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- rN AL OF IbON PIlI POLIO JURY Our Prices Are R ght
jIbUR EE, Publisher TALLULAI. MADI.ISION .\ARIs, LOUIS .N SATU1)AY. I .C!111"1:R 25, 192.
_ N.." , ,. . in n l I
Every Effort Towards
- Ceastitution Law Ex
, I y.Cleared Lands For
grie of Ten Years.
IA - One of the im-!
autes of the Constitutional
according to F. J. Heintz,
sages St. Tammany parish. is
a provision in the new or
'w requiring that each act of
shall stand on its own
r. Helistat said. "that
ri se Legislature should
oewn merit, We should
ia/ldtng and riiMeacting,
mdleed and reenacted
and re-amending,
r vsrt much simplify
,'alce the work of the
kidnapping case il-I
acesasity for such a pro
.a constitution. Walters,
vctd of kidnapping Bob-.
at 1Oeiueas, went free.
LJSlalturei In amfending
ana act that had
sad seenacted, etc.
- i d to the Supreme
 ver~ ot account of
e legibiature, which, in
sah Ahigs up so there
* esqtt the aase of Wal
Walters was guilty or
a a estion at issue
is whether the1
.o the risk of .being dis
h a performmace in the
e. athers besides the
d wi be cited to show
Re ~ ch a provision in
Svey7 lawyer knows
,I~ ve that any statute law
M ambedld in the constitu
Legislatsre should be given
of carrying out the
u  atution by acts that
as ample and brief as the
itself For instance takeI
t ol the present constitution I
with the sale of property for
Of taxes. This article
Setyaight lines with an av
lvle words to a line. The t
-" tide article, as in the
takspearea works and ;
the more you can find in it.
I~dthm, the present article
wsAd by the following: t
1. There shall be no
S geso rty for non-pay.
mes. The state, parishes
throagh proper of.
lbe the right to sell s-
tir ass-payment of
agliuire shall pass acts b
I6 ta Mpulations and
of alh tar sals. o
!WPAIiAsGIas. 1
S eLs .-4W-mailpo in the tl
i ai Nlr a dio B which b
.t heam de Ir, with P
Seasona, ordered h,
leauder Peres 0c
Gl s ofe the Ven- PD
s si held be. o
. Wa.ter . ci
for bulld
Y tald the th
:) et the a
Mlbs electaobl t
hth Pr
-G .i
"' . _m I eJ,. C 1
eree Wik its h
i h* idays. hea
~i grobcwr3
rg  Ctty.-The three banks here
paid out approximately $~5,000 in
Christmas saving recently.
Morgan City.-The Elks Lodge of
Morgan City, will give the poor chil
dren of this city a Christmas tree on
Christmas eve. Several hundred dol.
lars of presents will be distributed.
ON Pointe a la Hache.-The weekly
Protector has resumed publication at
its office here after a lapse of two
years. It Is under the management
of A. lafrance, who was for ten years
TS its former editor and publisher.
Plaquemine. - The civic league of
the town of Plaquemine will provide
mone to assist the league in its work
x* b holding a bazaar. The league in a
r bod called upon Dr. R. C. Caliateau,
candidate for mayor.endorsed his can
didacy and assured him of their sup
im- Alexandria.-The safe in the of.
nal fice of the Meeker Sugar Refinery at
itz. Meeker. near here, was opened and
is robbed Sunda ynight of approximate
or- ly $S.O). The sheriffs's office was in
of formed immediately. It is supposed
wn that the safe had been left unlocked
andthe thief had no trouble in open
hat ing it.
uld Franklin.--Bishop Partridge of the
ng Episcopal diocese of West Missouri
ted preached twice at the St. Mary Epis
ng, copal Church recently. A large con
ify gregation greeted the bishop at both
he services and his message was well
received. Rev. Mr. Gault, local rector,
il* assisted in the services.
'to- Monroe.-The Sixth District Court,
rs, which was delaed fort days by the
Ob. quashing the grand jury, will be con
ree vened in Monroe soon. Judge Fred
ng M. Odom of Bastrop will be on the
ad bench. Large numbers of important
tc. criminal and civil cases will be tried
me at this term.
in Thibodaux.-Superintendent W. S.
re Lafargue has notified all the public
al- school teachers of the parish that
or the yare to close their respective
ue schools December 22, to remain clos
he ed until January 3, so as to permit
is- the teachers andthe pupils to enjoy
he the Christmas holidays.
he Thibodaux.-The Latourcere Trans
fer Company, having met with great
ws success in running a line of auto
busses between Thibodaux and Don
m aldsonville, has also started to operate
a line between Thibodaux and Houma,
en and there is some talk of the con.
p ny startfn Vaeh>iIoeen Thibo.
at daux and New Orleans via Bayou Des
he Allemands.
ke Monroe.-Robbers are believed to
on have set fire to the home of John
or Adams on Lovers Lane in the south
le ern part of Monroe. The Adams home
w' was destroed, together with most of
he the contents. Members of the Adams
he famil were away at the time of the
id fire, and a theory advanced is that
IL robbers looted the house and then set
le it afire to hide their work. The loss
is $6,000 with some insurance.
y. Pioneer.-A $35,000 issue of school
y bonds was voted at a special election '
in West Carroll parish. The bonds, t
a which were voted in the Eighth Dis
trict, will run for twenty years, and
bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent. 1
id They will be issued at once and put
on the market as the indreased tax!
ordinance has already been passed. It I
is expected the issue will be sub- I
scribed locally.
Bogalusa.-At a special meeting of
,e the board of directors of the Cham
b ber of Commerce of Bogalusa, held at
d Pine Tree Inn, at which C. A. Stair, of
e the Cumberland Telephone and Tele
1 graph Oompany, was the invited guest,~
j he presented facts about telephone
s conditions in Louisiana. The chamber
o- passed resolutions unanimously reo
: ommending to the Railroad Commis
Sslion of Louisiana that the proposed in
crease in rates be allowed.
Thibodaux.-This week, it is believ
Sed, will see the conclusion of the
grinding season at practically all of
the sugar houses in this perish, the
campaln being one of the shortest z
on record.
Thibodau~--The campagn ain Thi-n
bodaux in behalf of the Louisna An
tU-Tuberculosis League will begta next
Sunday, young women being selected
to solicit for the fund and booths be- e
ing erected near the postotfce and the lo
Grand Theater to get contributilons. *.a
Franklin.-A part ot enineers tour.
ing this section of Lousiana visited
FLranklin recently. Th4y were met at
the Southern Pacile railroad station
by a committee of the business msa n
and were conducted to the club rest
aurant where a Creole breakfast was
served. After breakfast the party via
ited the large Sterling Sugar Refinery i
just above town and were shown over th
the plant and the process of the man
utacture of sugar explained to them.
After Inspecting the refinery they left
on train No. 6 for New Iberia, from F
which point they will visit the Avery es
Salt Mines. sh
Pioneer.--The town council granted
the Standard Oil Company of Louis
lana rights to build a storage station be
at this place and a site has been 1o- cei
cated for the plant in the Johnson sal
addition. Work to equip the station So
will begin at onee. ful
Pioneer. - D. N. Borrow, former
head of the North Louisiana Expert.
ment Station, C. E. Woolman and M.
Nuli, were touring West Carroll re- p
cently delivering tree lectures on soiL h,
drains, intensive tr g, trucking l
l~ml IIII"
OF . He Arrives--Bag and Baggage
sed .- ---
Manila.- Eleven men. four Ameri
he cans and seven Filipinos, were killed
on- here during a riot within the walled
ed city between enlisted men of the Fil
he Ipino constabulary and the Manila po
nt lice. The Americans killed were Cap
ed tain of Police W. E. Wichmann, Pa
trolman Albert H. Troge and John W.
Driscoll, and Augustus Jacuman. field
S. clerk of the United States Army. Fif
lic . ty shots were fired when 40) constabu
at lay men sought to averse the shoot-'
ve Ing of a constabulary man by the
s. Filipino police.
Gt Governor-General Francis Burton
,y Harrison and Brig. Gen. Itafael ('rame,
Filipino chief of the constabulary,
took active steps to quell the rioting. I
i The governor found the armed con
at stabulary congregated at the walled
to city and advised them to return to
n their barracks, and instructed Gene
al Crame to hold all the consta
a within.the barracks. Disorders
ed updt, the awriveltf Gener .Cr ,
Sklio t e4 iembers of the constabl
l tarcr'¶t ved in the shooting under
arrest and announced they would be
to tried before civil courts.
LMayor Ramon Fernandez declared
the presence of the costabulary bar-i
racks in Manila is dangerous to the
t peace of the community and announc
s ed he would ask the governor to have
the barracks removed outside city
The official police version of the'
ii shooting was that Policeman Mlojics
shot Constabulary Private M.acasinag
following trouble provoked by the con
l1 stabulary men. The ccnstabulary pri
vate was reported to have attacked
the policeman with a k ife.
. Col. Lucien R. Sweet, Inspector gen
d eral of the constabulary, said the trou- 1
L ble had been brewing for a long time
it and frequently reached acute stages.
x Regular army troops were ordered
It into their barracks when the rioting
. broke out, and the provost guard was
doubled and sent to the scene, but
took no part in quelling the riot.
t Four Flyers Are Killed.
t London.-A large passenger air
plane which was leaving for Paris
from Cricklewood, near London, with c
eight passesgers fouled a tree, burst 1
r into Same and crashed to the ground. a
The pilot, a mechanic and two passen
gers were killed and one passenger in* s
Test Airplane Silencer.
Geneva.-American army aviation
experts, headed by MaJ. H. B. S. Bur- e
well, are expected to arrive soon in o
Dubendorif. four miles northeast of t
Zurich, to attend a test of an airplane . t
silencer invented by the Swiss engi- e
neer, Birger. a
More Bread, Same Price.
' Muaskogee, Okla. - Muskogee bak
ersie have begun selling a 20-ounce ri
loaf of bread for 15 cents. Sixteen ri
Sounces was the weight of the former tl
loaf sold at this price.
Reds Trouble Roumania.
Vienna. - Trouble between Rooma
nia and Soliet Russia is forecast in b
reports from Ukraine received here. w
These advices declare that Roumania st
is adopting measures "indicative of G
imminence of war" with Russia over ri
the possession of Bessarabia.
Dividend is Passed.
New York.-The United States lo
Food Products Corporation has pass.- m
ed its quarterly dividend of $1.50 a
share. lo
Rob Safe of $13,000.
Chicago.--Cash, checks and Liberty
bonds totaling $13,000 were stolen re- P
cently by safeblowers v:ho opened the su
safe in the offices of the Co-operative KI
Society of America. Finger prints sc
furnished the only clue. co
Mexican Official Ill.
Mexico City.-An operation was
performed on Gen. Benjamin Hill, sec- the
retary of war, in a last resort to save an
his life. General Hill has been criti IlL
cally ill for several days. Is
Washington. - Plans of the West.
ed ern Union Telegraph C'ompany to out
ed I it the State Department in connect
il. ing with the British cable and the ef
po- forts of France to deprive the U'nited
I" States of any share in the former GetI
a- man cables were revealed.
Newcomb H. Carlton. president of
id the Western Union. told the Senate
Interstate Commerce Committee that
)U the company's Barbadoes cable, which
ot; the government prevented being land
he ed at Miami. Fla., would be landed
I instead in L uba and connected at Ha
on vans with the Western Union cables
e* running from Miami. This will estab
Yi sh connection between the United
Sates and 3a~badoes ,where the new
mt c ie is joined with the line of the
ed tish Western Company leading to
to azil and other South American
"The State Department can tear ap
the cables between Havana and Mia
mi If it wants to," said Mr. Carlton,
r:"but we propose to go ahead and will
be be ready to send messages within a
short time."
d He added that the three cables now
r.:being operated between Miami and
e Havana are the chief means of com
 munication between the United States
re and Cuba and that the results would
be serious if the State Department
should tear up the lines. Two of
e these cables were landed under per
e mission granted by special act of ('on
g gress, so that the State Department's
only means of interrupting communi
1- cation would be the use of force, he
Elihu Root Jr., attorney for All
America Cables, Inc., which owns ca
_ bles to the west coast of South Amer. I
1 ica, charged that the landing of the 1
Brazil-Barbadoes-Miami cable "is as
i step in a plan to preserve for Great I
Britain a monpoly of cable communi- H
cation on the vast and wealthy east- s
It ern coast of South America." He said I
the British Western Company now en
joys a monopoly in Brazil.
Explosion Fatal To One. a
, Pittsburg, Kan. - About 1,000 kegs a
h of powder ble wup at the Atlas Pow- t
It der Company's plant three miles south a
I. of here. Henry Alllet, an employe, a
was killed outright and Charles Lance,
,. another workman, was probably fatal
ly burned.
To Ignore the League. b
SBuenos Aires.-The Argentine gov t
* ernment will not give any notlfication
a of withdrawal from the League of Na- b
f tions, in accordance with Article 1 of a
a the pact, because it does not consid- *
er that Argentine a ever has been a
member of the league.
Action On Alien Ban. vi
Washington. - The House bill bar- et
ring nearly all immigration for a pe- el
riod of one year will be taken up by el
the Senate Immigration Committee 0(
under a call issued by Chairman Colt Y
Resume Relations,
Rio Janelro.-Diplomatic relations
between Germany and Brazil, which N
were broken in April, 1917, were re C,
sumed when George Alfred Plenn, ip
German minister to this country, ar c
.rived here. in
Texas Gin Destroyed.
Corsicans. Tex. - A cotton gin be
longing to Smith & Masse. seven lit
miles south of Corsicana, was destroy- cc
ed by fire of unknown orignla. The wi
loss was estimated at $15,000. pr
Order Is Rescin~ed.
Washington. - Orders issued by the
Postoffilce Department recently for the tr
suspension of the pcstoffice at Devil's ti
Knob, Johnson county. Ark., were re- ha
scinded and the postofflice ordere' in
Big Plant is Burned.
St. Louis. - Fire which destroyed
the plant of the Helmbacher Forge a
and Rolling Mill Company at Madison, w
IlL, near here, caused a property loss ab
Irtinmated at $1,000,000.
Peclare it Is Beginning of Repubit
can Effort For a High Protective
Tariff-Democrats Will
Oppose Action.
i] ' \ashinton .-Ti e f: rrn - r, ý li
bill. po ill . a: it )ii t . tl e ta riin
i tariultuff ral ntrair y l t, D. c ,o
cratig (lowing titee houra, albi l(r aa ond
rid(.rabh. Illllllbw r Og ('Oillllhou litli.. ti'
finllttirig i;tlor lrti nth r to ith r l i l.
tiltpt ol o l,(- one of N:Uiti (arOli
NT ifrl.er of 1)i n( l int tI ~ , ti to
ofh rhnking l)emrioerti erir I oirmr of
RT- tee. hFinaclh decided that iismuch as
higs opin tariff rates ctwo itrar to billo
crat dowot il.ne are a pplied to a con
sideral trrnu.lber of  or noditic s.ekf
torts have the pulmadn to tiuse Xthe
Senate Finance Committee to give
esta full conside:athopn to tin in easure.
ut Senator Simmrrions of Noisith Ca roat
act na, ranking Dtemocratic membir of -
e. the Finance b r itn a tee. said that in
ted his opinion only two items iu the bill,
gel wheat and wool. were of an emercen
cy character. ie said he would seek
oto have the Republicans prove thate ne
ate cessity of each proposition in the bill.
hat Senator Harrison of 1l issiksippi at
cause a tariff bill in a speech. Ino said
nd it was the beginning of a Rerpulican
led program for a high protective tariff.
-Ia- Expressions front Democrats in
leg both houses made it appear that he
ab- cause a tariff bill offers no solution
led of the difficulties with which South
e, ern cotton raisers are confronted, the
the alliance Ibetween Southern and West
to ern members which has mace po:si
an ble the passage of the resolution re
viving the War Finance Corporation
will be broken up. It seems a certain.
u ty, however, that enough Demorattc
members of the House will vote for
till the hill to make its passage in the
lower branch asaured. Its rtat in the
Senate is more doubtful.
The Ways and Means Committee
d made a few additions to the tariff bill.
ad Lemons were added, at the request of
m- Representative Kahn of California. a
duty of one and one-half cents per
pound being provided to protect do
of mestic growers against imports from
Sicily. The duty on peanut oil was
increased from 20 to 26 cents per gal
he Morgenthau Is Favored
Washington. - White House offi
11- cials intimated their belief President
ta- Wilson had decided to name Henry
sr- Morgenthau, former ambassador to
he Turkey, to act as his personal repreo
a sentative to mediate between the Ar
at menians and the Turkish Nationlists.
i-. While the president is known to have
3t- settled upon an appointment, no an
Id nouncemeat of it has yet been made.
&vy Seeks New Plane.
Washington. - The Navy Depart.
meat inaugurated a competition for
ts aircraft designers in an effort to ob
w- tan an airplane not only capable of
Lh starting from the deck of ships, bur
e, also equipped to land in the water5
Revolt Plot Charged.
Berlin.-Victor Kopp, the JPuasslana
soviet representative in Berlin, has
been working under written instruc
v tions from MAslster of War Trotzxh
, "to do everything in his power to
a- bring about a revolution in Germany
af and overthrow the present govern
. meant."
Japan Has 77,005~,000.
Tokio.-Japan's population, as re
vealed by the'censas recently complet
r• ed, is more than a million under the
.- estimate. The total number in the
y empire is 77,005,000, of which lIM,0,
e 000 are in Japan and 17,284,000 is
I Korea.
Bishop Oppeese Force.
a Cork.-The decree authorized by
h Monsignor Danel Cohalan, bishop of
SCork, excommunicatling anyone partic
i, ipating in further ambuscades of
r crown forces in his diocese, was read
in the churches of the Cork diocese.
Texas Woman Burned.
Fort Worth. Tex.--Mrs. Jack Pope,
o living near Clarksville in Red river
county, was probably fatally burned
a while attempting to extinguish a
prairie fire.
Union Treasurer Robbed.
SSt. Louis.-Louis J. Schwieder,
Streasurer of a local union organiza
Stion, reported to the police that he
- had been held up and robbed of $1,084
in cash which he had collected at the
meeting of the union.
Postoftice is Looted.
SKilleen. Tex.-Offlicers are without
i a clue to the identity Of two robbers
who looted the postofftce here of
I about $2,000 in postage, thrift and war
savins stamps and cash.
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