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Reulmatis. ?
S who are past middle age
i- a too much meat and in
deposit lime-salts in the
g and joints. We often
rngese of rbeumatism or
from gout, swollen
bI. There is no longer the
of this, however, as the
o, "Anaric," is bound
results as it is many
p at than 'ithia, in ridding
blood of its poisons
-o kidneys. It can be ob
aJoet any drug store, by
for " Anuric" for kidneys
It will overcome such
s rheumatism, dropsical
extremities, scalding and
and sleeplessness due to
from bed at night.
. Pierce's Tnvalidls' Hotel,
T., for a 10c. trial package.
I- recommend Doctor Pieres
I bae suffered for the last
stanrb ef the bis: her. haviha
I head of but without relief.
in the paper, mad like a
gbb at a straw I thought I
I did with great success.
hamediately, before I had
l l pacIekage. and having great
Isdy I immediately sent to
Ir bgnsht a full-size package.
Ad shig from any disease of
aid troubles. try this remedy
I have great faith t Dr.
P. azuyrr.
_In - . -
aIMng Doing.
a ereditor \i holut, sir."
Rhave to go: without."
quicker relief than
It Is harmless. 25e in
Made by E. W. Vacher,
eias, La. Adv.
ane qreer creatures. One
enyoe If you are rich and
if you art' poNr.
and kindred
start with a cold.
trifle with it:
first shiver or
i dyr oTrade
swhile esnin and F
ti AN Ds" LkEa
C un f icnui.
Tam.Ar.,S. 3 hI h
Women to e t
r Trade
while learning and P
oi for on. LITTLE g
COLLEGE. 110 No. ri
,Littl. Rock. Arkansas. it
Bod Bought
ma Iotructioms
e Plants
h awad re t
uai 1% Ne... I..r.~ I
buita esthrsouhotern am
lr*.aas eaanesea. th
PtsOOr I
* Plants o
~st~tivULE, L
as h
Return Money Invested More Quickly
Than Any Other Farm Xnimals
id in Except Poultry.
5ft~ (Prepared by the United Stayts Depirt
a or rent ol Agriculture.
oale No branch of live stok farming
r the gives better r'esults than the r:.iin,.
the of well-i,redl swine whin condiucted
the with a reasonab!e amount of infteili
* genet. The hog is one of trhe m';st
aany important anilmals to raise on the farii.
ding either fir nm at or for pirira, and rro
ns farm is complete unless so,rn. hogs are
b kept to aid in the mIodern Imnthod of
by farminc. The farm,.rs of the South
aney and West, awakening to the mrnerits or
sich the hog. are rapi ,ly increasing their
and output of pork andl their hank ac
to counts. The hog requires lss lahbor,
less equipment, less capital, and r.:akes
greater gains per hundred pounds of
cone'entrates than any other farm ani
gO. nral, an' e)roduces himself faster and
re's; In greater numbers; and returns the
,lIt money nve-sted more quickly than any
other farm animal except poultry.
eke a In the trucking and mixed-farming
ht I sections of the United States hogs are
at to
r! s t d
in s '
her, t
H A Good Hog-Feeding Floor Saves Feed
and Is an Aid in Fighting Vermin.
used to consume various unmarketable ai
r substances. The value of milk Is at
known cn every farm although it may s1
not be fully appreciated, and any one yi
who has fed pigs knows the keen i
appetite they have for milk and its in
products. In the neighborhood of Si
E many large dairies pork production
Shas become a very prominent and lu
crative supplement to the dairy indus- ,
try. The hog is also a large factor in I'
Scheapening the production of beef. 1i'
H 'Eogs are placed in the cattle feed fa
p lots to utilize the corn and other feeds in
which the cattle have falll to digest S'
Sand which otherwise would be wasted. at
Hogs following steers in many cases I"
have increased the profit per steer by to
$6 to $9. Farmers and hotel and res-º be
taurant owners are using kitchen at
fact, as a consumer of by-products the
hog has no rivaL k
However, this propensity in many fn-: st
Sstances is being taken unfair advan- WI
tage of through Ignorance and lack of in
Scare. Milk products, animal offal, etc., ca
which contain disease germs, es- an
id pecially those of tuberculosis, are no
.E given to hogs. This practice not only Re
o. results in spreading disease but causes ra
i. loss in the hogs themselves throughd -i
- condemnation at slaughter. Al such:e
e products should be effectively sterilized Ithe
a before being fed. tn e
y Not Safe for Hogs and Mule.-Liabl. er.
6 to Produce Disorders-O in
Hogs Minerals,
New corn is not a safe grain for ,i
w torkt horses and mule, as it is liable Ut
4 to produce colle and indigestion. I r
It ift must be fed, feed only the dryest
ears, not more than four or six ears I
sat each meal. A small quantity of In?
- sat should be sprinkled on each feed.
half corn and half oats.
If green corn is fed to hogs, thea
F safest plan Is to feed the entire stalks I
i with the ears on the stalks, Feed
a small quantities at each meal; spread
the corn out in the feed lot so that i
i each oane will get its full share.
i Keep a full supply of wood and. t
Scoal ashes, burnt wood and corn-cob
Scharcoal under covoer in the feeding fr
;These minerals are useful in correct- hul
ting the acidity of the green fodder and
I Result of interesting Experiment Coeg' v:t
duted on Kansas Agricultural wer
College Farm. per
Experiments conduncted on the Kan- va ds
as agricultural college farm have live
shown that 170 pounds of green alfalfa, mel
icutaad fed lnadry lot. wasrequal to I
100 pounds .f corn, Six pounds of Sani
corn was necessary to produce a pond flit
I of pork, so the 170 pounds of alfala tHoa
i produced 162- pounds of pork. Eto- this
mating that during the season an acre as I
green hay, this, i cat and fed green the a
with corn, would make 2,000 pounds of stoul
pork, Figuring this pork at the pre- i festi
railing price will give some idea ot ('hi
the value of an acre of alfalfa. the r
Selseting reding Ew det 1tral
In selecting breeding ewes to pro- tudE
mote early maturity and quality ia the' car
mutton fock, uniformity of type is et dis~r
irst importance, tal I
cel pt
Overfeeding Stunts Pigs deuut:
Care should be taken that the pig. merk
are not overfed. Overfeeidlag l3 sto'k
stant their growth. 'n
The to m test mWt lm to M
dt. s.mr r eary ih Ir as ice a
mas b tuabia m t- sta ov r
a aA= I warLaracon tUs az vijA I ALLU LAlI,
-YD A T A.•"
R " : . ..+
andl 1'repard hby the i:'. ,1 S:;atf.. I p.tr*
the n1r nt ,t .\LA :r . ';It ,re I
any The live-toek industry In the
Soullthern -tat-es i< plr."re.osinl at :i
ing rapid r:ate. Sotrnte of the thilt-s heef
are t'ttle extefnl i,,n <pjciali-.: of trc
I'nited Sat,, departml ent of nlrie'lt
I ire are lail, to I ,til'e :i et. -
Ilination of live-:te,'k proe ctlu.cion with
t otton n grwing arme del-c.rih,,i ill recent
repocrts froemt the tibell. As a: re-idlt of
their activities thou tc I-, of pure-bred
ctttle are ieinel shipped into every
Southern stale anll carlonads of fat
stock are hein il sent teo liv-stock nlmar
kets fromn farms where, cottonl fr
rnerly was grown ex'hlusively.
I uring :1 recent Ijonth the special
ists visited! 134 farmtis in 113 counties
In the states of Arkansas, Flor.la,.
Georgia. Misi-.sippi. North Carolina.
South Carolina and Tennessee, aind
traveled :t2,5s7 miles to give speciflic
instructions to farmers and to con
fer with other extension workers on
beef production. They attendled ten
lmeetings, held twelve denionstrations,
an'd through their eftorts a total of
1"-. pure-bred hulls. 324 pure-bred
co'ws. and 1..)3 grade cattle were
jlanced on farms in the diffecrent
ed :tates. During the month also a gen
oral conference was held at Mellphlis.
Tenn., which was attoenled by state
ble and federal representatives of the de
is Ipartmlent ofe agriculture. directotrs of
ray state exp)eriment stations and exten
>ne sien workers, state agenlts, veterinar
ýen inns, and otlhers interested in proniot
its ing more and better live stock in the
of South.
lon Assist in Live-Stock Shows.
In- Amonlg the iany duties of the beef
n-. cattle Slecialists is to assist with the
in live-stock work in connecticn with
ef. live-stock shows, and county and state
ed fairs. They assist breeders in mak
.is ing selections of feeding animals for
est shows, in arranging judging contests
ed. and demonstrations, andl in securing
;es better classifleations and premiums
by for worthy exhibits, all of which has
es- been the means of arousing interest t
en and making live-stock exhibits a more
In attractive feature at the fairs.
he The beef-cattle specialists from Ar
kansas made an exhibit at the tri
in- state fair held in Memphis in which h
. was shown the best methods of feed- e
of lag and raising live stock. Improved I
C, cattle-feeding sheds, faeding bunks I
s-. and silos were shown together with at
re number of instructive placards giving
,y such information as suitable fattening r
es rations for 1.(00-pound steers, and
3h wintering rations for the breeding t
ch :erd. Farmers were urged to cull I
ed their breeding herds at this time of t
the year and dispose of all inferior -
animals. Arkansas farmers, particu- i
Slarly In the rice-growing sections s
where there is abundant pasture anI s
plenty of straw, have been good buy- II
j ers of cattle from the drought area s
in the Southwest. Ih
Information Given Relative to,
a Chicago Stock Market. 1i
So Accurate Have Estimates Been
That Shippers and Farmers n All i
d Sections Place Utmost Confi
t dence in Reports. m
(Pr-pared by the United States Depart- or
ment of Agriculture.)
Commendation has been voIced by
I Iv stock farmers and the trade con- P
K certing the work of the United States
hureau of markets In issuing all tele- In
graphic information of a public or
co mmercial character relative to the
Chi-ago live stock market. Previous
to 'he last few months such reports P
wete sent out promiscuously by pri
vat' Individuals who. In some eases. l
were accunw l of manipulating the re
pors in favor of one interest or an- m
oth r. At least. this sentiment per
Svaded the trade to the extent that the p
Slive stock industry was Injured by the a
,mete existence of such opinion. w
It was on this account that Uncle o
Sans was requested to collect facts and t
fiurest daily about the market eondi- p
tiots and receipts and to disseminate ly
this authentic information as widely '4
as Iossible by telegraph. The dally e
mark't reports include an estimate of h
the daily receipts of each class of live g
stock, this being one of the important it
ifeatures of the service,. as trading at
, Chitn, is based to a large degree on S1
i the Chicago "run." Furthermore, the
Strading on the zrtside markets is also Be
I det rumlned more or less by the vicissti
tuues of the Chicango trde. Hence it
-car he seea readily that any serious
disrepancy in the estimate of a cer- (t
tal ( day compared with the actual re
cel pts, whether Intentional or acd
dectal. might Influence the entire day's te
me rketlng and trading at leading live li
sto k centers, cia
I'nder the system now used In CIi- tIa
caj o for obtaining figures upona which s
to se an accurate estlmate, the erv sll
lee as abolfg marked Ilmpr mt ter
ovir the porevs e tb nI perIvate i r an
Tr1- T -h e a.re i xt i,,i\ . ::r.:i-< in Flor
ila that ::re rat i,, hIil: b l-,nt whici
the t tll :-tlrl l ii-tur ni lliber "i cattle.
tin 1: - i ,trs ar :li-t ai .akel i. to thlie
S: l,,\ill!:tife of O!w, live,-:st,.k illilluqrty.
1,1- It is r,(lrte, lthat tlile hoi,lils of ft!"
11:- ,., i:.l- ll,:ih -i l v w iId carry JA.J.)lI
ilh h,;itl if I o-l ldp t, ly utillized.
ent i.,'t!s iltiii (;et)or.il ;iy that pas
of trs are i, l oil a lin i f'.I is plentiful.
rel I,:rtirtlill'ly vlvi.et le:l<, :nitl that un
r o teily ri re will be i large nuni
fat b.r of cattle fel in that state this
Ir- y. r. The slltecialists are continually
il: iI' i';lld' Iulon to I' oiate feeder (it
tle for firiwl'li!s in both lieorgia a tl
i f"lorida, iand several Ilarge shipmentli
IS lrVe already beehn male from the
n .uthwest oilil tlher sections. It is
ni estilnated that Is) ctarloads will he
I .rouglit into t(;.,rgia alone from Tex
as this fall.
on Feeding denonstrations are being
en arranged. on 12 to 1.5 farms in diffter
is, ent sections of Missi<sippi. and plans
of have bee-n Imade to conduct them
:,l throuzh the co,-opera tion of county
re and district agents. Special attention
nt will he given to dezlonstraitions in
n- pasturing velvet beans, and velvet
s. beans and corn.
te Pure-Bred Stock in Demand.
Ie.- Orders have been pl:ced for luore
of 'han fifty- cnrlonads of breeding -to, k
to- to be shipped from the Southwest to
ir- North (':lrlinla and the total nUlluber
t- plu'rchal:sed will undlloubtedly fa- ex
he teed this number. There is ilso,
Iilm't interest in the ipuirchasing of
I ure-bred bulls, and extension speDti:l
f- ists are p:lnninng to hold several cion
ite sitiitent sales in the state in an ef
th flirt to meet the ,lemand. As a means
te of further stimulating the beef-cattle
k- Industry a campaign is being conduct
or ed for the building of silos and Im
ts proving the pastures in the state.
1g In South Carolina also the demand
as for pure-bred stock as well as steers
is tor fall and winter feeding, far ex
st ceeds the available supply. In a num
re her of localities committees of repre
s.ntative farmers, accompanied by
r- specialists, have gone into other
i- states to purchase breeding stock. At
h a recent disbursement sale of 2- heal
ii- of pure-bred cattle. 21 of the animals
l rm-rnain.ed in the state, the farmers be
is Ing anxious to retain them to build
a up their herds.
ig Arrangements were made by Ten
Ig nessee stockmen with the Union
id Stock Yards company in Nashville fo:
ig holding the annual sale of the Middle
11 Tennessee Breeders' association at
)f the yards. The company provided
ir stall space for the cattle, a sale ring.
1- and In other ways helped make the
A sale a success. The farmers of the i
d state are much interestel in pasture i
- Improvement and the keeping of live
a stock as a means of meeting the la
I bor shortage.
bases Its estimate on cars reported in
and due to arrive by every railroad
each day and the result of this plan
has been so successful that the ship- s
pers and farmers in all sections place a
confidence in the accuracy and rell
ahility of the government reports. Il
lustrative of the accuracy of the gov-.!
.rnment reports, many large firms at
the Chicago stockyards, which former
ly employed special men to collect this c
information, are now using exclusively c
the official estimates of the bureau of -
markets. It is anticipated that the'
federal figures soon will he the only I
ones credited at the "yards."
Important Factor in Increasing Pro.
duction to Meet Demands-Re.
duces Feed Cost.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Serious decrease in hog marketings
during 1917 has brought forth a de
mand ti1t farmers and pig-club mem
bers mterially increase their swine
production to meet the needs for pork
and pork products. Proper housing
will be an important factor in such In
creased production, as it will reduce
the amount of feed consumed and will
prevent losses from exposure, especial
ly with the early spring litters. In
some sections of the country the farm
ers build larger and more expensive
houses than are necessary, but in a
great thany places too little attention
is given to proper houses for swine.
Besides Fostering Weeds They Make
it Hard to Keep Soil Clean and
Mar Appearan6e.
(From the United States Deert s
8tumps occupy voluable land; fose
ter the growth of weeds, since In ore
der to keep the laiud in their vicinity
clean much hard labor. is necessary;
mar the appearance of otherwle
smooth fields, idbhete reduce the
sellag price of a furm; fuarIsh sel
ter for Iharmfal Imasects aad sip ;
and preegt the diIeat ma t a I
seea ches
Are quickly relieved by Vacher-Balm.
0 Every family should keep it In the
house this time of year. If you can
not get it locally send 2-o for a tube
to E. W. Vacher, New Orleans, La.Adv.
Looking for a Spoon.
Elsie-Say. isn't Mar;:lrt's. corm
plhxion a peac'h?
Glldys-Slure, that's the reaso,n <he
puts crean on, it.
Important to Mothors
Examine car-f"ully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old r.: -edy
for infants ann children, an:d see tihat it
Bears the o-ag
Signature of
In Use for over "oil) .1ar...
Children Cry for Flit.th.r's CastorL.,
Which They Did.
"Th:re'< tr!:t h:;lh'y .Mrs. Flub
"M . t,.ro. 'rlo l. W Iihr. r'< n,,th
In wtie :,n I, ablut it ex,. p, kiss her
Theo ti- eor -oft col will -.r':, la:,n
Sdry work h,'avier this win'er. 111
Cross Ball Ilue will h1p, to rtemove
that grinly l,.,k. At : r,, ' .ri, -,c.
r- How True, Ah, How True!
S The chliln :It . h were t.l!ing
0. their aImitij < ;mutiI rn arons, fi r dil, In.
11 Finally Fr:io-'es, who 'a1111u frll a
0 home in wlh, h pl'at',' is up- ,' to
I-xia, "rneo ip'ok-t,:-l. . .I .:wint
to he marri,,.L" ilie toll thmrn. "I wilh
I a huii-.anl to <.old all the timae."-In
dianaolis Star.
S Grove's Tu.a..... chili Tonic
t_ tor vitt,,t' rad energy by pur"..y-rr ran dn
richbngt h beWood. .,an eran r ,°uu'er Ita-.rn.4" -
eam/avl, n uratulnf afect. Pr ce t..
y Patrotic Dog.
Qheff. a h:llnlsorl e whit,' and tan
SI.!avellyn bird ,.i". :ind formerly mrns
cnt of the Forty-first infantry. Las
e been i'ntrusted for safe-keeping to It,
(Omnha Rte.d C'ross canteen. Aimtng
e hi- extraordinary acco)nplihiments vs
his promptness to sit erect andI salute
the flag with a precise military salute
whenever it pai'is-s.-New York Post.
s Watch Cuticura Improve Your Skin.
I On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cuticura Ointment.
' Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cuticura Soap and hot water. It
t is wonderful sometirnes what futlenra
will do for poor complexions, dandruff,
itching and red rough hands.-Adv.
"Santa Claus is only a myth."
"TYe, replied the mann with an
armful of bundles. "And isn't it won
derful how people who pay no atten
tion to a human boss will hustle for
a mere myth?"
Have you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so many products that are ex
tensively advertised, all at once drop out
of sight and are soon forgotten? The
reason is plain-the article did not fulfil
the promises of the manufacturer. This
applies more particularly to a medicine.
A medicinal preparation that has real
curative value almost sells itself, as like
an eidless chain system the remedy is
recommended by those who have been
benefited, to those who are in need of it.
A prominent druggist says, "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a
preparation I have sold for many years
and aer hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every case it shows excellent re
suits, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy that I know of
has so large a sale."
According to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of Dr.
Kilmern' Swamp-Root is due to the fact
that so many people claim, it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments, corrects ur
inary troubles and neutralizes the uric
acid which caues rheumatism.
You may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root-by Parcel Post. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and
enclose ten cents; also mention thils paper.
Sarge and medium size bottles for sale
at all drug stnres.-Adv.
You need not pack up any worries.
You can get them anygnl here as you go
Or. PIerre's Pieassut elnets pot an sd to
slt ad bilious headaches. Coestipatlo, dMsi
SasS tigsatono. "'Ctn house." Advr.
A woman proceeds to monopolize the
conversation, then wonders why a man
has nothing to say.
Sick Women
tel how they found health. S
ed.ha, NI-"I took Lydia E Plnkham's Veg.
etabb Compound for female troubles and a dil.
placsmet. Ifelt a rundown and wa very weak.
I had been treated by a physdda without results,
sodecided to giv Lydia E PInkham's Vegetabe Compound
a trial, and felt better right apay. I am keeping house
saeo last April and doing all my bousework, where before
I was unable to do any work. Lydia . Ptnkham's Vege.
table Compound Is certanly the best medicine a woman can
tab whenin thlsondition. Igive yon permision topobh h
this letter."--ls.t CIL r .& No.1, Hellam, PI.
Lowell. I,--"I sucsered from cramps and drtagging
down pst m irregulT and bid female weakness d an
dispacement. I began to take Lydia E. Plnkham's Vep.
table Compound whieh g me relief at oneo and rested
y health. I should lke to rs ommea Lydia E. Pinkham's
remedie to an ouaped women wto are troubled in a smL.
n waT."-]aEL. zm BH .B a Bateg B3,Lgggllgggg,
why Not 'ny
A itl HMiI n
For centuries GOLD MED.L IIaarlem
Oil hat been a standard hou-tehold remedy
for k, .nevy, ver, bladder and stomlach
troubp-. and all diseases 'cnnected with
the urinary organ-. The kidneys and blad
der are the o,.t nip.rtant ,r-ln, ,f the
body. They aree h thers, the puritiers uf
your h!, od. If tl, ,:-,,ns wilh enter
your system thri u,_h th., 1hooil and t:. m
a-"h aro n,,t , "'r ,!v t,.,vn u 1v the
ki n, ys and I;. ,!,er. you are !. ned.
-: ," nz. ,. , .i - .im 3 n I' , . ? ..." r. 4,i -
All : in. u,, ,  ..
:'he .i '"" , i t 1aarlem Il ('.,p-., re
Tic ''i'e m
S, n'.. . t.\ f. r ie 0N1t ' r '" arc
a ". ";"v ,.-,' -'.'" rior 2!4) 5'. r= `r 'y
';wj Fall Run of Distemper
-" 'SPOHN'S" A^ -",:l n.,la . I
L r " u« . , , w:u r .tl, drug
Spohn Medical Co. Goshen. Ind.. U. S. A.
*I.NG T, UtC. Sol/ by All Drg Sloree
Tersely Characterized.
"The new [parson is very amiable."
Ars quickly relievwl by a:pplyln;
Vain:er-ll:i:n. Try a ",c jar or tube.
If Lu cannot get it locally write to
E. .:. Vacher, inc., New Orleans, La.
1.er m 'i-li i in in.. onl wh.n oth
er; stop sh.,rt. It is tihe great tmen
xriCO go a st!.' further.
'I; III t , tm 1
These OVERALLS wil stat x ronaw
kind of wear and won't fad o washing,
They're nade of
~Fine for Grsin, Fatthr p Irqpm"
A, mdl fed com e o u feeb coc
feedrce bra and not eceeding 8% - ,
dtk 50b 0ah W bl
Look for the Laa
write drect to us.e
carwith feed and we sire you th ben r
An ideal feed, composerd of hominy feed, comnut
meal wheat hort. wheat brans rice borts barley I
feed, rice bran and not exceeding 81% sseag
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein, 18.00%;
Crude Fat, 7.00%; Crude Fiber, 9.00%; Carbohy.
dratea, 50.00%0
Look for the Label
The HAYES label means a positive saving as
GOOD feeds. If your dealer cannot suy yon,
write direct to us.
Flour and meal can be bought from in mixed
1«Plli <KZ, Al
have been a standard'.o ,·'! re~edy.
They are the pure, ritin '. .. i Haar
lerrin l yo,ur great-gran', ,,
are perfectly harmnle., The ' ."h
ing oil suak into the c .is. . ! of
the klidne and tihroueh th, .
tng out the pIuO-nou1 u. gern. : ,e,
irr-sh strentth anril ictith w:1l ,! s you
c('nlnue the trt.tmeint. ihen t , u l . l
!: r-t,,r, I to .,.r su al ,:. r. ,: -T .
'.tk:n g a ,.~,-u!t , or two each *t.,, : , n, ~v wt il
L, v.u, y,'u .n cn lln and J;,-t\tUt a re
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How's This A
We offer $It0.w fur any cve of catarrh
that i, .:,: h- cured )y HALL.O
en internally and as thro-. h t:he Bloo
on the .Muiot Surfi.ces of ?. Sstern.
:old by dr ggfists ,or ov"' forty years.
Price 7Sc. Tes':mo nlata t --.
F. J. Caeney &- Co., Tole.a, Ohio.
It is nct al ,:ays conum -n <ense that
in.-ýi n I:vti. n it's tti Uitnemto

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