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Orleans Wants Assurance That
slod Could Se Used at All Times
-Appoint Committee To Co.
for Over Matter.
TJhbodauz. La-A conference In
abs under the auspices of the
-satourche Association of
the meeting having been
b the Good Roads Bureau of
New Orleans Association of Com
resulted in a decision to raise
ad of $,000 to make a good dirt
around what is known as the
L'Ours loop on bend in the road
Morgan City and Gibson, a
of some ten miles. The com
appointed to deliberate upon
Natter determined that the money
be raised upon the following
5$1,00 by New Orleans, $1,500
So parish of Assumption and $100
ilm the parishes of St. Mary,
and Latourche.
meetting was called to order by
Payne, president of the local
of Commerce. He stated
be meeting was called to consid
and means of securing a good
between Morgan City and Gibson
tourists might travel the whole
h_-et interference or delay
sedeBd upon A. L Winkler. of
to submit a plan, which
tdersutood had been worked
Mr. Winkle said he had noth
to offer and then George
president of the Assump
Jur. stated that, althoug
Sstretd of road in question
is his parish, Assumption
h terested unless it was decidd
peon the old road that fles
yemr L'Ours and not go
(beCarolse Cut Of, becaO se
Irdeeats of Assumption par.
galg the present roadway
m ivres aloung Carolinel Cut
iraubhaar, president of the
Association of
arose sad asked Mr. Dodge
to the Carolnae Cut Of, be
be declared, around the prey
es distance is ten mues,
aesro the other way it is only
on ths eaour muss. Besides,
ovr $1,00. contriabuted by
of Lafourbch, Assump.
Mary and Trreboane, had
upon the Carollne Cut Of
ed he thaought that a good
reply, Calvin Wrslor, of
arse and said that be elt
ema s p-rishe shoauld
to the wishes of Assumption
the re ae dng the round
S la tashe The migration
eeoh to Iser nesting
N o elat se tbets of
l thle aupd er t
areeseafg Into e '
*d t teb.hermen w m e
s drSdeo wk re
Sdupwtr dres bsed P
- the rnep teswt thertJ. a
or the Ime. *
blhad metwit rIsh S
ouslento dred is r
therersr hirt.
b f the eltr no it pe
lkd mee It wit busic
-The predited n
Clee Idn to ds ue pr
MIY themomn here .
aneY wstaion wa tla
haSarrve and isd VI
of gave th
Eunice.-MIss Dorothy Stockton,
perish health nurse of St. Landry,
went to New Orleans to attend the
conventio of parish and state health
nurses which was held there recently.
Pointe a Ia Hache.-Thirty town lots
have ben sold in Solomonville, the ne
gro settlement on the lower end of
the Cedar Grove Plantation. It will
be incorporated and governed by na
gro oficers.
Lake Charles.-Ofacers of Group
"C" Louisiana Bankers' Association,
which includes all banks in Southwest
Louisiana, met in Crowley, March 16,
to arrange a program for the conven
tion to be held in Lake Charles.
Lafayette-At a. meeting of the
Civic League recently it was arranged
to hold "Cleanup Week" beginning
Monday, March 7. The state conven
tions of the Woodmen and Woodmen
Circle will open the following Mon
day, bringing 1,000 to 2,000 visitors to
the city.
Monroe.-An appeal will be taken
to the State Supreme Court in the
case of Walter O. Kirkpatrnce Vs the
City of Monroe, in which the former
consulting engineer seeks damages for
$26,666 against the city for abrogation
of his contract, attorneys for the plain
tiff announce.
Pointe a la Hache.-The grand Jury
was called in special session, with J.
R. Carlisle as foreman, to investigate
several imptotant matters, including
an assault case at Boothrville. Judge
L. H. Peres will also convene a sea
sion of court to try several criminal
and civil cases.
Natchitoches. - Professor L J. A.I;
leman, of the Normal Extension De
partment is in Washington, D. C., at
tending the National Council of Nor
mal School Presidents, from which he
will go to the Superintendents' Con.
ference of the National Education As
sociation at Atlantic City.
Lake Charles.-A municipal elee
tion will be held in Vinton in April
when a mayor and Are aldermen will
be elected. Those who have already
announced are: Val Williams, for
mayor; D. 0. VIncent. . LI Wynne,
Athan Perry. C. G. Veaissatt and A.
W. Whitlngi aldermea.
Grand Isle.-The large cucumber
crop planted on the island was un
harmed by the cold weather. Ample
warning of the cold wave was sent to
the plantation by the Algiers Naval
Radio Station to the lifesaving wire.
les station here, thus saving a pleat
ed crop of over $10,090.
Moroe.-Monroe citisens are en
deavorinag to secure a parole or par
don for James Howard sad Tom Car
ter, negroes, who were giaven one year
in the state penitentiary for sething
a hog ach. It has developed that
both families of the negroes are starv
ing and the negroes stole to keep their
Eamlles alive.
Polate a la HachekAt a session of
the District Court Judo J. I. Peres
-ustalaed the demurrer to the ease of
Prosper Williams a charge of criml
sal assault as returned by the grand
Inry a the grounds that the grad
lury was not present and was not
polled by the letrk in open eourt when
h iandletment was presented and I
led. Judgment was rendered i the
moess .on of J. a Iasterlag, die.
hagSing Mrs. hateing as admias. I
Natabitechs - The Natchtitdehes
Ulh dchool defested the Marthavile,
digh School In basketball at Marth
Ile, Hgh Schol In basketball at
arthaville by a sore oe 18 to 1. 1
his is the sth easeeutive vetory
or the Nathiteithes igh team witth.
Sa loss ot oa* ameo r the eat~o
e-. Thi school has not lost a
h--le athletle eontest during this
--e-l yanr. Nachte0es High wIN
lay both arthavlD eat ed mm nstt
a the aear future.
Nat*toeh ,.-The Deapmnt otf
luase has Just publiMshed an elabate
pie with Ihetraphes tihe teah- r
rs e that dparument as ollaews: I.
Caurtrlght, teaeber a vlom, diree
r e the eashetra andstr er the *
-ee ab; MsR. 3L Coutrlght, pub,
aschos mule; Msas Ine Cfrter, p1
a- ad MIas ]rhaeo Oareenamr,
Dedader.-Aa anetism sale was ta
daeted onas the let h es the as Plt
atiseani Bak and was the langeet
a n sale thesebo se oewlr to t
"ag tim or ermer to seleet seah
abhiery and imilements as thr
md. Thebo sale was esuseted nder
a msamage.ma of the Camber eo
ime- and the perish eSent, ,
Maroe-Saetbern Carbea Coer
a otelals at Mearoe amoamee thes s
asation·m e the Dereo erporatils a
de the lawe of Delaware for ae ii
poue ot Ibldigr a aplant I the
mrae ld to decolerte eareena res
rdte to bleach sgar. The erpore,.
- will have a catalisatio m of $3,
.00 and willn bild a plant eeastl in
0O.,0 at Fairks.. 0
B-r-eport--ALetl for Maro ha
y, a citisea ao Cad paris,
been & Blanchaed reeatly aled t4
Its In the distriet eours, elaimg t
'to rrahtb piop r tae towm a
vsa. It was staed tat IU o tfhme
its are In eaoure o preparaetion ad
Sremainder wm be Sled witthin a
rays. a
rewd Isle.-D .Mas ahes oit
i asse seisM meo a prement
, o ,n, ,,e,
I[J In The Skyscraper Class
Gw iEvS W
a sum
CI0M ,E1
l Washington. - With a brief an
nouncement that he "will resume the
AL practice of law," President Wilson
gave that first indication of what he
at intends to do after leaving the White
he It was announced at the White
House that Mr. Wilson would enter a
A partnership with Bainbridge Colby of
New York, retiring secretary of state,
and the firm will establish offices in
son New York and Washington. No in
rit formation of the character of practice.
rill Wilson and Colby will undertake was
dy made available. Secretary Colby re
For fused to discuss the subject.
me, It is assumed that the firm will en
A gage largely in the practice of interna
tional law.
Mr. Wllson's start in life was in the
law. Graduated from the University
- of Virginia, in his native state in
de 1881. he practiced in Atlanta two
to years, and then in 1883 practiced in
ra Baltimore while doing post-graduate
reI work at Johns Hopkins University. It
was then his writings attracted first
attention, and he wrote his volume on
congressional government. He aban
doned the law soon after, however,
and began collegiate work.
With the announcement that Mr.
Wilson would practice law, official
SWashington asked: "Is he physically
able to do so?"
Rear Admiral Grayson. Mr. Wilson's
physician, said his patient could, and
that he would be able to appear in the
of Supreme Court "occasionally." Those
ms who know his coditon think his prin.
of eip activities will be as a counws lcr.
d- It was said at the White House that
ad Mr. Wilson will apply for admission to
d practiee before the Supreme Court of
ot the United States.
o Probably no announcement has sar
a prised Washington more during recent
a months. Mr. Wilson kept his own
a counsel eoncerning his plans up to the
s. last moment.
Much business for international law
irms daring the next 0 years us
Sdoubtedly will arise out of the World
IS war ad ts aftermath. The wide e*
test of Mr. Wilson's knowledge of In
It side international affairs during the
L las eight years is conceded. He has
7 a stre of data aon the peace eoares
Sones an idts proceedings, which Is po
Ssesed by no one else in the United
" States.
CLal Mom Make Semi,
S idianap k Lad-Indiana coal epa.
raters ader indietment on charges iof a
f violating the Sherman anti-trust law
a throg a cospiracy with miaers a a
a. retailers to lacrease soft coal prices, a
L surredered to Mark Storer , United
. States marshaland gave sened of $0,- a
s oN uch for their release.
Mawr Firms mladleted.
New Yort.-Two tndletmets coe
tatting namas of nearly 60 corpora
tI ses ad Indivduals included in the
membership o the Marble Cowtr. a
i isra* Association were returned by the '
I January Grand Jury. Violation of the
state anti-trust law was charged.
Trouble At Peae Lames.
Washingstem - A demonstration
against the Puama consulate at Port
Lie., Costa Rica, occurred recently,
aweerdia to a report received by the
State Department from the Americas s
cmesul at Port JUmom. The dispatch
Inaleated order had boen restored.
Hamburg a ey Pert.
lambmrs.-FIve hundred sad brth
thra vaessels, havins a tomUage total
lag P2',S, arrived durias g eruary. d
OI these 32 Sew the American flag.
Neremka0 ahk Clsed.
Incoln, Noe-The Radar, Nob.,
State ank, crryla deposits of more 1
than $3e,W, was losed by order o b
the state departmeAt of trade ad
commeree, with the disovery by a
bak mnmor lW a appareat hor-.
age io i8,i i
L~mbm-ry l S-Isms I
Washington.-Death has closed the
career of Champ Clark of Missouri, for
more than a quarter century a tower
ing figure in national politics, a stal
wart of the Democratic party.
He died in the shadow of the capi
tol, Just over the way from the hotel
where he has lived many yealu. House
and Senate seethed in the closins
hours of the Conlress of which he
was an honored member and leader.
The stir of legslative battle was
with him to the end. He lived again
In memory, as his pulses flagged,
days of the eight years he wielded the
speaker's gavel in the House. Those
sorrowing at his bedside heard the
old chlef matter in his last delirium
"The question is on adoption of the
conference report"
By mandate more btnding than any
written law, Congress baely halted
in reverence to mark the passing of
the aged member. Knowing the vital
urgency of time in the closnng days of
a Congress, the farmer speaker seant
word to both houses, from what he
knew was his death bed, that no halt
in public business should be made at
his death.
In obedience the House halted a
half-bhour in adjournment then march
ed on with its crowded program.
In that pressing work Mr. Clark
took active hare up to a little more
then 10 days ago, advising. his party
colleagus as Demoerate leader until
a cold struck him down to become a
victim to the infirmities of his 70
years of driving life. His death threw
a shadow over every fce la the
bhamber when Representatve Rucker
if the Missouri delegation arose to
Manoune it, his voice choked with
emotion. It was a halthing brief ulo
_ heo pronouaed, but he drew hera
members sigs of sorrow more ele
it thean words.
Sr Weeden Strustues.
Washington. -Authority of the
board of public works of San Fran
deco to prevent maintennace of I
soode structures within the city are
imits was sustained by the supreme i
Okhiuma Bank Robbed.
Piedmont. Okla.-Three ummshed
aS entered the First State Bank I
re aad robbed the girl cashier, I
assie Wadaeheek, of C,0 ina cash I
ad $10,000 n Liberty bonds. She was
ione in the beak. The me eeaped I
Sa waiting adtomoble.
In Crease. Wls--The iee has mre. I
4 out of the MihssissippI here 20 i
rays earlier than last year and the
artiest sInce 1878.
No Hepe Fer Usnage
Washlbbtoa.-Hope o enactmaent at
his session of Congress of the solder t
ons was lmahndoned by its propo I
outs. t
No Lmtenmnt Osuerel,
Washingtoa.-The RHose has re·in
ito aree to the Senate amenmenta
m the my apre hog leon MU pMrs
- se the uoma the a m d a
eat emt asseeahb
Appropriations For the Next Fiscal
ear Cut One-Third Below Depart
meat Estimates-Chance For
a Surplus.
Washington.-Eiimination of the
excess profits and other objectionable
taxes, the reduction of the tax burden
generally and a simplification of the
tax system are the prospective out
standing features of the revision of
the-revenue law by the sixty-seventi
Congress, which President Harding
SE shortly will conv6ke in extraordinary
duced will depend upon the margin
MI. of prospective revenue over prospec
tive expenditure and such refinancing
of government obligations as may be
decided upon.
The appropriations for the next
fiscal year were cut one-third below
the the departmental estimates. Even so,
for the total, including the 11 measures
er- passed and signed by the president,
Al- the army bill passed both houses but
killed by a "pocket veto," and the
,p- naval bill which was flibustered to
tel death in the Senate, ran above $3,
800,000,000. Included in this total is
abut $500.000,000 for the postal ser
vice paid out of postal receipts.
If no other expenditures were to:
be made during the fiscal year and if
no funds were to be used toward the
retirement of the floating debt there
probably would be a surplus of about
$1,6500,000,000 out of anticipated reve
The problem confronting Congress
Is whether this surplus should be used I
toward wiping out the floating debt
as was advocated by former Secretary
of the Treasury Houston, whether obh
Jectionable taxes such as the excess
profits tax should be repealed and no
substitute provided, or possible con
tingencies, including the enactment of
soldiers' bonus legislation, make it ad
visable to impose new taxes in place
of those repealed.
The revenue in prospect outrlng the
fiscal year beginning July 1, 1921, and
ae ending June 30, 1922, for which ap
ag propriations were Just made, totals
he aoout $5,350,000,000 on the basis of
r. present laws. Afte_r taking into ao
as count the greatly diminished returns
In caused by the slump in business so
d tivity the Treasury Department has
he estimated that the present schedule
a of internal taxes will yield approxi
e mately $4000,000,000 for that fiscal
Fall May Net Aeocet.
my Santa Pe, N. M.-That United
i tates Seator Albert . Palt, of New
Mexico, may not accept the post of
asecretary of the interior and may
serve out his term in the Senate, was
t delaed by Attorney Mark B. Thomp
3son, of Las Crces, cloe friend of
eat ator Fall.
Shipyard Cuts Wages.
Newport News, Va.-Tbe Newport
News Shilpblldina an dDrydoek Cos
pany announeed a general vwage redu
tien averaging between 12 and 15 per
eant, eRective March 16 The redne
tier 8 ects appreimately 5,000 work
man and is said by otcilis to be In
proportion to the drop in the cast eti
Iving In this city.
Inqgylre Ints IukIalg.
Washington.--A naval eourt of in
ury nto the siatki of the United
States detroyer Woolay by the
steamer Steel Invenstor, oft Panama,
has been orered by Admiral Hagh
Romdam, commander-cket the
Pacific et.
a Two Aviatmrs Killed.
a- Meaotomery, Ala. - Use. verett
ail l lirkptrick of Miami and Pvt.
* (.1ye w. Pratt of St. Andrmws, la.,
* were killed Instantly when a piane ia
which they were fyin fae nere
Units Agalt Seviets
d Udapest. - A defmeive aflane
k againt the BolshberHikl has been en
r, tered into by Poland, Ramana and
b Hangary, sad thei treaty a atance
a was signed here recently, according
Sto information feom reliable sarees.
Wileens Keep Tapoestry,
washtntona - 1 75,0 tapestry
r* premsented to Mrs. worife or the
l0 prlesident, during the peace eonite
e eI me, will find a plakce in the new home
of the Wilsons.
Will Explore Arotic.
t Chrlstinas--Sir Ernest 8hackelto,
r the Antarctic explorer, will leave ia
> May or June on a new expedition to
the Arctic. He will take with him a
dose men at former expeditions and
stay ahout two years.
a Kuppe G tt Cetremt.
llr ea s mest the mase eme
he so mis el jae a ee
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