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 long wait for his return, omfortPINK BOLL WOR
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II ' t e re
TO TAX aes
in the
U.S. ohe
ela Icas
or re
or uaidm t19; the I
a- anSeleSt toWl
aors cam ople
gi the C*- Jutel
;S r uu la
the grow 71t
e . the
d and RM
* II s T*I* B
base eeke sa
-utar sad
saUetdsm I ahb
S spet Or
#No sleet 1 eru
etar as is
-may be'
INNe rfj PS
"M! MN'ils tel
esb0s 't.
or bs'
aM itSt e
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hr he
w- I
f i rat I
sw el
Gast, ems., t
e rwaC Tar
',um -
tso m h
-oe in.
S.9 b
o Sticals
*o it Bs at i1
Rubbm Goods
at-.... Ag -in
Klz. ~ Tooth Paste
s Dr ug Co.,
b 61t
T iilt.
Shrinkage In welght or value of farI
products held for favorable market
prices cannot be deducted as a lose, tot
the reason that when uch products
are sold the shrinkage wil be relected
in the selling price.
Sale of Farms and Land.
The value of agricultural lands bas
been mping during the put few
years, and drln 29319 manu owners
sold out part er all of their lands at
big prosl - snh rin co-nstitute
aceme a smi be taken lnte the net
lcome for the year.
Any peres who sold pert of a ftat
or ranch, or part of a parcel of laud,
must also show any gains realised by
the sale.
The method of figuring gains and
Seesa on sch transac'.!on I. pr
scrihed in the Income Tax regulations,
coples of which may be secured ftrm
Internsal BRevenue Cblleetors.
Forems for Mouren.
The Internal ievenu Bureau has
I ssued an mproved fern 10W' for
the e etof farmers. Thi form, to.
getber with Form 1040A or 1040. will
I irle the armer eldt Inaformatl
as to bow to properly figure hIa se
lucerne for 9lOl.
There are two methode of aguring a
farmer's lIgea tax retur this yeat
He may mate his fetus o the basd
t the dtemence between the m"e
Sand geds reetlved for his preosets
t- Iand te eass paid out for actua allow
l able farm expenses within the yer.
i Or he may make his rturn o the ac
p er"al bass, which means competing
I the receipts nd expenses that pertain
d to the tasble year, exedlang Income
ar.ned std expenses lncurred In pee
vi or amtedlag years.
A- IT REMMBERED, that the
P pase Jury of the Parish of Madison.
Uw State ofLesisina, met in the Court
SHeRose is the City of Tallaht Miadi
r4s pei Louisiana, on the above
E as, in ealed sesson sonvreed, with
gtfe fen ate meabess prevest:
Ales Cl., Iut h dent, J. B. Gao.
way, . V. Wright W. W. Hews, sW.
1' T. Oshes, S , ameadara, J. R. De
wddnA , the Pole Jury of the
Pris of Madi sn, under rewiutbn
pof Asn lt:d, 1A. 9, U. d udind th
MO A oms pr*es*Dpr:
Stie Ada rod SIprao .ad fow t
e her Aid pon the felwig o
be -y Mr. e. V. rdiRghyt:.
SAril d, 11 thed,
Ro ttn AS, T~hte HSihwat Deart
ra eat i e ard of State ng neer t
i .s, su mde the neessay sur
· e- e, md Ias rshtin'd a repat, to
Uab Au SPs. nan- peods. tM
' aud estmaWte
en etPeeta of rd highway, situ
Deps b mf1 e, " oiate Bee
PL persh Hls and so*thern re 0e1r 0
Veas of TL a sali, saed bi e n' up
b ao U i r th a, tlam, of Th Sat
. tboe uh a 8itnmY Dgpat
"L 4wl it 1  anelnsae ad h atse
mul... . T~ neta *** ·**** *>1
a s evernment,u to intendl the
paes e a dinsd tm mhe ear S
e o as e 1 t8 . o ma f r1es i r- 0 n d ol
i e mot ou of t " nds ,
Tallulah Supply Co., Inc. Mo
"Everything for the Farm"
Large Stock of Furniture, Stoves, Cut-
lery and Automobile Accessories at
all times. Planters will find it to
their interest to get our prices on:
• Plows, Planters, Harriowss, Discs, Wag
I ons, and Buggies T
Prices are Right and the Stock
is Complete
The Oliver Farm Implements
No better made, both tractor and horse
drawn Implements. Right in Stock,
" and can be shipped out promptly.
Tallulah Supply Company, Incorp'd.
S pl Agents for Kelly-Springfield Tirep and Tubes; Edison and
on Columbia Phonographs and Records
. .. . . - ,"- ,
mai highway, and provideJ that tha ' ETC.:
'Parish e Madlon has on hand, a, ing th
y wll awmure without delay, all addi- ced 1
I. tionsl funds necessary for the co: 'State
r struction of this highway, and the jspy
Sualateace of same after comple- ple-g:
t, tbhee·tor*, and -
d BE IT SOLVED: By the Police he w
- JU of Madissa Parish, State Lou- -BE
Sisans, that Pesidesnt Ale Clark, or eTC.
M is successor, ie, and be is heby
it' iated. satlrised and empower- -o l
p-I d to &eeep the offer of State and:of L
Federal Aid said by the State of ' upon
I a a t gh the State Highway Boatr
1 Drt kBea d af State asi-' to, a
W4 narsen tten r the above, of ec
b hhwa as i .td n maps, plane, .and
protel, sad as described i repot high
Senmitd by the State Highway Eugi- for t
- -se, nd mbmdHng a otal distance S B
I ofet spelatsely 10.49 milm ETC
RN IT V h E 0OLVED, po
re TC.: h'ai the Pri.eim of theU
w. Por l-e Jury of adis h. notify
er- the State NighWie Duetis 'a"
R eadd w Ut ne u ,-- tht th`o *
SPosei Madiso and the Pelice
Jury o sad Passh, hare on hand ýthe
Hnadr sn dls 51-10 (t.1"1i
wa) Dals, ai ti d e m is niow do-a
-.. wis ,d a2Iesa sat e lak l s
and pirma Btha Si nest n dia o
of Taets kl a wd N 0dm sm. p -
a lnIwa, mla sd ionfuter
...W6 d 1ear it ieure,b
Is IT fiRThe IsoLvELnD,
TC.: That the Prd l tL O
1 une of Madisol Plir etl5
Meaissa ge is salte , y l l
ptjmsi ee*utruilend f, ta* A.
uist.emmte of te !tealbltish-Io i
Prumb g ,3 u , e. s m atd
ur4 e nbdee (SUIO.0)
Debre, ,l e tk is .d dl ro tmw C
1N itry Timd (.S10.e.) Ddelm.
C rla td,'et m tllcs. M auY
S im mURT oReaLVID.
ETC.: That if the co~t f eoatret the
ing the proposed highway should ox
coed the etiate as uade by the
State Highway E.gnaer, te Polee W.
IJ 7y of Madison Parish, promise and
Aledges Itself to raise such additional
:and as may be necessary to complete
he work. M
'TC.: That the President of the wear
S*olce Jury of Madison Parish, tate back
of Louisiana, make formal requm: il
upon the State Hlghway Departme wor
y Board of State Euhees, to preeee
- to, as soon as possible, prepare forn iy i
'e of cotrat, plans and speclfication: ' "w
I.. and advertise the above mentioneteL I
t highway, and Invite sealed propoali osl
"it for the seotructo tbereo. one',
ETC.: That the PresIdent aof the'e
' Poie Jury of Madison Parih, or his T
eee , bo, and be is hereby In- M
trueted, athrised and empowered leal
tmiga maske and *enute o*ntract fru
for the eestractloS of the above hap
"e ntI ed higWay, on serl taes ca
and eosadtls as hbe y deem per m
-,n euiustln with the State of I
ta-uddIsin, ftahr t uL hwar L- dot
I peridmst, Bard of tate ngineerse,
e- ad the Federal Govers lotn, tt e
Gat *k s epa ..t of Ao-grt fal
Pubic beds sad sual Euga g S
t~ag, sad to y sad a th~nes eeman
ary eis pr Weamis: tr
M~; res--ted.-Ay Se en; I
Nap l we; ostiste Adopted.
_- Mr. J. . Gswa. aCairme [ aof
th. e Tce Com.e te. e. pte thet'
r-the follwig beIdN d besl a IdN
__ and t ere pa
A M. Parker .---------- $ - ,
SDeas, A ltlebias------ _ -. I0
M- . L ýe $ s ------- . .,---
-A. . I ....... 1.O
Imaa Ssk arb-------- 42 00
the A W 3d. M..Co... 17.11
t itw *Maro yn lao ---------
fy T ei s U ad w e k . - - - - - - Co.. . . ..
i the C es Sp -----LB ------- -..0 f
!a t. t. bre --W -------- 0.00
I*O .lO. OearC-- .-a----- i
sp On isss et Mee Dwle e, saL
r b .as rawCe. t-a bro hues t * Ta
* Pr. ]eb t BTnD5tip. oStat Too .
avSi- '7*rr ($US1M) Dollar and
& to .a "0 be n thtoual of the
PoE e Jry for s nesat,i tho
S i of w hich e tavssS for
L-! the y 1 ae hereby pledged sad bhen
- a ive N
Meeting d)oed. Swart
I W. B. CRAIG, Seesetary. 'ana
Ia Peab
I- teach
Marilyn March to a girl ef pla t at
D, appearance and headf life State
he wearthy relative keep her i t is the
to beckbro d. T'hrlsd by the wr, t otf
g irl envies the women dog conda
Swork, each with a sweeteart r in l
Shulband at the front. And when Mar- home
iyn sddenly aanaoum that he U
m a war bride, as other Mtional her tro
ie ina nve dee, she is re dd a been
e most as a celebrity. For Marilyn hefor
choes o a is wh aa m eirs o e is vry
one's lipl-Job Whitney hel
C' cited for bravery in aetoI " r T
thm'" th . Ly~r
his To gie cler to her decetia, n
in- aryan purches war reles from W
red lealerpad repeCats e them a eat o 1
 c tfr her hatsd. Then m oem teI
:happes which is not to Marilyn's
rsm calculatie. s ih sught by thu
pemother of the an whose wife As i
f!prts to be san who, intead e:
.doubting the girls toy or even quoes
D: tinng It, takes Marilya to er hear
and bto her home. Against her wi
k te selfstyled bride is ferced to ple
fce her t to the biter end, her an
ear- sash enesladg day by day as her
eos- proVblom 1gr o e tes. Ie iou
abIaomald by the mn wtho supled
"s; her with the war trphMs.
. Mesnwhie Marilyn b m another
In d memba oý the Ieeboied, a yo
l at a id to be a bkir d of Jh iM t
ed, sy Marshall, who ope i tm
I j behind lohed doors. He is working
$ re a war invention. Al at once the
et brupks opon Marl-. He sO
* John Whitney White Mare at She
409 es the mother with trims ad M.
17.11; ll a l admits it, ufefmig am o"
. pssi es a strane case of inherited
40.? 0 aes and bssn Marilyn to
.22 keep tes acret. T Ms th gir n
1.' fuses to, de. !etie sugh she hes
2o60 i net he a ktlr to hbe e y, J. fbe
1o.00 teams in lve wih the sea6 she will
0.00 dask seat, iatent na reaching the
.76 I abseece the blackmailer re
d.0 om u id to gt wht Mari
2.00 } refnes to give sm. She comes
L s ka the mmen et he mhs struck
1MI rs. MarAsL sad In the midst
10.01of Marilyn's strUggle with im! yeae
eldet1 Man a beagis i. He sees red sad
be Tal- - cowardice is forgotten tonhis own
If T~' I pi t ttac e the CsteO s*
rw and ae i ,ls evr ---..a me
of the cwhese r se hims M elf o thee
.m for Marlya ad s ba her besin their
S long wait for his return, comforted IPlI
by the once dishonored service flag
j which proclaims that they now really
,have a man fighting for the world's
"The Service Flag" will be shown
t the Ly c The'at:e in Tallulah on
Monday, March 8th. In this picture COTT
Madge Kennedy will be the star. S
Sealed proposals will be received at Chai
the otfice of the Highway Department Phi
of the Board of ELngineers of Louis
iana, Room 332 Maison Blanche An
nex, New Orleans, Louisiana, up to The
12 o'clock, noon Monday March 29th, nme_
1920, for constructing the Tallulah- boll
Lake Providence Highway 10.49 miles Came
Madison Parisi.. seam
Information as to location, charac- busy
ter of work, extent and class of witll
material, terms of payment, regula- fields
tions governing manner of submitting iDr.
proposals and executing contract, st W
'mav, on application be obtained at cultum
the office of the Highway Department Mt
State Highway Engineer. i IMS
If th
A telplone me:'sage frori TPlta; Ac
Point, La., five miles wa3t of Vicks
burg, to The Herald last niv'ht dated "ott
that Town Marsha J. O. Bc~au:e of tfr
that place was shot throuwh the lur.g th
by a negro yesterday evening at seven sem
o'clock, and his condition is extremely 10m
critical. heal
Two young negroes had beer: hanz- Hu:
ing around the postofflce el: aofer-.am
noon, and their conduct aroused thte P,,
suspicion of the postnyistress. who fo
called for Town Marshall Beaupre, Nm
The officer responded at once. He 9W
placed the negroes under arrest. As
he was about to search one of them! «
for a weapon the negro pulled a re-,
volver from his pocket and fired ene In
shot, the bullet passing through the,
town marshal's right lung. Bath ne-.tbh
gross escaped. tnr
Mayor Geo. M. Long of Delta Point 
has notified the authorities in every fan
direction, giving accerate descriptions
of them and posses are out searching b
for the negroes.-Vicksburg Herald.
Miss Norms Ovurbey, until recent- h
ly exteasiot gade sppcallst, has p.
,d nd beg appointed state agent in charge
of home demonstration work, effect
ive March 1, to succeed Mrs. A. H.
Swart, who has resigned.
eat Ml Overbey is a native of Louisi
ana and a graduate of the Georgia A
Peabody College, NashvIlle, Tenn.
* She has had several years' expersine I
teaching in the high schools of the,
State, and for two and onue-half ynars
Spna taught agriculture in the Louisiana I
'w°s State Normal SchooL Miss Overby
in- the is thoroughly familiar with all phases
', the of home demonstration work, having 1
war conducted the extension garen work
rt r a in close cooperition with the parish
se i- home demonstration agents.
ihe i Under Mrs. Swart's direction a 1
s hero- strong working force of agents has
d been built up and a foundation laid
|ln b for much effectve work in the fu
S"ever There was a large crowd at the
Lyric Thatre in Taluik last Wed
acp'd nedaye night to -e "Mum's the
" 1Wors" The how was thooughly en
seeming present.
)smeathi I
Thy are moae than l00w S P Medt -
dlBy a~sir throughout dhe a_ red fd
d percentdthesearerFd Ta Cre.
e sa " " m unmdS ceseampae ar
d0 b tboric O ri fwdt tl PIPr dt J S
moermo Wm. th usf arm,in tn hdtYr -,
the pele..- ,te dmandb Is Icmu...e
day. Le us ham e vosr order proapdy if y7o
S to. Brtton lotor Co.
h.utt zalk Suil no4 Serrh
at Chairman Thompson, BakdL by Gev.
nt Pleasant and Gov.-Elest Parker
is- Calls Meeting
The cotton Industry of Lt uda toI
th, menaced by a greater evil thesa he
bh- bolt weevil. The Mexieaa Pnlaok ot
le Worm has made its appeaseaco It
les Cameron parish, and though the SoV
ernment entomologists have gottn
ac- busy in a hurry, they fear that unlea
oprompt measures are taken, the pos
will gain a foothold. and the cottU
isa- fields of the south devastated It a
n short time.
Dr. W. D. Hunter, chief entomole
.ct, gIt o the U. 8. Department o A~I
at culture, who Is now on the scene *
Sreeting a bore of ten agents, declared
that the cotton planters would have
to set together sad agree on a polley
eer.' tmedtdfl, to ombat the evil, o,
they would lose everything they have
Sthe pest gains much headway. Com*
rOTi missiner of Agriculture Ito rry
IOTWilson is alive to the evil, sad it
I ,backl up Dr. Hunter's efforts.
alt:t Acting upon their arIs reuest,9
cks- Chftrman W. Thbpeo, of the
ted louisaa Division p the American
,'ottoa Associatlon, has Iud a call
e of for a meeting of all cottoa planters o
ur.g the state, and all membes of he*
even America Cottones Assoelato to as
een smbe in New Orleam en MEseh . at
nelS 10 a.m., at the GOrsewald Hotel, to
hear reports that will be made bi Dr.
an - Hunter "zd his asslattat a Com
S"mnssioner Wilson, so they mab pr
:r- pared to meet the monae This mail
I te sben emphasised by strig lette
who from Gov. Pleoasat and dev.M
pe Parker, both of whom rlesi the d4a
He r, of procrasdtn Ise ed' - O s
As Call Per Ceeasemso
them "The appsthuwee of the Meastesa P1
a re-. oll Worm in Cameron partIs, li
I one' Ia brnass home to the oeatte I
te ere of this state the Imhotumee o "
m the meno to their Industry mere asuils
h ne-: than the boll weevil and promptse h
inauguration of immediate steps
Selre ertdbe the operations o Ihe
Poit st and eliminaste It free the LenI.
every lanm cotton fields.
ptionsi "Dr. W. D. D. uaterohif eatomeleis
*ahing Of the U. L Department of Agrsleltus
has talke conasaace ofa the rwsase
ea'"ld. the pest and has tea moe a h
field preparing to combat Its adance
LENT tito new territory, but he must bh
the cooperation of the cotton plast
interests of the state, sad t* hat
c r t of Apicltur a mitinj .1
affect- oimet swrd with or. Hatr.
A. H. Beth hf these miasoms  hi
snesat the situation Nto en a
ISIai- upect that I doese t d s ty as
Is u o the ulaldnad oles of St
eorsia Amerias Cottsn Auseless t oe
Tan. eeting or tat ansesintsn s "ad 1s
len others lW teraehtet oetton prodnels
who have a yet aYme ilated
of the with the nsseelatln. to met to the
f years' Orunewald Potal Is New Orleans, t
asislana o eVlnek Friday moraing. Marsh he
seasder bete to be od befre tco
e i b Dr. Heuter n WIr. Woen
phe "The ctson predss . of "L -n
having have barely reeered ham * ha 4
a work hfts the lm a f the hel ws
n sad the threat of this aew alges
PaI would he met by the must awl
measures to avert asm *s a
ctione a the Insatry. 0
ion laid atthding elS maeting, se Ithi
the in- hIferearmed dr te eatt
haveto fee ''.W R Yla O
Chlatr la. Divis, Ammliee
Ina Auseati "ysm
a at the* aephmster reeiusls e .
st Wed- eov. ulagsat met te ewtogl1
a's the egram:
gh.. e- - ,* * *

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