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Our Price Ar, RIg
- d I Plls Omfe Jrla JerMal P en.it Pm sel Ed PidLict Le Ofd Oi.,mial Jeurnal of the VLiee Dw OTl
Iway of Occupation An.
Wm' Cannon and Ma
o I Be Turned Over to
smerican Cites.
-New Orleans.
'inhington Artillery Hall
eluipped with several
artillery, if success
on of Chairman S. A.
members of the commit
Slift the armory debt.
army of occupation at
, has just announced
s German artillery be
i to it, as well as fifty
airplanes, will be sent
States. Plans are being
the cannon to cities
I government. Mr. Tru
that the committee had
Lbman to send a cable
immediately request
et the big guns be set
Orleans. Dr. A. B. Din
of Tulane University,
im lttee in asking that
as airplane.
oe Mr. Trufant's com
as debt on the armory
ae command nsturns to
i lgas It is planned to
ami re into a club for
and to give It to the
I enry C. Hodges Jr.,
the Thirty-ninath drli
usay Louisiana troops,
in New Orleans on
eaurepgrd, at Alex
11Srm he will take chage
th divisalon, now sta
Discusmang activities of
division overseas,
aid high tribute to
ofr service rendered by
e men of the division.
iWt is deing done by
Council of Detense in
soldiers,. sailors and
i obtain employment.
ty Labor Board ex
s done under its diree
by the local council, but
and parishes it is
by the Council of
of the Louisiana
Council, to bring
eseperation between th3
Ieadbuilders, was en
Srdyee Kimbell, repr.
tSe State Traffic Relief
which means much
to Mississippi, is an
the war. The dehydru
under the tdim:la
ity has been reduc
and effective In
telegrams receted by
of the men in that
Battalion of Louaisiana
has arrived eab
keedlove of Clinton.
for the entrance ex
te West Point MIli
To date he is the
fom Lousiana or
has qualifed. The
-l Xuatch 18.
K. Violett. S8 years
broker of New Or
Chaity Hosptala a
la his aupartment tn
lred almoet beyonda
Al·clde Hebert of
am informed their
ibnd dead on the
SPre Young re
the armiatice was
rsently Iued a
a special election I
Edge of the Stath
i Onachita and
to he held Tues
i the ofFIee of the
from the sheriff
of Lafourci. parish
p- at C.
Uee mwr, I1
as ames. <
Louisiana may have ,he honor of
entertaining President Poincare of
France within the year ,if plans an
nounced by cable mature. The French
prxesident has announced his intention
to visit America, probably in June, to
return the visit of President Wilson
and become personally acquainted
with the United States.
Thirty 'ents a u!art is the ner"
price for milk, effective in Monroe.
Two or three leading dealers set the
higher price and others dealers are
S xpected to follow suit. The pries
. heretofore has been 15 and 20 cen;s
a quart., the increase amounting, in
some instances, to 100 per cent. Deal
in- ers say increased feed costs justify
the increase.
One of the largest timber deals con
summated in the Lake Charles locality
for years has just been closed, where
by the Powell Lumber Company be
Ll comes the owners of 20,000 acres of
g virgin yellow pine timber in £t'"- vicin
ity of Barham, just north of this city,
A. the consideration being $2,000,000.
"The statement attributed to et'
at tain New Orleans dairymenfi that the
ed Louisiana Dairymen's Co-operative
_ Association ships into New Orleans
ty a total of only 500 gallons of whole
milk daily is untrue," said I. S. West,
secretary of the association. "The fact
is the milk totals 2,621 gallons daily."
ad The East Feliciana parish tresaury
le- is empty, according to the pllce lur
t- ors. No taxes have been collected,
et cesause it is alleged the tax rolls have
never been delivered to the collector.
It Is claimed the parish has been com
pelled to borrow several thousand
Possibility of the tstablishment at
an early date of an automobile rural
parcel post delivery system from the
New Orleans postoflce into the sur
t rounding country, extending perhaps
as far as Shreveport and Mempels,
seems to be forecast.
Gassed in one of the last big bat
ties of the war, Daniel J. Finn of New
r Orleans, died in France a short time
riago, according to information receiv
ed by his sister. While under treat
meat for gas poison he contracted
x- pneumonia, which caused death.
a, The Louisiana Assessors' Assoeia
of tion has re-elected its 1918 officers
a, for 1919 as follows: President, John W.
to A. Jeter of Cabbo; vice-president, A.
yL. Andreas of St. Landry; secretary
treasurer, C. F. Ratcliffe of East Baton
n After a close down of several weeks
d the Lake Charles schools opened with
a larse attendance. Strict precaution
- ary measures as laid down by the city
- health offcer will be adhered to in
at order to guard against another possi
Is ble outbreak of influenza.
Thd tax collectors office of La
fourche parish did a whirlwind busi
aess during the last fifteen days of De
L comber. During that short period it
colected $200,000 in taexs, which is
two-thirds of all the taees to be col
Reports from trucking sections IL
h St. Bernard show tLat the damagei
n from the freeze did not hit crops :,s
hard as at first thocught, and will be
aI confined principally to tender vegeta
The price of Louistian open kettle
sugar went down a few pegs. The
y Loulisiana Sugar Control Committee
Lt ordered the cut, apon approval from
a Washington, but the action was taken
Sat the request of the producers them
A hog law, recently passeM d by the
. police jury, is to be put in operatton
i. In Tangipahon pariah immedlately. I
ej Under its provisialons no swine are I
r permitted to ran at large. Anthority I
is given any citizen to kill a has
found depredating his property.
Grant Parish has sold $75,000 worth
of road bonds for $80,780. These bonds 1
were voted two years ago to build the
link of thirty-three miles of the Jeffer- i
I on highway, but their sale was tor
bidden by the war regulations.
f Thr the fifth consecutive year J. W.
r McFolima of Monroe has been appoint,
a ed commander of the Louisiana divi
siaon of the Sons of Contederate Vet
Serani. He was instructed to appoint "
Sbhis own olcial stat The term ends
Ju , 1919.
L KE Thomas, calirman of the Board
of State Affairs, whose term eapired
January 1, has been reappolpted by
I Governor Pleasant and the secretary
Sof state has isuned a commiasion for a
full term of dix years.
SAcecording to dispatches reachlag
SNew Orleans from Washington the B
arena of the Census recently gap the
tal of deaths from nfluenza in New
Orleans as 1,S552.
Many eomplaints have resotly
rbreen made I Hammemd rgardIng the
anl behavier and had Iaing umed
ob ÷p ,
QtYL 3Inl~ Ub onSp~
The offidal welcome to the returneu american naval weasels took the form of a review of the fighting ships In
the Hudson river and a land parade of the bluejackets in vew York. The great ships are here shown as they lay
In the Hudson.
I_ I t~ic
S Chicago. - All of the five Socialist
e leaders tried for consplracy to violate
the espionage law were found guilty
Sy a Jury in federal court. They are:
d Congressman-eleet Victor L. Berger,
publisher of the Milwaukee Leader;
Adolph Germer, secretary of the na
.t timal Socialist party; William F.
1 Krse, editor of the Young Socialist;
a Irwin t. John Tucker, writer and
- peaker, and J. Lols Engdahl, editor
s of the American Socialist.
, The charges upon which the men
were found guilty were: Delivering
I public speeches and circulating pub
lic articles with willful latent of cans
r I ingl bordination. disloyalty and
refusal of duty among the military
and naval forces of the United
States, and interfering with recruftinj
s service and enforcement of the selec
tive draft law. The men face pris
on terms of from one to "^ years, a
fine of from $1 to $10,000, or bota,
at the discretion of the trial judge.
Attorneys for the defendants imme
diately presented a motion for a new
trial. Judge Landis :died January
23 as the date when he will hear ar
guments. The five defendants were
released on their old bonds of $10,000
For Roosevelt Memorial Service.
Washington.-Steps toward a memo
rtal service in the capital on Sunday,
February 9, in honor of Colonel Roos
1! velt, were taken in Congress. The Sen
ate unanimously adopted a resolution
by Senator Wadsworth of New York
providing for a joint session and an
*- thorising committees to make the ar
I rangements and invite the president,
t supreme court justices, members of
s the cabinet and' other ofcials to par
L- ticipate.
Cable Cempanies Lose.
New York.-The injunction suit
i brought by the Commercial Cable
; Company and the Commercial Pacific
Cable Company against Postmaster
General Burleson to restrain him
from taking over for the government
their respective eable lines, was dis
missed by Federal Judge Learned
Republicans Meet in Chicago.
Chicago.-Party leaders from nearly
every State'arrived to attend the meet
ing of the Republican National Com
mittee. The session will be a political
love feast, at which the Republican
victory at the congressional elections
last November will be canvassed and
plans for the 1920 presidential cam
paign discussed.
Aviator Killed, One Injured.
Memphis, Tenn. - H. A. Collins of
Passaic, N. J., an aviation cadet, was
killed and Cadet Caperton Mf New
York city was seriously injured when t
the airplane in which they were fly
taing fell from a height of 2.000 feet a e
short distance from Park Field, near
Memphis. I
Government To Sell Planes.
Michita Falls. - Lieufenant Ev
ans, supply officer at Call Field, an
nounced that the government would c
sell under sealed bids to the highest:
bidder to be opened February 1 at ii
- m., at Washington, 3,410 airplanes. d
Allies Threaten Turks. 1
London.-The allies have notified
Turkey that unless the Turkis4 force
at Medina lays down Its arms imme- u
diately the forts at the Dardanelles 9
will be destroyed. 54
Four Killed in Explosion.
Pinole, Cal. - Four men were kill
ed here by the explosioa of 1,500
pounds of dynamite gelatine in a mix- a
tg plant of the Hercules Powder
Company. The damage was estimat- e
ed at 1N0O.
Weold Nave Germagp I Leaue.
wahm1 as -- Immeei
s ames or amms p.mmr e.-e
e . MARCH 4b 191. ..
r, Washington. - Thomas Watt Greg
cry, attorney geneva of the United
States since 1914, has resigned be
cause of "pecuniary responsibilties"
and will return to the practiee of
law. President Wilson has agreed
r to his retirement March 4.
Mr. Gregory's letter of realmstilo,
n dated January 9, and the preedent's
r reply, cabled from Paris the anet
day, were made publie at the White
House. The attorney general's leter
disclosed that he had long codsideed
retired from omce and had discussed
the matter with te president bere
= Mr. Wilson went amoad.
Mr. Gregory's saccessor has not
been appointed and there has been na
otdaicii lntimation as to who he will
be. In speculati l the names of
Frank L. Polk, e~ erof -the Stat.
Department, and acting secretary
while Mr. Lansing is in Europe, and
Senator James Hamilton Lewis of In
linola were mentioned.
Men With Dependents First.
Washington. - Commanders of
combat divisions in the United States
were authorized to discharge first
from their forces those men whose
+ allotment papers show they have de
pendents, and second such men as
would be affected adversely in ob
n taining civil employment as a result
of being held further in service.
Caught in Door, Frozen.
Pittsburgh, Pa. - Returning to his
home early in the morning, Robert
Colbert, aged 75, found he had lock
ed himself out. Proc~ring a hatchet
he chopped a hole in the lower panel
of the door and attempted to crawl
In. While trying to squeeze through
the opening his clothing caught.
Would Increase Gold Production.
Washington. - Elimination of the
excess profits tax on gold mining and
the privilege of free exports and of
sale to manufacturers as means of
stimulating gold production were rec
ommended in a report of the special
committee appointed by Secretary
More State Prohibition.
Chicago. - Legislatures of Okla
homa, Colorado and Ohio ratified the
proposed nation-wide prohibition
amendment. This brought the num
ber of states that have ratified the
amendment to 19 and ratification now
is necessary by only. 17 more.
Germans After Soap.
Coblens.-Soap was in such demand
among the Germans that American in
fantrymen in ;heir march from Lux
embourg to the Rhine used small
eakes of it as Indian money in trad
ing with the civilians of the various
Percentage of Death Kept Low.
Washington. - Of 71,114 wound and
injury cases tabulated in the Ameri
can Expeditionary hospitals between
January 15 and October 15, 1918. 85.3
per ca.nt recovered and returned to
duty, the War Department announced.
The percentage of deaths was 88.
To Take Over German Ship.
London.-The United Staes, Great
Britain and Italy have agreed upon a
plan for taking over the German pas
sender tonnage.
General Assembly Conmvesm.
Oklahoma City, Okla. - With Dem
acratic majorities in both homes, and I
approximately 36 legislative days in
which to clean up a fairly large dock
et of minor legslation, the seventh
Oklahoma General AssemMby has mo'
Wiahaer p ~ iem @
Alasteedaga - -  -etai
anetesgnrGe. gsaliuada
Paris.-President Wilson, before re
turning to the United States, will
reach an agreement with d4tente rep
resentatives as to certain fundamen
tal questions, according to the Gau
lois. These questions eoncern the
new boundary between France and
Germaany, indemnities and reparations
and Balkan and Near Eastern mat
He has accepted an invitation to
attend a luncheon given by the
French Senate between January 15
and January 20. President Poincare,
the foreign ambassadors here, sena
tore and members of the government
wll be guests.
President Wilson is. giving consid
erable attention to the problem of
saleguarding the rights of minority
natinealit in the peace treaty. The
terr 4riss4 question are occupied by
mixedre. The race having an evi
den*t- ient, -wll, i4 lpsia
Strmine the future of the region in
question, but when that is done, the
peace settlement, it is held, must also
include complete guarantees for the
protection of minority races . Thus,
if Greece should receive additional
territory in Thrace, the rights of the
Turks, according to this principle,
would be protected by international
covenant. Should Italy or greater.
Serbia have the ultimate possession
of Dalmatia. the rights of both races,
as well as one of the Mohamme
dana, would be equally safeguarded.
Many American Aces.
Washington.-Capt. Edward V.
Rlckenbaciher, of Columbus. O., fam
ous as an automobile driver, was tb,
premier 'ace" of the American air
force in France, having 26 enemy
planes to his credit. An official re
port received at the War Department
showed that there were 63 "aces'
men downing five or more enemy ma
chines--in the American army when
the war ended.
Gas or Long Time Yet.
Shreveport, La.-There is no sub-'
stantial reason for increasing the price
of natural gas because of a shortage
in Shreveport, nor the Louisiana, or
in the Arkansas and Texas points sup-,
plied by the Caddo and Pine Island
fields, says an announcement here
that an official survey says that there
is an adequate natural gas supply in
these fields for the next 20 or 30 years.
General Bell Dies Suddenly.
New York. - Maj. Gen. J. Pranklin
Bell, aged 63, commander of the De
partment of the East, died at the Pres
byterian hospital in this city. Death
was due to heart disease. He was
taken to the hospital several days ago
for observation, but it was not real
ized that his condition was serious
and his death came as a complete
Army Casualties in Russia.
Washington. - Total deaths among
the American expeditionary forces in
northern Russia to January 4 were
given as six ofilcers and 126 men in'
a cablegram received at the War De
To Complete 0at moard Work.
Chicago. - Maj. Gen. Enoch M.
Crowder, proveidt marshal, said here
he believed the draft boards of the
country will have completed their
work about PFebruary 15.
May Be Oangerous Situation.
Wtshington.-Possibility of a dan
gerous situation resulting from rn
employment was emphasized by De
partmnt of Lr oeicials testify
ing betore the 8id Education Com-,
mtttee in Sts s of labor we
At...sen me
-asme saer ses eeie
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Manufacturers of
Boilers, Smokestacks,
Breechings and Tanks
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
Boiler Tubes. Reinforcing Steel Bars. Stack Paint, Guy
Wire, Tube Expanders. Copper Ferrules. Fusible Plugs,
Steil Plates, Thin Sheets. Rivets, Angle Bars, Stay
Bolts, Beams, Patch Bolts, Machine Bolts, Threaded
Steel Flanges, Valves and Fittings.
"Repair Work and SatlsfytI.
Service our Losu Suit"
Phone 765
Have Yoer Mey in Our ank and
Pay Your Il With Checks
lat. It is coavenient. 4th. It requires no chaem
3d. It avoids keeping 5th. It gives you a buasmne
receipts. air.
. It pleases the receiver. 6th. It establishes a crediL
7th. It gives you a financial standing.
sbe sme ee .e seeo
lg est... a .
sea-er tm.t .
alAlms 1wm
rylsw I
ouemmm. i
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Am0 eemme
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da Ti.
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