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The Madison journal. (Tallulah, Madison Parish, La.) 1888-current, May 13, 1916, Image 1

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Ii.T I F!: A, ', li ,.r T I .i.I 1.111. M 11I 1 1 1 . IX !1,\ \ , ; ,\, ,."
TION TO R _?. ;; 13M
Loulsn.5a ." 4Ae
Way Respors -
and Increase .- 3
W ould B e ~"- a
, aa Ra. :
down s:i
n of
aid ShorI-. :
f from $ 1 r "
iu ssion t)o ; "
which wt.- -
fraperid : : \
J5 the L7u": 2
to interstat e a ::;'; '
tll July 1 ::
by the in ,r-e . ,i , , m
asl in as --' -. - " i
sg tmitgate' '' ' ,
shippers to : .. . . a.
Ives of ti. \."v e tro
Burea and ' . ;.r· L
r o f C o mn :: , r . . p " 1, ,
Increase at a :.:r..r; ,on
ullie was held :. e e:
They argued t:.itt -ilpp 
WPre not , ' , l.i.l "n
1m the car hsliort.g. a.ind tel
emurrage vhar:z" wiul1
burden on t::nm.
ming defP at of Thomrn
in the ,Democrat:c pri
the prohibition :!set. anil
of many n.w« pap-~r<
e1ýgrtag with liquor >;:.t
llt time are to be made '"ne
a eaicurrent resniur;on dI
all liquor legi~latioin
has come from a numn'er
country members but av
the approvat nor th,
of the city delegat:on. The
sts are not ,i.tp,)se'i
tahiad such a re-.hl ;t:on :nkl
a Aht which m:hbt be C.
at the same time would like
arrangement nia(di whter,
at not have, Ir) be ,on
b'lalDg down wild-.at an:i
at Ua sorts.
I bill to construct a ife
e0 the LouIsiana noast
bay has passed the
aurding to word jst re.
It llew Orleans by I '.ptain
lhrvey. Believing 'hat tihe
pa the Senate. C'aptain
akal has gathered data
w l of use in aeler!:nt the
 dlag the station in a most
position in the sax int of
Thbill will be loIoked a.tier in
at Represe-ntatr;ves by
M question of deep wate'r
Charles Is still in ahevancr.
asnference with rtov'rnm:nnt
ai a trip to Sahine I'- =s.
eI Commere i;; haI'I -
"lsh the project to have the,
4"i to the Sabine ever
t au feet. with a channel
liE. The cost of the work
at 34,000. and a greathly
tsnae hu been promised
ilvam which are now u.
only to a limited erent
.f its sboal water.
I compilation of New
Cnlltry of the practlcally
sl5feved by Parker and
Parker Pleasant
.......... 14.507 25..,.s
. *....... 34.667 5.i :7
......... 49,174 '.
aority ........ .: '.2
I McBmrney. one of t.h
of Welch has re
three thousand had
thLs Sad adjoinm par!sh.
s ahii to a nirm in ,k:a
the next few m;nt;ls.
SIDemaocratic Executtrr
It in Jenningns and tlet
to the state Democrate
which meets in Bar ,n
ly 23. for elecrinr dere
tatL ional conv*n'icn.
o the American citi·
Sasion at Nw Or',.ar.;.
ithe on July 1 a 2.3,
SAve-siix bonds. wh;, i
school elect;on held at
the purpose of :sSi;ng
samount of $19.0O0 . bu2l
I bullding carr1id. h
40 for and 4 aCa:nst
uasesed S2 t.6id Ior and
Pariah authontlis r.. n
the dipping law of t par
in the New Ibe-rlai
'hen ten out of fifteen vo-,
i __m Parlsh ordinance
i Sat td inndb
. . n ... . . .. ..
1l a 4 . 1'e', s .i . ,e, ,e .
" : 10" . :. ;L ' '. :..
S or . r.-'a parsh,,.^
: * n  ' . , "  n ..i. a.
.. l ; .- l '" Pi. .rm n..,r n . Dui0
n F!.:r'i i \1 c T. toi- e .::'. t at
- '. .. f m or': , a l ' l" ". " , , p j n
:,rn of ith n 'a ,. in: : b 're
,ý ;11 1 "" " 1 : .' .1a " t . - i , "L
"'t " , r o m n, ,:"- ":.' . in ,: . ' oe.
r i. -es h ,- n;> ";,. pr'"i. ... Inl -t,,' i a
, f '::.* "ii , .' hi- " ad': n bo - .i,
;on -. of , 1r"  ." ' a i , " t:: h):= ltýI
:nun , l d ronltm. n t.[osodI in',:. " , *'Ioe
:n '!I afternoon.
1 hanidsom piPee of tfurniI':r,, i
mahogany l5rk. said ") hoe on( hitn.
Irt vyears ,ld. !S of X'vhi' :,tn inl
.!:,w ',ldow at c i Har',man &
424. store. Troai stro,,". .iprt'vopnrt.
,ndT ., ,tt'ain'rn .Ite nn T'on " t' . desk.
1:< h it bPautiifl :v r i'rv,'!. . ias h 'ln
"",bll' atnd rohn :"hid h" <a-m Brown.
a ,;abin,'t timsl:;'r. of ?4,11 T,''zai "it'
li'. i n irn:- '":: l!'tod ." {.iar'l"
man & t';, T"h ,Isk i< nmtorur =al,.
hu" s ,n ,ispn a. t' o 'u =pl,'l v .1--mon
stra'. t i cl(' 'as of ,irk i .n ! rn
:n .,i:r,,v'"pt)rt.
Tlo I.o!isilant 4e'ni li :.)r t:i.' eat
:it i':',n R uiiz' wa ll ,is," for : -
-inn in Fridav. 1May 19 ln 1r::: ,l.I"
,im ! , o th or,. irr'tn:.t-.. .i:l moat4
a ! loavP for th ir hom-. Thnr- av':
hE an ex, i thion a lay or twivo h,'fore
"'Io clo) inln . lviin v Si: or s in ',':i of
chat th.i ;chool has been striv'ne 'o
:ac'onplilsh. Par-nts ar,- .arn"stly rt
,141"' '.d to forward railrnad fa-,P .rnd
other exp(4ses at ones to W 9
I folns,"4. supe'rlntndent.
.Aent< rrpt.,'ntine larg, np-or in
tporst:s of Pennsylvania. who hats
hen it Now Therta several datys tnk
;n nver ,ie Inl,:al Uitllatlln ,ith .t! ,
_,tarv P,"rnard of the c'h:!i4;mbr if
4'omml-rt". have rotl'rnod Nor'!. 'hi
prouports being that I th,'ir pap-or upip
,.ompa4'n w'th its allid, itnr r,·n4r , 1
-onn arrann e for a fact,ory .st4 on
wh!ih :Ill be built a fac:tnr of :ar,-.
capaci, ?v
Emile' . Tallipn. first assistant '"
'hto ate Robert Landrv. clerk of thil
L.Oiitainl HRonslle of Represent'anlve.
left Natchinocheh for New Or!oan< anO
from which place he will no to Haton
Roule in order to make preparati:on
for o openltn of the so~sion of the
I.letslatulre He is a candlda'e for
clerk of the Holse and with the suD
port promised him. expects to land
'ho pla(ce.
nocalu.a branded timher i, being
used in n he five strlc'tures tinder erce
lion in c'hicago for the Otis qta:e.
The material used tntal' 65..n00 f-et
and Is gvng satpisfaction to the
ion;ractors and is admired by all who
know fine lumber when they see it.
Farm work near Hacklev is hbein
pushed 'o the limit. Most farmers
i.ave practica!ly filnished plant:nK.
A!hilt i0 per cent mnore cotton te
pi:in',,! than was last year The
:a-r';trng ,f corn Is not as large as
last year
\, :a ""·sllt of a recent plect:on at
Str''sl 2'. 'e road and school tax
were ibotnh carried withut a dissent
•ni ve,' This commrniiirtV w:!1l soon
a. a tw br'-k school bu:hding and
.iI-o a cravo!'d road.
Pr W\r'Lht of .MTrmen',au s.ld
2; i:.es f " uep Rose, rito at the
b:ner p;r:' of $4 42 a. barrel.
;.t and oil h;ave appeared in tle
n,,v ,Morse oil w-l near Esterwood.
T',' narriih :1(o1001 super nttndient.
RV i. 1rs-ot,'l . ,ini RI. L" , Ha , k. !ns
'nti plal(n ar' under way 'o 'ontlinue
thie na ct sc.:ool. niakini ":e '"rm a
'-t in a v. e louir'shlng oen,:'i:n and
:,, '.-: ,a:i,, has been largl-.
w!li.i :Ls ,,rer'dI mor, than thl:ry
y":rat aco. s being raze(l to the
ground. as tlhe place where it standa
a. been dedicated to the tpublicpk I
y i
Tru n .-- . .__,__,,,,
- . " .
seil'it:nz stpl:!1; ;:nal'. f, r tho night
fi+e!d 'ioad;uar'er-. N -:ar N. n:,i:il.
p.. by .:," l.ss to o'nilmius. N .i
A f'il se .hdrun if -: n :u. , f "'f
- ,)lev.nth i . valry ,lrprint-i and rcu;t:,n
a much larger foro of Vill; b;ani'i
at ()Jo-Azule.. 17 mil, .- ou'!h of )'1.s:
:iirach;'. F'or v-two 1 x;c.an' s wr
ki!,d and a nulmlhr 'iilmnded. Tr!.re
worer no krf i nori':aiu r-nii.a
The American ,.ommIland, . 11n41."
,I:ºl Roher' L.. I[,iw ',-. .:ad ben li'"
s ingu . ' handi:t- ind'r ;ens 1'r.z
I)*;rngiu .. and ,tli:o .At'-ia. for .""v
oral Iaa'.~ - . ::i "iv n, n ,l rll ."i "'::.:m
en'carpt.d in t. :uiddled ado'). ;Iai
of I ) ':l'. s
The Mx ""ans wi-r"' iomple'ol-v ;r
pri-.ed anI slpra:in from ih-ir pal.t
alf !nth-d. Af',-r ti-'nr a fw ni m ai
'diots th, 1P" L'II ilL':,t. I; f mIn
;ilf';n,_ for his own i-, t' t i S lom, of
'hom ,.ver," a oll,, ,itt ,+, ,:I,,ir l)or, .
a. re-ady adIed from :a hard day' r,',l,
previtot'v hiut others d :nto 'ho
,ilIls afoot.
Mai. l "~te rported he st:lI was
pllr-l:ne 'i", 'ca'tt' red rcnmnant of
th!e band. whilh ia "., lar,,st remain
in' )r.d..-r h"! :' V !a st:sndar,. T"
lie! I .'* the hand is 'Ile sameas l i a
dof.a:t'oi at Torit, hic Apr:l by ,',)I.
'oddid'.  rnimand.
i"rt'.:r reports from lia;. liwo
ct:º , 'ha ,n. Ant1 nto inl.e,'i ":is
killed. 1!. Wa'l :a relai.vo of F-'oi!pe
.An tl,"' . he form er 'ont:i hin' , `;!'9 .
wo,, was ,n-,,e nelntilnedt for tho pros
ldonev of MIreco. and who is now
living near il:1 Paso.
Th.. IHow :,P columnn struck '., hand
of M ,'x;ans near Ojo- \X U,< after ain
all-o:28t crss-country ride. at 1- 43
,'lok in the mornine. More ':ian
.-0 of t:he fultriV.s were rond.,! ip
by .\n1iricans after 'IPe .nL:acemeni .
Th, colulmn had marehed 1l; m:les t
throughl the moulntailns dur.inz 'ne
night and attacked witho!lt restine
either mien or horses. I' ,ein-ste:'.d of
six picked 'roops of the Elevlnth c'ar
alry and one machine gun detachment.
Order 90.000 On Strike.
New York -In retaliation for th!
lockolut of 6ilc.000i workers on women os
garments by the Manufacturer," Pro.
tPetive Ays\snocation. the International
Ladies' Garment Workers' Union or
dered a strke of all its members in
this city It is estimated the order
will affect 2.0)00 shops and 90.000 mem
Methodists For Peace.
Saratoea Spring'. N. Y - \<~larances
that Methodists of lh T'ni'.td .taons
were in sympathy with Pre:ldnt W- '
son's efforts to keep the Unlte"d Sta-s '
from hecomin.z involved 'n '.;o Euro
pean was was voiced here by h. :op
Earl Cranston of Washing':nm.
Where America Leads.
Washilng'on. -Tablhs -, ,on 'o, be Is
sued by the BIuireau if F,.r.in and
Domestic c'omnlimrc' will hilow 'hi;
country stands tirst amonlt "'h nations
In output of coa;. iron and steel. cop
per. petroleum and silver I: leads.
too. in the produllc'ion of cr'(en. corn.
wneat. oa's. apples. ilay ar.d tobacco
Strikers Storm Plants.
P:'RshuritCh. Pa. - Angered beau-e
workmen refused to join 'he:r rink=.
5..11,, str:kmn. employ-s of tho W,-- -
inghlouse plants frcibly -n, ret tneo
tn-1l" of four hi:: e-io" c', pIr -:"es ,
Rank:n and ,rahlelock, atta'k-d em
picY.st :andt call',ti property .lalmae
amo)unt:i: 'o several hundrd doi:ars.
Quake at Los Angeles.
Los .,nitles.-A slight earh shock a
that lasted about five seconds, oc- c
curred here. *
Three American Troopers Wounded at
Glen SpringsOne Civil;an Miss
,ng-New Expedition Wtil Start
From El Paso For Bandits.
.1aris iI. Texii -T oe i'iol:nhtsI
rat. A as ropeat',d Iih former I arran
i.::l st il:-r- at (Lel n Sprinlt. . "3
' i l to I':I oif 11,L'.i :,n. T-xas. and
mnilos norlh of ,il-- hi~r.lr Thr.o
emlbl)i rs of Tr-'p, .. F' Ir'-I1th I i :nV
al!rv. mid onol, .... l: 1'.":a 7n'" k.nown
".i I'.1 , 1,,,n kbitnd. T ir . :n m,.mhr5
of T om p N. ' :.t'a ,'on-t:tl',ld ".: rI
nmaindl"r of '." Crvalry dlith-iiment
wr, a nt i, e i.
.1 nrumb:r iof \mnr'mran ri:v!i:ln, are
aid to bho in.s.sn. frorm 'h" , tri't.
Pramc'al! .!:" ameo iand of Itoxi
,:ln- appoard at o rt,i of .1
,i+, rit . wvh:ih :.; :a o It' irei of n up
pi:-,s !or i ,ma:' ..m:n:n n ,c rT".+llCm nt :.3
mil ;- to ! nor'h. T:". -tor' was
oir -t. Dopr'wnr and i:s ,. Irk. L. Mo
'ov. wrn, matdr prison- r= aid carried
hack towards the herd-.r ThV are
both rporIrt d ' l hat'e ;.,,-n !'ll+ed.
The ra:lorn atppwarot a.;n at Pfn
lnt l!as. On f.-i \:noica 3:"d of .11
I',rdor. 11, nr i' nor f th \ra xi-c ant
'iown of o1::a:  --1 , .irWnt n. ThPa
ruitvn Iempl" -: . of .,na In- rnatlr lnal
M\t.ne+ I'orno)ny =one:r" r,,fl',, .n rt."
"rnne ' ini i ' fl-an. I ,vor, 3 ,!,f .nl n
fi nl *.'I''-S i 1 i t ii. arr : n'it. w!,'et
'h-i rlttv , Iat.!-r a-r-ai ,i-t' r,'po*n
last ' .!*e'tr t fl'r ntn
T'n - irn t ro p'r of :"'. rait' rn'n't
, id . t! -;.r.n lenstorn at il' Paso
lthro lni t! l ho r i:p , ' 'enta c i- of ! In
trna 'onali I. n to ma ' i)o," n of
fort oa-t eiln wma otan d.edaOr
* lmlvrits. lTht' ollti r Wi lis kit.d were
llart ,I and latr a iomtpl'te r eport'
wa r-corvd from .Jrinn P Denny
manarpr of the a mnalOI company.
This stated that 'hor InrPe depad sol
diers and "h- one dead civ:Ilan boy,
.ad born hr'from!; to .Tarathln on a
moor traw l k by two of the troopers
'.vho ld 'a, Me.n mortarl'v wounded
p hemselve;. The inidlers killed were
Sr:c-te- tin chn. i'ois :snd Rodfert .
W'!lln an hor aftor 'fie r.ipt of
the repnr, from Dennt i;on. Fnnston.
wmita .ithe appronval of ;n. HNugh L.
Scott. istied order for a new oxpedi
t:on to ,tar' from El Paso The train
rot away at , p. m It carried Troop
.1 and t? of T:i, Eifhth ( avalry. com
manded hr Maa. ;,.,wL', T L.anichor-n .
,apt. ;or:, WR Kirkiatre'k and
I' ont .Flamr I'. .R:'.a.
1;"-n Fins'rn ha, :,sued ordor9 that
":0' \I .:r 'forn reo- p t0siloe for t!': raid
Tlis" .' ,.pt, rod or k:!l,,,, No off
' : i :' t'. i ',ton ta n', ; o.n -',r"n o iT. i but
i : S k n i ' w n ' , S 'h l e ' o r -de r s t o n , ,
von."TaV i '-i ""t " " it .. n i. , 1.'-i i ' pirt' nit
T' adrMirn -a of T.e raid haw
' '1  rn ' a ' : . , .- t T ,ma d " h e -
-w o"n 1;"-n if'1 1 . . , " t Mn x:
ran .M:ni- r of W- )i- Tbacn could
aT v r . t a:I e n :' It-': 'n .
Not Room For All G. O. P.
,"US -Tv,.-v, °'holsad ap
pl:caT ,mrs for 'ick -t, , 'ho Rop,ubll
'a1 Yatu rl " n. ,-nion tirs Julnr 7
navo ;1i. ,a-!dv ,""""] r",'PolVra . ",I- not
E11OTm {
\~V ..: . !. . i : .. *- on ;e.:
-, - r"or_ in a::,'; / 1..a;tgr"e'd n
r." a etr .t :it.d'o' rn",d "In':. nrat . "r.
,'I t| r*-,,  cana !- "  - i n " p n
v." 'uin tor' ar v ,<f-rv ind '~e $c15- -
,o0iil.' zI.. r , runn T nlt r:i't" pla:n'
-S-atr t ia . tll' rain. ' I. rni.n. of tr -"
::tenate confer""r . a:,d 1, i . ! l(p*
that a en.d !hlp l "v.rn:uaily w\ould ht,
worked i''.
T'" I1ns' ,'onfo-r" woi!,t not
vt'd I to ": S. nat. prv:;' s f.r "'.
vol'' nter :tr"'nIv or rhit 'o'v r.n :,n tt tT
"ra'P plant.' said "a"" -!.v ,r .T. ',r"
itr a nri:llhler ,f ntitoir pin.'- :n "n.'
hill also whi,"'i are in ,di:'tcr ",. ,nt.
,ut "ho nu:n poin'< :med " '::i s far
"o he ".:- ,onlv irreiionillahi . f-alur,.
"Rpr,"nratir'" Hav has promised
'o r'-t'irn !:i n:tratr plant a tn",ndment
") thle H,'i-e for fur',h"r ins'r'·ct:ons
Hie ita'v <i' 'd. how-vor. ':at thli
Ilouse wouid nit ac'opt ihe volunteer
army an- the ý' I.nat, 'nenf-ro,- ".vi t'!
niot r-ecede In v'nw of "'1 .ipparent
impasio. Tlthe ec(mnnrnee a! ,olrnedl.
not to mnt ain,. aa:n n ff'l an "'r is
mal.de t)o LPt furth+,r :nstrt' iorns from
lno } ,11 -". 'A. \ t , not e'pl 'rtc to tak,
P "'i" ' .p < Ii t"d po in"' "nl 'ho S ,nate
ftt tlTi " r lt t r',isn ,t r "'n ' i,.rv is Tr,
'4n"9ni:i' '. Ind a ln n, !l',' ohs 9lr,:a0y10
passed on '.le su h "rr e :n r 'conn"
100 or e ltt!14
Record at Copper M nes.
W ish'l i'ln. -St:n: h'i:ad - isoa
,nrntns i"tx:r '!,manid e r pF r ler-a
fo" theni rst iamt in tie '.)er of t.he
inlustry Th,, total v- du. of the 1415
=ll""-r ,oiput olf nrimary copper was
.242.941,011. an ineras" of $90.000.
000 over 1914.
For a Citizenship Day.
Nashville. Tenn -Th,e Coll,.ee of
irshops oif '!ti Me thodist Episcopal
'mhurrh. Soithr, iot aside .oliely as,
itizenship day. when ministe.rs of 'hl
Met'hod:st Epcopal '"'roh. South.
set aside Juliv .' n:Is itiznrhip dway
when m'nistors of the donominatlon
are expected to deliver appropriate
Police Protect Workers.
hl'arvo.--T', a itr nserit s troublv
sineo the strike of :.0,n0 empinoys of
the international Harvestlr e'ompany
borkean, on euhrred wh rn police ware
-all'd ,o protect workerr from strikn
o r, Fn hucndrd str lkers wre loit
r'ne :n ho neicahborhood when the
plant i io.t 1.
Funston To Stop Arms.
ashinc'on - Special orders have e
been ncen to General Fin-ton, by See
rtary Baker instructing him to take
mill'arv prdeat:.ns to Drvent r am
m.n:Ci:in and arms from reach:ng any
ot a'rhorities of t the 'arran'a gov
Action For Indemnity.
.Neow YSrk -T':ir~v tly,. persons, rep.
rPsrnt:n. virlim. of Th German sub
marine at'ac'k upon th"i I.1l'i'ania a
year a-c. "iga< "iiro-( " 0 , o-opersa in
ar wares was declared off.
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Boilers, Smokestack ,
Breechings and Tanks
In Stock f,'r I:n:wid: it, hl ;)nno t
"Repair Work and Satisf:inq
Service our Long Suit"
Phone 76i3
Have Your Money in Our Bank and
Pay Your Bills With Checks
1st. It is convenient. 4th. It r,',: rxs no change.
2d. It avoids keeping 5th. It gives you a business
receipts. air.
Sd. It plea:es the rec.'iver. 6th. It estab;ii-hes a credit.
7th. It gives you a tinancial stan iing.
You Are Not Already Trading With Us, Phone Your Next
Order to Number 21 and Give Us a Trial. Agent
For Richelieu Pure Food Groceries.
The Best and Not the Cheapest Is Our Motto
Dealer in
Headquarters for Good Things to Eat
Call Telephone 101 For
Pressing, Scrubbing & Mending
"We Give You Service"
Talulah Pressing Shop
O. A. RINTON, Proprietor
.'l.o."g ,, n. SOt LE COLLEGE.
# jShou14 be grlem the bet tralultalg
peare them fo ucmee la tbuelsee.
f igNest Corest. ee aclUttee, lw
eoasl Iatnuctiom. Free Umplr .te
Department. Complete College Lema,
College Store and Wholesate Ofee.
No miemresoetttiooe to seeee ett
ote s tso.aht the oaese* of Its
24000 former ettdeate, See* Colle'e
Se reeogaled ser- aeeas ass WId
Awake. Yr .tl. Pogular Sad Witrty
eheooL. 0o0. sOuLr N& s
You Don't Need a Town Crier
to emphasize the merits of your business or an
nounce your special sales. A straight storv told :n
a straight way to the readers of th:s paper will
quicclv reach the ears of the :hougnhtfi, .ntl:igent
buying public, the people who have 'he mr.,e- :I
eir pockets, and the people who :sten "a rascn
Id not noise. Our bhooks. w::: show vmu a !ist of
the kid nc l- a e you appeal to. Call an! s.e th.em at 'st ,:'.
Good hard
American d-1
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