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. eep Your Liver Active, Your
System Purified and Free From
Colds by Taking aslotabs,
the Nausealeu Calomel
Tablets, that are De.
lightful, Safe and
Physicians and Druggists are sdvil
hlg their friends to keep their systems
ptrife4 sad their organs in perfect
working. order as a protection against
the return of influenza. They know
that a clogged up system and a lazy
lMver favor colds, influenza and serious
eTo et short a cold overnight and to
:r vent serious complications take one
talotab at bedtime with a swallow of
water--that's alL No salts, no nausea,
S s griping, no sickening after effects.
lEzt morning your ecld has vanished,
ear liver is active, your system is puri
- e ,d and refreshed and you are feeling
`s with a hearty appetite for break
teat. Eat what you please-no danger.
Calotabs are sold only in original
sagaed paelkaes, price thirty-five cents.
Dvery druggist is authorized to refund
ear money if you are not perfectly
dlighted with Calotabs.-(Adv.)
Loets of pelle would rather say
sething than speak a kind word.
Lekl at tonguel Remove poleone
freeom stomach, liver and
aatiforaia" Syrup of Fig
for the name Californala o
41aek ttha t you are sum yolr
Shming the best and most harm
4btht eor physic for the little
Meie and bowels. Chlldrer
defleious fruity taste. Full
asr child's dose on each bot.
he it without fear.
I Yoa must sy lCaliermla.'
A-I apt to take affront if m
to take a back seat.
Reward, $100
a local dlseae greatly lsu
eastitutional conditions. It
gIu~ies constitutional treat
.titernaly and acts through the
th Muecous Surfaces or the Sys
Ohe foundatoan of the disease.
tie t strength by imaproving
heelth and amists nature In
work. Wn.O fbr any cese of
fatils to cure.
Io. Testimnenals free.
& Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
gae is t always the best man at
He gets tb.h C*in.
Io avwtes other troublee
ems speedrly unless quickly
and overcome by Green's
W'leier whicb I a gentle iaxa
btaee digestiona both 4a
ltestlaea, cleans and
stomach an alimentary
the liver' to -secrete
ties from the blood.
l remdy Used in many
ibtIideoldu all 'over the
I for more than half -
V *-seee who have sauffeared
aert.s dygepperl
4ePleVap of food. pal
paton gnd other In
Sold by druggists
lerywhbere. Try a b o&_.
-at hep boarders.
a~lt  aprnvuv, or I
aEde "M
Production Raises From 73,353 Bar.
rels Per Day To 83,810-Big
P;Fe Line Has Ceen
Shreve;pcr:. La. - Fourt'-n comple
titons ecitinirisd the week's record of
the North Lo4,i-i:ina oil fields. Uf
the:se thirter. n were producers, giving
the iel.ld a recori of nearly 93 per cent.
l:ot the ('laiborne aud lied liver
parish pools cane through IU0 per
cent, the former yielding sevt.n new
welis with an aggregate new produc
tion estimated at 14,350 barrets per
day and the latter fourjew wells with
a total added new production of about
400 barrels d::ily.
Most imprecsive in the week's devel
opments was the jump in daily actual
production of the t'lathorne oil field.
which rose from 73 3LU barrels pi"r day
from the preceding seven days 83.810
barrels. Another important develop
ment of the week was the completion
in the ('laiborne by the White Oil Cor
poration of its pipe line from its Oakes
lea esio its tank and loading track on
the Louislana and Arkansas railroad.
at Russell, midway between Sibley and
Minden. La., a distance of about twen
ty miles.
In the Wild Cat division, at the well
of Bosseau, Etal, in Bossier jari.%. In
21-19-13, Fullilove No. 1, a good a s -
ing of oil was obtained with probau.ii
ties for a producer. The well will be
thoroughly tested as soon ast tour ana
one?half inches of casting and pack
er are set at 2600 feet.
The meeting of John M. Parker, gov
ernor-elect of Louisiana. with inde
pendent and pipe line operators at
Shreveport, completed a week crowd
ed with events. The probaole result
of the metings which were held over
a two-day period will be the definite
shaping of laws for presentation to th'
Louisiana Legislature when it m-ets a
chaud, next lieutenant governor or
few months hence. Hewitt tanan
Louisiana, also attended the sessions,
oil men from all parts of the state and
operators in the gas fields attended
the sessions.
Completions in Claiborne field for
the week were as follows: The Gulf
Refining Company, bringing in Chat
man Number 11 in 30-21-7 with an in
it'al estimated production of 8,000 bar
rels, led the list. The production was
found in the deep sand at 2059 feet
The Gulf Refnihg Company also
completed its Langston No. 6, flow
irg a 11100-barrels produc:tion from
the shallow sand at 1145 feet, located
In 19-21-7.
The Standard Oil Company of Loui
siana completed its Shaw No. 7, flow
ing 3.000 barrels from the, deep s;na
in 2~73 feet. The well is located in
he Vanada Oil Company brou-tit ti
its Langstron No. 7, on the tract ac
quired from George O. Baird, in 25 21-8.
flowing 1(;0 barrels from 1082 feet
The Keene and Wolf Company om
pleted Norton No. 1. in 13 21-8. flow
r - 204 barrels by heads from 1376
Alexandria.-The sfe in the oefle.
of the Humble Oil Company. near t:e
L. and A. fr- igFt depot. South Alex
andria-was blown by vegreen. It us
rresumed that nltroglyccrine was
Tallnlah. - M. Pruett. mester patnt
er ,f the fir r'of Pu-,tt & East of t It
rlacee, tiffered a tall wh:ch resutod in
tr ~Pl-iR both bones just atove oie
srkle. He was carried to a sanitartum
In Ike Village.
4afoerette. - A'5brt Pol bonuswre.
for r'-"v yearn a ' 'k"r 1h I ncnIy ~Y.
his bourht a reto of t'fr'-sr fUo r
ago on' J ff-ir~non street rrorn , .-
Jhls Alecatoro. of Nev Orleans for a
bakery and confectionary.
Batrn Rotire. - S,!perinten(1nt T.
H. HsA'rl; Ottr the other meImbers or
the educnt'o"nl t de--rtment who hvore
ee atendilng the N ?tional Edutca'o -
a. toeiatlon c onvention in Cleve
land will returnl ooL .''
St. Rose.-Mrs. Emile ('respo, was
g; om*it4m ed at h-r home lere. : n I
Sr txPgn*i ee- atten-lid to by : 1 -
c-' l tIdla waas hurried to New
t twttment.
kan- ~ Interest is being
tlmf~'lsd ' d % eral ri-' t. o0 t'e
lamds ktrsad Packten of thsll p.r sh.
where it is generally believed oil wl I
be found.
Lakttt. - Leopold Werl has ac
-i-red the sole owaernhip at a sales
stable i Lafayette. He purctascu rtie
laterest oth!s brothers Jules and Jak -
Weo. M AtL*:-ille. The tearss is
* the~latgste of its kind A the
.' -ib sa le of propest ef le ry
sbUi deceased, was h< bihare re
. th. te3 acre* [arts b:1 pun. at
1116 t Cwci e ala =r whle tprtces
Ior tauck an4 f atm im
the todta is tiek. e
Alexandria. - A check for $1,309,
725.28 was given on the First Nation.
al Bank of Alexandria by Joseph A.
Bentley in payment of a portion of the
$2.000 0 0 good roads bond issued by
IPapides parish and purchased by him
several months ago. The check was
turned over to T. C. Wheacon, presi
dent of the Rapides parish police jury,
indorsed by him ind turned over to
Parish Treasurer D. S. Flower.
Lake Charles. - The rice acreage on
I Indian Bayou Canal system in c'alca.
si,'u parish will be approximately S.
0110 acres this season if weather per
mits. The irrigated lands lie north of
Pell City, Havye and Rosignol. Con
siderable improvements were made to
the canal system during the past win
Lafayette. - The public schools in
Lafayette parish will have the first
rrlly day exercises since the war May
14 and 15. Superintendent Bittle has
called a meeting of the principals for
a meeting when the programs will te
mapped out. They will include litgr
ary exercises and athletic events for
which prizes will be offered.
Lafayette. - The fair given for the
benefit of the Broussard Church netted
$3.350. The program will be conclud
ed with the presentation of the drama
"Evangeline" by the pupils of St. Ce
cilia's Parochial School. Rev. Father
Massebiau recently installed an elec
tric lighting plant for the nouse or
worship at a cost of $2.000.
Polnte a la Hache.-The State High
way Department has a field force of
surveyors locating the line of the new
shell road in Plaqueminee parish Road
District Nos. 2 and 3. that extends
from. the Orleans parish line on the
west bank of the Mississippi River as
far down as the United Stats reserva
tion at Fort Jackson.
Monroe.-F'lnal plahns for the new
hotel to be built here were accepted
by the directors at a meeting with Eu
gene J. Stern of Little Rock. The city
ist growing so fast, however, that it
was decided a six-story building would
be inadequate to add two more stories
to the plans and resubmit them.
Alexandria. - Sergeant Robert Mc.
Cabety, who was arrested several days
ago and subsequently released on
bond on the charge of having slander
ed Prof. D. F. Huddle, of the West
End Grammar School, has again been
arrested and incarcerated in the par
ish jail.
Lafayette. - Improvements costing
several thousand dollars have been
made on the Sc'ott Catholic Church by
Rev. J. V. Moateillard. Among them
is the installation of a valuable or
Reston. - S. B. Ritchie, local rep
resegmative at the meeting or the Per
shing Way promoters held in Little
Rock, Ark., reports that the route
from Little Rock to Alexandria, La.,
was esatblished.
Baton Rouge. - The State Associa
tion of Parish Fairs met with Harry
D. Wilson, commiss'oner of agricultnur
for setting dates for the parish fairs,
fixing uni'orm entry tage and uniform
puemlum lists.
Bafon Rolige, - More than $495 was
collected on Thirs.treet recently for
the Near East' Relief Fund. This
-'sgs the total of the parish over $1,
Mai.kaviltl. - Senator A. O. Boyer
of Avoyelles has been re-elected as
s"nnAtor from the Fifteenth Senatorial
li-*r'ct of Louis'rna and citizens are
gratified of the result of the election.
Pointe a la Hache. - Prenaration of
lard for an increas'd scroe:ge in rie
aed c-ne this season is actively go
ing on.
I:Tton Rouge. - Announcement is
rPade ,f the organ'zat!on here of a
whotesale c:rar concern to be known
as the Interstate Cigar Company.
Lake Charles.-C. HI. Fnlley, ri,
farmer. -as purcI-se4 a .!0-.ar, ternm
at lova frorl the Nor't Amer n
Land ('omp;ny. pay:ng $21,00'. There
is a dr'p water well and improved
bu;Ildings on the farm.
I.:,!- Charles.--('. E. B'rdon and
Jo'n H. Po" F .. e n,--.h:"od a lot on
rynn street and pro' os- the 'o rtru
t'on of an "'ttt"no-:t hour- of I r ek
or frame w'·-ch aill contain about
eight apartments
St. Francisvll113. - An elect'o- h-ld
in rod(l district No, 2. WVst F ll la a
er "''. on the p"-no.: ten to I |y t
3-mn11 tax for five ye-rs *o raise funds
for ro-d work resu tod in its ad-pt oi
w'ithOt a dissenting vot".
I&.e Charles. - Po'vell Glass of
Lyrc',hurg, sen of Fe-ator Car er
lass,. is visiting J. )f. Booze of IRon
.. . ""et at the Lake
Charles Rotary Club.
Lke Charles.-Frank A. Crippen.
field organizer for the I ou'siana Cot
.-'oxia'ilon. is in the -'ty for tC e
,urpose of for,-!ng a Southwest Lous
iana organization.
Lafayette.--Stanley Lemarie, secr
tary hif the Loutiiana Motor Leagu ,
was in Lafayette gathber'g data ato t
the system of good roads already co x
structed and those under way. TI
r-n-:ended this section for its prog
Baton Rouge. - The distribution of
the French memorial eertific-tes is in
t~t-- h-nds of the local post ot "he
American Legion. A committee has
Se. u appointed and plans for presenta
tion of the certificates throughout this
district are being discussed.
Baton Rouge. - The shortage of
school teachers has developed into
menorrous proportions all over 1h
United States, according to Superin
tendent of Education T. H. Harris. who
has jut returned from the co ve ition
of the National Education Assoelation.
AOledrlia. - Reports raching
here froma Hot Well, near Boyee, are to
the eect that an explosion occurred
the well followed by a considerable
Gew o ell, whck easme up throagh the
ges and e.O the bath tubs of the Mel
W*ean nces
J; a
~I Eue~oI"
I ~jL~j/
/ II; Ni
Washington. - A serious move to
reorganise the vast civil service of the
federal government on a scientific ba
sis involving a rclassifcation of jobs
and the elimination of inequalities of
pay, taetffcienqy o management and
political inulence, at last is in prog
The joint commission on the re-clas
sifcation of the 106,000 federal em
ployes in the District of Columbia will
report to Congress within a week a
comprehensive reform plan, worked
out with the assistance of a staff of
experts tfri Artphur Young & Co., the
Chicago aeounting concern which re
eestly reclassified the government
postofice of Canada.
"Equal pay for equal work" will be
the rule IT Congress adopts the prope
sals of the commission whose report
will form the basis of oonsidererat on
of a readjustment of salaries to meet
the increased cost of living, a cendt
tion which has been" dealt with crude
ly In the last two years by voting a
bonus of $240 a year to each civil em
It has taken the Chicago experts a
year to survey the intricate mase of
the federal service in Washington and
find out "where the government is at"
In its own household. Perhaps "mess"
would be the more accurate descrip
tion of the haphazard methods and
employment conditions found in the
multitude of bureaus and commistsions
created by the heodge podge legislation
of more than a century.
The experts set out by ascertaining
the character of the work performed
by each employe, who was required to
fill out a questionnaire. Some of the
questionnaires were returned blank
and subsequent investigation failed to
throw much light on the work or du
ties of the .epployes in question.
One questionnaire was returned
with the notation: "This man has
been on the payroll 30 year;. but is
an invalid and has not been at his desk
for the last 10 years."
Railway Strike in Spain.
Tuv. Spain. -- 1 11 the employes on
the Portuguese Railroad have struck.
There were some violent incidents. It
is believed that all the postal and tel -
graphic emrloyes will strike in sympa
they with the railroad men. who de
mand increa.~ed wages.
Italians Are Seeking Loan.
New York. - A delygntion of Ita'ian
bankers on a mis'ion to the United
States in connection with the propos
ed loans to Italy arrived here on the
Prit'sh steamship Imperator from Iv-j
$6 Oil Seems To Be Near.
Pittsburgh. Pa. - Six dollar oil was-'
almo, t ir eicht when the See, Pur
chasing Agency announced an advance
in the price of Pennsylvania crude of:
15 cents a barrel to $5.90.
U. 8. Debt Is Decreasea.
Washington. - A decre:se o' $264,
(L57.387 in the public debt was eft ct
ed in February, the treasury a-nou e
ed, leaving the total debt $25,404,331,
Dissolve Bulgirian Assemb'y.
Sofiia -The government decreed
dissolution of the Sobranje, or ratio-t
al assembly, because of the diffeal
tses caused by the Socialists.
Chinese Premier Resigns.
Honolulu, T. H.-The premier of
chlna has resigned, rccording to a
sMecial cable from Tokyo to Nippu
Higher Rates Are O'posed.
Ner l' ork. - A plea for !ower pas
senger rates and a readjustrrent o'
freight rates in such a manner as to
provide "equitable d'stribution" of
revenue from commodity tal.Es wias
made by Frederick D. Underwood,
president of the Erle railroa"
On Wings of the Wind.
Turin, Italy. - LIeut. Brakpapa ere
ated a new speed record for an air
plane with four passengers. flying 16
miles an hour.
Suffrage Sill Is Defeated.
Charlestown, W. Va. - Ratifleat'e
of the national suffrage amendment
was re'used by the West Virgilnia Sen
ate recently.
Rail Official Is Elected.
Chicago.--. E. Bryam was elected
president of the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul railroad.
French Strike Is Ended.
Pas.-The strike on the U'emeI
aAreads has been eded.
Washington. - Definite steps were
1e taken towa;d settlement of the rail
. road wage controversy, which has
e been pendin since last August. R p
Sresentatives of railroad workers, af h
Sthe dexception of one group, agreed to
co-operate with the government and
the railroads in giving a trial to the
s. new transportation law with its arbi
tration clauses, President Wilson. in
11 letters to both the Association of Rail
a way Executives and the heads of the
d 15 workers' organlsations requested
of that they select representatives to sit o
* on the bf-partisan Wage Board. The
. president urged prompt action in order
it that the negotiations between the em
ployers and employes might not be
e longer delayed.
P The group of worers which has not
t entered into the agreement to "go
n along with the president," was the
it Brotherhood ot Maintenance of Way
I Employe sad Shop a. utrers, which
Srecently withdrew from the confer
a ences between union heads and the
I- Railroad Administration. Committe.:
men from the locals of the mainten
a ance unions, however, will meet ia
Si Chicago soon, and it is believed th. y
d will follow the lead of the other unions
in compliance with Mr. Wilson's re
In a statement explaining their po
d sion the union spokesmen said that
e while they could not approve of the
s transportation act. they had agreed to
Si aid in giving the law a trial "in th'
interest of the railroad labor," and
9 "as American citizens."
Ii "Notwithstanding the fact that la- n
D bor in general and railroad labor in it
a particular, with the full co-operation c
k and support of other bodies rep ese .:
o ing American citizens, urged the Cob re
I' gress not to pass tne railroad bill, and
the president to veto it and return it
I to Congress" the union statesment
a said, "we are now officially advi ed S
5 the president has signed the bill and a
k it is the law." c si
U. S. Consulate Is Bombed. t
Zurigh. - A bomb expodeii under it
d the porch of the American consulate
here. seriously damaging the buildi'g,
t but injuring no one. Police authori
ties are believed to have secured clews t(
as to the guilty persons. J
Army Flyer is Killed. h
Riverside. Cal. -j Lieutenant Ray- t
nmond P. Pearson, i United St"tes
army aviator, was killed -at March
I field, near here, when his airplane
went into a tail spin too near the ti
s ground to recover. s1
$90.000 Cotton Loss.
Dal!as. Tex. - Fire d st oyed 3,000 9
bales of cotton linters bell rg ne to the
federal government at th- Trinity
Products C(ormany plant, six miles
south of DalVas. entailing a loss esti. -
f mated at $90,000. b
Three Flyers Are Burned. 01
Fort Myers, Pla - Capt. R. C. M,
Page, pilot. and two passe,"g-rs were
burned to death near Everlades. Fla.,
in the fall of a seaplane which caught
London.-Peeresses who attended
the state opening of Parliament this
month wore dresses with low ne-ks,
-"but without feathers and veils." This
w as by order of the lord chamberlain,
who has charge of all state functions.
Turkey To Lose Navy.
London. - The Supreme Council of
tie allies has decided that Turkey
shall have no navy. Only a few reve
nue cutters will be left her.
Attack On Regent Denied.
Washington.-Reports from Trieste
that an attempt had been made to as
sassinate Prince Regent Alexarder of
Serbia and Premier Protitch were do a
nied in an official dispatch from Bal
Senate Confirms Payne.
Washington. - The Senate has con
irmed the nomination of John Parton
Payne. chairman of the ShipingH
I Board. to be secretary of the inte-ior t
to succeed Secretary Lane, resigned. p
Strike is Extended.
I Brussels. - The strike of coal maa
Sers called a few days ago in the
SMona fields i protest against the
ner bread prlces and for higher I
wages, has extended to the central p
district of La Louviere. t
More Radlcals To Leave.
New York.-Three more soviet ais
are lik.ly to leave New York in the
near futoture with Russians deported
for ariial the use of violence to over
thew the Uniated Statesr Governmat
Final Ded; rck. With Pact as Cam.
pai;n l: ue, Hrg.-s Upon Exccu
tives" Snci-Ask WIscn To
Confer W th Simmor:s.
S-hii-: ::. - V~With anothr f:tlure
to ratl.f tl,e p.ucel, tre:llt i;t .i .i ;
I)eluo. , i .:ic t s. , tlors d~. i ,lii to s, 'k
COI:n'llt a tion with PrI-, +.,ht \\" l ntn hre
fore the de!iivie ate i. tak nI. '11 y
wished to knuww how fitr lhe w\ou;d gu
in endors.la a cnlpronmtts.-. and also
to clearly undt, rstalti lht i vws on the
treaty as a campaign lisslue holl I an
L other Senate deadlock force it into
Sorme TDemocrats were said also to
N wish to know what mlreasures the pros
ident would expect t'oiigr.s:; to take
to relieve the coiuntry froti a w ,r
status while decision at the polls on
the treaty was awaited.
The move for such a co iference.
e started long ago among som ' e!-nlmenls
of the party in the Senate. took deft
a nite form whetn Senator l!itchcock of
Nebraska, the administrati n leader,
sent a letter to the White House ask
0 ing that the president talk ov r ithe
Senate situation with Senator Sim
mons of North Carolina, in charge for
the Democratic side of the new move
meant to negotiate a treaty comoro
It was indicated, however, that the
appointment with Senator Simmi us if
one was arranged, would be only pre
liminary to a conference vwith a (om
r mittee of senators chosen to take up
with him the whole treaty problem. In
some quarters it was Intimated that
t snators from both political parties
eventually might meet with the presi
dent in an effort to reach a compro
mise. In conjunction with Senator
Watson of Indiana, acting for the Re
publican side. Senator Simmons has I
sounded out the sentiment of all the
Senate elements, and when he goes to
the White House he will know what
the Republicans would accept. Senas
tor Hitchcock's letter did not reach the
executive offices until late In the day,
and no word regarding the president's
Intention was forthcoming from the
White House. It was Indicated, how
ever, that in appointment probably
would be made.
Hondurans In Revolt. t
San Salvador. - Revolutionary
forces in Honduras have sacked a
number of unprotected towns, accord- .
ing to an official dispatch from Tegtit
cigalpa, the Honduran cap:tal. and the
war supplies now in the hands of the
rebels were taken from these towns. C
Will Fight Boll Weevil.
Baton Rouge. I-a. - The Louisiana
I State Council eof Defense. at its .rst
I annual meeting since the war at the
suggestion of Gov. l'l,'asant. appro
priated $5,000 to be used in fightini
the pink boll weevil, which has made
its appearance in Cameron Parish.
Barge Leaks Badly.
Beanfort .:. C. - The tug Welling
ton, be'und fronm Newport News for
Jacksonville 'iih two coal laden
barges l.1 tow. put into Cape Lookout
harbor with the barge W. J. Iarman
Guardsmen Are "' Drill.
Washington. - Sixteen days' field
trnon:rg and not to exced four days'
special inatnuei:ons for offlcers anti
selected enlast d mincn re provided in 4
this 'ear's National Guard ta:i..ling a
150C Miles Over Wire'ess Phone.
New York. -- \Virle s te',ghone
conv(rsa~to'"'s have been carried on
Stoir-n (o : !irt., N. Y. ind points in
North linkota and -, nn-as. a distance
of approxn mat'ly 1.500 miles
Milan S'rike Is Ended.
Milan. - Tbh" a noral strike fCe'a'-
ed here as a result of a de,'onst'ati g
crowd, in which two civilians were
killed was ended Work has been re
sumed throughout the city.
Biq Egg Sh:pm-'·ts Made.V
San Franc'eco. - F. teen car loads
of eggs , (8t 000t in all, were shtped
from Petaluma. near here. to New
York city.
Two Persons Are Killed.
Biliao. Sp-in. -- Two persons were
killlrd and 1( ethers wounded In a
street t!',t etween national and pa
triotic groups.
Jews May H-ve Wine.
HPrtfo--d. Ct. - Plfteon gallons o(
wine a ye:rr is the maximum quant'ty
a family of Jewish faith may rlce've
for rellg'ous reremonles. according to
a ruling received by local revenue of
Special 8-usion is Called.
Seattle, Wa ah.---ovenor - Louts
Hart called the Washingtcudn IpIsIlature
to meet in a special session at Olym
pia March 22. to connid'r action on
the federal suffrage amendment.
To Open Petrograd.
London. - Active preparations are I
being made to open Petrograd to nav- U
igation, says a Moscow wireless dis
patch. Merchant sh'ps are being fit
ted out t4 resume relations with West- *
ern Europe.
Typhus in Servia.
Belgrade. - Typhus tever has brok
on out in Servia ano is being spread r
wt.h alarming rapidity by refugees
oeeg from o the Bosheriki on tbo c
south Russian treat.
URIC ,Ci~) I'. R EAT
Th.Re a GClss of Salts if Your 1
Hurts or 6i' :acer
TIf t .. It n 1, : ! ':r ' ";t p
r ' 'h". iI..
a . '! i1,, y I l'. ' \1' : . , ' " e O k
.:l1'l 'Y! ;. 1 l: : I. -+1 11 ," I " """\ 1(x
frt . I!zn T ,,s 1·."1 ...; . ' '? I ... ! .h
is l:11 y. ,Ii 1!:i1 .' 1'. .: . .:' I "'( j .
i, r t:e' lri (1lh r ., . " 1 ' " . lll
irrita? t e, l. ,el.? }'n 1 r . l ",.,, . e'fl .
two or tiihre,. t"Im1 t 1 f. : ,: Ili, ht.
To rlitltr: li7*' thte:,: ir ; aiit id
to leai' the kiI . }inex ::,,I fllush -n
the body's rlnuo ta : :at f e
ournces f i il Salts fr'm nally ps,.
niai V ll'r : ftake. a ''. i,,. f o il in
gla'.s of wn'tir before hr:lekfast for a
few ulava twl meyir k1ida,.: w'ill t!
act fine. This fartllons sa:l< is made
from the n,'idl tf rtp.s .nd lend
juice, combined with lithia. and ha
been used! ftr re'ne'rnt!lr.n to fli
and siinlllate s i ;lC:ish kIliirlnel~.t l e
to neutrnliz P the :aids in urinie o
no lonier irritates, thus r.nlinebladd
w'efa k ni's..
Jn(l Salts is ines.pi'ee: e cannot I
jure, and makes a de'li.htnfl effer__
cent lithia-water drink.--Adly.
The little cur is alt\ley trying it
get ev'en with the hit di,;.
Says Cream Applied in Nostrils Opn
Air Passages Right Up.
Instant relief-no waiting, Iyl
clogged nostrils open right up; the yr
passages of your head clear aat ui
can breathe freely. No more bawkl-,
snuffng, blowing, headache, drylug
No struggling for breath at dglt;
your cold or catarrh disappears.
Get a small bottle of Ely's
Balm from your druggist now.
a little of this fragrant, antle~sp
healing cream in your nostrils. It p.
etrates through every air pnlagl
the head, soothes the inflamed or sag
len mucous membrane and rellef ea--s
It's just fine. Don't stay stnfhe i
with a cold or nasty catarrh.-Adv.
Cultivate a cheery disposition.
Nlew l eL Tim . Got Rid of
These UJly psrts.
There's no longer the slightest teed t
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as Othllt
-double strength--s guaranteed to resall
these homely spots.
Simply gset an ounce of Othlne--dsh
strength-from your lirugmriat. and apply a
little of it night and mornina an I_
should soon see that even the worst freerr
have begun to disappear. while the 1Is
anes have vanished entirely. It is selo"
that more than one ounce is needed to
pletely clear the skin and gain a besilI
olear complexIon.
Be sure to ask for the double st",gg
Othlne, as this is sold under guarantee
money back It It t fall to remove freckles.
Iele'hes are cool. envfen drop pers.
It can be said' broadly that mag
human ills begin in the stomach and
in the stomach. Good digestion mesh
god health, and poor digestion mels
ad health. The minute your stomaA.
fails to properly dispose of the food ye
eat, troubles begin to crop out in vanrl
forms. Indigestion and dyspesia are tls
commonest formn, but thin, impin
blood, headaches, backaches, pimpl
blotches, dizziness, belching, c i
tongue, weakness, poor appcti, lep -
lessness, coughs, colds and bronchitis
almost as common. There is but onel
to have good health, and that is to i
and keep your stomach in good ad'
This is easy to do if you take L)r. Fieua
Golden Medical Discovery. It is a we
derful tonic and blood p.rifier, and is q
_afe to take, for it.ia made of route al
herbs. Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y
stands behind this standard mediek
and it is good to know that so db
guished a physician is proud to havse MI
name identified with it.
Here is what Mr. A. R. Brows,
Meridian, Mis.., says: eWill I
have used
Pierce's Gold
Medical DiscoY.
and can fully
S recommend s n.
Swould recommea
the 'Discovarj _
any one in need
a good blood teel
and the 'Fatl,
Prescription' ,'
womam's medicine. Have used
n family and know their \o
nrative powers. There is nothing
Dr. Pieree's remedies. There is no
drggng t1rough life when you aim
i hke'Golden Medic al
;ad 'Favorite Prescription' at an
store. They will curea you and ma
worth while."-(Signled) A. It.
Route 2. Box 136. Meridian, Miss.
Known as
"that good kind'
Tnjy it-and uo =
wuil know idl '
The poeerfel. leisa s
neerve rgaci veel fes rs
leere l lees... .e . so .e-lre utiW**ll ~
ers duel, i.:n.r uatn .le l l.. , nt e(
Chan upln l ltttr Il tduce.r. .:5o eC5
ClacinatL Two hletr c,,r nl nt
,eli, a69a. de hver*c: prev e lt, oU t · -
nflkle, eauaranteed free from re,
siamlih. Ppers free; delivery r_'
Y8eseems l )C'ela C,. Dog 162. n Is

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