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' krnal of Madion Parish Poliae Jury Official Journal of Madisa Parish Seheel Bead Official Journal of Fifth District Levee Board Official Journal of the Village of Tallulah
ion of American Dele.
That U. S. Government Fi
Expert of At Least 1r
tl Balies of Cotton.
Sleans. The World Cotton
came into permanent or
when a report submitted
cemmIttee oin Organlation was
sir A. Herbert Dixon of
. gland chairman of the
ddlegation to the conference,
dteda president, and the recom
was made that the next
be held in England in
eers were elected as fol
seretary, Rufus R. Wilson.
assistant secretary. Frank
nagiand; treasurer for Eu
rsabers, Sir James Hope
*- or the United States. W.
allard, Boston; vices presit
-ir the Uniti'd States, Fuller E.
Lagrange, Ga.; England,
i. Ortme and John Smithers;
" eorge Badern; Belgium,i
Jwe de Hemptinne; Switzer
Bamrs Buhler; Italy, Giorgio
iuomatendation by Amertln
ef the graup on financig
cedits and exports, that
place at "he disposal of the;
raime Corporation sufRelent
h permit the corporation to:
" eaportation of at least 1.
raes of cotton was adopted.
ad that the government had
the extension of $1,000,003
to namee exports through the
the War Finance Corpora
-e eommnttee recommended
of foreign securities
sdaturse which would be is
ida in this coeatry In or
away trom abshort term
&.stahshose rf
. - Th police Jury has
to a sueaseson of the law re.
eattle-dipping from Novem
313. to February 15, 1920.
done so that the require
arding dirping will not n
with those who may have de
heir time to the cane-grinding
.-The police jurors of Aea
i', are be'F heaped with
ble erltic'm by the local
i the publle generally on ae
it the impaired condition of
eonstructed gravel road
the par'4h and known as
of the Spanish Trail.
B11.-Tie Forrest Hill
plant lma been thorough
and renovated. nccord
taet plan{ required by the
and Is ready to receive
for housing and ship
pmt wec"k.
--lThe R.piles parish
Jy met m regular monthly
eM inspected the parish jail,
lhe hole where four prim
msd. their escape. It
a plan has bnn submit
Ii nprovuiment of the jat.
SI iHae -G.o roads and
seerds reems to be the
of the police fury of PiA
ish. Taxpayer, along th
e. New Orleans to this
voted $60.000 to be matchl
a imil nua .moaunt of federal
Iea the rad and resurhce
S la Rache.-8uar plant
Pqruie their lands for fkall
f Imt. Ti.. grinding season
-, heiorr Novemnber 20. as
is Isht, and a- good portion
IMd hr -,,'d planting nev
SI- Hach. - Few trappers
inwer cost hare prepared
at4 cs t their trapping
the bayous and marshes,
ui rht prespects of a good
-m - of the largest
S has taken place in Thibot
knewas• the purchase for
the old Thibodaux fouondry
is the estate of the late I
-Dtuwmiae to the plant
Chen.eal Organic Pro
Swhich ws partlyU de
Sn, is estimated at ap
.-A 317.,10 ram land
here when Earl
I a 22-aere ftrm
y f, r b, Ad.
Bateson Rouge.-Dr. E. . Flower ret
turned from Chicago, where he at
tended the conference for tubercu.
losls era.lcstion an.l control mnor
poration with the bureau of animal
industry. By an acr of Congress the
I treau pays one-third and the state
r.av one-third of the appraised %al:u,
cf all cattle slaug',tered for the pro
tention of the dise&e. Heretofore the
owvners of the cattl. received no com
pensation for diseased cattle that were
killed. The bureau allow.: as much
;a. 550 for grade c. itle and $150 for
Opeluss.--The ('hambdr of Com
ntr.rce is planning the establishing of
the most elaborate partse fair in
Louisiana. Work on the 1920 fair has
a'ready begun. The police jury rccent
'l unanimously apl,propriated the sum
of $2.510. the tusinrss people of Ope
lisuas will contril.ute considerably
n ore than that amount, the city coun
I cil and parish school boards will be
askedl to give $1 t'") each, and the
Sfatrers of St Landry several thou
s, rand dollars.
ae Alexandria.--J. t!. Rarsrale, super
itatendent of the Alexandria electric
; light and water works .s-:tew. an
t nouncas the service of an ex
a pert driller has been procured
to complete the drilling of the
i- Alexandria gas well. He has arrive,l
and will begin at ,nce active opera
I. tions. It is expected to push the work
k until it has 'been definitely deter
- mined wnether or nrt gas or oil can
e be obtained.
- Lake Charles.-Bishop Thirkield of
:. New Orleans and Dr Paul Vogt, rural
L1 church soecialist, b-ard of home mi
;t-ins, Methodist -.piScop:al Church,
i, closed two days' conferences at Houa
r. ton and Lake Charles districts with
o detr!ct stperinten*:,-nts and commit
t lrs of the Gulf and Southern con
a ft-rences, making provisional appro
SItilations of Centenr.ry funds covering
t more than $100.000.
S Bogsalusa. L- Preparations: are being
made to take the fourte-nth census
Send there will be about 175 enumer
etors appointed f! r the Sixth Con
g ressional District. Preference will be
Sgheetl to ;returned soldiers, sa lors
/ Ed marines who taw service over
_',.s. Actual enumeration will begin
:rnuary 2, 1920, and should be com
pleted in thirty days.
St. Martnvllle.-Farmers living
near the Lady of the Lake plantation.
S near here, have begn missta sheep,
S goe's and small aitres for some time,
sad thought the losses were being
caused by wolves. They watched and
set traps to catch them, but without
ruccess, tntil this week, when three
of then: were seen on E. C. 8mede's
s cattle ranch.
I- New Orleans.-The next conven
), tlon of the Amertr-,n Medical Asso
Scation will be held in New Orleans,
-. April 24 to 30, according to an an
. I.usac.neant by Dr. Oscar DowlingH
g prlsident of the Loutslina State
hard of Health, and a member of
the board of trustees of the a,ocia
" tion.
I N:tpoleonville.-Pl:anters are usally
engaged with tall planting of sugar
( cane and gathering may. Most of the
4 rice planters are Ihrouth threshizg
I and from present itudicattons a larger
acreage of rite will be planted in this
i.arish next year.
SThibodaux.-Notwithstanding t h e
fact that cane crop conditions are
rot es favorable as the planters and
e others would like them to be, the
,quarterly statements from the three
tanks in Thibodaux and the Raceland
bank indicate prosperity.
Alexandria.--A nnmber of mem
i, mer of the General Education Buleard
cf the United States, who are makLta
t tour of the South. Inspecting var
SIons celle.gs and whools, both white
and colored, are in the state.
Sdrand Isle.---Captaain John Ldwlg
Ias begun making shipments North
from his pens of diamead back ter
r;apins, eontaintng more ;han 18,)000.
I ibey dell for $30 ,t dosea to the res
taurnt trade.
Forest Hill.-Si: head of cattle
a ere badly Inj)ured when struck by a
train while a large numba.r of cattle
Swere being driven across the railroead
1 tracks on the way to a dipping vat
eat of this place
Plaquemine.-The Fair Caks plan
tation of Theodore Dreyfus located
ra-r Fordyce in the parish of Polnto
('ompee has been sold to Mewrs. Rob
I hine and WcLean of Mislssidppl for
Fl'nrest Hill.-Tue local Baptist
SChurch has elected Rev. H. B. Mer
cer pastor for another 'ear. Del-l
rates te the Baptist. AssoeiaiUon meet
ing in Pipe Prairie were also named.
rBre Bra Sridge.-Actlvity 1i house
I uilding continuesa here. New houses
are being erected and old ones re
t Hamn.ond.--The live stoek exhibit
. at the Tangipshoa parish fair was
r. ronouncsd one of the best collee
tmons ever asseambled in the Florlda
4 Abbesrille.-The atresely adverse
I weather conditioms prevallin for the
Sruat several days have had a d
e. praessin effect Upea bauasin sad the
rice harvest.
r Meare.--Poit, a,, blind Inmm
a by near hev, ba a his elesm
o wmdat the mahm UYe o
Government OGets Confirmation From
Representatives-Troops Being
Massed For Decisive Battle
in Near Future.
Washington. - The fall of Pet.-o
t'rad and the occupancy of both that
city and the fortress of Kronstadt by
the Russian anti-Bolshevik forces has
been reported officially by the Gener
al Staff of the Finnish army to the
Viborg representative of the North
west government of Russia. This in
rormation reached the State Depart
In making public the department's
:dvices. Acting Secretary Phillips
said that a direct dispatch, from the
department's representative nearest
the old Russian capital, reported that
Finnish official announcement had
not been corroborated from other
The announcement crediting the
Fini.h General Staff as authority was
quite brief. It came from Vlborg,
and followed unconfirmed reports to
the department through Swedisa
and Russian sources saying that Pe
'rograd and Kronstadt had been
rested from the Bolshe:iki by the
beleaguring forces under General Yu
denitch; that with the fall of the for
tified Gatchina, 35 miles out from Pe
trograd on the way to Berlin, the
collapse of the old capital was inevi
table, and that the Bolsheviki were
concentrating all their troops for a
decisive struggle v'ith General Dent.
line's forces in the south.
Alleged Hoarders Are Fined.
Washington. - Jail sentences and
lines in two cases brougnt under the
f',od control act were reported to the
Department of Justice by District At
t-rney John R. O'Conner of San Die
o, Cal. Hulett Merritt was aentenc
ad to five mosths ia la and $5.A.
ls for heardtng sugar, and Jose Bere
ih:ajo, to three months and $250 for
l-oarding Sour.
Clemenceau Reported in III Health.
Paris. - Premier Clemenceau's do
livery'of his peace ratification treaty
speech in the Chamber of Deputies
was very laborious and he coughed
-epeatedly. This was regarded as
evidence that he had not completely
recovered from the effects of Cottin's
Paris Is Crowded.
Paris. - Paris hotels are filled to
the guards and the managements have
thrown up their hands in despair over
handling waves of incoming visitors
which hits Paris. It is as in the palm
test peace conference days, when the
hotelkeepers told all comers the whole
world had moved to Paris.
Want Railroads Returned.
Indianapolis. - Return of the rail
toads to private ownership not later
than December 31. 1919, is urged in a
resolution adopted by the Nltional As
sociation of Railway and Utilities
Commissioners at the closing sesmmsion
of its annual convention here.
WIII Attack Ciragrette Next.
Cincinnati, O. - Dr. Clarence True
Wilson, temperance secretary of the
Methodist Episcopal church, told the
international convention of Disciples
of Christ that "the elgarette must go."
as one of "The Next Moves of the Re
formers," which was hisb subject.
Want Treaty Ratified.
New York. - Early ratiflcation of
the peace treaty was urged in a res
lution adopted at the cloesing sessmion
of the American Manufatcturers' Ex
port Association in convention here
Call Grand Jury For Profitears
Memphis. - 8am O. Bates, prose
rating attorney, took up the fight
against profiteers when he caused to
be issumed a emll for a special sessiaon
,, the Grand Jury for October 22.
Lloyd George Regrets Wilson's IIIness.
ILondon. - Premier Lloyd George,
it a speech at Sheffield, referring to
President Wilson, said: "His Illness
h. a sorious blow to the peace of the
world and the cause of humanity."
Two Negrees Lynched in Georgia.
Columbus, Ga. - Two negroes were
tynched near Buena Vista. accordinr
to Information received here. No de
tails could be obtained.
Spenish Laber Delegation Sails.
Washington. - Spanish delegates
tc the International Labor Confer
once, called by President Wilson in
accordance with the terns of the
peace treaty, have sailed from Liver
pol fr Newr York.
Qeorgia Legion Meets
Atlanta, Ga. - Practically all of
the r posts of the Amerlcan LeIo
to GeoreS were repreoeed at the
rat m vte m evema et the er*
utma bm
j] Conflicaing Thoughts j]
\· \\\·'
. , I
.. ,: .··· ii
:·~~~•. ..E'S~~:·-i\
\AN\\\\ 4\I.4
~ s3~ GRaM'~
~i" i 0L~rb '\: ' ::~: ~
0t·t \\\
?\'~~ut Ii~ ··
~ ,I\
\\\\\\ \)\ K7
-~ 9'
New Orleans.-British cotton spin
ners were urged by growers to send
representatives to the fields of the
South, to buy cotton rom the farmer
direct, to bale the t4 e as they see
tit. eliminating all l~ddlemen and1
hereby reducing the t of the raw
,.iaterial to the spin" and increas
.ig the price paid t1 producer.
This proposal, alolg the lines of
1the systems used by British tobacco l
manufacturing int ,reats in Kentucky,
was made at a meet ig of a special
committee of World ;Cotton Confer
t once delegates, composed of 10 fort
eign spinners, 10 American spinners
i,nd 20 American cotton growers.
It was the first time in 50 years
that American cotton producers and
I British spinners had met in special
t conference.
t The farmer who raises 10 bales of
cotton talked over his problems with
the British spinner who buys a thou-'
Land times his year uetput. The
British spinner lEi oT'fis prob"
Isms, delayed macilinery shipments,
.w rikes, a fluctuating market and la
bor scarcity
Speake.s agreed that no arbitrary
price could be fixed for an ; given pe
riod owing mainly to the tr tmendous
fluctuations in the s.mounts of cotton
p'cked in relation to the amount
planted lit differest: years. Condi
tions of weather at'id of insect de
Sredatlons made it impossible to set
an advance price on the staple as
the growing costs cannot be estimat
ed until the crop has been gathered
and ginned.
Storm Victims Number 157.
Corpus Christi, Tex. - The total
r.unbecr of known read and missing
as a result of the tropical hurricane
Iere was officially announced as 357
by the Bureau of Information. as a:
result of revision ,.f figures. Of these,
"53 are deid and 174 missing. TheI
figures cover the entire area that
was inundated.
U. S. Troops Sailing For Silesia.
Washington. - Secretary Baker
raid that if a plebiscite is ordered un
dcr the terms of the peace treaty that
I0,0)0 American troops will be sent
to Silesia to help in maintaing order
while the referendum is being held.
regular troops are now being for
warded from New York for that pur
pose, sailing for Brest.
Fined For Taking Leaking Oil.
Cairo, ll1.-Some months ago a car
of oil sprank a leak on a siding at
Centrala, Ill., and 19 residents made
r bee line to the car with buckets.
The residents pleaded guilty to steal
tng interstate freight before United
States Judge English and were fined
from $40.15 to $51.81.
Two Airmen Killed in Ra*e.
Salt Lake City. Utah. - Lieut.
French Kirby, pilot, and Lieut. Stan
ley C. Miller, observer, of Aairplane
No. 44, in their trans-continental air
derby, were killed at Castle Rock.
Utah, when their plane, traveling
westward, fell a distance of approxi
mately 200 feet.
America To Feed Children.
Vienna (via Paris). - A hundred
thousand children in Budapest will
be fed by the American Children's
Relief Commission this winter.
Von der Golta Resigns.
Berlin. - General von Der Golts
has r-signed from the German army
as a result of the latest entente note,
lays the Tages Zeitung.
Rodman Law is Duead.
OGreenville, 8. C. - Rodman Law,
the daredevil aviator, surprised all
those who for so many years have
been predicting that he would meet a
violent death by dying at Camp Se
vier of a pulmonary a·tection. _
Will Raise Teachers' Salaries.
Memphi. - The School Board will
ask 25 Mhemphis s to uderwrite
a oan of SPWseah Ia order that
esa wmi es mss he av esheol
Chicago. - Military authorities and
r.,deral investigators a. signed :o
follow the trail of -adicals who have
been spreading their propaganda in
connection with the strike of the
I steel workers, announced their dils
t-overy of an anarciistlec plot to de
.stroy abandoned army cantonments
and other government property.
The plot is said to have been un
earthed with the discovery in Gary,
Ind., of Anton Gorski, alleged radical
leader, who is said to be under sur
veillance in connection with the ex
plosion of a bomb in the Chicago
postomfice in September, 1918, when
Iour persons were killed and 30 in
Information gain d by the military
authorities at Gary indicated that the
radicals have plotted against gov
t ernment property in Middle Western
h states ranging from West Virginia to
Colorado. During the day 500 of the
e federal troops on duty here entrain.
ed. and It was said they were being
,,disptched to protect endangered
Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, comman
in(;g the Central Department of the
United States Army, was in confer
ence with Col. W. S. Mapes, com.
mander of the troops at Gary. Dras
t Ac measures to combat the "Reds'
have been arranged.
The federal officers are searching
t for Alexander Ivanoff, Gary steel
Sworker and electr;rian, who is said
- to have been Implivated by Gorski a'
a maker of the 36 Lombs which were
sent to prominent men throughout
the country in forted wrappings of
Gimbel Brothers' Atore in New York.
Announce Mine Strike November 1.
Philadelphia. - Although the cn
terence between bituminous coal ope
rators and miners, which was head
1ere, ended in a deadlock and It was
announced that a general stril:
would be called for November 4
there were indications that the d!li
culties would yet be adjusted.
Demoting American Officers.
San Antonio, Tec.-Maj. Gen. J..
t ceph T. Dickman, former ^ammander
t of the First Division at Chatein
,r hierry, but now ranking officer of
L the Southern Departlment, will b1 ,Ie
Smoted to the grade of bligadier gen
tal, as will Maj. G.n. .'ohn Biddli.
commander at Camp Travis.
Should Educate Foreigners
r Washlngton. - Americanization ,ft
t foreigners should Ie an immediate
ifort of Congress through legisla
tion, declared Senator Kenyon of
Iowa. chairman of the Senate Labor
Committee, which teturned from an
I investigation of the steel strike in
the Pittsburlh district.
Strike Leader Confident.
Youngstown. O. - Speaking to
ever 3.000 Shenango valley steel
workers on the state line, Secretary
W. Z. Foeter of Pittsburgh, of the
rtriker.' National Committee, urged
the men to stand by their 'fbattle
lines," because "victory Is certain."
New York Strike Settled.
New York. - Harbor boatmen,
port and terminal workers agreed to
I accept the terms of the Railroad Ad
ministration, and ferryboats, tugs and
lighters reisumed operations.
Interned Crews Return.
Madrld.-The rcrews of German
isubmarines who have been Interned
in Spain have salbd from Vigo, en
route for home.
Police Find Complete Brewery.
San Antonio, T3x. - A complt'i.
I're wery on a small scale and about
100 gallons of beer, which the police
declare has a "real kieik," was disclv
ered in the attice of a house here
when city and military police raided
the place.
Spanis h KhgTe Travel.
Sadri- - Accodinght to a story I
UmI 'lmaraclu, Ing AfUomo will rv.
Itt Aruasmla, ChS esCua an Nac.
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Manufacturers of
Boilers, Smokestacks,
Breechings and Tanks
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
Boiler Tubes, Reinforcing Steel Bars, Stack Paint, Guy
Wire, Tube Expanders, Copper Ferrules, Fusible Plugs,
Steel Plates, Thin Sheets, Rivets, Angle Bars, Stay
Bolts, Beams, Patch Bolts, Machine Bolts, Threaded
Steel Flanges, Valves and Fittings.
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