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rrnal of Madison h Police Jury Official Journal of Madison Parish School Board Official Journal of Fifth District Levee Board Official Journal of the Villge of Ta
COST AT $5,135,000
For Construction of 100
t Leee, ar.d Will Protect
Aeree-Law of 1917
"ves Authority.
D. C. - Construction
ams 100 miles of levees in
were recommended to Con
SMtuuissisgipi R vcr !'#cm
ad pvernment engineers as
hasible plan to protect 99)0
of lad in tie basins of ihe!
uad the Red rivers, and
bItween Bayou Des Gliise'
 g river, from Missiasipp;/
waters. The cost of the
estimated at $5.135,000.
dt the Atchafalaya from
was held to be unnee
e*I the closing of the forum
at its head, so the river
,gw iato the Mississippi was
-a the ground that this plan
add to the Mississippi river1
11 fall discharge of the Red
ueosest flow from the Missis
Io Atchafalaya.'"
iee gas havo been under
several years.
by the commission, and
oe government engineers
declared the additional
to the Southern lands can
Seat ander the flood control
. Appropriations from Con
lawmere, would be necessary
the work.
New exted down both
Alc ha~ laya river for for
d .emealf miles, and pro
- l3,40 acres," declared the
l vews may be extended
protec: an additional
Se Atchbaalayn basis of
saas, at an estimated
.0. In the basin be
De Olales and the Red
aeres can be prdtete4
t_e w -lst y e
I vees down the right
ls ed sad down the Ateha
amsect with the existing
at Bayou Des Olal es, at an
east ot $1,0.N .
of the Red river is an area
seres subject to overlow.
about 272,00. acres west of
River eai be protected by
at at esimated east of $2,251.
a total east of $6.131,7«
abeet 942.0 acres.
wIad. - Rev Mark tm-.
Ba~Iat manlster, 77 years old
1 hsme sear here recently.
Slative of Pike esea ty. Mi
at was a Cemsderate vet
"I was married October 172
NM 10 resetly celebrated.
wr ne1 he W fty-fourth anal
- r. i mmons was ordained
Mllsy of the Baptist Church
With the recent nta
of water meters bohere the
department has aif
Oetober. a eaving of
alpes of water, besides
to Ms revnues from wa
eer what wouald have
tr te old flat rate sys
-White educables in
er 335,7.15. accordlns
Srepalt adopted by the
ot Uheatlm at a special
at Baton Rouge. The
- miJ negro educables
rites of revival ser
SClmreh oet God (Holl
to egress at the Seventh
r, to be eonducted
, U. eauk o Bessemer,
hee for the eoaduct
eary b--d.s. The
wu be knownasthe
-miu er an unmopi
to ieeee htimueU,
S, l a hml iln es....
se d tenta the omee of
aW, seriary of state,
b tos fire depart
Wesths to a state
by te aby e Imlee
ad m atly to roe
****~riP eman
New Orleans. - Tihe anti-cister~
crdinance, adopted more than three
years ago by the Sewer:ge and Water
board, which met with much oppoal
tUon from property holders, was held
illegal by the Iouisiana Supreme
Court in a decision handed down' by
Chief Justice Monroe. The decision
was based on a finding that the Act
270 of 1908, purporting to grant this
authority to the board, was "incompo
tent legislation."
Abbeville. - November was usher
ei in by a terrific thunder and rain
Sstorm, lasting six hours. More than
three inches of rain fell, flooding the
ronds and fields. Coming as it did
pupon the heels of the rainy season of
the past month, this seriously dam
aged rice threshing and the harvest
ing of the cane crop. Considerable
Etanding rice in the low-lying places
has been abandoned.
n Monroe. - The city of Monroe and
Lf the entire parish of Ouachita is at
u- fccted with oil fev.r. Long lists of
a ol: and gas leases are filed with the
is clerk of court daily, and it is said that
I.- v ry little land in the parish remains
ie unleased. Prom $1 to $2 cash per
id  -re and one-eighth royalty is being
to paid for oil rigrts, while a lump sumn
p/ of $200 usually is paid for gas rights.
Winnfield. - There is much activ
I !ty in Winn parish in procuring oil
c- leases. Speculators from various
l. larts of the country are leasing the
tr lands, and Senator S. J. Harper is
is: warning the citizens against leasing
,n the mineral rights on their lands
without sufficient consideration and
Sguarantee that their lands will be
drilled upon for oil at an early date.
Roseland. - While out hunting
west of Roseland, Murray Shawkey
d met with an accident which cost him
his left hand. He put his automatic
al gun down on the ground to put in
I o,me shells when the gun went off,
D1 tearing his left hand. He was at once
brought into town, physicians were
called and his hand was taken off
above the wrist.
h Estherwood. - George K. Bradford,
r' urveyor, and the police Juries of
Acadia and Lafayette parishes, have
ie decided "No Man's Land," a short
bstetch of the Old Spanish Trail near
al Dason, belong to Acadia parish, an-I
the later to have the road built so
as to complete the Old Spanish Trail
at once.
d Estherwood.-The young sao of T.
Mad My arrowly am"s at" receat
y I, ebe ell of a hore which was
it stretu by a large farm tractor. Adam
SLesune stopping th heavy machine
ig with the wheel oply six inches from
i the bos head. .The horse was fatal
ly injured.
. Colax.-rand pariah exhibitors at
of the State .hir this year scored high.
by Farm Demostrator Sloan. -who at.
1. tended the fair, being In euarge of
I the Grand parish eahbits, mreurmed
orme with thrty-seven ribboas 1r
:bhe premiums waors by the ehlbiys
from this parish.
Bats Rouge. - The new pavilion,
of the Community Club located "'i
victory Park was opened with a
dance. The pavlion and a large nat
atoerim as well as several other park
improvementa were built by suabcrip
tos of ninety prominenat citiszes.
SGrand Isle.-The opening of the
t,- Uapplag and hunting seasen and the
a prevailing goad datches of sea food
eL for the New Orleans market is giv
ing this place an unusual boom nla
business. Both ducks and forbearting
le rnimals are reported plentiful.
S Thibodeaux.-No other candidataes
of for the State Lesgialature from La.
fourche announced and there will be
a- no opposttion to Dr. J. L Dreder and
re J. W. McClelland. A. V. Smith, of
-- Laekport, has withdrawn from the
In Arcadia.l - The Blenville police
SJaury accspted the i4 of the Interstate
ne hank sad Trust Company for the $1,
1 C00,000 bond ise. With this larlge
e road fuad Imenville should become
0. a model highway parih, say the ar
ILake Charles. - John Ulhtaer, Si
ylrs old, a retired hnrer ilg
rear Iowa with his roea, Fred Ught'
Pet, is dead. He moved to this see
tie several years age from Paasyl
Ct Monroe. - Divisonal headquartes
' of the Vkeaburg, Shreveport ad 1s
se ue reway, wioa were in feree
Sfor the pat foarteen monaths, will, at
ler Neomber 15, ho Vickabg.
It lraayette. - The curew is bala
. enfareod at this pawse. This m ns
,tat chtlr y16 mears old and yosmg
o r will aot be permitted a the
streets after o'elock.
IAke Charles.-The suit of the lty
tof Lake Charles vs. A. W. Coere.
of a:d the Royal Indemaiy COmpany,
"- resalted in a deolsiem by Judge Ovu
tee awarSa the cty U.53.45
S Natchiteahs - Architect J. W.
r 8mMh, oft Moare, wasu bhre ma
Sfereee with Superteadeat Ia K
Raude rbelative tq the bricek shool
I teda o tg o i bult to relac
L the presenrt woodm straure mod fr
the Camptl High ShooL
o -Tk ee e m - sed me
sell Ser esestlee bj
.railm r the page l
* - the mid seen e .s s seias lb
Executive Council of Federation Says
Court Order "Staggeringly Auto
cratic" and Is An Injustice
Against All Americans.
Washington. - Holding that the ao
tion of the government in the injunc
f tion proceedings against s'riking bi
g tuminous coal miners to be "so auto
t cr;tic as to stagget" the human mind."
the Executive Council of the Ameri
r can Federation of Labo: declared in a
statement issued after a four hour
t meeting that the utiners' walkout vas
jurtifled, promised for the strike th.:
entire support of organized labor. and
as:ked aid and endorsement for it from
1 thf general public.
s The Lever act. under which the
% government acted in the court pro
s ceedings, never was enacted to apply
g to workers, the council assetted, and
s its use against the miners was class
1 ed as "an injustic- not only to work
era, but to all liberty-loving Ameoi
The action was taken witlout the
i participation of William Green; gea
Y eral secretary of the mine wvrker3.
I who is a member, but all the fttMain
0 Ing principal offlce.rs of the Amer:tan
a Federation of Labor were present.
r, The council was hastily summoned
a together, and the statement which for
a mulated its action was carefully re
! vised and rewritten by Samuel Goutm
pers, and Frank Morrison, preiaent
and secretary, respectively, of the
I. federation.
f The council in its statement pre
sented at length the history of the
t negcaiatlons which led upato and pte
l cipitited the coal strike, declaring al
I most in the first sentence that the
"offieers of the United Mine Work
I era did everything in their power to
avert this great industrial struggle."
It reserved its bitterest words for
late comment on governmental a
Government Diaeburement Decrease.
Washington. - bisbursements . of
567.IU49,205 by the government Ia
October were the lowest in say
mouth since June. 1917, Seeretary
Olass announced. The net current
deficit for the motth wwas $21,-23.
L 450 the lowest for any month stince
April. 1917, excluding mouths in
which income and profit taxes wetsr
'Vice President Visits Conference.
Washinsta. - -Vice President
*W arshall visited the International La
a her Conference, maklng a short ad
a dress and shaking hands with the
t. delegates. The visit came.as a sur
Sprice, at a moment when the labor
) delegates were puttingl forward
amendments to the convention on
hours of work.
Airplane Passenger Burned To Death.
Kansas City, Mo.-H. O. Eviston, a
! passenger in a biplane, was burned to
a death here when the plane fell -80
4 feet and was destroyed by fire.
Strapped to his peat. Eviston, who
was makLing the flight at the invlta
tion of the pilot, a cmmedecal avia
tor; was unable to free himself.
Plantero Suggest lSugar Prices.
New York. - The price for this
seeson's yellow clarlfed sugar was
fixed at 17 cents a pound at a meet
* lag here of autatans planters. The
. price 1s subject to the approval o
Attorney General Palmer. An addi
Stonoal eant a pound for choelee plants
Stbon ranuslated wuas set.
Allese To * Discharged First.
Boston. - No citisedas o( the United
3 Fmtes are to be removed from their
U jobs at navy yards ibecase ot Isek of
1- work or lack of funds for naval con
- sturaction until all aliens hay. been
I ,bcharged. Tpus Is the substance of
an order by Secretary DIntels recetv
ea here.
F our Die I Atlanta Fire.
Atlanta. U - Pour eme e dad.
ome probably fatai burned. and see
eal others are aeoriesly InJured a
the resutl o at are which partially de
ptryed the Wilson Hote, ti the heart
eof the basmnesa distrlet here. The
AmsertI -e usu .ndl.
S. adapest.-Thi derlscs commas
I sloqin tcharge of the chIldren's, relief
F. In mrue began wa'k here. n ss"tint
I it hospitals ad St other iastituatin
S Mia n sts Beas Law hld.
SMIaneapols. Msa. -- Cpostituttlo
Sstlty of the ate soldier bones law,
Sjaged at the last rmsaou et the tes
Slatur w uepheld byv Distriet Jedge
IJ Kell o. MUs a d kll" *llg a
test ee.
spSays Bur Memhe Us PreensCted.
Wlo Orlsans.--sSa pdeeerm ad
ea... tln .m.~uri the Womar
Allibis 0.
Fooo VT `
1 \ ,Ieu~S
Camp Sherman, O.-Charges that
wilful negligence on the part of the
sleamfitters emplo.ed in the con
Struction of the La.se hospital .Lt
Camp Sherman re 'ulted in exposurl
icr weeks to the zero weather, preva.
l·nt late in October and all of Novem
Iler, 1917. of sick roldier4 confined
there, were. among the disclosures
made before the (ongres.ional suo
committee by Joseph Poole, Chilli
cothe contractor.
" The evidence given by Poole will
hb followed up, to Ox the responsi
bility for the suffering of the men4 ic
cording to Chairman John C. 3lcken.
t4e and Chief Examiner Roscoe C.
McCulloch of se cemmittee.
While sick sedlers were pincbed
and actually blue to their finmer tips
with the bitter cold. steamfitters sup.
posedly equipping the hospital wards ,
a Ith steam het. were gambling and'
warming themselve 4ner their gaso
tine torches, oele the qommit
tee. Ag--e-- - -
was as ae atMee were their furt
when they eluded the sick. sad the
doctors wore their. shaskI limed
coats, while the patients had a& beat
Games of chaste Velr worked
among the men. the witnesse dclaed.
Two or three days every eek some
body weould cor ar d anad have
the men buy chances on automobiles,
wrist watches and other thirngs, he
"That was a raft worked by smem
body," he declared.
Other witneeses, corroborating
Poole's testimony as to the idling o(.
the men and the wastage of material
generally agreed that the work could
have been done more satisfactorily
and in quieker time by from tw
thlrds to noe-lplf the number of men
on a given job. Taylor Thornburg,
a Chillicothe laborer, told the com
mittee that his foreman told his Sang
It "hide tn the cornfield" and that
from 19 to 20 of tnam spent from a
week to 10 daysin the corn. He said
he drew pay from the Y. M. C. A.
aaqd from the I-. vernment for the
same work and that he did not dare
say anything about it "because they
weren't allowed to. '
Charges Against Camp Contractor.
Camp Sherman, Chlllicothe. O.-So
many carpenters were employed in
the construetion of Camp Sherman
that when they had nothing else to
'lo they were put to- taking screen
doors off and then putting them db
again, eteording to testimony given
to a congressional saubcommittee here
by W. B. McCorkle of Chillicothe,
who was employed as a carpenter
during the construction of the cariton
Army Air Race Ends.
Mineol, N. Y.-Co Harold I.
Bartaey, in a German "'okker,'* an
Lieut. Ralph B. Baby, in a DeHavil
land, landed at Roosevelt lFeld, Aa
ltdshg in the army's transconttaental
esr race.
Gever meat Instruet Operatr'
New York. - The United State
goveranmeat opened a bar-bas fobot
rails and everythnig-lt the custom
house. Here. federal agents are n
astrted s gaes.lo ethi
SBerne. Swts.da '- Embr-old
rtes to the value t four tm illon
francs were enorted ts Ast M
moth, ma~- with me e tame
ort tin September. 11.L
SNew Yak.--Mn. Dora Mlits,,wheo
Plyagcians atteading her repubte*
h(et*s is growag waker ad that
ane ue abs I held or her msrd
free the aseetag srlahse.'
gug Lte r *e r o e* aSee.
Sm d.-Ass * es .es s.
... ngn e sep adwu hemrs.
Washington. - A new program to
deal with the railroad situation has
been arrangd tentatively by con
gressional leaders. It involves proba
lie pa-sage of temporary emergency
legslataion to prot. ct railroad and
pubiic interests, sh3uld the carriers
b' returned by the president to pr;
,at0. control on January 1, as Mr.
W'ilon has announced his intention.
Although House. leaders plan to
p ss permanent railroad legislation
on their side of the capitol, the Sen
ate Interstate Commerce Committee,
at a saecial meeting, agreed that final
4r.acttment by Congress of the perma
Pent legislation. .r tore January 1
prsctically was, hopeless, and steps
ere taken toward passing a tempo
rary bill continuing the railroads'
fIderal compensation until the final
legislation is completed.
Trans'er of the railroads from
Icvernment to private control Janu
ary 1, the leaders were advised, has
b en de lded on nually sad unalter
ably by PG aMt Wamw sad Dves
tor General Hines. Senate and House
kaders. In conference, agreed that
every effort should be made by Con
grss to enact the permanent legla
tiSo before January 1, but with almost
certain prospects of failure, the Sea
ate leaders arranged to care for the
ma".sD -s ncating the temporary
legislartion, probably in Decemaber.
Leouhsanian Attacks Republicans.
Washblnton.-An attack on the Re
pebllca leadership of the House,
hawJe drtlng debate by Repre
rentative Aswell, Democrat, of Louis
iana, was followed by a two-hour par.
tisa politisal fight centering about
a parliamentary effort to expoge the
r -marks. After denying the state
meats of the Democratic member,
Representative Mondell of Wyoming.
tpublicana floor I.-ader, withdrew
his motkion to eliminate the objee
tionable remarks.
President is Still Improving.
Washington. - President Wilson
transacted some minor executive bus
ness, signing bills and pardon war
rants. Dr. Grayson said his patient
was progressing nlely and regaining
his strength as rapidly as could be
s pected. It will &s some time, how
ever, Dr. Grayson said, before the
president will be a6e to take a me
tor ride.
Strike Riot in V ungstown.
Ycungstown, O.-Riotl g broke out
at the plant of the Younvstown Shet
•ap, Tube Company recently. Fifty
remen attacked the sheriff and his
deputles when the off'cers tried to
keep them from preventing workmen
fr '.entering the Fla t. Red pepper
pas thrown into the eyes of the of
f crs as the women tried to seise
their revolvers.
Makes Lea Non-Step Flight.
Houston. Tex. - After making the
longest nonstop light in America,
dyfng 115 hours without overhauling
and wtth oaly one mlshap, a Martin
bombe under the command of Col.
R . UHartz, landed at Ellington Field
and eoapteted two-thirds of its Jour
ney around the rim of the United
Ceaferee May Adjeurn Seen.
Farls.-The chaducs are that the
t;reae ocaterence wi' end by the irst
-of beeumber, with Polk, White adn
ieb;s retrindg- to Amerier, l.svine
Ambasadeor WallaUe to reprmnt the
Unlted as a l the Trtbi eomn
fereseo is ceied.
pares as eSet Iherte
Pa.-4set has beam added to the
at s t hileakn in France.
clties is deded ie i the chlef
Sasgin Paesra Ol C-Ommlssten.
washlnste.--e ea• Nerenee w
 '.e.h  t ,hp-the prewar
ra.ui is persr of the nlte.sne
co ssse Coeasu a was sea.
Vicksburg Boiler &
Iron Works
Manufacturers of
Boilers, Smokestacks,
Breechings and Tanks
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
Boiler Tubes, Reinforcing Steel Bars, Stack Paint, Guy
Wire, Tube Expanders, Copper Ferrules, Fusible Plugs,
Steel Plates, Thin Sheets, Rivets, Angle Bars, Stay
Belts, Beams, Patch Bolts, Machine Bolts, Threaded
Steel Flanges, Valves and Fittings.
"Repair Work aid Satlsfylng
Service our Lout Suit"
Phone 765
Monroe Furniture
Let Us Be Your Waiter
We meer time of hepia thersb wb the adk
Sgaped job prim6. We ca tickle the ma
*a-tn t-p EFII appete pl was
have parlma at e eceeat sesries -m
ck SIr ammm serviq. Our pmesare
meet eassmemle, eml yae can sops s
pn eai as -ivieg orer eaemset prem
amd muMdlsteemo. Cal a this ase amd leek ova our esmplie
If Yoa Want to 8dl Year
Ami Make the alt Prim
3g W. WsEITOSRl, St. Jse,m, IL.
Ca ad It mure lboly th ea a a dit Iyourwtlf, as the
only buainess he has i
tra dra rll mn atntsubml tka hI pra$sme mammM.B

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