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Hot water
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Money beck without qucetlon
iI HUfT ?S BAlt falls I, the
treatment of ITCH. ECZEMA.
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Wastd Coorne Chem io. o Memphis Ttn.
Hard-Beiled Philaropher.
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Crtmson Oilch.
"So It was." replied Three-Finger
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SIt " repHIed Three-FXAinger
Da. "Maybe it's just as well we
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wusk Whl
Director General Hines is Preparing
Detailed Report Covering the Pe
riod of Government Operation-
Will Be Made Public.
Washington. - Pre'ident Wilson is
expected to act upont the railloul bil..
The prevailing beii,-f is that he will
sign, although the pi sid' nt, of course,
has not indicated his position iii ad
vance. Attorney General Palmer pu.s
his O. K. on the bill also. His opin
ion was that it contained no con:,titu
tional defects. The measure was then
relayed to Director General Hints for
his position. It is due back at the
White House all set for the president's
Opponents of the bill are talking of
attacking it in the courts on the
grounds of unconstitutionality follow.
ing the line of argument in the memo
rial presented by the railroad unions
But the real fight against it w 11
be in the realm of politics. The Re
publican Publicity Association recog
nized this. Through its president, Jo
nathan Bourn. Jr., it issued a state
ment that the question of gvernment
ownership will be fought out in the
elections next Novemoer.
"That this issue will be place be
fore the country in such a way that
the people will have an opportunity
to express their views is indicated by
the aggressive action taken by the
American Federation of Labor and by
theg roup particularly advocating the
Plumb plan, in preparing for the pcli
tical campaign of 1920," said the stpte
aet. "It is announced these two
groups will oppose the re-election of
every senator and congressman who
voted for the bill. The 1920 election
therefore presents the opportunity for
I a referendum on the question of gov
ernment ownership.
"While it is the right of the rail
road brotherhoods to advocate the
Plumb plan, it is equally the right
and duty of all of the rest of the pee
ple of the country to advocate no less
vigorously what, in their opinion will
be for the best Interests of the coun
try, now and hereafter"
Director General Hines is preparing
a detailed teport covering the period
of government operation, which will
be made public. It goes into specifle
questoms of public interes
Five Perish in Fire.
Montreal.-Mrs. M. Gregory and her
four children were burned to death in
a fire which destroyed their home
Mrs. Gregory and a twoday-old baby
were In bed on the second floor when
I the other chldre, playing on the
lower floor, accidentally set fire to
the house.
WIll Give Polieh Vim.
Geneva.-Igaace Jan Paderewsai,
former Polish premier, who arrived
recently In Switasrland, has gone to
London for the purpoes of laying be
fore the supreme allied council Polish
views concerntng peace negotiations
with the Ruselan soviet government.
Train Wrecks Handcar.
Roenoke, Va. - J. M. Riley, a West
era Unine lineman of Orateburg,.
. C, was ianstantly iled and four
eampeales were aerionsy Wutnred
wka w e ad er a wahtch they wear
ridlbg was wreeked by Norfolk J
Western passnger tran No. 2 near
YadhL. Va., ecrding to intormation
Kerueky Still Leade n.
Londoam.-Reports that Alenade
lereasy, the Rlssan revolutionary
premietr, whom regime was oer
thorwn by the Bolaeikl i Noteam
er, 111, has been imprisoned in the
aes were speedily shown to be
ata when taquiry revealed that
5ereask is still in Wentgad.
e Seest Weman Delegat.
A3, e~tl Wo woman can
jSge as ddebe t bre to tM as
tienal eanventio in Ban NnealeO
e at June will be one af th pohlema
eore~ aeoeial Demorats state
asselisn at the Sobranje a nstele
d assembly, beem s of them a l
thes senses by the bocislists.
Soviet Fom e Oath.
WareaW.--e5~be h e
e th Poleh roamn eatinMe a
-aM n t epor a ram nmlMry si
Tihe Seiet Ant Returs.
New York. - Tbhe United litee
my mepOaort aford, the "Soviet
Ark," w e arrued mma Geman,
A raadere BDertmns ad 27 other sa
derable allese to Rusia, he a
Clemeneseu On the N#t.
Cair, EptL--Oeors Clemenesn,
mrmer rame nater of Prean , left
fr As-s. ea the Nie, whoe he
wMl ispet the great daa ar0. the
Pe-e Cembat Raelog i.
Chtesgs.-A mass meeting arrea
s by th Polh National Commlttee
as the SMt of a series to be held
Ithreght th botry to combat ra
Wraus a te y D regrnam hao.
ag n a' a newm Amo nstituteM
ao Teehatagr, to he weres ea a
GSeam MM ct at With strt d TIates
sanus A a l en4eadtu of 5,
Let "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair
In a few moments you can trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy and
full of life. Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Dan
derine" for a few cents. Then moist
en a soft cloth with the Danderine and
draw this hrough your hair taking one
small strand at a time. Instantly, yes,
immediately, you have doubled the
beauty of your hair. It will be a mass,
so soft, lustrous, fluffy and so easy to
do up. All dust, dirt and excessive oil
is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vigor and brightness in your hair. This
stimulating tonic will freshen your
scalp, check dandruf and falling hair,
and help your hair to grow long, thick,
strong and beautitul.-Adv.
Make this resolution every morning:
I am going to make this day count
as never day counted before.
For your daughter's sake, use Bed
Cross Ball Blue in the laundry. She
will then fave that dainty, well-groom
ed appearance that girls admire. 5c.
Nothing to Lose.
Pat (after losing an empty pocket
book) "There, begob, I ain't got
nothin n' be jiggered If I don't lose
A cold is probably the most com.
men of all disorders and when neglect
ed Is apt to be moseet dangerous. 8ta
tlstles show that more than three
times as many people died from Ia
eazsa last year, as were killj in
the greatest war the world has ever
known. For the last fifty-three years
Basebee's Syrup has been used for
coughs, brnchitis, colds, throat h
rltation and especially lung troubles.
It gives the patient a good lnght's
rest, free from coughing., with easy
expectoration in the morning. Made
in Amerlca and used in the homes of
thousands of familles all over the
elvllsed world. Sold everywheree-Adv.
The total stand of timber on the
national forests is estimated at 000,
000o000,000 board feet.
hta bd p a eemm d w ek rb
I **r hi s - e
St e U ge d m
L -r than am
rwoms h the ha
I ad wesua t ra d eM . ai wD
soa'lbd he Th. Ples lad Ps
a amei e b gl m sewLr I
ha d.1 d 8khd ls mlta as
"se aes I s tr hat'e ao de
-et em et hhi eahri m
-e Pkrruaid m ohad s tles md
heenw msesm d this e h
health sa th d fr .eases
d qewtoieaIj" m w I
...m Nmd-a. g . S oman
sar, Wadder mi uast -ll bm e
eo **U ** temsne dine
lA SE lill
Conditions Under Which This Fuel
and Oil May Be Prospected For
and Taken From the Public Do
Washington.-After some years of
parleying congress has hioally agreed
on the conditions under whicl the gov
ernment will permit the mining of
coal, oil, gas, phosphate and sodI;;;
on the public domain. The bill agreed
to is commonly known as the oil leas
ing bill. It is tie expectation of con
gress that under the legislation the
natural resources to which it relates
will be developed rapidly. The at
tempt to fix conditions under which
the government would permit the tak
ing of coal, oil, gas, etc., from lands
owned by it was started away back
in the Roosevelt administration. In
every congress since that time the sub
ject has been up. A pending piece of
legislation relates to the development
of waterpower on the public domain.
It seems likely that this legislation
will also be perfected at this session.
Perhaps most Interest in the legisla
tion that has Just been completed cen
ters in the conditions under which
coal Is to be taken from the public
domain. All the arrangements for
taking coal as well as the other de
posits covered by the legislation will
have to be made with the secretary
of the Interior. The first step toward
the development of the government
owned coal land witl be to subdivide
this land into leasing tracts of 40
acres each or multiples thereof. In no
case will anyone leasing tract contain
more than 2.560 acres. Leases are to
be awarded by competitive bidding.
There are some provisos or exceptions
written into the legislation. For in
stance, where prospecting or explor
atory work Is necessary to determine
the existence or workability of coal
deposits, the secretary of the Interior
may issue a prospecting permit for a
term of two years for not exceeding
2,500 acres; and if within that period
the permlttee shows to the secretary
that the land contains coal in commer
cial quantitles, he is to be entitled to
a lease.
Restrictions on Railroads.
No lease of coal land Is to be ap
proved or issaed until after a notice
of thirty days has been given In a
newspaper of general circulation In
the county in which the lands or de
posits are situated. There Is also a
provision that no railroad shall be per
mitted to hold a lease to mine coal on
the public domain except for its own
use; and no railroad company can re
ceive more than one permit or lease
for each 200 mll's of Its railroad line
within the state in which the coal land
is situated.
The most of the delay In getting
through this legislation was due to
the Inability to agree on the compen
sation which the government should
exact. As finally agreed on the bill
provides that when the government
decides to lease a tract of coal land.
It shall announce Into advance of the
offering of the leases the royalty that
will be charged. This royalty is not
to be less than 5 cents a ton. pamyahle
at the end of each third month sume
ceeding that of the extnraction of the
coal trom the mine and an annual
rental payable at the date of the lease
and annually thereafter on the lands
or coal deposifts covered by the lease at
each rate as may be fixed by the see
retary of the interior prlor to offer
lg the lease. Thisl rental is not to
be less than 25 cents an acre for the
rst year, not less than 50 cents an
aere for the secnd, third, fourth and
Iftb years, and not less than $1 a
acre for each year thereafter during
the contineance of the lease.
Cal Leaes indetermstsint
Leaes are to be for indeterminate
perlods a condition of diligent devel
opment and contained operatlon of the
mtae, except when operatloo rshall be
nlaterrupted by strikes. At the end o
each -year paered the seretary of
the lnterior may requIre a readjust
meant of terms and conditions.
As to the oil ad ugas, the legalatio
provide that tme secretary of the in
terior may great to any quawliied a
plicat the exelsive right fo a p
rind not exceeding two years to pro
pect for oll and gas upon not to exceed
2.060 aere of government Iad. On
eatabllshbing to the satlsction of the
nlaterr departamnwat that be has locat
ed valuable depslts of oil or gasp the
permittee is to be entitled to a lease
for ome forth o the slad embraced
In his proepeetlng permlt. The lease
Is to be far a term of 20 years upon
a royalty of 5 per cent of the value
of the prodctlo and tme anMual pay
maet In advance of a restal of 81 an
acre. the rental paid for any one year
to be redited agaI·Iast the royalties as
they agree for that year.
N Big Milfltary Legllati LUkoly.
It looks now an If the [tlted
state waould oetlanue to drift so
far as presrdedae for poelble
war Is conerned. The Immediate e
actment of military leIslatio of inca
porttance is not probable. At the pre
eat time not much lnterest is belg
The majority of tahllras began to
deteriorate by doubtolg or deprecat
lag themselves or by losing cadence
in their own ability. The moment
you bharbor doubt and begka to loss
faith ia yourselt you capitalate to the
eay. Every time ye acknwledge
weakaem, lelemey or lacket of ab·
Ity yao weake your set-eondeace,
and that is to madermaine the very
hamdatlon et ml aeblvemeat.-Orlsa
pwott adae In (womge Daly Wow.
takel by the -me who frame the laws
In the construction program proposed
by the navy department. An inquiry
Into the situation that exists In ono
Sgress with respect to militaarv and
naval legislation shows that llmost of
the congressmen have got an itlllpres
sion that there is a distinct reaction
throughout the country anlainst mili
tary or naval ,legislitiaon andit fior this
reason. andll this r,:asitll allllne. they
:ire ti:isnc.lilnt,d to su:, lport any grea;it
forward step of a military or cavai
nat ure.
N< soonear wais the sen:ate! bill with
Its unlivetrsal training proVvision out
In the open thaln the tiIlllelttibers of tllhe
,house, ret g .rdless of politia.l atiiliT -
tions, l i. laa ti o let it he knc, Vwnt that
lithey were iop 'osed' to unnl erl " l train
inll in ally forllm. Olin lil, Itl4 . li't:ilo
sihle the hleadetr. [ riteprese tatlivi. 11ittn
dell of Vytaning. tll out flatftotied
aginst the trainitng fteatur, e Iof lithe
senate bill and his Iposition was sup
ported by the atinilel.rs of the houlse
lir ittllae tilt orlder iof businesstii . The
effect of this was to iscotrce tohe
house committtittee oni tilitary n fairs
from gaoing abe: with tihe ihdera thati
it should report a bill tprovitdg for
universal training. The Delimocrats
of the house, with the notion that they
'ould gain some political adlv:nt.tatu .e
bly taking a stand as it unit agrainst
universal training, ctueussed aind al
1most unanaimously voteid to oppose
this training. This action was taken
after President Wilson had written
the caucus a letter asking it not to
take a stand against universal train
War Department Will Suffer.
The upshot of Itof it all Is that the load
ers have decided not to try to get
through universal training legislation
at this session. They believe the mtain
features of the Wadsworth bill will
eventually be accepted by the coun
try and by congress, but they realize.
so they say, that nothing, perhaps.
could be gained by putting that bill
through the senate at this session and
sending t to the house the house to be slaugh
The uprising In congress against
military legislation leaves the war de
partment in a most unsatisfactory
condition. It had counted on legis
lation by the end of the fiscal year
providitng for the peace military es
tablishment. Now it will have to go
along in a makeshift way until con
gress acts. Meantime nearly all the
new branches of the service that were
built up during the war, like aviation.
motor corps, gas and flame. etc.. are
rapidly deteriorating for lack of
funds. Between now and the end of
the fiscal year, June 30 the regular
army appropriation bill will be
passed and It the thought of the
men In congress who are dealing with
the situation to make provision in
that bill for tiding the department
over untIl a permanent policy shall
have been decided on.
Women Seek Equal Chances.
Women. through the woman's bu
reau of the department of labor.
are moving to obtalL equali
ty of opportunity in the government
service. Last fall this bureau atr
ranged to make a study of posltlons
In the government service open by ex
amination to women as compared
with those closed to women. The
study was begun in September. On
November 5. ten days after receiving
a partIal report from the bureau, the
civil service commission passed a rul
Ing opening all examinations to both
women and men, leaving It to the dis
retion of the appointing offlicers to
specify the sex desired when request
I lpg certificeation of eligibles.
On November 19 a bill was Intro
duced In the senate by Senator Me
Lean of Connecticut, amending the
statute now toIn force which dates back
to 1870 and provides that, at the dis
retIon of the head of any department,
women may be appointed to any clerk
ship In the government service. The
amendment provides that In request.
ing a register of eligibles for appoint
meat the aomalmting and appomlting
ofldcals shall not speoly sex unless
sex Is a physleal harrier to the prop
er performance e of the duties to be
fulfilled. Thus odne of the ends de
sired has already been almost com
pletely accomplished.
The largest employer of labor ln
th country and the employer of the
agreatest varIlety of labor, the United
8tates government, ha as Its employ
ment agent the civil service comm
Ion. This commisslon is responsible
for seeaurlng the iproper person for al
most every poslteam la the govera
met service except hose of uesktlled
labor In some states, and those Aled
by presidential appointment. The ap
pointment of women to any govera
ment position is still regulated by a
statute written In 1ia whleb de
elared that women may In the dlscre
tlot of the head of any department
he appointed to sy ef the tlerkshIp.
therein uthorised by law. rm this
stalute has sprung the ea stom et
openainag eamlnatlons to both sexes
or dlailag them to either se at the
discretion of the head of any depart
ment, regardless of the fact that sneit
ther rule nort law eovers tie examamn
togo Itmelt
Barringl wome or mea from any
examlnattno, however, bahr thea not
only from the speeial o!e.patros for
which the examination Is give. but
froqa all kindred oceopatIons. All
other bareas wheh my reaaire
services of the same or like q·alIty
am those speefed In the examInation
are codnfed to a register made up en
elusively of one ses when the oppo
site sme my be am acceptable or prof
erable; or they mt ask for a spe
elal exmlaatlen is which no asm line
is drawn; or they must seek the weam
an a ma desired amoag those al
ready in the government service.
All the world used her ll, said this
yomag person, and we may be prett
ertaln that persons whom all the
world treats I deserve the treatment
they get. The world isa leeking glias
and gtres back to every man the re
fectloo of his own fue. Frown at It,
and it will i tura lok sourly p p
you; lagh at It and with It. ad it
is a jolly, kid oempaales; sad a let
all ymug persa take their dksim
E- ----
Why are
flavors like the
pyramids of Egypt?
Because they are
And WRIGLEY'S Is a beneficial
as well as long-lasting treat.
It helps appetite and digestion,
keeps teeth clean aid breath
sweet, allays thirst.
Sealed Tight
Kept Right
'" igs
Ye-o dealm , wi aspto you M in
.weK~-~Iu paan s bi [ ue de d m t awer hp
dban itesea e efaO. ter, l" l
dog s."mihtaswe ethur a ' ..
TBayer CroeSla " o i nl k LSterlihtsms ton srely.
ith the safety " d e dCro, e a be ·ol Hede , Toottlaehe, .a
tas withist fear e ow odmo yousre Neadntlk, L amb to, wRdmat
do e p 1 - e-ith -w-ord
ptodesecribe tnhens wa td ma ge
el lugtcr Bfewar pt.trrhi."s.
olays er el on Apc ltete "Sb a t eer M on as. -
tabu waithou fad beci aueoare utrl L umag a heumiat

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