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Mr. Luther Burbank, the plant Wi,
ard of California, has originated a
wonderful new plant which grows any
where, in any soil or climate, and bears
great quantities of luscious berries all
the season. Plants are grown from
seed, and it takes only three months
to get them in bearing, and they may
be.gtown and fruited all summer in
the garden, or in pots during the win
ter. It is unquestionably the greatest
Y, Fruit Novelty ever known, and Mr.
Burbank has made Mr. John Lewis
Childs, of Floral Park, N. Y., the in
troducer. He says that Mr. Childs is
one of the largest, best-known, fair
est and most reliable Seedsman in
America. Mr. Childs is advertising
. .- seed of the Wonderberry all over the
- world, and offering great inducements
to Agents for taking orders for it.
This berry is so fine and valuable, and
'suoa't y grown anywhere, that every
'body Should get it at once.
"Have you noticed that the baroness
never talks about other women?"
"How could she? She is all the
time talking about hrself."
For Headache Try Hicks' Capudine.
Whether from Colds, Heat, Stomach or
Nervous troubles, the aches are speedily
relieved by Capudine. It's Liquid-pleas
'ant to take-Effects immediately. 10, 25
and 5ec at Drug Stores.
It Certainly Is.
S 'ou shouldn't cast your pearls be
fore swine."
' know it; but it's hard telling who
b on the ho3 these days."
Strong drug cathartics simply aggravate
the condition--the true remedy for consti
pntion and liver trouble is found in Gar
ield Tea, the mild Herb laxative.
- A woman no sooner forgives an in
jury than she proceeds to forgtt about
having forgiven it. _
Teat Is RLA OY 1B[QRO UINNIN. Look tot
the algasure or A W. (N Y. Used the World
wver ,o Ure a Cola n In, 7,Jr. e.
The hand can nevwrexecute anything
: .higher than the heart can' aspire.
.fi :5 E i1
;Omn ao-e
all, le mu_,
ffl erde rubslli s
, iwasp deri
alte. sa geablc
x ]munieadao
he8 auu thove diar
bsadoeior otherl
Isuteimrig ·women I
fet fsror dtoubld
helpme andlmust
.7 i, t id_ q elp me
tol .utree months
8$,, ortea, sinneapolis,
he aiboe Prove
alas is made
i J f hoA euierfo sec des
8h LUthCL
~ '~qqagu.BJT luuA h
t~~ 1DLIES
\86sl~ ~d
-I. -.'~
Very, Very Seldom Will He Conde
scend to Talk to Newspaper Men
-Will Not Tolerate Anything
Like Familiarity.
Washington.-Formerly it was the
practice among city editors in Wash
ington, when there was a new or
"cub" reporter to be "broken in," to
assign to him the task of interview
ing Prof. Langley of the Smithsonian
institution, on the subject of aviation.
If he survived-if he came back still
imbued with the idea that he was cut
cut to do newspaper work-he was
considered a "find" by the city editor
and usually was given regular employ
ment. Langley has been dead for sev
eral years. Now city editors send
their news men to interview Senator
Eugene Hale of Maine. If Langley
was impossible, Hale is inexpressible.
Langley was like a roaring lion when
confronted by a person seeking in
formation about his hobby. Hale is
haughty and scornful in his treatment
of representatives of the press when
approached by one of them on any
subject. Langley sometimes gave to
the public, through the press, some
benefit of his great store of informa.
tion on scientific matters. Hale ab
hors interviewers, even to the point
of being rude to them, and it is sel
dom, very seldom, that he talks to
any of them for publication.
Writers, probably, viewing their
subject from the galleries of the sen
ate or from afar, have said twat Hale
is of the "old school" of statesmen.
Rather, Hale is of the aristocratic
type of statesmen.
Statesmen of the "old school," to
which Mdrgan, Vest, Edmunds, Cock
- i
roll and others of their contemporaries
belonged, were dignfied always, but
they also were affable. They had a
eheerful "good morning" and "good
night" for everygenate employe, from
tLe man who sciabs fhe polished
inmarble floors of the private corridors
up to the vice-president.
, Senator Hale rarely notices any per
",n at the qapitol who occupies a
lbwer place in the scale of officialdom
than a representative. He addresses
those unider him when he needs them
to perform a service for him, but
never can it be truthfully said that he
hobnobbed with one of them.
Old Senate employes have learned,
some of them painfully, that the sen
ator from Maine will not tolerate famll
iarity, nor anything that approaches
familiarity. It was a new member of
the capitol police force that met Mr,
Hale coming into the big gray build
ing not long ago.
"Good morning, senator," breezily
exclaimed the copper.
"Man," angrily returned Mr. Hale,
•'if you presume to address me again,
your position will be worth nothing
-absolutely nothing."
Then he strode down the corridor
into his committee room, leaving out
side a large man, mouth open and
trembling, unable to figure out just
what sort of a breach he had com.
mitted, but at the same time certain
that he had done something dreadful.
A certain elevator In the senate
wing of the capitol has on it a sigp
that reads: "For members of the
congress and the supreme court." Al
though ·not mentioned on the placard,
newspaper correspondents, by cour
teasy, are allowed to use the "lift."
Senatoir Hale rang for the elevator re
cently. He wished to go from the first
to the second, or senate floor. When
the e~r stopped he stepped aboard,
and was followed by a stranger. Be
fore the conductor could close the
door, Hale stepped out of the car, say.
ing to the conductor:
"When yOqahaie taken this person
to his destination, you may return for
Incidents such as these in which
Senator Hale has figured are numer
ous at the capitol. From the galleries
the senator &appears to be a fatherly
person. Those rho know him in.
timately say he is agreeable and
kinadly-hbe has few intimate friends,
His record shows that he is an eftec
tive legialator, and he is recogniled
as one of the bigkest men in the sen
ate, Yet to the casual person with
-whol he eomaes in contact, he aug
lats a human iceberg.
• zpedenoe reporters would just as
:isn Jn p into the Potomac on' a
iWter's day as to try to get a talk
t:u Hale Jor publication.
.--" . Not Woeth While, -
,9' sir," sail the umbrella mann.
' "4tr e 'ilfMll not advertirsen; your
pAiq. .rye watched your attltide to
:*i4 my btIossee Last year yoe
iu~,e seven clear daysa o:.'two
at , ad I do't consider that
t~bun ind;itr r eu uwctt
*tiabe riuat3 ·
Women Struggle Hopelessly Along
Suffering Backache, Dizzy Spells,
Languor, Etc.
Women have.so much to go through
in life that it's a pity there is so much
suffering from back.
ache and other com
mon curable kidney
ills. If you suffer so,
profit by this wom
an's example: rs.
Martin Douglass, 52
Cedar St., Kingston,
N. Y., says: "I had a
lame, aching back,
dizzy spells, head.
aches, and a feeling of languor. Part
of the time I could not attend to my
work and irregularity of the kidney
secretions was annoying. Doan's Kid
ney Pills brought me prompt relief."
Sold by all dealers. 50c a box. Fos.
ter-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Occasional Flash of Humor Enlivens
Chase After Dollar.
It is supposed that business letters
are deficient in humor. Still there
have been exceptions, and the latest
sent by a member of the well-known
wholesale soap-making firm of (let u:
say) Cake & Son, is one of the most
brilliant. A retail dealer in a smalF
way had sent for a consignment o.
their goods: "Gentlemen (he writes)
"wherefor you have not sent me the
sope? Is it bekawse you think m`
money is not so good os nobody elses?
Dam you, Cake & Son! wherfor hav
you not sent the sope? Please send
sope at once, and oblige yours respect
fully, Richard Jones. P. S.--SincE
writing the above my wife has found
the sope under the counter."
WatiSo Sore, Irritating and Painful
Jat Little Sufferer Could Not Sleep
,Lcratched Constantly.
Sticura's Efficacy Clearly Proven,
"When about two and a,half years
S"d~nfnlghter broke out on her hips
k t kper parts of her legs with a
f4 lrritating and painful eruption. It
in October; the first I noticed
a, little red surface and a constant
on her part to scratch her limbs.
3Shuld not sleep and the eruptions
got sore, and yellow water came out
of them. I had two doctors treat her,
but she grew worse under their treat
ment. Then I bought the Cuticura
Remedies and only used them two
weeks when she was entirely well.
This was in February. She has never
had another rough place on her skin,
and she is now fourteen years ',ld.
Mrs. R. R. Whitaker, Winchester,
Tenn., Sept. 22, 1908."
"otter Drug & Chem. Corp., Ule Props. Beob
Mistress- -Have you made the chick'
en broth, Jane?
Jane-Yes, mum; and fed the chick
ens with it, ages ago!
• Ready Theme.
"Archibald," called the wife of the
special writer, in excited tones.
"Don't bother me, Lucy," shouted
her husband from his "den." I
"Archiba!d," she persisted.
"Please keep quiet., Didn't I tell
you not to bother me when I am
"But I must, dear. The children
have taken those six bottles of gold
paint you bought for the gas fixtures
and smeared it on the walls from gar
ret to cellar."
"That so, Lucy? Well, don't let that
worry you. I'll just call it an inspira
tion and use it in an article entitled
'How Children Brighten Utip the
House.' "
Uncertainty In Plttsburg.
It was Christmas eve in Pittsburg.
The snow sparkled in the tin roofs.
Far away could be seen the rubicund
glow of the coke ovens.
All was luiet in the home of the
Pittsburg official.
Suddenly a low tap resounded on the
outer door.
"Hark, George," said the official's
wife. "Did you hear that? It may be
Santa Claus."
"It may be Santa Claus," 'said the
offitcial, gloomily, "but I'll bet $4 it'a
a deputy sheriff!"
And he arose and put on his shoes.
And the Otler kind.
Did you ever stand on a prominent
corner at an early morning hour and
watch the throngs of people on their
way to work? Noting the number who
were forcing themselves along be
.cause it meant their daily bread, and
the others cheerfully and eagerly pur.
suing their way because of love of
their work. .,
It is a fact that one's food has much
to do with it. As an example:
It an engine has poor oil, or a boiler
is fired with poor coal, a bad result is
certain, isn't it?
Treating your stomach right is the
keystone that sustains the arch of
health's temple and yoU will find
"GrapeNuts" as a daily food is the
most nourishing and beneficial you can
We have thousands of testimonials,
real genuine little heart throbs, from
p-aople who simply tried .,Grape-Nuts
out of curiosity-as -a last resort-with
the result that prompted the testimo
If you have never tried Grape-Ntits
it'p worth wirile to lv iet a fair bnpfti~
tieR trjah Iaietember there are arie i
1Io~ it~am Gtrape-Nuts every day
Sighing Swain Meant Well, But Lan
guage Tripped Him.
The essential difference between
the signification of words and terms
in the English tongue which are al
most the same in etymology and or
igin is a great element of difficulty to
a foreigner who is learning the lan
guage-a fact to which a certain at
tache of a foreign mission at Wash
ington recently testified.
When the budding diplomatist in
question arrived at our national capi
tal a year or two ago, he soon capitu
lated to the charms of a young woman
or the official set, and they spleedily ae
catne the best of friends. A month or
so ago the attache returned to thip
country after a lengthy leave of ab
sence passed in his own land. About
the first thing he did on reaching
Washington was to send a note to the
lady of his admiration, wherein, to
her astonishment and indignation, he
gave expression to this sentiment:
"Once more, my dear friend, I shall
gaze upon your unmatched eyes."
Harper's Weekly.
Mr. Dude--I was thinking how much
I resemble your carpet-always at
your feet, you know.
Miss Sly-Yes, very much like my
carpet. I'm going to shake it soon.
Go to your druggist and get one-half
ounce Concentrated pine compound,
two ounces of glycerine, half a pint of
good whiskey; mix it up, and use it
in doses of a teaspoonful to a table
spoonful every four hours, shaking the
bottle each time. Any druggist can
supply ingredients.
The Concentrated pine is a pine prod,
uct refined for medical use and comes
only in half ounce bottles, each en
closed in a round case which is air
tight and preserves the fluid in its full
strength, but be sure it is labeled "Con
centrated." A prominent local druggist
says he vhs filled this prescription hun
dreds Imes and has seen it work
won '
Anger Shrinks Vitality.
Dr. Maurice de Fleury, a distin
guished Frenchman, advances the the
ory that every time one becomes an
gry his vitality shrinks. After even
the most artfully suppressed signs of
bad temper the vitality becomes small
er and smaller, until finally nothing is
left. Anger is a certain kind of ce
rebral excitement, explains Dr. de
Fleury. The hyperasthenic subject is
always on its verge, while the neuras
thenic becomes infuriated l~ly by a
sudden bound of reaction exde d from
without. But at that moment when
they are let loose the two a9r alike,
save that the strong man is a blinder
brute, while the weak man is some
what of an actor and seems to aim at
Professor Munyon has just issued a
most beautiful, useful and complete Al
manac; it contains not only all the scien
tific information concerning the moon's
phases, in all the latitudes, but has il
lustrated articles on how to read char
acter by phrenology, palmistry and
birth month. It also tells' all about
card reading, birth stones and their
meaning, and gives the interpretation
of dreams. It teaches beauty culture,
manicuring, gives weights and meas
ures, and antidotes for poison. In fact,
it is a Magazine Almanac, that not
only gives valuable information, but
will afford much amusement for every
member of the family, especially for
parties and evening entertainments.
Farmers and people in the rural dis
tricts will find this Almanac almost
It will be sent to anyone absolutell
tree on application to the MUNYON
A Slight MisunderstandJng.
Little Helen Bentley of Los Angeles,
aged five, dearly loves her grandma,
who has been living with her and her
parents. Recently grandnia went to
Seattle for a visit, and caught ,cold
on the way. When she arrived there,
she wrote back to Helen's parents that
she had reached Seattle, but had had
a hard fight with the grip. Helen
wanted to hdar what grandma had to
say, and the letter was read to her.
Soon afterward she saw one of her
neighbors, and exclaimed: "Oh, Mrs.
Smith, we've had a letter from grand
ma. She got to Seattle all right, but
she had a terrible fight with her va
Office Boy Inslincts.
Contributor-I should like to leave
these poems with your editor4 What
is the usual procedure? I haven't
done any magazine work before.
Office Boy-Well, the usual custom
is to leave 'em an' call back in a day
or so-and sit 'em.-New York He'
cure any possible case of DISTEMPER,
PINK EYE, and the like. among horses
of all ages, and prevents all others in the
same stable from having the disease. Also
cures chicken cholera, and dog distemper.
Any good druggist can supply you, or send
to mftrs. 50 cents and $1.00 a bottle. Agents
wanted. Free book. Spohn Medical Co.,
Spee. Contagious Diseases, Goshen, Ind.
Foreign titles come high-and a
good many American heiresses have
discovered that they were not worth
the price.
It Cim Whle You Walk
Alen'srtaot-esae forcorsaud bunions, hot, sweatr
aQons aschtu fet. c all Druggists.
And the pretty .girl uually has plain
IK' --i ,i-'--------
:=Whon U_ ra h "L ROL" I PRICE, s1. OO, retal
;.y.. _ N · Ipr, hairy. es E T:
_ e 5`' .ý Ai°w'_i:.r..}FP..ý :14 - ý·. , .. LiC -
The increased use of "Toris" for
rheumatism Is causing considerable
discussion among the medical frater
nity. It is an almost infallible cure
when mixed with certain other ingre
dients and taken properly. The fol
lowing formula is effective: "To one
half pint of good whiskey add one
ounce of Toris Compound and one
ounce of Syrup Sarsaparilla Compound.
Take in tablespoonful doses before
each meal and before retiring."
Toris compound is a product of the
laboratories of the Globe Pharma
ceutical Co., Chicago, but it as well as
the other ingredients can be had from
any good druggist.
Too Much for His Mind.
"My first impulses," wailed the Sad
Eyed Individual, "are invariably good.
In fact. I think that I may venture,
without fear of undue exaggeration, to
say that they are very good. But I
never act on them. I always act on
second thoughts. This trait in my char
acter has ruined my career, because
my second thoughts are always bad!
In fact, I think I may say, without fear
of misrepresentation, that they're
"Well," suggested he who was lis
tening, "why don't you wait until
third thoughts, and act on them?"
Mournfully, despondently, the Sad
Eyed Individual shook his head.
"My dear sir," he groaned, "I never
had three successive thoughts about
anything in my life!"
$100 Reward, $100.
Thl readers of this paper will be pleased to lears
that there is at least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure In all its stages, and that is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood and mrucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and assist
ing nature In doing its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in Its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case that It fails to
cure. Send for list of testimonials
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 7The.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Prophecy Fulfilled.
"That baby, madam," said the doc
tor to the proud and happy mother,
"will make his mark in the world
some day."
Note the fulfillment of the predic
In less than 16 years boy was
the scoreboard artist in t base
ball park.-Chicago Tribu
Jack's Faux Pa
Maud--I noticed that yo Jack
Clubberly to church with eSun
Bell-Yes, and the poor heathIn is
so unused to going that he wanted the
usher to check his hat and coat.
Rledl Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy. Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Con
forms to Pure Food and Drug Laws. Mu
rine Doesn't Smart; Soothes Eye Pain.
Try Murine in Your Eyes, At Druggists.
Man gives every reason for hi eion
duct save one; every excuse r hid'
crime save one;, e; pleg! ir his
safety save one, to idici
PAZO OLNToIENT is guaranteed to cure 3yrcase
of Itubtinind, V leeding or Protruding e eso
I to 14 daf' money refunded. We.
Arms and laws do not flouriuh to
Luther Burbank's Greatest Creation. A Luscious Berry Ripening in Three
Months from 8 ed. Seed 20 Cts. Per Pkt., 3 Pkts, for 50 Cts., Postpaid
Fruit blue-black like an enoro4us rich blueberry in looks and I AM THE O8LE INTRODUCER AND GENUINE SEED
taste. Unsurpassed for eating tp, cooked, canned or preserved CAN BE HAD NOWHERE ELSE.
in any form. The greatest gard n fruit ever introduced and FOR20CT (Siverorstamps) I will sendpkt. Wonderberry
equally valuable in hot, dry, cold ou wet climates. Easiest plant in F (SI O for .) and my GREAT CATALOGUE which tells ald
the world to grow, succeeding any'here and yielding great masses seed, (3 pkts. for 50 cts.) and my GREAT CATALOGUE which tells all
of rich fruit all ummer and ing fall-nd all winter in pots-(As a pot about it and my BIG CASH PRIZES to agents. AGENT WANTED.
plant it is both ornamental and useful). The greatest boon to the MY GREAT CATALOGUE of Flowers and Vegetablo
family garden ever known. Everybody can and will grow it. Seed, Bulbs, Plants and Rare and New Fruits FREEs. to all who
Luther Burbank, of California, the world famous hybridizer, apply. 140 pages, 600 illustrationsand colored plates. I hve been
originated this new fruit and turned it over to me to introduce. He in business 34 years and hae half a milion cutomer all overyone. Do nothe
says of it: "This absolutely new berry plant is of great interest country. Complete satisfac Noveltion guamoffranteedring to everyoear. Do not
and value as it bears the most delicious, wholesome and healthful fail to see the many treat Novelties I am offering this ear of which
berries In utmost profusion and always comes true from seed." the WONDERBERRY ,e the greatest ever known.
Address JOHN LEWIS CHILDS, Floral Park, N. Y.
P. 8.-This offer will not appear again. Write for Wonderberry seed, and Catalo ,e at once. D o not neglect or delay. You
can be the first to grow it in yur town and make big money selling both berries and seed. I raised ,3 quarts from 6 few plan
CWflaa ea htiarhlad sears tanyetherdyeý One kpa cDkage colos mIlfibers. They dyein cold waste beter than aniether de. Yeu caadw
illy N/tAl iroolWIt I nc I eSIPIIIUl te 0)e. Dachand Mix Ceble. MONROE DRUG 0 oo0, Owls,., Ies.i.
A Cruel Innuendo.
"Pop, are the man-hunting tribes Uex
"Yes, my son, until next leap year."
For Colds and Grlpp-Capudine.
The best remedy for Gripp and Colds is
Hicks' Capudine. Relieves the aching and
feverishness. Cures the old-Headaches
also. It's Liquid-Effects immediately--0,
25 and 500 at Drug Stores.
Silver Is of less value than gold:
gold, than virtue.--Horace.
A new Hallowe'en game. in which a
peach is used instead of an apll~,.
For the Public Taste.
The following makes a very popular
dish, the usual name given it hbing
"funny paper." Take three mothers.
In-law, two Irishmen, one Ger:au
one or two tough kids and a coon:
mix and stir well. A jag is considered
to add flavor. Sprinkle in a littlo,
spice and ginger, and garnish with
Irawings. The. addition of a pinch of
hardsense is advisable, though not es
sential. Chestnuts are used for stuff
ing. The dish is usually roasted,
though poaching is not unconi:ion.
The Bellman.
Wouldn't Take Him Seriously.
He-But 1 ned you in order to be
She--I couldn't think of marrying a
needy person.
SFor Infants and Children,
TI he Kind You Have
A\egetable Preparation for As
similating lheFoodand Redula- Bears th,
ling the Stomachs and Boweis of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ntssand Re st.Contains neither
Opium,.Morphine nor Mineral
E Rec ripe ofd DrSAMUEITMT//CiR
ýN A- Seed -
ArhelleSalft .
Asisr Seed
Worm d'Ssd -
C ow;xd Sueg,
Q Winkreyen 7/fnvor
tl tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
Sness and Loss OF SLEEP F O v
For Over
Fac Simile Signature of
Guaranteed under the Foodaal
Ezct Copy of Wrppe. ,,,$ ,m ,, - ,4.0e m..a .
'HY-PO Toniqu ..,he"Tonlc:' Thehotlisae
Hf I-I I ORIque and nerve builder giving
strength and vitality to the worn out Musuar and
Nervous system. ICspecially valuable in Uheula
tism and Malaria. Guaranteed under the Pure Food
Sand Drugs Act. Trial bottle Twenty-tlive Cents. Sam
ples free. THE TONIQUE ()OMANY, Eutland, V t
A. N. K.--F (1909--5) 2267.
V4bw., c rig
Q1 khe bowe\s ; c\eanseý
the sys~eem eýSýccrual~y
o.ss~sks one ii ovexcoiuing
k btlua coas~laakion
To e\\s beýºý ýc~a~l
1111vUFltTTUR3 5 T"::
$gLOLD "ýr1
ftor weIing sotei Sue boxese '"Merl
;lTod Tablet.. ýJ days allowed to
sell Tablete, retoei mnney and Sub
ring. Addren"Mo "lto"XO U e 1e1
lien i1 Llae nnrut4 OwIn
New Book on
CAL o page, cloth bound medical bo
On 008oroU ptI3, *lo i 1n plan.
ca be ci:. i | your own blsme.
Write tod;. The Book Is abe
lately free.
-e .- ...----- --- l fe r tN ia s
RoPik r em~ lcllefrana re wurst ca ses.
Boqh of tesCmoalalf and 10 dayr' treatment FURL3
D oRs. U GI. ( ICdN'd B hoN It. ATLANTA. A.

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