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Short Stories Tersely Told for the
Benefit of Busy Readers
A bill in the Missouri legislature will of drugs
make the possession of dice--used for tanning b
crap games-- felony. the Unit
More than 10,000 persons are dead of t
Influenza in Italy, according to the
health official report.
A tree in Australia is said to bear a Gen. P
ine grade of cotton if properly culti- orary mE
vated, and its development is to be Club. Nez
tried in this country. ganizatiol
Schools are being established at va- Col. Re
1ons camps to show disabled soldiers run aroul
bow to get a new grip on life. trust for
A plan is on foot in the east which Word
contemplates the changing the name the czar
of the panama Canal to Roosevelt Ca- i- living
ir for a lasting memorial. James
Chbeac's leading alieuist. Dr. H. N. seated a:
Moyer. suggests the hanging of many Alaska, a
habitual criminals for two reasons: zer, Den
To deter others and to btop breeding. Gen. I
American engineers are to visit, in take the
poect and attempt to modernize the by the d
Grand Canal of China. Irvin
British scientists claim that Ameri- humoris
ean bacon started the influenza. and I of the F
that the chemicals used in preserving Presid
are responsible. thy to it
President Poincatre of France ha" the deat
announced his intention to visit the D R.
United States in June or July. to Russ
Boy scouts all over the United for thre
8tataes will set a date to plant trees About
In honor of Theodore Roosevelt. have bt
German leaders are considering the turning
removal of the capital from Berlin to Augu
Irankfort on the Main. ex-kalsm
H. Hoover won a prise from some a sales
Ireach academy of $3,000. and imme'li- pany.
atlb donated the money to relief Flagm
Pe following an explosion destroy
ed the powder plant of G. R. McAbee
at Tunnelta. Pa. No one was in- Ross
ýý_ N. J..
LABOR. buried
The strike of dock workers at New Brig.
Te has tied up the shipping at that comma
Nearly $0,000 men are involved. France
Samuel Oompers, bead of the A. F. Hire
I., bas sailed for Europe to fight the Washi
S read of Bolshevism. influe
labor oubles rt Boston and New Judi
TeIt have resulted in an embargo on the B
Sinamtsa from those ports. at his
aSEma Mueach was sentenced to as aI
e moaths in San Francisco jail for hand.
asspest Oasis.. He is a nephew of
The in deposit box of 'Christmas" Bel
Romag swindler, was inspected and Uncle
to esatals $0.000 inm egotiable up to
gape sad mesy. Sw
Sa result of attempting to rob a oper
eght car at MLt. Vernon. Ill., one in Al
m is dead sad his brother fatally
k raid a Chinese store in at. a
Ladis reveled that opium had been did
em ged it for sale hidden nasde and
e slm of lmons. In th
A paekag of Liberty Bonds--t. Ca
g.- was mysteriously purloined from corp
o Chicago mails last month, and a 1918
digid investigatio reveals no clue. TI
Three mse were killed and a build
destroyed ihes a powder plant a he
DeL, burned following an held
stray mine in the North Sea has
a oJk anther British ship, the North- C
umbria, with the loss of eight lives. eras
- . I. Sheldon. prominent financier at
ad politclan, was seriosly injured T
while a a tour of inspection of a DP- a g
ges.il., l. ine. St
Three flremen of Indianaplis were s
killed when two fire trucks met in a and
Of th 1,000 ases of wounded sol- .
ilers in bhopitals on certain dates in cid
rast35. 8U per oent returned to the at
b eahre sat
Neg roldiers to the number of 124
w. awanrded the French roas o pit
Diatas bfom labor centers all n
" er the esentry met in New York
last week u formulated plans for an
* -Amewrea labor Party." ro
kendsof Gei . F. O. Lowden met
in Chiago last week a~d started a
tit begin him for the presidency
The lagllature of Mtsourl met on
Jan. . The capital was invaded by
himrmea of patriots seeking johs
A bi to be presented to Congre hi
h i ra mn ts in the navy to 225 'r
a sttlelmat of ome two billion ai
,lmp rth dt war cotraect he an
Sgen ait a hands of Secretar Baker. r
Nu]o hmage wnl be made la the methe
SDeat(a the new lab of Liberty t(
$ g's i h rp at s aippeal by the A
belat to let them headle the isse. -
lauest mr rs codlectors r tahei
3as lie nth of iat y.r amontred ) e
to n.SAtO sin a t mr y regortt J
i/. • doims a St. Ie are gala ort t
ear. Tere ar as som e th - a "-r t
.  men at Washmtos are is
-gagem s to ealar the asbhlet and
ap,.. t a ometsaryr t r portato.
oSe a"'ss m g ara n me kr
__ _ __ _ __ _ .I IN'OX
All restrictions on the importation TRIC
of drugs and chemicals used in the
tanning business have been lifted by
the United States war board. TWO (
Gen. Pershing was elected as hon- As Int'
orary member of the Union League Nullifle
Club, New York's greatest G. O. P. or- Limitl
Col. Roosevelt's estate is believe:: to
run around half million. All is left in
trust for widow. Wash
b Word comes from Archangel that hed
e the czar is not dead a'; supposed, but held tion
v- I : living quietly at a Siberian villac. state o tr
James Wickersham, Republican, was intoxic;
i. seated as a delegate in congress from
7 Alaska, over the protest of ('. A. Sul- pnal u
zer, Democrat. As "u
Gen. Leonard S. Wood is expected to nullifiec
it take the political place left vacant ited an
e by the death of Theodore Roosevelt. In for I
Irvin S. Cobb, American writer and Jusci
'i- humorist, has been made a chevalier ing op
d I of the French Legion of Honor. Clark,
1g President Wilson cabled his sympa- was noc
thy to Mrs. Roosevelt upon hearing of latory
as the death of the former pI esident. dling
he D. R. Francis. American ambassador yond I
to Russia. was operated on in London The
ed for throat trouble. . cet.din
es About 125,000 acres of land in Texas I under
have been set aside for the use of re- Dan I
he turning soldiers. Inc a
to August William. fourth son of the ginia,
ex-kalser, has taken a job in Berlin as lower
me a salesman for an automobile com- holdin
p'i- pany. ported
lef Flags were hung at half mast on the n
(very public building in the United was I
States in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. and n
in- Roswell Field, a brother of Eugene noI
Field, died at his home in Morristown, I l.5
N. J.. at the age of 68. He will be cannt
buried in Chicago. pace
lew Brig. Gen. J. E. Stephens. artillery must
:hat commander died at a base hospital conti
red. France of pneumenia. have
. F. Hiram C. Gill, mayor of Seattle, the
the Washington, is dead at his home from with
influenza. 000 4
vew Judge Byrd Duncan, 75, president of
on the Bank of Poplar Bluff, Mo., is dead
at his home in that city.
Dr. W. A. Allen, prominent doctor of NE
Lite tield, Ill., died of blood poisoning who
I to as a result of a small scratch ofd the New
I for hand. retu
r of in
a Belgium has borrowed $3,000,000 of to t
and Uncle Sam. This makes her bill run Con
up to $256,000,000. wor
Swiss capitalists plan to open and
ob operate a big dye plant at some point
one in America not yet decided on. p
tall>y But
a 't. One of the last things that Roosevelt tioi
been did was to write a letter approving hal
aside and send a check assisting the Jews ma
in the Zionist movement. ma
-$25b Congress has finally decided that the
from corporations must pay 12 per cent on at
and a 1918 earnings.
Ce. The Department of Commerce is
planning for the exportation of 2,000,.
build- 000 tons of meat to Europe this year. F;
Apt at American and Mexican army officera De
g an held a conference on the border last qu
week looking to co-operation in the pr
Shas arrest of criminals. at
North. C. H. Aldrich, once a solicitor gen- PS
res. eral of the United States, is in jail Fr
sancer at Chicago, charged with fraud. as
ujured The I. W. W. contemplated calling
a u-. a general strike all over the United
States at the time war was declared to
a were shut off the shipment of munitions
it a and supplies.
AUll the river enthusiasts in the Unit
co States apparently gathered at Pitts
burg in convention last week
ed sol- The U. 8. supreme court has has e
ates a cided that no liquor can be brougit
to the lnto any dry territory it the local
authorities object. tl
of 124 An explosion in a film exchange at *
reas 0 Pittsburg caused the death of 20 per
sons and the injury of as many more.
The supreme court of the United a
States has decided that certain poer- (
tions of the migratory bird law are
sr all unconstitutional.
8 ork o many honors have been showered
on President Wilson during his Eu
Len met ropean trip that the presentation of
ed a a gold medal to his wife at Rome at
sidency tracted much attention. 1
Owing to the extension of citizen
ship to President Wilson he can now
vote at 1,800 places in Italy.
ded by FOREIGN.
Lenine is said to have declared
onress himselt gictator in Russia and placed
to 225. Trotsky and other advisers in jail.
Four committee in England are look
Sbillia sing into various charges o6 unlawrful
eta ha nes preferred against the kaiser and
y Baker. recommend his trial in English courts.
e meth- German and allied ambassadors are
Lberty to meet again soon to discuss an ex
I by the tension of the armistice and German
se fallure to keep agreements.
tor the The National Assemblagse of the
mounted German people cannot convene before
7 report.i January . The middle of February is
goig eat the time set for action.
e every London can import coal from Spitz
a a year bergen cheaper than she can mine
Iand bring it from Wales.
re aurglang Mexico has made an appeal to Prsd
ulnet ad dent Wilson to remove the embargo
portatia. on arms and ammuniltion.
miatles Births in Berlin fell from 92,432 ia
pagmr er 1913 to 1,468 in 1917, and daepths i
after the creased from 28,067 to 4t,12
A greap of steek raisers Germmary
0iMS mae makin protest to the as-
Flasi. far the samber of horse nl the
- ismh Qula a tMriovs bad.
. , -w a g saing.
* -.- bis., " - / di hu wmf-e: "
"As Interpreted By Court, the Law War Indu
' Nullifies State statutes Permitting able osp
r- Limited Amounts To Be Brought Mul
In For Own Use.
in --- New
Washington.-The supreme court time puh
-t held that the Reed "bone-dry" prohi- new indi
bition amenedment prohibits inter - and the
state transportation into dry states 4,f Ing t rtl
as intoxicating liquor for beverage pur- Stiates a
m- poses even when intended for pl- activity,
sonal use. Wren
As interpreted by the court, the fate When
to nullifies state statutes permitting tijU- are fully
nt ited amounts of liquor to be brought faeturei
In for personal use.
nd Justice McReynolds, in a oissent- .iint whi
inr Ig opinion, concurred in by Justice ping of
Clark, declared the Reed amendment come, it
pa- was not an interstate commerce regu- tepre
of latory measure, but a direct intermed- states,
dling with a state's affairs and be- of the i
dor yond federal power. tieml
ion The opinion was rendeied in pro- her', dr
ceedings brought by the government of "gps
xas lunder the Reed amendment against for ret
re- Dan Hill, who was charged with tal-. women
ins a quart of liquor into West Vir- tion pit
the ginia, as the state laws permit. The GO
tas lower court dismissed the Indictment, Igd,
om- holding the liquor had not been trans- tcut, L
ported in interstate commerce within Ohio ai
on the meaning of the law, because it showed
ited was intended for Hill's personal use ion fr
relt. and not for trade. The decision was peaceal
reversed and the case amenaed. huge ,
the Du
English Demobilisation Awaits Peace. of mol
;ens London. - Reuters' Limited says ducing
iwn t learns a general demobilization in sewv
1 be cannot be ordered until after the Phill
peace conference, as an efficient army Jobs, ;
lery must be maintained to cope with any tion mi
pital contingency. Ten thousand soldiers p. s
have been discharged daily during burgh
te, the past week and the number deat return
from with in France increased to over 30,- ag, bi
000 daily, including men from the d- Wis
nt of minions. down,
dead per c
Strikers To Return To Work. forme
or of New York. - The marine workers, Ind
mint whose strike has tied up the port of Ing of
ItheNew York for three days, voted to Det
return to work as soon as possible. gan, I
in compliance T'ith the cabled re- purse
quest of President Wilson. according ig I
100 of to an announcement by Stephen J. Ohl
I run Condon. secretary of the marine at les
workers' affiliation.
n and
point Poplar Bluff Goes Dry.
Poplar Bluff, Mo.-Poplar Bluff and
Butler county have gone dry, accord
ing to early returns of the local op
teevelt tion election, although official figures
roving have not been received. It is estl
Jews mated that the city will go dry by a I tion
majority of about 225 votes, while in rivet
I that the county prohibition has carried by
ent on at least 600 votes. fe
rce is Gen. Barry Suoceeds Gen. Bell.
2,000,- Washington. - IMaj. Gen. Thomas
a year. H. Barry, commander of the Central
fficera Department of the army, with head-,
er last quarters at Chicago, was ordered to
ln the proceed immediately to New York to
assume command of the Eastern De
or gen- partment, succeeding MaJ. Gen. J.
n al Pranklin Bell, who died several days
d. ago.
United Dismiss Charges Against Socialsto'
ed New York.-The Indictment against
ared to the Socialist magazine, The Masses,
nition and five of its editors and contribu
tors, charged with violation of the es
e pionage act, was dismissed In the
federal court at the request of At
torney General Gregory.
brougt Ptits Blame on klar Department
e local Washlnton.-Blne for delays in
the transmission of mail to and from
ange at solers oversease was placed on the
20 per- a Department by Second Assistant
more. Postmaster General Praeger in teatl
United mony before the Senate Postolice
a' por1 Committee.
W. E. Brooks New Superintendent.
howered St. Louils. - The appointment of
his Eu- W. E. Brooks as general superintend
ation of ent of the Southern Distrtcts of the
iome at- Missoari Pactnfec Railroad, to succeed
the late John W. Dean, was annaosno
citien- ed by A. Robertson, federal manager
can now of the Missouri Pacit Railroad.
Prepoees Roosevelt Memo~rL
Chicago.-Acting on a suggestion
declared made by (Chaifrman Will H. Hays, the
dplaced Republican National Comomittee, at
i its meeting here, decided to appeal to
aelook- the Republicans of the country to
unlawfl- preet a permanent memorial to The
ser and odore Roosevelt. d
odor a Amerseani Exempted From Tax.
Sn e- Paris. - The French government.,
G rm through its commiuslo for i aMe -
American affairs, announced that off
e er s t and men of the American ep
def. Itttomary forces would be exempted
'eruary is from customs dutles and registry,
rom Spit. Waiter D. HInes Director.
can mine Las Angeles. - Walker D. Hnle,
assistant directorgenral of railroads,
ttooPresi was appolated director general by
e barto re ent WlSa to sueed Wll
0. MeAdee.
3 Ambszd5r Franels Reoeverieg.
d dpths in eaom. - bavid . rancisd the
a erlea aumbasador to Rumsa. wa
Geermy r mOy underwent - oertiom, is
us sahias t fPnrvsis jr towart N
es in the "t fip easmdl Is said to e i
sensesWa7 r eat he hen * le rt
as ha t ms.,. ue i ser . e 136se66 toes ,
-c~ -·rv g .
Dye-Making and Building Trade Ing
to Help Boom Whole
Nation. (hi
War Industries Centers Show Remark- at
able Speed in the Transition From in
Munition Manufacture to pr
Peaceable Pursuits. tu
New York.-lResumpltion of peace
time pursuits. with the addition of vi
new industries, such as dye-making
and the boom expected in the build- j
lng traldes, will carry the United I p
States at (,nce(' into a period of great º
activity, arccording to reports gath
ered by the United Press. ti
When restrictions on building trades n
arte fully raised and the need for Imalnt
factured and raw materials in Europe 7
beItcolll'es keenly felt, business depres- o
sioln whiclh may result from thei Cop
ping of war work will be rapidly over- X
come, it is believed.
Representatives of industry in 34
states, just concluding a conferenpce
of the advisory conmmittee of the na
tional council for industrial defense
her. declare the nation is on the eve
of "good times," with jobs a-plenty
for returning soldiers and oien and
. women thrown out l ,).:k in muni
tion plants.
Get Balk to Peace Pursuits.
, Rpo;,rts from Pennsylvanla, Connec
tacut, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia,
4 Ohio and other war industries centers
t showed remarkable speed in the transi
a tlon from munitions manufacture to
a peaceable pursuits. Dye factories of
I huge dimensions have been built by
the Du Pont interests to take the place
s. of monster shell and explosive pro
's ducing plants which made new cities
Sina several sections.
o Philadelphia reported a surplus of
I Jobs, with returning soldiers and muni
7 tton makers being greedily snapped
r up. Steel plants at Harrisburg, Pitts
15 burgh and other centers are rapidly
it returning to the manufacture of build
,- ltg, bridge and other nonwar steel.
IN Wisconsin's plants are being shut
down, for the most part, but about 15
per cent of them have been trans
formed into dye works.
rs, Indiana is turning back to the build
of i ng of automobiles.
to Detroit, industrial center of Michi
e gan, is gradually returning to old-time
re- pursuits, with automobile manufactor
SIng leading.
J- Ohio reported a surplus of men, but
Ina at least fifty returning soldiers are be
--- ___ ------
The iLismemberment of Austria has rpvIved the Idea of a Danube federa- rI
Stion along the Lt.es urged by Kossuth In the middle ot the nineteenth century. bull
Accordlr to the Nungarian patriot the states bordering on the Danube shel
river had oinmma interests economically and for the most part racially, and n
should :.ederal?1e. The present movement toward a union of the new states
ftrailg from the disrupted Hapsburg monarchy has hardly assumed any Man
.,r, the
d V'-- U LMrh3%pu ss aid
ru g-t teltrinudg th,
tI- el th
0 eP st,
pi by e tr
Rt- t
of theV' n d mils,
definite shape, but has been discussed at Paris among the various representa
tives assembling for the peace conferences from the Balkan region and to the
Tm. hAmong the states grouping themselves racially as members of the Slavic
group are Poland, Cnetho+Slovlakia Jugo-Slavia. the latter Including Serbla,
dlE Montenegro, Herzegovina. Croatia, Bosnia and Slavonla.
mW Roumania and Hungary, while not of the Slavic race, ,.would be expected
et to join the proposed federation for political reasons. Bulgaria also would be
Invited to join as soon as the Sofia government had met the conditions Im
posed by the peace confaerence.
Geographically such a union of states would form a barrier between
04, Russia and Germany. through central Europe, from the Baltic to the waters
ads, of the Mediterranean and Black seas.
by The above map only approximates the boundaries of the new states, as
hm condlctiag claims and local clases are changing the unsettled frontiers.
Among OUW"1 Chief ApIotnd Army
DMssr,t SILakganIh and Pwrfs *
1y Goad sura ar. s
per. OvS.- yet d "PIIoo d
3 d, pu was Merrl a f
dersur m " iks ogRto bei
tt c.ade s
fa,3 ei
.t+.lrrspp 4c~r u
Ing put to work each day In Cleve
New England and New York are ab
sorbing returning soldiers and dis
charged munition workers with no dif
About one-sixth the normal number
of .persons are now employed at tile
huge plants at Ilopewell. Seven Pines
and Penniman. Va.
The big United States nitrate plant
at Mussel Shoals. Ala.. will continue
in operation and the surplus nitrates
probably will be used in the Ianufac'
ture of fertilizer. A war department
committee will decide what is to be
done with the powder plant at Nash
vll e.
I 'L.hor officials in Ohio believe many
1- women will leave their work soon, do
1I pointing out that they took it up th
t Ininly for patriotic reasons.
" In this state many government 'o:u
tracts have not been canceled andl l
' work is going ahead. n
-- I!-----
1 ww ia 2 ýi ki
,- 0 Father and Son Both
S "Kicked" by Same Auto ',
o - IAl
.4 Litchfleld, Ill.-Attt'mplting to i
• e crank a delivery truck. Louis he
a- ilauser. Jr., had his wrist brok- Ih
se en whten it "kicked." The next M
ec d(lay his father trited to start the ti
t* "bucking broncho" and had the
nid  sae fate befall him. i,
American Forestry Association a
Will Aid in Planting Million
and Half Acres.
. -
Secretary of Association Takes Only 1
it Douglas Fir Seed to Be Had in 1
5 This Country to Offer to
dl Washington.-A little bag containing
all the Douglas fir seed to be had in
- this country has gone to France to be
ie offered to the French government as
r- a help In reforesting France. P. S.
Ridsdale, the secretary of the Amerl
qt can Forestry association is in charge
e- of the project. There are 50,000 seeds
staff. He has apolnted, among ot
ers, ome army dserter who ao served
sit months for larceny; one man who
was so kladly disposed tward evil
doers that hee took a gan away
mm a hold4up atist ad4 thn let the
sQs walk awar; on pedretel good r
,ee ,r who was eau h t sd and.s
hrblag nrgUs W , s , u ta-. " It
-en - M~mN -m l mu ra~m-,
Wh $$'h I he h bit tranri-.lrt .Le athati
un oi'kekd at Iluhoke'n the other lay ft
there WaS otIla 1mil GtI"ier abtanrd who e
w II not onl the p1laSIr lirti . HIe a
S1'was fourteeln years II. i rntnd w
I lornier. formterly of V'trrn"ii, France, ol
nId( l:lter .the unltr et of eat r lo\'s at n1
Brest. "The lit tie fllow's father was it
|killed att ('hltonu-Thierry. II t oth- i
ir andi lilttle sister ere l:Int r killed a1
I hv t hoInu from n H l airhI:iue. lit- IH
tle Felrnn;il tlhen c st his i t v itli tthe I
SAlleriennll troops nealr his fIorllltr A
hohie. A1'hn the dletae linnt of which r
°he was ainseot Ieft for I'reit to em- v
blark for homjiie, he ient allni anti e1
mi na: eIltIl to suiitigle himsiiielf bhoarld r
the great shlt'. lh is now in char~' I
of tIh, ('lilhdren'S Sttci'eity homte In IJr
spy ('ity tan efforts atre being timall e to
find ia home for him.
i------- ---
and the value of the trees will be apart o
about $1.000.(00(. ding of
The American Forestry association is sins."
urging the planting of memorial trees tied to
in honor of the sailors and soldiers, night. i
and the suggestion is being adopted salvati
all over the country. The idea is to salvatI
plant trees along motor highways. in tin.ed
connection with any memorials being matchin
planned, and in streets and avenues Ioterrul
Y being named for war heroes. The as- have b
sociation of which Charles Lathrop of whe
Pack is president urges the planting of it abide
a tree in honor of the man who of- i. TI
fered his life to his country also. to be
I Many Organizations Help. lintels
"In collecting the seed that France sprinkl
will want," said Mr. Ridsdale he- must E
fore sailing, "the members of our asso- brews
S. elation, the forestry departments of passed
the various states, the boy scouts and over ti
de other organizations will be called upon were s
to help. was tt
~ "A million and a quarter acres of been c
forest in the north and east of France absolu
have been practically wiped out dur- had b
nlag the war. They were cut down by arranl
the contending armies for use in grount
trench building, for barracks, for when
roads, for Y. M. C. A. and hospital but "h
ry. buildings or were blasted to pieces by over
ry. shell fire. But the sacrifice was not whate
id in vain, for the great defensive value It wa
of the forests materially aided France worth
tea and her allies in checking the Ger- but b
man drives and saving more of France lamb.
from invasion by the Huns. conn
"The service which the American the i
Forestry association and its members and
will consider an honor to perform is to Only
aid in the restoration of these forests covel
which France had to sacrifice under breas
the pressure of war. for no war has 5.
ever made such a call upon the for- 8-10)
ests for materials. meal
"Almost a million- French people lami
were dependent upon these forests for in 1
six months of the year for a livelihood. heea
and the French government faces a sho'
great economic problem in providing rifle
them with resources for sustaining all t
themselves until the forests are re- Thi
stored." Chrl
Memorial Tree Plan. as
In St. Louis. Park Commissioner ofbe
Cunlift s going to plant memorial trees bel
along the famous Lindell boulevard. Aed
An "avenue of the allies" lined with All
· trees in honor of the allied nations is of
one suggestion coming from some cit- si
les adopting the memorial tree plan. .
Another plan being worked out is for to
the planting of memorial trees along put
the transcontinental motor highways
by the various counties through which Tb'
such highways pass. The Lincoln of
SHighway association has taken up this
plan. In Louisiana meimorlal trees are act
to be planted, one every 40 feet, along m.
the Jefferson highway in that state. an
This is the highway that leads to Win- ae.
nipeg, and the slogan is "From Pine th
to Palm."
In many parts of the country as
churches are to plant memorial trees PO
in honor of the members who fell in to
battle. th
Mistake Bag of Sand e
snta- for Actual Hun Bomb t`
to t Pensacola, Fla. - When a
Slavic heavy bag of sand crashed f
Serbla, through the roof and passed on
through the floor of the home (1
d of Stephen Gallers. the family
fled into the yard and listened i
for the "explosion" of what they
s im- thought was an aerial bonmb. It G
later became known that a naval
etween dirigible balloon, at a great
waters height, had thrown out the sand
stes, as bag. f
er The efcency board of the police
r. The efficiency board of the police
bureau has recommended the remol
Sof thea4 men. The burglar is now serv
ing a year In jail.
et in eoheel Ixplodes
4 evi l prgeld. fli.-Bits of Iron waee
a hurled all about Miss Veins nslPy,
. c jtf l th. er the Cker school at Diver
tly r gooam. maW hr whn a stove Ia the
- , U m-'
0/ l tueEW Uae9 amanrrunoL
(By REV. P. B. FITZATER. D. b.
Teacher of English Bible in the Mep46
Bable Institute of Chicago.)
tCopyrigkht. 12~l. Weterz n Newspacsr
Union .
LESSON 1;1-3T--lixKot . .I' t
(GLDEN TEXT-- I'.r ~\. tChrist owI
passover wtas salrittlce for u.- I Corta.
thians 5:7.
ADDITIONAL. M \TEI:I \I I -almsa 15:
16-35. Mattl.ew "cti .lo-' HlI,. . ll:r~ .
I. The Passover Instituted (12:1
ail 1. The time setio (v. .i1. With the Ia
Iay stitutiotl: t the L' _ ovl r ainie a
1lit chantge in thli order of tit;ic. The cen
Il mnlti year was rollt;i~ ton nit ~'ustal, but
'1lit with referen'e to1 hli. c.h,-et1n Ie'oelle the
.. order is lnterruplllte' ani etverything
at lmade to diatet from this-. T'ii sigon
'a flex tiatt redetilptilin i- the tert step
th- in real life. "tliI tliinll haI passed
ted aw"iy, all thliain ,s h ytvi " 1 it' sn new."
.it- Itefore this the maii wa ,leadl inL tres.
l11he 1e8 ns l ar i ; ntow h1. .; ariseln Ito
iner walk iti ne"ines iof life. i All before
0ih releittilittn counts for ti:liuht. The
In- world thinks that real life endsl whe
ind onle eeits C'hrist, liti this is a grav
ardl mistakte. , It is the beirinlg of real
r gt' life.
herr- The i1lna set apa rt (v. 3).
e to prevllos settling aIlrt of the latt
typifies the ft ertorditi iion of .Christ'
be tour Snvi.utir. Redlt.eitnlptioln Wias
an aftetrthougtht oif :lu11 (I Peter 1A
(20). This lnlmbe must he, it malle wit
out blemish. inllltintl that it must
both relpresenttilve aind perfect.
S . The laIIb) iwas killed by the wh
congregation (v. 6). Thli- shows th
it was not for the individual only.
- for the entire assembly. The se
I be apart of the lamb was not sufficient.
must be killed, for "without the
dlng of blood there is no remission
rees sins." The lamb might have
Ier.s tied to the door of the Israelites t
lied night, but there would have been
-s to salvation, notwithstanding its pert
sto tion. Had Christ's spotless life
tlnued till the present time and
euing matchless teaching gone on wi
as Interruption, not a single soul w
e hrop have been saved, for "Except a
ng op of wheat fall into the ground sad
Ig of It abldeth alone." (John 12:24).
4. The blood of the slain lamb
to be placed upon the sideposts
lintels of the door (v. 7). It wasr
'rance sprinkled upon the threshold, as
e he- must not be trampled under foot
asso- brews 10:29). When the degtr
Its of passed through the land he
is and over the houses where the door
Iupon were sprinkled with blood. This
was the evidence that a substitute
yes of been offered for them. They could
'rance absolutely secure, because the ma
it dur- had been settled according to dl
ºwn by arrangement. The blood was
ise in ground of peace. The assurance Is
s, for when you feel your sins are pa
issital but "when I see the blood I will
es by over you." To have had any
ras not whatever would have dishonored
e value It was not on the ground of
France worth that the Israelites were
.l Ger- but by faith In the blood of the
France lamb. They had unleavened b
connection with it, but that wAS
terican the Inside of the house for enjq
tempers and not the outside for prot
SIs to Only those who are safe unde
forests cover of the blood could eat -
e under bread within.
var has 5. Israel feeding upon the lamb
he tor- 8-10). This denotes fellowship.
meat must precede feasting.
people lamb roasted signifed the actloa
'est t for In God's Judgment at the ross.
elihood. heads. legs and purtenance t
fafes a show that In this substituti
ividln ng rifice, the understanding, the
sttaining all that pertains thereto were In
are re- This shows that the ato
SChrist involved his obedlenfel
as well as hbls uffering In thes
of his own. The eating of ui
nssioner bread signifles that no s lt -
ual trees ed or allowed in fellowship with
ueared with All who have entered Into the
ed with of the cross will put sway al.
som e cit- c Ignifi" eorruptlin (I
ee plan. 7. 8). They did not put s.y?
ut isl for to be saved, but being wa4 it
S aalong put awaY oin order to have
i ihwa wys with him. Grace saves to
ghw igh The bitter herbs suggest the bl
Linc Ln of Christ's suffering.
rn up this 6. They ste the llasor
trees are actioa (v. 11). The olaos bet
et. l albont, ,betokens sepsrs$tIon f
et, along d ation and readi
hat state, and pre he feet being shod I
IttoW inn- servie. The feet
rto pine their willingness to leave
The staff in the hand lndl
nature as pilgrims leaning u
countr port ontsde of themselves.
ral trees to leave behind them the
o fell death and darkness and marcb
the promised land.
7. The uncrumcted denied
ben pation in the feast (vv.t
1cumldon was typical of r
m The nhnlflcance of the
that only those who hated
'henreatutes by the power ofI
len a haved a right to sit at the
It. on r The gnifinltcne r of the
i home (12:24-28). memorial
fmm*ly I was as
ihaten thl calling to mind the delive
hat they . from n
omb ItIGod's int~lerpo
anll reeng them from their
a greaw to be taught to
dee synd Thcs is Into
dren when they
from gt netl'n to g ene -
'ill. The Au~fl JudemS'I -
SThat • i•ht the -
f the polite through Egpt' and slew h
t i In every homere whre the
theounn. An-af- l cryw
rhe tttmoal gt
is now serv- IV. ; - el
,na Easley, d eyU Sd
clD R

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