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SJernal of Madison Parish Police Jury Nificial Journal of Madison Parish School Ibard Official Journal of Fifth District Levee Board Official Journal of the Village of Tallulah
E fI69,900 Being Paid To
714 Claims Under
.i tlen and Will Be
guered Up Soon.
Olsnas.-Lousiana families
pIM $18,659.900 in war risk
edatms by Uncle Sam. He
restitution to those whose
-asbauds died in the service
 e 2135 insurance claims be
e Louislana through the Bu
War Risk lusarance to bene
saied at the time applica
 urance was made by sol
anad marines, now dead.'
policy carried by these
was $8740.
solMiers, as well as widows
and dependent parents
aho have died, are being
by the government'
Spkyng 1022 compensation
r lesideOts of Louisiana.
to the insurance an'
claims now being paid
there are 741 of both
of claims under investl
them cases, however, arJ
blng adjuted following an'
by bureau reprerenta
mib of War Risk Insurance
giBdldters these affairs. has
by the government
t Institution in recog-i
th services veterans of the
rundered their country.
- More than 200 ename
th parish and thirty for
inauree will be required to
here beginia g Jan
to H. N. Thompson.
tr' this distrct. Estimates
population of Monroe, In
Monroe. between 18,000
-The rank of mon
honor bestowed upon few
the archdiocese of New
been conferred by Pope
XV gn the Very Rev. Leslie
ugh, pastor of Our Lady of
Church. for his signal ser
a vicar general or army and
durting the war.
-Assessor Stafford Her
an effort to have cer
of this parish, whose
almost a total failure this
from taxation under
of Act a of 1884, and has
0 letter to Attorney General
caft t) ascertain If this
- The Homer field add
it the growing list of
- U produecin in north
*l teritory when the Eabt.
well, in Section 30,
3, long, ,. came in as an
SUSarel producer the
la epth of 2So0 feet.
- The Vermillion Par
-Executive Co
here recently and on
eleetio throughout
Shea1 oRedals. Jaauar
. 5m N. Thomas,
o th laouilana HBoo
I` we is Pneviule, ox
relative to the
e Water on a portion of
ils due to the resent
'--The community fhir
hiOe gieU Demonstratioe
* aenems. The farmers
ports of the parish
iredcts in great nuam
.-The arbnual fanl 1
that in spite of ad
the recelpts during the
$5.000. the lartgest
of the asociatlor. 1
The present Rapides
M Senate and House of '
Will stand for re. 4
Smaide formal sa.
agres of revival services 4
M 1he Metbodist Church
Wt the pastor, Dr. El- I
I. P. Jones. sheritf
 r reelectioln, and 'B.
sherif also candt- I
Sat the coming 1
 d a Jeotat state.
ern the contest.
u Par rem
thCigge klo
New Oleans.-L-uIsiana is slowly
forging to the front as a wool pro
ducting state, according to an estimate
just made by the United States De
l.artraent of Agricu!ture. Wool pro
suction in Louisiana during the last
year was 612,000 pounds, the largest
in the hittory of th, state. The crop
is said to have brought an estimated
total value of $361,000 to the wool
Esther.-Live wir" rice farmers ar
greatly interested in procuring some
of the grain dry kilns which dry the
sheaf rice and grain quickly for the
thresher. Thousands of dollars'
worth of rice is lost yearly because
of rains and excessive moisture, and
the United States Lepartrrent of Ag
t iculture has been called upon to fur
n.sh at once approved plans of the
cry kilns.
Lake Charles. - At a meeting of
ti te W. E. Williamson post of the
American Legion at the city hall, the
e charter was presented to the club.
e constitution and by-laws adopted, and
a the following officers elected: B. W.
Lddy. post commander: T. S. Porter,
vice commander; David W. Eddy,
post adjutant, and Gordon Lake,
I- ILesville.-Excessive rains during
1. October besides doing considerable
. miscellaneous damage to crops, ser
iously cut down attendance at the
s Vernon Parish Fair, the big event of
s the year in this parish. Notwithstand
gl ing roads which were bad, a fairly
t good attendance is reported, with
n visitors from all portions of the par
Ish and adjoining parishes.
Shreveport.--The last we -k ha
v'itnessod a decidkd awakening in
Interest in parish policies and in place
cf the dearth of candidates for va
D rious ofliccs. particularly for repre
se-ntative from ('addo,there are now
twenty-five candidates for office in
Sr.hich Shreveport is particularly In
terested and eight candidates for the
tl wer House of the Legislature.
Alexandrla.-Plans are rapidly be
inag formulated for the big Armistice
Day celebration to take place here
November 11, at which it is expected
that returned soldiers will be present
from Rapides and surrounding par
Ishes. Preparations are being made
to entertain the largest crowd ever
r seen in Alexandria.
V Cooper.-Henry Redman. a wealthy
, Kansan, is putting up a sawmill east
s of Cooper and expects to get out
- truch hardwood timber. He is much
0 impressed with the live stock and
agricultural possib!lities of this par
.sl and believes many Northern men
* will come in when good roads are as
s sured.
e Natchitoches. - Continuous ramids
e and c.mblned with the warm weather
i Irf making cotton seed sprout in the
r- ft:ds. Nearly all seed has been sold
i as soon as the cotton has been gCnned
and as seed in the fields now will be
unfit for planting, may will be com
Syelled to buy peed for next year's
s Baton Rouge.-H. E. Estarge of
r Opelousas has filed nomination pa
s pers for state treasurer. He is the
I second man to enter the race for that
Srfice. Howell Morgan of Baton Rouge
entering several days ago. A. V. Coco,
attorney general, also aled his papers
tfor re-election.
S Alfalfa.-More than five Inches of
. ell here in one day after much rain
fall for two weeks. What litle cotton
Swas made is rotting In the bolls. Cow
. peas and sweet potatoes also are
spoiling in the fields.
Lafayette. - The school board has
set November 20 as the date for the
calling of a special election to vote
t I*,OO of bonds with which to erect
r nd equip a brick school in Young
' ie.
Washtigton, D. C. - The United
S:ates Railroad Adminlstrtion,
I hrough Its agricultural sectlon, has
Issued an illustrated booklet abou:
SLouisiana. to te sent to home seek
ta s who have made inquiries about
the exceptional farlming opportunities
-I that state.
Washington, D. t.-Oppousition by
the Louisiana producers to the Itcens
ing of sugar may e withdrawn as a
result of the proposal of the Sugar
Fquallratiow Board to pay a higher
I-rice for Louisamna sugars than will
Sbe allowed the producers of bet s
SSt. Benedict.--The warmest Octo.
ber weather in tweuty-five years was
treistered In St. Denedict. J. Koi
lock. a local farmer. lost a big mule
j hich was prostrated by heat while
doing some light p'owing.
tlammonid.-Emmett A. Herring,
secretary of the Hammond Chamber
ct Commerce, has been appointed
parish chrirman of the Rooevelt Me
n:orlal Fund Campaign to start hero
SBaton Rouge.--Fred J. Grace, egts
.trar of the State Land oace, has his
·nomlnation papers with James J.
Ealley, secretary of state, for reeole
Oak Orove.--ralan has ceaused -
vCre damage to thi cotton and meorn
Icroep in this section, and both are
srrouting in the feld, due to the xa
e.ot -m I
e~. +. • t
Response Is Urged by President
Wilson in Message Dictated
Before Illness.
Plan to Assist Peoples in Eastern Eu
rope; Campaign to Increase Mem
bership Opens November 2d,
Closing November 11th.
Washington, D. C.-ln a message
prepared before his present illness
President Wilson makes an appial for
a generous response to the Third Rled
Cross Roll ('all. The president's mes
sage reads as follows:
As president of the L'nited States
and as president of the American Red
Cross I recommend and urge a gen
erous response to the Third Red Cross
Roll Call, which opens on November
the second with the observance of Red
Cross Sunday and appropriately closes
on November the eleventh, the first
anniversary of the signing of the ar
Twenty million adults joined the
Red Cross during the war, prompted
by a patriotic desire to render service
to their country and to the cause for
which the United States was eugaged
in war. Our patriotism should stand
the test of peace as well as the test of
war. and It is an intelligently patriotic
program which the Red Cross pro
poses, a continuance of service to our
soldiers and sailors, who look to it for
many things, and a transference to the
problems of peace at home of the ex
perience and methods which it ac
quired during the war.
Stress on Membership.
It is on membership more than
money contributions that the stress of
the present campaign is laid, for the
Red Cross seeks to *associate the
people in welfare work throughout the
land. especially in those communitIes
where neither official nor unofficial
provision has been made for adequate
public health and social service.
It is In the spirit of democracy that
the people should undertake their own
welfare activities, and the National
Red Cross wisely intends to exert upon
community action a stimulating and
co-ordinating influence and to place
the energies of the organization be
hind all sound public health and wel
fare agencies.
The American Red Cross does not
purpose indefinite prolongation of its
relief work abroad, a policy which
would lay an unjust bunden upon our
own people and tend to undermine the
self-reliance of the peoples relieved,
but there is a necessary work of com
pletion to be performed before the
American Red Cross can honorably
withdraw from Europe. The congress
of the United States has Imposed upon
the Red Cress a continuing responsi
bility abroad by authorizing the secre
tary of war to transfer to the Ameri
can Red Cross such surplus army med
Ical supplies and supplementary and
dietary foodstuffs now in Europe as
shall not be required by the army. to
be used by the Red Cross to relieve
the distress which continues In certain
countries of Europe as a -result of the
Program Deserves Support.
To finance these operations. to con
lude work which was begun during
the war, and to calry out some com
paratively inexpensive constructive
plans for assisting peoples in eastern
Europe to develop their own welfare
organisations, the American Red Cross
requires, In additlon to membership
tees, a sum of money small In compar
taon with the gifts poured Into its
treasnry by our generous people daur
nlag the war.
Both the greater enduring domatie
program and the Jessaer temporary for
elgn program of the Red Cross de
serve enthusiastle mspiort, and I van
toure to hope that Its peace-time mem
bershlp will exceed rather than fall
below its Impressive war memberablp.
Unladylike iehavier.
Berniee was In the habit of Calling
her father on the telephone. On one
partieular occasion bshe had lifted ap
the receiver and had asked for the
number wanted. After waiting about
a minute the operator told her to hang
up because the line was busy. After
she hung up she exelaimed to her
mother, standing close by: "Oh.
mamma, the lady chased me ol the
Excuse Recalled.
Robert had finisalhed the evqnlng meal
sad had politely asked to be excused.
As he started to play his moths, began
serving those still at the table with
watermeleos. Realisaing be had left too
soo, Robert ran to his place and as he
climbed up In h!s chair said: "I'd for
gotten the watermelon, so excuse me
A Mild Call.
"I don't mind you writing gash let
ters tin olce hours." explained her
employer, "but the management of the
building complains that yoa put so
mueb love In them that they bleek up
the mail ebuate."
Norwegi bMuldrs have deveoped
a method ofe astrutloa fr temps.
mary struca tte mwhicr aeatg ad.
oe wesm reb Ila behad e th t a
eights, br tind - t Sht b Ib
-rrr WI.'-'
S What's All This Commotion About?
AW. Lo0K
'S 1`
VWashington. - E1y a vote of 2S1
• v 2, the House pas:cd a bill (reatin.'
;, uldget Bur.eau. .aving jurisdictioa
-".r all department estimates, anl'
ent thec measure ht) the Senate.
RlFpr,-s.ntathies 'oon. Tennessee,
and I;lackmon. AlaLnama, Democrats,
olted against the bi1.
The measure will reach the S-nate
i; practically the same form as it was
sprted by a spe.ial committee ap
lointed during the summer to tranme
such legislation. The important
change in the present method of esti-.
raJting departmnental appropriations
as embodied In the bill are:
All depsrtments must submit estl
mates to the r.udget Bureau for ap
I roval before being sent tq Congress;
an independent audit of all depart
wnnt accomits is provided with a
Scmptrolk r and assistaMt comptrol
I ler. appointed by the to cen
Sduet the twtpl'-" abolTbent of"
the present auditore and consolida
tion of their work under the comp
King Albert Honors Lincoln.
Springfield, Ill.-Albert of the Bel
glans placed a simple wreath upon
the sarcophagus of Lincoln recently.
With face grave and lips sternly set,
the king uncovered as he steppedl
within the shadow of white chrysan
themums. He bowed thre timesrand
crossed himself as he stepp*ed over
the threshold and laid the flowers up
on the marble slab.
German Colonization in Mexico.
Mexico City. - Concrete evidence
of German co!onization plans for
SMexico was revealed here with the
teuouncement of in enterprise for
the irrigation of 200.000 hecares of
lnd in the Fuerte river valley, in the
isate of Slnaola. where thousands of
German tmigrents are expected to
1 uy snmall parcels of land on a 20-year
payment plan.
Prince Says He Will Not Submit.
Geneva.-Prince Rupprecht of $a
varla, who commanded the German
forces in Northern France and Bel
glum, learned at Davers, where he
Lad been staying, that he is included
in the French list of £00 or more
wanted by the allies for trial for
crimes against international law. He 1
became furious and said he would1
never give himself up.
Texas Crop Loss Heavy.
San Antoslo. - The total crop lose t
for the 15 counties in the San An- I
tonto district will reach approximate- 1
ly 75 per cent. according to R. W. 1
Persons, district agant of the United
States Department of Agriculture,
who was here after a trip over his
Old Clothes osletles. Formed.
Iondon.--Fashionable London tail
ors are said to be somewhat perturb
ed over the reported popularity of a
c;othes conservation "movement"
atliang from the United States which
is being enthusiastically acclaimed by
lnglishmen wearied of long con
t;nued high clothing costs.
Steps Taken To Control Sugar Price.
New York. - Steps to prevent an
rbnormnl inrease in the price of sr
tar because of the existing shortage
were takel by the Department of Jus
Viscant Astor Is Dead.
London. -- Viscount Actor of Hever 1
COn-tle died of heart disease. He had ,
bLeen failing in health for a year.
Coel. House is Recovering.
New York. - Co'. E. M. House,
who has been in bed at his residence
here with grippe since his arrival t
from gurope, has recovered so much
that he Is able to walk around the I
Sthaneer is Beached.
New Yot. - The British felghter
,t:eag City was beachebd to prevst
- .ks a.ter s e5ism with the
aamer Gemee 3. Jeams a the e w
W'ta-htln4on. - OrganizeJ labor.
throutigh its le.ader. 'amu.Il (;onlpfrs.
"'nntounced its w~it;;,rawal from the
ra,:tional industrial conference. whichl
la.. he"n in s'--sioil here t inc' Octo
tti 6. to .:tablish .a new rela:ionship
tI; ,veen 'capital an.' labor.
'lhe industlial conference vote.1
down labor's resolueion for recogni
trun of the right of 'ollhective bargain
hug -a re:olution w";ih Mr Gon'per.,
leader. had charact.rized as "the last
S'.l" on the subject.
".'e emplot ers' ai-oup. by a major
i,. ,f one,. ccided to opposef the rna
ciu;lon and although the public and
Inlor delega:ins vot,'d for the propo
•..I. und.er the conference rules pro
v:ding for unanimous approval, the
declaration was lo::t.
Mr. Goumpers thanked the chairman
and gaemmbrs of the public group for
hle courtesies shown labor by that
wiins of the conference, but said thit
s'nce the rignt of collective bargain
ing had ben voted down three times,
:once after President Wflson had ap
peraled to the conference to stay in
assion, labor felt it had no objects
to gain in continuing the delibera
Consul Held For Ransom.
Hanford. Cal. - William O. Jen
kins, American consular agent at
Puebla. Mexico. has written his -p
that the bandits who captured him
and are holding him for $150.000 ran
bom. want no money from him or the
United States government, but wish
the Carranza government to pay the
Americans To Control Food.
Vienna.-The state government has
turned over to Dr. Heerwand Geist
ot the American Relief Administra
tion, the entire control of public feed
ing for the winter. The lack of fuel
for cooking will necesaltate feeding
about 1,000,000 persons at .pubUe
kitchens this winter.
President Commutes Sentences.
Washington.-Death sentences In
posed by court-martial at Camp Trav
is, Tex., on Privates Sam H. Williams
and Daniel M. Evans, who were con
victed of murder In connection with
the shooting of Dudley White, have
been commuted to life imprisonment
by President Wilson.
El pect Stored Sugar To Be Released.
Washington. - Concurrence of pro
Gucers reipresentinl 90 per cent of the
beet sugar output into this country has
been received by Attorney General
Palmer in reply to his suggestion that
10 cents a pound to wholesalers was
a fair price for the new crop.
Would Restrict Immigration.
Washington. - 4 b:ll extending
war-time restrietions on assporta for
Sne veer so as to exclude from the
country radicals and other undestra
alc aliens was passed by the Senate
without a record vote and rent to con
Activities og Red Cross.
Washington. - Dnring the war the
American Red Cgoes received $4),
(00.00 In contributions and spent
N- 3.000.000 in relief work, it was
atated In the first i.'tallment of a re
eort to the Anmeric~n people on the
clganization's war work.
New York. - Four persons were
killed and several injured when a
.hird Avenne elevated train erashed
lato another train at 175th street.
Says Gasolimne Will Cheaper.
Chicago. - Gauaoue will be lower
raither than higher priced, 0. L Swe
ney of Peoria, l., president  f the In
d~ependent Oil Me's. A.ociatiom.
iredlcted at the opentg session of
the eleventh annual meetln of the
o asutimon.
Aleged Plans.u For Revolt.
saI - Plans fir a revolt in AS
ees to take plOae Kvember have
baeen ise ro t tr asuaurg m
eaghms to the e dse has
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Manufacturers of
Boilers, Smokestacks,
Breechings and Tanks
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
Boiler Tubes, Reinforcing Steel Bars, Stack Paint, Guy
Wire, Tube Expanders, Copper Ferrule~, Fusible Plugs.
Steel Plates, Thin Sheets, Rivets, Angle Bars, Stay
Bolts, Beams, Patch Bolts, Machine Bults, Threaded
Steel Flanges, Valves and Fittings.
"Repair Work and Satisfylnt
Service our Lont Suit"
Phone 765
Monroe Furniture
Let Us Be Your Waiter
We never tire of bhelping others whenbm they a
for good job priting. We can tickle the moot
enacting typographic appetite. People warn
hbare partakpn of our excellent servk come
back for a seaed serving. Our prices are thde
most reasonable, too and you can always do
ped oas gm ivim your orders the mot prompt
nd eareful attention. Call at this oi and hook over our mamplea.
If Tea Want to S. Your
And Makue the Right Prices
sad Terms
PEdgar W. WHrITEMORE, St. Joseph, IL.
Cam ur it more quickly than you can sell it yorself, as the
only business he has is
iing Loeisiana Flaitatilons
He gIes all bumines entrust to him prompt, careM
ad nisat attetum; mhas pOpctve land Iaer;
auel AH7Mtmi,...., -. t S

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