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$ Let Us Nave Your
--" Our Prices Are Right
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session of the Legis
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passage of the law,
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Nachitoches.-The Normal schosi
resumed regular work recently.
Nachitoches.-Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Courtright, teachers of music at the
Normal, spent the holidays in Dallas
and Corsicans, Texas.
Covington.-A ten-year privilege to
operate a ferry across the Tchefuncta
river near Madisonville is being ad
vertised by the police jury.
Donaldsonville.-The paved streets
of the city are being repaired and put
in thorough condition. Prospect Ganel
has supervision of the work.
Donaldsonville.-TThe board of di
rectors of the Commercial and Savings
Bank met last Wednesday and de
elared a semi-annual dividend of 5 per
cent payable January 1.
Donaldsonville.-A meeting of the
stockholders of the Community Thea
ter is called for January 11, for elect,
ing a board of iAve directors.
Donaldsonville.-The city clerk is
r advertising Ar sealed bids for the -
I franchises ofhe river wharf and city
r market for one year. Bids will be TO
opened January 8.
Donaldsonville.-The stockholders of
the Bank of Gonzales, situated in the
a New River Section of this parish, will
I hold a meeting January 11 for elect- ORGa
e tain a bard of directors. Al
Donhldsaovilld.-The annual meet
ting of the stockholders of the Com
mercial Savings Bank for the election
of directors for the year 1921, will be We
- he'A January 1L ti
h Baton Rouge.-Due to the fact thatI
7 the registration books failed to arrive
I time the new registration id not dem
e start here until today. A large eareoll
K- m eat is e zpd tea l s
SPatters-.-Wlliam Bowman was a
a mile east e here Prlay night .the 1
a unconselous as a result of tajrliss. ease
His lower litmbs we crashebd and his
forehead ct. He rarried at once and over
o told his name but could t as ccount CUM
k, fer the acc aLe i C-a
Arala--A lsamuet was given oas th
the eve of the sew rear by W. D. IA
off, saperlantem t aof the Baptist ga
ir a y School, In hor of the yla oung 
Sp le's dclass, which was the first to ed,
obtasn a ttea l e over 25 i tlhe the
Pineer.-Many esars raveli eda
ri are.bels t roeivrd or the construe
he tie the nJ ersea Highway through me
m. West Osrrfl parish and It is being a n
ii, loaded aleg the rlghteirwy ander e
thes drti d i aser Draew, pro. *
sear toy to o tt* a' the Contrast. _
al-oned by Je Prl edader, mange ;
s esltusst, has been destroyed by firs. sad
a o The sos Tritlista ersage seed fo- oai
s hry grafti stock for the deal
Salinma erage is Irreparable. Or- it h
angm do well hee, ad tabaid a am
SSmith aof lwisbrg -h ke, who tioe
has eroe beautiful fIhut, anks that a ,
grve of such oraged would earih the
as ea who word giv tit roaper ar. ea
m . ma ttcs..k-. . Ca triht andt
aed s W. Wistead, wh o play respetively
the vie and els, hove been Invitdole
n to assist ia symphony eoseet at
t Diem sin GOe Jahar e. The n m
ae wi under the direction of H. t
. b.hisu of L., U. mes Court "
rtg asd atWbist e a to New JW
ifler at awarts was t & ryed by Ufi
L masmm endsg, togsthe with amb
caseme. The wr y rrs sufp a nd
a Wamrer m r s trhe l by 5. . -
ma who hi a earboa mi sna drt plon
1ev. at Swarts The hilling msl eantate
,mont to P 9 was ciedhs.
weDaths aup4 s hoe reteurm fe ao
ad- lCrwlsy, Ia., where they agent the a
1.L holiays with retives. nei
Naebtteohes.-Retie here have
ara I Lis at Miss la la Saith ad
,th Na -htostes mw dmmett Pruya mm ,
a fomedty ad tae city. Miss Smith. Who
mu- was attending abeel ears, l s for
at to st. 'Al to m the groo, mwho
Mr. was uable to leave his dutes 1mg
the enough to make thrip ad they wr e
S married at a Cathils * ther.
sn ben ogalNsa, hek inch ,g Io
t ast newt m i usae. . C. 30 t- d a
s Ubheverir t d ml eagh Winle ia A a
meat ls. The oe t ad the ere d.i
sa pan, as set doth by the chartsr, hi
a- to u ad sI, bill a rehull. sa
mtiy regisr moter a oatd £3 s i
ea d3,lu giaes, a all. M , etc" The aO
Im2MWp all~rn ho. -
o eean.. es.. . an .s ad Sm meais
I as ... m .l snel bOi pe a.
ago - e a s sU a mlb va A .4. o
-I~JL mich Us ReCwlsha 3mprr·- S- ~J
)b-~ ~' o Ipks"""""""""" u eM.i 3' *i
'"l wea5 ~"r ·~ ?ue ~ adS
[II Hounded il
/ Sc
Sý - 0
Washinton.-Orfnized labor, its
SAgting spirit aroused by the recent imi
decision of the Supreme Court holding "lite
secondary boycotts illegal, is how State
planning to besiege Congress with a is in
demand for repeal of the anti-trust ate i
laws. l a
Union leaders sad their leislative pro
agents here are more agitated over ave
the Supreme Court decision in thedo
case against the International Ma
chnists' Union than they have been rcte
over the determination of Senator
Cummins to push through the nextpr
Congress the anti-strike provisleon of stat
the railraod act lobbied to defeat by tion
organised labor last year. and
SLaders propose to make fight to theli
regain, if possible the right of the com
secondary boycotts which they claim
ed was protected by a provision of
the Clayton act which labor fought for car
years to have incorporated in the
federal statute. tem
V. 8. Bauthier, Executive Board i ti
member of the International Machin- emb
Ists, Indicated that there would be a prol
fSght to repeal the sati-trust laws. Ear
The Republican Publicity Association said
issued a statement praling the ded- of t
Seon of the Supreme Court In the boy- "I
Scott ase shie
I "The repeal of thae Sherman act," 1
said Mr. Geathier. "hems to be the it i
Sonly thing let. It was ezacted to fao
Sdeal against unfar combinations and thai
It has been utildsed, together with tts T
L amadngs Clayton act to the rgula- of t
Stim of trades unions." tha
"A new and vital chapter," mid gril
h the Republican Pblicit Association, pho
. commatlang e the Supreme Court de- Z
i sido, "has been- written In the see of I
ma ae history of this country by the are
Sdecisi a of the United States Supreme of
ourt that labor unions and their
members ar scouentable under the
anti-trust laws when they depart !
from tb normal and isuitimte o
fct engagIe tn actual comebim s
ts or conspiracy a restraint of
I the
* Eastern sank Cleeo. An
Shelto., Ct.-The Shelton Bank and r
r Tst Compe capital $100.000, did p
1 ot open its doors. An official state- o
meant y the state banking eommir Me
L goner gave the cause as "depreeiation
,* t reeuritise kld for loans and lack
et securities which can be turned Ia
Sequck asss." o
iRoe Plant Rweewp . o
- Lansing, Mlch.-The Bee Motor Car vi"
a Company has resumed operations after
w a week's Idlenes for brventory. The w
eatire goree of .199 arean are work
Sna bhait time. The Olds Motor
Weap here also are working on a part
tU, bas. ,
SPlIemiki Improves.
SWrsaw.-PweMeal t Pilsudski, who
r n eferg from a a ttack of lain- o
S man, was reported slightly better. He ol
saitm hop to earry out his plan of l
leaving Warsaw be Paris ona January a
Fleet steam Sse&
as W dS toa.--e en by destroy
eas te Adsaeas Seat is stamie>n
~ southwared m Virginita eap to th
eeet IMs sitr aimda from the Pa- t
e al E te wrm waerst d Penam t
ea emk @eLenes l Sen
S e7or a s nsham e me st known. 3
a nMsd Cal. ats lamte, ,who
b m tme eMf Ja h a4doate o eoutt
m-er mslr Veamisls -
a ,e sad uas· ta n a t
t toM-sasn het an
I, oa, .' a a a Ra .as e
so j up eals ' ax o as
o im-,m m*. rn . ,2,
and u
ly wii
or Jo
to be
' Washington.-Testimony by Com- intern
t xissioner Wallis of the Ellis Island back
immigration station that Europe is gso
S"literally moving to the United ment
a States," and that a "flood" of aliens third
is imminent, left members of the Sen- ,nia
ate Immigration Committee still doubt- Bena
e ful as to action upon the Johnson bill dr, I
ir prohibiting immigration for one year. Th
0 veral members frankly expresd tia
doubt whether any measures to stop after
a or restrict immigration will be en- o'clo
acted at this session of Congress. am
The committee obviously is im- bua
lpressed with Commissioner Wallis' a. m
A statement as to the need for inspec- Tb
' tion 'of aliens before leaving Europe
and for more rigid examinations after Ipro
their arrival at American ports. The
1 commissioner recommended petti - t
laiy that facilities be established, t
overseas for such inspections. and i Fdc
Sclared that 90 per cent of the Immi- e
'e grants arriving under the existing sys-, ta
ter would be denied permission to sailT
rdif they were examined at the ports of a_
n- embarkation by American officials. A r.
a proper system of examination inwe
-| Europe and upon arrival, Mr. Wallis J e
| said, would prevent an Imminent flood Jt
- of those diseased in body and mind.
7 "-Fortuntely," he added, "the steam- the
ships of the world can bring only E
" 1,.00,000 a year to the United States.. ate
be It is tn the limited transportat-ida
to faciliMes and incr d examinations of c
at that we will ge the best protection." 
Its The commissioner declared repbrts Cas
Ia- of the Public Health Service indicated Set
that eastern Europe today "is in the rat
ad grip of four epidemics-typhus, tyr Ha
m, pluold dysentery and tuberculosIs clay
t- The war has undermined the health -h
e- of those countries and their emigrats U
he are "dangerous to the public healt) Cia
me of the United States," he added. ape
dr of
the May Returnm To Melxtoee
San Antonio. - Gen. Pablo Gon s.
le, oem of the leaders In hte move
meat which gulainsted in the over
throw of President arransa last May,
and who later beame estranged from
the new Mexicran goveram t, lft San t
Antoalo for a border point, where it ir da
mad reported be will coner with asuens eI le
did President Alvaro Obrego in regard T
oe- ,to restablishing his residesee ' ir t
Cis Mexico.
ion to
Cotten Mills Repen.
Charlotte, N. C.-The managemeci
of the Chadwick-Hoslins cotton mills.
operating 1v plants. iur in the vicin
ity of Charlotte and one in. Martinu
ille, Vs.. announced a resumption of
operations after an Idleness of six
1a weeks. The mills employ approximatate
ly 1,000 persoas. s
-gma For Inauguratie.
Washington. - Fifty thousand dol
lars was the figure set by the Sen"
awo ~f rules committee as necessary for t
fn- Congressional expees in oasnect&on a
He wth the nauguration of President
Sof Harding. Chatrman Knox introduced ta
y a resolution opoesi that as a mas tb
isum trd:" I
Premiers Meet Janry 1.
roy Pars.-The allied premers will
mng meet in Parts January 1s to diseuss
to thCubieet of German disarmament, t
Pa. theŽ em questidi and tan o. f
m tsoe "of t~ almi es towM d "
. D.-The first State
wn, Daa k of Crystal pi wth a
otl steek or sl*, , el dol -s d , -
mtt scttly, O: . !V e, stll bemak
amlew, ameumed.
Lcsemcilve feer Pets
SLondom--An Ameies Rusd t A. 4
'tee mianiebutsm report frem Warsaw as s
ria tat urangels are beig mad
the whsears the a adEwn ooeejthv
at Weor s or d hmaknas will fwmb s
lthe Psl iM. leesmative ia mIsge ;
: earp , S. ti--se rrest tr -
rallam 1
SoundIng "Economy" as Keynote Lee
Cazort, President, Called the Up.
per House In Order In Reg- Tall
ular Session.
Little Rock, Ark.-With every out.
ward inlication of harmony, both
houses of the Forty-third General As
sembly of Arkansas were organized
with unusual rapidity shortly after
their meeting.
Senator Lee Cazort of Lamar, John
son county, and Representative Joe
Joiner of Magnolia, Columbia county,
were elected president of the Senate
and speaker of the House respective
ly without opposition.
In his address, Senator Cazort told
his colleagues that the "economy in
government" should be the keynote of
the coming legislative session. Speak
or Joiner also admonished the House
to be diligent in safeguarding public
m' interests so that there may be no
nd backward step.
is Sounding "economy in govern
d meant" as the keynote of the Forty -
a third General Assembly, Lee Casort,
n-; unanimously elected president of the
bt Senate, called the upper house to or
)ill der in regular session.
ar. The Senate perfected its organiza
tion in executive caucus, during the
LPafternoon, and adjourned at 3:46
n o'clock with all machinery in readi
ness to take up the regular order of
Sbusiness. The Senate will meet at 10
e The session was called to order by
oeSenator Ben E. McFerrin. president For
pro tem., at noon, and prayer was of
Lt- ered by the Reve B. H. Greathoues4 , u,
former member of the legislaur. As
ae temporary minoftel enator Mo
iperri appointed Ira Langley secre
Stary Richard Emerson aMssstant,
soil Thomas Ward journal clerk, Jerry
of Hand sergeant at arms end the Rev.
A Mr. Greathouse chaplain.
SSenators Emory, McCabeand Cal
l well aptied Secretary of State Tom
j. Terral that the Seust was ready
to receive certlaeation of election'
em. the new senator, Mad Chief Justice
-nly E. A. McCulloch, eseorted to the Sea
-., ate camber by Senators Woods. M
n Farlin and Roddy, administered oath
Ieas o orife to the members.
."* In his address nominating Senator
brt Casort or president of the Senate
ated Seator Charles A. Wai)s of IEmoke
the referred to the nrecord made in the
t1 House by hi5s coleag who, he. do
eGare. is the oly man to have
nith achievgd thi distinction of the late
ats United States Senator James P.
alt) Clarke, who had held oie both as
speaker of the House and preedeat
of the seate. The nomination was
secsaded b Senaters Collis ad Bone.
On roll call Senator Casrt received a
unanimous vo B
ay pew Perish In Fi.
from Knoaville, Tens. - Two women sa St
Sea two chldren perished n a re which
it is destroyed the home of Baud armer.
-s ._ laerber a fiur a ea urgearSouvl
ard Tear. armer's wife did non at VI
.r tempt to rene her two chldrn Mad
her moster, a whom w ere barned
To ringl ArIelaSa.
Mobile, Ala. - Settlement of Sh
OW0 Armiagnes, now ezled in lurope
Sdepeadet upon America charity
tldr food on unused Soathern
erm an is the plan of Hag.o Bogi
glan, a former Dhstoa exporter saM a
member of the Near Eat Rele As
sociation. Dogigan is now' in Mobil
bon o viLa the situation- -
oI. Agee, On Wage Cut. "
Pueblo, .CoL--By agreement o
y to tweem employes d the manaement,
Itoeeeted here,n a redetia of 15 me
lect det in the wa esll l beeomae ele
tive Janary 1 in the local plant Of
te Colorado Fuel ad Iron Compae~y.
8t Brrynrmewe .IL
u acrm e s su .I ert on sm am-e
- n ustt has ieaeled her roetainS a
Sgagemoets io his eity. See mya h
- cempallel to remlat i CiselmaM a
era1 weeks
I Twalve Ase Orewas
tate leunsr, tuarg.Y - A metOer
lanmpi unh a wm aNasits ahoul
easr k reeentl at egheId steer, at
m Warralm eel hirLsrm Trwe wre
 M resadeL Cal-C-. W eiam Ot
la Angeles was dt i I ploe
- out n r havtIn pid a peay blmp
- ev eTorhant ri dukti the
s Univerity or Cafuerab4h mate
SottmhR .Ye Iew eal, Dy at an
elevateln ires the n t ee t.
I-,5 · r
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1* __ _ __'__"_
C . -. ...,
I '.
... .. I.' - O lL S-O' -:''- ' .. .. -'! ;'' "" .: _/, .=?  -

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