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Louisiana Needs To Invest as Soon
as Possible At Least $20,000,000
For Additional School
New Orleans. - Citizens of Louisl
ana can double their support for edu
CaUon and never feel the burden, and
maast do it it the children are to be
educated by competent teachers, ac
cording to T. H. Harris( State Supie
Intendent of Education in an address
Tuesday night at the Joint graduation
exercises of the Normal School and
the Prancis B. Nicholls Industrial:
School, held at the Normal School in
Calliope street.
It is inconcelvable, said Mr. Harris, 1
that the people of Louisiana should
neglect their public schools when they
believe in education and know that
gsogrance is the camse of everything
that is backward and wrong. Super
lateudent Harris said if Louisiana is
to move forward economically, spir
itually and othErwise, the schools
mot be fostered and the schools must
be supported liberally.
m tIaUona faeilities have only
bee provided for approximately )0,
O childr while j300,00 are being
aIeeted, the speaker asserted.
ildusaa, eaccording to Superinten.
daut Hanlr, needs to Invest tmme
diuly, or as soon as labor and mate
hs mm be assembled, at Ieut $20,
41.0 In additiesel school buildings
I Welulbpmet, to ears for all the chll
of)apa the stat.
4e sean sato
~'I haes em wemdaerfunl Improve
wrbS resulted in the develop
ef ar pubile schools and have
ery grave situations very wisely
saMd Superintendent Harris,
i wish t ma that it is my view
m fes right new the most erlti
i sinti that has eve confronted
1es aeolts of Louisiana, and
 ais is true of the shools
iers ates. I do not doubt our
ito set the rses successfully.
f have met. other situations
wasLt but there is hard, pa
!ere s mert ahead of a.
ilte the enises and make in
Isd yes wIN ad but few stu
9e aee attems themselves to
t ho espet to become teseh
rl mdmtes There bas been
ia eNdmes o frem t u to a
* las Normal Schools of
There is hardly a ,day
ha1t s 1 not reeive notice
of art est teachers are
e elmviagms ad sno
et wemi, there are several
stW atw s is the state at this
-is emserrative to say that
its i smd set have be
beas they are Woodr
-a s k war, ?he teaches
a ambles a mte and they are
o wr mt t eat pars batter.
I uets mi ar propemrl for
le wim uig is etese a e- s
ij esmum aiss Its wltters
Imuagst heas ether sum
rIree w peopt are not en
tageSe ah enyeis. e
Our Scabl after belding
git. J sr Chrekb a Mt.
Me disamed twenty
-Al ariar is In
Wileudsmuns t.eet emat or
gith, whsee when sever
M save an a admire
-Veary aev, Fater A.
tllS yer rtraise the1
i- the ebut aMam
by pmany frmers prior ,
ta sad Lt i feared they
-4. OW eaesm, whe I
` $s r t' 3 U. at th I
-his anb e was I
alr ppaM by Gvearer
**I*emlg operations I
;Il ndient in this eectio.
-4I'heO rswlu, ilks have
rhe gnIalen of a ocr- 1
Ist ra adu perate the'
-*While th6 isnuasa
APuireak havo teasesd is
g preevw years.
-tre deetrepu a
L the )lntatios a Alex
rkeam taaWng a lss
tesis -e ae
aitebe, ata aruut meet- I
wig eg a Cham- a
SMoree.-A new motion picture the
ater will be established and operated
here. It will be on Desiard street
where the Endom Transfer Company
property which was recently sold to
Thomas E. Flournoy is located. Mon
roe, with a population estimated at
20,000, has only one picture theater,
except in summer when an open air
theater is operated.
Mandeville.--Green and Company
has established a sawmill near here
on a tract of timber which will re
quire a year to cut over. An Okla
homa City resident has purchased
2,400 acres of land near here from
the St. Tammany-New Orleans Elec
tric Railways through Richard &
Tallulah.-At a meeting of the
American Cotton Association held in
the courthouse in Tallulah, Grundy
Cooper of Alexandria gave a talk on
its history and purposes, and nearly
everyone present enrolled for some
f-'form of membership, giving evidence
I that Madison can be depended on to
again go over the top.
Natchitoches. - Post Commander
e Schaffer of the American Legion is
! chairman of the campaign for mem
I bership ending February 15. The lo
I: cal post has been named the Gordon
Peters Post, No. 8, in honor of a
Natchitoches man who was killed in
Monroe.-Between two and three
t thousand Monroe people would be di
Srectly and indirectly effected should
the strike of railway shopmen and
maintenance of way employee take
place as planned. Don Stroud of Mon
roe has been named as one of the
executive officers to conduct the
strike should it occur.
Monroe.-California interests are
now preparing to drill for oil within
a quarter of a mile of the corporate
limits of West Monroe, it is said here.
Timber for the derrick is on the
ground, piping is on cars on a siding
and machinery for the well will be
unloaded in a few days.
Donaldsonvill. - The St. Emma
Plantation, three miles from this city,
was adjudicated to U. C. Barton at an
administrator's sale here for the
sum of $60,000. The place comprises
about sixteen hundred acres of land,
with a sugar house.
Hsmmond.-Hammond Council, No.
IM20, Knights of Columbus, which was
inaugurated here last November, will
have a second initiation of candidates
March 14, when about 50 from various
potints in the parish will be admitted
to the order.
Arcadia.-astbound train No. 12
from Shreveport ot Atlanta, H. J.
Hood, conductor and S. J. Watts engi
seer, left the track near the depot.
The engine tank turned over and the
mail car and three others were de
railed, but no persons were injured.
Hammond.--A meeting will be held
here to fqrm a Tangipabho Parish
Dame AsLsation, the objects being
a permanent .organisation of Duroc
breeders for pushing this class of
beg ad holding sales and swine
Marksvillle-Wade Normand and
Siaaul Moreau, attorneysat4aw, are
propective candidates for district at
temoy, to sueeed 0. L Porterie, die
trict attorney, who is out for United
States cogressman to succeed J. B.
Marksville.-Ile 8anders, arrested l
ebruary for stealing fur hides from
A. . Brenltte, pleaded guilty and
was sentenced to a term of not less
than two ears nor more than ave
years in the state penitentiary.
Marksvflle.-Rata has interrupted
the tfarmers' work of preparln for
the 13n crop. rarmers, busineas and
p~reelsesnl men of Avoyelles are
manlfestli enthusiastle interest into
the Amera n Cotton Assoiation. 1
Crowley.-The appropriation to
bld a terry across Bayou de
Canes that would be a short ueat to
eoneae- the oil Seld via Mermenta n
sand the gravel read to Crowley wasu
ttesd down.
Batherwood.-Active operations in
drillir for oil on the Kutch ufarm,
ear here, mae to be started soon. A
large area of lead has been leased
and ladicatioans for oil and gas are
Tallulah.-The Commrcial Hotel I
has agaia Eheged lands, beias
bought by Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery
of Vicksaburs. Mrs. Pollard, who has
managed the hotel for Mr. GoR in the
past, will assist the new owners.
Natehlteek.-Cenanary met Nor.
mel ia two $nmes oa the Normsal be
ket ball court February 14, and Pla
vilel and Normal will meet in two
gmea on the Norm!a court.
Natchitchea.-Prof. A. W. Burrs of
Belot College, Wisconsin, spent the I
week at the Normal school, deliver
lag a seles of lectures on the sub.
jects of teaching latia and Bastgish. t
stbewed. - A large eoncrete
bridge is kbl constructed over a
"coulee' to Snish the old 8paalsh
Trail between Jeaaninps and the west
bank of the Mermentau river. t
Baton Rtosue-Plan for the Lous a
lana tarm boys' tour of the Middle t
West are progremsi well, according
to T. H. Harris, superintendent of
Marksvlle.--A new mlliaery store L
is being opred in Marksvrtle, La., by t
MahAs. M. Bettvy and J. P. Moreau.
Natchttochea-awuece monds,
21 yerer old, nght watehman at the
Teas and Plelse depot, was lately
malded we then boler of an eglane
which s ha trted to I zloed. h
bMotrebu--A Lrceem atmler
wa gttenresntlty bp Mbs PateUs, a
sgre ud s Mr. Stmley, besan both
t New Terk.
TaJish. - omentmus sma bas E
Ihasma Se itrs la (be Smns a
,setp "', •es Cotha .
Day of Reckoning is at Hand For
Those Opposing Cause-Chal.
lenges Indiana Men To Prove
Federation Impractical.
Washington. - Samuel Gompers
president of the American Federation
of Labor, directed a withering blast at
the movement to organize an inde
pendent labor party, whose candi
dates, he says, would be doomed to
failure and whose appearance in the
presidential and congressioLal elec
tion campaign would serve "to defeat
our friends and to elect our enemies."
The federation president is intent
ly pursuing his plan to defeat anti
labor candidates for Congress in both
parties, and political developments of
the first magnitude are expected when
Mr. Gompers goes before the Republi
can and Democratic conventions seek
ing the endorsement of his labor plat
form planks.
Mr. Gompers is particularly intent
upon obtaining a plank in each plat
form declaring against the use of the
injunction process against strikes. A
row over this is expected in the Dem
ocratic convention, which could not
dopt such a plan without repud'at
.ng the Wilson administration's advo
cation of the injunction process to
break the coal miners' strike.
The attack of the federation's chief
upon the labor party movement was
called forth by a telegram from Wil
liam Mitchell of Terre Haute, Ind.,
representing the Indiana State Labor
Party, opposing the political program
of the federation, pronouncing it im
practical and absolutely unsuccessful
and declaring that only a labor party
can adequately protect the interests
of the workers.
Mr. Gompers challenged the India
na men to prove that the federation
has been unpractical and unsuccess
ful, inquired on what experience they
could base the claim for greater suc
cess by a labor party, and added:
"Of this one thing you may rest
assured, that the day of reckoning is
at hand for all of those who are in
antagonism to the cause of labor, and
for those who are subtle and equally
guilty, even though they clothe their
actions in the robes of pretended
Kerensky Still in London.
London.-Reports that Alexander
Kerensky, the Russian revolutionary I
premier, whose regime was over
thrown by the Bolsheviki in Not em
ber, 1917, has been imprisoned in the
Caucasus were speedily shown to be ,
untrue when inquiry revealed that
Kerensky is still in England.
Typhus Rages In Galicla.
London.-Typhus is raging in epi
demic form in Eastern Galicia, ac
cording to a wireless dispatch from
Moscow quoting advices from Smo
lenask. It is said in some villages the
disease has been so virulent the in
habitants have bken annihilated.
Hard Fighting is Reported.
Berne.-Hard fighting aglanst the
Bolsheviki continues in Ukrania, a
eording to reports received by the
Ukranian delegation here, and it is an
nouanced some successes against the
soviet forces have been won in the
neiShborhood of Tiraspot.
Camp Salveging is Delayed.
Washlngton. - By a agreement
resehed by the Senaste and House
canferes on the military camp bill the
salvaglag of Camps Euastl, Va.; or- 1
do, Ga., ad Taylor, Ky., would be
delayed until June 30, 192I1.
Ior00 Fl At Miami.
Miami, Ila.-Fire which threatened
several buildings in the business dis
trlet here was extinlaished after hav
S 4destroyed a trame buildsng valued
at 30,000. Reports of possible loss
of life proved Inaorrect.
Mexian Fasties Fight.
Wasfngtca. - BSupporters of Oena
eral Obreg~oan, a cadidate for the Mexl
oa presidency, and authorlities at San
LIls Potosi clashed recently in a
pitched bettle in which a number of
the Obregoanistas were hilled.
ProvleMnal Sovernment Fallen.
Rome.-Klamil El Bassan, a Al
bnsla leader, and the bishop of Sen
tal have proclaimed bhe fall of the
provislomal government and declared d
themselve resents of the Albanalan
throne, according to the Tempo.
To Pretect Preperty.
San Jan, P. R.-Jose K Benedleto,
acting governor, iassued a proclam~ d
ton asserting property would be pro I
tctted and peae maintained through- O
out the present strike of workers in g
the snugar case feids
Ouaseline Causes Death,
Chariottesville, Ve.-Mistakling a
an of gasoline for one clntainnlag
kerosene cansed the death of Mrs.
Nora A. Lanaman, wife of a farmer
residing near here.
Why Ceal Be Ga cOstiy.
asbrlastm.g-Ierease in the cost
o coal to the commer since the war
have been caused by advaed operat
Smasts dm to advances nla was,
stbs, Urmittnt car seply and
smhdd ovgead easens.
Lamss Mlk-A p atlm. plas
the ams t d amut Uaee a te a
Dn. es beus o ba ei mld n to
subrary AgieW was zseas tr 1
J1 .Cleaning House
/ I
wN- r
Washington. - The conference re
port on the railroad bill. reorganizinj
the transportation system of the coun
try and designed to usher in a new
era of railroad development and pri
vate ownership and operation, was re
ported to both houses of Congress.
Federation of Labor officials and
leaders of the railway unions. whict
ar opposed to the bill, particularl"
the labor sections providing for com
pulsory investigation of wage disputer
went into conferecene as soon as the
text of the conference was available
They will swing all their influence to
ward the defeat of the bill in Con
gress or its veto by the president.
Representatives of the railway in
vestors announced their satisfaction
with the financial provisions of the
measure. There will be strong oppo
sition to the conference report in the
House, where it is to be acted on afte.
five hours' debate, buL the leaders are
cofifdent the measure will be approv
ed. The Senate is expected to act on
the bill on Tuesday unless the House
should reject it. The only conferees
who refused to sign the report are
Representatives Barkley of Kentucky,
and Sims of Tennessee, Democra,'s
They will lead the opposition in the
The outstanding feature of the pro
posed law is the direction of the l:i.
terstate Commerce Commission to es
tablish rates that will yield to the
carries in each ratelmaking group a
net railway operating income equal
to 5 1-2 per cent of the aggregs:t
property value of the roads in such
rate-making group. The commission
may add to the 5 1l per cent one hahl
of.one per cent for additions. b.tter
ments and improvements, which Undaer
the accounting rules of the commis
sion are charged to capital accoaut.
Dranings in excess of six per cent
will be divided equally between es',
carrier's reserve fund and the federal
general railroad contingent fund.
which will be administered by the
commission in aiding the development
of transportation by loans to carriers
and the purchase 4f equipment to be
leased to carriers. The percentage of
return as prescrihed in Lte bill will
remain in ifeet for two years beyond
March 1. I$20.
The bill gives the commission the
power to prescribe miah,.um rail
rates. This provision will give the
commission authority to prevent the
carriers from engaging in "rate
Want Wheat Guaranteb.
Washington. - Representatives of
the largest grain exchanges in the
United States including the Chicago
Board of Trade, urged hte Senate Ag
uicultural Committee to abandon the
Gronna bill repealing the billion-dol-
lar wheat guarantee.
To Withdraw Roumanians.
Bucharest.-Withdrawal of Rouman
ian troops from their advanced posi
tions along the Thetas River in Hun
gary to the line fixed by the peace
conference last fall has been decided
upon by the Roumanian government
Chinese Minister Reslgns.
Washington. - Lou Tfens-Tsisan
Chinese minister of foreign affairs
and Chen Lee, vice minister, have re
signed, according to a dispatch to the
State Department from Peking. No
particulars were iven.
Transport is Captured.
Flume.-Two war vessels attached
to the forces of Capt. Gabrielle
d'Annundo have captured an Italian
transport having on board 1.000 re
ar troops in the Gulf of Lrune
Carranas is to Step Out.
Mexico City.-President Carran ,
deaying in a igaterview given El
IDemocrta, rumomrs that he intended
to refuse to turn over the presidency
to his successor, said he would not
remain Mexico's executive "one day
after December 1."
Pollard on Trade CommiseIon,
Washington.-John Garland Polhrd
of Virgtnia has been selected by Pre
ident Wilson as a member of the Pd
el Trade Conmmiulon.
Will Vies All Land ODeals.k
Laredo, Tex.--ereafter the Mex
an Department of Agriculture wi
not recognise transactions in Mexican
ands a unless the department previou
i to coaslted, the Exielsior of Ma
is City y.
Uemphiss Tuem.-The factory at
-e lumber plaut of Dugger & Goehorn
inNew Sth Memphais, a maa
re sukrb of this city, was m hadi
Im.. by re. The lss is at
- etsum
London.-The Amer;can embassy is
engaged in coding and forwarding to
Washington the reply of the Supreme
Council to President Wilson's Adriatic
note, which it is hoped will be in the
hands of the Washington governmen.
The council made it known in its
daily semi-official communication to
the newspapers that it does not pro
pose to make public the correspond
ence, so that the question of whether
the text of the note will be given to
the world rests with President Wil
Since the main facts are public
property, namely, that the president
strongly objects to the solution of
the ItalianJugo-Slav problem by the
applicaton of the treaty of London
thereto and objects so strongly as t.
contemplate America's withdrawal
from the Versailles compact as a p:s
sibility, and that the council object:
to the reopening of the question, the
undecided point is whether the argu
ments exchanged shall be published
while the controversy is hot on the
The statement from Washington
confirming the frst reports that th
president had intimated that rejet
tion of his policy might be follower
by diplomatic reprisals furnished an.
other surprise to the politicians and
the public, who, outside a small but
important circle which meets twice
daily in Downing street, and the ad
visers in the confidence of this group,
experienced the greater surprise be
cause it came close on the heels of
other Washington messages, intimat
ing that only American retirement
from its part in the policing of the
Adriatic was intended.
The council issued an emphatic de
nial of French newspaper reports that
it was persuaded to modify the first
draft of the note to President Wil
son by intervention of Viscount Grey,
Lord Robert Cecil and Austein Cham
berlain, chancellor of the exchequer.
The susceptibilities of the non-British
members of the council formed one
of the factors behind this denial, be
cause the story was calculated to give
the impression on the continent that
the British were dominating the con
The feeling at Italian headquarters
in London with respect to the presi
dent's action Is strong. Unofficially,
it is spoken of as an attack upon
Italy, and his memorandum is describ
ed as an ultimatum.
Father and Sen Slain.
Forsyth, Mo. - Thomas Cardwell,
aged 60, and Benjamin Cardwell, his
son, 26, well-todo farmers, are dead.
and Henry Hunt, 32 years old, is in
the Taney county Jail here without
bond as a result of a quarrel over a
damaged plow between the two Card
wells and Hunt.
Dividend Is Paid.
Youngstown, Ohio.-The Republic
Iron & Steel Co. has declared the reg
ular quarterly dividends of 1 1-2 per
cent on the common and 1 3-4 per
cent on the preferred stock, payable
April 1, it was announced at the c r
pany's office here.
May Treat With Russia.
Paris.-Premier Lloyd George is in
favor of opening peace negotiations
with Russia through Maxim Ltnivof.
Bolshevik representative in Copenabg
en, and is supported by Premier Nittl.
To Drill Test Well.
Golt~-Drll)lg of a deep test well
will be started three miles east of
Colt by the FPorest Oil Company of
Pittsborgh, Pa, it was said.
Freight Train is Derailed.
Florence, Italy.-A freight trainla go
lag from San Lorenszo to Bergo was
derailed while crossing a bridge and
plunged into a deep chasm. Newspa
per reports state many personas were
killed and inJured.
Train Derailed; One Killed.
Richbmond, Va. - Conductor J. H.
Barkdale was instantly killed and
several other persons were shaken up
when a Danville & Western train was
derailed near Buford, Va
To Seize Hearded Feed.
Wuashinagton. - Hoarded foodstuffEas
only will be seied in the govern
meat's campaignL to reduee the cost of
living, Dpartment of Justlee oftclals
aMid after their attentim had beer
caUlled to reports on the Chicago gnai
Bostoe--Players of the Bosdton
mymphoy Orehestra have made a
jolat request tr iaereased wages sand
have takes stages tonWal jelAlg the
mnldmas' ia.
Party Leaders Expect To See the
Treaty Made An Issue in the
Campaign-G. O. P. Is
Washington. - The question of par
ty responsibility for the paace treaty
deadlock was threshed over in mili
tant fashion on the Senate floor, with
both the Republicans ond Democrats
seeking to wash their hands of the
Senate's failure to act and of any con
sequences in the political campaign.
Although both sides professed an
earnest desire to compromise, and
squabbled for the credit for past
compromise efforts, there was a note
of hopelessness in the statement of
the treaty's irreconsiliable opponents
that party leaders said they might as
well put the question of ratification
out of their minds and turn their at
tention to legislation.
The debate brought out a disagree
ment as to which side originated the
bipartisan conference in which five
Democrats and four Republicans
sought to work out an agreement.
Senator Hitchcock of Nebraska, th
Democratic leader, started the fiareup
by denying that the Democrats want
ed the treaty in the campaign. He
said his party had gone "nine-tenths
of the way" to a compromise and that
the Republicans had stood solidly for
acceptance of their own reservations
"without the dotting of an 'T' or the
crossing of a 'T'."
It was the minority, he said, who
had instigated the blpatrisan move
ment and who now had submitted
two compromise Article 10 reserva
tions which many Republican sena
tors believed were identical in sub
stance with the Lodge reservation on
that subject.
Claiming credit for the Republicans
in originating the bipartisan confer
ence, Senator Lenroot of Wisconsin,
one of the mild reservation Republi
cans, charged that Senator Hitch
cock had stood out against compro
matse so determinedly that the Re
publicans were driven to agree on
the best compromise they could
among themselves.
Senator Borah, Republican of Ida
ho, speaking for the irreconciliables,
said the two sides were no nearer
agreement than they were when the
League of Nations debate began a
year ago, and that further discussion
was a waste of time. The treaty, he
said, already was so far in the cam
paign that "you can no more keep it
out than you can stop half way over
M. Polncare Retires
Paris. - President Poincar, who re
linquishes his office to President-elect
Deschanel, said good-by to the cablmn t.
He thanked the ministers for their
co-operation and told them his best
wishes accompanid them in the
weighty tasks they had to accom
Radical Bureau Is Planned.
Amsterdam.-A central Compunist
propaganda bureau for the Western
hemisphere will be established in
Mexico, it was annononced in a reeMo
lution passed at a secret international
Communist contrence held here early
In Pebruary, according to the Handel.
To Suppress Rebellion.
Madrid.-Dispatches from Melita,
Morocco, say it is reported that opera
tions will be started shortly In the
Spanish milltary zone against rebel
lions Moroceans, who recently have
caused the authorities considererable
To Bar All Undesrables.
New York.-A plan to prevent un
Lesirable foreigners from obtaining
Ammerican citisenship by investigating
applicants through voluntary commit
tees was urged in a statement issued
by the American Security League.
New French President
Paris.-Paul Deschanel became the
tenth president of the French repnb
blic, succeeding laymond Poineare,
who laid aside the robes of office af
ter one of the most critical periods
In the history of the country.
Denial By SuBnar Law.
London.-Andrew Bonar Law, gov
ernment spokesman, denied in the
House of Commons that a harsh reo
ply to President Wilson's Adriattic
note had been originally drafted but
later revised.
Five Cent Loaf Can't Be.
Washington. - Increased produe.
Lion and distribution costs would pro
hibit the sale of five-cent loaves of
bread, even if the flour wree furnished
free, said Harry T. Tfpton of Brook
New Orleans Gets Road.
New Orleans. - At a meeting of the
tirectors dOf the Gult Division of the
Boone Trail Highway Association
bere it was decided to make New Or
leas the terminus of Gulf Division.
Rallreads To Merger.
StBL Paul, Minn.-Merger of the
-reat Northern, Northern Pacific and
Burlington railroads into one great
treas-eonatlInental system shortly after
vrve.rametal control is relinquished
his maonth was forecast in high rail
road circles here.
Rome.--Oovernment orficials occu
pled the offices of the newspaper Idea
uizaimale, it being alleged that it had
printed a artice hostile to Prance ad
ans a- heb intormatio.
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