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C ndensed News It
0 , , =
W taken charge
o 1 rect I
t by
th ta set
tle upon
It by the
Cabinet or high
officials who At
torney Gene ht on
the high c y held
eir first the coal
ke sidetra activities.
nefficiency. and a dis
rd of the pr the act un
which it o ere chargced
at the Housizn
ration te Public
ngs vestigating
retary be would give
off of Treasury
n us a take his seat
In the to the
late Virginia im
mediately ging or
Congress after the recess.
By a unanimous vote the
House has passed I atmduced
by Representative of biaouri
permitting the construction ld a fed
eral building on the site at Fourth and
Chestnut streets, St. Louis. originally
purchased for a subtreasury.
Before the Christmas holidays it is
likely that the proposal of S.'nator
Knox of Pennsylvania. to restor.e a
status of peace with Germany by -elim
inating the Leazue of N:ationf and
leaving it for later consider:ation, will
SbEquarely before the Senate.
Two MexiTans were killed during a
pistol and rifle fihi;t betwE. n deputy
sheriffs and four men su::pc'tced of
being liquor smugglers at El Paso, Tex.
Wh n Guillermo Ehrmani. 0!* y,,:rs
(ld. forr:, rly a rciit.rer I I. iil (lI.rk
in !h , N.io; nal City i;,nk , tituneu (out
his pockr Liefore Will.a;: J. L ah.,
s-cond depit::y collmmlissi. n.tr of police,
at N. w York, he had $2. Ehrn.an
had .l~ nt $1',9;18 in ninety days in a
tour that began August 16 at Atlantic
(). L. Millter, cashier of tlhe Bank of
Grady. is under arrest at Star City.
Lincoln County, Ark., charged with
embezzl mint of $1S8.oI .
Theft of nine barrels of saramental
wine was reported to the New York
police by a wholesale liquor dealer. t1i
said that the theft was accomplished
by siphoning the wine from his ,ase
ment, where it was stored, to an ad
olining cellar by means of a 75-foot
Thefts of hundreds of thousands of
dollars worth of goods, planned by
burglars in active co-operation with
policemen, have been made in the
last six months in Brooklyn, District
Attorney Lewis asserted in a state
ment declaring that Patrolman Her
man Crause instigated a $12,000
robbery of a manufactruing fur re
ceiver's plant November 30.
Charges of contempt of court
against eighty-four officials of the
United Mine Workers of America, with
two exceptions, were continued by
United States District Judge A. E.
Anderson at Indianapolis until such
a date as it is deemed advisable to
bring the cases again before, the court.
The general convention of the
United Mine Workers of America, to
hear the report of officers of that or
ganization relating to the settlement
of the national soft coal strike, will
be held in Columbus. Ohio, January
5 to 8.
Steve Summed, business agent for
Chicago Milk Wagon Drivers' Union.
who has been in jail since November
17 for advocating disobhediencb of an
Injunction in the garment workers'
strike of 1917. made a confession and
btalned his release.
The Old South Trust Company. at
Boston, Mass., a banking and sa ings
institution with about $4,00.o,000 in d,.
posits, was closed by State Banking
Commissioner Augustus L. Thorndike.
Mark L. Goodwin of Sedalia, Mo.,
Washington correspondent of the
Dallas-Galveston Daily News, was
elected president of the National Press
Club at the Washington meeting.
Charles Johnson, 65 years old, a
farmer, of West Salem. Ohio, was in
aeveland recently with a reserved
seat ticket so as to be in the front
abw when the world came to an end.
The belief is growing in diltomatic
circles that Viscount Grey will not
return to Washington as British Am- i
bassador, although there is no inti
mation of this officially.
Five cars of print paper on a passen
cger train constituted one of the hign
ilghts in the constant race against
time ataged by railroadh between
Grand Wit., and the Ki_
City (
The an because
tw court
Yard on
- One sailor
ad -a French
0iri f ~ a - tn
New Paul
have- with the
e bot
ties in the
and rea
the health of
era will be es
ew Yoru the interests
i Enat mp Clark,
tm hg*e e of Repro
in noni
r iJJ. Iinderol
m eat~ am-I
Anarchists and undesirables trout
all sections of the United States were
rushed by special trains to Ellis Is
land to join the large colony of rad.
cals already assembled their awaitiiin
deportation to Soviet Russia.
Rear Admiral Benjaminr Tappan,
U. S N.N retired. ,;: 1 ,.c rd t old. en,. of
the navy \- Iou ' dits ing.uished offit, .ers,
died at the Naval lle-plital at Wash
Mrs. A.iee i tye :e :,nn Southeran,
on- ore th. pionee rr ; e.ld!i-ts inl the
I'nitc-d Stactes. died :- ' N,,w Yolk. Mrs.
Southran was %1 }.:i - rld anl.! aa<
the- autthobr of se-ver-al books of a so
cialistic character.
Except for a short (vrying sprll dur
ing which he said. "I'Fi sorry, but
that'll do no good." John lMclienr; . th,
19-year old St. Louis youth, who h -ia:t
and killed a Washingtor n Imenrchant and
robbed him and later shot ant dan
gerously wounded a detective, dis
played the same iron nerve-.
Penniless after spending a fortune
said to have been more than
$2.000.000 and unable to meet oblega
tions amounting to 6o00 due to frie dis.
Clarence L. Wiener, 41. a-tlarvarel
graduate and a retired Blriti'ii ; i::ny
officer, scribbled a note- of al,!eiy to
those who truste.d him and shlt thni
self througii the body in the Ilotel
Imperial at Ne-w York.
The- United S'ats., is now notei-":
millionaires at the rate cof riteto, tlhan
200ei 1 intliv!dlals a ye-ar, t. sc, ,rdi:n to
ilntelome tax repe-is jut-t filed1 \i: i Ith
Commissin"-r of Intertal R.eenu:,.
The l' ie::tinnv arsen-al. ::bunt e -\,
miles from lecver. N..1. lat ,..r'ial'y
destlreeyed h'. an extloe- 1-n. f llohIwe-d by
a fire. T e exploe-in can-. J no
casualties. bill five t:oen w. re- ilnjulred.
The m:trkled in iffie:-ence' of tit aver
ae An., rtian inward tlh ptr!,r.i
n'ncte of lhis civic dulltl and the- will
ingness of the red-l allit an i ;he, o;;a-o
bor to ti-a'- u the ltir':ioeenrng of 'ie'
Sthe -e ofw r unre t h a- sWee-inol
' I , nati-ero , .e1,j. (;"n Le.,teor':d A..
S.eoode told thi, nab- rs of C-'lorado
.Mrs. Enrico (':cru-o, formerly Miss
Doroethy Park Be njamin, became the
mother of a daughter at the Ilottli
Knickerbocker, New York.
Intense cold did not prevent Presi
dent Wilson from spending his usual
half hour on the south portico of the
White House. This was the fourth an
niversary of the wedding and the
President and Mrs. Wilson, but no
celebration was arranged.
Senator John Sharp Williams
(Dem.) of Mississippi, declared he
would not be a candidate for re-elec.
tion to the Senate.
The granting of a marriage license
at Washington to Sigrid Charlotte
Nilsson. chief cook at the White
House for the past four years, makes
six which have been issued to per
sons residing in the executive man
sion during the terms of President
Col. Henry B. Hope. senior vice
president of the Carnegie Steel Com
pany, and Ralph R. Watner, nephew
of Lord Kitchener, are defe ndahts in
a suit brought in Supreme Court at
New York by Arthur L. Pearse former
Commissioner of the Hight Court of
Adjudication in England.
Capt. Sir John Alcock, the first
aviator to make a non-stop airplane
flight across the Atlantic, died at
Rouen, France, as a result of injuries
he received when his plane crashed
yesterday near C'ott levxrard. D par:
nment of Seine Infe-ri-ure, Norma:ndy.
Two hundred ain:d fifty thousand dol
lars is the amount Jack Deulp.e y
wants to co:eie to France to fight
('arpntier. .11 I-ie(ein, nlanallger of
the \Vondrland Speerting Club of
Paris, announc·.s that he will pay the
The Berlin National Council has ap
proved a meaure fixing the price of
sugar at 159 marks (normally $37.50)
for 100 pounds. The measure is cal
Sculated to promote the production of
sugar, in view of the increasing diffi
culties of the industry throughout
The price of news print paper in
Canada is to be raised to $80 per ton
f. o. b. mill January, according to an
A five-ton truck carrying four sol
diers plunge d off a piier at Balboa in
I the PI'anamua C'anial Z/,ie, inlo 5t fert I
of water. Private i,:arle s E. Lee of
Oklalhomna was droue n.d.
Exchange' of pre.ss di-pazches n:dc
cammercial lmessages by r, eliee lerWeefl:n
California and thte Hlawaican Ill:ndes,
Guam. the Philippines and and Japet,
a- a nmuci iiorte extc nive -cale wi:'
uaome possible' when arra.ngemtents
recently completed by t ae Navy i
part:nent becoeae effective DIecemb-r
The German government is now at
tacking in earnc-st the problem of
halting the indiscriminate export of
German commodities into Europe, and
is visibly tightening the customs con
trol of all frontiers.
. The Ohio River packet America.
tch plies betw.een 'Cincinnati and
Louisville, burned at the public land
ing at Cincinnati.
Several hundred automobile boad .-i
and more than twenty -lectric auto
a obiles were destroyed in a fire which
d-~stryed the laSie ras" wing of the
MLilburn Wagon Company's plant at
Toledo, Ohio, causing a loss estimated
at $900,000.
Premier Lloyd George announced in
the London House of Commons that no
Irish bill would be introduced at this
mswm of ParliamenL
Polish Minister, Prince Lubomirski,
Purchases Former Austrian Embassy
-Masaryk's Son Will Receive a
Warm Welcome in Washington.
W::.hir.igtol|.--Seveial ta'i tit are, i
al techl l ical .yet .e-t , \withoul t a tm ,t;bo u-a
dorial or initiisterial rel',,tip- lation
here, andI will contiInue to n til 'Y that
iiosition until l'resideit W i\\ l Ii ; lirn i
his health sutliciently ti recei\t tile
utlllls u:.llr. anl llini.ters wh h.le
('cf in nill. Lord G(rey. l the , lili I ,tlador
of Great Itritain, has t iin hers , 1toire
t h tt t t w o m o n t h s n a , i lui f -, n u t b er t
able to pr'esent his credentials as Uam
bassado,r to the jiresltidlit. altlhotgl he
prese'nted thint I liing aigo to the sttlte
detiartllmtrt. Itaron lie 'artier Mar
hjinllll has ' lln hlere shine e.arly in
Sept.anbler waititg. for tin qopportunity
to prismnt his 'redetlmtials ais amliilsl-l
slor from Iltelgiun., hlaving lheel re
ceived as' Ilelgian ilini-ter ,riginally
I in April. 11it. .ir. Varelh. tlhe new
I minister frolm Uruguay, arrivedl with
his wife and three childrenr ~.e\t'rail
wetks aim andll has " far lbeen untabtle
to tiake- his low to lhr prm-idhlt.
.Mr. Shideltl: ,r:. iotllll;isal " .lt1:lip n,
is alll thelr walitinllI tio heI riecei ",l. us iS
iltso the lhli<h uhit:'r. iThen the
i Italiian and [irrltiia m biassa:idors tire
alitraidy in this ciountry :a:1id \%ill soonili
hie rttly to ibe rece'ived. whili the lira
zilian /amthb--adtr tlit the mini-t'rt of
SwitzerlI:aI arl ('zom,,.h- him-I t i:h will
he hmere shortly. Also the It,'' luro
itlmll i in t rllatr. ient:s tlhat hale' hIot yiet
ssignmard ministers tio Wa'tlinttitn will
Ih, ohi- I ,lntg bsefore lnn:. The presi
ilent will l,,, ai real re, ti, l lby the
time he i4 :aile to rei' e thein, there
will ile so Iruny to lpri-eta their cre
Alencar Coming From Brazil.
With thie nrrival of tie Italian taiu
pI'rtt i:lil allt:basilsath '. aill iof the min
thast le itll \V'ailti ntt l :aigamin hitaem
he aus with the ,xeptiotn of the IBz-il
I An. Artn :i at.:lhir frait lt:tizil witl
arrive .hrtl'y. .tlu.<to C,·c'rne de
AlUetair +has ecplitedl airl atlittinttment
I to this lpnt. Senolr Aleneair was for
lterly ltrazilltan minister tim Peru adl
I recently held the ilst of tluntre.cre
tarty for foreign affairs. lie is to sail
for his post here within a itonth, cola
ing by waiy of Loindon. The BIrazilian
goverlnment has rmeeived assurallnces
that lie is acceptable. The services
he rendered to the United States In the
Peruvian negotiations when hle was
charge d'affaires to Penr aire recalled.
Then for the first thne In months will
ill of the amsbnssadors assigned to
Washlngton tihe "on the job."
For some time the diplomlatlc corps
was a mere skeleton of Its normal self.
but there are few vacancies now among
the foreign ministers trand nemw ones are
arriving all the time. The new Polish
minister, Plrince Luhomirskl recently
arrived, and George Rtoussos. the min
ister of Greece, returned after an ab
sence of ten months. The Plllsh min
Ister has just purchased for his gov
ernment the hbndsome residence at
2440 Sixteenth street. which was at
one time the Austrian emnlbassy.
Two New Ministers Coming.
Two new ministers are scheduled t,
come soon, that of Switzerland to re
place Hans Sulzer, who askedi some
time agc to be relieved; and tire min
Ister of the new Cz'chol-SlIvak repulb
lic. The Swiss envoy will be Maro
Peter. aI promninent lawyer of Geneva.
and Frederick Stepanek has been se
lected to represent ('zchoi-Slovak la.
That leaves only four legaltions nctural
ly w'ith ulrt heands, tihoumgh the iinliste ,rs
of thrIe countries are allsinrt aliroitad.
The iortuguese minister., Viscoulnt
)'Alto, hlas golne hoe lltme n a six on hs'
liave of ahsi-nace, aind Dr. Imm ('i~~eiimies
and Dr. Koo, unvoyms of ('uhnat idn
hlnnta ro tiei'tl'ely, are abroaid. 1)r.
Ibm 'isdi's 'will htie home :imsrout the
idhe llif Ie emheber andi Dr. Koo is 'x
cl.,teid aost i y ta lrie now. The fiour
oun frtlltri witut min.isterls aile.
to Wlasinir.rton at thIs tie are trainma,
Ilimndurr-.. MimtIenegro, and H]ulrirania.
It wis with Ileastnre ithat Warihing
ton heatrd of the appoinrtment of Jan
Garrigue Mnsaryk. son of President
Masaryk of thlre new Czecho-Slovak re
public, as charge d'affaires of the
Cizecho-Slovak hlgntlion In this city.
His father has so many friends in this
cmntry that the son is sure of a warm
Suffragists In Final Qjrive.
A tinal "drive" for the womrnan
stir'trae aRlcreln mt tlmnt ii the 'ipt i
tution of thim Unliteid Stlatis hias
'hern .st trtmd. 'ire purlmsem of th drive
is t oi stir rj fri-slh interest itt stai 
tha:t \will n't thirmm .h pe<i'al i5-ii riestl
,ef ,st.intturesw that tire to lii matllai
ahrtly. ,,r th1 .h re 1l:r s e w " im ll
thlat will hi' hli Int .T:im u ry. Mimim mf
theme cmItafmo'renetms rav re a e lm
l1ll] ii ithm gmoo reslit. thin w.,tiin
'-'at:. The ,mitifrecames ii ill hr. ehlil dur
At no timt, his thir- hit ally lhmisht
In thm'- ini ls< of the wimi'lett '.n hi aire
t-"litrararittnt the runll'it nl thIt tlti
artn-ntdmlntrit Wo'h'utli ental:it ly he rarti
fled by thrme,-fmurthbm of thi stitm.' Iut
rem<.antly thm,r' bits limin silt intmi, l l
as timo whti-itier thirty-six matalts . m mitil
ratify it In tillim to givm Itim 'w nirtim'n ai
For eIther the tnaatmturr h,,tt'- "s.iaip
shots" or '.hcmn .vout take b'tty to rI
"real1" lihotogrampher to have her plc
ture taken, do not "dress her up" In
her best clothes, or let her know that
her wear one of her "second best"
white dresses, or even a play costume,
and she will be more herself than if
"all decked up" In her best finery,
whIch is almost certain to give her a
.ew-eonaelouna lok.-Exchame.
chance In the pr
of 1920. Tweinty-ol x I&N!
in one form or an I
for choosing can
dential nomination thro1 i' no thud
of direct voting. The first of thliee Iro
identtial prim;arles will ie htal M:arirh
in Nw ilampsihlre. l'rm that date
in tlilt- will cotIe in rapill silucc,''.ill
until lthe voters of tlill t\\ lity-onel
stt:i"s have explre'ssell their preference.
III nltiliy of these ta\\t ty-o1ne
stahte tbie W\ion.il hl :i\Av tillh right to
vote' tirvtllr l tl t:ie etill liellln t. Iii thltse
hnt: te. wtlele they 1 ll not ehave this
riIIht itht. :1:"l - morilice':lti _\ :y a xio on I""
olt:itn It in timei to l, articitpite in the
pri .lari .i,. 'llhr , llnil lt llii y are , i :lk
i ll'. s to the poiint that if lt.ey ti re
to liihi l the %lT next N.'.\I. stel, r. \\hen'l
thell prov-uhhli i:l electioh' t \\ill e helil.
thevy 'shli illt h: t\ :i v4oice inl the tli-h  -
i tn of tuali buti!l;:tm.
Want a Double Celebration.
Thi. dri\e , n \\itth lihi. se ir s ft
we-tern misf'-ri-iiets ihintt it, hoti in
\ie the fi h lhilte o je lt of .'l"llc :itinir
r:M i ie ; ti ,n o f ! i" e :h il e n di ehli t i Il he
IneeL.l'.iari thlre- folt rtttIh of the statellls by
lFebruary 1.. next vear. 4ill that late
the eentenary of Su-an I. Anthony.
ti.' 1mother of he sut1irac:e . . litovil tiilt.
, ,ill te ell rmif.'ed. Thie stirlhce ,le -y
bration il, itliemory iof Susain I. An
thony I ,etller;ition ,expressilng grati
I iii. fior tlhi ratiihctioni of the con
stiti tionl amendh iiiilentTe. The sjeakers
Iithat Iare oin into the ,terrlitllry that
neiel- attention are dwelling on the tp
liprpr:iteness f fiinishing the c.lnstit
tihllt! melillinit',ent lill or bifore the
hit llof the Anthony centenrllt ry.
T\'l.intvy si·.. or two r ilfo than
haitl of the requirr.ed nuer to rtlify
fell in the "rr:i a\\' . i. 1h t 'e i
troll \V,,-i f llli nll 1 . I -, :ll 11 . x ill':l .
tra! \eat Road in the rsouth. setcrts is
feel alh-,lli ly . ntll . nt that the fT.-a
Itli l ltli t s, \\i!I r:ml lfy j.in t :., -o
•sf their lid e tlll:r . r tll . t to eort
('nrinieetient. 1l' l::r\\:re, I . rih!:i. \ '\,v
Mexi,'., N, : I " r':ro!ilna. V. mla t.-iti
\teýt Vire i . Ketl i ! . T n io , llo:;n .
:the cilry ti . 1i--i--:l i. V rl ,. . Nll o.
.JT er v ;tl, . ,i ih 1 ":ri l:in:l. f-, irlti i
ind :111. This 'st , i -" e ro the tf a l $ i.f
irnea by - frthe fri the :nnernolent rupt
oiin1 tl \ t"- . t. Ttlen i . l o fl t l
t ,n i r l he'r t. , \.r ,Ir Ie.t.-I tl l i " l`i"
tujlntll erie. < f thh: ill hi -ill p he
Great Road Bulding Projects.
"1i"i!,r. herlel l  liem ea I, a."lie
Tfo ronii Ip t:ens t eas rE" on
an ti' ofl e t a 'nl y f iw l t, ihhi!lnt . Ih '
ti\e i .July 1, lr tile :sltn. ei e, r Ier
i. llc ither tte lari t'llnt al 1'I ;i ii !
oipplr,,vet d t ,:1 ., r :,t I nt I Pre j. t-. ihl
volv iin the iil9 prov ornt tf 1.1i'.
lliles. It al i est imatt lt td c ,-t i ll'd pprox
ilate ofy r$1.1 .143114il. lf thslll s ap
proxilately 7 ts..t rt.itl rlepresents fed
eral funds. Since the pIssi a' Iof the
federal aid road act 1.!r.'7 projects
have been pprovedt. These cfd all for
thie contruti if o18.56 miles o
road at an estimated cost of $225.267.
847, of which about $95,498.140 will he
orne by the federal governmtent. Grat
ifying progress also bhas been mae in
connection with the national forest
n nd work. From July 1. 1918. to No
vetnher 1, 1919, 70 projects. Involving
92t miles of road, were approved. and
plans were completed for the isprove
mIent of 50 others, aggregating 946
Ieuring the present and the next fis
cal year, there will he maide alvailable
for rold itmprovemlent at least $r1.til ,
(i s.t.(). Certainly few laws. if any. ha\-e
produced greater results, either in
terms of expenditures for a good pur
pose or in terms of helpful legislation
road act. It seems clear In the cir
pninstances, that the principil fhnitrng
factors in the 19l0 program will be
those of rail tran.portation for and
production of suitahle road materialsi
the contractors' organization availakle
tnd the iahor supply. The suggestion
vision of highways should -
from the departnent of ia uMr
Ionissiot . s A hill having pa lIr
tile se htate. It provides toiI ii
lighEaiy cominiissioni of thiee. ealy
Th411e colmiils.ion it gi-el1e411th it
to select or e4t4hlish th1 hii'liighws.ar
hcliomt iseth ill the sr.ste i,. lftier I
hig relnesitdl. the s.4intut, hitSi441-y det
to determine the ordl r in which ill' or
patrt.1 i* such highways shall be cot
thstrulted. r 1co,,struc1ed, te'provle;, re
hovernment is ti asslme the mIlhite
nanc' of thies7 roads. The commi.so,
Sa furthermorte empowered io thrke s-er
the work of the departient of agri
culture reThling to highway transports
dohe secret.ry of tfrer sultirp. Mnr.
1ouston. he olat o wn bo tleis pean. Ie
a,-Se sh(id to tl,cri' It her hlgishi
tivcn tlily shaid h1a, ijl Siiniid yho
hiavt ieatn younr cane Dl i thie trinf
iong breathind nol w is 0.ry grettly
bhehfriend fpe-teliings. Siara ih liit,.
Gov noun hat He
t Ca Another s
,sion if Seat Is Refu
to Berger.
ti . I-t-er
alis:t, \\as tt I ; . tlgr,, lfroT
-.le '`Itih ,i :-1m i .t t . :i," de
' , :eted 1I., 1ry II. ý , Lo :.ti a ta . It. op bli
an., ri'niigill as at lz- io Mii '!id :.,t' by
4,806 votes.
Berger's tial w.s "1.",;7 a ! !![ , : et -
stab's 1r1A. 'lilt rturn::, i'il.cate
that a illat(Ily !3.,lll \" i .ter- d(ll not
go to L pill T'h, total 4:: lRat!tn
In the ii.t: ' a a llow -'lu i , o ,ntilirs
Sh (1 ht- Iithle"s 17t .lp +'' < 1 1ta
tives I ialn rr, fi-, to( -,.,t I: rg,-.
there W 1 , : ;i \ a( nult i...I," i as l',r t;tt
the FilftlwV nH, 1i.m iii-tit I- C,'
cerned ! l it. IiL. t l; i i l+<'(; n; l in
1920, as etru. r I. 1. l h+ . h; i ah
nounced he wru4 aet (a:l ano:il,,r .i:r
cial election.
"I do not believe in ,.yl au.il .
more of the people's mon.y 1: it iat
way," he said.
Berger made the follo\ ii sat.
meant :
"\Whil, my ol- 'i'n 1a1: unli 1 :, (l,
ly be ('lilr ('1t'"I l al s itna th' t t.-; it
of a rt1 ltitio.tl 1 :., li it. in to I,\a : t,,
l ioni'tt,: lit' it. ,,:Lat r , capitatft-l A.] t-,
not oly if I\ll ;.iet" and \\ L , t -in
blut ot I '. : olilnlti . yet it tatii ""x
a'tly t,. ,lh. a l 0 toary of LL :-S.
cialilt l;p ' T h!,' Soriallit p artyv l it
Ill. ti t!:.i 1, ait t lnd f: ta i o l tI
tou . . : .. i l ti l (
tate ethan k H .a r at pea1 A
v . .L lip.t ' :.. .i I (' -.t', j '. , if o
thiie i t.in ile" I iI li in .i Oat i :a
cft ntii. h I t i - "o n t : ;t ;ik"e n o "O1i
, nlan' f, of le .t V itii; d Statl . es
nti a i ,, . i. l, r. !-.rI% - a i1- ;,l
thlte . dlty thtt we ilt-t ftl
till if tul ,! n 'i ill;o:.t on is Io JIIO
l"es. or e( V l to tur'vi'e.
"ht as to the vo'ri of the Fifth
d!s.tritt. I c(an oily say: '\Well done.
Tim e.es of the world are upon yot.
You have vindicated one of the bailt.
principles of modern (einmocracy-rep
resentative government.' "
President Wilson Is Better.
W.shington - President Wilson
spent more than an hour on the sourh
portico of the White touse despite
the extremely colt weather. Rear Ad
miral Grayson, the president" physi
clan, said Mr. Wilson desired to take
automobile rides, but he hald not ap
proved for fear the president might
take cold.
Continue Preparations To Try Kaiser.
London. -- Speaking at Portuprid.l,
Wales. Sir Gordon Hiwart, attorney
general, said it is not true that there
were any dissentions or wavering
with reference to the trial of the Jor
mer kaiser. The law ofticers, he ir.,d.
w-ere ontinuing most careful prepa
ratlons for It. &l
SSout Wins Chamgionships.
SChlca.l.l - "Dixie! Dixie! ' shout
d the c in the oval the Inter
national LIve tion. when
.he South w woe . lhtnpton
shlis in the attle division. Dixie.
land madec inimnpessive siho\ innr
and i (1 it should have been
S AId Dublin Pol-ce.
+ \A tore," of special con
.s ~hling formited lit ausi-t in
l in ordor anti to lrt'ol. t1'
f the police who as rece-it
s hayve shoan are liable- to hl
.p al monment I en execution of thlir
T Kidnaped By Detectives.
VI - A ITungarlan t4-rrc rist.
Debon, had bheii' in r,-ure he,,.
wa "d by two nlitnrri;,n '
etctlv ho hurried him acro.s th.
frontie motor car and took him!
o td e he now i.- in jail.
Bl Fire.
; Yo F hbrkn it on
the former n Lloyd linr.
Craf Wi'lderae, 'll ly :i Unit-.-d
Stitr. army trans art I now nIil
-hoar. in the H on river. Tvo
Pr-.1' st:insportst a ha rt1 tr o r I rit.r " a
endo*.vorinu to re or ustslsiance.
Ast Žritiqh end Diragib!e.
G re a t B rim t: in to d ir e -i bl ,, ,b '
extfen(del b, Vt't,- hit A. A . se
r"tary to nr-sidt, 3li no aeal o ttlhi.
Clal British Defeate
Tondo-. Thirteen h!l TBrit.
Ish twop tn Per-ia hav~ '..pod
oult by 4o hostile 'l. it i
ceimeltd :t Mos irellhss Ill(t.
age, reac ing her
NA choo is Wreaked.
Charl stown, rince Etlwaru
Island. The three ian uted
schoon arbara nahl, whllie!l
left December or St. Jnln's
N. wree Cape Vine,
ed here
l ps will re
Siberia until summer and wll
ard the Krsnaovarsk-Irktak wanL
Waitress Tells of Experience in
Serving Ghost.
Old Gentleman May Have Been a Lit
tie "Off," but Her Notion Is That
He Had Recently Lost a
Loved Grandchild.
.Ti nie'. I h.li. tI:e . \ Iih a ' '!i ;: i I . "
\\ ' tll . tii -! ' "''! ' \ :1 ,I -I'
,I I ijei t I\t : ''ii,.t Ih I i'eIl et I
It i- i't. ii a lith :-'- 1 Ire!;,, Se l
f"".. ;I.",11' th, + l ri"i,.,. . ., h11 ,' fn - -,,
,,th , r ' l 11 r_ e!- . '., t ltt :t I:i I,'"
e1 1 ''ltI 'i,. eril se're'e' J.ane lrl: '1! i,
h'r'm It :'i wea.ry smile.
'I11i li ha e to \: t alttlle withl a:!!
nTe' .,. 1 + xlepi." .-aii .:17 i,4. "I ' .r1-' '1
.T Llh t 1 sx , trdi;tr:" nrnine' ."
"A n TI Il i entletinllan e otulle in quite'
enrle f. - 1,r Ir,,:ikf It.. IIe. wa: l'enuti
f !!\ r ,: I thin!k hle \a1 tene, of
th. ~ '',! .t." e: :It least Ie' a eal ill
l'h"I t ilr" ,, I Ie' 'lire osi e ra stoo. l alel I
. . , " " ," . triled to Sit Ih idele hitmsid
" . . l':1',l tili 1i ,'. but can't yo i s
!'. :~,ie11,?' lie ordered toSW
1 !: ',i ,1 ' ,. : t l ~ n . i.", Ii,. - r, ,
tr , l \ ii l n , h .I , i tf " .'-, I " :I.,
I "T '. t 1 'I :,! I i:1t 't '
in~ l !. I, i , el',', - "e,,I c._l":'e I!1
1 "i  "' ' L 1  il .'- 1" : : i 't, I" " * I!-' I.
:\,et : t l : ' I I ! , ' l. nc1 '
,. , ii , I fi:' t i. 'I I , i1' cc '-II ' 1 . " tler t
T ' (, ~1!'1; CtiI, r n :. I ' - Iltl,. t !l Ii, t,,
i c.t l L:. f11 f ll:t , ': er l
T. t ol - I tt r :ii I itt-i he ' ,eie lsIe'!
Ja " t .f A. I f I'n. I h eI eIeh
1 ll4 ,l xi l Ip:il * I l I t :l t he'Itiher he,'
"I ti'a enih +tii x:t. : litit ehlhl.'" .sill
Bi a an,n '.e'I ).'s \ II. akl: < e elel G la n
Ahin hIe ke,' tee It. itn l hlee ltihlteredl
the. rol <. : il e thies li n rd er f ir nrllk
friict x yil hi lie s i. t-er- Il thl ruoewht." al
.-inte''. ey.e'' i '-, nieel ra litt le ' mity. "I
foth ofeIt iiele hl d lee ,t ai fal v rlte
corundchi ht ."'
Bananas Make Berlin Glad.
AIt I wat jatit'.acte lewn lilth Fredt.
iorl'h.trr'. uIys e , c:rreeaonolent olf
li. ay eye admirateioangan t 1.' a 'rwa a
front of II de'lilae.i,.,e'en shep.
It xv'i oeely with difli,'tilty that oaeti
ceoulh| get near e'nteel'h l to see'e wlhat
it was tlhiat mttrra'ted see muttel-h a:It'n
tirin. I he'arel exe'l~lanatlion- e'f W, lle'r
mind aealairatitln. anid llon lakintg a lit
tle more l('Isely saw-a lunch If
ihanTl:tl which lthe sili.ke'leer lhail
aust hung rip in the wlindlew and twhIch
wars a lievxlty tee hl' Brlinerl'. ehlei
fear early five ylrar lave' .ee niet I
trae'e ef fruit, olncea see lelentlftil Inh the
The smiling fr.een matld lithe' jeikes
miala' It quite exvllecnt Ihleat the' lhennna
wxiai rec'tgnize',I ris a synh'llaal el llpae.
-nd that lhe dlelgliet felt mat its Jire's
tia.en x a' e tae I lihe e'vxi'lene'e' It af
f, th'TI hiit thIaa .a'kaite ic-a a thing
o," the' teaSt.
Brazilian Church 100 Years Old.
('hri e tur'h eef 1' i, ,1,' .I;mine'iree,
\\ lijeli e.ell'eei we ill e'e'ltelel'ite' it, '. ile'
lrci'v., i' e.s I tl, hiivxe becer the- Iir'.t
iro'e''tnitt ethllre'., tee ile, lilt ira Seeuthi
It ,va" ecre'e-teed tie lem'eev ideh ni line+'' eef
T.'ll'e re'.str'er ltieu" -were' lac- e enitlili e
e'hli'rhi. thai' e'xte'rie'r exaii lee re---,-relelh '
re elxe'lliag let, zate iotl a te' tle,,
ainel tie e leell.e weeru aiilleei eel. t hat af
trhi~e'eet e 'rw's"'.ieei gr1i,\w- Ihe' re'lirzieeur -
tlteerty '\hh'h lie'w ' exists ila tiirazil.
T'dl'eeh h there are' twoee A. lirrtle i altio
i'ese's uaie-l I 'hlirie.'li. Seutith A eer
Jack of All Trades.
Altlh,,uelh lPrt,<id,,eilnt Etiae'a'ituas Eliot
elf I rI:ir\ ild rmtiive'r+'ity fteei eieige'r take-.
;:tI netilie' Ie:iart il t It11' e'eeniellme. eel" the' in
eltirt ieei , hct' bteleee halirai 'te'rize-d us
''hr'eefe.- ,,r lf l.Eva-rylhthin.l." .' I.nIiln oif
hii- leelt-iini : c'' eevxeterehe tell- e l eleel w
ilg e'inlic '" i , le\:\eel' l ee rtit':il fralk at
It;ar II:trl'heer a fe'r Tny' y :ilee
"Thiele e'" I'herefe".ser fleet."
eI e,," h e e t!ee, lior i i xni r'I c .
Only One Language for Honolulu.
A da liueenittie'a' eef the' Ileeieltrlil .\,lver
ei ii i lail,. :ipeleeiitee, lee ilet.'.ti tile
thI e Ie!,II !:tii-V. e- ' ee -'icc I- ii- ee,. eei,
eijetel. . 1,i- r i e:'te t il:iit th.' <\-l'tie
I" e ele~,. c e''t, , riel 'liceitlel : , ,le
Itit 'i ." ,' hi,-,el- ee,,eiee ,u- l in t.i
dexi'v1rlimiienl t f e tl' i lile'rtirgeed geex e 'r
irient se.tl, 1 .rrrir'ultttin.-Chcri-.than
Just a Pocket Piece.
Th' Ne.\ e,-,tnrer - I elit jinst ge't
the hrint e,, I tuie- Ariie'r'ie-.ail Iliaeney.
This nick 1, t-r instaaince' what's it
The Old Timnr--A nlake'l? That has
no purch sing value these days. It's
, y e chage yoTget
I,,:. ! ...... bri;;t
1*.," tt l the
, , ~' ." ":;, 'l e hL lU
" .. .. .. , ," it.
iron, her
\ lor and i
I . s'' ad and .r t
1:r , l 'of breath !.hi t
"\\ I " :ý. . ar."un the'
a Wonder,
t, I. " .""., , . I D in
toli her It'' Lit hefore that o '
g l.. . .. ,l,:I ,; ! an test m 1
day- he rau-t hate 'r"iant teem4 ,
girl hr
-'." . dt ' ,iragged horribly ad
I . " ifternoon b.Ie pieaylede
S' " W IlC o t on a.d tr
. I al l,, li So t b
h ,rti- an, h. "e
', ! I..' l , afdi r1 -
I1 w t!to a
. "rt. 1 youV
: it t '
• "tl'lii I 1ragged horrihly, a!r
, " I , "ot m:e Iter
:". 1 :''u forci
I' . I. t I Ily was helfIa
Thee na two weer
..r.t t ht o ll ' .'' . Iera
knon. "ithe .as utt
"I. eer utker. I lei
"l'ed tholy are slo' M
come dtei tind spend III
e I'd love to hiav a y
'T'd love to-it's o hotw
"(ort th torrt ' -oll 'm
kto own. Se Le landsu
.'el w:t,. s"c i,-et E ,l-d
1"'l , it hot t llr l yeher
since ''ve seen yon.! I e
btllIt W,"1 lat'll wh, . \l i
hinme . I' l have to yIl vb
"Ad lIov tor-its so Iot
"ittl'c,,a tolmorrl ,ro-I'm
to ]hit. lul h flelnd's
his ru netlle. 1'I here to r In W
byh. dear--lome early."dI
hlard frmll" Gilbert, ad
not beliee he a wold learr
gitrl r. ithout tIelling her
but It wa hilard work.
thou. hts tel slte looked
"n l , haw a r s tu ior radltler
fronllt o' h]Vr. Tl'irre terel ,t
gers--c Ghll er, : nd the pl
p'rtic jul.rl. ad Phe
then stret witt' qul g
T t' i lit' l lt ita ahn
YvIu l"ok a wne ofl&
E ly .'I i,. ' tll have eti e t
han . f'i l 's' for dinnler,
i t'i I th i nlr J,, whi i d
her o'f fnew to fIrC ."
tll I i: -or e you i t i
ih'.e lit W. le had no
Pe bh:\'· lre tilld tb i
oth 'irl t e t in rh i
* I h . . It, i tlhq ildl ,.
min'te bertdi t it
"Fint , t day " h Ute  '1.
uit f h tin nlh.k
etheiti' chie'bn and of Ear
h er l fo'rt t' to his e ba re I
f'.rinly te:'It lbaroht fr d
I teer5141. i4
4liton dih.',
t.70M; 6W1 : LU
"n u hot I w;"l t lth 11&
\i\ i l i lo l iv i n th l .
" !  , y , , u o wIly l l e a d
"[.uh r K int." In
". me. ricKally
., a p n . d e t

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