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IO l REE Il:,')S., i'ublilher4 T. I . ,I I .tll . T Ii1 4. I'.tilI, l. L ,1",1 IN 1. S, TI II V. 1111 i. 1!1;t X1 11 II
sgision Was Made .n Ex
Ngon, In Iis Kncwn Ma
dtate OfQfica:s Voted
For Syndicate.
of three to to* ' ar
of the state .: "~: I!
agencies .
distrLts to n - "i.''
banks, wisn. ': .r.'"r ,d r a
for al of the ir, at .:
ohe award was i;..i a;'",r
Jd been in -xc u'.;. -
geerel haurs.
syndica':'. :'
gsanew men :b.r. !.r . Ir
Bank of -!. r %,- t"' .
the start futlr. t
g31-2 per cent T1"«.".
entered ind:vxi' :ah:l .
1l of the concr.ssicu:al di-
rlaverage f ,. h:,
1d 4 per cen'. I'!L, l:d
gecd separatelv. : ', ~ .r.
alicate asked for all ,f
a ne.
" ision was mfade :n
- it is kr:. .n that
Seerretaryv f '.aTi
l t urer Sn:'!: vo' td
while Colonel I'!'as
ifto r ('apedville l oted
zt Beaker Thonias and Lie.u
r Barret reciised t;i.ii
i tin which they were in
sllng submitted bids.
Oalher, of Lake Charles. a
physiclan, has been found
tIk District Court of pranc
without a license. Iftc
a writ of error to the Sil
dharging tne application
9 the law of 1914 ta.s er
It farther that the law is
Gallaher treated
. fSulphur. for appendicl
tlliag the spine, and mat
the region of the appendix.
perated on later by a ph:v
hem River Lumber Com
i s Ridder through Manac.,r
tthe contract for the eree
SI1L400 store and otfie, .
i L built on the site of the
isM and store building The
leseral offices will be lo
Itgrond floor, while store
Ut a Neat market will take
e on the frst floor.
ldatlr, aged 76. a promi
f the Third ward, resid
l Vermillion, near Abb.
at his home. He enjoyed
of being the talIlst
sTe~llron parish. standine
ba his stocking feet. ant
fed6erte veteran. Hl is
by hsl widow and several
t ard asse bling In
* rilitturing plants in
" Ight manufacture mu
SIs the event of tlhe
U laging in conflict.
bat local committr ~
eati tli'hennr soCirties I
sI uIeh an inventory in
Cort annulled as un
t* ImlOisana sugar re
act of 1915 The
ti to have been aimed
8tUar Reflnln Corm
e talidity of the law was
h Dlckasa is seeking vol
l WWtttn~t as Shreve
to I conferene of the
. itoton cougress on
--aah and Efficiency."
is Wuhinugton. May 2 to I
' cailsts put out a
rsh otllbs, West c'ar- i
toneSoe1llst candida- o,
Scandidat~e Th" -
hni c o the peacr In
Vthe spelling cntewt
- e High School has
The school ch.:dr.,
bl, three grouPs. tw.e'
ioe. fort ,in groupi
ae i group thre. at-.
m Io lg of the school
-a•t for the huiiding of
+bl se or fo anr ,
l Brother+, local con
I CO  ipleted by No
meenttlngs which h,- anr
Church at DI, I,,¢.,
r a e l Still in progr,. s
bau about aeventy.flve.
-bib chlh. rhPastor Roney
r' . - ,,o.rs o),f " .. ',. :, r: :
No : j r it . ard " - !
. .; , .r! " . , t ~ . . t : o f ý!. .
l- :,. a s2, : . r T o a.' -. a ' VI.
ir, 1 ,- .r,. ! ; . 1 r:,r of ? . - '. i'. :
0 *. .- is : i +. ,, a
I i " ,'). , .-:i ',o , of ,. .. ,.. !
': "r ' ' f ril l , . . r :! '. ";
.i" ,i . i .-' r u, 111 . r.."e . ",.
was pa-.,d ia-kin t;i- :'. i*" i r,,:trl to
Pa:t li-t . :i1 an tlr: ·l'iirural ,l,` plr'ml ntn
of i'a- It f iti, "  ,it rwl y
,r1 I. and " *i*' a' h il : iof
I at F:-" - .-rii d T !. Iip""r
r.,+ p t, t \Ias acihor.' ,l td pirit a-Is
a striop"r'nf mac hn I' t n or fi r1. ::''" ra
tion purpo-'. s rI O board .ic-,.l to,
pay for one--<iV!i of the f.-r'ill, r
'la-'se on school lands wher, .- i-ri
pounds ,, r acre
The l.ouq-iana State Boar of lHtal-'
ha' appoiinted R. .Mil.s Brooks on
N.'w Orl, ans and Reynold Mi W:
Itams of Monroe to mnake a mol,-uir it
surveiy of the sat, unier thi . d.r,'r
tln of Mr l.a l'rinr. The ' uni
w ill h.'rn in New ( )rlean. but it is
int. ndld that it -hall erabrace theo eIn
tirto state tefore the ork is i,,m
pl,-td . " t I i' '. rvevy 1 rco .:id",r, d if
Ih,' flrst I'llpcrtance by t!:,)t. 1"irt+.
ested in tho t l veimenit for I,,,,,r
h*ealth. and it i- in i nded to mak.- it
as complete' as poiis.sible.
The c:ty of V'rowlov. in k,-'p!nt
with the rput;i:'i:on of oning ',h, ii" -
lio'-t cilty hb-t ..n Ni'w (i rl.-a:n-- anl1
ii n r a nil n lr, is b)ll. ,tini1 n-wt "tr"',"-
beauttll yin its parks andt ildeat tiks.
The nmerchants and t!ie publi, ..t,:
+ag;iues agI pirotl intll an +ls: dtal
R,-dpath i "ha.u' au ua. "T'lIe + lt ( %
thoin "it rang ii rate' w ith laritiau;i.
fltai -s. bannors and p.'ndt-nts Sp'.- ta!
It llumination of Crowley's groat l':'
way and theo tort wtidows are be-Itg
pr-par id.
'Ceorre W il!it a -on. ti'ac' -er of bhol
niyv in the Nornmal SIhool at N:r,';s
trhoes. narrow ly i'cape io lnoiin . !,v
life wlih n th.' tloorinie fn his hi'k
gall,+ry gave away with him and p"tr
epitattd himnt in alln ue r'rLrlnrd is
tern nearly till'!d a t!: water Wh-er.
,l:-covered and resried Ilaitr h waRi
Ibrnt ille In the interest of good
rioadus. Judge J. E. lteynolds of Ar
adtia was l elected chairman. onstd
iratble interest was shown. about four
hundred boeing presenrt at the meeting
which was addressed by J Paul Jones.
t. O Ci:ngsworth. Ed R. Lee and
others. The next meoting will be
hed at Arcadia.
Preparations are being made for
the May day (esttval at New Orleans
which will be Shakespearean In every
detail Instead of . May queen.
Queen Elizabeth. the queen of Shakes
peare ' time. sill be represented by
MIsi Katherine l'hares and there wIll
be lords and ladies tn Eltiabethian
costumes in attendance.
Bids on the $40.i0i bonds, to be
floated at Crowley for electric light
and waterworks improvements.. will
to advertised adrain. The Rudolph
K'aybolte r·~ okerare omnpany. of ('In
rinna'tl, was the only bidder for thei
honds, and the offer was not conralrd
erond attractive tnough to warrant ac
c* p'arttc o
Announcement tas been made of
p'ar." of r ,pr.'s ,ntati ve oil operators.
tIpply agont'. gas men and others
ha- irz to do w'h\ development in the
Ntr'h iL.ouisiana $i-l' 'a hold a "et
',it.,'her banqruet May 24 at Sirove
pir' ftr th pitrps-s of ftrr'It'r cement
Ii ' "'. : r.., cn of un:on and good fel
Carrt.ng out his promise. Mayor
Itirn~-a:: gavy- an answer to 'he jlt
nty o ",:rs and drivrs. Tht mtayor
toid t or, ttt,, ciity would tako no
tc' on :iat:nst them for thi.rty days.
i,'ving ?t.h1n: totne to arrange w:'a'ever
steps they may lake to gt titi'ir ap
peal into t!:, United States court.
On:r: i :ncrease of expenses of
all part-1t -i.l-oIs. and shortage of
funos. it is probable that Slidell may
no' n.aintain its high school after the
present term.
,''. .4 J
"t. V f 1L
' -ý - ..a f3 ... 1 p ~ ~ 9'- "r
e< airv Ub Aznerican exp-SL m~~ar-v forc.e izu Mle:Cu w',feriu: Ut r Lrr.t 41.. .& w.jr~a rcbt tLX..[
~I sIa P '4
El Paso. T.x - A :r )port has 1,".,r
received hor. th ..t ,' .-! li.tb!' .,:
van, "d d, aval:"y ,t. m un n: h.d an *
aemi~lmn' sv-ra da:i, al m : n! .
not :::d at,.,it «h .:",r '1,- ,U "a, wiv.
-wl'lh Vila ban': ts or %w:':i
T!: :nforlma',,n r r..lf, !-:"
t.- (..n: Iii a ; .r"A'. 0
gay, no mn torit ,t::1 a ` ' t !:.. .
itn ac. tr."n " or, 'mrr, d. .\ ,..: , ,' ! d
tac-'h in's of Cohlonl 1,,!,:'5 , av'.d't:.
rr-entnly havy,, b,.n op; r:!',r:n in a !;r!
ited zone just north tf Sat, vo. Th, s
deta, hnlunts ar L s-our:in th- 'o'::"r.
for V:ila landits.
()tli'cals of the do facto covrrnn:.nt
were optill<tli in the- bel.r-f that "h.
confrn.,. i of ";.-nerals oIlr.-ion and
Scott will r'esult in a satif:r , 'ory ,lan
S wh. r, y}- p, a e.ful conlt:lr o1s r:l y I ,.
main:'aned aRlin th," h1,rd.,r i',nd T
ing the confe.re.,nc. t!hl,, a;i.sr .n
lines of comnl;on, i n of the- .\A!:"
ican army in M x.. o areh. I.n;
strengthened for any .v, ntualim.
U. S. Flyer is Injured.
San .\,::io. irx - .i l or aero
plane aas : recked.t. in0e u: is ,ccu
pants s.uclihtly injried in a fall wesl
of i hiiual!:ua. accordFinig to a repr'
receivred by G;eneral Fn-;t in. i.iu
ti'niants 1il:'s and I)arcu+' \were e'
turn-ed from i 'ii;luahua to th, Ani'ri
can lin. w;i:,rn tlio accilent iocc'rr, t
I Wills' head was intjur'd and on. I1
his ankles ýprain,"dl. T'! vy wal ked rr
San .\n;onio T!hy d,-'rv,,id a hal
was left of the ima( lirne.
Ford Much Interested.
New York -He.nry Ford announced
here that if Lo, : Enrz it's ,!is'overy
of a fluid for fm)':ve powir. f:.- l mN ,as
tired up to lt- inv ,ntor . cl.claims r.
would buy fr.rn frmuht outrii:h'. IH
conferred wE.: Inricht. lt sa.d nc
test was mnia.d of th!:' m;x'tri, of a
green powdr anil wa'er which En
right contcndI, may br used as a sub.
stitute for cgasoline.
General Electric Busy.
New hork.-Exclusive of the spe
clal war munitions b:siiness which
amount ed to $:.!t9x.0o00) hi, valuo of
the orders for electrical apparatus
and devices booked by the ;",.nral
Electric Company during 191:. ac
cording to the annual r.por:. was
5$9S,:t3.591. an increase of $14.tl6;.
370; or 17 per cent over the previous
British Gain in Egypt.
London.-Fight:ng has been resumed
In Egypt. where several British suc
cPsses have been reported recertly,
An official statement says two en.
gagements occurred in the Quatia
district. The British repulsed one at.
tack at Dueider. but a small force
holding the village of Quatia was com
pelled to withdraw after a sharp fight.
Favor Wilson's Stand.
Santiaco. ('hile.--The lI;;rto) llus
trado. commenting upon 'he situation
between the United States and Ger
many. predicts a certa:n rupture of
relations. The newspaper adds 'hat
President Wi:son is proceedlng in ac.
cordance with  dominat:ng opinion
whichicondemns Genrman procedure."
Report British Losses.
('onstantlnoplie.-Th IBriish loes tn
the battle on the right bank of the
Ticris in Mesopotamia on April 17
was more than 4.0,,, killed and wound
ed. according to an otcial statement
by the War Offic.
Oil Leases on Block.
Tulsa. Okla.--H-1is'ory in the oil
world was made at Pawhuska when
105 oil leases were sold at public afiic
tion to oil operators from all parts
of the country. Several million dol
lars was paid for leases, mnany of
which brought real bargain prices.
Town Almost Wiped Out.
Portsmouth. Ohio. - Fire almost
wholly destroyed the town of Otway.
seat of Siloto county's tobacco in
dustry, causing a loss of $150.000.
Three MII on a Year For" Revetment
and $6.000.000 For Lire Work Pro
'-ded W.th an Emererncy Fund -
of $1.000.000.
Wa' .;ngtin --. -:: ..r .I:pr.v,-
n p- pr -'v I 0, f, in a bl., 1.;r0. thil
repor'ed to ti:. I u- bti ' o ti-'. i
'introl ntrt!n .t.,. I' atppr rli'
T45.'.unn,.,t.,,, t',r :h. .l:-s:-. op: ', ",
h I, Ittln! f ir 'li S,l(ra':,-e itt) * .i l) ,-r
'.ork 'diring the ti.. -- ar pr.,ii
T"1:P n:n. a-!Ir,, ini ak,. h:, prt ir ,,.
for a f-,e ral water ',iv. tlf t 1..
uit-21h a stecial cabin-' ,-mIiit2:tt..e
.r nin(' ."' ld shP oulld bC . ihrn;tl:  .(ll " T,
ti;stri uti :t: i;p rnorlac '·, ar,' id si,:p r
v:"- it -;t' -in ent wa(r I' :".,- -ad
t!:th t tli: prop-,sal II.ý!lt b- c n.vid
r.t-dl ir.-pe'nd.ntl- lyv iv th!e, t- .:ni ntt..
irI sno more t t-' ::.;r..hen-.
of lat1erviax s con trol be ~'ork,,dt out
hi' -r.
Thre onmrn:',;" ,i opinlIhn. the report.
says.l thl.; S o n.a n.,1 al nnl :itll-y -h lidi,
he spent for r.tt. ment and $6.
Sanniia.vl for I.v.,' construct:an. To
fi'i : t at:l t ;he ra ·n, llfltt le adt $1.11i
.o a..na'ly a- an .Torron,-v ftlund to
'ake cr, re of any t cani:lparti aotins' a
i d n'!:t I ncl ' li .ve to be mil,-.
The report saw- that one of the
low.r river p-,en:ms for maIny rears
has h.e-n pre-ented by the .\t!afalaya
on-tle'. -tntd that hr dlvorinrg It frm
'he Mist-s:ppt river approximna'ely
1.5.'o'.' or-r' car he prot,.etdl from
'he Mn-- sippi r:v.-r flIood. lbut that
this . :lT nr. os's ito in'r-asineI t' '
crade anti ' , 'i n f t:- l."v-e a.loPne
'!:h M: t -as!ppi 1.-low that ottle'. and
thereby puti an ad litional buIrd.n
upon t h le\ i1 tr.t-' aff,.'i"-d New
Or()e-ans alaayvs l.t v irotisly pro
te-sted acainsr t!:.. proc. dur,. as thet
flood hle l'ts Ith, re o ild probably .',
elevatedt two feot by tho c-losure of
the Atchafalaya out .t.
The repor' point; out that since
12 the -tate.s and lower riv"er levee
board- have corntriblutetd $l o' .em for
lotvee con-' ruction.
Rich Strike in Alaska.
Fairl:anks. Alaka -Another rich
gold strike has beeoon made in Alaska.,
accord;in to repor's from the inter
ior. llundr ds of miners are stampe.
dine to lhoob and Tolstoi creeks In
the Innoko listrict, where the pay
streaks haL been found. Three r -hat'
yielding $2 to 'he cubic foot were r-,
ported from Boob creek.
Hold Two as BandFts.
San An'oni o. T.' --Two men fcv
inC: the names of : a harles and William
Brown were arrested at ('arkestilte.
T-x.. charged 'a thi ,ht' r. bbery of the
Fir-t National Bank of Marble Falls,.
i'.x.. ani t ,' nmurllder of I'ash:ier Hein
atz. on Ue'o", r 25. 191,.
$1.000.000 Cotton Fire.
Dohraur. .,a.-Sparks from a ne
ero's cabin. " h!ei ftll in the yard of
th l Gulf I'n:pr-- 'omnpanv here I
started a nre. it h ,I.t',royed the
compress :t-:d a, i' 1"K.",, bales of
cotton [ e,-; , f':c'tt cars also were
burned and siv,eral thomtsard bales of
cotton dan:'teei. The loss is estimat
ed a' ,jI.,0..,0',
Ingraham to War Office.
Washin.on -T::e Senate confirmed
William M Incraham of Portland. .1Me.,
as assistant secr,' try of war. He
will take office at once.
Farm Loan Bill Ready.
Washing'on.-A bill to es'abllsh 12
regional land mortgaze bank- as part
of the administration rural credits
legislation program, was perfected by
the house Banking ('ommittee and
will be urged for passage next week
by house leaders. n
ý tp-ir n of
1 . H.r -.t r. u t I
., r- : d. . : .u 1 0. t _ t , I i, n
1' r in . : . a i . . t : .. f r " i" i r rat
i. t \. . I. I . n I ! '. r that . t , .
" t i.'i "' , .I i ~ \ '.i. .' t" . t I: i _ -
s , .Il , ' "in " at.i!r ai n t.... er n u '
' ou' . .. r. p h rt of . i ..
tar' in p. .al . ' t appr, "l lby the
:im . trv a .ld . arTr. y, . i :i 1.
Drops Lax Churchmen.
N', t 'ar, Ik i la::ni h" w.xould 'o,
hie pl t r Iof a 'ip. r c-i:irch. " 11.-v.
i "r J. ".- i AV' . thp.l T . al .nn o inced at a
rIn. s"tig of that I n.tarv itaptist
I i.uri I t! at ..' ad Trt ckUn fruit 'tie
nl ntI er- :p rl.l 1.::::1 r)nUT ouT of a
'ota; of a nuit .:it.i iI. hIad takifn
this ' tlon. I-d ,sai,. t ai be , i'.' th - m -
,."rs driopped wp.i' not sl ii,'flr n v ac
iv.' in the cuurc :i and did not attend
r '-cu larly.
Find Igel's Code Book.
New York.--The loc u. m i'l sei hed
by federal agents wi:-n thKY' ra:, "d
the ot.h-e of Wolfe von lg"*l. gained
InT Imponrtfan thaOiglh an aIn llif iu
mIenT that anion:t thormn was a 1n 'llman
codbe book. This codi'. It is said, on
loiked valuable informni onl since
Imany of the Von le- papers are in
Saw Japs in France.
New York --Fred 'on~z n,. an im
porter. asiserted on his arrival here
aboard the Ron cham-bea that he had
T itn'es lnd ties tlTertalnnlent at Mar
s.diles two wek am'e- a of :!oof) Japan
ese soldiers. H.' did not know whi nth
Cr or not they were part of a larger
United States Invited.
Rome --rr erma r Prom ir Lilgi Luz
zatti i sued a comnmunication urging
that the United States he invited to
participate in the coming commorn rl
contfrenee in Paris of dt-leurates of
the entente allies.
For a Closed Siam. Too.
Banekok. Siam-The final prohibi
tion of public gambling in Siam has
been decided upon. The lotteries
have already been closed. and tne
gambling houses will by shut gradual
ly during the next two years.
New Withdrawal Rumor.
Torrnon. Mex.-Colonel Brown. in
Boqu.itla. i. reported here to be ar
ranging with General Luis Herrera at
Parral by telephone for the use of
the railroads to facilitate the with
drawal of the American troops.
Close Wood Pulp Plants.
Stockholm. Sweden.-A large num
ber of wood pulp factories in the north
of Sweden have been forced to shut
down on account of tile scarcity of
tonnage and the exorbitant freigh
rat-s prevailinlg.
Morgenthau Quits Post.
Was::,n ,on.-Hlenry Morgenthau.
American ambassador to Turkey, has
tendered his resignation to President
Wilson and it probably will be Sc
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Manufact;t r r, of
Boilers, Smokestacks,
Breechings and Tanks
In 'tc(k for hIn .t .. i< ....nt
Boiler Tl'... .l'::f . ' i ! " " ' - . ':
W ire, Tu!., E:..: -. ( . : ::-. ':- '.
Steel . .t., Ti . - . St
Steel l'lang..v. V:' - :,: . :
"Repair Work and Satisyint
Service our LongSut"
Phone 765
Have Your Money in Our Hank and
Pay Your Bills With Checks
1st. It is convenient. 4th. It re, uirc: no change.
2d. It avoids keeping 5th. It gives you a business
receipts. air.
Sd. It pleas-s the receiver. 6th. It establishes a credit.
7th. It gives you a financial standing.
You Are Not Already Trading With Us, Phone Your Next
Order to Number 21 and Give Us a Trial. Agent
For Richelieu Pure Food Groceries.
, The Best and Not the Cheapest Is Our Motto
Dealer in
Headquarters for Good Things to Eat
Call Telephone 101 For
Pressing, Scrubbing & Mending
"We Give You Service"
Tallulah Pressing Shop
O. A. HINTON, Proprietor
"p110BT011'S IISIIEIIT 'IP -
Shoult be Irvem the beet tresmliu I
prepare them for auccega t bala.h
/ YOR / igheet Cor ears, Net facitttes.  -
-- rsa aotrnuction. Free Smpl-I
Departmet. Complete College em,
CJole Store uad WLoleeale Oeee.
merem eeetatioue to aemse at
dd entThrough the euceeeo of ita
or4000 eomr stdeata. Seul. Colleg
o Jseog;crsed e-ry· 4* as a WldqI
You Don't Need a Town Crier
S to emphasize the merits of your business or an
nounce your special sales. A straight story told in
a straight way to the readers of this paper will
quickly reach the ears of the thoughtful, intelligent
buying public, the people who have the money in
their pockets, and the people who listen to reason
and not noise. Our books. will show you a hst of
the kind of people you appeal to. Call and see them at this ofce.
Good hard
American dol
t.ar grow on the
THS g tree.
and brbg ra tat th-urses houa a yoo we
lm an for L' ""a 7" is r, ,:r enein m 0 to DS.
InvtWoas we bo* the lmtIet ery l$. I -w.44
eno d do beet t- IUeme ma at ti"

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