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Attempt to Reach Mission in
Northernmost Alaska
Again Fails.
Dr. f.larquie Brings Back Pitiful Tales
of t':. :avoc Wrou:ht by Influ
er..a-A-ho!e Villages Are
W.jped Out.
.New1purt.-Turne.d back byv n mn
SeiCr'' :iry f tl l i ar'l ,f I:,, !:is
,l.r:s ,f the P'reshyti.ria:t ,l ,:t'h ,of
the Uinit. i Stats, w f,.r,- i i t, r
turn to N.-,w YYork w i!1, , r,.achil
his detination at P'oil,!t 1::rrom, A!:,
ka, the InIrtherma' ,st :ui-,:..n 'hi
worlid op,,-r.at" i by ithe l'r'-i t,-r:ia
IPr. Marquis lift New Y,,i .t:une 2",
and suli,.l fron ceaittlb' .Tily 7 to
Nioine. whre he bour"l,' the 'Unll.e
.States e'll:lt giarl service steamer
Rear. to reach P,.it it: nrw, lut far
the set-.ail tiuii iltbin two yiarr tliia
doughty little craft wi'h its hlardy
crew u\its unable to huiil; the terrific
ice jliin of the arctice. For eight dats
the surillry hunt balttled, lut illylty oni
August 13 it was forcedl to turn back.
'T'he supplii- fur Point Itrrtow wi-re uiln
loaded at l'Poirt liIpe, :vii) miles south
of that towni. Fr'tli Il.tre It is eixpei'cte'"l
that sle.,gis will he tahl to carry smaine
of thlem to the tledy pieople at Pollnt
"I.Last year." says IDr. Marquls, "the
Bear wa's able to get witllin 25 illes
of Point Hinrrow, but the steady winds
this year hadI forced the lee nmlsses
down fartllher s-,uth than they had been
for years.
"Massive filidst of eIce were rena'hed
whenl we were at latitude 711i1. del:res.
Captain I'. II. l'lierroth, U. S. N.. in
charge of tlh Ilelr. declared the ice
was the worst known since 12 1."
Dr. Marquis went to Alunska to see
about the appeal fromn the pI'ohle there
for the erecltion of a holitlal at Ioinlut
Barrow aiind ilso to studlly the olppor
tunities for I'reltiterlan mission and
school work .enerally in Alaska. par
ticularly since the influenza epidemic
last year wrought such havoc. lie
returns with interesting stories of the
Several hundred wives and children of American boys who fought with the
hitlab army arrived In New York from England .o make their homes with
tbir usbands and fathers in this countr;.. Most of the war brides are British.
-. Prance and Belgium are also represented.
S I Have Unique Highway Ten
y,. Long, Say State High.
way Officials.
W.--A road ot epsom salts
Texns can soon hold
uts, according to the state
of highway out of Rnck
being surfaced with a mnterlal
tyses more than one-fourth
The material Is obtained
where caostant evaporation
has left silt strongly Im
with salts, among which the
egltmeers declare the mix
as excellent road surfac
as the salts absorb
from the air to keep
igap. free !rom dust and
,yest days. One trouble,
i that the road becomes
darlin wet weather, but
b adding a small pro
thell sad regulating the
in House Where Born
! OWf at S. I.W,
-m Urn ýsr dd wben
-- u At
- t to wY b sh
ýA 1 sa
w.,,rk and! -°th p!tifl t1al,,- ,f the ter.
rihie ha\?c i-" r ug, ht by the "flu.'
which in " ,me sections wiiped out
whole v;l:,;:"
On h S:~,i.,: a.ttic Ju.ly 7, Dr. Mar
,qu- k :- : t:.e t the Aleuti: on Il
I " ' !.I i.: '" tii N ,I . Art Nir1Ie
P , . V :- talren ,nt thA 1" ;tr aln
fr i - ! - t r. I i" \' - n this.
S . . It v.--.. I 'rt ta NIime Dr.
S + "'i': i.'. t t, '. I. ut re'ir- I'ards
;:., tl,, n,, to Sibt.ria. L. a: 'inz Sibe
r I 'I :" , . '-':" , .::-a the the I :ltnuede
i-i 1rl . ::n,' l tl in to i':i e Princhl e of
. I"`. t'.t - t iurntlt -t Point or -th
ri t i cK.' ' :u . n a. but uai htoure ars
e it - t of if. r h.i
I l" ,iitit : ' r the v'"te i s coal sup
tol run I , '.t :,nil the whear hnl to putl
It k frtit (':.I"e Prince if \W\'lei to
N,,':ý." f,,r r,+ ,,:lin.:. IL '+in : Ninte th""
t4-ol I ,ran its joturnt.y to il 'int l'ar
rel\v. K80z,5z.0ll, ,ound , u s ent(r'r l and
a ,p u;t" Ti::(te itt the village. wh.,re
the .',. it.ty of Frierni] had1 excellent
', ,i; leon: rald then itih" ', lit a weit
Inorth to Klvnalna. where no mission
"i, lew are e-tulIli hed, but which a few
tit -htitioniries v-i-t at Interials. FI'ro
________... . .____________
New York.--Iurlng the present agi
tation over the high cost of living it I
is interesting to note sever:al recent
discoveries made n the ftield of syn
thetic chemistry. Dr. Winthrop John
nlatelluven Osterhout. Ph. I.. professor
of Lotalny at lHarvard unilversity, has
hit ulon a plain of malking nutritious
food from sunlight, air and water.
Although this process of food mak
aing Is s a yet tonfined to the laboratory
stage Prof. 4 terholtt polnts out tha:t
uany discovertes remained soine time
in the labloratory stage ,efore they
could be pl:lced on a commtnercial I,as:.
As an instanc;e he cites the maiany
doubters of the pruetieal value of elhe
tricity, and the long uphlll road Edlison
hadi to travel befoire he gained recog
nitioi commlllllercially.
Anent the r.roducetlon of nutritious
food in the Ilaboratory Prof. Osterhout.
n h, is in no sense a vis.onary. but
0 whose manner would Indicate a prae
Workmen Labor 14 Hours a Day
to Be Ready.
London Merchant Finds Empire Is Re
cuperating Fastest of All
London.-"Gernmany Is out again to
beat the world." said the senior mem
ber of a city firm.
"I have Just returned from a visit
to our commercial connections in
Switzerland. I met there the chair
man of an important firm of machine
manufacturers. He was obviously a
German, with his square head and bad
French. and for once I pretended to be
pro-German. and spoke with him in his
own language.
CHe let the cat out of the bag. All
the labor in the Schwarzwnid and In
South Germany, where the allies have
no representatives. he told me, has rec
fused to recognize the eight-hour day.
viee president of the Hood River
GOme Protective association, stands
Mr. Fredricy. after a fshing trip up
Hood river recently, reported seeing
a lizard with a blue tall and a red and
whlte striped body. Many and varied
stories were written about the "vie
tery martan." and Mr. Fredricy re.
epved may letters nlaquiring as to his
bsed of beverage and how It might
be ebtIsaesd.
Now Mr. Fredricy is happy, for re
1e-tly George Cbarsberlaln, an East
Mel ereeardllt, brought a real red.
M b ,ad blM e lHiard to the city. It Is
dlsp len in a milk bottle as
st a wife sad want
II St, e.
this point Dr. Marquis went to rPnal
Hope. which until recently was one of
the m'st famouis whaling stations in
the arctic regions. From there the
great but futile attempt northw"ard
was n.:ade toward Point Barrow.
Dr. .Marquis on his return trip gave
l.eci:ll studly to tthe conditionEs as left
by tlie illtueniza e('liftlieic. .1' a result
lie brings h:ak with himl pitiful stories
of the terrible ravages wrought by
this el|ildetiic among the Eskiuos.
In Nln. alone. says Dr. Marquis
over n) lier cent of the Eskimo pslpula
tion was wiped out almost o'ernigilht.
and In other sections of the country
h,,I e vilhl" .s of igin.,s were s~ plt
l':iv. I, n h , t -own i of :,"I ,tily thirteen
:alltc w+,re lf-t al:ve. a dl ,,mall vil
l:tUs, of twentv i!.'"s or so %%ith all
ihi:ilt:iitants frozen stiff. InI one (:seP
-tie ittle .irl mitl a h:iby 00ere f 'tti" l
a tb e in :1 ýilt+l+ . "T.!< ch;l,! hia l k e t
hlr,+lf froni fre'ziii" to .ball by re
tm,:.ini~l nrtiTpte.d tup i l t ' lth thei
lnWhv h..-i.lh hor. The .colde".rd milk
hch sutaitinel he.r life she also took
to hbelI nht her. Thire hald been no
tire in the \iliaes for days and the
bll.e(ralure etas t..1 derees below
Acicrdiing to I r. Marquis. the Eski
mI'o showed ral ticlly Iio resistance
ito intIuenIzI.a and went d(I\\n tllllnost
wathouitt a liht. Among ithe foreigniers
the i lllrtllity was about thie siale as
in similar conmiunities In the United
I Mites.
tie'al harlidhla:led busine mnian. says:
"Anrllyzing food we learn that the
thre. (hief ctmponlents are slgr,. f:ts t(
and protein. Until recently it was inI'- I
|t -.ille to Ian8ufact tore sug:tr syn- ft
thetically, but now we have solved the P'
riblle in several different W\ays. Iron,
rust iexposed to the prisltn:atc rays of
the sun thrugh water nlakes fo.r- I
mnal.ehyde, since the rays of the sun ti
actinll uupon the rust us a cont:lct
1 .ett. tmixed with the cairlhtn dioxide
of the air and: water nmakes this power- "
ful chettlnial. F'rom f,rtnialdehyde ctr
I tin forms of sugar mn:y bie oltained. s
Other ways of making sua;tr syn
tlhit! ally are through the empltyniueti
of ultra-violet rays, rudiumn and elec- ri
"l'art of our research work at lalr- 0
vard's hotanical laboratory has been
to otbserve the process by which the "
plant transforms the carbon dioxide
gas and water together into sugar, antl
later into starch,. either of which forms
can he preserved.
"So much for obtaining sugar. Pro
tein Is composed of amino acids. It
has been found possihle in the labora
tory to take the carbon dioxide of the
air, water and ammonia, which Is also
found in the air in small quantities. to º
form a simple kind of protein. Now
through the combination of sugar andi
protein, both of which Ihave been man
ufactured in the laboratory, the neces- f
sary fat Is obtaIned, with the resultant
nutr!tious ftKid.
The Great Obstacle. t
"Of course onie of the greatest oh- t
stacles st:nding In the way of the pro- 1
duction of fosli through this method c
is in the pres.,nt cost of making sugar, t
whlih caun only be mantlfactured as t
yet In small quantities. Our greatest I
competitor in this implortant field is u
the plant itseif, which thus far under
sells thle synthetic nmethod."
Prof. (ksterhout, hoI htas taught at
mllany of the large universities through
out the lU'nited States. and has attain
ed an international reput:ation as a
tntan of scilence,. is a Fellow of the
American Association for the Advance
maent of Science and cf tile American
Arademy of Arts and Sciences. In ad
dillon to many other scientific and re
search societies he has been a profes
sor of botany since 1913.
y "The men are working furiously,
without pressure of any sort, up to
fourteen hours a day to be ready to
enter the world's markets again at the
ffirst opportunity.
"This Germnan chairman of a Swiss
concern simply chuckled with glee
when he said: 'Our good German
to workmen know their halnds. They do
a- not want this easy day of eight hours;
they want wealth, and they will have
it it.'
In "Germany is recuperating after the
r- war faster than any other nation.
1e simply because, instead of giving way
a to the reaction of peace and demand
id Ing the impossible by means of strikes,
ne she is working as hard as human
its strength and brain allow to regain her
old commercial pinnacle and again be
il1 the pre-war Germany.
In Germany is out to provide the cheap.
eat world nmarkek and our eight-hour
industrial day will spell disaster for
I)' us if we do not wake up."
{ Wife's Love Is Lost;
Asks Two Millions
er New York.-George E. Loth- j
da rop. Sr.. a Hoston theatrical
manager and producer, has been
up sued for $2.000.000 damages by
ng Raymond C. Keller. a New York
nd artist, who alleges Lothrop
ed alienated the affections of Jane 4
ie-' Keller. to whom the plaintiff
re-. was married on April 5,. 1918.
tis Keller alleges In his affidavit
;ht that the defendant, well know.
k Ing Jane Keller to be his wife, .
re- by gifts of money, Jewelry and
ist other presents. estranged her +
ed. affection from the plaintiff and
ais gained it for himself.
Dislikes Collar, Dog Buries It.
Winsted, Conn.-Averse to wearing
1nt a heavy collar. Jerry, a French ball.
aU dog owned by Andrew Saxe, picked op
aI the eollar after It had been temporanr
I- vmeeed from his neck and bahed It
-ar a insru aatg,__
a.~r --~L~3L U
Relates History
of Bessemer Steel
Geographic Society Gives Inter
esting Chlonicle of Indus
try's Origin.
Two Men Working in Different Coun
tries, Without Knowledge of Lach
Other, Arrive at Same Conclu
sion About Same Time.
1':1ýh":l'._ ,n.- In ie\v . f the t atl11o - n
,"i1h* ;:: ' Ie in 't r' e d t. 1 . '1'1 t
S :ri !,. ,f -;, .1I .vrk r-. , i e N::tin i:.
\ i11 '1 .1....ll . ! ! ll. \:ii' i r. in', e.!r'i .; ý
-,the Ill": -ilin ..f ' t e  :l . '\i'h he tt 'l" I f
S .'i i1' L'!' ::" 1 " :t " '.
"The Y "f I:len. crer co teo is one
of ht f:lii :tiri:i ( hrllli .< of i ' t
it a n-tri:al \ i .,rl" l," the llIi tb i st i. 1i. 1
"It u eill. x..t hrnv · one of thui i ri
n t ais f her t O tl n orki in lif
fi*'iint e' 1,,trie. :each \itih. tit in '" tl
eldl'e of \\It:i the;' otheir \\:1<. dlionez,
ri tia her . til, ei :i cln cilll:-iol i ::xilt tlhel a
rnii.ial, the p:iterit . ohI Kitlly t1 hie
I lthe ih n Int Ir. Thile :wtrlii. itt ,v :ier.
iv. i tihe rl',,it to i 1i:ii ilt . t iatu tihn .
lrcis-. Sis kn.wn a the P i -iltr ma nirt
Made Ye Olden Cook Pots.
e"l,.y It} mk a Bi-.ir of dlfre :-hion- d
eo.'kin_ pots u, nl kettle-. It Is re
I Il t ylii that ln e l',y he w:rse sitting In
frontl' of ii r frl11:l It In l l o.erl ved n
e r,,i1it of it'::,r,',' 'en, .' whore tiler.
It e air. "Thii. l lhi lel to o xtendi that
lir alone lt . tolt ihln-. tluli t the irnlpun rl
S I -ttI l ,ous hi: .t ItihrotiI th thfr f irsta r
- Ihartl -. ltha tint ir :Itl u lllt w-:it soll a
i slpark-. to h!.< "i|<.anltiture :mlI the
S ei-rwd'i ttit y y l tie n t . IeII tin fll I -ll
o t('ne' i cn gtineniyit' t the :l ont i.f rthen
. ratlt l:lt dl'. : itlI ., lrY,'d tlnt of iis .,itr -
r fotr the li-.cit qmity of.r steel. l de
hle setol K*I hiy  enult xoni, 0 he turnilng
nh- I. Sike c hi.i ,Ie htonverter ,wa. Thfir
e Id of hrtirt F. ItI l lutrr.' I ,worth of teel
e has owr.h l out of there wrcl'1is thconvert
st lt by the prn, alm o riegulting thely
supply of .ir co that It wcould1 not burn I
I11out all the e.:rhan, it little of which Imo!
essentih l t ln.l.s . g Fa rthtl l ter e, their n
pro- dule t frequent ly proved to Ible hrit
at Moretl ir Than xn Dante'om Ithnferno. air
Sbltst. The tir 4ut dlti:celty wa. solved. -
eventanlly by the expedient of burn
In.- ouIt Ipracticall' y all the nr thn eni
ne adding nIxitly t.he tmount ri equiiree
' for the speific qtuality Of steel dtie
at t t u i n t
ti "Th.e ironli dliflfi l.ty was overn' niii
- through .the 241 Ylittlon of tnlin ntiee toi
Stake arell of thei hrtful oxygen. Tho i
- latter sitge.tion was the contributiontm
it of liRobert F. Muwtie. lt S1t oitch steel
r tanker. (:ranson. a Swerilt irontlay s
s ter. h ipreviousf rly a(heved ithe samrke
rtrv fillthe by us if a pig iron Inithinly
is rich In lnn.anes.e. Therafter un
tr- . erdlone x1111 over'lone steel disal.
at More Fire Than in Dante's Inferno.
'- "To go into a great bllltling where
n- there is a battery of Howesllnter convert-'
h crs is to ace more heat than lante
ever pieturrdl. .º converter is a huge
erg swung 'i nmilships' nn trunnions.
Ta The great egg of steel lined with fire
k!brick has the top off. Twenty ton. of
nmolten pi'grrep.' ,iur"l into it. and then
e4-through so.mIe 2)15 little holes in the hot
totl p| i n1hlL" enlgine. 11iii In at
.-trem n of cold ' lr. As the oxygen
fillH the air. n. i f somre demon withlr.
A strike breaker, who has been beaten by steel mill strikers. Is being
nasalted by guards at the Mark Manufacturing company's plant at Ipolana
Harbor. Ind.
Eight Thousand Are Taken by Ger
mans, Causing a B;g Famine in
Venetian Provinces.
Venice.-There is a bell famine in
the Venetian provinces. Nearly 8.000
church bells, so needful in the regula
tion of the country and village life,
were carried off by the enemy.
They weighed in all 8~000 tons. Only
20 have been recovered. The peasants
have to Eges when It is time for mana
hle fit ry fltuitv wri".! rj iis i " p.vro.,i
nit' ( .'r f, rItlance. A i th, u,-:i l ' iI
SiIl*"; w ith -:fety '+':,Ix,- hi--;rt  t:
.!.1r t r' Wl1 h 'llI,.Il urJ 1i ', h,\l(", thell
-ice ,, '.,f : z.'lh.yr ii ,,r ' 1p ,:1ri -*n. FIirst
thI fl: .'I tl a t i ,,irr- f ,rth l- i ,l t.
T1-.h Stiid . i 1to I' l." . h.'I iI- t
,it' hl 1i 1, hurrt,' fittlly t." a
I:,IIt I l . lhi h i ' si n h:at all
'th, iml itt.uii Iit' a a....
t i ,,t n*'' --:ry- to r,,t', ' t.. "I* "i)
l,,r'i+,rt Unlr't't ,,o:t i' :I,,!* 'I. i!." ýr,.:it
l, ,.- , ri b . I. t1 1 , . j' , i . i " *l \ , , t h +
t* ,t It1ilt . :,tii th . ,, " . , 'i "
f1r \\- th" li uid *-tr , ini : :'' t
hs,, ' . ti m i l t, i ,, '." ' " I n ;
;! utr+ It ,'. !l .--,.ri, r .', , i ,- 1-,.,' f'.
-' l,,'tne "'ai Ii:;,*terial, : irj,-. , .r:,. \ \'ir1
"In 1' ,i t el'r" n\1 :I- l'. :I " Ill 1t 1h
"!."'I rmbo, d ( , , iII th . I lnit, .l .t:,t*. hy
th1 i 't *--, Ii,, r :I- l, ! .. "I" ' ''" ,rth
(1'r,,,',-, lB ut "w ith th1 r'1,l , * ,.\it:: ý1<:
1 'II ',f "r,'- lir \'lrig thf ]r,,, r :,t tt,,.r l
,,f h,, h,,us f,,r 1',,l rt* r lpr:,,'twi,''.
1h I ,, ,, l,. h,.arth f iut'It+'*, \\'i. h '':tn
1 l- ." l.1t h , u , l1:11 s -ti ' r''- - ;'r ". - \wha ic h c 'o ,l -
t: ,i i *." t h , r a I:,r s f" 'r i > r: !I : uint: tl:t
,f lh,,-l'horn., Ihr',ly r,'lah,,'w, the
| ,-lE l,.(,Iv ' ; ' .
Cripple Is Cause
of Many Deaths
Ringleader of Murder Band That
Operated Under Bela Kun
in Hungary.
Corvin Responsible for Death of 590
Political Suspects and Active Agent
in Torturing of Ten Tim's eR
Many More.
v' tl the r r'gl,-ler oif thi iliiurdeir alnd
torture liaul i r t ilwi'raleil] unlder lIhla
Kuriin HII untgairy. eeorIl irt;il to I.oth'in
Jones, writi. to The iaily Netw. of
London, from Iludapest. Jones sys
.of Corvin:
ltHad I not exnmined the polhte mill
utes taken after the irilimuinary o'x
ui tinution of _'orvin and his ass 'cil!e'
ult hanld I not ques.tioned 4'orvitn y
self, I shoultl not have heliieled such
lien'lsh ranttices to be l-wsible in lhe
twventieth century. It aplpears frita
Slthe l{nlice minuites and stiati'ent" 4'(or
sli.nsile for the dte:th of live hialrdt
STen Eels Drag Angler
S To Battle in Current
t- ewvton. N. J.-Martin ('tllher
Siinnouitiel to his fellow work
men that lhe :was "goin ll ,lit to
: get ten eel< ." Ile got the tell
P+ eels :all rikht. lbut his life vwas
Senitl.angrel in the exploit.
:After c:tc.hiling the eels lie at
in' tah'd themii to a ;strin: ,oie *tIld
of whihei( he tied to his rulbier
Slboots. lie theni wdiiled in the
f L stream. The eels, rushetd along"
yi hy theli ctrrenit. entangled his
legs I and the uangler wals thiriown .
a i under water. .M[r. ('ltlter. fter
. it harIs struggle, tmanaged to
- reach the bank.
r 4 An thien, as lie was removing
his rhubber hoots, the ten e.!s ;
wrig.rlld naway into the water
S l andl were gone.
Barred From One Fair in Holland
They Patronize Another
in Amsterdam.
The Hague.-Although the German
aviation industry was debarred from
the rlta exposition at Amsterdam re
cently it found a way of Lelng present
in Amsterdam all the rhaue. There
happened to be another exposition go
lau an there, at which German avia
Ih , t " 1 I y:1 I ty h il r 11' l
mt r:0 r: r further
:t \\ I|I h i y io r I ri' '1 ,np { :"!.t ! 1:11 . : , ,Sillllll
"TIhi i iI . " 1hi. '
2. ,.:,. ~.:~, ii'.''111 :1 ;II~r iirr~
:;l.*to ins to-r!Ti|'ilz 1 t'etl {i l, :1" iihany I
inle .t f tI,' +:'xvrit. rllltUl.i< of tor
trellI:' T \:l , i, :ix :1 ";:I ill ' !ur r II, 11!1 of
! : Il r er ml . ihat hi' i: t' r, a liiTl I"
\\ i , hi,,,n. w .+b*, a li;htl.,l 111:10l h -1 \\ a
1 ,.I 1 i i t1h1 ;lllith intt I th, vC./ tim
,1ith£,1l" l',,hf, .. .. t kTom, ,l'4,41 .f 1'1,ou tit"r
ravoliol n rlllry Iplan or :acr1",,,, to pal y
U 1 Iln , "- l .If more}.
A Dagger in the Throat.
Ant.*her for'ill of ti rt ur" t: I I
th'lruI ,, :.''-:r dowi the thront of the
pr,oier Iuntil hIe :- . ntedll to their hto
0: lads. The favorite' teths,. how
1i \o r . ut to ll h in a Iris'.41 r ilnto, a
roeml '.lwre various pertihuh1 of tih'
i illsth1 ht"dv. '1.lh a1:, Ifis't , " .yev <. lips..
ears. whitih h:al hin cut off ilrevio.'u
I v it hims, wier' lying on a tule. lhe wa t
Sthle given a .hoi.e of a frm of its
Siernhll 'nnrnlrl l t if nf confessii. on of mllyll lr
wasn fortheon.lin . .
S Many ditl Iunder torture rather than
yii"Ihi and every night a 'art called
It roundl for 'o rp'es., which. loosely c
r.lung tlethelr. wer weighted und
1sing into the Danube. B
r. It i Inte.ret ing to. note that C'orv!n h
,. n:lel!ts thl t ;:l: llon tis a yte r nao
si planis for tTil terrorism were laid in d
.11 '1.'\. \\ i'lh the' a t lye help of Lenlise
and Trtzkiy.
Anothieir of the leading terrorist,
. captured is 4:lnhor S.heen, fornmerly a
.lsub-flie tenait: in the (J:itese' corps
formed by ie holshevikl. lie w.as
Sirotshit into, the police station :,ne
m nll.rling froill the country where he
had heen furInil in hiding hy peasan:ts.
S Ile had ho,-en terribly hbaten lland 'is
figured.. Neatrly $15.f1.l in IBritish find
iF'renclh notes \\las found on him. and a
Snumbiier of Iblank forms for the ilmteali
Sat. 'execution ofl l any who were politi
ctl suspects lunder the' olhl regile.
.ichotn lwas notted for his extremet
av Irice, ani co.nfesses to it ntnumber of
Sc.ites in ihi0.h. ulnder his orders. the
i gold-filled teeth of wealthy residents of
lBudapest were pulled out with pincers,
- anld without in anesthetic.
Accused of Murder.
* I have also e-xamined the documents
relating to lone Emery Harangozo, a
pi 'ele-faced. evl-lhooking little tian, for
t nuarly a shl.oemaker, hut ulnder the
S no'lnIilninist gove'rnmlent chnirman of
the executive rolltiuittee of soviets at
NR '*y (Gerencs, a few miles from Buda
ilarangozo Is accused of the murder
of four Roman Cathualle priests. III'
fore they were shot Htrnngozo tapped
them on the shoulder and said: "Give
my greetings to your White Goel."
I larangozo, like Schon was found hid
ing in a forest.
A large rov d is assembled outside
the pollce station and it Is with dllffi
culty that the hoishevist prisoners are
saved from being lynchedl.
Cab Drivers and Guides Reap Mar.
vest During Visit of Gen.
eral Pershing.
Rome, Italy.--"tching palms" were
extended to the enlistod personnel at
tached to General Pershing's stuff dur
ing the American commander in
chiefs visit to Rome. Cah drivers,
professional guides, beggars, novelty
vendors and guidebook sellers preyed
on the Americans with nvility. One
soldier paid $.: to he tdriven from the
station to St. Peter's, a trip ordinarily
coStling 40 cents, or by trolley four
A guide at the Coliseum exncted .4"
for taking three privates nnd a ser
gennt through the upper tiers, twhile
another guide at St. 'Peter's eh'mtnniald
Ing $7 for taking two 'boys thronuah the
ana Vihtinn mullseunm, both of which are
; Me to the Ipubllc.
tors gave deleonstrtlaons in tie shlalltm
way that the aviators of of otler n:ttin
alitlen did at Elta. A German i rn:ncihicru .
cowing from Leipzig lanlded nrn its f, I
power. It i. a Itunim:ler from the I). F'. I
I W. (Deutsche Flugzeug W1erge) at
Leipzig with a Benz motor of 221)
horse power. The pilot iLlemer, who
holds the height record for Germany.
executed a fine landing on a rather
hard landing place.
You Don't Need to Sicken, Gri.p
Salivate Yourself to Start
} ' g I a lh
s:tart Iie rý
. . ,h,. ,,
t ,r Store
' crli to -
. .i and
..* 1 T a: b
. . .. h irlea
P: er' of That.
ii I
Let "Dan erine" save y,
hair and double
its beauty
I t
SOh. girls, such an abunam
hitrk. heavy. invigornted hair; a
feeot rinms of wavy. iliky hair.
ly fluffy, hright atnd so easy to
Just moisten a cloth with a
"Darnndrine" and carefully dr~
through your hair. taking one
strnnd at a time; this margkl
moves all dirt, excess oil and
but your hair is not left belttl
stringy or faded, but charmtal*
" with glossy. golden gleams ad
lights. The youthful glinit, hb
color are again in your halr.
"Danderinn" is a toolb
Besides doubling the beault d
hair at once. it checks deadll
r" stops falling hair. Get delilMi
derine for a few cents at IN
or toilet counter and Mse i
dressing and invigorator ua il
Ip ltaiildl i f:lllilam " for Its
S;,lite :i~,"ie. 'ilheir ears sad
.ne ,otia.t i o,.,lrired a blright td
he "Pape's Diapepsin" It
S fixes Your Sour, Gali
Acid Stomach
rta Stomach aridity cuan
Food sour ng, gais. dirst!
'or- what upset your stomarlchdt
the otlher! Thit mioment yeo Ulbt
(e or two of l'aPD's D laPeil -
at lumps of ilndillrtioa pal . -
t- neat. heartburn and bdlhind
due to acilty, vanhuH
re Millionq of people ktW a
4e needless to lie bothered wI
ly tion, dyspepsia or a dilllSi
** ach. A few tablets o( h
ii- sin neutrallze acidity a -
at once--no waiting! BlI
Pu rape's DiapnDpoin now! Dut
11- erahle! Try to regulate y0
are so you can eat favorite wLS
cnusing distress. The Cd V
The bvneflts o great.Y'M
E n liiiiihii gits ii stihover d
extent ,af faor and a half
G ive way befor d
' trating effects
ter So , those rhantc
the loin-aches of lum..
I 4 inflammation tf neurit. "*
r- the joint w rench. the
li t the mur cl- stran, axnd "
i. br eab, e nf anlivin. h
the of rtlicf, thepostiveres
re liess. an i the eon
ILiniwn··at t:ake it uniJa.
SI 35c, 70c, $1.40.
. . a.o not. --h ,

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