrersion
al delegations to work for die appro
"The casker has not yet affected
either Arizoba or California,. but the
.growers there realize the necessity of
avoiding infection and have joined
heartily in. the fight," said Mr. Dar
aell. "The canker problem is indeed
a serious one for the Gulf States, and
while it has not yet touched Louisi
ana the growers here should be in
terested. Florida is making a strong
fight for the appropriation, and we
feel certain of getting the aid desired,
but are desirous of getting Louisi
ana's aid."
Preparatlond have been completed
at Lake Charles for the marketing of
the Cameroa parish orange crop,
which will be disposed of by Manager
D. M. Foster, Jr.. of the Soutiwestera
Prounce Association. In spite of the
damage sustained from two storms
and dry weather the crop will be six
ty-per cent of normal, giving a yield
of about 5,000 boxes.
*At its regular meeting the Frank
lin town council passed a resolution
to build a model road through the
Main street from its lower to its up
per limit. - From the lower limit to
Iberia street is to be a "White Way."
The cost of this improvement will ap
proximate about $17,000 and will be
pail without extra taxation.
The benefit card games played in
the GoM Room of the Grunewald Ho
tel at New Orleans to procure a fund
for the assistance of women and chil
dren who were victims of the recent
hurricane, netted nearly $600, and
proved a most successful affair.
its asking for rede pon In as
seygsents were filed alanst the
satedi Board of Apps in the Di,
trlc'Court at ite Roagt by the
LiuMs DiMspatch' Lae, of Chicao,
ad the North luistMna and Gault
More than W00 pople attended the
ti Wa t Thrue which was held at
aBtwille, people comlng in from all
brof th arlLsh. The exhibits were
favorably commented bpon and the lit.
erary and athletic contests were in
Piplg for the mains of the Lake
Charles Gas Company, which receUtly
secure. a franchise for the erecution
o( a as plpt ianthis city, has arrived
and work on the plant and mains will
.omaaece n- a few days.
:A tprt hImas just ones ruceived at
Jaluga that Fred L Getty has Just
rmught il a five tbousand-barrel
tlkher fer the Chico-Jennings Oil
Cgmpany e its leage near Jenninbas.
What North Losiana can do l
the way os diversled farming and
stock sand hog raising was strikingiy
showsn tn the two fairs held at Talls
lah sad Rayville. .
The trkers near Amite are aval
Ing itheinsere of the Ideal autuma
wdtler mnd have accomplishel an ex
tensive amount of their early faU'
The fact that charbon in Calcaslen,
cberb.a Vernon and 8Lt. Mary par
ishes has either been eradicated or
got nsader quatto has induced ,he
8tate Board f Health to remove the
Squaratine en the shipment of hides
from those four parishes 'this quas,
santinse was put on at the outbreak of
the charbn some months ago.
The public gis at Colllnston have
nearly completed their season's work,
ta O bales glinnee as u assat 1
ems haes ist -a- 4
There is trouble among the oyster
men of Terrebonne parish, and the
commission's launch Louisiana has
been dispatched to the scene to see
to the enforcement of the regulations
of the commission. Commissioner
Holmes has also gone to the scene.
A number of oystermen of the section
have resolved to test the validity of
the enactments in respect of the leas
ng of oyster beds. and it is said have
engaged the services of the well
known law firm of Beatty and Beat
ty to represent them. and are report
ed to be acting under legal advice.
The oystermen made no secret of
the fact that they intended to descend
on the beds leased by the commis
sion with about seventy-five boats.
but the sheriff of the parish inter
vened, and it is said that but nine
boats started on the depredating trip.
The old matter of the lease of natural
reefs is said to be involved in the di1
pute. but this is denied by persons
connected with the commission. If it
be true that Beatty and Beatty have
taken up the defense of the oyster
men a lively fight may be looked for.
Sol Bloodworth, secretary of the
Louisiana Fire Prevention Bureau.
who has been at Alexandria several
days engaged in rerating the city for
the purpose of putting it in the first
class insurance rate, has about com
pleted the work and the figures will
soon be placed In the hands of the
local insurance agents. A feature of
the new schedule, it is announced, is
that persons may insure under it for
the full value of the property. Here
tofore insurance could only be carried
for three-fourths of the value of the
Avoyelles parish is sure that she
has extensive oil and gas fields, and
at a large meeting of the directors
and stockholders of the Louisiana
Oil and Gas Company, it was decided
that the time had come to begin drill
ing. The executive committee was
authorized to secure the, necessary
outfit and employ expert men, anh
as soon as that is done a vote will be
taken upon three points at which to
begin drilling
Remembering the treatment he re
ceived at the Charity Hospital twenty
three years ago when he fell through
a roof at the Union Station at New
Orleans and met severe injury. Wil
liam Laser, general agent of. the Chi
cago Daily Racing Form at St. Louis,
has forwarded a check for $20 to
Mayor Behrman asking that the
amount be turned over to the hospi
As a result of the recurrence of spo
radic cases of hayfever in several sec
tions of New Orleans, a re-inspection
was made by the local committee of
the American Hayfever-Prevention
Association of these areas. While the
recent storm destroyed over 90 per
cent of the giant ragweed in exposed
places, the weeds appeared to have
escapede o'a greater extent in certain
The stockhdlders of' Atchafalaya
Bay Ship Channel Company. met at
Morgan City with Captain Thomas L
Moore presiding. The capital stock
was reduced to $10,000 and a stock
dividend of 35 per cent was declared
an all outstanding stock. A dividend
of 50 per cent was recently declared.
which makes a net total of 6i 1-2 per
cent pa on the total amount of stock
paid iL.
As suggestion, which, It adopted,
might redound to the benefit of New
Orleans. Charles H. Fletchinger
brought before the meeting of the
Board of Prisonls and Asylumi the
possibtlity of having a expert of the
child welfare depattment of the Rs
sell Sage Foundation come to New
Orleans and make a survey of the ve
rlou institutions here and make a re
port upon them.
IDo .tway with the scrub sire," was
the slogan Adopted by the Loualsiana
Dairpmen's Assodatlion at its regular
quarterly meeting held on the Louil
I8a State University campusr Be
hinhtd the alogan is a campaign for bet
ter breeding bulls for which the as
soelatina is marshallag its torces to
wage all over the statWe
I the plans that have for some
time ~en in course of development id
New. Orleans sud Shreveport mature
New Oriqans wili tventually becou.e
the-locale of that long dreamed of
ad yet to be realized ideality-a tre
mendons sate-wide organisation for
the encouragement of live stock and
agricultural enterprise.
Eunlce High School won second
place in the educational exhibit at the
Baton Rouge parish fair, with thirteen
first plac's and one second place.
The Florida Parishes, the oficial
joornal of Tangipahoa parish; issued
a speciai fall edition of twelve ilus
trated pyage in three sections.
The St. Aiphonsus Orphan Asylum
was seriously damuaged by the late
hurric~ae, and the bistera of Mercy
are beading every energy to obtain
funds necessary to restore the build
ing, which houses many little ones.
A eonsignment qf new syrup, the
seond of the season, was received by
E A. Rainold from the Centerviyle
Company,. St Mary parish. The -tn
signment ass odd to PWnick & Ford
atp. eascro-lv casts a ailen. T.e
syrna classed as choies
Threatened Attacks of the Teutons
Forestalled by Activity of French
Guns-German Losses Re
ported 80 Per Cent.
London.-Tahure Hill. in the Cham
pagne district, recently taken by the
French, has again fallen to the Ger
mans. After numerous counter-at
tacks the French have been forced
from the position. Counter-attacks
were immediately launched by the
French, which still are in progress.
There has been some fighting in
the west, but without change of posi
tions. The Germans directed a severe
artillery fire on the Belgian sector of
Lombaertzyde apparently in prepara
tion for an infantry attack, but the
activity of French guns prevented an
What the attacks on this front have
cost is shown by a report issued by
Field Marshal Sir John French. He
says that the published list of the
German casualties discloses that sev
en German battalions which took part
in the Loos fighting-presumably a
German counter-attack-lost 80 per
cent of their strength.
The following official communica
tion was issued by the Paris War
Ofce :
"In Belgium, in the sector of Lom
beertayde, a spirited bombardment by
the enemy was accompanied by obvi
ous preparations for attacks which the
immediate intervention of our artil
lery prevented.
"In Champagne, on the whole front
between Hill 193 and Tahure and to
the south of the village, the Germans
bombarded our positions. They man
ne* their trenches and set up scaling
ladders. The barrier wire of our
batteries and machine guns stopped
this attempt or this sham at an at
"The /Belgian communication re
ports slight activity of the enemy ar
tllery. Pervise, Noordschoote and
Pypegard have been bombarded."
The German report follows:
"In the Champagne the French be.
gan a counter-attack at Tahure dur
ing the afternoon and were repulsed.
The hill of Tahure, which was taken
by storm of our troops on Octiber 30,
remained in our hands. The number
of prisoners taken during the last few
days has been increased to 31 officers
and 1,277 men.
"Lively hand-to-hand fighting took
place near Combres."
U. . Steel Profits Grow.
New York.-Earniags of the Unit
ad States Steel Corporation for the
quarter ending September 30, amount
ed to $38,710,644, a tncrease of $10.
76045.s over the precediug quarter,
the most favorable exhibit since the
second quarter of 1913, when earnings
aggregated $41219.813
Approves Daeens Plana
Washlngton. - Chairman Chamber
lain of the Senate Military Commit
tee told President Wilson that he ap
prroved the National defense program
along the Itnes proposed and that he
believes the.- Military Committee of
the Senate would be in harmony
vtth 'It.
SSpain Faling a Crisi
Madrld.-A ministerial crisis is im
minent as a result of the flnancial pol
icy ef the ipa.Jsh government. Un
less Premier Dat saceeds in hold
Lg the cabinet, it is believed that
Couat Ramanmos will be called apoa
to form a maw Minitry.
- Plan Wason F·a~ories.
Pars.-The fdrmation of a supple
mentary air slect of 5.00 aeroplanes,
Sthe special mission of which will be
Sto conduct a easeless campaign oni
destraction ona German factories, as
the object of the new Prench erial
U. . to Buy EastiLand.
Chicago.-The steamship Eastland
which tipped over in the Chicago river
July 24 with aoss of 812 lives, may
be used uas a government naval train
ing ship.
Big Order For Rusia.
Boston.--Contracts have been sign
ed by the American Woolen Company
for the delivery of 6,000,000 yards of
uanitform cloth to the Russian gov
$25 Checks to Triplets.
Matioon, Ill.-Checks for $25 each
have been received from President
Wilson for the triplets born to Mr.
sad Mrs. Albert Woodworth. The
names of the triplets are: William,
Woodrow and Wilson.
R Lea n Banks in U. .
Petrograd.-The MYtnstry ' of P1
mnoae is planing to establsh a mum
be of RuasMian avings beaks in the
United~ States, to receive deposits
bom rdieim nationals them
General Villa declares he will at
tack Agua Prieta. Sonora. opposite
Douglas. Ariz.. regardless of any con
sequences or effect from the United
States. "If necessary, I will fight the
United States army assembled along
the border," Villa asserted.
London.-The Germans. with their
Austrian and Bulgarian allies, are
still trying to cut off the retreat of
the main Servian army, which is of
fering spirited resistance as it re
tires. While Field Marshal von Mack
ensen's force advances slowly from
the north, the Austrians have crossed
the western border of Servia south
of Vishegrad and are moving east
ward, and the Bulgarians are march
lag westward on a wide front from
Pirot, southeast of Nish, to Zajecar.
It is a long way across, and the
country is dimcult to traverse, but the
Bervians are bound to defend it as,
long as possible, as their great ar
senal at Kraguyevats is situated iq
this area, and they doubtless will
hold on with the hope of making an
eventual retirement in the mountains
along the Montenegrin frontier. and
in that country.
To forestall this the Austrians also
are attacking in Montenegro, but have
made little progress, as the Montene
gine under their veteran lghting
king have had' a long time to prer re
for Just such an event, and have beat
en off all attacks. In fact, the Monte
negrins hold some strong positions In
Austrian territory, out of whieh they
will have to be driven before their
awn country is invaded.
There is no change in the southern
area of Servia so far asu knwn. A re
port that Uskub has been recaptured
is not conirmed. The French, how.
ever, claim to have cleared the Bul
garians out of the Veles district.
This, if true, would render Uskub an
nsafe place for the invaders, In the
opinion of military men.
Through the lake district, I 'ween
Drinsk and Sventsyany. the Russians
are steadily advancing and are ap
proaching the Vllna-Dvinsky Railway.
In the south they also continue har
ryinlg the AustroGermans by frequent
thrusts. Emperor Nicholas and his
son are vistin Gen. IvanoR l In this
As the Germans are reported to
have sent a part of Gen. von Linsin
ena's army from this region to the
Roomania frontler to guard agalnst
a Roumanian attack on Field Mar
shal vo Mackenseans forces in 8er
ris, Important events are looked for
aln the 8tyr and in Galicia.
Gean. Jofre, the French commander
Inchief, has arrived in England. He
bad a lo conferenee with Earl
Kitchener, and also visited other min
Villalat Kill American,
Jerseyville, IlL--Isaac R. Ely of this
ity was shot and killed by Villa fol
lowaer at Ebano, Mexico. May '° last,
acording to messages received by the
relartive of Mr. Ely here. The fate
rt a son and a daughter have not yet
been learned, although investigation
by the Mexican consul at St Loouis
as been in progress several motha
To Keep Fewr Stamps.
Washington.-Postolee butrlaries
have been so numerous of late that
sa order went forth to all postmuasters,
encept of the first class to keep on
and a smaller number of stamps and
ather papers of a commerecal value,
sad to guard them more careMtlly.
Red Crea Must Prepare.
New York.-Miss Mabel T. Board
a-, chaiermea of the Board of Direc
ors of the American Red Gross, was
i New York to arrange for a meetUng
ere December 9) to consider the pre.
paredness of the Red Cross.
Cotton is Coming klak.
Washington.-An enormous lb.
rease n cotton exports durlng ep
ember wu as shown by statistles as
jomnead by the Bresu o a orell snd
Domestic Commerce.
Thousands of Spectators Witnessed
First Shots of Battle Apparently
Fired at Carranza Spy Who
Had Escaped From Lines.
Douglas, Ariz.-Gen. Francisco Villa
began moving his troops Into position
for an attack on Agua Prieta. Sonora.
apposite here, regardless, he person
ally declared, of any consequences or
effects from the United States.
"If necessary, I will fight the Unit
ed States army assembled along the
border," Villa asserted, after hearing
that the American government bad
given permission for Carranza to
transport troops from Eagle Pass.
Tex., to reinforce the garrison at
Agua Prieta.
"Agua Prieta will be mine," be as
serted, "Americans or no Americans."
Col. Florencio Diaz, commanding
approximately 1.500 cavalry, preceded
the invaders at the Gallardo ranch and
halted his forces just beyond range
of the guns of Gen. P. Elias Calle,r.
Carranza commander at Agua Prleta.
Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Davis, com
manding United States troops ena
trenched near the Mexican line, made
a careful inspection of his men. He
also kept a close watch of the Mex
ican military movements, plainly to
be seen from the American side of
the border.
Thousands of spectators witnessed
during the first firing Incident to the
expected attack. A horseman belier
ed to have been a Carransa spy sud
denly broke away from the Villa col
umn and raced for his life from a
shower of bullets for the beleaguered
Mexican town.
Several of the Villa soldiers west
in pursuit, dring as they rode, but the
man reached Agua Prieta apparentlt
Busines Preparedness.
New York.-James A. Ferrel. pee
iduet of the United States Steel Cse
poration and chairman of the Natise
as rorelgs Trade Council, iumned a
call to busine mea to attend the
third national fordm trade convesm
tios to be held at New Orlesas Ja
nary 27 to 29. He sid that "commor
ciai preparedness" will be the slogan
of the conventiols
New Gun Wings Fiiers.
New York.-One reason why the
aircraft of the nations of the estate
are not now making so may attessa
upon German cities us heretonre is
that the Germans have Invested a
new anti-aircraft Sun with an seacrate
range of more than 10,000 teet, s
eording to Ueat. Paul B. H. Artis el
the British army aviation corps.
Jap Committee to U. S.
Tokia.-Baron Snibusawa, seou
mist and banker, accompanied by Me
teuada Zumoto, proprietor of the To
kio Times, and others sailed as the
Shlayo Maru for a tour of Amaris
to investigate conditiosu among the
Japanese and to promote friemdship
between the United sitates and Jaw.l
Dreyfus Nephew Killed.
Paris.-Lleuteasat Emil. reys,
nephew of Alfred DIreys, has bees
kied in action with his regtmest
the 'l'hirty-secoad artillery. Althogh
only 24 years old, ieatesast Dreyth
had won the military cross of the la
gison ot Honor.
Rliss PFe British.
St. Lods.-Negotiations for the
erection of a big war multias plas,
the initial contract of which 1will be
for $20,000,000 worth of riSe for the
British army, have besn in progre
here several weeks and are os the
verge of a successful termlnalst.
A Lid Fe Card Clubs,
Chicago.--Uamblla amoug womes
is to be stamped out in Chicago Chief
of Police Healey anouneed, after
raids had beeun made oe socaUlled car
clubs, where admlttane fees ranging
from 50 cets to $1 are charged and
where prlises are awarded.
Londen Refutes Charguq
London.-lt is oefficially stated tt
the papers relating to the case of Miss
Caved were published eutly as they
were received from the Americas
embassy, and, of cour4e, after the coa
sent of the American embassy had
been obtained.
Length of Life Grows.
Chicago.-Withln the lat 2S yeau
the aversage iength of man's life has
been increased 10 ears, accordiag to
Dr. Victor C. Vauglhn, dean of the
medical department of the University
of Michigan, one of the speakers here
before the Central States Catforesee
oa Problems of Soeial Hygnae.
British Sink Pr More.
Petrograd.-Brith s hmariuas hnv
sunk four more Germs steumehes L4
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