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ln eel
Inb y
" :jLgMeeat of the Case Will Probably be
i Early in March-Show Manner
e il Which Caddo Levee District
Obtained Title to Property. ba
inrveport, La.-The case of the go
of Louisiana against the Caddo
Board, involving title to several me
d acres of valuable oil-produc- co
property in Ferry Lake, Caddo mt
went to trial before Judge loc
is the First Judicial District
The State is represented in the I
by Attorney General A. V. Coco ra
enu r Gov. Luther E. Hall, assist- bea
nitnmsy general. Sidney L. Her- thi
and . H. Randolph are defending for
nterests of the Caddo Levee
geur G ov. Newton C. Blanchard, cee
at witness placed in the stand PeJ
late, gave a history of the an
tracing through the parish his
extending from the Texas
Jl$4gslea line, near Jefferson, to I
and espeCially the Ferry pe
$seperty involved in the suit. va
e lachard testified that the hez
Lee District, according to the the
e file into he general land of- ye
aUuied what is purported to be wa
trem the United States gover
Is several thousand acres of the
rry Lake. I
had, said the witness, was noe
ib the Levee Board to the Gulf des
Comparny, and some of it has 'c
to other oil comanies, Isv
ther are between 1,200 and eitl
gmdleings on wells on the prop- coo
Ime wells were drilled in the to I
tie lak. which is now and has
been a navigable stream."
Blanchard stated that the We
the bed of the lake, now dot.
el derricks for miles, is from per
to ,0,000.000. He further and
t the Guof Refining Company lae
$1,000,600 worth of oil
property and has paid to the sro
Levee Bard 3.000,00 in royal- H
?SIt is admitted to be the best the
f the Cpddo oil field," aid res
afar governor, "and produces der
trade of oil. The lake has are
bees dry, and has never been fins
as not being navigable. The one
swhat is known as Caddo Lake hst
been in a classiflcation as
r ,dried up lands, afd any L
t to the contrary is a travesty Sue
the truth." " Cho
of tho evidee after that of to t
r Blanehard was documentary, ry
traa fps of records, maps inta
data, showing the manner wer
the Caoib Levee District o.- note
 to the property in question
registrar of the general laad
at Wmlas ton itle was obh 12,
W the Levee Board in July,
other lands that have been
stated that trial of the uit mat
Semeluded soon. Argument of au'
probably will be Mateh 9. two
eaommlsslmer of the State o
is present at the trial a T
ia the ase. de
, hilr. em of buketb ll
hLm or the Forest Hill re
I a4 the Bolton Higtth of
whhich relted 1 to~i s e,
Are 88ce1
Turner Post No. 57,
,Iongl, was o raalsed last pie
a membership of MIty, but here
Soetig to the scarcity of of 25
k all purpoees they were town
uit aitble headqurters. park
-At a meeting of the Ro- talua
er e wkly luncheon with as th
prsident, presidlas, a
took place with Th1
b the rates now being part
t pheublic service com- City
r --Considerable activ
borted in the Vinton oil when
( rde Oil and DevelopinLt ig a
Si sttit a rig 2~ miles about
The Owl Oil Company dux.
I eolher hole on its Gray L
ter, Ji
rturned from Shreve 9 of
e appear d in federal Ited.
arguments concern- the ta
*Wleh the state attor Co. I
to collect in the trict
·-qm Olrp~o assessment lapl
'/, iSteitoehes Chap Hon
r of the Conted- prletol
ie.. prise of $25 i Ho
b_ a hol student who the Ie
c entaaini more x. J.
ds on Ro beRot the otl
~attesA from the i Ba E
S parish, which structl
wedge from near f
the tton ames b
1S~bug to th bin
P Forest Hill.-Gravel is being placed I
now in the road bed at this place on
the Pelican Highway.
De Ridder.-The Phil Simon gents'
furnishing store has been transferred
to the Greenwald Co., Inc. Isadore
Greenwald and his son Ellie will oper
ate the business.
VgF lake Charles.-The newly organ- .
ised Housewives' League of Lake
Charles held its second meeting re.
cently with a membership increased
by eighty-three persons.
WY Natchitoches.-The first rain in
three weeks fell in this section re
cently. However, farm work is still
greatly behind. A fair acreage has
bly been planted in Irish potatoes.
Houma.-The fact that Houma
banks are lending money to the
planters and farmers of the parish,
has its effect to instill confidence and
the good cheer in business circles.
addo Forest Hill.-A series of Methodist I
reral meetings began here recently and will wh
due- continue several days. Several more
ddo ministers are expected to help the
adge local minister with the meeting* Cc
a the Houma--In the manufacture of mi
Coco granulated sugar great strides have of
sist- been made by the three refineries in ta
Her- this parish which have been equipped se
ding for making this high grade of sugar.
Houma.-Lee P. Lottinger has re -c
ard, ently sold his entire interests in the an
and Pelican Lake and Oyster Company, ot
the and in the store near Dalgleville, to b
rish his associate in business, Theodore e
ex Engeron of this city.
I, to Houam.-On account of the long c
erry spell of warm weather which has pro tel
sut. vailed in this sectoin, the farmers ov
the here are expressing uneasiness as to le
the the fruit and early track crop this
I o- year. They fear the present cold a
e be wave will have. the effect of destroy- a
ne- lag the crops. a
the isi
De Ridder.-That De Ridder is fui
was florishing in a business way is evi- Pr
Glf doened by the fact thbat new business qu
ha concerns sad persons seeking business
s, investments are locating here and no
and either buyinl out established business st
sop. concerns or else looking for locations co
the to open new lines. al
has a'
De Ridder.-The Coco Cola Bottling to
te Works has been transferred from at
8. W. Holland to D. D. Stevenson and cej
rom partneus, who have taken possession
her and will manage the plant. Mr. Hol- rei
land has severed his business connec- ti
oil tions in De Ridder after many years of tic
the successful operations.
yal- Hounma.-ood weather has enabled be
Jst the planters to make satsifactory prog- an
laid res with their planting operations St
ce during the past week or two and plans
ha are being carried out, as far as the let
n financial situation permits to plant for
The one of the largest sugar crops in the .
she history of the Industry. lahe
as ey
say lake Charles.-The absence of in- i
lty flensa and pneumonia from Lake ve,
Charles this winter is most likely due red
of to the extreme mild weather of Janu- be
ry, ary to March 2S, 1920, 1,220 cases of a
ape Influena and 75 cases of pneumonia on
nor were reported. This year there is a nee
ob. notable absence of these diseases. sua
obn abl
n Porest Hill.-Crawford Willis, aged ti
.b 12, a pupil of the Forest Hill High and
School, while returning home from ia
school recently picked up a dynamite
cartridge in the road and applied the
match to it. When the smoke died
of away and cleared up it was found that Co
! two fiagers of his right hand were cras
gone. Wi'
s Thibodaux.-Postmaster Albert Boa- the
dreaux, havingl found that closing the and
posetoffilce tafter distributig the 6 p. m. in
mail was not satisfactory to many -
patrons of the office, wrote to the 1S1:
B postal uthorities for permiseion to Bry
resume the former plan. He had al
Sscreens and wickets placed in the of. o
r ice, us a safety measure, and the of- p3r
Aee remas iopun until 3:30. vei
Lake Charles.- The lowest ess
t prices in any years was estaMished
ut here when retail stores hung oat signs C:
of of 25 cents per dosen. In the smaller quol
re towns in the outan portion of the sta
pariah the eggs are brising only 20 to
cents a dosen. Hens are being main- whi
- tained by farmers at small cost now, emp
th as they are being fed crushed ric .-a
a toj
Thibodanx--O. Saos, of the lowee uem
part of this perish, wuent to Morgan
. City and dismantled the cannings fac
tory that was located in that towra,
and shipped ti eantire outft, via e
Scanals and bayous to this perish, -
iI where it will be rsbuilt at the thrlv- h.d
Sing settlement of Golden Meadow, wi
* about forty-seven miles below Thibe 43:1:
Lydal ulO
Lake Charles.-Judge ThFoe. P. Po
ter, Jr., in district court recently held
d that the Parvlew School District No.
S9 of Allen Parish was illegally cra- To
Stated. This decislon was rendered in appo
1- the tax suit of the Leng-Bell Lumber houe
r- Co. vs. the Allen Parish School die- resl
* trict. The Judge held that No. 9 over. "lntr
t lapped district No. 8, contrary to the with
statutes of Louisianas . Hirol
Houma. - Ernest Callouset, pro.
I- prietor of the "Whfteway Restaurant" a
a Houma, has bouht a half interest I n
I the LeBlane Restaurant in Thibodau xto
5X. J. Brien, also of this perish, own a.s
t the other half interest in the place.
De Ridder-Three new buildfgs ter C
SIn East First street are under eol-J an
i Utructkn, sad will be opend in the ir $1(
1 nr utare. These changes in mSI
I bespeak ir Do Rider an activeL
Ibuies in the oa1rci1 AMn, end liS
-s e Lwe g te i s
"  " " ; ' -i -
on gents'
eting re' POSSE881ONS.
action re
k is still
eage has
Declares That United States as One
of the Principal Allied Powers
Houma Has An Equal Concern and
to the An Inseparable Interest.
e parish,
lence and
Ms. Washington.-The American govern
methodist aent has taken an unequivocal stand
and will with regard to its right to a voice in
more the disposition of the former overseas
help the possessions of Germany.
Secretary Colby, in his note to the
Council of the League of Nations,
cture of made public, submits that disposition
tes have of those possessions "cannot be under
nerles in taken or effectuated" without the as
equipped sent of the United States.
sugar. He says that the United States "as
one of the principal allied and asso
has re. ciated powers has an equal concern
ta in the and an inseparable interest" with the
company, other powers in the territories taken
eville, to from Germany, and "concededly an
Theodore equal voice in their disposition."
Declaring the American government
the long cannot regard itself as bound by the
has pre terms of the mandate given to Japan
farmers over the Pacific Island of Yap by the
s as to league, the secretary requests that the
rop this Council, "having obviously acted under
ent cold a misapprehension of the facts" in as
destroy- suming that the United States had
approved a Japanese mandate over the
island, reopen the question for "the
Idder is further consideration which the
y ip evi- proper settlement of it clearly re
business quires."
business . Officials declared that in acting
ere and now the present administration had
business strengthened the position of the in.
locations coming adminlstration. The opinion
also was expressed that there may be
a conference of the interested powers
Bottling to discuss the question. It is under,
Wd from stood that such a course would be ac
,son and ceptable to the United States.
issession Referring to the Yap mandate, Sec.
Mr. Hol- retary Colby's note said that at the
conneo- time of the discussions of the ques
years of tion at Paris Presidcnt Wilson "was
particular to stipulate" that it should
enabled be reserved for future consideration
b d prog and that subsequently the United
erations States, in notes to Great Britain,
d plans France, Italy and Japan "set forth at
Sas the length its contention that Yap had in
plant for fact been expected" from the proposed
a n the mandate to Japan for the Pacific is
lands north of the equator, formerly
held by Oermany.
e of in. "The information was further con
a Lake veyed," Mr. Colby states, "that the
kely due reservations which had previously
of Jana- been made by this government re
ases of garding the island of Yap were based I
sumonia ol the view that the island of Yap I
are is a necesarily constitutes an indi;pen
es. sable part of any scheme or practic
able arrangement of cable cbmmunica- I
is, aged tion in the Pacific, and that its free c
l High and unhampered use should not be I
s from limited or controlled by one power." I
lied the Prominent Arkanean Dies.
e died Little Rock, Ark.-William F. Mc. I
ad were Combe, former chairman of the Demo- '
cratic Natioal Commnttee, President
Wilson's campaign manager during f
art Boap the latter's rst race for president,
tn_ the and a native of Hamburg, Ark., died
6p.m. in Greenwich, Conn.
many Mr. McCombs entered politics in
to the 1912, when he and William Jennings
lon to Bryan entered the Democratic aation r
e had al convention at Baltlnora Md., and
the of- overthrew Wall Street's control of the
the o- party, nominatin President Wilso
over Champ Clark of Missouri. a
t qg Pla Federation.
It signs Copenhagen. - Moscow dispatchee a
smaler quote the soviet organ, Isvetria, as
oif the stating that soviet Russa is working
aly 0 to create a federation a all the statee
maia- which formed part of the old Reasan a
it now, empire and since, have become de- a
e taehed from it. The object stated is a
to prevent "the growing entento I tl
lowerw uencos" in those countries.
SSteamer is Disabled.
tow., Boston. - The Shipping B
t, via steamer Federal Bridlge reported by
prish, wireless from mid-Atlantic that she
thrlv. had lost both her propellers and was-t
-dow, waiting for a tow. Her position was e
hiub 43:l1'north, 3:~O0 west She is bond ai
to Glasgow from New Orleans an T
r Po Irleston.
y held SI
ct No, New Jap' Functionary.
y ere- Toklo.-Baron Nobuaki Makino was
red in sppointed minister of the imperial
umber household. Baron YuJro Nakamurs
1I die- resigned the post as a result of the A
over "intrige" which arose in connection S
to the with the engagement of Crown Princ wI
Hiroblto to Princess Nagako. .
Big Mill. Destroyed.
artt" Haselburt, G --A terrifc explob
st ha don of undetermined origin set ire St
d to sad completely destroyed the lre th
own mills, a large amonrt of otton agd dl
C and manuatctued products of the Car at
Ia ter Cotton Oil Company ere, eausing wi
an estimated damage of appoximate a
athe omP WiW
active Perie o selr.
SmO Vleas-A peste athr e d* S
tg g -k' Smyee vs
[JAn Elephant On His Hands
IED wIi;.
De in
e to the
ie under
ates "as
edly an
ernment Harbin, Manchuria.-Military opera
[ by the tions by the Russian Bolshevik against
o Japan Japanese forces in Siberia are be
p by the lieved to be foreshadowed by concen
that the trations of soviet troops in the eastern
ad under end of the country. There were 50,000
B" in as- Bolshevik soldiers in Chita recently
ites had and more are said to be arriving at
over the intervals. Units are proceeding to
tor "the points further east, assembling prin
ch the clpally in the Primorsky district and
arly re- along the Manchurian frontier. While
badly clothed and fed, these soldiers
acting are well armed and under severe dis
ion had cipline..
the tin Eighteen thousand troops have ar
opinion rived at Verkniedinsk from Moscow.
may be At Khabarovsk, on the Amur river,
powers about 40,000 Bolshevik troops are con
s under centrated, and these are gradually be
d be ac Ing moved south to points on the Iman
and Usser rivers. The official reason
ite, Sec- given by the Bolshevik for dispatch.
: at the ig troops to Khabarovsk is that there
ie ques- are large supplies of grain there, suf
S"was ficient to maintain the troops for a
t should year. However, reports from there
feration indicate that the supplies available
United are sufficient for about a month.
Britain, To increase the regular and guerilla
forth at forces, the Bolshevik authorities are
had in mobilizing the population of the Rus
reposed sian Far East. This step would have
iSc is- the double purpose of increasing the
ormerly military forces, and of disintegrating,
by calling into service of the existing
Ler con- government, the men of the Kappel
bat the and Semenof anti-Bolshevik armies,
viously still more or less intact beyond the
lent re- Manchuria eastern frontier. Mobil
a based Isation is meetint with some opposi
of Yap tion from the people.
Idipen- Troops are distributed, along the
practic- whole line of railway from Chita east
munica- to the Manchurian frontier. At Man
Its free chull, on the border, Bolshevik organ
not be isations have been formed and are
power." smuggling agents through to Man
charia for propaganda work. Activity
a is noticeable in the movement of loco
F. Mc. motives and cars from the Usseri rail
Demo way (connecting Khabarovsk and
esident Nikolsk) to the Amur railway, which
during forms the connecting link with Trans
asident, Balkalia through Russian territory.
F, died Pood supplels are being moved by
mail from Vladivostok into the Pri
i in morsk province, and attempts have
,ints been made to smuggle arms into these
ation. regions The Bolshevik fear that the
4., and Japanese may create an opposition I
of the "bufer state," in the Primorak region I
wilo, by spring, in which event they might
make use of the Kappel and Semenoff
Appointment of the Japanese Gen- I
Iral Tachibana to command troops in 1
tehe Siberia is considered signifcant.
orhing Deicate Sale Perfected.
states 8ctokholm. Professors Peterson
asslan and 8troembergt respectively of Goth
ne d eaburg and Stockholm Universities,
ited is are said to have perfected an inven
ate it tion which is called the "microscale," E
which, it Is said, is capable of regist- '
ering weights as low at one three- C
millionth of a milligram.
Board r
ad by China Will Help U. S.
Sshe Washington.-China will stand by
Ld was the United 8tates if this country is
n was ever in need of a friead to aid agalinst
bound any enemy from across the sea, Dr. a
any Teyhi Hsieh, secretary of labor of Chai
na, told a gathering of congressmen I
gad business men here interested in
Chinese relief measures. * a
peral Fire Wrecks Store.
inura Darlintton, 8. C.--lFIre of undeter
mi the ained origin which for a time threat
ction oBed to destroy adjoining buildings,
ric wrocked the A. Hymans departament L
tore here, entalling a loss of $150,000. a
Aircraft Are Necessary.,
epl. Wuashingto.-Unles the United
Sre ta tes is willing to place itself within 11
large the power of Great Brltiu it must a
agj develop naval aviation, in tIe opinon tl
o CUao Read Admiral Bradley A. Fiske. t
us'ag who expressed his view on naval a
mae aearoautics.
Kames LMe- Pert.
S ., wohih arriuetd hbre ?ebmsey a
*1M .Im~Mu.6· aW. U--~ir
Itu w ~ ·
ir- St. Augustine, FIa.-President-elect
net Harding has reached a tentative deci
be- ion on every place in his cabinet.
en- and unless there are last-minute
mrn changes the official circle of the net
O00 administration will be composed of
tly these men:
at Secretary of state: Charles Evans
to Hughes of New York, former gov,
1in- ernor, justice of the Supreme Court
ad and Republican nominee for the preas1
dile dency.
era Seeretary of Treasury: Andrew W.
Lis- Mellon of Pennsylvania, a banker and
financiar, member of a family report
ar- ed to be among the wealthiest in this
)w. country.
er, Secretary of war: John W. Weeks
on- of Massachusetts. former United
be- States senator and in 1916 a candidate
ian for the presidential nomination.
ion Attorney general: Harry M. Daugh
ch- erty of Ohio. who manages the pre
ere convention campaign resulting in Mr.
at- Harding's nomination.
a Secretary of the navy: Edwin Den.
wre by of Michigan, a former member of
ble Congress, who has served as an en
listed man in both the Navy and
Ila Marine Corps.
ire Secretary of the interior: Albert
as. B. Fall of New Mexico, now a United
,e States senator.
he Secretary of agriculture: Henry
ig, Wallace of Iowa, editor of farm publi
ng cations.
eel Secretary of commerce: Herbert
is, Hoover of California, former food ad
he ministrator and leader in various
iii- movements for European relief.
i- Secretary of labor: James J. Davis
of Pennsylvania and Illinois, a former
he union steel worker, who has become
mat the highest official in the %foose lodge.
in- Postmaster general: Will H. Hays
in- of Indiana, chairman of the Republi
re can National Committee.
n- If changes are made they are most
ty likely to affect the appointments for
o- navy, commerce and labor, all of
11- which have come to the point of de
id casion within the last 24 hours.
eh In regard to none of these has there
is- been an exchange of formal Invita
tion and acceptance, but in every
)y case the selections made by Mr. Hard
ri- ing are expected to stand.
re Assignment of the navy portfolio to
e Mr. Denby, who is a Detroit lawyer,
ie furnished the first real surprise of
n the cabinet situation, for his name
n had not been mentioned publicly In
ht connection with the place. It is said
I that from the first he has been under
consideration, however, and was held
-in reserve for Just such a contingency
as Mr. Harding faced recently when
former Gov. Frank O. Lowden of 0
linols declined to be considered to'
the navy secretaryship.
Baptist Leader III.
e Macon, Ga.-Dr. J. B. Gambrell,
, president of the Southern Baptist con
vention and former president of Mer
cer University, is critically ill i
Dallas, Texas, according to messages
received here. His son and daughter
have left here for Dallas.
s Cadet Flyers Killed.
t Austin, Texas.--Cadet E. K. Allen
. and Virgil Beach, both of Kelley Field
1.No. 2, San Antonio, were instantly
n killed when their plane crashed on
Penn field, one mile south of Austin,
as they were taking oft in It for Bar
S Exploeion Kills Four.
Evansville, Ind. - Four miners ar
, dad as a result of an explosion in the
t Liberty coal mine near Francisco, 3
m. iles northeast of here.
Frest Hurets Creps.
I Corpus Christi, Tex-Heavy frost
a ltn this vicinity did considerable dam.
Sage to the truck crop and is reported
a to have injured the fruit crop, a large
.number of trees havtng bloomed be
Scause of the recent warm wenther.
mare cOmet ^ma
Bdeste-A lss esttmated at $1.
900 yealte frem a t. vWelt detau.
. ed the aNser bh ss the a .
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