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Joaal of Madison Parish Police Jury Official Journal of Madison Parish School Board Official Journal of Fifth District Levee Board Official Journal of the Village of Tallulah
  Financial Institutions
ye Bear B6. dens By Gov
meflnt After End of
the War.
ean,.-Applause from 700
Spt*hered 'ere from every
of the coun'ry for the seven
U hal convention of. the
bh is vice president of the
JIrrupted criticism of the
Iates Sen. * for del.a .r 
of the pere treaty offer*
j Howard Ardre y. of New
ace if the sessions. Mr
who is vice preslrent of the
n"'- of I'o;.ilnerce, spoke
the W'r '.lade Us letter,
His answer was that it
AiW depicted the social, in
d economic as well as
» rsst both in the United
abroad, for which he said
eonrse of the Senate was
Mile the I any ot her factor.
i tmediate ratification of
the only prnacea for the
Upless ta',s is done without
istay, he predicted Bolshe
advance in this country,
as abroad with surprising
it a polildal propagandist."
mid. "'nd I do not know
of you feels toward the
a- this ,oltical row, the
" of Nations cove
ly 1 am for it. though
is. Its imperfections, as.
ma would 'expect It
;V t knew you. as bankers.
of all this delay and:
Sam suve you will agree
e Is again restored to
'g nalesly as well as act
lemnae banker runst be
maintained the futurr
te. Mer Improving the
,a easm!ented with iarR
dl1ealt problems drting
e*enstruction period
1A durint the war. accord
hew York banker.
wmnasanat went nout of the'
-aq-teI-e at the end of the
- e burden of restorlna or
n.lm h d hmee created In
institutloiqs hr -inoly
n ment with $21 .000,1.O.
yea . fall noon the shoul
banker." he said. The
no single financialn
Mr. Ardrey's opinion.
- The Keatwood Com
proved a success de
ink. The farmers made ex
-w"vthlng raised on the
ork. crochet and can
wers also shown.
le. - A heavy and
t tell here, causing much
rice erops both stand-!
sp in the fields.
early rice has beae put
sad soid.
- While worklg on al
*Lsctrort Central, Law
Jr., lell to the ioill
l t arms ad suffered a
a the brai. He is en
- Employs of the
Weean Railway Com
oat on strike. About
tranmen, shop
hnads, are afeeted
aend freight trains
to cease operation
and repatr work
T- The new levee whieh
il8 construction by the
m College Pont to St.
has been complet
Bi more than one mile
is oea of the best and!
- A ear of beef cat
in market from herk.
shipment on
a Parish Agent
shipments will go
h i time.
- The police sened
Stills. together with
hs whiskey fLreshly
sL .were arraested and
t* had been opert-j
he police said.
-The thrift plan in
Se eol a chools by the
i resulted ti a say
c( over $27o00 i
maths, aside rom
of thritt and war
- Virtua'ly all Pro
nsels in Orlens
3Igarls with the en
stthe Latneras
Monroe, La. - The commission
ouncil of the city of Monroe has
called an election to be held Tues
day, November IS. to vote on a bond
issue of $1.450.,000 to cover the cost
of mestalling a new water and elec
tric light and power plant, a sewer
rystem. street paving. garbage dispo
sition plant and additions to the
street car system+.
Abbe, ill- - -'nu.-1l% activity in real
estatei.; anifest here and land
\alues are eoaaing The rice trop cf
the pari:sh will aggregate $10.0004Ao')
and land which i. under cultivation
ail ricet or can be used for it cou,
uiands from $100 if. $135) an acre.
Kentwod. - Re. Dana Terry of
Natchitoches has .Iccepted the pas
torate at Ke-ntwood.
Columbia. - Caldwell is one of the
smallent parishes in the state, hav
iung a population of about 12.000. with
a property valuation of about $7.000,
000. Yet in the face of the small fig
ues. both in population and wealth,
i' has three banks in operatiou, anrid
"heir stockholders are receiving an
:,verage dividend f 25 per cent on
:heir investmcnts. Another bank is
being org nized at Kelly.
Baton Rouge. - Commissioner
Harry D. Wilson wvth his party left
ior points in the Middle West. They
will stop at the University of Wis
consin and inspect the dairies and
surrounding dairy tarms. They will
go from there to the University of
_!linois to make further inspections,
then to Chicago. and will spend three
days at the National Dairy Show.
Alexandria. - The Alexandria
Sihrine Temple has been organized by
local Sbriners, who have elected the
following officers: George J. Gins
berg, president: Marshall T. Cappel,
vice president; R E. Galloway. sec
retary-treasurer. The club expects
to have a membership of 150 In a
short time.
Bogalusa.-The 'celebration which
was planned for the service men No
vember 11 was called off at a meet
ing of the executive committee this
week at the Elks' Home. The deet
sion was reached because the com
mittee did nots believe : fileant funds
cot-'d be raised to defray the ex
Lake Charles.-Fire at Bannister
Ctroyed the saw/mill, yards and
commissary of the Brown Lumber
('ompany, causing a loss estimated at
$#0,000, partially covered by tnsur
rn.e. The mill., which had a 35,000
foot capacrity, will probably be immo
diately rebuilt.
M nroe.-Almost coatinuous -es
did considerable damage to the al
readv short cotton crop by beating it
into the ground. Catterpillars have
practically strippel all foliage from
the cotton fields, letting the sun hit
the cotton bolls and resultting in Its
early opening.
Baton Rouge. - Dr. E. P. Flower
visited Chicago to attend the confer
cnce on tuberculosis between the em
rloyee of board of animal husbandry
and the state representatives of the
several states.
Baton Rouge. - Another candidate
for the state treasurership has an
nounced. Howell Morgan, assistant
supervisor of public interests, has
resigned his offce and announced
himself for that post.
Alexandria. - The Citizens' Loan
end Investment Corporation, a bank
ing institution, which has recently
been organized here, has increased
its capital stock from $100,000 to
Columbia. - A jetition is now be
lag circulated in Caldwell parish ealb
'Ing on the police jury to order an
election to determie the question oi
-utting the parish under tre commis
shon arm of goverument.
Baton Rouge.-L S. U. coeds will
he allowed only two days a week an
tu l p. m. itn new rules issued by
Mrs. II. S. Tueker, dean of women.
The rules fbrbM the girls from hav
lag callers any nights except aster
.!ay or 8unday and then oulr antE
10 o'clecI.
Hammond.-LouIs D. Nalty presM
ed over an adJourned meeting ot
Catholic men from all parts of the
parish forming a Ihnights of Coldm
bus conacil for T.sagnipahoa perish.
Hammond. - The Pirst State'Bena
Sand Trust Company of Hammond has
decided to establish a branch in ln
dependence, ten miles north t Ham
Crowley.-Heavy rains have Inter
fered to the rice rice harvest and it I
ill be several da:s before the Blet
Itose crop now being harvested will
be ready for the nulls.
Iesville. - Because of the short
abe of teachers in Veron perish, t
/emergency examinations have been a
held to fill vacanies in lower grades. I
Baton Rouge - With the stdents
coming in now much min slowly, It
is easy to estimiate the enrolimeut 5
the Louisiana State Uaniversity wll
go over the 1000 mark thiid yea,
which will be the largest attendae
in the history the InstiMtutin.
Monroe.-Leaving Monroe with i
Company D as captain In l17, uw
moted to the rank of major while at
Camp Beaarard and receved o
the of has paUmotin to the rank o1
lieutemat elemel li the leae 9
tlhard A Yegg . r.f Ug
Senator Moses Wrote Letter To a
Friend Saying :resident Wilson
Had Suffered Some Kind of
Cerebral Lesion.
Washington. - PublLation of a
letter written by Senator Geo. H.
Moses, to a New Hampshire friend,
stating that President Wilson had
"euffered rome kind of a cerebral le
sion" has deeply stirred official Wash
ington and served to revive anxiety
over the outcome of his illness.
Dr. Cary T. Grayson, the presi
dent's physician, would make no com
ment on Senator Moses' report of the
presiden's cotndition.
"I will not discuse such a report or
any other rumor regarding the presi
dent's illness." said Dr. Grayson. "The
policy of ocnfninng statements regard
lag the president's condition to the
eocial bulletins will be adhered to."
Secretary Tumulty also declined to
talk of the report, stating that any
thing concerning the president's ill
ness must come from Dr. Grayson.
Just before Dr. Grayson had been
shown Senator Moses' letter, he is
sued the following bulletin:
"There is no noticeable change l.
the president's condition. He had a
good night."
Notwithstanding official silence on
the subject, the explanation of the
president's illness as stated by Sen
ator Moses has been a subject of gow
sip among senators and represents.
tiers and others in official life for
several days.
That any one cognizant of the pres.
ident's actual condition has ever con
firmed the report that he had sus
tained a blood lesion in the brain
cannot be stated, but nevertheless
socme men high In official life have
been led to believe that this is a
Strike May Spread soon.
New York. - The longshoremen's
strike. by whiebk 'h port of New
York has been virtually tied up sad
more than 40.000 nen made idle, be
came associated with great possibill
ties when the National Adjustment
Commission ruled against the coast
wise londthoremen on their demand
'or an increase of from I5 cents to
i1 an hour.
Miners Turned Dew,.
London. - Premier UIoyd George,
answering demands made by Britlsh
miners, admitted that many advan
tages could be secured from Joint
control of mines by capital and labor,
but declared the government was un
able to frame its p licies in the lines
of the miners' suggestions.
Reds Want Peace.
Copenhagen. - In Russian arelesa
in Copenhagen, It is rumored that
the Soviet government of Moscow
will propose a peace discussion be
tween soviet Rassia and the Baltic
states, to take place in Copenhagen
or Holland.
Ranread Men Strike.
Altoona Pa. - Practically the -
tire mechanical for'e at the Pean
sylvania ralroad shops la this city
went on strike in sympathy with the
enine bhouse mechanics who walked
out to inorce the seaiority role.
Five Killed in Boeller Exploein.
Alexandria-Five men were kled
and six were lanjured la an explsis
of a baller at the sawmill f . Johb
son, St. Ladry Statlom, mar here, in
whleh the small bhBdla was is
Derelict Seoheoner Detrboyd.
Mobile, Ala .- The derelt of the
auxiliary schooner City t Bilei,
which burned to the water's edge
Curtng the recent hurricso in the
ult, has been destroyed by the
coast guard cutter Tallapoosa.
President Wilson Saine Strength
Wuhiagton. - President Wilson
cotinaes to gain strength and his
physcians announced that his apps
tite had been restored to a satish
tory state.
Sicilian Town is Se'ze4d.
Rome.-Reports Irom ililv nay
that the town of RIest. in the Sulphur
mining district, has bee seized by
Iebellios peasants.
Germe Trops Pefme To Moe.
Berlin. - Troops tn Courianjd,
which are under he command of
General von der 3olts, insist they
will remain there, nto a procamsti
which has just been assed to "the
German fatherland and al civiied
kmusiness Me Arriving i EurpLe.
Capmhags. - Amertea besiame
-me are arriving i Cepbgm t.
!;" l;/,ýlli I 11 lrrll, -, ,f !l ý ;ýýlrl ýýl
'I J iJ flf; , /,,J, *1 /1 lýý `'
"1 t;U' 1
· , r r r . ,rIl~ I t r I ,,
-i 'Iil 11 /t 11 i
ý " i ý+ ýi ta,
4b a nm'
yc ýi I s sew' /c~~ r
ý" fry "'"- ofo
Paris.-England, France and Bel
glum are preparing lists of hundreds
of German army officers, whom they
will ask ot be extradited and tried
for commiting crimes against recog
rnzed rules of war.
The English navy has made up lists
of the submarine commanders who
torpedoed merchantmen and hospital
ships at sea and in iEnglish ports.
The English will also demand cer
tain Zeppelin and airplane pilots who
bombed London.
France will demand numerous Ger
man aviators who piloted Gothas
over Paris and bombed the city last
The French also will demand extra
dition and trial of those responsible
for the long range bombardment of
Paris by "Big Berthas."
It is believed those guilty may In
clude the leading Krupp engineers
who manufactured the cannon, as
well as the artillery officer who fired
the pieces.
Belgium wants the German officers
who acted as town mayors in the oc
cupied sone durnmbe war, and were
responsitble fo t bbertations and
All afll join in demanding Justice
against the German doctors who let
prisoners die without attention, and
against the cruel German guards who
mistreated prisoners of war.
It is reported 'hat the United
Ftates will not demand that any Ger
mans be brought ti Justice, although
America must join the allies in de
manding the extradition of the for
mer kaiser.
Must Seek New Revenue Sources.
Washington. - Gonfronted with
an estimated deftit In government
revenue this fiscal year of from $2,
006,000 to $2,600000, Republican lead
ers in Congress have abandoned
their projjected program for the re
c6ction of taxation and are seeking
means of increasing the federal in
More Seditious Literature Found.
Memphis. - Ch.rged with distrib
,ting seditious literature among
Memphis negroes, J. M. Tydus, a-o
gro, wae* arrested here after an in
setigatiot by federal authorities.
When arrested Tydus had three cop
ies of a negro publication called
"The Challenge."
Teachers Threaten Strike, Get Raise.
Sprngfield. O. - Through tbO
Chamber of Commerce the matter of
salaries for teachers in the Spring
field pubic schools has been settled.
A blanket raise of 20 per eant hai
been granted and a minimum tf
$73 has been ixed for teachers a
oiltag lses than $900. The increase
came to prevent a strike.
American Is Chinese Adviser.
Pkiog. - Charles S. Reassch, for
mer United States minister to China,
has been appointed counsellor of tna
Chinese government at a salary of
$20,000 per year, the agreement da'
tag from August 1.
John W. Garrett Resgse.
Washington. - John W. Garrett mt
Baltimore, for more than two years
American minister to the Nether
lands, be. forwarded his reslghat·s
to Pesldent Wilson with tre requoest
for its early accetance
New York. - Henrym Mill Alden,
editor of Harper's Magazune since
189. died at his come here after a
Icng illness. Hle was 82 yass old.
Anether Air Omaer Killed.
Wuashington - Col. Townsend
Dodd, commander of langley hlel.
a., sad one of the first Ameriean
officers to receive an aviate's com
mssion, was killed ear Phfladal
Turklih Cabinet Raldgs.
Coaeastial. - The resgnaptLm
ot the Turkish  sbet. haded by
Drne retri hrgr san lsr and
313aMW of hEia~le ba , b bess
..asssgtr bthesiWle
Rome. - Much excitement In poll
tical circles and extended comment
in the press has been caused by re
•.orted receipt -t warnings from
Great Britain and he United States
t.( Italy with regard to the situation
at Flume. It is ctclared the warn
ing fromt England stated in e'ect
that if the "present illegal situation"
tr FlIume should c-mtinue Italy would
"run the risk of being put out of the
Salliance and the ;-'ace conference,'
and that it was received a few days
after a similar w:arning from the
tnited States.
The Tr!buna, on' of the leading
cemmentators, declares Italy is not
elone responsible for the Flume sit
,ation, and incidentally attacks what
it calls the "pnepnnderance" of Pres
hient Wilson in the peace conference
Pnd the alleged inability or unwil!
irgness of the allies to limit It. Presi
dent Wilson, says the newspaper, al
I though a high personage, is not ex
nrapt from human weaknesses, as is
proved by his present grave nervous
illness. In the course of its violent
article stigmatlzly the warnings the
Tribuna says:
"Even calaminated Germany never
showed less regard for her enemies
than England shows today for her
ally, Italy."
The newspaper adds the American
and British warnings should not be
Saddressed to Italy, but to Capt. Ga
briele d'Annuzio, as "Flume is not
Italy: in fact, Flume is fighting
against the Italian government,
together with the other allies, is un
able to solve the Adriatic problem
after the disavowal of the pact of
"Italy had treaties. with the allies
who waged war against Germany,"
the newspaper adds. When the Ital
ian question came before the peace
(onf.rence President Wilson refused
to recognize the treaty protecting
Italian interests, :,ut recognized oth
er secret treaties, .'specially the one
giving Shantung to Japan."
Coal Miners On Strike.
Johnstown, Pa. - Two thousand
miners, employed in the 26 Independ
ent coal mines of this district, went
on strike in accordance with Instruc
tions issued by union officials. The
strike is said to have been called be
cause the majority of tre mine ope
rators refused to sign the union
Air Race Fatal To One.
Salt Lake City, '-tah--Major D. H.
Chrissey, one of the ast-bound avia
tors, was killed here at Buena Vista
Field, near Salt tAke, when he at
tempted to land. Sergeant First
Class Virgil Thomas, observer, died
on the way to the hospital
Spanish Newspaperl Men Organize.
Madrid. - Newansper men in this
city are attempting to form a union
and it is said wil! demand a mlni
mum monthly salary of 300 pesetas
558.5O) normal exchange. They
threaten to strike if this rate is re
Wilhelm To Remove Residence,
Amsterdam.-The former German
emperor will remove from Amerong
on about December 16 and take up
his residence at Doom.
Peru Hasm Printers Strike.
Lima, Peru.--Pubdleaioa was san
pended by all LUma newspapers uas a
,ealt of a strike by the typogrphl
cal employes.
Would Have Cotten Markod.
Washington. - Baling of belly or
machine cotton without being mnarked
slth such words would be prohibited
under a resolation 'trodneed in the
Hmouse by Represenutative Green, Re
publisa, Masachusette A penalty
of $200 is prompeed for violtiams
Shtgun K-k 1* Phtal.
costoem Te. - R. . Burrer of
-airranks, aigei U )sr, died as tbe
wesu _t tas ieho a tS me stmesk
t a sheign
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