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R ~ IPLAU Let Us aeYu
-- - 1 b W1 l w NCOMMERCIAL
- . .... _ _- .......Our Price s Are Right
i f v I lnn l n Lake Charle--Th re-- rn Pro - a- ~u Es, o. . o. 1.um I
'Theusands of Ares of Unlm
Cultivatable Lands Held t
Land Owners for Specu- It
lative Purposes. c
aville, La. - Ways and
to bring about the taxation on h
'sad reasonable basis otunim- E
cultivable lands held for spec- ,
purposes should receive the ,
of the Constitutional conven- p,
the opinion of C. C. Weber,
- coavration from Ascen
th is i one of d
that will w
S vW elop. 0I
lr Is to tat
c'mltrvai m ae ia this w
woebr m, *tlt are be- tl
owners for speciab,
l*,t whle Is1 for bb
pes. sAa- w
tS are ps
spesr either in
tsM plead for low the
.the pead that their bh
ml Is not pro. th
salieo pst of wth a an
t, which a ss low 1r
lbds `farsu he
bat tlw a s the s%000s
are sassese to te stb
slsvmtlsa throuh s te
- aIm e Ls o5sfars who wUi
MA Is lst as rich b
wdheh latiaut and
pl-e egd it ti ae
amst . s he mo e tuie
InWe0Mm ttd are h
- M Umifve tmseos e
that are placed h
id es. t toethee large
valmable they hom e. L
t about a situation mitt
andEuo. th thse de G
ela soehingm for him
State, whil the specs- rcee
with a small tax bill. with
ofer of ol n ater these wha
the taxation eat. " Ta. The
lands should he on a to p
amer class of lands in gsts
The the land-hogs euld __
tu do and of two thutgs
pslr property so as to stake
er sell it.'
lgroae the lad, they aing
.00 onem the mae o subs
o adjacent cult ed. Inter
decided to sell It 'tLe ter t
it or p the increased .i
d would pmt iato the is no
hers and home-own- the s
n rpl brig pr(pertT a l canal
t, the Stte, for I these cwr
lands ar thCrews n mtel
r willattract thoeends This
ftre oiter wrte of tries
- . a rep
S than MOe acres of a
1,- 1t a eumbers, n ad- the e
oI e Ot l peasban, state
am other truck, are belg of ha
th eihborhood. some
-- e charle Is s pto lc
atimmi bl lodges. An Ke
Om eition for the new one ,l
ltas t ht to ke k)l4 tr
go No. 165, . & A. il. day, I
will now go to the and th
--sa Lode and it is ex- ProdaT
Sdispensation, under Much
ledge will work for a ery faj
I5ly he granted. membi
-At the metla of the Deal
b issut year. June *0, he meetini
'f re-election. The a repr
etase in for 4onsid- work a
4rln which It was membe'
St he necesas- that as
mt a p a,· 6the ro ur e 5 ably b
e atk e receiho. at ali.
* Harelboa Natek
o whIch ell this pai
S an srad ~ plant of mentalU
Aielte river tar her. failed t
i--a. Pater H. a was rU
Ne was a wit at the trestle,
SCUl at Me- De k
a.toed azints. far rae
S Lake Charles. --The doe Bren Proj
duction Company of Chicago, theatri
cal producers, has eccepted the privi
lege of whipping the talent of Lake
Charles Into musical comedy form.
Natchitoches.-A truck loaded with
seven ten-gallon cans of coal oil
caught fire on the main thoroughfare
here when the auto backfired. The
WOULD truck was destroyed in the flames.
Denham Springs.-At the regular
meeting of the directors, Odom Sulli
van was -elected assistant cashier of
ALIZED the Bank of Denham firings. Mp.
Sullivan has been with the bank tf
three years.
f Unim- Kentwqod.-Spral large box tao
Held tories and industals have w6tified the
seu- local farmers that they J4I advance
crates, hampers and &prtilizers to
them through the assciation, with
their crop as security.
ro and Plaquemine.-News wa; received
ation on here that the Rev. FatPer Gerard
Bosch, after a 30-day voyage, has
lor spec- reached his old home, Amsterdam,
ive the and that the voyage had seemed to im
conven prove his condition somewhat.
a Ascen- De Riddbr.-The high school audi
torium at De Ridder was filled to the i
one o doors with an appreciative audience l
hatwill which had gathered to hear the L. 8.
K ataa- U. Glee Club Wednesday evening. Mr. t
Sspe S. W. Plauehe, president of. the newly.
tpe will rganized local chapter of the L. S. U. 1
he land Alumni Federation, Introduced the a
Sthins Glee Club. The entertainment through- c
Develop out was. exceptionally pleasing.
D to enhamn Sprigs.--A special election
will be held March 15, for the elec
tio of an assessor to till the position
made vacant by the refusal of the
Sthis candidate. A. S. LeBourgeois, who h
was elected last April. The date of
af b the primary has been fixed for March
fd . Only two candidates hlre been an.
n ounced. R. R. Richardson Jr. of Coar
wa r b an d L D. Easterly of the First
, A Ward,
ar ye- tr
her in Thibodaux.-The entertainment for T
for low the benefit of the Catholic church is
it their building fund netted 138.40. Besides C
A pre- the orchestra proper the program was I
priably participated in by Mrs. Joseph Wink s5
with a and her daughter, Miss Estellna. or
sa low Fank and RIhard Gibbna, )libo
deax Opllege students, ti ntributed a tf
as kteh and little Leslie Badeaux and Ai
% e Geintd Cqisaet eontributed an inter- pe
oest atuer fe
h t e D $iddSr.-The asetion sale at DO
i R hd January S2 was a means of dis- th
pasip of eousiderable farm products, og
Srich household goods, etc, to the farmers
and othtrs of this community. The
at next tal ewill be held on Saturday, an
tmily Pebsuary 26. This will be an oppor
Stunity for those who want to buy ma
a are chinery for their sprlng~ work and
rpo those who want to disposee of such ma
ed chine. os they do notneed, and to
large uc tp ith hops, ebws, pogltry, etc.
me. Lake Charles.-The Calcasue com- prl
ebm mitts for European relief met at Red C°
Cross reoms t,.settle the uetion u as o
.to wlether Lake Charles 'would lend o
money or rice to the starvinh bro eaP
pehim children. It was deided that Jt
lPe0 rice only would be sent keeping tor
bill, with the promises made to the piblic Bel
when the subscriptions were solicited.
Tax- The money collected was this morn
en to P. G. Chalkley, who, wih the as- p
S sstataneeooo J. A. Ioster and W. B. ths
Caomer, will parhaise the rice at lo- Ant
Seel m le tmeediately,' res
Be RMtdr.4--toci. i the new c
the nsing adtory for De Ridder is beaing
ting subscribed, as the eitiseas are>greatly
interested in this factory. The cha. t
ter has been p ared, and Secretary
used Db1ler of theS Chibher Commerce
the is now havinSg th tate iged ap by
own- the statclolders. It is estinmted this l*e
'ade m as ctory wpe aJa teao ble
hose cre of 2,6e ee a day, or approil- e
mon m~ y e r ulo it. Seet potatoes. ·
muds This is nly one of the deeral itsdnm I
a of tria otes by th cbaber of ary
D. Desana S A reeoatudsit by
So v gandito oEfflic did noet give
a the parish ay eamplimeats 'br the
Sstate of its flaness sad the methoeds
Sof handling them, and this report had ao
some infnluence a the didsi, of, the
police Jury in rst to e tg l dppi.
An Ketwood.-What promises to be
mew one of the largest .assoiam. of its PI
iake kI in Loialsiaa, was formed Satur- bees
M. day, whoen tarmes of ~kntrood Mong
to and this vicinity met and organised g Bassi
ex- Producers' CoOperative Asociatiom. Baro
der Much interest was displayed, ad ev
r a ery farmer present lpsd for active
membership. . - De
Denha Springs-Therewll be no
Oi t , . deje work o s 1 g.
". ston perlib 1 the year 1fll,,Mdleap
U- tions were tht'6, At the reaulari a
he meeting of the 3lI r this week
'he a representative of te gorumem
id- work was preesent and asked what the
'a members intended to do. He was told O·
that as the parish is already semldeg y
sO ably behind in its naee that it CO
h-. would be impossible to do aythia *l
at alL a • lo
on Natchitoches. --Joseph Lema, a
he Mexican, who resded a oetse, Cn
Ih this pariah, was said to have become t,
of sntally unbalanced sad wandered r
"- away from home Siuday. Sirhe gk e
tailed to nfind him, and Tesday he e
Swas run down near the AIyu Pierre ra
ae trestle, tour miles from Natchitoeeh,
t by arTeas and Paecif pasenager train.
- ) idder.-The contributions as
i far received t Bearenars ais u Wrisk I
t J. C. Jbwr, chaiman a th . t'e sb
re * pajs cinte, m PWe l
8738.7 agg. g
Sren Pro
ý, theatri
of Lake
coal oil
Ed. The
regular MAY DAY COUP.
)m Sulli
Lshier of
box fa Soviets Have Been Organized
ified the Throughout France, With Brest as
advance Their Headquarters and Reported
zers to Ready To Take Over Railroads.
n, with
received Parls.-The overthrow of the "bour
Gerard geois" golernments of Spain, Italy
and Prance Is outlined in docu nts
terdam, seized after a search following the
d to im discovery of a widespread Communist
plot. The date fixed by the Commun
ists for this event was May 1, 1921
ol audl. The contemplated arrest of two
I to the Communist members of the Chamber
udience of Deputies, alleged 'proof against
ie L. S. whom Judge Jousselin has delivered
ing. Mr. to M. Marr'atd, minisfer of the inte
newly. rior, seems to have brought the
L 8. U. French to a realization of the import
ed the ance of (he attempt against the so
hrough- curity of the state.
it. Discoveries made by the police E
Barcelona and Milan show that the
elec- plot included the three European Lat-'
e else- in countries. Transmission of funds
of the was effected through an American
o, who flnancial organization, with European
late of headquarters in Paris and branches
lMarch In Berlin and Vienna.
Ben a. oviets have been organized through.
of Car- out France with Brest as headquart
according to the police, ready to
take over the railroads, banks and
transportation and all civil services.
Tnt for The plot appears tU have been organ
church lied without the knowledge of M.
lesides Cachi4, leader of the French Commu.
m was aist party, against whom the police
Wink say they will not demand the lifting
Itefna. or parliamentary immunity. 1
plibo. The discovery of checks emsantin t
ated a from Berlin and paid through an
Ix and American transportation company ap t
latir- pears to have caused a revulsion of 1
feeling in French political and official
circles and also among the working- I
a me's committe .which so long as c
the leaders profened to be working t
ducts, for "principles" were willing to sup p
rSers port them. But a poster was issued
The recently in the Second ware., where e
qday, an election will be held February c2. o
por- asking the voters to support the mode- c
y rate Socialist element in preference c
to the extremists.
h to The French Communist press, de. is
a. t parting from its menacing attitude of a
the past few months, expresses sur. tl
com. prise that repressive measures should ri
Red come from Premier Briand, "a former el
Sa comrade." I1iHumanite, the offical c
sed organ of the renech Communists, ap
a pears especially upset by the arrest of es
that Jt editor, M. Dunois, a canceled check t,
sp for 20,000 franca Issued in his name at t
abce Berlin beLng held by the police. pt
orn- Gmeeks Open Attack. vs
sas Par's-The Greeks have finslhed &
T. B. their preparations for an offensive in t
Lt I Asia Minor, and already have made ba
reeoaduc in the Ismud sad Sr
Brie sectors, acoprdlns to dieoIi
Spatches from Coas-titno pl. The t
ly Trks have made attacksin the Ushak n
:has d -_trt_ wt
r try
dee ateamer Bemieve Lest.
pby Mew York-Hope for the steamer
this rewett m9w ang 4ie from i s pa
ta e ma T has bn virtually aband- a
r. emed by shippang Iaterets bhere. With at
be a eet of 42 me and aca of sulphuro we
Soe- *a iled bum the Texts port Jakeq uni
r o ry 3, and should have rechd her a
destiatin bT Pbruary IDg
by la Mt e aea qalmt.
• Daeisc Cty.--Usar o ha, y M
th e am ter to Italy , b been reall
te ed from me to easn the pest or
odsr .oels reelatieCe
th acarding to a eml moal atnomoieo
a m opnt h aee, a t
be eaga Citr Taken.
its PIthls.-Ueearae d reports have L
r- bee receuived of the captre i of the clad
aod Mebaol a ncit o Ursga by a sfor at
, uee m ad Moagols, ner e, .n
io . S 8temae . by i
lye Katy Coin Heope,
eo Ins the iseal Missouri, Kanmes sad Y
an a four-day week wid bea Inonee. a
SA bout Io a a te agest i ala,
he Fua r Mimema Trapped,
Id n a tCrek, Cl-Fouar miner are
It fat Coal em pny, one and a h all
Reduetie Mdve Falls.
. CouamblU. C.- Bya vote tIg
ie t W thsou Carouna House 00 4 D
* Repmemsatas seaek out teat mast edah
s t y eC
El Everybody Di E
.s,. `4,
it the
1 at- Washlngton.-After listening to crit.
funds icism of the government bureaus deal
ic lng with war veterans, the Executive
) oean :qmmittee of the American Legion
aches concluded a three-day meeting here
by going to the capitol to interview
ough- members of Congress concerning leg
luart- islation favored by the legion.
ay to F. W. Galbraith, national command
and er, reported that he had been assured
vices. by Senator Penrose of Pennsylvania,
an- chairman of the Finance Committee,
. that the bonus bill would be reported
mmu. out of committee and probably would
lice be passed at this session. Members of
Ifting the Legion Committee also expressed
belief that all measures for the relief
tUM of disabled veterans would be enacted,
a Including an increase fromp $33,000,000
Sap- to $45,000,000 for maintenance of hoe
in of pitals provided in the sundry civil bill.
fLcial Criticism of government bureaus,
king- launched by Abel Davis of Chicago,
Sa chairman of the legion's Hospitaliza.
king ton Committee, followed a committee
sup report rgn -te onsoldation of the 1
sued War Risk fnsurance Bureau, the Vo- I
here cational Education Board and a part i
2 . of the Public Health Service. He do- 1
ode-clared that the chiefs of these agen- :
sce dces do not work together, and resent i
the activities of the legion in attempt
do- ing to obtain relief for disabled veter
eof ans and had "packedl" committees of 1
mr- the legion with employes of the bu- I
oid remus, who were legion members, Ins
r efforts to handicap the work of the d
ci committees.
p- As a result of his charges, the x
t of eeutive Committee adopted a resolu- I
ec tion recommending to state organiz. b
Sat tLons that no bureau employes be ap- o
pointed to legion committees. s
Disabled men are being kept ia pri
vate and state hospitals that are "in- i
ed descrbably lthy and where condi- .
in thons are terrible." Mr. Davis said. All h
Shospitals are crowded, an men often
g are takes ia by private-and state hoe
di- vitals bec they are disabled ase.
Me vice men and often are forced to sleep
mk en cots in hallways or in crowded
wards, he said.
Expoerts.Ar Heldi Up.
r Buenos Aires, Argentina.-The e-. c
a rt s of attle hides, sheep skin at
d and wool from Buens Aires has been CL
it at a standstill for more than two
ur weeks, owing to the produce market
ki unia and the port workers' labor or
r g lsatip having refused to give .
"permits" to load ships. -.
Jap Milner Strike,
R ahdate, Japan. - Ten thousand Jr
eof miers employed by the HokkaLdo m
Coliey and Stesmshlp Company haveo-
uteuck, refusing to accept a 20 perO
ent cat in wages.
Robbers Loot -MalL
e Loisll, Ky.a-Registered mal, In.
W eluding $,100 to $0,000o in currency,
SIwas stolen from the railroad station at
OuCrbin, y. The money wad shipped
by a Cincinnast bank to the Wisconsinl
Stool Company at Benham. s
. ae* PlanIats Cut Pay.
d Yaunmpown, O.-A 2 per cent roe
, dction n wage for Independent steel -
I plnst. o te M1sooin Valley. Ohb, W
I and the hheago vlleoy, Pesva- ed
Wa, was annouoed which affects r
S Rebbera Set $24000
I Norfolk, Va.-urgurs lew the A
Svault et the Bank of ussez sad 8 ·- -
Irey at Wekedeld, miles west -o bid
Norfolk, and stole between $5,000 sad bi'd
M,2000I-n saqrities. fee
Aviater Saves Swlmmer.
; Dayto, 'S.-L C m.Merrei rash. Cl
Id his Airphlsa ito the oce recent- h
Sis tryitS to save J. en of~ Dy, sw
tes, who had be naught in a un .
dertew at the bench heSe. ULi guards
sear resued oth men, who clPan po
to the meah ae.
Chureh is Wree#.e I
je hond sves dswewnges wan lad
desged by a teawge hoe. sor t
-.4' Pr m r --- Ii
g to crit. Oconee, Ga.-A tornado that struck
Ius deal- the Gardner settlement, a mile from
xecutive here, brought death to two white per
Legion sons and nearly 30 negroes and serious
ng here injury to five white persons and more
nterview than a score of negroes.
ing leg- A stretch of land extending from
Oconee almost to Toomsboro. in Wash
nmmand- ington county, nearly five miles long
assured and about half a mile wide, is as bar
lylvenia, ren as a prairie, not a building nor a
nmittee, tre ,eing left standing.
reported .mong the dead is Benjamin Frank.
y would Iln Orr, 14year-old youth, who was
obers of ecapitated.
,preased The only other white person who
ie rellef met death in the tornado is the 3-year
enacted, old .dtughter of E. L. Minor, manager
1,000,000 of Shepherd's commissary at the plant
of hoe- of the Cleveland's Oconee Lumber
1vl bill. Company.
Eighty-two children and three
Chicago, teachers were in a school building on
pltaliza. the edge of the Gardner settlement
nmittee when the tornado struck. The build
Snof the ing was literally twisted' to pieces,
he Vo- and the fragments were scattered for
a part mile around. Children were picked
He de- up by the wind and carried for some
e agen- distance, but it is officially announced
resent that only one child was injured so
ttempt. riously.
I veter- Approximately 40 houses were
tees of blown down in the Gardner settle
he be- ment. The Shepherd Bros. commis.
era, in sary at the big lumber plant was re
of the duced to kindling wood, Orr and four
negroes meeting death there.
he E. The 15-acre plant of the lumber
resole company was not seriously damaged
ganisa. by the wind, although mitns of feet
be ap of lumber )fled in the yards were
In 9pr. The tornado spent Its. fore locally
re in-. immediately beyond the plant of the
condi. company, In the settlement of 40
id. All houses and tour stores.
Shoe Lboe Wages Cut
d e New York.-Wages of laborers e
Splored in the New York aglon of the
Erie Railroad between Hackensack
Bridge and Susquehanna were feduc.
ed from 48 to 35 cents an hour, and
those east of Hackensack Bridge to 37
te e. centsan hour. The' reduction affects
skin all freight house employes and other
Seen classes of common labor.
arket Belgium To Be telent
r or- Loadon.-The belgian minister at
ve Berlin has informed Dr. i8mons,
German foreign secretary, that
glum does not lntend to use' her right
under the treaty to confiscate the prep.
sand erty of German nationals, should Gen
ao many intentionally default her obliga.
have ton, according to the correspondent
L per o lanon Times.
rr -
Daylight Sahing Again.
New York.-Orgaszution of the
n Eastern Time Daylight Saving &Aso.
elatiha to urge passage of national leg.
m Islation creating a daylight saving law,
ppa was efected at a meeting here of rep.
resentattive of 6T commercial organi
sat in astern states.
Naval Flyers Killed.
. Waahi --tn...Ients. John Henry
teel elts Menken and John Frederick
h Wolfer, United States Navy, were kill.
ta. ed near Guntaaamo, Cuba, by the
ts wncking of their airplane while on
prautie iaght for radio instrucuon,
Big Bridge I Opened.
te Andcharags Alask.r-ratsc has
g bea Opined over the 8usitana river
Sbridsg second longsest slgsi span
a lubdage in the world. The spma Is 504
Pullman hopWs Brn.
SChlelgo.-,The feight car eroctiug
at: shops o the PUllman Car Company,
le. n l iright ears and 12 coaches
wrwoe destroyed by re. The loss was
d estlmated by 045,000, and the cau
sag Pobably a spontaneousm comhbustion.
Bill To Limit mekbngL.
lemare, L. D. -North DLo.
lam t lama has passed a in horhbddlg
wne 5ebl ao tabase aa ih roema
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