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6c a Package
before the war
5c a Package
during the war
I c a Packaae
Wanton Waste.
e are talking of breaking
of the old bureaius in our
they are so tmath out of
SWill. %what a sham:le' Slee
't buy :1 .m;ple for tne-the
ones they have.
linas are the pride of every
Keep them in that condi
aing Red Cross Ball Blue l
.5 c(nts at grocers.
Sewing Machines, Igorrotes
Will Send Forth Call for
ile Fashion Magazines.
-g almut as little elothing as
"ie even in the least sophis
I imrt of the Philippines. the
Sof ltint'o" in the miountain
-have little need of sewing:
toe. at last has a sewing ma
The first sewing machine ever
imontie turned up there re
as a prize for the winning team
f-war contest at a lhcal cele
Never did a crowd of nearly
illasgers look with more Inter
a new object of curiosity than
huple Igorrotes when the won
the sewing machine was ex
6i them: after which the two
or al cmtested in the vigorous
iherited from generations of
.ateeters to whom this simple
h~ad stood as a great tribal
7 e winning tmenm presumably
Sd the sewing machine. atnd
I giane that the natives are
a pesiam it as a rare and im
ealriity. But the time has
Sewhen a sewing machine
r emch practical importance
Igorrote family.
Dpend Descriptien.
lM you do in a case like this?
man took his wife to the
al watched the Red Sax
the game he became
and shouted in his wife's
their pitcher is in a hole."
_qWm meet deceive you. Fred."
-w1. "Only a few minutes
me he was on the mound,
sill there."-Boston Post.
Sleepless Nights
and coffee-drinkldg are closely
linked together with many
8 your case is like that, try
t Postum
.-awholesome cerealdrinkwith
a really rich coffee-like flavor
that meets the test of taste, just
as the beverage itself meets the
test of health.
Ready Instady, DcE'a
Made by
Postum Cereal company.
aid Go.m d 0.. s...S
Forgot His Cue.
('holly-Is your sister in, Bobby?
,lhBty-S-he's either in or Indis
posed. I e':m't remember which.-Bt
ton Eveningi Tra:nst `!pt.
If you paid a specialist $25.00 for a
prescription, you would not get any
thing that would give quicker relief
for Croup, Catarrh. Colds, or Sore
Throat, than VACHER BALM. which
only costs :IUc in jars. or tubes.
Write for Samples and Agent's
Prices. Beware of imitations. E. W.
Vacher, Inc., New Orleans, La.-Adv.
On Same Mission.
A Logansport minister was on his
way to till the pulpit of a church in
Terre Haute a few weeks ago, and
happened to overhear a prize fighter.
occupying the seat in the train just
in front of him, remark to his com
panion :
"I am going to Terre Haute to knock
h- out of -
The Presbyterian minister became
interested, and said to the pugilist:
"Why, that is just the very thing I
am going'for."
The young man looked at the min
slter aghast, and said:
"Why. you'te not a prize fighter, are
you ?"
"No. I am a minister," was the re
ply, "hut my business is to knock
h- out of people, and that is just
what I am going to Terre Haute for."
-Indianapolis News.
Naturally Road Is Crooked.
For the benefit of automobilists who
have wondered why the road from Ex
eter to Hampton. N. H.. Is so crooked.
it is explained that when the first set
tlements were being made in New
Hampshire. a hear made a night raid
on that part of the Hampton settle
ment known as Wigwam row, and men
in pursuit the next morning followed
its tracks In the light snow to Its
watering place at Squamscott Falls,
and built the road accordingly.
Malt extracts have been found val
uable for laundries in removing
starch from clothing.
OIranv.w clrm amrutaL Bm
iBy REV. P. B. FITZWATER, D. D.. a
Teacher of English Bible In the Moody ,
Bible In'titute of Chicago.)
(Copyr:ght. 1912. Western Newspaper Unioll
LESSO)N TEXT-Luke 9:9-3a6. r
GtI.[JEN TEXT-This is my beloved si
Son. L,ear ye him.-Mark 9:7.
S. Mark 9 "2-: II Peter 1:16-18.
and John with Jesus on the mountain.
glory of Jesus Ch-tist.
While It is true that In this lesson
the disc'iples are witnesses of Christ's a
glory. the full truth is that the manl- PI
testation of Christ in glory was to give .t
to the dliscouraged dlisciples a fore
gleam of the Messianic Kingdom. The h'
hopes of the disciples were crushed tt
when Christ announced his death on hi
the cross. They were unable to see el
how victory could issue from death. o0
Jesus took with him Peter. James.
and John. and went into the mountaint
to pray. His chief aim In retirement ft
was to get the disciples apart into a
state of receptivity so that he might
show them the method of the Kingdom. h
Before going to the mountain he de- tl
cdared that there were some standing
in his presence who would not taste
if death till they should see the Son
it Man coming In his Kingdom (Luke C
):27; Matt. 16:28). That their dtroop- I
ing spirits might he revived and their II
contfidence restored, he is transfigured n
before them. Two mien from the upper a
world are sent to converse with him s
about his alpproaching death in Jerus
alem (v. 31)-the very thing about n
whicth the list iples refused to talk. e
Then. too. (God's own voi'e was heard b
in wordst of approval of Christ's (course. I
iirecting them to hea:r the Master. ti
Surely they cannot doubt his ability
now to carry into execution his king- C
itllil plans. The purpose, then. of tile
transfiguration is to give the diiaciples
i fort·-leam of the coming Kingdom.
td enable them to see the Kinlgdolm in
Smhbryo. That this is true is not only a
shown by tilhe context and circunmstanc
es. but by the inspired interpretation n
of one who was with him and knew
Ill that ha:pptened. Peter sait. "'For
we did not follow cunningly devised *
fa:bles wlihen we made known unto you ii
the power and coming of our Lord n
Jesus Christ. hilut we were eye witness
es ,of his muiajesty, for he received of
sGod the Father. honor aind glory when
s- there c(nme sucth a voice to hin from Ii
the excellent glory. This is my helov
ed Son in whom I am well ileased:
antd this voice we ourselves heard come i
out of heaven, when we were with him
in the holy mount. And we have the
word of prophecy made more sure:
whereunto ye do well that ye take heedi,
'is tunto a inmp silining in a dark place,
until the da'y dlawn. and the day-star
arise in your hearts (2 Peter 1:16-19
R. V.). To those who believe in the
inspiration of the Bible these words
are final. Let us therefore note the
-utstanding features of the Kingdom
as displayed in the transfiguration. t
is I. Jesus Christ the Glorified King t
In on Mount Zion (v. 29).
d The glorified King on th-s Mount
'r. was intended to symbolize the Messi
st anic Kingdom when Christ returns to
a- the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem
(Zech. 14:4-17). This Is still in the
future, and will be literally fulfilled.
II. The Glorified Saints With Christ
te (vv. 30. 31). t
t: 1. Moses, who was once denied an en
trance into Palestine, appears now in
glory, representing the redeemed of
- the Lord who will pass through death 1
into the Kingdom. Many thousands of
Sthe redeemed have fallen asleep and at
the coming of the Lord shall be awak
- ened to pass into the Kingdom.
k 2. Elijah. now glorified, represents
st the redeemed who shall pass into the
. Kingdom through translation. Many
shall be living upon the earth when the
Lord shall come. and shall without dy
ing be changed and thus pass into the
ho Kingdom (1 Cor. 15:50-53; 1 Thems. 4:
- 14-18).
Pd. 3. They talk of the very thing which
t- the disciples refused to believe, name
r ly, the death of Christ.
id III. Israel., in the FlesIh, In Connee.
Stieon With the Kingdom, Represented
rs by Peter, James and John (v. 28).
l Israel shall be called from thetr hidlng
its place among all nations of the earth
s, and shall be gathered to Jesus Christ
the King, as the central people in the
Kingdom (EsL 37:21-27).
I- 1. Peter proposes to build three tab.
g ernacles (v. 33). The Feast of Taber
naces looked forward to the glorious
reign of Christ. Peter caught a
glimpse of the signlficence of the trans
figuration. His proposition showed
that he thought of the Feast of Taber
nacles, and therefore of the Millenlum.
2.The divine voice (v. 35). At this
time God himself uttered his words, asn
suring them that this one in glory was
his son Jesus Christ
IV. The Multitude at the Foot of the
Mountain (vv. 37-13).
This is representative of the nations
which shall be brought into the King
dom which shall be established over
Israel (see Isaiah 11:10-12). The peo
pie here were grievously oppressed by
the devil. There are times when the
devil is especially active in his op
pression of men. About the time of
Christ's first coming he did his best
to harass men. Just before Christ's
coming again he will be especially ac
tive. for he knows that his time is
One's Life Another's Bible.
Do not forget that your life may be
the only Bible your neighbor ever
reads. Your words. your actions, are
spread before him like so many pages
to be reaed. You may think lightly of
some inconsistent action: he does not,
and is quick to take advantage of
such to defend his own shortcomngs.
"The one argument I never could a
swer," said an Infidel after convera,
w..u the eomsitent life of my Chrl
Correspondent of Saturday Evening
Post Writes of Games in Which
Statesmen Figured.
aIr. C'levelandl was fond-not nover
fond-of eari!s. F!o Iikeli to play the
noble gflie :at. say. :a loll:lr liniti
evnll once 51d :I w hile' for a little more
-hilt not it oh more. .\'. iusI Dr.
Norvin ;reen was  nt t, oh-erve' of
4'ommol ore ,h :Indtrhilt, "lie lhith them
tex'eedingi e!lio.e toi his .ii h i1,o . yeC
Mr. Whlitnive. ,ue(reta:ry of the navy an
In his tih't ilvhnlin isitration. quially lV
rich arid hoql, u isil 1h:I,! oftet l "thle h
rn,;l n: 11." a-1 :l eert:;in griupi imainly Yn
senat;,lr. sac .:iled. to dine. with the m
inevi':b le after dinner cotree or at
" 1l1c'0.- I :was. whenl in \W\'ahingtoin. st
Inv'i , tee these parti,". At ne of di
t ellll , l;lll'ln to .t! ,,eti ltee' l the sis
prlleidlenit :It i llslenator lonll ('l:ler(on. in
Mr. I'1 ulis!ie. it the tiite speaker of II
the lii.-who hniidled hi, cars like hi
a c h1111i ::d. as we ll kn\V,. ,"ounuln't C
play a littlh-wais inted on the oppo
.itfe "ile of the table,
After a while iMr. c('llleroin and11( 1
hlolin hulling tie a:Iinie--I reall that t]
the limit twas .~i-that is. raisinig and hi
htrk-r'i-ing eac lih ther, aind whoever t
else happelnedl to be in. withoiit miuc st
or iany reigirt to the ends we held. f;
It chiined on a ldei tlilt I picked p!
up a patt flutiiu Mr. c'levelanil :1 pat i t
full. The lPennsy'lviaia senatoiir :andI 1i
went to the extreme. the pireslident, of ft
'lcourse, willing einoughillll for u tio play
his hand for him. Buit the speaker of
the house ip'riste.ntly stiayed with us
aind kept onill.
We cuiildl not drive hini iut.
W'hien it ,;ine to IaI ,Iralw Senatori
Camro:lrn drew oile Cairil. M.r. qCleve
land 1ai I .too lu!t Mr. C('r
lisle drew four ( i L t lenith. after
much hunter tin :;tin. it lreaichled
a show iltowln and li r:iile ,lietu. the
speaker helhi fl tie '
"Take the moue Carlisle; tlake the
mnonev'y." 44x.iaitlle ti'the jr<iident. "If
ever I :il lpreIlenlt agaliln you shill1
hie eretary oif the ttreasiry. But
dlni I you ti l:te tii nt fi .uitcard Iraw
till) iften."
li, vias pre-ident- :l:.:inl. .a11d Mr. t
Car'lisle i ' , sieeret.ary f the triets
iu ry.- S iirtl;ly l-:"-kling t',ist. a
The Art of Reading.
The printlng dress has helloed lib-r
alize and free the leo plle trin ltyr- t
tinny. .lio :I nst4 x"141 \.('rv 1 an1111 n an
nel vpti r ,. havlle (line m .liCh to ;ill(!- a
muiont i il Into l t he tile 2l s of t ihe peolle'
tha" ht till I ii'rnliitiii'( iii e l if t tif ri I
They have promotei( the art of real
ing an  stimula the d ehlet,.sire to read1
At the aunlie litvle the verV multi
tuide of hooks and periodit:l' has ill
liV-itllit a iheslultoiry tmtelleil of r'i:l
Ingl . 2l iii.' to ,kilt ' over ev\'e l''hillg
and di e t little ior lith nel. 4 Th',uuc
writitilgs. thI' great hooiks of history,
hi lgra.ilhy and liction h1-ave in a ollle:"l
iiIC ,.°,i oUt if f~iutliieil. "' liiii rea1l
Int" :is it is2 cnlle'd, is inot often In
lleid in. :ind t the names olf great
writers, whose prodluctions will livet
alway, are unlfailtiar to itfany of the
pire(ent general ion.
'[lie 'ex,' is that we live in a very
rapid ae. :antl there is no tilme to
read heavy litertature. The reason is
that lilmost persons hnve lost their
taste for history, for hiiraphiy. for
good rendingl . They halve pairitiaken of
the froth for so eong they have lost
the taste for the sulistantial.-New
York Herald.
Dundee Honors Beatty.
The Lockit Book of the burgesses I
of the city and royal burgh of Dun
dee. Scotland, was opened the other
day, and to the names of high dis
tinction already Inscribed therein the
name of Earl Beatty was 2idded. "in
recognition of his great services to
the empire and in testimony of the
high pteem entertained by the eiti
zenstof Dundee for his distinguished
achievements in the servhie of the
state." Dundee received the distin
guished Admiral and Countess Beatry
with all the exuberant enthusiasm of
a city on the borders of the North sea,
which was the theater of operations,
as it was the battle ground of the I
grand fleet. Earl Beatty spoke of the I
Srapidity and emiciency with which the
Sshiprepalring resources of Seotland
had been converted to the services of
the fleet, and paid a tribute to the
bravery of Scottish fishermen when I
acting as minesweepers.
Music to Quell Mobs.
There is an authentlic story of a
Sdangerous sedition in Lacedemonia
having been quelled by music; and
SBoetius tells us of bands of rioters
being dtispersed on more than one
occasion by the playing of the mu
'telan Damon when t the roops and
civic authorities had proven power
Imagine today in ease of a mob out
Sbreak sending for a cellist or Jazz
ioutfit instead of calling out the na
tional guard; placingle a hattery of
trombones at strategic points instead
Sof a battery of machine guns. Yet.
after all, it might not e hsuch a bad
I idea.-Chicago American.
Multiplex Telephony.
A recent number of the London
a Graphic contained the following note,
Swhichle may perhaps he considered a
. satisfactory answer to the somewhat
technlcal inquiry of an engineering
student. "For nearly twenty years it
yhas been the comnnt practice to carry
on simultaneously three conversations
over two telephone trunk circuits, or
alternatively to transmit one trunk
conversation and a telegraph message
over the same circuit at the same time.
Now It is proposed in America. by
harnessing together "wireless" tele
phony and "wire" telephony, to trans
mit several telephone messages simul
taneously over a single circuit; hut
although the system shows some
promise it is still in Its infancy. The
diffeiulty is not merely to transmit
several messages at one and the same
f time. but to prevent two or more cir
t.cults working on this system from in
Steerfering with each other. Perhaps the
'-efficiency of the British post office
1 balanced cables may help in the final
5 solution of this problem, but until this
serious dHimcltl is overeeme the pro
pi is withOat much prctical valu"
If Biliaus, Constipatud w
Headachy take
Tomorrow the sun will shine for
you. Everything will seem clear, rosy
and bright. Your system is filled with
liver and bowel poison which keeps
your skin sallow, your stomach upset.
your head foggy and aching. Your
meals are turning into poison. ga'es
and acids. You cannot feel right. Don't
stay bilious or constipated. Feel splen
did always by taking Cascarets occa
sionally. They act without griping or
inconvenience. They never sicken you
like Calomel. Salts. Oil or nasty.,
harsh pills. They cost so little to,-
: Cascarets work while you sleeip.-Adv.
Another "Bridge of Sighs."
1 When the An,.ri.;il tro,, iniil'- t
Sthe Rhine v:!lI.y lthy . i.,v,'er-ld a
Sbridhl that ihad;l ne.ver bhei.e -lilwn on
Sthe nil in;l.s. It w , ill :,: l hull <teel
I ltru' ure  i hilh · lii iiiilhi l Rhin e Ti.?
far froim ti.. -.pit whatr~.tilnhus I'aesar
plane'l his 'ftallm is briilv. It w:a. built
I llrin_ the war byv the lab,,or at lBritish.
French nold l lus'sian [pr:'.,nors. --15,
ton Post.
Nam "SBaer" is an Genmuis
Aspirim-say Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
In a "Bayer package." containing prop
er directions for Colds, Pain. Head
ache. Neuralgia. Lumbago, and Rheu
matism. Name "Bayer" means genuine
Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
- nineteen years. Handy tin boxes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin is trade
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
acetlcacidester of Salicylicacid.-Adv.
When Tartars Celebrate.
1Prohably thei' t'rst known intoxi-lint
wa h:i ill,' f,'rnllletit. Illilk if man lr,'-. :t il
it i- it tilt. ir,'-gRlt tilme a favorile
i with the Tartar.
For many yearn druggists have watched
with much interest the remarkable record
Lt maintained by Dr. Kilmmr's Swamp-Root.
e the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
IC cine.
It is a physician's prescription.
y Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
to cine. I) helps the kidneys, liver and blad
is der b the work nature intended they
r should do.
it Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit
and it should help you. No other kidney
It medicine has so many friends.
w Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamtona N. Y., for a
rs smple bottle. When writing be sure and
a- mention this paper.-Adv.
Looking Ahead.
te "Are you going to invite the doe
In tot to your party,. Ethel?"
to "No. mamma."
to "Why not ?"
ti- "Iee'lnus.' I don't want him here too
Soften. We'll probably have to have him
e here the next day."
ty shave With Cuticura Soap
of And double your ruor efiency a
, well as promote skin purity, skin com
fs tort and skin health. No mug, no
se slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no
he irritation even when shaved twice
he daily. One soap for all us hving,
ad 'mthlng and shampoolng.-Ad'.
he The motto of some men is. "Give
, me lIberty, or give me debt ."
Children Cry For
sad Soothing Syraps. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
a  Morphine nor other narcotic sabstance. Its age is it guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has bees in constant use for the
relief of Constipation, Flatuleancy, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Fewerishnem arising therefrom, and by regulating the
Stomach and Bowels, sis the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea-The
" onstiipad xtr Pad.
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
TM. Kind You Have Always Bought
Sr a om WYblw •M n , ra.. e ms.. w ,v." " y esrn .V.
You Never Wake Up Weak, Gripy or Sickened After
Taking "Dodson's Liver Tone"-Listen!
, /-i
rfh! Corn, nl make.s youl ,i'k. It's
horrihle' Take. a dose of lho da;rlir
ols drue toI '!1ght and: tomorrow you
lose a day.
(lahtuel it murllry! When it romen
iato eonta't with s~ulr bihl. It tr:ashes
into it. hre:aking it up. Then i when
you feel that awful nau-ea anwl rr.nup
ing. If you are sl,;4iish, if liver is
torpid and howels corstipantd or youI
have headuche. dizzine.ss. oared
tongue. if breath is bad or stomach
THIS isn't one of those fake free treatment
offters you have seen so manIIy timellls. We
don't oTer to give you something for nothing
but we do g1uaruantee that you cann try this won
derful treatment. entirely at our risk. and this
guarantee is backed by your local druggist.
This makes the offer one which yon can lh
solt.tely depend uplon. because the druegi.t ni:h
homl you have been trading would not stand
4hind !tho inarantee If he did not know it to b
an honest aind legitimate one.
Hunt's Salve, formerly cnlld Hunt's Cure,
has oetn ' 'l unlder ::,olute money bnack gur
nllltee for lmore than thirty yours. It is especl I1r
compounded for the treatment of Eczema, Itch,
Ring Worm, Tetter, and other itching skin dis
Thousands of letters testify to its curntive proprties. M. Timerlin. a
reputable dry goods dealer in Durant. Oklaho,ma. says: "I suffered with
Eczema for ten years. and spent $1,000.00 for doctors' treatments, without
result. One box of Hunt's Cure entirely cured me."
Don't fall to gire Hunt's Salve a trial-prIce 75 cents, from your local
druggi.t, or dircrt by maI if hie does not handle it.
1A u * IN..3G TONIC. Seld by All DrN Stbres
Correcting Him.
".l;t)!'g th* posse -ions of overy
poixr nuan it this reliol cnn be found
at leiat onel worthiews .log." severeiy
aid~l the stc'ta'!edl tourist.
"There lhaln't n sucnh thing as a
worthess. l.og. podlner!" retlurnel G(p
.ohnson of Itnipus R ide. "Anti
no man that owns : ;:gºIl dog is plumlb
poor."--K:nsas City Star.
State of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas
SFrank J. Cheney makes oath that be is
senior partner of the frm of F. J. Cheney
& Co.. doing business in the City of To
ledo. County and State aforesaid, and that
I ad afrm will pay the sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the use of
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December.
A. D. 1886.
(Seal) A. W. Gleason. Notary Public.
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio.
Dangerous Practice.
"She' :s lw:ays taking kodak pictures
of her friends."
"And after that do they continue to
be friends?'
sorr. Joist try . ;i ... "tlI ,f ha;rmlIe
l| a, -,01 o n {.iv , ýr 'I' ~t ,. t , nll i -t t .
hIere' my .rtrl t:tite--4 :o to any
drtlr store and tat aL hbottle of Iod
stn Live'r 'Titne' fr a ft.v 'ent.
take a spoonful andt if it doesn't
str:i.hte.n yvou riglht ip iand rmake ,y,
feel till' ' :Ili vitrus. g"t btack to the
stire ant !,et yo'lur mnioney. Dooen''
L+iver Tone it l.,'tryinrg the salt of
'alme.l e.m'u1se it ian not salivate of
mnake you sick.-A.dv.
Stock Remedy
-or Horne, Catn" aid She
OLww rnunxac~r Mma. o.. `ra, e s a.
Of Ca'"illf 'oh e tIt1
maaf <a o t re tI l -ye -a.I
.mmaesh rrm e e r..ts weilg
l . IN. off 6t"& = Te
aen ad o veir ae
WNU.L nor LuL OK Ol -1
to puw oflatbot.
in roan. hformb o ýb At 1, h
,mmraem rorstlbenlo i rot.e W
I13 Dster Park Ave Chine eI.
W. N. U., LITTLE ROCK, NO. 4-.1111

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