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he Lower Coast Gazette.
-,_ ,
31 ILW 3 of Congress fromu L
strrggling to get Cc
SLOUISI the commercial im,
IN LO ISIAN ter-coastal canal am
propriation sufficient
the Sabine river, a
Inquest Exonerates Boy for poration has, at i
Killing Father. dredged out a smalli
--- the Calca :ieu river I
GIVEN MRS. BOOTH. merely for the savin
its own business.
cmen Injured by Collapse of
a Scaffold. Crowley.-District
has made a new dep
en Insane Women Placed in ishment of juvenile
Pineville Asylum. parents of the five
Sjail charged with ste
ood.--The Eureka Rice Mill Rayne have been no
'ith about 30,000 bags of will come to the par
in sight.. They expect to administer to their
60,000 bags for the season. thrashings the yout
of rice buyers are on hand. be released without
-- ings. The father of
od.-Western Acadia parish appeared and, in' the
) earnest about the good district attorney, tl
rement, and has asked the the boy was releas
stes government for all the of the other boys I
of any kind they can give. do likewise.
I experiments will soon be
Shreveport, La.
zens of Shreveport
leans.-Conductor Burr Hall work earnestly and
ras and Pacific railroad f*as bilities are that the
killed by a negro passenger Fair will go away fi
ain, near Walls Spur, in Association is in a
ipee parish. The negro was condition, and Presid
iy passengers and members has appealed to th
,in crew, and carried, with final effort to save
is of the conductor, to New Knockers and lack
parish seat. the indifference of
leading business m(
`onstitutes. a Perfect Stand the President cites
When Fighting the Boll ing to the fair, and
is the subject of a bulletin that unless somethin
the Department of Agricul- the life of the fair w
nmigration by Wilmon New. and probably lost.
ary of the state crop pest
i. The department, in this Jeanerette, La.-V
advocates planting cotton the new Catholic chi
Ither, something that has ing erected here fou
advocated before.
meeting with a fata
were at work on a v
La.-A. B. Stevens, who is were atwork n v
canning factory at Stutt- whichproperly placed, wbeen o
ls here at the request of perly placed, w
gave way. The mel
e Progressive League, as. and were covered by
organizing a factory for their fellow workme
The factory will be
to can vegetables and assistance, antd, stra
them were not at -
will be connected with the one had a rib brok
:anning factory, an old in- was slightly injured
was slightly injured
Both the injured me
-A movement s on foot and will be able to r
tablish a large corn ware- In a short while.
Is place for the sale of corn
this and neighboring par- Baton Rouge.-As
a- Nutrileee Feed Company General Stafford has
I to take a carload a day pleted arran7--tents
nufacture of nutrilene, and Governor Sanders a
dealers agree to buy the staff will make to W
rrent market rates, instead of March, to attend
of William Taft as
4' and Western corn. of William Taft as
United States. Som
le, La.-The right of way eral Stafford address
a cleared for the Intercost- members of the Go`
Contractor John Anderson vising them of the i
few days, resume work at of Governor. Sander(
of Sooner Bayou on Ver- and inviting all men
y, and will push the work to go along with t
ion. The work of dredging large number have
suspended' for more than a will go, and it is hig
account of trouble in secur- special coaches will 1
Iht of way. occasion.
-Dave Lemle had a narrow Baton Rouge.-St~l
im being killed while out Harris has given poi
ring with Poncefort Cann. to the fifty-nine Pai
I down by the side of a ents of Lousiana that
Sa nap, and when Cann be allowed to teach
opie. tfte later he mistook do not either hold
a turkey and took a shot at ficates or a diplom
load of buckshot, One of certificate. The rul
strucik iermle a glancing forth a protest from
forehead, inflicting a pain- parishes, but will b
gerouas wound. There Is a law agains
_.__ " ' °employed who does
'ane.-Th merchants are cate, but it develops 1
shipments of farm imple- every parish in the
bvery train and farming is one or two, o" perha
, in deed earnest. All who who have not certi
to raise Irish potatoes for tehdent Harris hold
e either planting or are must be obeyed by a
lant. Warmers throughout those teachers who
are takia advantage of cates must either si
oather and excellent coidi- and secure one, of 1
soil and are making rapid get out of the public
Spreparing the land for the era.
- Delhi--A sad trage
ia.--Thirty-seven white fe- when John Cothran,
ats of the Louisiana Re- years old, shot his fi
loase of Detqntion in New instantly. The fatl
we received and admitted went home drunk, a
p1a11 for Ibnane, near Pine- up from his drunk
alt a!vralaements had been smashing lamps and
ir. Job N. Thopas,-the su- wife, after helping 1
at, for their admission; in drunken man's mothe
their coninh, and the hos.- of his drunken rage,
and attendants completed bor's and the boy i
ain lees than an hour from revolver. The man
car in which the patients a razor and tried to )
rouglht. Ilng in that, he went t
- to get a gun, but the
a.--Ben 8. Lee, a well- there first, had got t
ang man here, while hunt- his gun and go an
Intally dropped a revolver, then returned home
fall it was dicharrged,; the ,volver. John loaded
i_ him in the shoulder and buckshot, \and told
rounding him. This is the had smashed enougb
ident of the kind that has father said he migi
here in the last few days. on the boy, and shot
uton, Jr., accidentally di-a boy then shot his i
a shotp a few days ago heart with ffteep
ed ;erious flesh wounds in hin instantly. The
I rm, but is slowly recotei- held that the killing
-s.. Balllgtom Booth met Amite City.-Ideal
etlon at Alezandria after has prevailed here
-y of her address at the month of January, a
i5.. The leading citizens strawberry crop is fi
In, ,v their wives and advance of the seaac
were podd to eatertain ries are on the local
ase getat a magi- of _the truckers are
p#a lt~thigtel Beuti, number af crates.
(wi. 4W6ai8a; ste of * witilt spt the crop far
~3I Sju s a~t present no sin
- i%; :jasit; itable gardens this a
- >.~
.-While the members IT'S UP TO THE
onr Louisiana are still
,et Congress to realize
imp)orLance of the in- President Approve
al and to make an ap- Line Resc
,cient to construct it to \Vashington.--The
er, a private land cor- proved the reisolution
at its own expense, of alissisilpi and I.
smaller waterway from the jurisdlictioi of oft.
iver to the M1ermentau thei .Misi.sil,l,i river,
saving it can effect on bhoundaryv tines betire
;s. Since Mliis~isippi %
wh isky .~ller~ at nun
strict Attorney Robira the river. not;ibly at
: departure in the pun- ia, have started busi
enile law-breakers. The pose of the measiue
five boys who are in state to reach the ec
th stealing cabbages at tGov. I)onaglhe of
en notified that if they clorsedl the imeasure,
ie parish jail and there co-opleiratE for Ilississi
their children sound Senator Clarke of
youthful culprits will cured the passage of
ithout further proceed- able Arkansas and '
ier of one of the boys
in' the presence of the
have been introluced
ey, thrashed his son,
released. The parents men for localities wi
loys have promised to ters from boundaries
La.-Unless the citi
?port get together and May Be Made Gen
and fast, the proba- New York Cea
it the Louisiana State San Francisco, Cal.
Nay from here, for the it that E. E. Calvin
in a gloomy financial
President S. H. Bolinger
tral, anld that Ilar'ahat
to the people as a
save the organization, eral manager of the
lack of interest and to serve under Presia
e of a number of the messages were sent hi
is men, these things man to Hawaii, recall
cites as causes damag- II. Bancroft, and order
and gives a warning in New York as soon
tething is done at once Calvin is general ma
fair will be endangered ern Pacific lines west
)st. Sparks, Nev., and B
manager of the Oregoi
a--While at work on 'rThe story on the :
ie church which is be- Harriman offered Hi
e four men came near year to go to New Yi
fatal accident. They anxious to put the Ce
n a very high scaffold, physical shape. lie w
n overloaded and ira- cago and it is probabl
I, when it suddenly croft in charge in San
e men fell in a heap,
ed by the timbers, when BLIZZARD MOVI
orkmen came to their
strange to say, two of Coldest Weather of
at all injured, while
broken and the other
jured about the head. New York.-New T
!d men are doing well, was the playground S
e to resume their work ter of the terrific wi
le. zard which has eros
-from the hoary Nort
.-Assistant Adjutant struction and sufferin
d has,. practically corn- was .accompanied on
ents for the trip which gr-eat city by a heavy
.rs and his military blinded the pedestrian
to Washington the 1st of every kind dangero
ttend the inauguration At Pittsburg and p
t as President of the ginia, Western Pennsy
Some time ago Gen-- Ohio the country has
dressed a letter to the zero grasp of a.snowsa
e Governor's staff, ad- the Northern points t
the contemplated trip far below zero, and tl
inders to Washington, of the present winter
i members of the staff all the country east ol
pith the governor. A tains and in New Er
tave replied that they from the blizzard.
is highly probable that
will be secured for the COLDEST SNAP
-State Superintendent Atlanta Shivermng
n positive instructions of 16 Above,
*e Parish Superintend- Atlanta, Ga.-The c
a that no teachers will section has experience
each in Louisiana who .4 below was registe
bold a teacher's certi- on the South Atlant
lploma recognized as winds, fro o
e ruling has brought i hour, played ha
from anbe td uon te and telephone commt
gainst a teacher being down poles, mixing
oes not hold a certil& much delay and doi
lope that in practically through the urban diel
the State there are degrees above zero wa:
)erhaps more teachers weather bureau, and
certificates. Superin- thermometer had retr
holds that this law further to 16 above.
by all altne, and that indicate freezing wath
who have not certifi- Snow fell in Nort
er stand examination Alabama.
, of they are able, or
ublic schools as teach- TRYING EMMA
Two Police Court Vi.
tragedy took place here native by
ran, a boy of 19 or 20 Asheville, N. C.--r
his father, killing him decided to try the eff
father, Ed Cothran, uel movement on habil
Ink, and after waking has.given two men b
drunken sleep, began on the charge of into
a and furniture. The of taking treatment
ring the boy hide the C. McCready, rector of
mother out of the way Church, or working t
rage, went to a neigh- streets. The men pro
boy hid the gun and they would try the ct
man finally found a to the preacher for tr
- to kill his son. Fail
vent to a negro's house NEGROES NOI
t the boy had reached
got the negro to take pringfield Leagne Wc
o away. The father .coln'-s
ome and found the re- Springfield, Ill.--T
aded the shotgun with and Order League, an
told his father he groes, adopted resolut
onugh f~irniture. The demning the Lincoln (
might as well finish tion for excluding neg
ishot him twice. The bration to be held in ;
his fkther under the ory of thb; 100th birt
eep buckuhot, killing Lincoln, declaring th
The'-~i ar's ianquest absolutely in violatio.
lung was jtusatifiable. eiple for which Abra
--- •,hardest.
Ideal spring weather CLEAN SWEEP
here all during thi Secretary Wilson andm.
ry, and as a result the . Alone May
is fully six weeks in Washington.-The
season, The ripe ber- can be made that Jam
local market and some retary of the interior,
are shipping a small her of the cabinet of
;es. A cold spell now tration. Neither will
p far-bebiid, but ther sador, to'a foreign eu
-sign of winter. Vege" most as goo ~d authorl
his seasona have bees there will be'a clean I
an therd ba been a. abinet unle it a
" f. ae . -..-. ofirAgrileual.V: W ils
troves the Boundary
-T he president had ,p.
Ition allowing the state
,nd l.oui.iaina to settlk
iTf ffenses comlmitted onl
river, where, forms the
,etw\een the states.
ppi went dry, Jan. 1.
t nulllerl' lls phw'es xlonl
V at Vicksbtuirg aid Tun.
1 busiaes,. and tlhe pur)
iSlie is tio empower) " the
the evil and stop it.
y of Arkansas has in
cure, and (;ov. Noel will
:e of Arkansas has se
e of a resolution to en
and ''Tennessee to malke
nent. -imilar measures
luced by other congress
es where navigable wa
aries of states.
General Manager of
k Central Lines.
, Cal.-Rumor here has
alvin will succeed J.'T. _
rge of the Illinois Cen- SEVEN FEET
trahan will be made gen
the New York Central,
'resiuent Brown. Cable Railroad Traffic Blt
ent last week by Ilarri- Mountai
recalling Calvin and W. )enver, Colo.-Snow
ordering them to report feet on the level and
soon as possible.
soon manager of the South-ssible. deeper is still blocking
al manager of the South- on the Colorado railroa
west of El Paso, and
nd Bancroft is general & Southern passenger
S been marooned near
Oregon Short Line.
tlhe street here is that days, is still in the st
d Hran $0,00 a sengers have been brouj
d Harahan $50,000 Rio
ew York, as lie is most The Denver & Rio C
ihe Central lines in good threeday blockade on
lie wants Calvin in Chi- day and released the r
robable he will put Ban- go passenger train.
Southern road, howevi
blocked. The line to 1
MOVES TO EAST blocked for nearly a
Silverton was opened a
---- ten days. Some of th
or of Winter Prevail- through were from thi
Mahy Places. deep. The weather is
ew York and the East
nud Sunday for the cen- AUTOS ARE TOO
fic windstorm and bliz
crossed the continent
Northwest, leaving de- Order Withdrawing
iffering in its path. It Army tI
I on its arrival in the .'Yashington.-_;Secreti
leavy fall of snow, whiclt E. Wright is formtulati
strians and made travel drawing automo'biles f
.ngerous.. in Washington. He fi
and points in West Vir- pensive and, besides, if
ennsylvania and Eastern velt sets the standard
y has been seized in a back and making abilit;
nowstorm. At many of a day essential to goo
ints the temperature is the further use of a
and the coldest weather tend to nestroy the i
winter prevails. In fact, way of exercising one's
last of the Rocky Moun- onstrating one's enduri
?w England is suffering Military men are ini
d. Taft. He was secreta
lie met all the generals
NAP SINCE 1899 jors. And it was duril
- tion that the automobi
ring in Temperature as a necessary append
>ve, With Snow. These gentlemen thre
The coldest weather this they must now go badc
rienced since' 1899, when buggy.
egistered, swooped down
Ltlantic States Sunday. MAY HAVE POUN
m forty to sixty miles
I havoc with telegraph But Gompers Bays
ommunication, blowing No Streak of
cing wires and causing e York-"As go
t doing minor damage New York.-"A go
in districts. At noon 18 in jail as any of the
ro was registered at the they want their pound
and by 4 o'clock the have it, but they'll find
I retreated two degrees in it."
ve. Telegrams received President Samuel
wather to the gulf. American federation ,
Noithern Georgia and Ethical Social League
at the East Side par
and the audience elms
MANUEh L CURE. pers' subject was "Tra
e it l Progress," but thI
rt Victims Given Alter hiA speech was a defer
re by Judge. and a guarded arraignl
.-Justice Reynolds has that recently sentence
te effect of the Emman- in jail.
Shabitual drunkards and The Sherman law, ,
nen brought before hiti enacted to protect the
E intoxication the choice machinations of great
nent given by Rev. W. wealth, has been decide
tor of Trinity Episcopal court to apply to orge
ing thirty days on the and women. Any me
a promptly decided that organization may now
the cure and will report I federal court to a ye
for treatment, and a fine of $5,000.
NOT PLEASED. Will Build Ne.
W San Antonio, Tex.
e Port O'Conner syndical
,ln's Day.
I.-The Springfield Law capitalized at $10,000,(
e, an organization of pe. macontracted for the coms
esolutions severely con*
olan Centennial Assocla- Port O'Coiner, Rio Gr
g negroes from the cele. railroad, from Port 4
Id in Springfield in mem- g0ui coast, to San A'
I birthday of Abraham tance is 234 miles at
ig that such action is cost $3,000,000. Wor
lation of the very prin- May 1. A link will
Abraham Lincoln fought Misouri, Kansas & Te
giving that Duteh owl
gulf outlet.
EEP IN CABINET. Blisad in 01
Sand Postmaster Meyer Tulsa, Okla.--Great
May Remain. been wrought by the
Tbe definite statement which struck this sectic
t James R. Garfield, see. oil region within four
erior, will not be a mem- reported down or, with
et of the next adminis. lings demolished im the
r will he be an ambes- or this city, where dan
pl country. There is al- is estimated at $50~000
ithority for saying thiat lmore. One dwelling Be
_lean sweep of the pres- totally demolishef :aic
s it s*ould be Secrettary have .been wreeked. I
rilsdn and Postna town r.eports .amb ,de
S . .-', ,mia s . - :
Leigh Hated Carn
Is a Di
Nashille, Tenn.
and 11. P. 1.lackn
1mon11ing from inurl
('oolier.ShiarI jury
first for the pre;ji
pre.sion lie usel
amniied. .haik.onkn
quest of the Stat
ilou.sel for the del
after the testiiiinr
had been heard.
]iut ' oi the w t
lroiiught into the c(o
cday, .luzdge liar
showled so plainly
Senator ( 'urnlltek, a
as to how li he had
believed had thi
brought out when
eaxniined, there \(
reasons for chlillel
since t lhe juror ha
unquel'stionled bihs,
the court that the i
he affected. and fo
f rThe Leigh case
of the ease agains
called. The first i
Burkhart, who is a
.. .I ..... 1.... I L.. ..}
Blocked in Rocky Roosevelt Will Go
untains. York After Ina
-Snow from seven to ten \1ashington.-Preside
I and drifts many feet not follow the custom
eking many of tile lines the White House on
railroads. The Colorado successor in office. N
uenger train, which has front the capitol after
near Jefferson for two Taft takes the oath of
the snow, but the pas- station and take a tra
1 brought to the village. The president's purpose
Rio Grande broke its in accepting the invits
le on ('Cubres Pass Sun- York county counitte
the snowbound D)uran- act as her personal e:
ain. The Rio Grande from the capitol to tile
however, is still badly l''bis invitation was
Le to Telluride has been resentatives Parsons, B
Iv a week. The line to of New York. The
ened after being blocked will have 500 member
of the snow slides cut will form east of the gi
m thirty to forty feet capitol, will go with ti
her is intensely cold. train and return to
on the return march.
wing Machines From Secretary Wilson Di
-my Use. Investiga
Secretary of War Luke Washington.-It is t
mulating an order with- resentative Sheppard o
Files from military use cotton is suitable for a
Hle finds them too ox- uses than those which
des, if President Roose- therefore he introduced
lldard of riding horse- noon directing Secreta
ability to go fifty miles stitute an inquiry into
to good military form, bill authorizes and dire
of automobiles would to make an investigat
the popularity of this and substitution of ray
one's muscles and dem- articles in various mal
endurance. Lnited States, and cat
are influential with Mr. gated a report thereor
ecretary of war. There covering details of IT
nerals, colonels and ma- which raw cotton may
during his administra- the cost of using cott(
,omobile was introduced articles for which it mi
ppendage to the army. and other informatior
threaten a revolt if used in a campaign foi
o back to the horse and American cotton amont
era of this country.
Says There Will Be Ten Stood for Acq
for 1urc
lak of Yellow.
Union City, Tenp.
As good u*n have been -for sixteen hours, the
)f the three of us. If .farshall night ridei
pound of flesh they may Thursday morning the
'1l find no yellow streak agree on a verdict.
"Do you think you
,uel Gompers of the days, or six months
tion of Labor told the Jones.
amgue this at a meeting "No, sir," was the i
le parish church's hall, man, and the jury -
e cheered. Mr. Gom- charged. They stood
"Trade Unions and So- and two for murder :
mt the greater part of gree.
defense of the boycott With the close of
nraignment of the court Marshall, the ninth n
ntenced him to a year murder of Capt. Quit
officials announce that
law, Mr. Gompers said, charged with the san
et the people from the tried until the May to
great combinations of It is their plan to d
decided by the supreme oners among the jails
o organizations of men circuit. The soldiers,
ny member of a labor duty here since Octol
i now be sentenced by charged, with the exe
. a year's imprisonment half of whom were qa
)00. half at Camp Rogan •
id New Road. WOULD BURN CO
Tex.-Representing the
indicate of The Hague, Senator Blair Would I
0,000,000, D. C. Wiede- homa,
luemsn Winnders have Guthrie, Okla.-Sena
he construction of the senate in all seriousi
io Grande & Northern that body burn the cot
Port O'Conner, on the by the State of Oklal
lan Antonio. The dis- created a decided se
ileo and the estimated Blair's remarks came
Work will begin by ne of the most vigoro
will connect with the present session of the
& Texas at Smithville, after favorable bailotti
h owned road another bill, which makes it ii
new counties.
I in Oklahoma. German Count Hel
-Great destruction has ico.--Chas. L.
Sthe terrific blizzardL.
eti rid ry asserts he is a German e
section Friday. Every
rest charged with gran
four miles of here is
with other lease build- ed by a New York womr
i stole $500 from her.
i the lenarool south in North Clark street I
re damageby the storm had traced his bagg
50,000 and maiybe much woman whom he is all
ing house in Tulsa was tinized is Mrs. Julius
ed and other bluildings York. It i- declared
ed. Everytiieighboring money in a ieal estate
pujierles from -fl~ig Mulster is impressive
h I s dignified beaiin
and who has lived newle
0 WHITE HOUSE years. He testified the
good blacksmith awhen
Go Direct to New to work, but that in a
r Inauguration. he had known him he
rInauguration. of his being sober. 1
'resident Roosevelt will trate the methods of
istore and ride back to was customary for h
on March 4 with his horse to put the first i
e. He will go direct leet for them and walk,
after .President-elect a bottle of whisky be
th of office to the union put on the other two
a train for New York. said there were nume:
irpose was made known this. He also said t
invitation of the New quently found him d
muittee to be allowed to scious by the roadside
nal escort on the way unusual to see him "
o the depot. At the conclusion of
was presented by Rep- nesse udge Hart annou
ons, Bennett and Oleott received a commnunicati
The county committee of Juror J. M. Whitwc
iembers in line. They said that the life of
the great parade to the in danger because of
rith the ex-president to ailments. She aecom]
arn to their place in line by statements from tv
arch. cians who have attend(
past ten days, in whi
COTTON USES was expressed. Judge
out opposition, he we
)n Directed to Make lease. The defense c
istigation. two plhysicians will 1
It is the belief of Rep- testify in the case be;
tard of Texas that raw made in regard to WI
for a larger variety of KISSED GEORGi
hich it is now put to, ISSE GEORGI
)luced a bill this after
ecretary Wilson to in- Mins Thompson Caul
into the matter. The Railway 81
id directs the secretary Brunswick, G(a.-A
ustigation into the use planted squarely on I
of raw cotton for other elect .Joseph M. Brown
is manufactures in the Thompson, a pretty i
id cause to be promul- Brunswick, threw the I
hereon embracing data confusion and caused
of manufactures, into hasty retreat. The ep
may enter; facts as to the depot, where "Litth
cotton compared with ernor-eleet is familiar:
I it may be substituted, waiting to take a trail
nation that might be was about the govern
gn for increased use of to him talk.
among the manufactur- Suddenly there war
rv. there's Governor Br(
Thompson came rush
MARSHALL CASE crowd to the governor
her arms about him a
Acquittal and Two to his. The governor.
Murder. as soon as he could, ar
'enn.--After being oat girl, rushed into the
a, the jury in the Ed show himself until the
rider trial reported
Ig that they could not PUTS TEDDY ABI
you could agree in two Joe lolk Says Bo00
ionths S" asked Judge Strenuous P
Chicago, Ill.-"Prel
the reply of the fore- has been the most vig
ury was at once dis- tive these 'United Sta
stood ten for acquittal even excepting Preside
Lrder in the second de- Mr. Taft, the preside
one with the manner ii
e of the trial of Ed paring for the office,"
nth man tried for the Joseph W. Folk .of Mi
Quintin Rankin, the The ex-governor, w]
that no more of those torney in St. Louis br
e same crime will be grafters, big and littl
lay term of court. Missouri, arrived in (
t to distribute, the pris- for the annual dinner
jails in this judicial Real Estate Board, at
tiers, who have been on chief speaker.
October, will be dis- "Mr. Roosevelt," he
me exception of forty, stand out over Presil
ere quartered here and cause hlie has hit out
gan at Reelfoot Lake. than the other strenui
Army Bill
N CONSTITUTION. Washington.-Consid
ould Thus Punish Okla. army appropriation bi
homa. the house Thursday.
-Senator Blair in the bill carries an appropr
riousness moved that 906, which is $,687,2
estimates. Mr. Hull
he constitution adopted esue r.
Oklahoma. His words measure in charge.
xd sensation. Senator being laid aside, Mr.
came it the close of the presen policy of r
vigorous debates in the the a Iin now Ixed
f the upper house, and benefit of hn offiernm
llotting on the Thomas benefit of an officer's
m it impossible to foirm as he was able to pro
Farmers Ma
at Held Por Theft. Frankfort, Ky.--Tlhme
. L. Von Mulster, who construed the pooling
man count is under ar- farmers may pool crop'
grand lareeny, preferr- prices, but manufactL
woman, who alleges he combines may not uni
her. He was arrested price of their product
treet by detectives, who value. The case at is
baggage there. The monwealth against t
is alleged to have vie- Harvester. Compny.
Julius Dannay of New sustained the demurre
¢elared heobtained the that the indictment fa
estate transaction. Von the harvester company
asive in appearance and value of the machinem
aning. , value.
armack and Jackson
Drunkard. CO C
In.--loth J. S. Leigh
,on were dNiriilsied t his
rilt her -.er ice on lt l e
"v h. Judge lhrt. Tlhe
.':u icet'+l and bias,le cx
i while heing r,,ss ex
n W1a1 dismissed by re.
aite, in whiuh ret uest
defonse likewise joined,
tilouV of two a ,tine.e-'`,
stand, when hle was
coulrt rcom on WedneIlls
ilrt e'\xllineld, Leigh
ly his prejudice against
, and boasted so Olipenly
ad fought him, that he
this knowledge ieeiU
ten the juror was first
would have been ample
hienging for causec, ilnd
had displayed such ani
s, it was the opinlion o JOSEPH HALL
ie rest of the jury amight
for this reason lie was Peruna Drug Co., Col
Gentlemen: I hay
and find that it cannt
se having been disposed a tonic, as well as a c
inst Juror Jackson was colds and catarrh.
t witness was Dr. .I. L. You are authorize
photo with testimonia
.s a neighbor of Jlacklson, lication.
ed near him for twenty Joseph
tied that Jackson was a 804 Tenth St., Wa
i when not too drunk Cold and La I
at in all the years that Mr. C. Happy, Hardi
tim hlie had never known writes: "I can safely
ber. le said, to illus- runa as a remedy that
ds of .lackson, that it tarrhal tha troubles.
for him in shoeing a "It was of great bent
firtor h i shoe n, clg acured me of catarrh of
firtst two shoes on, col- I took a very bad c
id walk to Nashville for grippe last February.
skv beifore returning to throat and lungs. I t
er two shoes. Witness of Peruna and it cured
"I highly recommier
numerous instances of are sick, and I am gla,
said that he had fre- dorsement to that of oi
himi drunk and iunlC- Pe-ru-na for
oadside, and it was not Mr. L. Clifford Figg
hiin "down drunk." Marshall St., Richmo
don of the morning busi, that when lie gets a col
anna na, and it soon drives i
announced that lie had temn. For several ye
tunication from the wife entirely well, but Pei
Whitworth, in which she cured him.
ife of her husband was People who object to
can now secure Peruna
use of certain physical For a free illustrated
accompanied her letter "The Truth About P
rom two eminent physi- The Peruna Co., C
attended hint during the Mailed postpaid.
in which a like opinion
Judge Hart said, with- We Buy
he would order his e;d
fense objected, and tlhe FUR
will be sunnoned to Hides and
ase before a decision is . Wool
to Whit worth. PeadthierTaow, s
_GoldeaSe al],(YdllowRoc
Luisl"-and asdo bt
n Causes Sensation at ama aor aomi4n me.nd
way Station. ar Bank in Lot .
. adu~list and slipi Irag.
'a.-A resounding kiss *1.* SblC &a
y on the lips of Gov.- E. Market St. I
Brown by Miss Mildred _
retty school teacher of
w the next governor into
caused him to beat a IMPUDENCE PE
The episode occurred at
"Little .Joe," as the gov
amiliarly known, was
a train. A large crowd
governor-elect, listening
re was a cry of "Ohl,
.r Brown," and Miss .
e rushing through the
(overnor-elect and threw
him and glued her lips
vernor-elect broke away
)uld, and, blushing like a
;o the train and didn't
itil the train pulled out. -
Robert Rustler-Wi
Y ABOVE JACKSON was the title of your:
Successful Chorus
Boosevelt Was Xost "The Proposal."
ous reidnt. Robert Rustler-Ant
o--uPresident RoosSveut Successful Claorus L
-"PresidentRobert Rusfler--B
ost vigorous chief execu would you- like to cha
;ed States has had, not in A fiat?
President Jackson, And
president-elect, impresses DIDN'T K
anner in which hlie is pre- Coffee Was the
office," aid former Gov.
of Missouri. Many daily habits,
nor, who as circuit at- eating and drinking, a
ouis brought low all the lowing our elders.
rd little, there were in In this way ill hea
nid in Chicago Thursday tened upon children.
dinner of the Chicago "I had been allowet
urd, at which he was the ever since I could ren
as a child I had a
It," he continued, "will which frequently ref
President Jackson be food.
t out in more directions "The taste of coff
strenuous executive did. mouth all the time an,
out later, the cause of
ny Bill Up. belling against food.
-Consideration of the "I now see that it w
.tion bill was begun in lowing the example o
sday. As reported, the I formed and continue
ppropriation of $98,396,. habit of drinking coffe
5,687,261 less than the remained poor, nerve
Hull of Iowa, had the quent headache, and .
Hull Preiof h pect the true cause.
Irge. Previously to its "Another trouble wu
, Mr. Holliday attacked complexion for which
cy of retiring officers at money for creams,
wa fixed by law. lie con- without any results.
rnment should have the "After I was marrie
flicer's services as long try Postum, and woul
to properly perform his I, an old coffee toper
from the very first. .
-according to directi
eras May Pool. and it had a most dell
.-The Court of Appeals at once quit coffee, u
ooling act to nmean that results.
ol crops to obtain higher "I now have a perlet
nufacturcrs, trusts and skin, fine digestion at
lot unite to enhance the headache in over two
Iroducts beyond its real "There's a Reason.'
e at issue was the com- Name given by Pol
liat the International Creek, Mich. Read,"T'
any. The lower court ville," in pkgs.
lemurrer on the ground Ever remd the ahoy'
tent failed to state that one appears ftao tim
mpany had enhanced the aterest.
tachinery above its real
Co., Columnbus, Ohio.
I have usied Peruna
It cannot be equaled as
II as a cure for coughs,
ithorized to use my
stimonial in any pub
Toseph H. Chase,
St., 'ashington, D. C.
and La Grippe
SHardin, Ray Co., Mo.,
i safely recommend Pe
ly that will cure all ca
at benefit to me, as it
arrh of the throat, and
bad cold and had la
ruarv. It settled in my
s. I took three bottles
t cured me.
0oiumend it to all who
am glad to add my eu
iat of others."
a-ma for Colds
-d Figg, Jr., 2929 East
Richmond, Va., writes
bts a cold he takes Peru
drives it out of his sys
.ral years be was not
but Feruna completely
bject to liquid medicines
Peruna tablets.
istrated booklet entitled
bout Peruna," address
Co., Columbus, Ohio.
w w. aeswas. Cbss. ..
YelowRoo, )Ma Apple "
etc. We as dealers
56-"Oer hul a aesar Ph
mIado better for ydisen
ini. Weris far wasIt
bel & Sons,
ler-What did youe say.
f your new song?
Thorus Lady-I call it -
er-And the key?
iorus Lady-B minor.
er-B mine-eh? How .
to change it for a key
Was the Calus.
habits, 'particularly 4i
iking, are formed by fQe1
era i. oef
ill health is often tas.
Idren. A Ga. lady says:
allowed to drink coftee '
old remember, but even
iad a weak stomach,
tly refused to retals
of coffee was in my
,me and was, as I foun
ause of the stomach re
hat it was only from fol
*mple of my elders that
continued the miserable
ig coffee. My digestion ·.
nerves unstrung, fre
and yet Idid not sus. e
uble was a bad, muddy
which I spent time and
reams, massaging, etc.,
married I was asked to
Id would you believe it,
e toper, took to Postum
first. Wae made it right
directions on the pkg.,
ost delicate flavor, and I
olffee, with the happiest
a perfectly clear, smooth
ition and haven't had a
'er two years."
by Postum Co., Battle
mead, "The Road to Well
to above lettere A new
emo time to time. T .e -
rue, ted telu er hmes
coffe. Mdigetion

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